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Originally started by some guys on /a/ then migrating to /co/ because /a/ has a douchebag community, The project first started in November 09 is the revision and sometimes complete rewrite of the events of Digimon Adventures 01 and 02, along with the addition of a mini-arc converting the Ryo Akiyama video games into a story that fits into the series and a planned Crisis Crossover between the Digimon Multiverse

There are no OCs, no Fan-Digimon, no random use of Japanese, just a straight up Rework of a 10 year old show and it's sequel (with most of the 'Re-write' focusing on the sequel)

Without spoiling everything the addition of the Seven Great Demon Lords, Mega for everyone, a Change to the Digivice and in 02's case an entire new plot after the Kaiser arc.

The story is divided into 3 'chapters' and 2 'movies'

The Taichi chapter (the original 8) the Ryo chapter (The bridging between S1 and S2) and the Daisuke chapter (The new group) along with the Childrens Wargame movie (It's mostly the same just some details need changing) and what doesn't have an official name and due to lack of creativity is named Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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File: 126345912367.jpg-(70.89KB, 607x431, ErabareshiKodomotashi21.jpg)
As said before the main change in S1 is the addition of the Seven Great Demon Lords, in the Digimon Expanded Universe they are 7 Mega level Digimon based on 7 demons, each bearing a crest of deadly sin. They take Apokalymon's place in the story becoming the main driving force of all the events, along with being plain evil. Also unlike Apokalymon these guys wont be coming out of nowhere. They will also be hanging around long enough.

The Seven Great Demon Lords are

Barbamon Greed
Beelzebumon Gluttony
Belphemon Rage Mode Sloth
Demon Wrath
Leviamon Envy
Lilithmon Lust
Lucemon Chaos Mode Pride

File: 126347232767.jpg-(9.14KB, 223x222, Digivice_01.jpg)
~Devimon Arc OR How the Devil went down to File Island to get curb stomped

The Arc begins with Taichi reminissing on his child hood with Koushiro and Sora, while this isn't the most action filled begining it does the job of establishing one of the "trio's" in the story. Sora and Taichi have known Koushiro since he had a little kid even though he's a grade younger than them. They were pretty much his only friends so he's very open around the both of them and not much with other people, and Taichi is always about getting Koushiro to be more active. It's starting to snow down as Yamato worries about Takeru who of course couldn't care less about snow in the middle of the summer and why should he? he's after all just a kid. Mimi however is hanging around Jou the oldest and the kids supervisor of sorts (He's in the 6th grade)

Okay I have to deviate her for a second. In Japan your age and seniority have a lot to do with your responsibilities, So even if Jou didn't want to look after these kids he's pretty much required to by cultural standards. And no, no one will call him Sempai. Just Jou will do fine.

Anyway we get the character introductions out of the way and then we get to scene swap over to the digital world where we get our first look at the heroic Apemon, defeating evil Monochromon, scaling Mt. Infinity, then Devimon appears, Rips his arms off, beats him to death with them and begins to feast on him.

... Yeah Devimons going to be a more proactive Villain this time around. As this happens 7 meteorites fall from (fly from?) the digital world to the analog world (thats ours, Some digimon may say it but no humans) or course they aren't meteorites that would be stupid, instead they are 7 Gauntlets (Pictured) although all the same size. However when the children slip them on the gauntlets shrink and grow to fit to there skin.

And with that seven bursts of light abduct the children from Summer Camp.

File: 126347344625.jpg-(352.71KB, 1280x800, 1256705948910.jpg)

After which we get a charming scene of Devimon licking the skull of the Apemon he just devoured as he 'senses a disturbance' in the forest area of File Island. Being the malecontent evil overlord he is he decides to just let Kuwagamon deal with this shit as he adds Apemons skull to a throne of skulls he has because he's badass like that.

The Children go through the motions of meeting there Digimon partners at the Baby 2 Level (Okay before we go on? I'm using the Japanese levels and most of the names for the span of this post. There are 2 forms named Baby in the Japanese version Baby-2 is what we call 'In Training' and Child is what we call 'Rookie' it becomes easy to understand trust me) and after what is essentially the kids running for there damn lives from a really pissed off Kuawagamon, the Digimon evolve and the first fight begins properly.

The Kids, in the beginning are an unorganized mess and even with 7 Child Digimon they might as well be weilding sticks until Koushiro can get everyone to work together. The plan involves using the Fliers (Patamon, Tentomon, Biyomon) to lure Kuawagamon into the dense woods. Palmon would then restrain Kuawagamon as Patamon and Gomamon began busting tree's to pile atop Kuawagamon and Tentomon Kept it in place with electricity. Gabumon, Agumon and Biyomon set the logs aflame. While the Digimon with ranged attacks keep up the barrage, Gomamon and Palmon work on getting the kids down the cliff face and onto a raft of fishes.

Kuwagamon is left trapped as the Digimon also retreat. Defeated but the technical victors the children realize that is not the first or last fight they will get into.

So it's fanfiction?

duh, I don't see how this is different to Spinnerette

Yes it is, it's a story because we don't have dedicated artists for a comic book. We like to believe were being tasteful about it.

This is an Imaginary Story, but aren't they all?

Yup. The story is the same (7 Kids go to camp for the summer, wind up in a digital land) just the details are well... more detailed.

For all of 01's great writing it was in the end a stock footage fest. And while originally Apokalymon served as a ... passable final boss. The Seven Demon Lords and Seven Crests of Sin are Canon

Shit only really starts to deviate in S2 because as we all know that show was a pile of crap. Wasted plots and opportunities, uninteresting writing, bad final boss, the music was decent though... And at the same time with the exception of one arc the story continues to use the existing Villains (we just dropped Belial Vamdemon) Demon and Dagomon just actually DO stuff instead of being sucked into the Dark Ocean and appearing in a single episode.

File: 126348449840.jpg-(17.05KB, 275x275, 275px-GranDracmon.jpg)
So if you're using the Seven Demon Lords during Season 1, will GranDracmon be the final boss in Season 2?

No, Demon Super Ultimate is the final boss of Season 2, Crisis on Infinite Earths big bad is Ogudomon with GranDracmon Henchmen.

If your going to bring the multiverse into a single earth you better give them something to fight against.

I think a good name for this Digimon Multiverse event could be simply Digimon: Crossroads

So if you're redoing Season 02 completely after the fall of the Digimon Kaiser, What exactly are you changing and what are you leaving alone. Are you altering Ken's Origin? Is Arukenimon, Mummymon, and Oikawa in this re-write? What about Willis? Will the international digi-destined be omitted from this re-write? Will Veemon follow the XVeemon line or the Veedramon line?

>What exactly are you changing and what are you leaving alone. Are you altering Ken's Origin?
Ken's Origin will remain the same, but will simply include the information from the video games (that was only briefly touched upon in the series) The big thing in S2 is that Ryo's "Death" affected the former 8 BIG TIME and it's half of Ken's reason to going mad.

If you remember in the show Ken was creating Kimeramon for a loyal slave. In the games Kimeramon is part of a fusion to create Milleniumon, and the Sovereigns themselves said Milleniumon can not exist without Ryo.

Ryo was Kens best and only friend and he died. His plan in the rewrite is still total conquest but it's driven by a desire to bring his best friend back. Hence the creation of Kimeramon.

>Is Arukenimon, Mummymon, and Oikawa in this re-write?
Yes, Yes, No. Also Arukenimon and Mummymon will not serve the same purpose they did in the original series and We're hoping to touch on there relationship more.

>What about Willis?
Willis is Non-Canon and was only included due to executive meddling in the english version. so he wont appear

>Will the international digi-destined be omitted from this re-write?
Ommited, nothing good ever came from them, they were borderline stereotypes. The entire World Tour arc is replaced by a Digital World Tour for Daisuke, Ken, Miyako and Iori. Where they will go to places like Witchelny cleaning up the Kaisers mess. It's also where we first see hints of the over arching plot leading to Demon

>Will Veemon follow the XVeemon line or the Veedramon line?

Veedramon line, and on that note DNA Evolution is out the window. Oh those digimon still evolve to those forms and beyond, and in the case of Ken his Stingmon evolves to Dinobeemon, not Paildramon.

So we will still get mostly the same Digimon but not at the cost of others.

Also We're very proud of the planned Dark Ocean arc which serves as a key point in the story.

Will you be expanding on Gennai's role in the story?
Are the villans in the re-write connected or not? Myotismon seems a bit too egotistical to submit to the Seven Dark Lords willingly.
Will the Royal Knights appear or be mentioned in this re-write? Someone had to be protecting the digital world before the Chosen Children appeared.

>Will you be expanding on Gennai's role in the story?
Haven't decided on this yet
>Are the villans in the re-write connected or not? Myotismon seems a bit too egotistical to submit to the Seven Dark Lords willingly.
Some of them are, Devimon even if he doesn't act like it, is simply a herald for the Seven Demons, same as the Dark Masters whose job it was to prepare the digital world for there arrival.

Etemon and Myotismon however are acting on there own accord, Etemons characterization is much more... relaxed in this version, To the point where he will actively cheer if the Chosen Children live to fight another day. Myotismon is still the egotistical asshole that we know and love (and in some girls cases swoon over) but his plans run a bit deeper than 'Conquer the human world'

After all why be settled with one world when there are two? why be settled with 2 when there's a Multiverse?

>Will the Royal Knights appear or be mentioned in this re-write? Someone had to be protecting the digital world before the Chosen Children appeared.

We'll be doing a few stories detailing the past of the digital world from it's birth when Ryo is learning the history of the Digital World from ENIAC. so we'll get to see the Royal Knights (All of the revealed ones anyhow) in action. Also a SECOND order will be set up in 02 though the person who starts it will be a mystery.

We're thinking about an Elseworlds where the Digital World and Real World are one and King Arthur fights along side Examon.

Also Diablomon will still appear in Childrens Wargame. We haven't forgotten about our favor-HELLOHELLOHELLOHELLOHELLOHELLOHELLO

Oh yes because I know enough people will be wondering the Taichi/Sora/Yamato triangle will be done.

Except where doing it in a way that you wont hate any of the parties involved.


Ok, then.

>duh, I don't see how this is different to Spinnerette

Because this is a remake of a story, and Spinnerette is just fanwank?

Can we have a new look for Shakkoumon?


Unfortunatly no. also, Iori is a HUGE ball of hate with a lot of things.

For example he and Jou have the same Mega, Vikemon. So do we change Jou or have Iori evolve into something he shouldn't be able to?

Also Season 2, instead of happening all bunched up during one moment of the childrens school life, it's being spread out over most of there school lives (Up until the majority of the original 8 are finishing high school, and Jou would have just gone off to medical school)

This really doesn't affect what's going to happen, we aren't going to take a break to go Dawsons Creek on the cast.

We like to think of Season 1 as 'The Adventure' action packed and compressed. Season 2 is more 'The Journey' it's spread over a period of time, it's gradual.

Now most changes are brought about by Ryo. For the uninitiated Ryo isn't actually a native of the Digimon Tamers universe, on the Wonderswan during S1 and S2 Bandai released a series of Digimon Games starring Ryo Akiyama, summoned to the Digital World to do battle with Milleniumon, due to being entirely alone during the journey however it affected him much worse than the other children. In his second adventure he went to the Digital World with his friend and compatriot, Ken. There he met his first 'Digimon Partner' that was actually his.

Veemon. That Veemon. Daisukes Veemon.

Him and Ken were separated for most of the journey as they worked together to move through the digital world. Milleniumon was back again and he treated Ryo was admiration and respect, but despised Ken like he was trash. At the end of the long fight Milleniumon exploded into dark seeds and flew towards Ryo. And Ken took the bullet so to speak.

Now Shit starts to get bad, Ryo still caring for his sick friend is called back into the Digital World because 3 of the 4 Sovereigns have gone Rogue and he's forced into a tournament to prove he can defeat the other 3. Things go fine until the 5th round where to get through he had to kill one of his own Digimon (And I don't mean he had to fight against it, I mean he had to kill it in cold blood)

This had a severe affect on Ryo who became more withdrawn and distant as the tournament until the last round against Taichi when the Sovereigns revealed the REAL reason behind to tournament.

To train Ryo to fight Milleniumon again. Ryo at this point believed everyone was just using him and refused to speak to anyone anymore despite Taichi saying he had no idea what was going on.

So Ryo goes to fight Milleniumon, defeats him and Milleniumon says that he is Ryo's shadow. They exist together and die together, that he is Ryo's Digimon partner and he asks if he wants to see the universe.

There's a huge explosion and there's nothing left of Ryo or Milleniumon, as far as the world was concerned he had died.

File: 126352630364.jpg-(78.96KB, 300x675, Major_Arcana_XXI__Akiyama_Ryou.jpg)
While the Adventures universe declared him dead, affecting all 8 chosen children and leading to the dark spore in Ken eroding his sanity, Ryo still lived.

he awoke to ENIAC the administrator of the Multiverse and one half of the first computer to create the Digital World. It seems Milleniumon has evolved into Zeed=Milleniumon, a Digimon that exists in all points of space simultaneously, who is altering reality and the Multiverse.

Ryo has no memories and only has Monodramon with him. As Millenumon forces him to fight against the shadows of his past as well as the future he never got to see (he encounters Daisuke who is using his Veemon, and Takato who he has yet to meet) his memories come back and he remembers how the Chosen Children and the Sovereigns abused his trust.

He confronts Milleniumon again who has degraded into almost homosexual lust for Ryo (I wish I was making this up, this isn't even reading too much into his lines he literally tells Ryo he wants to become One with him and that they deserve to be together)

Monodramon and Milleniumon fight over who is Ryo's true partner and Monodramon forces a fusion, creating the Digiegg that would one day become Cyberdramon.

ENIAC gives Ryo a choice, he can go back home, or to another world in the Multiverse. Ryo never got over how he was used and decides to go to a new world. The tamers universe

You mean Cody and Joe?
I thought Joe's mega was Plesiomon.

And come on, one fan Digimon just to fix this problem wouldn't kill the project, would it? How about some nordic armored Pangolin Digimon? Yngvimon?

File: 126353152859.jpg-(18.31KB, 320x320, Eldoradimon.jpg)

Well the idea is that in S2 the original mega's from S1 (Sans Ophanimon and Seraphimon) got corrupted so Taichi has Victory Greymon now instead of War Greymon, Yamato has Zeed Garurumon.

In some cases like Mimi where there ARE no other mega's we found the closest resembling and used that (in this case Lotusmon, it's fair game since Lilamon stole Rosemon as a mega in Season 5)

So what most likely will happen is Jou will go to Plesiomon, and Iori will get Vikemon.

Also most Digimon have multiple evolutions, like Veemon having the Ex-Veemon and Veedramon lines. Shakkoumon is one who doesn't.

File: 126353297892.jpg-(875.71KB, 1600x1200, digimon69723.jpg)
Spoilers Ahoy

At the end of S1 the Digivices and Crests are all broken, during Ryo's storyline a Digivice is created for him from all the broken ones and the Digimon are blessed with the power of evolution by the Sovereigns. At the end of the Ryo Storyline the Original 8 fall out of favor with the Sovereigns and support and evolution are withdrawn. during 02 the new 4 and Takeru and Hikari get new Digivices from the Sovereigns. But the other Six create man made Digivices so they can get back into the fight. However since they aren't 'Holy Devices' like the original ones there missing whatever allowed Mega Evolution (Originally one of the Digi-Cores of the Sovereigns) so to substitute they digitize there own bodies to become one

And since the Data is of a different origin, the evolution is different.

in S1 it's

War Greymon, Metal Garurumon, Phoenixmon, Hercules Kabuterimon, Rosemon, Vikemon, Seraphimon and Ophanimon.

in S2 it's Victory Greymon, Zeed Garurumon, Ornismon, Tyrant Kabuterimon, Lotusmon, Plesiomon, Seraphimon and Ophanimon.

No, I think we're confused. I mean replacing Shakkoumon entirely, not making a new digivolution.

Shakkoumon is a mix of Angemon and Ankylomon more than the other DNA digivolutions, so maybe it should be replaced as you're getting rid of the DNA stuff, and make a more smooth transitionary form between Ankylomon and Vikemon.

>Making a new digivolution.
As in from Shakkoumon, in case that wasn't clear.

My point is, I haet Shakkoumon.


I dunno, I mean yes I personally DESPISE Shakkoumon for not only looking stupid but for being completely unpractical (he has no Joints how the fuck does he move?!) But if we ARE going to replace him I would rather look through the list of Ultimate Digimon avaliable and pick from there.

If you can find a good replacement and/or draw one up, then We'll surely consider it. until then Iori is stuck with the shitty statue thing.

Fuck me I can't even remember what it's attacks were!

As for the Digimentals (Digi-Armor) in the rewrite they can be swapped around for better strategy. in the final battle against Kimeramon they are broken (by over using the power so all Digimon could use them at once, and doing that until all the Digimentals were gone. then the one of Miracles was broken the same way) This is why they have to swap to normal evolution to continue the fight. not something stupid like "Oh well I guess we can now"

ME TOO! I mean, I could have dealt with Shakkoumon if the look was just hiding a fuckload of missle compartments and stuff so enemies would be like, "HAHA A statue? What a useless DigimoOH GOD THE MISSILES ARE BLOTTING OUT THE SUN!!!" But his attack is throwing two mines near the feet of Digimon so they don't STAND on a certain spot. Seriously, they didn't even explode in the show.

Or maybe that was just the editted dub. Whatever, it's a dumb attack anyway.

When Wikimon comes back up, I'll find something better for you.


Good news, he can evolve into another ultimate. Bad news, it's Magna Angemon. And while I got nothing against Iori going the path of Angels we just can't use Magna Angemon twice.

Wikimon has a list of evolutions he can make through the Trading Card System.

They're considered viable, so when the site comes back, I'll be sure to check it out.


okay then, I don't mind.

File: 126354106291.jpg-(17.81KB, 267x200, fc596b604459864cebf8f88b.jpg)
Ryo is the main driving force of character development in Season 2. Because his death is a failure on the hands of the Chosen Children, along with them trying to act blameless, They also knew Ken became the Kaiser but simply said nothing about it to Daisuke's group.

Originally Taichi and the others were against Daisuke from taking part in an adventure period, he reminds them so much of Ryo with the Hotblooded attitude, the good nature, the Veemon. So in the beginning Takeru is the teams leader, and it's not so much that he was a bad leader simply that Takeru has two distinct personalities.

The good natured kid, friend to everyone, hopeful, was the default personality. But the other side happens when Takeru confronts a Nightmare Soldier or any other 'dark' or 'evil' Digimon he goes INSANE in combat, completely Knight Templar berserker who will forgo all strategy and care for his team mates or himself to 'eradicate evil'

Remember that in this re-write tactics and planning make a big difference in a fight compared to simply brute forcing your way through, so acting irrationally like that means you can't lead.

File: 126354126069.png-(363.99KB, 566x700, MotomiyaDaisuke.png)
Daisuke himself starts off as emulating Taichi, but the more he learns about Ryo and the more he continues the fight he separates himself from his mentor and becomes his own man.

Ken emulates a lot of Milleniumon when he becomes a more active villain. Much like how Milleniumon treated Ryo with respect and despised Ken, Ken respects Daisuke and despises the others, ESPECIALLY the original 8.

File: 126355186762.jpg-(106.53KB, 500x500, 7150795.jpg)

Adventure 1
~All arcs are the same, except Apokalymon is replaced for the Seven Demon Lords
~Etemon is more like Etemonkey, Taichi still has to kill him because of the fusion with the dark network
~When Metal Etemon returns he's a good guy who Puppetmon kills to show he's not fucking around.
~Everyone gets Mega. Everyone
~Taichi and Yamato do not get Mega early, instead VenomVamdemon is taken down by the 8 ultimates rejuvinated by Magna Angemon.
~The Digivices are replaced with the V-Tamers digivice which allows the Chosen Children to actually do shit beyond evolution
~While most children are paired to fight there corresponding evil crest Hikari fights in Sora's place who aids Taichi against Lucemon (Yeah the Ultimate needs 2 Mega to beat)
~After defeating the seven demons Lucemon evolves to his Satan mode and makes for earth, as the Chosen Children try one final charge there crests are broken breaking each of the seals on his body and the crest of light breaks entering the dark Area, there Digivices are then shattered and they are forced to devolve. Taichi and Yamato beg and plead there digimon to continue the fight and force a fusion between themselves and their digimon creating Omegamon for a single fight.
~after the fight and ending we get a small Epilogue where Taichi pulls Koushiro and Sora to the side and reveals the back of his hand, the crest of courage has been burned into the back of it. Foreshadowing...


Why not simply change the nature of his attack, if that's the case? It may work if we still take the same monster, and change the attack since a lot of the stuff is being changed from the anime to this story, and the attack originally was not much more than a little bomb icon exploding in the handheld games anyway.

File: 126357014135.jpg-(57.43KB, 360x420, shakkoumon.jpg)

The problem is that He just doesn't fit any part of the team. at this point Aero Veedramon, Silphymon and Dinobeemon are all active fighters and ALL of them can fly. not only that but they have the maneuverability Shakkoumon just doesn't have.
Last but not least the design itself is boring

Hold on I think I've found a better evolution set

File: 126357032437.jpg-(55.10KB, 475x475, Brachimon.jpg)

Okay Ultimate Form Brachimon

Brachiomon is a Dinosaur Digimon that resembles a brachiosaurus. His Japanese name is "Brachimon". He is a heavyweight Digimon. A Dragon type Digimon who is the largest known Dinosaur type Digimon, he takes on the form of a Brachiosaurus. He has a very long neck, allowing him to look over the ground; therefore, it is said that he is able to scan the outskirts of the land from his high position. He has a very calm nature, and this pacifist never attacks others excessively.

This fits Armadillomon and Iori's personality. Silent, Passive, Able to pound the shit out of you so help you god if you annoy them.

You didn't bother to edit that description at all before copy-pasting it, did you? Because it says the same thing, like, four times.

File: 126357061612.jpg-(34.79KB, 341x304, Cannondramon.jpg)
Mega form, Cannondramon

Cannondramon is a Cyborg Digimon whose name is derived from "cannon" and "dragon". It resembles an armored diplodocus with three cannons on its back. ]

Ladies and Gentlemen keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times or it will KICK YOUR FUCKING ASS!

Cannondramon does 2 awesome things, 1 is look Like a Boss and the other is be heavy artillery. This is Ioris strong suit he isn't the speedster he's the one who hits you once and by god do you go down when he hits you

* Dynamo Cannon (Dyna Cannon): Shoots giant destructive beams and munitions from each gunport on his body.
* Grenade Storm: Shoots several munitions along with a direct shot of energy.

This things a living artillery platform. it's what Shakkoumon should have been!

Okay all in favor of Shakkoumon->Vikemon say so.

All in favor of Brachimon->Cannondramon, say so.

Not. At. All.

File: 126357146266.jpg-(37.28KB, 320x320, Tyrantkabuterimon.jpg)
I would now like to Introduce people to the second Mega that Koushiro will get in S2

Tyrant Kabuterimon

The "King of Bugs" which presides over all Insect Digimon. Its stronghold, the "Under Forest", exists deep underneath the darkest forest, and it is said that it only moves at night. It is able to manipulate every Insect Digimon at will, so it almost never fights in person. Due to the high density Chrome Digizoid which compose its shell, it is thought to be impossible for ordinary Digimon to even scratch it. The red-hot explosion which it emits from its entire body (Shine of Bee) is impossible to defend against, and instantly turns all of its opponents to ash. Also, its "Bee Cyclone" summons all of its insect followers, to construct an impenetrable wall of bugs.

Oh, Cannondramon, definately.

Okay well it's Cannondramon right now.

Taichi is a very odd case in the re-write as he becomes the leader much earlier than he did in the original. but rather it was a struggling leadership because as Children they only grudgingly respect him and because of this they tend to lose.

Taichi however is a dedicated leader, constantly listening to Jou and Koushiro about strategy, planning. Oh he's still the hotblooded kid he should be but he's a real leader now.

Of course when he disappears shit hits the fan but before he goes back to the digital world he prepares himself with equipment and food, when he returns he isn't quite ready to join the group yet, sending Takeru alone to go organize the chosen children again. he spends his own time reading and investigating Vamdemon. He and Sora meet up and he convince her to lead the team in his absence.

He eventually rejoins the team just before storming Vamdemons castle. And again takes up the position of leader.

He remains the leader and the main driving force of the team until the series end. he was a bit shell shocked from the experience but came out of it positive

Ryo's death made shit hit the fan as the original 8 terminated any relationship they had with the Sovereigns and lost the power of evolution. due to his status as 'part digital' (due to the events at the end of S1 and Childrens War Game) he can enter the Digital World so long as the gate is open. He was the first to witness Kens rise as the Digimon Kaiser and what was left of the old Taichi was lost to the wind. He came back a defeated man and only really talked to Koushiro. The budding relationship between him and Sora during Childrens War Game was shot as his friends moved on with there lives, Mimi went to live in America and Jou was always a year older than them.

Meeting Daisuke on the soccer lit the fire inside him again, he saw a younger version of himself, but beyond that he saw Ryo in Daisuke and decided to be the boys mentor from now on. Daisuke half began living with Taichi and Hikari as Taichi took the mentor thing very seriously. Eventually he revealed his secret as a Chosen Child to Daisuke.

When the Kaiser re-appeared in the Digital World taking it over he went to confront him again but Daisuke, Takeru and Hikari tagged along much to his displeasure. It was there Daisuke recovered the Digimental of Courage and a D-3. along with Veemon the former partner of Ryo.

Taichi initially attempted to dissuade Daisuke from taking on the responsibility, but he had taught a hot blooded and determined young man, so instead he lent him the books on strategy and tactics he still had.

As Daisuke and the new Chosen Children's exploits grew Taichi continued to serve as a mentor and friend eventually he opened up to the other chosen children again and set to get his old life back.

He acted as Koushiro's confidant helping him with his own relationship problems as well as the creation of the new Digivice-Divide used by the older children to re-enter combat.

He served in an 'oracle' position along with the other 7 originals as Daisuke and company began there 'World Tour' of the Digital World.

File: 126363904238.gif-(21.93KB, 257x257, Evo_jumbogamemon.gif)
The Dark Ocean arc is split into 2 distinct parts, the invasion and the attack.


Dagomon attacks while the children are in school, the sky rips open as legions Hangyomon, Marine Devimon, Pukumon, Hookmon, Waru Seadramon, Shakomon and Swimmon, lead by Suijinmon, Jumbo Gamemon and Metal Seadramon.

the entire city is in ruin as the children and the army rush to repel the invaders. Sora and Iori are stuck getting the survivors out of the city (due to both having extremely large digimon who are unfit for urban combat)

As the Chosen Children strike back more and more of the city is destroyed realizing the lost cause Taichi has Iori raze the city to the ground while having Koushiro use the powers of Tyrant Kabuterimon to summon all insect Digimon from the digital world with an army of there own they soundly destroy the invaders but not without cost. The city is gone, lives were lost, and the portals are still open.

Realizing that Dagomon has crossed the line the Chosen Children enter through a portal to kill Dagomon once and for all.

What they found was hell.

File: 126363908095.jpg-(67.48KB, 659x526, 132298.jpg)
Something must be remembered about Dagomon, he's only a perfect level digimon there is only a certain amount of strength he can posses.

Or that would be true if the chosen children hadn't invaded his domain, the Dark Ocean... The Dark Ocean name is a misnomer, while there is indeed an ocean of deep navy water and a lighthouse shining a black light across the world, the world itself was perceived differently for each chosen child.

Dagomon was reaching inside there brains, taking the deepest fears and hopes and perverting them.

Take for instance Takaru, a Knight Templar hell bent on the eradication of evil, a believer in paradise and ally of the angels. Dagomon made him see the Dark Ocean as a 'fluffy cloud heaven' with big white pearly gates and trumpeters signaling his arrival. He was alone, or at least he couldn't see the others. But something was off the sky was blood red and the clouds where coloured like vomit, and as he waded deeper into this 'paradise' he discovered the dismembered, disemboweled corpses of Nightmare Soldier digimon, heads upon the spikes of pearly fences, guts hanging from tree's and bones and blood making his walk way.

If that wasn't bad enough, they spoke. They begged for him to save them, he was a savior wasn't he he was AGAINST cruelty but in the end THIS was what he wanted, he wanted to stride among the corpses of those he had killed, his biggest fear was that evil would never go away, so these corpses wouldn't and they would not stop talking, and taunting, and pleading, and limbs would grasp at him.

And the enemies that Dagomon had him fighting. Perverted images of Angels and Gods. Soaked in blood, clad in the skin of humans and demons, cannibals, rapists, sinners. and what did he have to face at the end of all this? himself. an unrighteous Knight Templar who would instill order and 'paradise' with any amount of force. Who know him who could use his strengths and powers, who could become Seraphimon as well.

File: 126363917743.jpg-(74.57KB, 500x495, Happy_Valentines_Daikari_by_taichikun14.jpg)
And that's just what he was showing Takeru! Every other child was alone save there Digimon, and forced to confront there dreams and there fears mixed, matched and perverted to serve Dagomons needs.

Hikari was always afraid of the 'messiah' thing getting to her, afraid she couldn't save everyone. So that's what she had to deal with, the floors she walked upon were the bowed backs of Digimon and humans, she had to confront Sora. Always so righteous and good, always taking care of everyone, she didn't have to deal with the hell Hikari had to, of course Hikari was always the one Taichi ran to first so in her mind Sora might have resented her for that. In fact all the chosen children would put everything aside for Hikari.

Daisuke was facing the opposite of both of them. He wasn't facing a perverted reality where he was a messiah or ruler. No Daisuke was confronted with a world where everyone of his friends existed and they despised him. Even his own mentor, Taichi had taken him into his house to teach him to be a better man was calling him an annoying overbearing snot. There weren't any digimon to fight. just his friends, just the people he thought he could trust openly. What he had to face at the end could best be described as a crazy evil version of himself from the dub of 02, except he didn't turn into Ulforce Veedramon, oh no with his bare hands he put a hole through Ulforce Veedramons Stomach.

Those are EXAMPLES of the hells the kids would be dealing with

File: 126363936486.jpg-(113.79KB, 363x500, taiora04.jpg)
But each time they would triumph, they might come close to breaking, tears could fall from there eyes but they would push forward and they would get to Dagomon, and they would kill him.

And they did, they broke through his illusions to his realm.

Ever see one of those places that could be lifted out of a lovecraftean Old World? well this is one of them. Most of the kids almost preferred the world they came from. And Dagomon was not powerless, at first he simply summoned clones of the Chosen Childrens former enemies

"No no no, I can do better than that"

War Greymon, Metal Garurumon, Phoenixmon, Hercules Kabuterimon, Rosemon, Vikemon, Venom Vamdemon, Lilithmon, Magnamon, Kimeramon, Piemon, Astamon.

Former Enemies, Former Selves. These things were extensions of Dagomon and he could make them forever, the children fought and fought until Ophanimon, Hikari. Speared him with Eden's Javelin, as his world began to crumble and he began to die as the Chosen Children Ran for it, back home.

And that's not the final story arc. So what do you think?

Fucked up. I like it!

Koushiro is a very fun character to write, when we first meet him he rarely talks to anyone not named Taichi or Sora. He's smarter than any of the group and long before Taichi picks up the know how to lead a group it primarily falls to him to come up with a plan. Koushiro has a crush on Mimi who is the same age as him, however he never really acts like this and when they are together he simply buries himself in his computer more, it isn't until the Skull Greymon appearance where he finally opens up enough to talk about why he's so closed up.

As a kid he found out he was adopted and his parents never told him, from then on everything felt alien at school and home until he met Taichi and Sora. Nothing about them seemed fake, and they were so open to quarreling, laughing, and they reached out there hands to him to invite him into there little group. He mentions that he was never that into sports until they got him wrapped into Soccer Club. From that moment on he tries opening up to the other Chosen Children.

Koushiro has a thirst for knowledge and will spend hours reading the books picked up on there journey. Anything he could read he did, and when the children met with Pixiemon and Gennai he spent hours wandering there personal libraries. When Taichi was apparently killed fighting Etemon, Koushiro refused to believe in his death even while being taunted by Vamdemon. He was the only one to not think Takeru was crazy when he said he had been helped by Taichi.

In the real world Koushiro finally confronts his parents about what he knows and crosses over that hardship in his life. During the war against Vamdemon in the city Koushiro helped get the trapped citizens into a barrier protected area while fighting off Okuwamon.

File: 126370165353.jpg-(55.56KB, 650x246, 5793341.jpg)
In S2 Koushiro is rather serene often not getting angry at anything or anyone and being helpful to the new Chosen Children. He and the other original members took over an old abandoned shack and he turned that into his 'mission control' area. The kids originally meet him as a faceless voice giving them instructions and helping with the mission. They don't meet him in person till Hikari is lost in the Dark Ocean. He accompanies on the condition that he get a chance to study the D3.

The reason was because he was creating a Digivice, the Digivice-Divide that resembled the original ones they wore but were man-made. Unable to replicate the 'holy' power added by the Soverigns he used D3 tech to allow evolutions up to Ultimate, and after that he discovered that by converting the tamer themselves into Data they could merge with there digimon and reach Mega.

Koushiro eventually moves his operations to a Warehouse which serves as the 'official' Chosen Child base. And during the Dark Ocean arc he guided rescue attempts from there until he entered combat as Tyrant Kabuterimon.

In the Dark Ocean Dagomon attempts to twist Koushiro's heart by giving him his hearts desires, Mimi and Taichi and Sora happy together. However it's in a world of servitude and desolation because they failed to save earth. Koushiro violently breaks free and confronts Dagomon first shouting that he wont allow anyone to hurt his friends. he is defeated and cast aside where he begins working on code on his Digivice.

Mimi goes to his side helping him stay awake and keeping enemy Digimon off him and together they give Ken the Paladin data to become Imperialdramon Paladin mode. Not long after the end of that arc he finally on Taichi's insistence works up the nerve to ask her on a date

File: 126370218739.jpg-(98.00KB, 495x550, 1256798073013.jpg)
Koushiro is in the end a very dedicated friend who cherishes anyone close to him and has a thirst for knowledge. He begins as a bit of a recluse and sometimes lapses into that when working, but he ends up comfortable in a large group of people talking normally.

His crush on Mimi confuses him (Insert Gay joke here) because Sora was a girl but all he felt was that he had an older sister who would stand up for him. Mimi was kind and 'pure' (okay seriously her Crest is Purity) she never lied to anyone about how she felt and he finds that kind of honesty attractive.

Him and Taichi have a 'Bros' friendship where they generally tell each other everything. It's with Taichi's encouragement that he finally asks Mimi out and it's through his own encouragement that Taichi finally accepts that Ryo is dead and he has to move on in his life.


I'm loving this.
Though I'd like this explained a bit
> Meeting Daisuke on the soccer lit the fire inside him again, he saw a younger version of himself, but beyond that he saw Ryo in Daisuke and decided to be the boys mentor from now on. Daisuke half began living with Taichi and Hikari as Taichi took the mentor thing very seriously. Eventually he revealed his secret as a Chosen Child to Daisuke.

So everyone remembers Vandemon and the battle in the sky?


Remember that most kids were asleep, parents were possessed, and very view saw the fight with Venom Vamdemon.

Now when it comes to the Battle in the sky it's different this time. Since the Seven Demons replace Apocalymon the battle is different And the Only thing they could see was the battle against Lucemon Satan Mode. while the frantic battle would have made it hard to see the Children as it was, Taichi and Yamato at that time were merged together with there Digimon to create Omegamon.

And Daisuke wasn't at his computer during Our War Game (Though Miyako knows both Taichi and Yamato from it)

Or if you mean in the sense that people are aware of Digimon? yes they are. The Chosen Children simply inform only there families to make sure they don't worry.

And this?
>Daisuke half began living with Taichi and Hikari as Taichi took the mentor thing very seriously

Simply a change in the story, Daisuke often goes over to Taichi's apartment to learn under him, sometimes he's there for so long that he spends the night. This happens enough that it's almost like he's living with them (Hikari doesn't mind because Taichi has started smiling again)

So when does this all start?


Around a month after Ryo 'dies'

So Taichi plucked a kid out of the blue and started teaching him?


Well he didn't abduct him. Okay I'll go into more details.

Taichi was simply wandering around when he saw Daisuke training for soccer, he comes down and he helps him. He gets inspired by Daisuke's attitude which reminds him a bit of himself and of Ryo.

Keep in mind at this point Ryo has died and he just got his ass beat by Ken when he tried to stop him becoming the Kaiser, So Taichi's been pretty screwed up.

I don't mean he was like "Hey kid you remind me of me I'm abducting you"

I mean he offers to help him improve his game, then he starts teaching him strategy, then more and more things that he picked up from the digital world, such as how to survive if your in the wild. Then after like 6 months or so he tells him about the Digital World, about his adventures, but leaves out the parts about Ryo and Ken.

File: 126370810657.jpg-(42.35KB, 330x290, Leomonx.jpg)
Man after seeing this I wanna see Leomon X

The X-Digimon will be canon after Crossroads which is also the last time people will see the Current Digital World in place of the one shown in X-Evolution

File: 126373206858.jpg-(29.99KB, 320x241, 320px-SkullGreymon.jpg)
> when Takeru confronts a Nightmare Soldier or any other 'dark' or 'evil' Digimon he goes INSANE in combat, completely Knight Templar berserker who will forgo all strategy and care for his team mates or himself to 'eradicate evil'

Oh hey.


Yeah, while he's a kid it hasn't quite set in, it's later on when he starts growing up and it just affects him.

Okay how do people think tactics should be handled. I personally want there to be an emphasis on brains over brawn. I don't necessarily need the kids to be on the level of Sun Zu but having them able to form a basic plan of attack, and then getting better at that as time goes on I think is good.

Otherwise we fall into the problem of 'Strength' if we Brute Force our way through the next villain has to be even stronger, until we get to the point where we can't make the villain stronger.

Example, a GOOD Strategist could have killed Devimon without the loss of Angemon, the kids weren't good strategists. Leomon, Pixiemon, Gennai, the people the kids WILL meet? those guys are good strategists. Taichi has the time when he is on earth to stock up on supplies, rush to the library and grab books.

Well... thoughts?

I can already tell that Koushiro is gonna get on Yamato's nerves when he tries to tell him how to use Gabumon more effectively Unless Takeru's in danger, he'll probably be a bit of a wild card.

Indeed, when they start off they are bad. Nobody wants to listen to anyone else, or they are all grouped off so there attacks are broken and confused.

Then Angemon dies killing Devimon, they're down a potential fighter and they realized THEY screwed up. The Digimon themselves were fighting together but the kids were not thinking together or following any cohesive plan of battle.

So in the time between building a raft to leave File Island Leomon is teaching them strategy, team work, not necessarily genius level tactics but enough that they will be able to work as a team instead of 7 rogue players.

Also I'm fast tracking Patamons evolution back to Patamon to right after the Pagumon kidnap him and he gets free. Since Angemon is only super powerful against Nightmare Soldiers he's brought down to normal against everything else.

Etemon himself is a much different Villain than he was in the TV series, borrowing a lot from Etemonkey from the V-Tamers manga. This means that he's very laid back and easy going regarding the whole "Conquer the digital world" plan he's supposed to have. He also Doesn't work for the 7 Demons like Devimon did, he's in this because he wants to get to the real world.

Really the only reason the kids have to kill him is because during the fight with Nanomon he was absorbed by the Dark Network he had created to oversee the continent.

I gotta say this whole using the Japanese names thing is throwing me off like woah.

But from what I've read so far, it sounds like the original Digidestined screwed up, covered it up, and the show is about how much cooler the new generation is than those old bastards. Is that what you fellows are going for?


No, and don't worry there will be a version with the dub names.

Ryo 'died' in the series as much as he does in this, we're just addressing that. I know we are talking about the new guys a lot more but really the old crowd is still prominent in S2.

It's more about 'Overcoming Trauma' They let someone die, they let Ken become the Kaiser. They are like 13 it shouldn't BE there fault but it is and accepting that is the main part of there development.

Sorry if you got the impression that we were considering the old guard as 'shit' or beneath the new guys

I think the reason a person could think that is because you haven't mentioned how flawed the 02 team can become. For example, at first they could be so dependent on the older team that they don't worry about strategy or teamwork. Then, when The Digimon Kaizer separates them from the older digi-destined, everything falls apart for them and they barely escape with their lives.

Another example could be that the team could becomes divided when they realize who The Kaizer is. One side could want to try and save him while the other side say that he is too far gone to be saved and must be stopped for the good of the digital world.


Actually the thing is the Second team become reliant on the fact they can simply run away to the real world if shit gets real, and all the time they have Koushiro's voice in there ear to tell them where an objective is, what to do, how many enemies.

Then right after they defeat the kaiser, the older children trap them in the digital world with no help and say "Okay now you 3 learn to stand on your own"

Not only that but the digimentals are broken so they can't evolve that way and Takeru and Hikari are in the real world as well.

The Kaiser arc is essentially a set up to the Digital World Tour arc. They also get beaten a whole lot more than the original children did. Miyako is smart but petty and doesn't want to put in the long hours of saving the Digital World, she still see's it as fun,

Iori on the other hand is only coming along because he was chosen he has no desire to do anything beyond be involved in his studies. Daisuke more than once cracks under the pressure of having to lead while being constantly compared to Ryo (who was essentially a golden boy) and feeling like an odd man out in the digital world.

Also in this version Taichi and Yamato are the only two who can really enter the digital world when they please because they are part digital due to the Omegamon incident. The others have to tag along with the new group and even then, they do not have the power of evolution.

Yet when it comes down to a fight between Taichi and Yamato using Agumon and Gabumon they soundly thrash Digmon, Flamedramon and Holsemon. Simply because they are more experienced and can work together as a team (for the record the fight involves a lot of traps, which adds to the idea that intelligence is the key to victory)

And when they are alone in the digital world they have to stamp out what is essentially a mafia led by the Perfect form of a former Demon.

hell before they get there mega forms most of them are near death, even with a Perfect of his own Daisuke actually gets riddled with bullets by Astamon and only survives because he and Aero Veedramon merged to reach mega. and even then he struggled to defeat a PERFECT.

Miyako has to learn to stop treating it like a game and stop rushing in, she's hot blooded and smart but egotistical.

It's only after the Digital World Tour arc that the new kids are able to match up to there predecessors when alone.

I know I probably should have mentioned this, but that's basically it.

This is good and all, but what about Ken? How does he fit into the Second Team? Does he become their own Koushiro or something? Also, will his wormmon ever Armor Digivolve?

Ken is Kaiser until that arc, and by that time the Digimentals are all destroyed in the battle against Kimeramon.

He's sorta on a path of redemption/finding himself. He was a little kid when he lost Ryo and his brother, and while he's tactically sound he suffers by not being a team player. Him and Miyako really grow together because despite his former madness he's really down to earth and ground in the reality of the situation which helps her calm the hell down and get over her egotisim. and just having a friend who DOESN'T remind him of Ryo in some way (Remember that Daisuke has a lot of Ryo's traits, and the original 8 are obvious as they helped train him) Is helping him cope and get over what he did.

He's also got more experience than the other kids (as he was doing this back when he was younger) so he understands a big threat like Astamon or Piemon. And like Hikari, Dagomon continuously attempts to reach into his mind from the Dark Ocean.

File: 126381830797.png-(387.96KB, 480x640, 1917451.png)
Kaiser Born is meant to do two things, show Ken's ascension into becoming the Kaiser. and Taichi being utterly unable to do anything. The story consists of Ken entering the digital world using the first D3 and enslaving various Digimon, Koushiro is the first to note the disturbances and Taichi goes in alone (as if they wait any longer Ken will be too strong for them) unfortunately Yamato is out of country and Taichi can't bring other humans with him. He bids Sora a farewell and enters to fight Ken.

When Ken arrives where Taichi he has turned the entire location into a huge trap, using it to take down scores of Kens army along with his own tactical mind . Since the Sovereigns withdrew the light of evolution from the original chosen Taichi can't send data to Agumon or evolve him, so eventually he is overwhelmed by Sorcerymon and Agumon has to flee, Kaiser considers killing him before Yamato rescues him in the nick of time.

In the real world Taichi is looking at Agumon and his own blood on his hand as the idea that he couldn't save Ryo or Ken takes it's toll on him and he snaps.

After this Sorcerymon instructs Ken on how to build the giant Control spire that will serve as his fortress and the dark rings to control it.

He then steps through a portal and evolves into Dagomon

I misunderstood, I think. I was also being a bit crude because sometimes you need to be to keep a story from getting away from you-cut off the details and see what the heart of what you are writing is.

So the first generation basically redeems themselves through training the second?

Yes they don't want to believe it's there fault that Ryo is 'dead' and Ken is now a world conquering psycho. They want it to ALL be on the Sovereigns, they don't want the guilt.

But they also know deep down they are just as guilty and they want to repent by making sure the next guys aren't going to die. by sticking by them and teaching them.

Also, on the subject of Ryoand the crossover, this is how I've always pictured it-
Koushiro's on the computer, checking out the digital world when he sees Ryo walking around with Cyberdramon(or his rookie form), he immediately calls a emergencey meeting of the digidestiend without telling them what for, but it's clearly urgent. They all gather, when he breaks the news that he saw Ryo alive.
The older kids are shocked and dumbfounded, the younger kids less so, but Ken breaks down on his knees in tears of joy.
They all go to the digiworld to find Ryo resting, his head resting on his pack, Ryo stands up, sucker punches Taichi and pulls in Ken for a hug.
How's that?

File: 126387721649.jpg-(153.96KB, 600x762, Lilithmon___Goodness_of_Lust_by_Tai_Rayana.jpg)

We can begin Crossroads with that, something happy before the shit hits the fan. Have Ryo be rather elusive as to why he's hear until the Grandracmon start appearing then "Time to get to work"

Ryo explains that something or someone is trying to collapse the Multiverse and kill all life inside it, and that he has to hop to ANOTHER universe to recruit the chosen children of that world and brings Ken along with him.

The remaining Chosen Children split up to deal with the Grandracmon who are numerous and powerful on the same level as the demon lords that would take them so long to defeat.

The Grandracmon are attacking with purpose however going after Takeru, Hikari and Daisuke. Defeating Takeru and Daisuke and capturing Hikari.

The Grandracmon then retreat because they completed there mission. Removing any and all threats that could injure there master Ogudomon!

Transitioning between universes Ryo explains to Ken that the barriers between the multiverse are getting loose and that he took the chance to slide to another universe in hopes of warning them and preparing them of the incoming threat, which is what he was doing in the Digital World.

However Ryo is too late and the multiverse crashes into itself creating chaos on what remains as a single earth as the digital world begins to overflow with Data.

ENIAC informs Ryo that he can't simply recreate the Multiverse anymore. That they will instead have to reformat the digital world and indeed reformat the earth.

He gives the kids 24 hours. kill Ogudomon or everyone dies while he steps in to kill him.

We scene hop to Ogudomon who presses a crest into Ophanimon and forces her to fuse with it evolving her to Lilithmon.

Very good.
Also, Throughout(or at least when Rika's not around) Ryo is hitting on all the girls, save for Miyako because he can see that there's somthing between her and Ken.
Like this-"Hey Mimi, that date offer still open? My, Kari, you grew up well, deliscious. Sora, if I told you that you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?"
And when he says that(seprate or at once), all the girls blush and their respective boys are fuming and staring daggers at him.
But really, can you blame him? He spent years in the digital world with only Cyberdramon for company, fighting the forces of Mulleniumon, he deserves it.

I fail to see why there would be a problem with Ruki being around, he hardly notices her in Tamers, even when she's all huff and puffed about him beating her he's like "I have no idea what you are going on about"

So let him be a pervert all the time.

Also I think we finally have a way to deal with the Takari and Daikari situation.

We play them as a love triangle then write her going out on a date with each of them, then put it to a vote. Popular choice wins.

So for this crossroads story, are the characters from other seasons appear? I really wanna see Touma and is try and outsmart one another and Masaru coming out of nowhere in the end to punch GranDracomon in the face. Takato would probably fangasm when he sees Tai, Daisuke, and Ryo standing in front of him.


yes this is a whole Multiverse crossover. all current Anime and Manga universes.

And Masaru is actually off killing the leader of an army of Nightmare Soldiers and making them his bitch. the final battle with Ogudomon will be huge.

File: 126394003942.jpg-(15.49KB, 100x100, 6348871.jpg)
This is all good stuff 'n all, but I just gotta ask something about the actual writing once everything we're gonna do is all planned out.

What type of writing style are we going to be looking at here? Is it going to be something simple, or are we going to be doing some detailed work. (ex: Environments, Digimon themselves, maybe a 3rd person POV focused on a single character somewhere)

Supposedly, will we be having different authors per chapter and end with a Round Robin sort of story (Actually, I'd think it'd be best to use the Round Robin system for this) or have different authors per character? (They actually do this in animation, give different animators characters to work with, etc.) Having one author doing the whole thing could end stressful, along with that, we'll need beta-reads and editors.

I don't think we settled on a writing style and I don't think anyone besides me (Well and you now) is a writer. I myself tend to be very descriptive in my writing (Especially for something that would be as visually dynamic as the Digital World)

A vote feels like those corny stories on where the writer changes the plot six times because of reviews.

Just pick one, and if you can't, leave it unresolved.


Agreed, that seems a bit too cheesy and might throw off the flow of the story. This really is a difficult decision to make, though. Personally, I'd have her think about it, like have a whole part in one chapter where she's talking to herself about a romantic relationship Daisuke and Takeru.

You present a good point... Well really that's it you DO make a good point if were going about this professionally we have to make decisions not let them be made for us.

And yes I do see the Irony in this.

ANYWAY I'm going to finish an outstanding paper then get going with writing up all the characterization notes on the S1 guys (we should probably get started on that)


Speaking off that...have you considered a larger roll for Parrotmon in the S1 chapters? Probably a short prologue before the actual chapter regarding him, and then some rendition of Taichi's 'Seven Kids At Summer Camp Introduction' monologue to follow it. Alternatively, will he just get his own 'OVA', or will he just be something the kids mention here and there through the Adventure Season?

Honestly I never thought about Parrotmon too much because the original movie that kicked of the franchise did things rather well.

However giving it some thought I mean it seems 'convenient' that a Parrotmon and Digiegg would appear in the real world in roughly the same time period, in a location with 8 kids who just happened to have traits that represented the opposite of the Seven Crests of Deadly Sin.

And on top of THAT Parrotmon is a VACCINE Digimon, meaning he isn't aggressive and fights Virus digimon but not much else.

On top of all that we know the 4 Sovereigns, the guys who have been preparing the chosen children to fight the 7 Great Demons, don't mind trickery and deceit to 'prepare' someone (They set up an entire tournament under false pretenses, had Ryo kill one of his own Digimon, all to prepare him to face Milleniumon again)

So how about this, The chosen children may not like the Sovereigns after S1.5 but it's not like they have much choice as to who can protect the digital world with Ryo dead. Then Koushiro puts it together that Parrotmon was an agent of the Sovereigns, and that that almost every step of the way they've been forced into decisions by them.

Hence the split between the Chosen Children and the Sovereigns, the loss of the power of evolution, and why they had to find 3 new guys.


Sounds good, it does make more sense if it turned out that Parrotmon was just someone to get the right people to make sure the Digital World doesn't end up in ruins.

As for the characterizations for S1, I was thinking we could build on each character's 'relief' and 'distress' trait when they land in the Digital World. For example, Yamato; he get the benefit of being with his younger brother, but ultimately he (and pretty much everyone else) don't known if they'll ever see their friends or family ever again. We can probably add one to these conflicts and wrap them with the characters decisions and actions. A good example of this would be that Yamato has to keep a closer eye on Takeru now, which pressures his role as an older brother but overall makes him a much more protective person than he used to be during this time. (I'd love to do a little scene with Jou and Yamato complaining to each other about the others, haha)


On top of that we want to preserve some of the original characterization. Yamato gets the chance to spend more time with his younger brother, but he's still distressed that Takeru is seeing him as a playmate instead of a brother, he's afraid of losing that.

On top of that he's rather alien compared to the others, Koushiro, Sora and Taichi all go to the same soccer club, same school and have roughly been friends for a while. Even Mimi and Jou have some connection even if it is just a Younger Student- Older Student connection. Yamato literally knows no one else and is wary to trust them.

His relationship with Taichi is one of part admiration, part loathing. He admires him because (on the outside) he's kept the kids together and smiling without snapping himself, on the other hand he loathes him because Takeru seems to be treating Taichi as a big brother more than him, but he also hates himself for getting jealous like that.

When Taichi disappears he feels a sense of relief and fear. Relief that Taichi isn't around to 'steal' Takeru's admiration, but fear because he's been named the new leader and he has no idea what to do! He doesn't understand everyone like Taichi did and he doesn't know how to keep them smiling.

Yamato should always be about self-betterment he is always striving to be a better person so as not to let the team down, however attempts to do this alone can lead to problems within the team.

At the end of S1 I want the characters to all leave something behind (much like Hikari left her whistle) Taichi should leave his goggles, Koushiro his laptop and Yamato I want to leave his Harmonica (though I believe he did this in the original) Music was something he could use to sooth the group after a really stressful time, and he realizes that's what he wants to do. Learn music and use it to make others feel better.

And about how they were chosen, I think that when they get to Gennai's house Koushiro or Taichi should ask why them, what makes them so special, then he explains the necessary traits for a chosen child and it will also tie in with how Taichi chooses Daisuke for his sucessor.

>I fail to see why there would be a problem with Ruki being around, he hardly notices her in Tamers


I just finished watching the series I can tell you they definitely do not flirt in the original. He's very serene in the treating everything like it doesn't matter or that it's all so superficial.

Also A big thing is Taichi doesn't want Daisuke to be a Chosen Child, he's very against it because he reminds him of Ryo.

The new 3 were chosen by the Sovereigns much like Ryo was. Hence why Takeru is the leader at first and it takes Takeru proving he isn't up to it for Taichi to even consider Daisuke for the role.

File: 126402401791.jpg-(39.31KB, 800x573, 7006455.jpg)
Taichi: The leader of the Chosen Children , Taichi never asked to be in charge of the lives of 6 other children, he wasn't the oldest or the group and he had no more knowledge of the digital world than the other kids. However Taichi is exemplified by an indomitable will and overwhelming bravery in the face of death, he also has a desire to know how to fight and keep others alive. But deep down Taichi wants to go home, Hikari is home and sick and due to the stretch in time in the Digital World it's felt like months instead of minutes. Because of this he may lead the kids on a desperate gambit to get home and this fear is what prevents him from ever truly lighting he crest of courage.

Taichi's best friends are Sora and Koushiro, while him and Sora go very far back they both only met Koushiro a few years ago. Sora is always there to keep his temper in line with rational thinking and he both respects and loves her, because of this Taichi will never try to hide his feelings from Sora being frank and honest with her (which can be mistaken for rudeness). The same with Koushiro who he has no problems admitting he is afraid or confused to, for a good chunk of the series Koushiro is turning Taichi's rough plans into an analytical counter measure of how to defeat certain digimon, what to use in groups, when fighting solo. Taichi however can be pushy, as he wants Koushiro to grow beyond there group while he doesn't really trust the others.

His relationship with Yamato is one of respect, as in they had to earn it within the other. Yamato never takes well to following orders and said reluctance to do so ends up getting the group nearly killed more than once, Yamato openly dislikes Taichi's brash exterior and apparent desire to get into more fights. However he respects his enthusiasm to get the kids home and how he can handle 6 emotionally unstable kids and keep them smiling, Taichi in turn respects that Yamato has a way to make the group calm down his own way, as they hadn't heard music for 'so long' and he could provide that comfort. Taichi and Yamato also connect over being older brothers, dealing with a younger sibling and Taichi realizes that he's had it rough.

Jou is the ur-example of someone Taichi respects outright and wants to be like. For all his caution Jou is the oldest kid and willing to put his own life on the line to ensure the safety of everyone else, And he doesn't question this lot in life at all. A lot of he series has Taichi using Jou as a second in command of sorts, a person to bounce ideas off to determine there next location or course of action. Jou was prime candidate to be leader but he lacked the subtleties that Taichi had to keep the group in line.

His relationship with Mimi is one of friends, while he knows Koushiro finds her pretty and interesting he only see's her as the girl he can actually hold a normal conversation with, not related to sports, brothering, or something related to the digital world. And however misguided it is for him, Taichi sees himself as a matchmaker between Mimi and Koushiro in a desire to see his best friend happy with a girl who can break through the shell he puts up around others.

Taichi sees Takeru as part-stand in for Hikari and part kid brother he never had. He knows what it means to be a big brother and thus he can handle Takeru pretty well and even guide him a lot as he grows up. Sometimes Takeru can be stuck in something immature and unlike Yamato's forceful exterior Taichi knows how to lend an understanding hand to make him understand the consequences.

Deep down he misses his family, and the guidance his own mother and father give to him. He knows he has become the defacto 'father' in the Chosen Children and that scares him because he could doom them all with a mistake and it takes a lot of talking with guys like Leomon, Jou and Pixiemon for him to overcome that fear.

This work?

Looks like you nailed Taichi's character pretty well. I can already imagine a scene where he pulls Jou aside and just talks to him all night about him and the gang in the Digital World.

Are you going to consider characterization pages for other main Digimon characters as well? (Ex: Agumon, Gabumon, etc.)

And if you haven't covered this yet, how are we going to be handling the part in the Devimon Arc when the kids all get split up on the islands around the time Leomon and Orgemon get hit with black gears?(Given that we'll be using the black gears)

I do intend to have the digimon be reflections of the childrens own maturation and personalities, Agumon is brash and confident for example and spoils for fights, Gabumon is very shy and loyal, which fits the original Gabumon very well (a shy digimon who was very loyal to Yamato through the best and worst)

These Digimon also best represent there Crests (sometimes literally) for example Jou's japanese crest is Sincerity and what is Gomamon if sincere with how he feels about Jou and everything, he thinks your too cautious? he'll tell you. He thinks the plan sucks? he'll say so.

Also I don't see a problem with the Black Gears and the Leomon/Ogremon feud.

I envision a scene while building the raft when Mimi (crest of Purity and all) asks why they fight and he explains that for them, that's really the best thing in the world. To constantly one up one another and become stronger than ever.

The children splitting up will cause a lot of panic. I mean more than Yamato and Taichi punching one another. We have Koushiro who is already bad at talking to people stuck with Mimi who damn near requires someone to talk to so she wont feel afraid.

The Devimon arc is essentially the most panicked time for the kids, they are essentially surrounded by enemies constantly on the move and they don't understand teamwork.

Also if your intrested in the kids jobs.

Taichi: Leader, Strategist
Jou: Sub Leader, Doctor
Sora: 'Team Mom', Scout
Yamato: Hunter (The Digital World has normal animals to hunt and the kids need supplies some way)
Mimi: sorts and holds supplies
Takeru: Scrounges for herbs and plants the kids may need
Koushiro: Data collection, refines Taichi's strategies.

Also I wanna run this by you guys. Remember how at the end of the Etemon Arc how Nanomon creates the false Sora? well I wanna take that a step further, he creates a false Sora and a false Piyomon who survives the pyramids destruction, she eventually gains her own sentience and she wants to take Sora's place in the chosen children. Especially when they break up and she returns first.

Her Piyomon evolves into Sabirdramon which can further evolve into Karatenmon (yup she acheives perfect before the REAL Sora does) and tries to establish herself.

The character isn't really malicious as it is so much trying to fit in to the world somewhere. Since she's based on Sora's data and nothing more she has no idea of subtlety and it can be heartwrenching to hear her plead like a child "I wanna exist I don't wanna stop being"

Course she's too dangerous to be left running around and when she attacks the real Sora she has to put her out of her misery.

It also gives Sora a new way for her crest to activate (Since I want to change it from Taichi returning and reuniting the kids that he meets Takeru, helps him and then sends him to do it alone) and I think it's intresting but what do you all think?

Yamato: the bearer of the crest of friendship doesn't really know how to hold a friendship. Yamato is very lone wolfish and initially resents and fights almost every decision made by Taichi or Koushiro, but it's not really Yamato trying to be difficult, he is simply afraid of what is going on and does not feel comfortable entrusting his life to frankly strangers, Accepting that while none of them have a good idea as to whats going on that he will never survive unless he works together with the others is a big step forward for him, followed by planting his feet in the ground and a refusal to treat them as anything beyond colleagues. Yamato does not understand the crest of friendship and certainly does not believe he possess its traits, and this is true to an extent. The divorce cause Yamato to seal off that part of himself which had been the original basis for that crest, it was Jou who eventually opened him up through selfless dedication and Taichi through self sacrifice.

Yamato never really has a position on the team, the second in command and doctor is Jou, the teams parents are Taichi and Sora, the strategist is Koushiro who also records data, Mimi handles the distribution of food and other rations and Takeru is too young to be a big hand. He would consider himself a hunter, as he is the one who takes down the big game and fishes for the kids dinners.

Yamato however is not a leader and when Taichi disappears he has no idea what to do to keep everyone together and for the first time understands how difficult Taichi's job was.

Yamato hates Taichi, but he also respects him for the aforementioned the leadership thing, at first he was of the opinion that he had never voted Taichi into a position of leadership and thus shouldn't be expected to follow him. But after seeing how tough the job is first hand and learning how Taichi had his own family worries he began to open up, or rather he opened up once Taichi had the courtesy to ask about his problems he just hadn't noticed. Taichi really remains the first person to get an emotional response out of Yamato who wasn't Takeru and that scares him a bit.

As for Sora he see's her as a good friend and has a slight crush on her, however he doesn't actually make any moves because she's never shown interest in him (beyond the occasional conversation) and because he see's the way she looks and Taichi and how he looks back. Still she appreciates Sora's motherly nature because between her and Taichi he can trust that if something bad happens to him Takeru will have people to care for him.

He and Koushiro are... courteous at best. They don't really talk and when they do it's as prim and proper as possible, they understand each other and would risk there lives for one another but couple in both there natures they don't connect. Also Koushiro has a problem with people who hide there true nature and he can tell Yamato is doing it, he acts a lot more casual towards him when he drops the cold exterior.

Jou is the kid he really connects with. Jou understands responsibility due to his age and his careful demeanor is something Yamato can agree with. They still have there fights such as when Jou becomes overly cautious or in some cases under cautious. Yamato however doesn't get as frustrated at Jou as Jou gets at himself, and helping him understand that, hey, sometimes you don't do everything perfect.

He and Mimi have an almost strictly work related relationship, she stores the rations that he collects, nothing big really. It's extremely difficult for Yamato to see those younger than him such as Mimi and Koushiro as people he can really talk to, this doesn't mean he disregards her so much as he isn't looking for friendship with her.

Takeru, Well what can be said, between not ever having the chance to be a big brother to being thrown into a crazy new world, to the fear of having your little brother see you as nothing more than a playmate to desperately trying to be a big brother. Takeru shows us Yamato at his most complex, torn between a million and a half things because he simply has no clue what he should do! He spent most of his life isolating himself from friends around his father was a work-a-holic. And he knows Takeru is a kid but he's even less used to dealing with kids then he is normal people! But despite all that Yamato tries his damn best to be a good big brother, his is a long and shaky path where the answer isn't always clear and with a lot of mistakes. Takeru himself will always see him as his big brother, but he's trying to be carefree and innocent as to not worry anyone.

Most of all Yamato wishes he had his parents back so he could get some advice, some sort of guide to the crazy world he's wound up in, he enjoys the time he spends with Takeru and is torn between returning to the real world for that reason. Most of all he wonders if he has a reason for being apart of the group and is often afraid that he is bringing the group down especially after numerous screw-ups.

File: 126406614188.jpg-(199.97KB, 721x721, Sora.jpg)
And Sora to end the last one tonight

Sora: The woman who loves herself yet despises herself at the same time, Sora considered the digital world a blessing, she was with the two people who gave the day meaning too her, Taichi and Koushiro, There was flora and fauna she had never seen before and most of all nobody expected her to do something she didn't want to do herself. Unlike Taichi and Yamato who saw fighting as a necessity to survive, she actually enjoys every engagement and not in the way that she saw it as a game. Every risk,all the energy put into pulling off the perfect plan left her excited and fulfilled, and this isn't some metaphor for a drug addiction or escapism. She was a competitive dominant girl who loved to win. Every moment she was asked to look ahead for potential threats she did without complaint.

Sora wasn't open in her resentment of her mother but she was always wary of any conversation involving family, she envied Taichi who had a caring sister and parents who let him choose his own path and supported him, she envied Koushiro who's parents loved him almost unconditionally, she even envied Yamato after he explained that his father honestly couldn't care less about him because of work. She really wanted all that, she wanted a family who respected her choices, or loved her in spite of them, or even didn't care enough to cause a major problem. Instead she had the mother who wanted her to live a specific life style, oh the love was THERE no question but her mother did not respect her choices, or approve of them, or accept them.

Sora really comes to ahead when she confronts her clone which has no problem talking about the envious thoughts in her head, about how she wanted to remain in the digital world and live her own life, hell she was even offered the chance to step aside and let her return to the real world in her stead, free and her mother would never know. But that woke something up. She hated that her mother didn't respect her, but did she hate her enough that she would simply let something else take her life, What would her mum think when she eventually figured it out? Would the clone age? Would she think she had failed that badly as a mother.

No Sora loved the fight, she loved freedom but Like Taichi and Yamato will tell you, the family, adopted or otherwise is where the line is drawn. So she fought for her life back, it involved a lot of confessions that she didn't want to say out loud, it involved her best friends hearing that she was a horrible person. But in the end she proved herself right to wear the crest of love.

Taichi is her best friend and though they are too young to really understand it, her first crush. Taichi again had an almost perfect life as far as family goes to her, she envied that life, but she also wanted to be apart of it. Nobody asked questions when the two of them were on the soccer pitch together, or running a face, or gathering with Koushiro to hang out. Because they complimented one another. She was the first to break from the group to look for him and the only one besides Koushiro to never question if he was alive, even when she never saw him among the other Chosen Children, she always hoped he would come back. In S1 at least there romance is cute, flirty, not promiscuous they are much too young for that but they are true to one another and find the time apart hard.

Yamato is a guy she has a slight crush on that she knows is there, he again represents a family life that she wishes she had and she doesn't mind having to act as the den mother for a bunch of kids trapped in a strange land. Yes despite the battle crazy warrior inside she could still be kind and caring, and Yamato respected that.

Koushiro is the third person to represent a family she wanted but she wasn't in love with him or crushing on him, rather she saw him as a little brother that she wanted, She saw how Taichi was with Hikari and Yamato wanted to be with Takeru and she was a bit jealous of that. One of the things she liked was that he liked honesty and he was honestly not crushing on her. In a way Koushiro was a person she wished she could be not just someone with a good family situation. He was kind to his friends and he would never let anyone badmouth them.

Mimi was the girl she tried to connecting with the most in the digital world, she liked how she represented purity and had a good heart, she liked how there was someone completely different from her to trade ideology with, it also helped that she was the only other girl in a group of 7 so every once in a while she could talk about things she couldn't talk to her best friends about. It helps that Mimi is just a likable person who often holds no ill will towards people and is willing to put in her share of the effort (Unlike Yamato who is pretty solo) so she considers her a good friend.

Jou is the odd one out for Sora as she is probably the one person in the group who doesn't really respect him, oh she doesn't despise him but Sora finds the lifestyle of a doctor he wants to live based off his fathers ideals to be similar to her own and feels he is spineless in not going his own way. It becomes more frustrating when Jou proves to have near equal leadership skills to Taichi and was quite apt in combat as well, she wondered why he and not Koushiro or hell even Yamato was the second in command. Then she was stuck with him alone on an island and the reasons became very clear. Because it just so happened that his fathers desire to help people coincided with Jou's own. Sure he couldn't stand the sight of blood as it made him nauseous but he would never abandon anyone and he would make himself a target so that others wouldn't be. The dislike gives way for admiration as Jou proves to be as true to himself as Taichi and Koushiro are, and she learns that sometimes your parents do want what they feel is best for you and just because they want something doesn't mean you don't.

Takeru is more than the little brother to her, if she is the mother of the group he's her son. She adores him and strives to protect him because she wants to see him reach the best of his abilities. Unaware that she is forcing her beliefs of enjoying combat on him much like her mother was forcing her into a job she didn't want. When she realized this and apologized, he didn't even sweat the small stuff and for that she vowed to be stronger for him. Takeru was the kid who wasn't so much the 'chosen one' as the kid they all wanted to protect, not to shield him away but to prepare him, to treat him as an equal.

Special for Sora is a section on Hikari, Sora... doesn't like Hikari, or more to the point she doesn't like what Hikari does to Taichi. Drag him away from the fight, from being a leader, from her. She doesn't wish her dead or anything psychotic thing she just... misses when Taichi would be the best damn fighter in the world because he believed he was, the kind of arrogance and confidence he had that MADE him there leader. She understands why Taichi is changing with Hikari around but she doesn't like it. So how does she deal with this? By making Hikari the best damn fighter she can and by reminding Taichi that he's no good to them if he doesn't reclaim his old arrogance.


I want to say I took a lot of liberties with Sora because lets be quite frank. The most thing she ever had to over come was 'my mother doesn't like that I play soccer' I wanted to give her more spice, so of all the chosen children SHE wants to fight the most.

But I also didn't want this to turn into an analogy for drugs or escapisim or portayed as superbad for her. I wanted it to be another aspect of her character much like how love is an important part.

Of course your all free to disagree with this much more varied interpretation.

I also wanted her to be the one to NOT look up to Jou. I mean Taichi and Yamato? both see him as an intelligent young man and a good friend. but for someone like her he represents the anti-her.

He doesn't like to fight, he's pretty much being forced into the doctor thing but he doesn't complain.

And yes each of the Chosen Children will have someone they dislike (besides Takeru and Hikari, mostly because they don't think like that)

Sorry to be so persistent about this, but this is how it works in my head- Ryo is done with the Adventure dimension. But he needs a reason to stay in one world, and what better than love?(Yes, I'm a huge shipper if my name didn't already give it away.)
Also, there's only 4 female tamers we know of-Rika, Juri, Alice, and Suichon.
Juri's going to end up with Takato, Rika/Jenrya just doesn't work, Suichon is like 4 years old, and Alice may or may not be dead.

I think you're being a bit too extreme with Sora's family; her natural arc would be coming to understand the adult perspective by being Team Mom. Sora-the-Warrior makes sense from a Momma Bear perspective, but you want to be careful about her being a bit too bloodthirsty. Though that might be a good reference to Lust-her whole selfish streak could be, in fact.

I'm not saying that her problems should be entirely in her head, but I think that it would feel more natural as a case of two headstrong people who can't communicate well-Sora and her mother-than as a real case of neglect/borderline abuse. We already have Matt and TK for that, and in cases like this I feel like a fine brush, so to speak, is going to ring truer with the average audience than the broad brush you have been using. Maybe use Tai or Izzy rolling their eyes about Sora "being just like her mom" to reinforce the idea that Sora's mom is not anymore a terrible person than Sora is.

Your temptation for Sora is really solid, though, and sounds like an interesting scene. This sounds like a girl who might have to accept the fact that her mom is never going to entirely approve of her choices in life, and that doing so does not mean she does not love her or deserve Sora's love. The thing about love is that while it can be an incredibly selfish emotion, it is most healthily expressed freely. A few scenes where Sora goes from arguing or fighting to taking care of her "kids" along the series would help reinforce her ultimate lesson; that to get the unconditional love she so desperately craves, girlfriend needs to start giving it out.

The conflict with Joe is another interesting angle; the idea that Joe would probably go into medicine anyway is something important to convey, I think, because otherwise he's kind of guilty of the sort of cowardice that culls hundreds of young doctors in their first year or two. Also, occasional calling Joe out on being something of a pantywaist is essential early on, and a good way to establish the group's relationship as a whole and between individual members. Using Sora as the pro-aggressive action arguer instead of Tai or Matt makes a good change of pace, too, and forces Mimi, Joe or TK out of their preferred passive roles.

One thing that's missing in these descriptions, however, is the relationship with the Chosen's digimon. All that tldr about Grand Poobah Emperor Super Neato Omni-mode mons and we don't get a paragraph on how Augamon, Garurumon, and Birdramon relate to their partners?

He wont need a reason to stay in one world, after Crossroads the multiverse is officially compressed into a single world.

Look I'm a shipper too but I'm not going to pair up everyone based on flimsy evidence as it is.

I mean it would be like pulling a Yamato/Sora, they hardly interacted in S1, didn't interact in S2, and then they were a couple.

Ryo hardly interacts with Ruki if ANYTHING she's the one obsessed with HIM


I want to do a seperate paragraph for each of the Digimon as the posts were getting huge as they were. After all I see the Digimon as there own sentient characters and equal to the kids as stars of the show.

And I agree that I think she's a bit too agressive, It's really early in the morning for me but if you wanna take a stab at culling her down right now, I'm okay.

Wait, the compression is permanent?
They aren't trying to set things back to normal?

File: 126411785134.jpg-(30.35KB, 317x328, Newdigitalworld.jpg)
Nope because we are getting rid of the Current Digital World to replace it with the New Digital World

This is essentially a transition to the posted digital world which is actually the natural transition

The New Digital World , initialed to NDW, is a region of subspace created by the Host Computer, Yggdrasil as a result of the current Digital World reaching its maximum capacity.

The New Digital World is divided into three layers/"terminals" - Past (Ulud), Present (Versandi) and Future (Skuld) layers respectively. The Future Layer contains Artificial Evolution Digimon. The Past Layer consists of Ancient types, including Dinosaur type digimon. All kinds of Digimon are born in the Present Layer. The NDW is a safe, virtual experiment space coming from a Host Computer, but does not accumulate data to the Host Computer itself. The three layers are known as the Chronicle Layer System and are suited for each layers' Digimon's evolution.

In Crossroads case it would be ENIAC not Yggdrasil (As it is the overseer of the Multiverse)

Crossroads is a very similar event to Crisis on Infinite Earths from DC in which the multiverse is essentially collapsed into a single earth, New Earth

File: 12641181208.jpg-(78.75KB, 300x675, Major_Arcana_VIII__Katou_Juri by ukyoluvr.jpg)
Then can we give Juri a Leomon digiegg?

To delve a bit away from our 01 discussion Ogudomons plan in Crossroads is to compress all the earths and Digital worlds together after corrupting (Hikari) or taking out (Takeru, Daisuke) anyone who could actually hurt him and then cleansing both worlds in fire to'absolve there sins'

This is Ogudomons profile

Ogudomon is a grotesque Super Demon Lord who has seven legs and eyes, as well as an eighth eye. As it includes the whole of the Digital World's sins, and is a mysterious personification with the ability to atone for them all, the power of a Digimon with even a small amount of malice is counterbalanced, and it is impossible for it to defeat Ogudomon. Its Special Moves are running wild while lustful (Oratio Grandiloqua {Lat: Rhapsody}), and a shock-wave which is played from its oral-area (Catedral {Esp: Cathedral}). Also, it pulverizes its opponent with its enormous legs (Gradus {Lat: Step}).

Also, if I can't have a Ryo/Ruki end can we at least not shoot it down?

Hell I was considering skipping straight to giving her Leomon X and reigniting the fire in her heart

File: 126411853497.jpg-(51.61KB, 297x483, 7899560.jpg)
Of course we wont shoot it down, hell we can hint at development, but since it's 01 and 02 we're rewriting we can't alter what happened in any other season until it gets to crossroad.

Okay now can we go back to talking about S1 after all this becomes rather pointless if we don't get the first season mapped out so we can all start writing.

Hell yeah!
And if Ogudomon is ging to turn Ophanimon into Lilithmon can we have him give Beelzebubmon from Tamers the Gluttony crest so he can turn on him and blow a hole in him or something?

Actually the idea I had was that Beelzebumon already has A crest of Gluttony that Ogudomon wants, then at a moment a Grandracmon is about to kill him he uses Beast King fist, an X-antibody comes down and the spirits of dead leomons (Saber Leomon, Panjyamon, Leomon, Bantyo Leomon) all come together into the attack and the antibody to create Leomon X who cuts straight through a fucking mega level digimon. and then Juri's D-Arc comes back online

I want an intense battle between Patamon and Picodevimon.

Hard but not impossible.

Oh by the way I
m pushing Patamons evolution time up to when he gets free of the Pagumon. remember Angemon is going to take part in battles normally.

Hikari gets corrupted?

Also, just so you all know, I've been scribing this thread in case of an unlikely 404 and I've got two earlier threads from the beginning.

In Crossroads Ophanimon is defeated and implanted with the crest of lust, since the S1 and S2 kids have to merge with there digimon to reach Mega Hikari is trapped like that, especially since the only two people who could break her out of that (Daisuke and Takeru) are currently in hospital because of the Grandracmon.

Fuck, that's going to make the love triangle even more difficult to resolve.


The Digimon should really be part and parcel of their trainer's profile. The little things are much more like spirit guides or psychopomps than fleshed out characters who need to advance-honestly there just isn't room for sixteen people to grow and change over an arc.

But, I don't know. A lot of the elements you're working with here, like...I dunno, its your story. But I think you'd be more successful if you pared down the sheer number of protagonists and antagonists a bit-maybe have the second team try to take on the digital problems and end up getting corrupted-soddered to the crests of sin as a way to rally the original kids. Because right now its going in about six different directions and all of them feel a bit frustrating to me-a lot of Season One feels pointless if it ends in Season Two where these people are such bastards that they'll trap three kids in digital hell to serve as boot camp. (The whole, "Tai finally cracks up a bit, Sora ditches him over a hairclip and a month later's fucking Matt on Mars." bit doesn't help. I mean, its realistic, but in the way that makes me want to shove glass into my eyes.)

What's the heart of the story? Ryo accidentally breaks the multiverse and what follows is a struggle between good and evil to decide who shapes what's made in its place? The Children becoming the manipulative bastard mentor figures they resented in Jennai and the Sovereigns? This is important because the best way to make going from point a to point b, character-wise, look natural is to have some idea of point z.

Also after the event she will no longer be able to become Ophanimon (since she was corrupted) only Holydramon X

Now i'm going to try to write the Koushiro, Mimi and Jou bios today, make sur eto save these bios specificly since if we intend to split writing duties at the least we will have consistent characterization.


In S1 the children overcome there own faults and problems and grow for the better this takes place over the span of several (Digital) months.

S1.5 is the setup/explanation for S2

S2 is a journey that takes place over 5 years with the kids growing, training preparing themselves for lives as adults and concluding there story arcs

Crossroads is a movie after all this which involves the Multiverse being collapsed the digital world being remade into a new one, a new beginning.

S1: fighting Devimon-> Learning of the crests and Etemon-> Learning that Etemon isn't really an evil asshole so much as he wants to go to the real world a whole bunch->Etemon dying and Taichi being blown back home->Taichi returning to find the Chosen Children split up-> Taichi having Takeru reunite the Children-> Learning of Vamdemon -> Returning to the human world to face Vamdemon-> The digital world appearing in the sky-> Returning to the digital world to face the Dark Masters-> The seven demons appearing-> Facing and killing the seven demons-> Lucemon Satan Mode rising-> The crests and digivices being destroyed killing Lucemon Satan Mode-> Returning home

S1.5: The rogue digital egg hatching and evolving into Diablomon and Omegamon killing it-> Ryo recieves a Digivice from the Sovereigns as the original 8 chosen children are kidnapped by Milleniumon and there former enemies brought back to life-> Milleniumon returning and spliting the Digital World in half, Ken and Wormmon and Ryo and Veemon work together to move through the Digital World an kill Milleniumon-> Ken is implanted with a dark spore, Ryo and the Chosen Children are tricked into training by the Sovereigns-> In the 5th round Ryo is forced to kill one of his Digimon-> After defeating Taichi the Sovereigns reveal this has been a ruse and Ryo closes himself off from the Digital World-> Ryo fights Moon=Milleniumon and defeats him, they leave the Adventures universe together-> Ryo is proclaimed dead-> Ryo awakens with no memories infront of ENIAC who explains the origin of the Multiverse and gives him a Digimon Partner, Monodramon-> Ryo prevents Z'd Milleniumon from controlling time/space and Monodramon and Z'd Milleniumon fuse into a Digi-Egg-> Ryo decides to go to the Tamers universe-> Ken influenced by Dagomon and Milleniumon turns into the Kaiser and begins to take over the Digital World-> Taichi attempts to stop him and fails-> Taichi meets Daisuke who reignites the fire within him-> S2 set up.

-> Taichi touches the Digimental of courage which sends three D3s to Daisuke, Iori and Miyako-> Daisuke unlocks the Digimental of Courage and Ryo's Veemon emerges with Amnesia-> Iori and Miyako get the digimentals of Knowledge and Love respectivly, Taichi is against letting a new team go on alone and tells Takeru and Hikari to go with them-> Takeru and Hikari recieve D3s and the Digimentals of Hope and Light, Taichi assigns Takeru as the groups leader-> Takeru proves incapable of being a leader and Daisuke takes over the role-> eventually with all 8 Digimentals in hand the children assault Ken's Control Spire-> Ken unleashes Kimeramon who he had been creating so he could recreate Milleniumon->Ken is defeated, the Digimentals are broken and the kids conclude there first adventure-> on the summer Holidays Taichi locks the kids into the digital world for training as they had grown lazy and complacent, people DO call him out on this-> Daisuke, Ken, Miyako and Iori achieve the Mega level, discover a cult run by Piemon, break up a mafia ring run by Astamon, and Curb the enthusiasm of wannabe hero Omekamon-> The kids leave the world for the better concluding there second adventure-> Several seemingly unrelated issues appear in the Digital World, Koushiro completes the Digivice Divide so the 6 kids with no Digivice can evolve and fight again-> those previous unrelated issues are eventually linked to Dagomon who attacks the real world-> After repelling the invasion and Obadia and several other locations are trashed the children invade the Dark Ocean-> Hikari finally kills Dagomon thus concluding the Dark Ocean arc-> Demon rises again using the cult Piemon had amassed as his power source and absorbing the remains of Dagomon he sends Gaiomon out into the world to kill in his name-> Gaiomon is not intrested in doing what he is told and instead seeks out Victory Greymon (Taichi) for a battle-> Demon eventually evolves to Super Ultimate and invades the real world-> The Children are scattered into various fights leaving the new 4 the only ones left-> Ulforce Veedramon evolves to Super Ultimate and defeats Demon-> End S2

Now in short

Devimon Arc, Etemon Arc, Vamdemon Arc, Dark Masters arc, Seven Demons arc

Childrens War Game, Milleniumon arc, Tag Tamers arc, Moon=Milleniumon arc, D-1 Tamers arc, Kaiser Rising, New Beginnings

Kaiser Arc, Digital World Tour arc, Mini-Adventures Arc ,Dark Ocean Arc, Demon Super Ultimate Arc.

It's REALLY not as big as I make it seem.

Well, it looks like you know what you're doing with the arc outline. I suppose all we can really do now is wait for all your characterization pages to be posted up, and then focus on individual chapters, no?(And obviously, more and more questions)

So, about Mimi, are you planning on expanding her character role other than the support role she got slapped with in Adventures, and practically be disregarded in 02? Along with the Digivices, will their abilities be stretched out too as possible plot devices? (No pun intended)

I intend for Mimi to be just as important as everyone else She's even going to land a rater big surprise on Piemon!

As for the Digivices yes they will expand beyond holding the Light of Evolution. Based on Tamers and later series there is a big desire to make sure that that Chosen Children aren't just "Boom you evolved now I'll sit on my ass and do nothing" Even looking at Pokemon adventures where the Pokedex extends to being a tool of battle and the trainers are right next to there pokemon in the heat of battle.

While the specifics behind it are still being thrown around (Do we go the V-Tamers route of it being a miniature computer to give orders, or could objects and data be scanned to adjust digimon themselves) we do know that the Children and there digivices will add another layer to the strategy of the fight (Things like Jou increasing Zudomons size or Mimi turning Togemons boxing gloves into spiked steel)


If you guys have suggestions or ideas yourselves don't be afraid to post them, I'm not the only guy writing this after all your opinions mean just as much.

File: 126419652274.jpg-(30.67KB, 600x382, The_digimon_crests_by_DemyxwillLive.jpg)
I'm not so hot on the Digivice 01 being the ones that fall from the sky.
I can see Koushiro being able to tinker around with his digivice and make it into the 01 calling it a Divide. Unless you have a better idea.
Also, I've said it in earlier threads, Koushiro and maybe Taichi need to have replicas made of the tags and crests and pass them out for nostalgia's sake before the last battle including an empty tag for Ken and his crest materializes or some shit.

That sounds like a great idea! I can imagine Taichi making them for memory's sake and sending them out throughout the 02 arc.

Perhaps another thing about Koushiro we could play around with is his computer. His laptop could possibly have a home made 'Digimon Archive' (It'd be something along the lines of a personal project for reference later on), and contain a small diary of the gang's life in the Digital World. (Possibly we could open a few chapters with Koushiro's diary so we could get some personal thoughts, preferably around the time we do the Andromon chapter)

File: 126419917927.jpg-(56.94KB, 640x480, 1263010209682.jpg)
Actually, that was one of the things I actually liked about the BAD END epilouge- Takeru writes about their adventures and publishes it and Ken and Stingbro become detectives.

The main reason I want to go with the 01 is because it's actually big enough to have a secondary use. The original is basically a hand held tamagotchi. the 01 we at least know comes with an onboard computer and can do shit to influence a fight beyond evolving.

That's one of the big things isn't it? that we are taking cues from Tamers in getting the children involved in the fight beyond evolution.

The 'Divide' is meant to represent a digivice based on the old 01 designs with a bit of D3 tech thrown in to compensate what can't be replicated.

Also I agree on the crests thing, if only cause the original 8 have the crests burned into there bodies and they want a reminder that isn't etched into skin.

I don't mind this at all, in fact I think it is a great idea simplt because his job is essentially an archivest of all the new things they discover (so they know what is good for them and what isn't) it would make sense he would keep a log of there adventures.

And where are all of their crests?
Taichi's is on the back of his (right?)hand, Hikari's is covering her back, but what of the others?

Yeah right hand.

Yamato's is on his left leg, Mimi has hers on her chest just above her breasts, Sora has hers over her heart, Koushiro has his on his shoulder, Jou has his on the back of his neck, Takeru has his on the back of his left hand.

If you have better positions feel free to pitch them.

Are they always visible?

No, in fact most of this kids attempt to coverup there marks and the ones who can't like Mimi tries to pass it off as a tattoo. Or do you mean can they actually make the mark disappear? in that case the mark is constantly visable and is as much apart of them as the rest of there body.

And it shows how little sleep I have had.

I suppose Taichi and Takeru would get a few raised eyebrows from having cover-up since they can't wear gloves in school.. And except when it's just Digidestined Hikari can't wear a bikini. Jou can cover it up with his hair, and it'll make a nice explaination for it.

Taichi and Takeru wear bandages and have there parents explain it away as a burn scar they don't want people to see.

It's also another reason (quite like superheroes) that the Chosen Children date within group, because no one else actually understands the symbols or the life style that comes with them.

File: 126420506435.jpg-(49.47KB, 600x452, 1212649267149.jpg)
Which poses a problem to Yamato, Jou, Iori(who we still need to flesh out a bit more) and(if I have my way)Daisuke.
Granted, Jou could find a nice girl in college but that still leaves the others. Also, I still want Matt to be hounded by horny genderswap Tai.

File: 126420528420.jpg-(85.06KB, 300x675, Major_Arcana_XI__Orimoto_Izumi by ukyoluvr.jpg)
Wait! I see Izumi.... and maybe Yamato?

Well eventually the existance of Digimon and Chosen Children is going to become public around the same time Dagomon invades the real world. Kinda hard to maintain a secret identity like that.

Also I'm REALLY hoping to tone Jun down a bit (oh she'll still be her creepy stalker self just maybe not so much after having her city destroyed around her)

Iori... oh god Iori. He's kind of a blessing and a curse isn't he? for the same reason he really doesn't HAVE a character so people aren't EXPECTING shit from him.

Although want my honest opinion on how to use him? Make him a kid who see's the job is serious and is willing to follow orders to do it, but he doesn't connect on an emotional level with the rest of the team, this makes his transformation to a more relaxed kid who accepts his team mates and grows to like them much harder.

And in the end when the original 8 are off containing threats and even Ken has gone off to hold back Demons army
Daisuke: So it's down to the three of us just like when we began this thing, I'm sorry...
Iori: For giving us a chance to be heroes? don't be.

Izumi is with Takuya, that was BLATANT man BLATANT.

I missed a good bit of it, truth be told.

He had a dream sequence in which they were on a date his head in her lap because he defeated Cherubimon (with Kouji running around asking why he didn't get a date)

Then later on they are searching for an area code in the library and admit to liking each other then he falls asleep when she blushes and tries to talk to him more.

as I said, Blatant.

Horny gender-swap Tai. Really.

File: 126424371777.gif-(20.56KB, 182x240, ImperialdramonPaladin.gif)
Sup guys.
I'm not sure how you guys have managed to hide a project like this away for so long... But needless to say I am greatly interested in what's going on in this thread.

I hope all this work comes to fruition in a real and tangible way somehow.

However, there's just one thing that's bothering me right now...
If I've skimmed this discussion correctly, Matt and Tai get new Mega level digimon that aren't WarGreyMon and MetalGarurumon...

And Season 02 tosses DNA evolution completely... (Even tho Stingmon can't digivolve without it at all...)

So basically, you're telling me that this magnificent motherfucker has no way of appearing in this story?
I strongly urge you to reconsider.

Uh no Stingmon can evolve just fine into Dinobeemon and Imperialdramon without Veemon

As for Paladin mode

Koushiro near the end of the Demon arc is taken out of the fight after a heavy blow and begins coding something new, Mimi helps protect him and also helps with the coding as he fires it at Ken, it's based off the data of Omegamon when he appeared in S1 since "We need a miracle" and Imperialdramon had shown formerly that he is capable of changing forms

So to answer your question, yes he will show up.

Also a few mistakes.

Everyone gets there mega and in S2 the 6 eldest children lost the power of evolution the sovereigns once gave them. Since they are using a different source for there evolution the mega levels end up different


See, and that's another thing...
How exactly does this "digivolving to Mega" thing work here? Because, at no time do I *EVER* remember ANY digimon in season one actually going from Ultimate straight to Mega (or Perfect to Ultimate or whatever...)
As I recall, the only way digimon reach Mega level is by Warp digivolution.

There is no prophecy here, instead the children find the Digi-Core or one of the sovereigns, the power divides into 8 and boom they have Mega.

As for how, look just because THEY never went from Ultimate to Mega doesn't mean they can't

Hey should we REALLY Re-Write Childrens War Game? Lets be honest here the only thing we would be changing would be minor things (them not having there Digivices, this not being the first time Omegamon has been used)

I mean if we ended up writing it we would basically be transcribing the movie.

Honestly, I think you should glance over it and use more of a way to transition from the Taichi chapter to the Ryo Chapter. We would see it from their different points of view with Ryo being one of the many kids who helped Omegamon win. Diablomon's rampage and eventual defeat may have been a plan by Milleniummon to cause enough of a rift between the worlds to snatch up Taichi and Yamato after they were worn out from battle. With two of the Chosen Children's strongest out of the way, the rest of the kids could swiped away while the entire world focuses how the heck could a nuclear missile go wild like that.

Kōshirō is the last to be snatched and sends an e-mail desperate to get some help from the people who helped Omegamon stop Diablomon before. Though Milleniummon is able to corrupt most of the e-mails, the few that were recieved were ignored because the people who got it wanted nothing to do with it after possibly being involved with a possible terrorist attack.

In the end, Ken and Ryo are the only two who wanted to help the mysterious people who saved japan from being nuked and the Soveriegn could see this as proof that they are worth of being Chosen Children.


Okay timeline revised

Anode/Cathode Tamers is first, then Childrens war game (well the end of it and an explanation of what happened) then Tag Tamers

I just checked over the games and Ryo became a chosen child before Childrens War Game

Ryo is a boy roughly the same age as the older DigiDestined, which is about 11. He lives with his parents in a comfortable two-story house (hinting that Ryo's family is at least well-off due to high house prices in much of Japan and the fact that Ryo got a laptop for Christmas). On December 31, 1999, while chatting online a blackout occurs and Ryo's mother asks him to check the fuse-box. Before he can do so, however, a voice calls out to him from his computer, which is displaying a machine he's never seen before. The voice pleads to him to touch the device, which Ryo (rather naively) does.

The next thing he knows, he's suddenly in the middle of a forest and confronted by Agumon, Taichi "Tai" Kamiya's Digimon partner. After Agumon explains that Ryo was summoned because a powerful evil Digimon called Millenniummon captured the DigiDestined, then warped the very essence of time and resurrected previously defeated evil Digimon such as Devimon and Myotismon, Ryo quite understandably finds it all hard to believe and thinks he's having a nightmare from too many video games.

He quickly realizes he has no choice but to help after getting injured by a Kuwagamon. This alerts him to the fact that this is not a dream and very real. He thus begins his quest to rescue the DigiDestined and defeat Millenniumon. Along the way, he befriends a number of Digimon allied to the DigiDestined, including Leomon, Andromon, Piximon and the Digidestined partners themselves. He also encounters villains previously defeated by the DigiDestined beginning with Devimon, then Etemon, Myotismon and the Dark Master Piedmon before confronting Milleniumon. (Depending on which game, he takes on the form of one of his two components, either Machinedramon or Kimeramon). After a fierce battle, Ryo and his Digimon comrades are able to vanquish the villain and rescue Tai, the last of the DigiDestined being held prisoner. His task done, Ryo bids his new friends a tearful farewell and returns home, where his parents note he seems to have grown up a bit.

File: 126432031667.gif-(33.23KB, 322x240, 1261894161483.gif)

File: 126432116965.jpg-(245.33KB, 909x1284, 1256689083857.jpg)
Alright, I figured out exactly how we're going to get Taiora end.
We'll start off stuck in troll throttle, full speed to Sorato, so we need to set up a situation like the christmas episode- in fact, to make it even more obvious, have Matt mention that he's got a show to get to.
We'll start the scene on the roof like it was before, including "You've really grown up."

File: 126432125862.jpg-(203.12KB, 943x1314, 1256689374475.jpg)
Then we'll do a 180.

File: 126432135727.jpg-(194.58KB, 935x1312, 1256689713813.jpg)
Then roll straight into GOOD END.

Really my idea was to simply have Sora and Taichi not start a relationship because Taichi felt broken after Ken wooped his ass and she felt hurt combined with her having a crush on Yamato.

Then Yamato gets increasingly annoyed as Sora sends time with Taichi on missions and the like and eventually just ends the relationship

"It's always the same isn't it, you say you love me and it's my arm yours is around, but your never looking at me and your never talking to me. Sora I'm not going to fight Taichi, if it was anyone else I would fight him but not him"

Of course he means he wouldn't fight him over the relationship we still get to see Victory Greymon and Z'd Garurumon throw down.

File: 126435671950.png-(220.01KB, 375x500, 1262661780723.png)
Seems like we're on a roll now.
Hopefully we'll get all the S1 characterizations up soon, right Omni? Anyways, I was considering we can do the OVAs as short stories (Well, that's pretty much what they are) But anyways, for the OVAs we already have 'Kaiser Born' planned out, but have you considered the CD Dramas to be included as possible 'OVAs'? Specifically 'Tegami~Letter', '2 1/2 Year Break', and 'Things That Want To Be Told'. Also, how are we going to be going about with Wallace(Or Willis, which ever you want) since he does play a bit of an important role in 02. Are we going to play him out as an important minor character in 02, or is he just gonna stick to Our War Game and Hurricane Touchdown? He really is an expandable character once you think about it.

File: 126435967349.png-(508.53KB, 640x480, 1212642657935.png)
>important role in 02
>Our War Game
The fuck you talking about?

I think that Taichi being so broken could help truly define Hikari's character in 02. Taichi has changed so much since after their adventure and nothing she does seems to help him. Then when Daisuke comes into Taichi's life, he slowly begins to revert back into the Taichi he was before he was "broken". Hikari becomes interested in Daisuke because she wants to know how he was able to help Taichi when she couldn't and Daisuke misinterprets her actions as if she has a crush on him.

Focusing more on Hikari, I was thinking about how her title of being the digi-destined of light might affect her. Being the eigth digi-destined, the one who would tip the scales in favor of good, should put a lot of stress on Hikari in 01 and 02. Do you plan on going this route with Hikari in your rewrite Omni?

Would 'a notable role in Hurricane Touchdown' be a better way to put it?

Better, but still not quite right.

Did we decide what Aquilamon's Perfect and Mega would be?


Well like I said the idea is that Daisuke helps light the fire in Taichi again and he begins the whole 'student master' thing a year or so before S2 starts, We're actually playing it as a love triangle.

in short Daisuke is the kind of guy who would take Hikari to the digital world to fight bad guys and look at nature and the moonlight. Very wild and energetic.
Takeru is the kind of guy who flys her to paris for a candlelit dinner and slow dancing. Much calmer and romantic.

And yes the whole 'weight of being a 'messiah'' thing gets to her and is crucial to her S2 development.

I'm sorry about the whole not posting character profiles but filming for an assignment came up and I haven't really been able to sit down and do it. well I can now.

That's been bothering me, how would we explain that? Having a DNA-digivolution without any DNA-digivolving.

I love this idea, but I just can't stand it when I don't have all the details.
But it's like this, right?
Ryo="dead', Taichi gets ass whooped by Ken, gets depressed, goes to park to lament and meets Daisuke and starts to help him with his soccer by teaching him a few tricks and some strategy and his passion is reignited, they become good friends, but when does Taichi tell him he's a Digidestined? and what context?

DNA Evolution isn't the only way those digimon evolve to that level, it was simply a gimmick for S2.We're simply doing away with the gimmick. Keep in mind were basing evolution on the card game evolution system.

File: 126438732155.jpg-(200.01KB, 332x600, 3355423_m.jpg)

Around the same time he stops teaching him soccer and starts teaching him battlefield tactics. Daisuke wonders first of all why he's being taught this and second of all where Taichi learned it in the first place. Since he feels he can trust him, he tells him about Digimon and about his adventures. Daisuke was already involved in the Vamdemon thing but he didn't know Taichi was actually fighting him, so he eats it up.

Why is he being taught battlefield tactics?


Evolves To

* Aero V-dramon[7]
* Andiramon (Data)[8]
* Cerberumon X-Antibody (Jogress with Dobermon, Tyranomon, Angemon, or Darcmon)
* Dagomon
* Delumon
* Garudamon[9]
* Garudamon X-Antibody
* Gigadramon
* Grappleomon
* Hippogriffomon
* Karatenmon
* Loader Liomon
* Ookuwamon X-Antibody (Jogress with Ankylomon)
* Paildramon (Jogress with Tyranomon)
* Piccolomon
* Silphymon[10] (Jogress with or without Tailmon)
* Tekkamon (Jogress with Guardromon)
* Whamon Perfect
* Were Garurumon X-Antibody
* Yatagaramon[11]


Evolves To

* Dynasmon
* Fuujinmon
* Gryphomon[8]
* Hououmon
* Ornismon
* Ravmon
* Valkyrimon[9]


Even though he doesn't want Daisuke to become a Chosen Child he knows that there's a good chance if the Sovereigns tried to meddle in the affairs of humans he could be chosen. The least he could do was prepare him for if he was ever chosen and if not that Knowledge is Power.

Which backs up my statement here. >>21801

No, Taichi never chose him as a successor, he's preparing him just in case the Sovereigns decide to dick him around. It's why he assigns Takeru to lead the team because he still wants Daisuke out of the action.

I'll be posting the Koushiro guideline in a few moments

Koushiro: A recluse and probably the most mysterious kid in the group, with the exception of Taichi and Sora no one really knows much about Koushiro except he seems to bury himself in his laptop all the time. As a kid Koushiro was quite normal, making friends, going to school, doing homework, then he overheard his parents talking one night and discovered he was adopted, he also found out that a lot of his friends weren't as truthful as they had initially seemed. Sora and Taichi had been the only people who he felt were honest and not hiding who they really were, and so the three became fast friends. Koushiro doesn't dislike his adopted family it just confuses him that they would lie after being so loving and caring.

In the digital world Koushiro acts as the teams smart guy, documenting all the plants, digimon, materials, geography and adventures the kids find and have. This information compounded with his ability to turn a vague idea into a full fledged plan makes him invaluable to the team and he works hard to ensure the kids do things as efficiently as possible.

Koushiro however can shut out the rest of the world when he is collecting data and his quest for knowledge can extend into greed as he will push on to get every last bit of data. Vamdemon uses this to his advantage by forcing Koushiro into a Trial of Greed to prevent his crest of knowledge from ever glowing.

Koushiro also has almost zero communication skills outside of his two best friends, mumbling or being very short with the other children except for Mimi, who can get him to blush and stutter, and Takeru who Koushiro considers a good kid despite his brother.

As stated before Taichi is Koushiro's best friend, the guy who he will go above and beyond the call of duty for, the guy whose happiness outweighs his own and who he can be honest with, and that friendship is returned as Taichi will entrust Koushiro with the lives of everyone. Koushiro also teaches Taichi what he knows of battle field tactics to help him become a better leader.

Yamato and Koushiro don't get along, Koushiro finds that Yamato doesn't listen to orders and puts people in danger with his loner attitude. For someone like Koushiro who realizes that team work is the only way to survive, he warms up to Yamato slightly as he becomes more focused on being one of the team but even then they would only be friends and not very good ones at that.

To Koushiro, Sora is the perfect woman, strong but kind, independent yet knows how to work with others, beautiful but not obsessed with beauty, motherly. Despite this and a small crush he never really see's Sora as the girl for him, rather he see's her and Taichi as perfect together and Koushiro makes sure to give the two there space. Like Taichi, Sora extended a hand of friendship to Koushiro when he was in the pits and thus he is fiercely loyal to her, recognizing right away that the clone Sora was not the real Sora and refusing to let it take her place.

Jou and Koushiro get along quite well but unlike Taichi and Yamato it isn't really a respect thing. Jou's dedication to keeping everyone safe mirrors Koushiro's own dedication to making life easier for everyone, and that mutual desire to be useful to the team gives them something to bond over. They are both the smartest people in any conversation they are in and understand concepts far beyond there age group. So while Taichi and Sora are his best friends Jou is the one he doesn't have to restrict his grammar with. He also see's him as a sort of rival for Mimi's affections but a friendly rival who he wouldn't be upset if he lost too. Koushiro trust Jou knowing that if something bad happens to him that he will always be around to help the group in his stead.

Mimi, Koushiro's 'pure hearted crush' initially he simply recognized Mimi as “That girl who happens to be my age” and left it at that. But as time goes on he begins to love her bubbly personality, her kind heart to all people, and her desire to keep everyone smiling. However being as socially inept as he is Koushiro has no idea how to express his feelings for her and sometimes buries himself in his work in an attempt to avoid talking to her, or in the case of some obstacles to impress her. Koushiro often goes to Taichi to talk about his crush and how he should act and thus hilarity ensues whenever he takes a bit of advice to literal. Regardless he definitely cares for Mimi and would move the world so he could protect her.

Takeru is the kid brother of almost everyone of the kids, and Koushiro is no exception. He and Takeru have to talk a lot due to Takeru bringing in the plants and foods that Koushiro has to identify and they form a slight tutorship like that, with Koushiro teaching Takeru about how to identify the different foods and plants, how to 'read' peoples body language, how to use a computer and other things that are useful in the Digital World. While he isn't nearly as tolerant of his childish behavior as Taichi or Sora are, he still finds it amusing and something to bring him 'down to earth' when he's too wrapped up in his work

Had a lot of trouble on this one

He won't choose him, but he recognizes the traits in him, and that frightens him a bit that Daisuke might get sucked up in all this.

Yup, thanks I was beginning to confuse myself.

Good news everyone tommorow I should be done with all my extreneous crap and able to finish the profiles.

In the middle of Mimi's added a bit about Palmon and how she represents Mimi

I've read a lot of crappy fanfiction rewrite concepts but this is really good!

Because those were written by one person as they went along.
This is being planned out before we start and is written by 4 or 5 people, though most of the credit goes to Onmi.

About Crossroads, when the worlds get compressed, will people know? Or will their memories be tinkered with? How will the kids know where they live? Can we move Ken closer to the others? How are the Frontier kids supposed to digivolve when their D-terminals changed back into cell phones at the end?

The kids will know the world has changed but everyone else will have there memories adjusted as if the world had ALWAYS been one.

As for how everyone who shouldn't be able to fight (the Tamers, Frontier kids) That's why Ryo is jumping from Universe to Universe to recruit more people he DOES have access to Zeed=Milleniumons power so he can reset things (such as the cellphones) to when they were most useful.

And since they are all based in Japan theTamers kids will still live in shinjuku, the Adventures kids will live in Obadia etc. etc.

Yes, but Ken lives in Tamachi, I'm saying we move him for convenince's sake.
Here's how I see it- All the kids are gathered in a park after the compression explaining to themselves and each other what just happened.
Someone brings up the subject of their homes, and those that have them check their I.D. cards, those that don't, check their cell phones or something. Ken notes that his address has changed to Odaiba.

On a related note, Willis- will he be in this? I just think it would be interesting to write and read about a tamer(?) with two digimon.
And it would be cute to see the Terriermons and Lopmons interact.

What do you guys plan on doing about the whole
Daisuke ,Hikari,Takeru "love" triangle thing?
will you make it more detailed or just leave it as is?

More detailed.

Wallace was never meant to be Canon so I don't think so.

Especially since Jenrya and Xiaolang have Terriermon and Lopmon themselves.

You're damn right we're going to make it more detailed.
"Officially" we're still undecided on how it'll turn out, right Onmi?

Im happy and a little worried about this...
Which character are you guys siding more to be with Hikari?

Still undecided, obviously half of us want Takari, the other half want Daikari.

I figure we wait and see how the new characterization plays out.

Also sorry I didn't post the Mimi one yesterday I got wrapped up in a lot of shit beyond my control.

Concerning the matching up against the 7 Lords, are you going to use the obvious Seraphimon vs Daemon and Ophanimon vs Lilithmon match ups?

Yes we are, Sora really should be fighting Lilithmon (Love and Lust) but Hikari takes the fight before she can get there, so she's left aiding Taichi against Lucemon (He NEEDS it)

File: 12655169323.jpg-(235.66KB, 600x600, 7303509.jpg)
Took it's time, would have had it done long ago but someone interrupted me in the middle of writing and it takes literally forever to get back into something once the writing mantra is broken

Mimi Tachikawa: The innocent and 'pure' girl of the original 7, Mimi dislikes fighting and hurting people the most and is slightly thrown off by Sora's desire to throw herself into combat. Originally only knowing Jou because he was an older student at her school and they were at camp she got to know the other kids in the Digital World. Palmon is the representation of Mimi's personality, having restraining and stunning attacks rather than the ferocious power the Agumon gives Taichi or the tactical advantage Tentomon gives Koushiro. She is in charge of storing and carrying everything useful the group needs (not alone obviously she's a frail little girl) and deciding what is no longer needed so the group can move without too much weight. Togemon represents the dangerous side of Mimi's personality and how she can hurt those who approach her, yet the boxing gloves represent a desire to not do serious damage to her opponents. Mimi being young is both pure (which allows her crest of Purity to shine) but also selfish and greedy (which hinders it) part of that Greed is that she doesn't want to be a fighter and as the journey goes on she finds herself in more positions where it's her life or someone elses. Mimi also loves the arts (though not as sophisticated as she would find in the future) and has a fondness for singing, painting and sewing. Around the middle of the story (and for the S2 kids) she sews them new clothing that is better suited for the Digital world then the clothes they wore before, Much like Yamato's harmonica gives the kids comfort during stressful situations so does her singing. Ontop of this Mimi is a bit of a geek with an interest in electronics she usually hides this side of her well but something truly techy can geek her out.

Mimi admires Taichi a bit because he's so smug and confident when he needs to be and can be kind and gentle the next. She doesn't hold any of his interests but they can have normal conversations which makes him approachable.

Yamato interests her because she likes his music and he seems such a mystery, unfortunately he doesn't actually care for her due to her age.

Sora is the only other girl in the group even if she is as ungirly as a person can get like and dislike wise. Sora has a bit of a mentorship to Mimi teaching her how to fight and be brave along with just helping her mature emotionally. However it's never really treated as a mentorship so much as a friendship.

She has a small crush on Koushiro, being the only boy her age in the group, being soft spoken and kind, she however doesn't like how he buries himself in his laptop or work. Koushiro represents something Mimi wants to be, more useful to the group, as it stands she just essentially takes inventory and has a Digimon with no real direct attacks meanwhile not only is Koushiro a strategist but he has a powerful flying Digimon which makes him invaluable. She is also attracted to him because she is a closet nerd, with enough knowledge to be able to finish the coding on the Paladin program.

Jou is the other boy Mimi has a crush on, they go to the same school and she's older than him which has that quality. She admires his sincerity and his knowledge of where he is going in his life, what he intends to do and what he'll do to achieve it. Along with this Jou partially serves as a bodyguard to her during the times the team is split up, and she finds his leadership qualities and ideas to be great. However there relationship really plays out as a 'Sempai Kohai' relationship and since I just went Japanese on people let me explain. In Japan an older student is considered to be responsible for what happens with the younger students, hence they tend to act as mentors and guides and stick close together not unlike the temporary buddy system in schools, the main difference is the Sempai Kohai relationship tends to last beyond school and even into the work place.

As for Takeru, Mimi likes him because he brings a childish element to the group which allows her to act childish at times for fun, they also work together because is is a forager and she takes inventory. She can get downright fierce if he is in danger even breaking her usual technical pacifist ways to deal severe punishment

How are you guys going to reconcile Daemon of the Seven Lords with Daemon of 02? Is it going to be the same guy looking for revenge for the previous defeat?

Either way, there should be an appropriate resolution. I find that the loser going "as long as she's happy" and giving a little sad smile while stepping into the background works best.

The other options (revealing he wasn't "that much" in love with her, quickly falling for someone else, getting killed of, becoming a jerk, etc.) generally do not give good closure and tend to anger the audience, especially the "quickly falling for someone else" one.

I think it should be the same Daemon because it would give him more motivation than just mindless destruction. And anyway, how often do you find two of a digimon that powerful?

I wonder what Takeru's reaction is when he finds out he couldn't finish him off.

Also, how are we going to lead up to that?
The Dark Masters were killed off one at a time, but the way this looks, it's going to be like the Sakkakumon battle.
How are we going to build up to that?

It is INDEED the same Daemon, and actually he is constantly going to be hinted at for the entire series. You know how in S2 they always revealed "Oh there was a man behind the man" but nothing ever hinted at it.

Well the cult Piemon is running is a cult dedicated to Daemon, he used Astamons mafia to locate the destroyed crests of deadly sin, he let Dagomon do his thing with the Dark Ocean because if he lost, Daemon could simply sweep in and suck up all his power. He gave the powers of a mega level digimon to a Champion Omekamon because in its desire to be a hero and help people it would cause a lot of Chaos.

None of these things can be directly tied to Demon, but it ALL makes sense in the build up. He doesn't just pop out of nowhere he's been goading this for a long time.

We want to keep one thing from the original show (and I mean the ORIGINAL version) Takeru, Hikari and Daisuke are all very good friends, whoever lucks out will accept it with grace and wont let it affect the group dynamic or the friendship.

it's the same with Yamato, Sora and Taichi. Taichi never said anything when they got together because they were his friends, Yamato is the one who broke up with Sora when he could tell she was in love with Taichi, saying that he would have fought anyone else for her but him. The friendships these characters forge are strong as hell.

I see you went with the Japanese version with Mimi's Crest (Purity). What is Jou's going to be?

Sincerity as you would expect.

For Jou the crest of Sincerity represents how open and devoted he is to everyone, he's the bridging man between Taichi and Yamato, he understands what it means to be the oldest in the group and what his family expects of matter what Jou is 100% everyone else first, which is why his enemy is Leviamon, the crest of Envy.

To be envious of the carefree lives the rest of the group have, to be envious about how other children don't have to fight to live another day. To envy Takeru who has universal love even though his contributions are quite minute.

These are things Jou can't comprehend. He is a good person at hear and he doesn't try to bottle up. He is Sincere (and I swear I don't know how to spell that word)

When we get to Crossroads, how will Takeru react to Kouichi, him being the Legendary Warrior of Darkness and all.

So you're going with Sincerity against Envy, Hope against Wrath, Light against Lust, Courage and Love against Pride, right? What are the other match ups?


Wargreymon + Phoenixmon vs Lucemon (Pride)
Metal Garurumon vs Belphemon Rage Mode (Sloth)
Vikemon vs Leviamon (Envy)
Rosemon vs Belzebumon (Gluttony)
Hercules Kabuterimon vs Barbamon (Greed)
Seraphimon vs Demon (Wraith)
Ophanimon vs Lilithmon (Lust)

Omegamon vs Lucemon Satan Mode

in Crossroads Masaru kills the leader of an army of Nightmare Soldiers and uses them against the Grandracmon. Takeru is going to have to get the whole 'dark is not evil' thing

I can't get this scene out of my head-
After the merge, after they get their shit sorted out, but before they depart for their respective homes(or to battle, whichever comes first) the characters and their foils are just looking at each other, like Yamato, Koji and Touma; Ken and Kouichi with Miyako in the background creaming herself; Rika trying to keep from fangirling over Sora like Takato is Taichi; Izumi and Mimi; Ikuto and Tomoki, You can see what I'm getting at, right?

Heh that's actually pretty funny. Though throw in everyone assuming Masaru is infact a villain because he beats up Digimon and has a violent personality

File: 12662165722.jpg-(39.53KB, 450x450, 1258324768240.jpg)
Who's analysis is next? Are you going to do the 02 kids as well?

Jou's then Takeru's then Hikari's. I'll do the 02 kids when we GET to 02

If anyone out there is looking for ideas to refine, I recomend looking through the WTW forums.

I know I should have posted Jous and Takeru's by now but well... 15 games in the mail, very short time before uni picks up again. so expect no updates from me for next week but the week after definitly

Perfect time for Angemon to evolve to HolyAngemon- versus Myotismon after the Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon thing.

Really I was thinking against VenomVamdemon.

They defeat Vamdemon are weakened, he returns as Venom Vamdemon and they attempt to fight him again and he smashes the shit out of them, there losing hope and

"There's always hope, no matter what the odds or how bad it seems we always have hope"

Angemon Evolves to Holy Angemon who has canonical healing abilities, all 8 chosen children use everything they've learned so far to cut Venom Vamdemon down and defeat him once and for all.

You could probably rewrite the whole prophecy of Vamdemon's defeat to something along the lines of "The Demon King falls when the Eight Ultimates Unite." Maybe introduce it early so that everyone thinks they won as soon as Angewomon appears, and then VenomVamdeomn's back and there's the whole "oh yeah, we forgot about Angemon" after Angemon evolves and heals everyone.

Personally, I'd like to keep the prophecy in there in some shape, but I haven't come up with any good ideas and that one is... eh.

Remember in 02 how in after even the most brutal battles they would arrive home without a scratch?
How about in one chapter(somewhere between arcs) They come home just COVERED in shallow cuts, scrapes, bruises, nothing too serious, but a few of them are walking home with a limp.
With Takeru, Hikari, and whichever of the older kids(if any were to accompany them) they could just tell their parents they got in a messy battle in the digital world, but not to worry, that they're alright. But it would be a whole different story for the new kids.
How about a chapter where we tackle this issue and how they bullshit their way through it?

That's a great idea, throw in that there parents assume there kids are involved in gangs or such especially ontop of the Digital World Tour arc where 4 of them nearly die at times and they are gone for months!

Yes keep the prophecy, but don't make it reference evolutionary levels, maybe crests?

Also Jou's will be up tommorow

Jou Kido: The big brother of the entire team, the one who is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty for every kid, who sees the roles society and his family has thrust upon him and rather than rebelling taken them in stride to improve and succeed. Jou is the oldest Chosen Child with a sempai complex, I explained before that a Sempai in japan is essentially expected to go above and beyond the call for his Kohai's even beyond school, into the work place and beyond. Think of it as a big brother program for life. And Jou has just been trusted 6 very different kids in a fight for survival. I compare Jou to Eddie Riggs in Brutal Legend, he's the organizer who can think of idea's, keep the whole camp outside of combat running, and he stays out of the spotlight (as much as a chosen child with a Giant Walrus can) He's not the best fighter, but he has impeccable defense and strategy along with his medical training.

Jou's job is essentially a simple one, work with Taichi and Koushiro and plot the next course of action, he assigns everyone there day to day duties such as cooking, hunting, night watch etc. along with just offering an insightful eye.

Jou however feels he is constantly inferior to everyone else in the group, He thinks Taichi is a better leader, Yamato a better fighter, Koushiro is smarter, Sora more useful (Flight is an advantage early on due to most Digimon being unable to fly) and Mimi and Takeru can do more for the team beyond sheer work. However Jou learning that the others rely on him and he indeed has his own skills is a turning point for his character.

Jou has the 'Trial of Envy' signified by his enemy being Leviamon the Demon of Envy. Jou's crisis is wondering if he envys the other children and if he accepts his lot in life so readily because he's been conditioned to, or if he genuinely enjoys what he does and helping people. Jou defines that by risking his neck in the heat of battle to aid the others despite the plan calling for him to stay behind (his own plan) because he sincerely wanted to help the others, and he wanted to make sure they stayed safe.

Gomamon is a very forward digimon who makes no attempt to hide his feelings or thoughts, while this can come off as rude and abrasive to the others and even to his own partner, Gomamon in his own way is the most sincere digimon there since he will never lie, never stray from his ideals, and never change who he is for another.

Taichi is to Joe the true leader of the outfit even if at the beginning he isn't that good. I brought up the Brutal Legend comparison and in the beginning Taichi was the Lars to Jou's Eddie. Charismatic, strong, but not smart enough to rally an army. Jou serves as partial teacher, partial adviser and he trusts Taichi with his life.

Jou gets along with Yamato like the others can't because he's the only one who Yamato respects off the bat. He see's that Yamato is more than just a lonesome jerk and Yamato in turn see's that Jou is smarter than he gives himself credit for.

Sora and Jou do not get along, again it's a conflict of ideals as Sora resents what her parents see as her lot in life and Jou embraces it. While Jou isn't exactly hostile to her, she baffles him because he can't understand not doing what is socially expected of you. It's a clashing of ideologies.

Koushiro is Jou's little pet project though he would never admit that. All the brains the other kids lack with a thirst for knowledge and keen insight. Jou hopes to make Koushiro a better Chosen Child, a better person and he partially wishes to live part of his life through Koushiro. Since he isn't bound by social responsibility.

Jou knew Mimi from before camp and he has a sorta crush on his junior (By the way Senior and Junior is what we will be using in the writing not Sempai and Kohai) but he's embarrassed enough about it to keep it under wraps and mostly appears as a kind mentor or brother figure (to his eternal annoyance) He continues to fear that Mimi is becoming more and more broken as the fighting goes on and will snap, which is partially his reasons for wanting to find the kids a way home quickly (beyond not wanting to die obviously)

Takeru is the Youngest and Jou never really interacts with him unless he's interacting with Yamato, Mimi or Taichi. He however notices the changes in Takeru's Psyche long before the others realize them, the seed that would eventually become the Knight Templar side of Takeru's personality. Takeru to Jou (but not to the others) was a sign of there lost innocence as time went on, and this revelation had him wondering if they were changing for the better or worse.

In summary Jou is one of those 'Mentor' characters like Mr.Champloo or Auron or Jolee Bindo, but he's not an old man just 2 years older, however he is interested in how everyone will develop and stands as an eternal big brother figure.

Done with Jou, having trouble with Takeru's being too short because he doesn't get INTRESTING till S2

How about in one battle, either Zudamon or Vikemon uses his shell to shield someone?

Thats what I was figuring, in RPG terms Jou would be a tank and know abilities like protext/taunt/provoke. devoted to keeping everyone safe

Again, how are we going to do the battles against the Seven Great Demon Lords?
Are we going to space them out or have it as a battle royale?


Remember in Frontier when Mercurimon used that giant body of his as various rooms to kill of the kids?

Well the general idea of 7 'rooms'

And since each kid is fighting one on one I would say that it's all taking place at the same time but the actual fights focus on a single or 2 chapters.

So 1-2 Chapters for each fight, there are 7 fights in all, then 2 more for the Lucemon Satan Mode fight, then the finale chapter.

That's about what I figured, but how do we build up to something like that?


We're going to sprinkle hints of the 7 demons through out the story, while never directly referencing them people who read will always feel "There is something pulling the strings in this"

Since if you have them appear before the fight it ruins the surprise.

So all that build up and then the Dark Masters are defeated, the world is a void.

Then the void begins to crack and the 7 demons descend, thank the chosen children for essentially deleting the digital world and separate off to craft it anew.

That's where the 7 rooms come from where the 7 demons are each crafting the digital world. the crests can track down the crests of deadly sin hence why the children are able to find and fight them.

It still feels like there's something missing, some buildup between the descent and the battles.
Otherwise we'll just have 7 Apokolyomons.
And which megas will appear during the Dark Masters arc? I'd like Takeru to have something like the original Piedmon fight, toe to toe with Daemon, holding his own, but not getting any hits in, then hope mega-charge kicks in and a more epic battle then Holy Angemon vs Piedmon with a throughly Seven Heavens'd Daemon chargeing one last time when Seraphimon de-digivolves to Holy Angemon using the Gates of Destiny to lock him up until the end of 02.

He's not the Templar that he is in 02 yet so he banishes Daemon instead deleteing him, leaveing him something to regret as he wants to take care of Daemon himself later and overcoming the Crest of Wrath.


Good points, Takeru finally gets Serpahimon during the Piemon fight (as he gets Holy Angemon during the Venom Vamdemon fight).

If you have something to suggest for the seven demons by all means do so. We have a bit of trouble because after the 4 Dark Masters the digital world is essentially deleted, I guess we could leave 1 area open.

Okay here's one the Forest of the Gods, it's an official part of the digital world in the northern area, there's not a lot of data around it. We could do something about how it's the only part of the digital world left intact and how a road begins to form to it, the Seven demons appear, thank the children for making them a road to the forest, attempt to kill them (since they just finished beating the crap outta piemon) and then leave to the forest.

The final arc can be the kids perusing them but of course as casualty dictates arriving to late to stop them trying to reform the digital world, the kids square off in the final battle, cue end bosses.

We have a final area, the path too it seems a little bland but again when we have the digital world already essentially deleted there's not much you can do. And if we have them reform the digital world themselves then we have to delete and reform it again which begs the question "What was the point of the Dark Masters?"

Best I can figure is- What was the point of the Silver Surfer? They were heralds for the Demon Lords.
But I still want Seraphimon to appear first during the Daemon fight, otherwise the Piemon fight would be too easy. If a Holy Angemon can practically one-shot the strongest Dark Master, Think of how it would be with Seraphimon.

A completely radical idea that probably won't work very well: have the Seven Demon Lords replace both the Dark Masters and Apocalymon in 01, then introduce the Dark Masters as leaders of those dedicated to reviving the Demon Lords and subordinates to a recovering Daemon in 02.

Well that can be achieved by nerfing Seraphimon and Magna Angemon (it could be the way that Takeru called upon the evolution)

The reason I wanna move it up is... well everyone else has reached mega by then, I realize that Seraphimon would get more exposure in S2 but I still have reservations against letting him be a one time wonder.

Then again I guess the same case could be made for Magnamon who appears all of ONCE to beat the crap outta Kimeramon.

I haven't thought about that, Especially since no one is really clear how Demon SURVIVES this fight, we know Belphemon devolves when he loses his crest, Lucemon is completely killed, Leviamon is dragged into the Dark Ocean where he mutates into Dagomon.

Barbamon, Lilithmon, Beelzebumon are all killed IIRC

So Demon COULD devolve. But the plot point is that he's absorbing data in S2 via cults in his name or Dagomon once he's been defeated to revive himself and evolve into Super Ultimate.

So again the 'Holy Angemon' Gate of Destiny works.

But as the power scale goes Daisukes Veedramon isn't as over powered as Taichi's in the Manga. in the manga Veedramon could defeat Perfect level digimon, Aero Veedramon could defeat Mega level (all on it's lonesome it defeated Piemon) and Ulforce Veedramon... was essentially a god (which it actually is essentially in the Canon) but obviously Daisuke is getting nerfed so that the game doesn't become "Daisuke becomes Ulforce Veedramon, everything dies"

ALSO I came up with an idea of what to do with the 'Memento Crests' that Koushiro could make in S2 for the older children. Based on White Knight Chronicles and Kamen Rider.

The digivices are of course the devices that enable evolution as the machines themselves are mechanical in nature, personalized (I believe someone had issues with the V-Tamer digivices) for each chosen child but essentially just a machine.

The memento crests are the power source serving as a replacement for the 'Holy Power' the Holy Beasts once provided.

Really this is all padding, because it would be simpler to just have plain digivices with no crests. But I like to think that Mimi was leaning on him to make them more stylish, of course if you have problems with that we don't have to use it.

Maybe he only shows up once in 01, but there's plenty of opportuinity for him to appear in 02.
And I thought Dagomon would go like this>>21678
It just seems odd that two Demon Lords would survive the battle.
I'm not so big on personalized digivices, maybe colored, but nothing beyond that. And I'd rather keep the whole "the crests are inside of us" thing. The Digimon evolved naturally to Child, the digivices get them to Adult (at the start at least) the crests get them Perfect, the holy power they get from a dying soverign's digi-core gets them Mega, right?

The perosnalized Digivices are for S2! I should have specified that, remember that due to falling out with the Holy Beasts they are down the power to reach Mega (Actually there down the power to evolve period since there OLD Digivices are destroyed at the end of S2)

In S1 I figure we stick to the traditional 'white changes colour when Perfect is activated'

As for Demon Lords 'surviving' thats a bit of a misnomer. They are all certainly killed by several of them hung on, they no longer have the power of there crests and they aren't Mega level digimon, in Levimons case he's gotten more powerful, in Astamons case he's mode locked as a Perfect and not as strong, in Daemons case he's... somewhere we haven't decided yet.

They all ultimately died but it's much like Milleniumon.

The Chosen Children killed Machinedramon and the next set killed Kimeramon, the two data in the void evolved to Milleniumon.

Leviamon in the void was pulled into the dark ocean where he was mutated into Dagomon, Belphemon simply gets reborn and works his power up slowly like a normal digimon.

Again these are all details we can work out, I definatly want to use Astamon though for the Digital World Tour arc he's the perfect bad guy for the first third.

Dagomon and Leviamon we can ignore completely I only thought of it on the fly.

Demon needs to stay though.

So at most Demon survives somehow (Gate of Destiny) and Belphemon is near killed but survives and works his way back up to Perfect.

This is good, but I don't think the Dark Ocean episode should play out like that but fuck me if that isn't some damn good writing. You also hit on the themes the Dark Ocean is supposed to represent, a cthulhu inspired mind horror.

I'll be aiming more for S1 when I do my first write up, but well done praise abound.

Just confirming to drop the angle that Dagomon was Leviamon, maybe he ate Leviamon for a brick joke but Dagomon works much better when he seems to simply EXIST beyond the Digital World

I'm writing up the first chapter with a third person perspective that feels very disconnecting, not too pleased with it.

As for why I haven't posted the S1 Takeru... I already showed how the others treat him and besides "Happy kid who's about to get traumatized and who never loses hope" we got NADA to explain, he's one of the simplest characters in S1 and one of the most complex in S2 if you REALLY want a Takeru and Hikari write up I can do them but really there both so simple in S1

Okay, some of the things I noticed from writing this was that it becomes so clunky writing all 7 at once I'm 2 pages in and they JUST put the Digivices on there wrist and the Tidal wave is coming.

the big problem is I'm doing it again from the third person view. I'm going to try experimenting with an 'Animorphs' style of writing, with the first chapter being the view of Taichi, as well as Chapter 2, but chapter 3 is Yamato as it's his focus. Some chapters like the ruins with Kentaurmon will be joined between Mimi and Koushiro.

Because the third person thing is well... take a look.

In 1999 an abnormal weather phenomenon had struck the planet earth, freak rain storms run rampant in Australia, typhoons and tsunamis wracked the American coast, in England the El Nino effect was rampant, and earthquakes tore through China, but in Obaida, Japan 7 kids were hanging out at summer camp without a care in the world.

Taichi Yagami a goggle wearing young boy was relaxing atop a tree branch, soccer star at school and all around nice guy he was awoken by a snow flake falling upon his forehead, he wore a blue shirt with a star motif. Yes just like everywhere else Japan was not spared the freak weather, Snow in summer should have caused panic but they were too young to process the consequences beyond 'Snowball fight!' Sora Takenouchi was scooping a snow ball in hand as she drew back her arm and beaned Koushiro Izumi in the arm, Sora was a friend of Taichi's and both participated in the same Soccer club, she had an aggressive streak a mile wide and hated girly things hence she dressed in pants, wore a tank top and a helmet like hat.

The boy she had hit, Koushiro wearing a red shirt with a, was a computer geek and rounded out there trio, he also participated in the same soccer club and was fiercely loyal to Sora and Taichi who treated him right. He was always carrying around a Pineapple laptop strapped to his back and focused on the analytical side of things. From inside a shack Yamato Ishida carefully watched his younger brother Takeru Takeshi who was building a snow man. Yamato was soft spoken and reserved the opposite of Taichi, while Takeru was bombastic and full of energy as young children are want to be. A brown haired girl adorned in pink clothes with an oversized pink cowboy hat, Mimi Tachikawa was wrapped up in conversation with her senior, a glasses wearing boy with blue/black hair named Jou Kido. Jou was carrying around an emergency supplies bag as he wearily listened to Mimi's gossip.

“Should it be snowing?” Koushiro asked Sora inquisitively as he rubbed his cold arm, Sora scooped up another snowball and aimed
“Do you really care?” she asked finding her target “It's just some snow whats the harm,” she grinned as he arm snapped forward sending the snowball right into the face of Taichi, “Bulls-eye!” Taichi took offense to that and climbed down the tree softly.
“You're going to pay for that” he growled
“What's the matter Taichi? To cold for you” she mocked
“Guys seriously, it's snowing in 'Summer' I know you generally don't listen to me but at least pay attention to that.” Koushiro let out an exasperated sigh those two could carry on arguing an fighting even if the world was on fire.

It feels and sounds so CLUNKY!

An there's also the fact that sometimes my cursor switches to a new paragraph and your get inconsise shit.

Lets just work on the style of the writing now. We know the characters, we know the events in general, now we need the writing style


Okay and here's the First Person style I tried, I sort of hybrid the Graphic Audio style used in DC's Green Lantern: Heroes Quest and the First person narrative of Animorphs (God I love those books) which means you get Taichi's Account of everyone, how he see's them, and you get little in jokes like him not possibly being able to know things that are going on because he's reportedly sleeping. Think Marco in the Animorph books.

anyway take a read

Episode 1: The Adventure Begins!

In the summer of 1999 weird weather began striking all over the world, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, but here in Japan I was oblivious to this fact because I was at Summer Camp for the holidays.

Oh me? I'm Taichi Yagami, goggle wearing, soccer obsessed Taichi who was too busy relaxing on a tree branch I had scaled rather than play with my friends. They were standing underneath the tree talking, the one with the dome hat and Tank-top was Sora Takenouchi, she was my best friend, the little guy next to her with the laptop was Koushiro Izumi my other best friend. Through thick and thin I could count on them for anything as I would later learn. Hm? The others?

Well there was Yamato Ishida a guy my age with blond hair and a green tank top, he was also slinging around a harmonica like a broadsword! Actually I'm joking it was tucked neatly into his back pocket as he scuffled on the ground with Takeru Takeshi, a kid in all green with a REALLY goofy hat, the two of them were fighting like brothers would and that brought a smile to my sleeping face.

What do you mean I wouldn't have been able to smile if I was sleeping and couldn't see them? I'm telling the story here!

While I knew Yamato a bit and Sora and Koushiro really well I had no idea about the last two kids with us, Jou Kido and Mimi Tachikawa. Jou was a glasses wearing senior with a vest and a medical bag, good old reliable Jou was supervising us even though I knew we must have been trouble. Mimi was... well she was gorgeous, she was dressed in an all pink dress that was definitely not made for casual wear with a gigantic pink cowboy hat on her brown hair. Seriously now a GIANT cowboy hat.

So we were the average group of kids who had almost nothing to do with each other outside a few friendships right?


We wouldn't learn until later but we weren't hear by accident, someone had planned this for us. This is a story of how 7 kids went to camp for the summer.

And wound up in a new world.

“Look! Snow!” Takeru called up in the midst of his scuffle as my eyes slowly opened, sure enough snow was floating down landing upon the trees and ground, the others stared in amazement as Jou took control “Everyone head inside the lodge until a supervisor arrives” Yamato complied almost immediately “C'mon Takeru, let's wait inside” he said offering his hand and leading the younger boy in, Mimi had already gone ahead and I could tell she REALLY listened to Jou. As for Myself I was rudely removed from my tree.

“Taichi! Jou said get a move on!” Sora had taken the liberty to climb up the tree and drive her foot into my kidney.

As I said, VERY Rudely awakened.


Tried to fix a few punctuation and grammar errors:

In 1999, there were many fanatics and false prophets declaring the end was near, but many dismissed them as charlatans and frauds. However, when the abnormal weather phenomenons began, fears began to take root. Freak rain storms ran rampant in Australia. Typhoons and tsunamis wrecked havoc on the American Pacific coast. The El Nino reached as far north as England. Earthquakes tore through China.
However, word of these events had not reached the ears of seven carefree children in Obaida, Japan. They were simply living their simple lives, enjoying themselves at their summer camp without a care in the world.

Taichi Yagami was mostly normal. Sure, he was somewhat of a soccer star at school, but in most everything else he seemed average, ignoring for a moment the goggles on his forehead. Feeling in a somewhat peaceful mood, the young boy was relaxing atop a tree branch when a single snowflake landed upon his forehead.

He blinked as he felt the ice melt away, leaving a small drop of water. Just like everywhere else, Japan was not spared the freak weather. Snow in summer should have caused panic but Taichi was too young to process the consequences. So too, were the other children.

'Snowball fight!' Sora Takenouchi was scooping a snow ball in hand as she drew back her arm and beaned Koushiro Izumi in the arm. Sora was a friend of Taichi's and both participated in the same Soccer club, she had an aggressive streak a mile wide. She hated girly things and liked to show it off in her dress, wearing pants, wore a tank top and a helmet like hat.

The boy she had hit, Koushiro, was something a computer geek and rounded out there trio. Despite his small stature, he too participated in the same soccer club and was fiercely loyal to Sora and Taichi, two of the few people he felt comfortable around. He was always carrying around a Pineapple laptop strapped to his back and focused on the analytical side of things.

From inside a shack Yamato Ishida carefully watched his younger brother Takeru Takeshi, who was busying himself with building a snow man. Yamato was soft spoken and reserved the opposite of Taichi, while Takeru was bombastic and full of energy as young children are want to be.

A brown haired girl adorned in pink clothes with an oversized pink cowboy hat, Mimi Tachikawa was wrapped up in conversation with her senior, a glasses wearing boy with blue/black hair named Jou Kido. Jou was carrying around an emergency supplies bag as he wearily listened to Mimi's gossip.

“Should it be snowing?” Koushiro asked Sora inquisitively as he rubbed his cold arm, Sora scooped up another snowball and aimed.

“Do you really care?” she asked finding her target. “It's just some snow whats the harm,” she grinned as her arm snapped forward sending the snowball right into the Taichi's face. “Bulls-eye!”

Taichi took offense to that and climbed down the tree softly. “You're going to pay for that” he growled

“What's the matter Taichi? To cold for you” she mocked.

“Guys seriously, it's snowing in summer. I know you generally don't listen to me but at least pay attention to that.” Koushiro let out an exasperated sigh those two could carry on arguing an fighting even if the world was on fire.

The First Person/Round Robin style flows way better.

I thought that too, now is there anything else we should work out before we start writing?

Okay going over our notes

-What type of Digivice are we using, the normal S1 Digivice, the V-Tamers digivice, or a new type of Digivice all together.

I personally like the V-Tamers one better.

File: 126931835611.jpg-(9.91KB, 220x181, 1262404545734.jpg)
Nothing we'll reach before we figure it out first.

I'm partial to the original but the Digivice-01 works best for the story.
We'll need to figure out a way to hook it up it Izzy's laptop like in Myotismon's castle, though.
I don't like wireless.

Hmmm look at the pic of it beneath the screen there looks like a bit that can detach from it, different colour.

It detaches from the 01 and plugs into the laptop

This is how you resolve it to everyone's satisfaction:

"Due to the nature of the seal, neither of you can return to the Dark World again, lest the darkness be released again, and a new God of the Depths appear, greater even than Dragomon."

Kari merely laughed. "Like either of us would want to go back there anyways."

Gennai gave a slight cough, and hesitated. The children waited patiently for him to continue, but a feeling of awkwardness had already began to fall upon them.

"It's not that simple," he finally said. "Kari, because of what happened between you and Megidramon, you cannot return to the Digital World. His passive destructive ability has been transferred to you."

"What?" Davis jumped to his feet, but Ken quickly pulled him back.

"It's fine," said Kari with a smile, though everyone could see she was just trying to look brave. "It's not so bad. I mean, it's not like..."

"Let me finish," interrupted Gennai. Everyone fell silent as he looked away. "TK, because of what happened between you and Daemon, you cannot return to the Material World. No Digiport well ever allow you to pass through."

A few more seconds passed as Gennai's words slowly sank in. TK glanced over to his old friend, then back to Gennai. "You mean..."

"Correct. Once you leave this room, you two will not meet again in this lifetime." Gennai coughed and glanced toward Ken, making sure to avoid making eye contact with any of the other. "I will now give you all some time, but I also wish to speak with you privately, Ken."

File: 126939992856.jpg-(46.68KB, 704x396, 1261874896068.jpg)
I'm not satisified!

Do not want.

Myself I liked the third style better, but that's just me.

File: 126941777788.jpg-(98.25KB, 750x551, 9518014.jpg)
Slight problem, A. Daisuke is the one who kills Daemon Super Ultimate and B. All of them need to be around for Crossroads.

Ooh by the way here's what i've written so far

Episode 1: The Adventure Begins!

In the summer of 1999 weird weather began striking all over the world, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, but here in Japan I was oblivious to this fact because I was at Summer Camp for the holidays.

Oh me? I'm Taichi Yagami, goggle wearing, soccer obsessed Taichi who was too busy relaxing on a tree branch I had scaled rather than play with my friends. They were standing underneath the tree talking, the one with the dome hat and Tank-top was Sora Takenouchi, she was my best friend, the little guy next to her with the laptop was Koushiro Izumi my other best friend. Through thick and thin I could count on them for anything as I would later learn. Hm? The others?

Well there was Yamato Ishida a guy my age with blond hair and a green tank top, he was also slinging around a harmonica like a broadsword! Actually I'm joking it was tucked neatly into his back pocket as he scuffled on the ground with Takeru Takeshi, a kid in all green with a REALLY goofy hat, the two of them were fighting like brothers would and that brought a smile to my sleeping face.

What do you mean I wouldn't have been able to smile if I was sleeping and couldn't see them? I'm telling the story here!

While I knew Yamato a bit and Sora and Koushiro really well I had no idea about the last two kids with us, Jou Kido and Mimi Tachikawa. Jou was a glasses wearing senior with a vest and a medical bag, good old reliable Jou was supervising us even though I knew we must have been trouble. Mimi was... well she was gorgeous, she was dressed in an all pink dress that was definitely not made for casual wear with a gigantic pink cowboy hat on her brown hair. Seriously now a GIANT cowboy hat.

So we were the average group of kids who had almost nothing to do with each other outside a few friendships right?


We wouldn't learn until later but we weren't hear by accident, someone had planned this for us. This is a story of how 7 kids went to camp for the summer.

And wound up in a new world.

“Look! Snow!” Takeru called up in the midst of his scuffle as my eyes slowly opened, sure enough snow was floating down landing upon the trees and ground, the others stared in amazement as Jou took control “Everyone head inside the lodge until a supervisor arrives” Yamato complied almost immediately “C'mon Takeru, let's wait inside” he said offering his hand and leading the younger boy in, Mimi had already gone ahead and I could tell she REALLY listened to Jou. As for Myself I was rudely removed from my tree.

“Taichi! Jou said get a move on!” Sora had taken the liberty to climb up the tree and drive her foot into my kidney.

As I said, VERY Rudely awakened.

I snapped forward rubbing my side instinctively, “That hurt Sora, I'm very fragile you know” I said in my best sad puppy voice with a hint of sarcasm, “Oh don't be such a big baby I just tapped you” she responded as she extended a hand to help me down, I curled my hands around the branch swinging down as I kicked my feet hard against the tree to stop myself from swinging, reaching a hand to Sora she clasped it and helped swing my weight over to also clasp to the trunk of the tree. We grinned at each other sliding down, god how long had we been friends? Since our first year of school? Beyond? It just sorta blurred.

Later as we huddled inside the cabin Mimi was playing cards with an excited Takeru, Jou was checking outside the door for any supervisors, Koushiro was tapping away on his laptop as Sora and I sat next to him, Yamato was off brooding in a corner somewhere doing and thinking lord knows what.

“See, we're not the only ones with abnormal weather” Koushiro said as Sora tapped her fingers intently together, “So what?” she asked leaning close to the screen, “Does that mean the worlds ending?” Koushiro grew a little uncomfortable as he turned to me “I don't think so, but something has to be up it doesn't just suddenly start snowing in summer.” I know he was looking for me to make a deal out of it so I did, besides it was kinda intriguing, “You're right about that, I wonder if Hikari is okay back home,” Sora softly bonked us both on the head “It's just a little snow neither of you should be that worried, hey Senior, can we go outside again?”

I think Sora was being a little disrespectful with her words of respect, while Jou was our senior he never asked to be called that and often made it clear he preferred to be on a name basis, to his credit however he brushed it off like nothing “Well a supervisor hasn't arrived yet but as long as we don't leave the general area around the cabin it should be okay. Taichi, Yamato, can I ask you two to keep an eye on everyone?” Yamato nodded from all on his lonesome walking towards Jou “Sure.” he said, I nipped up “Okay everyone lets go outside” and with that we exited the cabin.

The first thing besides the unbelievable cold I noticed was that the ground had been covered with a thick sheet of white snow, the tree I had been in looked as if it had been out for hours, but it had only been a light snow fall and it hadn't been very long. The second thing I noticed was the light show exploding in the sky, what were they? Northern Lights? Well they were damn beautiful that's for sure.

Okay now I know what I'm about to describe sounds totally unbelievable in fact it took several months after the event was over to fully convince myself that it all happened and had not been the most complete hypnosis the world has ever seen.

7 shooting stars rained from the sky, halted in mid air, and then flew towards us crashing into the ground in front of us. I mean it sounds crazy right, rocks can't just stop and change direction like that, but they weren't rocks. Takeru stuck his hand into his hole first to the angry shouts from Yamato, and when he withdrew his hand a silver device was wrapped around his wrist, it had weird characters on it, a few buttons and a rectangle screen like a game boy. All of a sudden I swear a shining light shot from Koushiro's hole and flattened itself around his wrist turning into the device, one by one lights shot out and became the strange devices, okay you know what this is becoming unwieldy from now on the device shall be named Digivice.

The first thing I noticed about the Digivice was how warm it felt, like a part of me had been returned and you wonder how you ever lived without it, and despite its large size it didn't feel heavy at all, it was as if it wasn't even there, but I could see it and when my fingers dragged against the warm metal casing it felt real.

Holy crap, I thought, this was amazing. I was never huge on the technical stuff like Koushiro but even I could tell this was special. The others had mixed looks of awe and shock as they examined them, Sora had this giant smile on her face as if she had one the lottery even though she didn't know what this thing was, and then if to make what I'm telling you less believable, a tidal wave rose from somewhere and crashed into us.

I could feel my lungs being crushed under pressure and my eyes straining in my head, I could hardly breathe and I thought I was going to die, I reached out my hand in the direction I thought Sora might be in, I didn't know why but I wanted to hold her hand if these were my last moments, I couldn't think straight and all I could ask was why, why...


“..ichi” a voice called, was I dead? Had the water crushed me whole and set me to heaven? And I had a heavy weight on my chest of something warm and cuddly.

“Taichi” the voice called again? Would I see Koushiro or Sora again? What about the other kids? Or had they managed to survive and would I end up the only one who died, sorry Koushiro, Hikari, Sora...

“Taichi!” Wait a second if I was dead how was I feeling any of this? I cracked open an eye to look around and then the other one shot open in shock. Something was staring back at me.

Now here's a theory, you've just narrowly avoided being killed by a tidal wave, and you feel something warm and heavy on your chest. Now ideally a busty girl would be lying across my chest ready to serve grapes into my mouth, or less ideally Sora would be lying on my chest because she didn't have a pillow, but of all the things to be on my chest I never could of expected what it was.

A Pink, talking, head, with sharp teeth, weird antenna and a giant smile was looking right back at me.

Goodbye sanity!

I screamed as loud as I could and it screamed back, was it trying to intimidate me? Imitate me? Maybe I scared it but I ask you, who wouldn't be shocked to discover a giant pink head thing talking to you?

Well obviously not me as I continued to scream until I damn near wet my pants (Any reports that I indeed messed myself are grossly exaggerated by parties who were not present) “What are you, how do you know my name, where am I, what country is this, what happened to the tidal wave, where is everyone!” I shouted out in order, I may have used more... crude language but frankly a 15 minute tirade on how I thought I had lost my mind would not be interesting in the slightest despite claims to the otherwise.

The Pink creature stopped screaming “I'm Koromon! You're Taichi” it boasted proudly, of course the giant pink head knew my name and knew it's own, of course it was Koromon who else could I have mistaken it for, there was just one question then, what the hell are you!

Of course I was still in shock at this time so I just sorta went along with it “I see, Koromon, quick question, how do you know my name?” I asked with a slight tremor in my voice. “Oh that's easy” he said bouncing off me “I've been waiting for you, Taichi”

That. Explained. Nothing!

“But- Oh never mind” I had a feeling I wouldn't like the explanation even if he knew it, turns out months later that I really didn't like the explanation but for different reasons. “Taichi!” okay that was a voice I knew, I turned my head to see Koushiro standing coolly next to a tree, lucky bastard how dare you analytically take in the situation while I shout my head off like a lunatic, next to him was this weird... blob... thing with arms. If I sound confused in describing this it's only because it was weird as hell. Okay you know the pacman ghosts? It was a fleshy colored one of them with arms and not made out of pixels.

“Koushiro” I said bursting to a standing position and giving him and friendly hug “I don't know if you can tell, but this place is nuts” I said as if to hide it from the talking head and pacman ghost, “Yeah maybe this is the afterlife, the last thing I remember is being caught in a tidal wave” Koushiro offered, “You're not dead” Pacman Ghost said gleefully “what are you?” I asked, I didn't expect to get the answer I wanted. “I'm Motimon” he responded waving his hand, frigging brilliant, I was trapped with my best friend in a strange technicolor forest as a pink head named Koromon and a Pacman ghost named Motimon give me no inkling as to what the hell is going on, and there was a strange buzzing sound in the air.

“So what do we do now?” Koushiro asked as he pointed to the laptop “It wont turn on even though I had it charged before we left” I was trying to think of something, anything, but I knew nothing about the surrounding area and I didn't even know if the others were alive, and there was that buzzing sound “Will whoever is making that bloody sound pipe down!” I shouted as Koromon opened his eyes wide “Buzzing? Oh no, it's Kuwagamon” he said, “Kuwagawah?” I asked before a giant red stag beetle shot down from the sky it's huge pincers slicing into the ground just in front of me “KWAGA-AHHH!” Koushiro shouted as Motimon began pulling on his leg “run run run!” Oh god we ran, Koromon leaped onto my back it's antenna hooking on my shoulders as Motimon led me and Koushiro away from the giant killer bug.

And I know my story only gets weirder but the tree in front of us opened up and swallowed us whole as we ran, I was about to shout until Koushiro slammed his hand on my mouth, thank god. “What is this?” he hissed at Motimon as the buzzing grew louder, “A hiding tree” he said as if they just existed all over the world. First thing I would do when I got out of this crazy situation was throttle the life out of the little bastard, moment by moment the buzzing began to fade away until

>Slight problem, A. Daisuke is the one who kills Daemon Super Ultimate and B. All of them need to be around for Crossroads.

It wasn't meant to imply that TK killed Daemon, it was meant to imply something happened between them. Like maybe they took parts from Daemon's "human" form and used it to repair TK's body.

But really, it was (mostly) a joke. Don't take it too seriously.

Maybe you should put it on with a preface explaining what the idea behind it is.

The only thing I don't like is >from now on the device shall be named Digivice
The way I see it is the word just pops into their head and it just feels right.
Nice touch with it puting itself on their arms though.

Ah see what I was going for was Taichi in the story doesn't know what it's called yet, but since he (recounting this story to the reader) feels it takes to long to keep saying "Strange device" he calls it by the name he would come to know it as "Digivice"

But I do like your idea, because it fits in what I was going for, that the Digivice feels like apart of them (and was indeed partially based on there genetic buildup, it's how Digivices track other Digivices)
Demon doesn't have a human form this time, no need for it since the events are so different (I posted the basic event structure here)

And yeah I get it was a joke, the side note of having everyone on the team and anyone reading wanting to skin us alive for writing it is probably the other big turn off.

> the side note of having everyone on the team and anyone reading wanting to skin us alive for writing it is probably the other big turn off.

Wait, what?

Sierra, I know that was you. You're off the team.

Son have you ever delt with rabid shippers, We're going to spend the ENTIRE of S2 basically playing up the love triangle between the three and then to end it like that would get us killed.

I have a question if you don't mind.

Okay, so Takeru being some sort of insane Knight-Templar regarding evil digimon is pretty cool. To be honest I felt this and the whole Dark Ocean thing were some of the biggest unresolved issues of the series. And I'm guessing that when the other digidestined realize what's happening with him they'll want to help. My question is: would all of them want to help?

I mean, let's face it, Knight-templars are charismatic in their own way. That never say die attitude, the powerful and driving charge to battle, the aura of confidence and steely determination when facing the enemy. That shit leads people. Further more Takeru has Angemon, a re-fucking-diculously powerful digimon on his side. The fact of the new Digidestined survivng their first few encounters in this new 02 were probably due to his constantly pushing battle leadership even if he doesn't have the angel at his side. It wasn't smart, it wasn't safe, but it got them through the fight long enough to win or get the fuck back to the real world.

And, well, those are powerful fucking weapons when leading a fight against an invading force. Weapons far too powerful to give up just for the mental health of one person. If they really want to win they may need a ball-to-the-wall holy berserker capable of inspiring hope in everyone around him.

Yes, you have to keep in mind that these kids are a lot different than most, they grew up, fought and survived together, they formed a very close knit family, they would never 'exploit' one another like letting Takeru be a Berserker Knight Templar because he's one of the family.

And for the same reason nobody was letting Daisuke lead until Episode 10 is because Ryo died under there watch, so they know that if they leave Takeru alone, or if Daisuke leads, they could both die.

Of course Takeru doesn't die and he does eventually come to terms with himself (in the Dark Ocean arc) and Daisuke is an effective leader who... ah don't wanna spoil it.

In short yes they all wanna help him.

And has been pointed out, Angemon's line is only super powerful against Nightmare Soldier digimon and other digimon from the Dark Area, otherwise it's on par with everyone else

As a huge Takari fan, I loved that ending.

Also, what is Hawkmon's full evolution line?

Hawkmon, Aquilamon, Sylphymon, Valkyrimon

Agreed. As a Takari shipper, I greatly prefer a resolution to the triangle like this:

It should have hurt, but for some reason it didn't. Takeru didn't feel any pain at all.

He remembered falling, and he remembered the feel of her hand on his wrist as they fell. No. That wasn't what happened. She had been holding onto his wrist when the two of them were falling four years ago, and the two of them had been caught and saved. There had been no one to catch Takeru this time, and there had been no one else with him when he fell.

He was lying on his back, eyes open and staring at the pale blue sky above him. For a moment, he started to feel cold, but the feeling of a puddle of warm liquid slowly growing beneath him provided some relief. Soon, the sun slowly cast its light over his body as well, helping warm his cooling body even more.

Takeru smiled as the light fell on his face. "You know...I don't think I ever took the time to appreciate things like this..."

He remembered. He remembered so many things in his life. So many things had happened. So many things had not happened. That was life.

Though he had no idea why, something about his current situation was making him think over his life and figure out what was most important. "You know...I think I will go confess to her after all..." He laughed, and felt something warm flow out of his mouth and sideways down his cheek.

His eyelids were growing heavy, and he was feeling so very tired. "Yeah...I'll just rest for a bit...and then, when I get back, I'll go and confess to her..."

Takeru closed his eyes. "When I get back..."


The others had set up camp, still waiting for Takeru and Ken to return with hopefully optimistic information. Hikari sat a little apart from the others, quietly trying to think about why she felt as if something was wrong, while Daisuke slowly stepped over to join her.

Daisuke's thrust his hands into his pockets and clenched his fists in anxiety. It was now or never. "Hey, Hikari...can we talk?"

well, I don't think so since both Takeru and Daisuke are very open and forthcoming with there feelings.

Look seriously can we start discussing what were going to do with the triangle after we frigging get there,

can anyone write or is Omni the official author for the project?

Oh yeah, feel free!

It's a group effort, I started the project but others can write.

We just ALL have to conform to one style of writing and agree on things, otherwise it's going to be confusing as fuck when one author wants to do one thing and another one wants another.

You've got some great ideas here. Forgive the presumptuousness, but if I may make a suggestion:

What usually happens in a collaboration is that first the entire team gathers together and talks out the general plan for the series, then moves on to the general structure of individual episodes. Once the entire team has decided what will happen in one episode exactly, then a single individual author actually writes an initial draft of the episode. Once that draft is finished, it's brought back for the entire team to review and fix to make sure that it conforms with the team's vision. This is the general way that writing teams do things and since it has worked pretty well throughout history, I suggest you try going that route.

Also, I'm the primary author behind >>24005
It wasn't really supposed to be posted here, but since it was, I thought I'd ask for some feedback from you guys, since it looks like you guys know what you're doing (you guys thought this all through way more than my team did). It's a "proof of concept" of an 02 reboot that's currently dead in the water since pretty much everyone besides me has left the team.

Ah, see my idea was I'll write a draft, the team will look over it, and then someone will take it over to write the finished product, we come together for final edits and put the finished product ready for post.

Also, the writing was good in your one, and it was intresting to see the Dark Ocean in your story.

If I have a complaint it's that you based it more on the english dub of the episode rather than your own idea, or the original.

But it was well written, well characterized, and you do the third person much better than I do.

Which are the evil crest counterparts to each of the holy crests? I'm assuming that Courage -> Pride which leads to Tai fighting Lucemon, but what about the others?



ah, thank you very much.


My laptop decided to blue screen today "Oh cool no problem" so I pull out the battery since it wont reboot on it's own and put it back in and press the on button.

The computer runs, but the screen does nothing.

EVERYTHING I HAD WRITTEN IS GONE and it was about twice as long as the posted stuff.

Ontop of that all university assignments are currently being stored on the one fucking laptop.

What does God have against me? I'm only trying to re-write a shitty series.

That's why I save all my stuff on a USB.

Okay good news and bad news

The good news is the harddrive is intact, and I'll have the data still

The bad news is the motherboard is dead and I need a new laptop

So we wait and speculate until you can get a new laptop?

Nah, you get started on your own contributions. Part of the reason for collaborations is so that it can keep doing stuff even if one member suffers a huge setback.

Get started on your own work, I'll be getting the data back on Wednesday so I can start working from my home computer then.

Hey, have you guys thought about using concept art?

Anyone have a picture of a sad Takeru, preferably with him facing the other way?

I'm sure we would like to but we have no artists

File: 127033600533.jpg-(16.92KB, 155x216, tk7.jpg)
While you guys are recovering from the computer failure, I thought I'd just share this little gem I found last night. Fans of MGS3 will probably find this especially hilarious (Or sad. Or offensive.)

"Listen to me. Takeru didn't betray the Takari fans. No...far from it. He was a hero who gave up everything for the fans. He carried out his mission knowing full well what was going to happen.

Self-sacrifice... because that was his duty.

Takeru's defection was a ruse set up by the writing staff. It was all a big drama staged by Toei so they could tease the viewers.

And Takeru was the star of the show. They planned it so that Takari would remain unresolved for as long as possible to tease fans...and generate some genuine drama at the same time. Only a legendary hero like Takeru could have earned the viewer's interest. Teasing the shippers was to be his greatest mission. Everything was going according to plan.

But then something happened that no one could have predicted. Daikari gained legitimate fans. The Daikari fans demanded that the writers provide proof for Daikari. The writers couldn't just abort the operation of teasing the fans. So the operation itself was greatly expanded and revised. The authorities at Toei knew that in order to please the Daikari fans, they'd have to get rid of Takeru... and that the Takari ship would have to sink. The public couldn't be allowed to find out about it... not ever. This, they concluded, would be the best way to keep the whole thing under wraps.

Takeru wouldn't be allowed to end up with Hikari. And their relationship wouldn't be allowed to have a proper resolution. His pairing would be ended without resolution in a final epilogue and merely hand-waved away... That was the way the writers wanted it. That was the mission he was given. And he had no choice but to carry it out. Takari's sinking was a duty he had to fulfill. Out of duty, he turned his back on his own comrades and on his love. A lesser man would have been crushed by such a burden.

The taint of disgrace will follow him forever. Future generations will revile him. To Takari fans, as a despicable traitor with no sense of honor or love. To Daikari fans, as a monster who unleashed a shipping war catastrophe. He will go down in official history as a failure. And no one will ever understand him. That... was his final mission. And like a true man, he saw it through to the end.

But I think he wanted you of all people to know the truth. He wanted to live on in your memory. Not as a fighter, but as a lover. But he was forbidden to tell you himself. And that's why he told me.

History will never know what he did. No one will ever learn the truth. His story... his love... will endure only in your heart. Everything he did, he did for the Digimon fans. He sacrificed his love and his honor for the fans. He was a real hero.

He was a true bro."

I had an idea concerning the shed and warehouse mentioned in >>21568
Now, it just doesn't seem likely that Koushiro would A) find an abandoned warehouse in Japan and B) move his sensitive equiptment into a rusty building, exposed to some of the elements.
But he's a techno wizard, so why shouldn't he profit from it? I propose that as a small business, he develop anti-virus software to either rent, or flat out buy a small area and file it under 'office space' as a cover for their base.
And the money he makes can help pay for the replica tags and crests and to pay off the large tab they'll no doubt run up at Miyako's parent's store and pay for the parts he needs to replace in the Digivice Divides.

I realize how ridiculous this will sound, considering where I'm posting it, but I think you're taking this thing way too seriously.

I agree. I hadn't really thought that through however I do think they need an established 'base' both for the Real World arcs and because I was really annoyed with the reliance on school in the original series

It's not supposed to be serious. I found it off a thread on 4chan where they took the ending dialogue of MGS3 and modified it for other series. That was the digimon one, so I thought I'd share it here for some laughs.

Didn't they keep using the school computer because otherwise they'd end up somewhere else unknown?

No because they didn't know they COULD use another computer.

Your thinking of Persona 4 and the TV

Whoops, maybe I am. Haven't watched 02 in a while haha.

Wait a minute, what will Wormmon's evolution line be? I'm not familiar with the card games, so I don't know how you go from Dinobeemon to Imperialdramon


I'd personally prefer Stingmon > Okuwamon > GranKuwagamon to avoid the problem of "where do the dinosaur/dragon parts come from?" Not to mention GrandisKuwagamon complements UlforceVeedramon Future Mode quite well.

Except Stingmon evolves to Dinobeemon just fine on it's own and I still have plans for Imperialdramon, meanwhile GrandisKuawagamon... yeah throws a wrench into that

For Kens role in Crossroads to work he has to have Imperialdramon, it is literally a role that wont work for another digimon

As for explaining where the dino parts came from...

We have to explain how Ankylomon turned into a teapot and then turned into a Viking Walrus

Onmi, You're forgetting what you yourself said! You did away with Pachinko-mon long ago!>>21446 >>21448
It goes
Armadillomon-> Ankylomon-> Brachiomon-> Canondramon.
As for where the dino parts came from, I think it's like an Agumon evolving into a Meramon- That's just how it goes.

I'm thinking the 02 kids won't find out who's behind Dagomon without a little detective work. I actually liked Ken becoming a detective in the epilogue, so how about we put Ken's genuis to work?

Eh I'm still flip flopping on Jou and Iori

Someone proposed we keep the stupid Dolly and give him Vikemon, and then give Jou Plesiomon in S1 and Neptunemon in S2.

However I still despise Claymon

This i like and agree with, This is another reason to keep him on the Imperialdramon line

No. Stick with your original plan of giving Iori Cannondramon, and giving Joe Vikemon, then Plesiomon. Fuck whoever it is that wanted to keep Ghetto Arahabaki.

Okay but should Jou get Plesiomon (which his Gomamon is supposed to evolve into) or Vikemon first?

Everyone else gets there proper evo first.

You should give Jou his original line first with Plesiomon. I kinda feel giving him Iori's official mega, assuming you take Bandai's word on that like the other ones, won't sit well in some people's minds. I liked the idea of giving him Neptunemon for his second mega.

Okay I am trying to figure out these evolution lines that are spread throughout this thread.

First Generation Season 1:
Taichi - Agumon > Greymon > Metal Greymon > War Greymon
Yamato - Gabumon > Garurumon > Were Garurumon > Metal Garurumon
Koushiro - Tentomon > Kabuterimon > Mega Kabuterimon > Hercules Kabuterimon
Sora - Piyomon > Birdramon > Garudamon > Pheonixmon
Jou - Gomamon > Ikkakumon > Zudomon > [Plesiomon]
Mimi - Palmon > Togemon > Lilymon > Rosemon

First Generation Season 2:
Taichi - Agumon > Greymon > Metal Greymon > Victory Greymon
Yamato - Gabumon > Garurumon > Were Garurumon > Z'd Garurumon
Koushiro - Tentomon > Kabuterimon > Mega Kabuterimon > Tyrant Kabuterimon
Sora - Piyomon > Birdramon > Garudamon > Ornismon
Jou - Gomamon > Ikkakumon > Zudomon > [Neptunemon]
Mimi - Palmon > Togemon > Lilymon > Lotusmon

Generation Gappers:
Takeru: Patomon > Angemon > Holy Angemon > Seraphimon
Hikari: Plotmon > Tailmon > Angewoman > Ophanimon

Second Generation:
Daisuke: Veemon > Veedramon > Aero Veedramon > Ulforce Veedramon
Ken: Wormmon > Stingmon > Dinobeemon > Imperialdramon
Miyako: Hawkmon > Aquilamon > Sylphymon > Valkyrimon
Iori: Armodillomon > Ankylomon > Brachiomon > Cannondramon

Can I just ask what the reasoning is for Ken's line to be "bug, bug, bug, DRAGON!" beyond that Imperialdramon is a legitimate evolution, which itself is probably due to the Jogress evolving?

Also what are the relative power levels of Angemon and Angewoman?

File: 127074727354.jpg-(26.13KB, 305x276, DinoBeemon.jpg)
Okay, The Angemon/Angewoman line is like this, against normal things they are the power of regular Adult/Perfect digimon

Against 'Nightmare Soldiers/Dark Area/Virus/Etc.' Digimon they are super powerful, for examples sake we'll say a level higher.

And Dinobeemon is actually the Veemon/Wormmon fusion with Wormmon being dominant.

And... fine if it will get everyone off my case.

Okay during Crossroads Ken is going to form the New Digital Worlds version of the Royal Knights, much like how in the backstory Imperialdramon Paladin mode did the same thing, that means that yes, he will get Paladin mode and Yes, it NEEDS to be Imperialdramon.

I don't want it to be Daisuke because he's already got the Legacy of having a 'Super Ultimate' and I don't want to pile on too many anythings onto any one person.

The second reason is the programming and developing of the mode changes was going to be used as a catalyst to bring Mimi and Koushiro together, during the battle in the real world with Dagomons forces Koushiro would be injured and force himself to complete the programming, Mimi would break from the battle and aid him, and reveal that in secret she's been studying his notes and knows what to do. This combination of there work brings them together and allows them to turn the tide.

Think of Imperialdramon at this time as a beacon of hope. a pure white knight shining white with a broadsword cleaving through evil.

Ken is in many ways becoming the leader Daisuke can't, he's becoming a symbol on the battle field and it helps that he is smart and powerful to boot.

And much like with explaining how Jou goes from "Wooly mammoth creature-> Plesiosaur" or Iori has to explain why he has a Dinosaur now instead of an Armadillo, or where in the hell the humanoid features for Silphymon and Valkyriemon came from, it all boils down to pretty much two explanations.

The first is 'This is digimon, Darwin would CRY upon learning of them' Secondly because it serves a purpose.

I really wanted these things to be a surprise because I didn't wanna spoil everything.

File: 127074747250.jpg-(55.81KB, 320x320, Slashangemon.jpg)
Also I'm thinking of changing Ornismon to Slash Angemon, if everyone else is going Humanoid it would just feel weird.

Yes this IS an evolution of Garudamon, and it is Gender Ambiguous enough, feel free to chime in on if you prefer this or Ornismon

File: 127074760356.jpg-(50.57KB, 320x320, Ornismon2.jpg)
This is Ornismon, the problem is that it's a HUGE digimon as well as being a virus when the rest of Piyomons line is vaccine.

But still people weigh in and say which one you prefer, trust me when I say it doesn't effect much, not like Ken needing Imperialdramon or Daisuke needing Ulforce Veedramon

I was making a post about that in the thread on /co/ before it 404ed. Something just feels off about someone other than Hikari and Takeru getting angels. If you can fit that into the story than go for it.

Also I missed your previous post that said "Imperialdramon is in it for story reasons." I am sorry if I made you reveal something you didn't want to. Hopefully you can delete it before people read it. I just glanced at the start and end, and I am satisfied with what ever your plan is.

Well I say 'Why?' It's not like we've changed her entire evolution line and taken away from Takeru and Hikari, and ontop of that Slash Angemon who is based upon 'Power' in the Anger Hierachy fits our characterization of Sora.

The only other Digimon I consider is AncientIrismon, which looks like it fits better but UNFORTUNATLEY is the giver of the Spirit of Wind in the Frontier universe, is giving her AncientIrismon going to cause problems in Crossroads? or like Jou having possibly Neptunemon wont conflict with the Olympus god of the same name and we just go "It's too badass to miss up"

And yes Gaudamon CAN evolve into all of these Digimon

File: 127077197948.jpg-(62.72KB, 320x320, Ancientirismon.jpg)
Here's AncientIrismon

I'm thinking we just make Ornismon smaller than it normally is.
Changes in size are precedented, look at the Agumon from the prequel movie, or Masaru's little sister's Biyomon, that's bigger than her!

Agumon from the movie: Good example
Piyomon from S5: Bad Example, EVERYTHING is fucking huge there, seriously there BABY level Digimon are bigger than any other seasons.

Anyway these are the open evolutions, removed are the really stupid ones (Demon?!)

* Ancient Irismon
* Crossmon
* Gryphomon
* Ornismon
* Slash Angemon

The ones cut from being an option are

* Demon
* Hououmon
Phoenixmon is her first Mega
* Justimon
Ryo's thunder
* Ravmon
Ikuto's thunder
* Valkyrimon
Miyako's thunder
* Zhuqiaomon
Holy beast digimon

Out of all of the Choices we have, I think AncientIrismon is the best choice. Maybe during Crossroads, it could lead to an awesome scene were A.Irismon is able to help Izumi pull off a Double Spirit Evolution and become Jet Silphymon so they can team up and kick some ass.

File: 127091645860.jpg-(9.43KB, 290x290, Valdurmon.jpg)
How about Valdurmon?

Potential problems with being too large, and the added extra that she has no jogress partner for Ultimate Khaosmon (Mostly because there is no Darkdramon)

But okay guys add Valdurmon to the list of options

Wait, Jogress is still happening?

Kinda, Yamato and Taichi do it twice (Maybe Three times if we bring out Omegamon X for crossroads, have to contemplate that)

But none of the 02 kids are doing it.

It's just that in Crossroads we got Samara's Kentarousmon, We have Bantyo Leomon, and if Sora had Valdurmon all we would need is a Chaosdramon to get Ultimate Khaosmon

Ah, I thought it was a bad idea after I posted it.
I'm still thinking we should just scale down Ornismon and maybe lampshade it somehow.
I wasn't even thinking about Ultimate Kahosdramon.

No probs, I got my Externals back today so I'll be continuing with the writing, it will be slower because of Uni but I'm hoping to have Chapter 1's beta in by the end of the week.

Crossmon looks way too much like Parrotmon so lets cross it off the list.

Griffomon is again way to much like Hippogriffomon.

Oh fun fact? Slash Angemon can Jogress into Duftmon, so if we go Slash Angemon she has a Crossroads evolution

It just seems wrong to go from bird to angel. And it feels like it would detract from Takeru and Hikari.
And another example of size variation- Digimon Next manga, main character has a Greymon, goes up against a massive Greymon, whoops his ass with superior speed.

So how do you feel about Ancient Irismon, The 10 Ancient warriors don't exist in the Adventures universe and are long dead in the frontierverse.

Izumi was never planned to get Anicient Irismon, rather Jet Sylphymon (The Hybrid ultimate)

Seems like a good option 2 to me. I just think Ornismon works better aesthetically.
Also, are the Frontier kids all getting Hybrid? And how?
I'm not sure how I feel about a penguin with two giant popsicles kicking Nightmare Soldier ass.

Uh haven't quite worked out the how and yeah Daipenmon... well weirds me out. it's the only one that makes no sense aesthetically, everyone else looks like a hybrid of some kind.

Concerning Digimon Cross Wars(season 6), Are we going to try to work it into Crossroads, or will we just leave a footnote saying when we started this?

Depending on when it come out and when we get to Crossroads, they'll probably be involved with the story as well or show up as the Eleventh-Hour Superpower that saves the day.


By the time we're AT crossroads Cross Wars will probably be done, if so? well implement it, if not, we'll give it a referance

No, no 11th hour superpowers, that's what happened to 02, that's the kind of thing we're trying to avoid.

as an update I'll hopefully be done soon, uni takes priority of course and I have a lot to catch up on over there

Greetings from Melbourne! I just returned from holidays with no net connection.

Good news? I got a new laptop! so my work rate will be faster


Welcome to the Digimonforceteam for digimon believers all over the world!

Anything special happening to Wizardmon up in here?

Good question, why hadn't I thought thought about that?
I'm thinking he should still sacrifice himself, but maybe we bring him back during Crossroads. Maybe.

Well I do have a plan for Wizardmon in Crossroads

My Idea is to have Ken assemble the Royal Knights, one of them being Dynasmon, Wizardmon had evolved due to the degrading walls between the multiverse and returned to Life as Mystimon, when the X-Antibody begins to spread he evolves to Dynasmon X and is instrumental in breaking Hikari out of the Crest of Lusts corruption (Remember that Daisuke and Takeru were injured and unable to do anything until the X-Antibodys reached them) so he ends up breaking Hikari out of it.

What do you think of that

File: 127422769240.jpg-(167.26KB, 512x612, e61a5f28bfe17787fc0631e87019e176.jpg)

Sounds like a plan.

UNF. Ah, sorry. But yeah, Wizardmon needs to catch a break.

Wizardmon getting a chance to be a Big Damn Hero? I'm all for that.

Wizardmon has always been a big damn hero. of my heart~ <3

Is this dead or what? Seriously, what's the plan here? Are we just going to keep chatting about our "plans" or are we actually going to have something to show off?

Well I've been sick, along with several assignments. my exam is June 18th and then I'm free of all obligations. you know Uni sorta comes before this as much as I love Digimon

You see, that's part of the problem. I thought this was going to be a group thing. It's not fair to push everything to you.

Well if people want to submit there own stuff they can I encourage that.

There won't really be many submissions from others without some sort of structure and guidance. People need to feel like part of the team. I propose we start organizing your staff, and once the staff is organized, you can delegate responsibilities and all that.

Project Lead: Omni?
Design Lead: Omni?
Designers: ???
Writing Lead: Omni?
Writers: ???
Art Lead: ???
Artists: ???
Marketing and Publicity: ???

I just haven't had any ideas to post.

A late reply to an old suggestion, but I'd discourage doing something like voting, because Takari fans outnumber Daikari fans, unless the vote gets twisted to poll only a small subgroup of the population, which defeats the whole purpose of a poll to begin with.

This is my first time seeing anything on this project, I got linked here from /co/ just a little while ago. I like the entire idea very much but I do have a couple of questions.

Is Omni just coming up with the basic script and ideas, or writing the entire final version by himself? From what I saw of the first episode writeup he's very good at getting ideas across but the writing style, in either first or third person, was quite frankly painful to read in some places. It also seems that with multiple people writing for it it might be hard to maintain a consistent style, but that just might be my belief in that no large project will ever go as planned.

If the project does get off the ground, I'd be more than willing to help; I've got almost zero going on over the next couple of months, and from there it depends on my university workload. Publicizing this shouldn't be too hard, depending on the stage at which it needs more publicizing for what reasons, and one a writing style is defined I could submit a sample if some more writers or editors are needed for the project. At any rate, I'll be keeping an eye on this thread, it's really amazing how much detail has gone into this over the last half year or so.

File: 127676304385.jpg-(23.26KB, 640x480, Dagomon.jpg)
Will there be Cthulhumon?

File: 127676359647.jpg-(16.48KB, 290x290, 1263003003461.jpg)
And what about Demon Super Ultimate? Sorry if these questions have been answered but i arrived really late to the party.

Also, if you want to attach sins to other demon lords who dont have one, there are more sins beyond the big 7. Including Despond, Vainglory, Extravegence and Acedia.

Patience everyone.Something good is coming up.

Looking through some of your older stuff:

>Remember that in this re-write tactics and planning make a big difference in a fight compared to simply brute forcing your way through, so acting irrationally like that means you can't lead.

I take it Tai and Davis are going to get quite the character revision then?

There will be Cuthulumon, and plenty of him.
No extra sins, because there are only 7 Demon Lords, these guys aren't fan made.
Daemon Super Ultimate will show, being the big bad of 02.

Yep, no more just strong-arming their way through fights.
In the begining of 02 Tai and Agumon take down the Kaiser's army using their tactics.


Can't wait to see what you got so far.

Ah, what the hell. Sign me up for your writing staff if you want. I won't be able to spontaneously contribute stuff because I've already got my hands full with other stuff, but if you tell me to write something, I'll write it.

That wasn't me Curt...

Good to have you onboard.
I'de ask that you give me a more detailed critique of the writing. Not cause I'm insulted but because I realize that I need to improve and I simply wont if no one tells me "Okay this was bad, try to do this more" I am very open to constructive criticisim.

And Chapter 1's Alpha will be posted Tommorow Australian time. The reason it hasn't been posted yet is quite frankly I've been sleeping through most of the day and night. Waking up at 2 PM and still being tired leads me to believe I have a problem. But it's strict working tommorow.

Again leave PLENTY of constructive criticisim, I will not get any better if you people don't tell me "Onmi this needs to change."

I'de also like to exchange e-mail addresses with the team members, It's simply easier to contact you all through email than posting on here and hoping you see it. Mine's in the field.


I've been had then.

Or is this an impostor? Great, now we can't trust anyone.

Here's a sample of the new writing, critique the hell out of it.

The rest will be up later

“Okay you guys can come out now” It could have been a trick and in hindsight I would never have rushed out so recklessly again, but in this case it was worth it as me and Koushiro came face to face with Sora. I swear I could see tears in the little guys eyes as we hugged her. Then of course our eyes drifted to the small pink plant monster next to her.

“Let me guess,” Koushiro started “You're own personal little... whatever they are?” he asked, Sora nodded
“She” the little plant thing was a mouthy one I'll tell you that.
“She,” Sora started glaring daggers into it... her, whatever “Says her name is Yokomon” I rolled my eyes and realized for the past minute and a half I had my arms tightly wrapped around my best friends, it seemed that I was a bit more shaken up by the experience than I cared to admit out loud.
“Anyway” I said as Koromon clung to my back, “We should probably find the others if there here. After we're all together we can figure out where the hell we are and what we can do to get back-”
“You're in the-” I reached my hand back and swatted Koromon.
“-home, where ever that is.” I concluded.

We didn't have to look far, the first encounter was Mimi and Jou who were both crying and having a panic attack over there respective situations. That is Mimi was currently suspended from a tree as her partner Tanamon tried to get her down without opposable thumbs or giving her a concussion. She never explained exactly how she got trapped but apparently her first instinct was to climb a tree to get away from what she perceived as a threat

Sora climbed up the tree with skill and precision as she pulled Mimi up and untangled her leg.

“I owe you one Sora,” she said as she slid down the tree and retrieved her cowboy hat, for no reason at all she turned her back to us and then tilted her hat forward and stuck a pose, he head half turned to us, “Still needs a little work I mean I don't have anything to hold while I'm doing it,” she said. I was becoming convinced we were all a little unhinged, as for Jou...

“GeditoffGeditoffGeditoffGeditoffGeditoffGeditoffoffoffoffoffOFF!” Not exactly the most dignified showing, but understandable. See his partner Pukamon was so happy to see him he just sorta latched onto his back and never let go. Now he latched onto Jou's blind spot so he couldn't see whatever was on him but he knew something was there. Mimi had heard him screaming and was trying to tell him when she fell from the branch and tangled her legs in the vine.

By comparison our hiding tree escapades were starting to look dignified, well we couldn't have that so we found Yamato and Takeru sitting down on some smooth rocks as they listened intently to there partners... okay Yamato listened intently, Takeru was playing around with his partner Tokomon and generally doing what a little kid should. I was actually kinda envious of the both of them, here we had panicked and thrown out half questions and answers but Yamato had held it together to get things straight with his and Takeru just accepted the whole thing and decided to have a blast.

So there we were sitting on smooth stones as our Partners lined up to face us.

“First question,” Jou asked having recovered his composure enough to represent us “What are you, and don't go shouting off your names we know that much, what is your collective species?” Jou definitely got through to the creatures, and Koromon hopped forward to represent them.

“We're Digimon, or rather everything is a Digimon here, except for the things that didn't evolve that far.”
Koushiro whispered in Sora's ear, “You have a pencil or something? I want to take notes on this” Sora glanced back at him.
“Koushiro we were playing in the snow when we came here I didn't have time to grab any stationary. Why don't you just use your laptop?” Koushiro waited all of 3 seconds before pulling out his laptop computer and hurriedly typing out notes.
“And were are we?” Jou continued.
“The Digital World.” several things happened then. I froze in confusion, Sora seemed to have a smile spreading on her face while Koushiro began writing a few paragraphs of speculation. Mimi looked concerned, and Yamato was holding Takeru close to him, Takeru to his credit took this in stride and didn't cry.

Jou didn't seem phased by what they said, after a few moments of silence he responded.
“How did we come here?” but before they could answer a familiar buzzing I had associated with fear had returned. It was then I noticed what I failed to before, the Digivice was heating up around my wrist as danger approached.
“We have to go now.” I said as Koushiro noticed the same thing and closed his laptop putting it away. Yamato looked at his wrist then at me, he didn't say anything but he gave me a slight nod which felt reassuring. Koushiro may agree with my decisions because he's my friend but Yamato was someone I had to earn the respect of.

We took off our Digimon leading the way, we ducked in and out of trees as the buzzing sound grew louder. I was at the head of the pack and turned my head slightly to see Sora urging Mimi on, Takeru riding on Yamato's shoulders as he forged ahead, Koushiro keeping a brisk pace as Jou was in the rear making sure no one fell behind.

I would like to say we were moving in strategic formation, but really we were just adhering to our personal traits and Jou would never leave someone behind. The old saying goes 'I don't have to be the fastest, just faster than the slowest guy' well in Jou's case he would rather futilely fight than leave someone behind.

We arrived at a cliff face just outside the forest as we slowed down. We were tired, running on the soccer pitch was one thing but dodging around tree's and natures bumps and ditches wore you out. Even in peak physical condition a 12 year old is still 12 and even then our guides weren't very good.

“A cliff face is the worst possible place we could be,” Yamato gasped as he let Takeru down, he looked to the rest of us “Do we have any sort of rope we could climb down, and even then we don't have a boat of any kind to brave the water which most likely leads off a waterfall. And worst of all-” he was cut off as Kuwagamon made a pass over us, Yamato flattened Takeru and Koushiro to the ground as Jou knocked Sora down. Mimi didn't need anyone to warn her and just dropped as did I. “Worst of all is we can't retreat.” Yamato shouted over the loud buzzing as Kuwagamon landed in front of us.

I described how the wave felt earlier, how it felt like my body was dying. I realized that the same thoughts were flying through my head now, that I was going to die and that this thing was going to kill me.

“Attack!” Tsunomon shouted, it was the first time I had heard the little guy speak and all of a sudden a wall of pink bubbles crashed on Kuwagamon, it was as effective as it sounded, and Koushiro shook his head “There is no way we can beat that thing...” Tokomon opened his jaw to reveal row after row of sharp teeth as he attempted to bite Kuwagamons leg but it was worthless as Kuwagamon beat his giant wings sending the Digimon flying back to us.

“You're done enough!” Mimi cried out, “You can save yourselves you don't have to keep fighting” but her pleas didn't stop them from hoisting themselves up and charging Kuwagamon again. Sora was standing transfixed at the battle as Yamato was searching for a way out.

“We have to win!” Jou shouted, “C'mon Pukamon, I'm not running away!”
“Tokomon! I wont lose you!”
“Tanemon! We have so much to talk about.”
“Yokomon! You and me can get stronger!”
“Tsunomon! You have to protect everyone.”
I wouldn't have an explanation as to how this worked until later but our Digivices began to glow as the Digimon were enveloped in eggs of light. I glanced at the device on my list while black letters pulsed softly on the screen.


In place of the assortment of underdeveloped and pink monsters was a yellow dinosaur, a dog beast, a plant monster, a golden hamster, a pink bird, a white seal creature and a red bug creature. Was that evolution?

“Taichi!” The yellow dinosaur shouted at me “I'm Agumon now” He tightened his clawed hand into a fist.

“I'm Gabumon, Yamato. And I'll protect everyone” the dog creature said as blue flames danced around his mouth.

The sink bird unleashed a spiral of green fires which struck one of Kuwagamons eyes as he thrashed around. “Sora, you can call me Piyomon.”

The white seal began striking at tree's with deadly looking claws, “Gomamon” he shot at Jou before going back to work. As one of the tree's fell a bullet of compressed air sent it flying into Kuwagamons face, the Golden hamster thing was flying “I'm Patamon, and Takeru I'll always be by your side” striking the burn at the eye the plant monster shot a smile back at Mimi “I'm-”
“Palmon I know it says on the screen” Mimi responded back as I looked to my digivice. Sure enough it had Agumon on the screen where evolution had been.

“Tentomon, can you fly?” Koushiro asked as he looked around the forest. Tentomon was the Red beetle I assumed as it nodded back at Koushiro and then took to the air unleashing an electric blast at Kuwagamons injured eye.

And here in lies our first problem. I can't write fights to save my life.

I can choreograph them, I understand the concept and tactics I can even visualize them. But come putting pen to paper something clicks inside me that makes them suck.

Oh yeah it gets kinda cluttered near the end when I'm trying to introduce all the rookies. I guess we COULD always forgoe the baby step, every other Digimon series did it for a reason.

Also do we sit down and describe each Digimon or just call them by name. People who will be reading this are going to be fans, they already know what these guys look like


Like you said, since anyone reading this would already be a fan, I think its best to just call them by name.

Only skimmed it, but I'll have more in-depth feedback later. Just from the first skim through, there are a lot of punctuation problems.

Don't be afraid to ream me a new asshole because I will never learn otherwise.

I too only skimmed, it, and it actually looks a lot better than the earlier stuff, but like the guy above me said, the grammar and punctuation have some pretty bad problems. Most of it just seems like problems with punctuation and such after a quote or someone's speech, inadvertently creating a run-on sentence of sorts in some places, like the following line:
[The old saying goes 'I don't have to be the fastest, just faster than the slowest guy' well in Jou's case he would rather futilely fight than leave someone behind.

There are also quite a few sentences that could benefit from extra commas or semicolons, or in some cases just splitting them up into multiple sentences.

As for whether or not we describe the Digimon, I actually think from a literary standpoint it's a better idea that we do rather than don't. In-universe, the characters would _want_ whoever they're describing their adventures to to understand what they're talking about, and it's beneficial to either fans who have forgotten things over the years, or even possibly new readers who may be attracted to the project.

I'm the same guy as >>28409, and like I said I have plenty of free time if any extra help is needed writing/editing/advertising, although I'm afraid I can't do a lot in the way of fight choreography either. I'll be watching, and I more or less put my e-mail in the field if anyone wants to contact me.


Okay that was very helpful.

Anyone who wants to have a crack this is the fight in summation

~A whole bunch of futile attacks with the chosen children not really working together, they get smacked around a lot and do superficial damage (setting up the plot point in the next chapter that they are all injured).
~Jou and Koushiro managing to get everyone unified using Taichi (the brains are Jou and Koushiro there just using his charisma, which is how he starts the series, charismatic but no actual knowledge).
~Palmon restrains Kuwagamon as the fliers (Patamon, Tentomon and Piyomon) make life hell for him via dive bombing and the like. Kuwagamon can't fly becaus Palmon is secreting a poison from it's vines (it's called Poison Ivy, it's a logical jump) In the mean time Gomamon is smashing up tree's which fall onto Kuwagamon as Agumon and Gabumon set the tree's alight.

The fight ends with the chosen children attempting to escape, mostly by just plain old bombarding Kuwagamon with the 7 Digimon and by retreating down the cliff, with Palmon using her vines as ropes, and Gomamon summoning his fish.

The last one down is Jou (fits his personality, no man left behind) but Kuwagamon gets up (they are after all only recently evolved Child level digimon) and flys after them, they are saved by a ball of fire which caves Kuwagamons head in (fired from Leomon but THEY don't know that)

Also again asking. Should we forgoe the Baby/In-Training step as it's really cumbersome or keep it because it's truer to the original?

I think we should keep the baby forms, like Tai, he's a lot less likely to freak if he wakes up to Koromon on his chest than Agumon bent over him staring.

As for the fight scenes, maybe Individual Will could do them, his fight scenes are quite good.

I got it!

I know how to introduce the demon lords early enough to develop them as characters during the Dark Masters story arc.

They are already awake, but since the Digital World still exists (even misshapen) they can't move on the Forest of the Gods.

During the Dark Masters arc the kids encounter them (separately, and none of them introducing themselves as a Demon Lord) each one trying to tempt there respective child (directly this time unlike what Chibi-Devimon did)

So Lucemon trys to make Taichi prideful and overconfident, Belphemon tries to make Yamato slothful and unable to assist his friends, Barbamon tries to make Koushiro greedy and hording, Lilithmon (even though she's fought by Hikari, she is supposed to be assigned to the Crest of Love, Sora) tries to make Sora desire everything. And so on and so forth.

Then when they finally destroy the Dark Masters, those 7 appear and utterly trash them allowing them to reformat the world themselves, choosing to remove the protection on the Forest of the Gods.

They head towards it so they can grow more powerful and break the barrier between the worlds.

Just FYI, I think you have a few trope names confused. You probably want "Berserk Button" and not "Knight Templar" on TK unless you all plan on subjecting him to some massive Flanderization.

No it's Knight Templar, he wants to eradicate evil where ever he finds it. it's not flanderization it's just the evil isn't a slap on the wrist.

Tell me you've spent months on end as an 8 year old fighting demons, demons who have killed friends, demons who have tried to kill you and control your planet. He has no love for Nightmare Soldiers, his Digimon is based around the utter DESTRUCTION of Nightmare Soliders. A kid died when he wasn't there, not a digimon who was just going to come back. Ryo's death kicked all the chosen children in the nads, but especially Takeru because he's the one who's supposed to kill demons.

It is a character flaw that makes him an ineffective leader because he wants to kill them whenever they show up. a 'True' Knight Templar who utterly kills everything against the "Law" is what he fears becoming, and what his version of the dark world is, a perverse paradise where he reigns as king standing over the corpses of his enemies.

Here's the no.1 thing you have to remember, this isn't a transcription of the series into chapters, it is a re-write.

>a 'True' Knight Templar who utterly kills everything against the "Law" is what he fears becoming, and what his version of the dark world is, a perverse paradise where he reigns as king standing over the corpses of his enemies.
See, that's the thing. That's not really a Knight Templar then. A defining feature is to have no hesitation or doubt. If he's going to be afraid of becoming like that, he's not a Knight Templar. I'd still say you're better off with Berserk Button.

We aren't going to be describing him as a Knight Templar or having a Berserk Button in story. Lets get SMT up in here.

Takeru is the Law hero before he goes batshit law crazy.

Tropers get pissy over the exact details of tropes

Correction, Tropers get pissy when trope names are inaccurately applied.

I'm attempting to write the fight and I'll post it after I'm done, we'll decide then whether or not to proceed with me doing them or someone else trying there hand.

This re-write feels like it's begging for an Urasawa-style rendering.

If Urasawa gave Digimon the Pluto treatment I would just die of joy.

If you can't get an artist to make a comic, have you ever considered trying to make this in the style of a light novel? Just have a few pictures depicting a few important scenes every chapter is a much smaller time commitment for an artist than a full-blown comic.

Actually that's what I wanted to do, I just haven't been able to find a good enough artist.

Who is off the opinion of beginning a new topic that isn't quite so large and is more detailed?

Will Armor digivolution be in this re-write? I actually enjoyed that bit of season 2.

Also will you be using the card game's idea with allowing the ability to armor digivole with different eggs?

Yes and Yes, only highlight these spoilers if you wanna be spoiled

For the most part the Digimon only have the armor evolutions they had in the show, but in the final battle against Ken the push the Digimentals to there limits allowing all 6 digimon to evolve with a single Digimental.

In the end all 8 of the Digimentals are broken and they form the Digimental of Miracles, which they again use so all 5 chosen can Armor evolve at once.

This is how were explaining armor evolution out to introduce normal evolution.


Are you guys still looking for artists? I love drawing Digimon, I'm just terribad at coloring. If someone could help me with that, I'd be glad to help with fight scenes. I already have ideas for what a Vikemon Vs. Leviamon Fight would look like.

Also, will each Demon Lord have their own ulterior motives, or will they work together for the sake of the plot?

Yes, send the art to my e-mail and I'll see how it is, I have a colorist.

As for the Demon Lords while they are all... technically working together, they are also demons. and demons like to betray one another.

Uh no. Onmi don't go with that art if that's what he's submitting.

Why does Hikari have Taichi's goggles?

Got linked to here from a thread on /a/ and after spending a few days reading everything up until >>29834 'cause it was the most recent post I like what I'm seeing.

I wouldn't mind being apart of this, but like Onmi, fight scenes aren't my forte.


Here. That picture of Hikari WAS NOT drawn by me. I'm planning on doing 3 drawings that I will post later to show you all what I have in store.

One of Vikemon, because Vikemon is awesome
One of Ulforce V-dramon, because he's my favorite Digimon
and one of.. Well, I haven't really decided the last picture. Maybe Leomon?

Oh. My. God.

I just found this topic and powered through the thread in an afternoon. You Are Doing Very Important Work. I am so excited by this it is fairly embarrassing.

I'd like to contribute what I can to this project, which will probably be in editing. I shall be compelled to return here later on and contribute.

email address up in this


can you do scenario drawings? if so I want one tried out.

this is spoilered for S2

The scene takes place atop an apartment building covered in fire, there are 3 characters, Shadramon, Fladramon and Daisuke.

Daisuke is standing along side Fladramon and they have both taken battle damage, burns, bleeding, they've been fighting for a few hours. Shadramon looks as banged up and is standing opposite of them

I realize this is a BIG ASS SCENE to draw and is one I wont mind you taking forever on or even if you don't want to draw something that big it's cool.

The story behind this scene is

Ken ripped one of Wormmons legs off and infused it with the residue power of the 8 Digimentals ordering it into the real world to kill the Chosen Children. It attacks Daisuke in class injuring some students and forcing Daisuke to make a break for it. instead of following Shadramon attacks more innocents making it so Daisuke will have to fight at a disadvantage. a long fight ensues in which we get to see the other armored digimon forms Wormmon has when Daisuke finally forces him to the roof of a vacated apartment building. They fight and it ends with Fladramon pinning Shadramon down and slamming his head blade repetitively into Shadramons body until it's dead.

so let me know if that's okay otherwise I can change the scene up to make it easier for you.

Maybe one that doesn't have so much going on.

Awesome. once I finally slogged through the fight to the point I'm happy with it (almost there guys) I'll e-mail it to you.

Don't know if I need my email address or not since I said I'd be happy to take part in this project.

I figure a play-by-post Digimon RP isn't the only way I can put my many hours on the Digimon Wiki to use.

can you send me a sample of your writing?

Could you maybe draw a good version of that pic?

A thought about describing the digimon and narrative voice in general.

Who is telling the story? To whom? Why?

If the Digidestined are telling this story to the public as a memoir after the end of both series, then would the public already know all about digimon? If so, there isn't much point in describing creatures that would be as commonplace as a turtle or a dog. If they're telling the story to someone who has no way of learning about digimon otherwise, then it makes sense to describe them.

Also, the narrator determines what details are included. Koushiro would describe things in detail in a way Tai might not think to. Koushiro, likewise, would be more likely to say "prodigious" than the others would.

Similarly, the characters will tell the story in different ways depending on how old they are when they tell it. Taichi sounds pretty broken up over those years he thinks Ryo is dead, and may have a unique outlook on his earlier adventures.

Various. Taichi is telling the story to Daisuke, Koushiro is making an audio log, Yamato is trying to come up with inspiration for music, Jou is looking over his first experience with doctoring.

Or... something like that, to tell you the truth I didn't really have a justification for the First Person narrative, which I should have. So I'll have to give it some thought.

How about Jewelbeemon?

Wormmon > Stingmon > Jewelbeemon
Bug, bug and bug, instead of dinosaur-bug.

We've been over this before. Jewelbeemon doesn't evolve into Imperialdramon and he specifically needs Imperialdramon

Any cameos from V-Tamer (Taichi, Zero,Gabo, Arkadimon), Digimon Next or D-Cyber?

What about the games?

File: 128149356555.jpg-(936.71KB, 1680x1049, 1278673462482.jpg)
I've been thinking- how does The Emperor clone Wormon to make Shadramon?
He goes to the ruins of Datamon's pyramid and fixes up the thing Datamon was cloning Biyomon with.

Also, I've thought that we should keep away from V-Tamer. Onmi, you mentioned that when the worlds merge, both Taichis become one. That just sounds like a bad idea, besides the mental breakdown, he would now have two digimon partners, and two love interests.

If you're refering to games Ryo was in that's mentioned in the opening post.


I knew it...


Zeromaru would merge with Victory Greymon, the Love Interest thing... yeah I haven't thought it through. clearly.

If Alias III are going to be in it during the crossover bit there's always Hideto for Rei.

He seemed to have more than friends feelings for her.

Inter-character romance shouldn't be a big deal, so it should be easy to sweep away.

But fusion is a bad idea anyways, so yeah

Or since I'm not bound by morality I could just have him say "I'll take em both I'm HARDCORE!"

That'll just most likely make him look like an unlikeable womanizer. Harem type situations work best in comedy-based series. In more serious situations, it makes the love feel less real because of how much "one love" is branded in our perception of reality. (Not to imply free love and multiple partners is bad in real life of course; I'm just talking fiction tropes)

In any case, permanent fusion is almost always a bad idea. Either you lose a character, or you lose two characters to gain a new one. Such a dramatic change is incredibly hard to do effectively. For this reason, most works involving fusion always makes sure to make the fusion temporary, in which case it often becomes gain a new character without losing characters.

You have to be more careful and try to consider as many consequences as possible when making plot decisions. In all honesty, this whole thing is sounding a bit too haphazard.

I was making a reference to the original ECW, Tommy Dreamer, upon discovering his girlfriend was having an affair with another woman uttered "I'll take em both I'm hardcore" which got the show thrown off the air

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