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File 130559104374.jpg - (99.37KB , 886x604 , Eva_by_Ancestral_Z.jpg )
39109 No. 39109
New thread, not 100% necessary, but helps keeping things nice and tidy.

Useful links:

- Mutant Squid's blog, for everything Wakfu related you'd want to download:
=> http://brotherhoodoftofu.tumblr.com/

- Our Twitter feed to keep in touch with the releases:
=> http://twitter.com/#!/wakfu_fansubs

- Current thread in /co/ for general discussion:
=> https://plus4chan.org/b/co/res/120884.html
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>> No. 39110
File 130559110661.jpg - (100.51KB , 891x500 , Yugo_serious.jpg )
Here are finally English subs for that cursed Ogrest special:

>SD Softsubbed:
=> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FZ57993P

>SD Hardsubbed:
=> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IDPJGZT8

>Subs files + Font only:
=> http://www.mediafire.com/?ct9xt94fe3biycj

No mirror links this time 'cause the files are bigger than 400 Megs. If anyone feels like setting up torrents for those, I'd be grateful.
HD release tomorrow.

Ogrest chaos!
>> No. 39112
we love you subbers
>> No. 39113
Oh hell yeah!
>> No. 39114
Not complaining, but why do you use megaupload over mediafire? But thanks, mah gudness I am happy to see this
>> No. 39115
Because I only have a free Mediafire account, which means I can't upload files that are bigger than 200 Megs on it.
>> No. 39116
Thanks for the episode team!

Also I noticed that the timing and pre-proofreading translation were all done by Tuesday of last week. If you need an extra pair of eyes and brains so you have more proofreaders to be available to consult on the script in a timely manner, I can help out. My French skills are basic, but they're getting better and I am a native English speaker with a good grasp of idiomatic expressions. I'm a full-time student, but I'm usually available by the afternoon (USA time). More importantly, I don't have school or any real obligations on the days the episodes air.
>> No. 39118
You guys are epic.
>> No. 39119
Worth the wait, thanks again team.
>> No. 39120
File 130560850482.jpg - (35.38KB , 233x366 , blessed.jpg )
Great thanks!
>> No. 39121
Megaupload and 2shared work with the Icefilms userscript that loads the DivX player and streams the content from the server so I can watch it while it downloads.

For this reason only is Megaupload > Mediafire for videos.
>> No. 39122
+1 for KennyMC
>> No. 39124
File 130564023988.jpg - (120.21KB , 496x360 , eliane_lune _free_tofu.jpg )
Thanks a lot, subbers! You're the life-blood of this fandom. :D
>> No. 39127
File 130565762181.jpg - (56.06KB , 480x360 , 3697-quete-6-dofus-1600x1200.jpg )
Thanks fellas,

Ignore the ingrates!

>> No. 39129
Can anyone point me towards some supplemental material for the Wakfuverse? I believe there were documents describing how the Races worked, and how Rushu was rejected by the gods and messed with Xelor's clock.

I'm trying to compile all the Wakfu backstory into a concise encyclopedia, and encyclopedias need citations.
>> No. 39131
Ah, I'm glad someone got down to it. Are you going to put that on a wiki or something?

As for your question, people usually start from here:

You'll probably also want to record this before it dies:
And this (partial translation a few posts below):
This also comes to mind:
>> No. 39132

Thanks for that.

One more thing, though. Could anyone give me a very brief summary of Islands of Wakfu's plot? I'm not sure of the specifics.
>> No. 39137
File 130567635587.jpg - (101.20KB , 921x728 , Dathura.jpg )
Here's the HD version of Ogrest.
Since the video is damn huge, I had to split it into 2 RAR archives:

-Part.1 => http://www.megaupload.com/?d=42ZIALHM
-Part.2 => http://www.megaupload.com/?d=AK5WX6Y5

Well, just get both parts, extract them, and you'll get your usual MKV softsubbed file.
>> No. 39142
Thank you.

Got to say after watching that I got a funny feeling about that Dathura lady...
>> No. 39143
I like how part 2 is only downloading in 1-5MB increments every few minutes for me :(
>> No. 39144
File 130573079979.png - (353.45KB , 402x597 , 1303871638334.png )
You guys rule, this should tide me over until the hiatus is over.
>> No. 39145
Hooray, it's finally downloading instead of freezing between 20 and 40MB marks. inb4 I spoke too soon.
>> No. 39147
That really sounds like you're being throttled by your ISP, megaupload is usually the most consistent hosting site as far as download bandwidth.
>> No. 39148
I doubt it since torrents could go full speed up and down. Not that it matters much now, though.
>> No. 39150
File 130575514780.jpg - (66.21KB , 545x231 , 12840258226.jpg )
>Since the video is damn huge, I had to split it into 2 RAR archives:
>damn huge
>700 MB
>> No. 39151
The HD version suffers from some heavy compression.

>> No. 39152
File 130575609379.jpg - (9.68KB , 259x194 , Not_sure_serious.jpg )
Err... The whole Ogrest HD vid is 1.32 GB.
If yours is 700MB only, you're obviously missing half of it.
>> No. 39154
Damn, the ogrest special...i want more, MOAR!
>> No. 39158
You guys rock so hard !
>> No. 39160
File 130585371422.jpg - (151.02KB , 1912x1040 , Facehugger.jpg )
Who here saw the god damn Facehugger!

I know I did!
>> No. 39162
Posted some more books on +/co/ if you're interested:

By the way, you didn't say what you'll be doing with the info, if you don't mind me asking again.
>> No. 39164

I'm actually looking for a place to keep it right now. My only thought at the moment is the /coc/ wiki
>> No. 39171
I'm unable to get part 2 of the Ogrest special to download. It seems to freeze at seemingly random points in the download, and will not start again. Is there an alternate download by chance?
>> No. 39174
No alternate download at the moment.
Maybe you can give a try to JDownloader ( http://jdownloader.org/ ).
Even if your download freezes, it'll allow you to stop it and resume it.
>> No. 39177
Seems to be working, thanks for pointing me there.
>> No. 39182
Anyone tried out the new Dofus Battles game on iTunes?

Considering on getting it.
>> No. 39184

So it seems that France 3 is going to broadcast two episodes per Saturday after all. Seems that the hiatus will end sooner than we thought.
>> No. 39189
I did. It's a tower defense game.
It's nicely done, but personally I don't quite like that kind of game.
Just consider getting the free "lite" version first, and see for yourself.
>> No. 39191
I wouldn't normally post but I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has worked on this.

You guys are doing a fantastic job translating a great series and I just wanted you all to know that many of us appreciate the effort you guys have put in.. even if were silent most of the time.

Anyway, thanks again :)
>> No. 39195
>>39160 just now noticed it, i liked how even though she is a rock they gave her Dem Hips.
>> No. 39198
File 130617838361.jpg - (235.44KB , 854x2402 , YugoOgrestEvil.jpg )
Posting my shitty edit, because why not? Maybe someone will have a giggle or two.
>> No. 39199
Some kind anon(s) made some awesome posts on 4chan. I took the liberty of re-posting the info here:

From this month's Dofus Mag (issue #21):

- 10.000 years ago : The eliatropes disappear (events from Island of Wakfu)
- year 0 : Creation of Xelor's Clock
- year 26 : begining of the war between Bonta and Brakmar (the Crimson Dawn)
- Year 350 : Adventures of Arty & Goultard (events from the Dofus manga)
- Year 552 : Count Harebourg (Frifost gets frozen by Djaul, events from the current expansion in Dofus)
- Year 789 : Ogrest's Chaos : Ogrest drowns the world in his tears. The flood engulfs the lands and disrupts geography
- year 969 : birth of Yugo and Adamai
- year 981 : The Brotherhood of Tofu (events from the series)

More about Ogrest:
Contrary to previous rumors and interpretations, she didn't go bitch-mode "gimme da Dofuses for moar powa' ".
After being brought back to life, she fell in love with Ogrest, but shortly, she felt there was something wrong with her. She started to feel melancholic, but couldn't cry tears. The truth was there : she was still a rag-doll, not a real human.
Ogrest tried to cheer her up, and offered her a present : the dofus he had previously found. When she touched it, she felt a sudden surge of energy, her skin began to shiver, she felt warmth in her body. For a split second, she felt really alive .... but it vanished.
One Dofus wasn't powerful enough, but she thought maybe with all six Dofuses ... but she wasn't strong nough to do it. She talked about her thoughts to Ogrest who immediately offered his help. At first, she was hesitant, but she couldn't face Ogrest's determination. He was now tall and strong, a muscle mountain.
And then he went in search of the other Dofuses, filling his beloved's heart with hopes.
With time, Ogrest litterally became a titan. Nothing could resist him. He didn't even notice he wreaked havoc on his way, blinded by his obsession for his beloved.
One by one, the Dofuses' Guardians fell, making Ogrest even stronger with each new dragon egg. And one day, he finally gathered all 6 legendary eggs, making him the equal of a God.
The twelves saw the danger in him and decided to intervene. No one knows exactly how it happened, if they came themselves or if they sent the Month's Guardians, but a titans' fight occurred.

Dathura learnt about it and knew it was time to stop Ogrest. Her humanity wasn't worth the destruction, it wasn't worth... all this. She was also worried that Ogrest could be killed in the fight.

She finally found him during the battle, and stood on a rock atop a tall cliff. She shouted as loud as she could, but Ogrest couldn't hear her thin voice in the heat of the battle.
When he finally heard her, it was too late : she had just been bumped and fell off the cliff. Ogrest rushed to grab her ... in vain.

His heart broken, filled with rage and sorrow, he retired atop of the tallest mountain, Mount Zinit, and started to flood the world with his tears.
>> No. 39202

Awesome, thanks

...Although now I have to rewrite the Ogrest section
>> No. 39203
File 130620525593.png - (194.41KB , 503x358 , Picture 7.png )
New music video: Everybody Loves You (Eva)youtube thumb

Using Cee Lo Green's "Everybody Loves You (Baby)"

The role of Cee Lo Green will be played by Princess Amalia. Now I know what you're thinking, but no, I didn't pick her just because the original artist had the word 'Green' in his name. She was chosen for purely thematic reasons, mostly.

Besides, if I had used Yugo instead, his Sexual Tyrannosaurus Body Chemistry, combined with the voice of The Ladykiller would be liable to cause a proverbial meltdown in the satisfaction centers of most.

This one was a lot of fun to do, in part because of the extremely catchy song, so it was done pretty quickly.

>> No. 39205
The second part should be introduced as "more about Dathura" and not "More about Ogrest". Also, you should delete it and repost it with spoiler tags, as it's probably the plot of a future OAV.
>> No. 39214


1: Do you have a citation for this information? Occurred to me that I'm trying to be mostly factual with this and I need some backup.

2: Can anyone tell me the plots of A: Islands of Wakfu, and B: the Goultard Comics? Those are two important sections I'm getting stuck on.

3: Can anyone find me that paper which explains why Rushu hates the Gods and how he messed with their clock?

aaaand finally: Are there any common theories/speculation on some unknown parts of canon? I'm trying to include majority fanbase opinions in some notes.
>> No. 39215
the timeline is from :

Dathura's story is from :
>> No. 39216
Can't help with anything else, but
>2: Can anyone tell me the plots of A: Islands of Wakfu

Hey, guess what I saved in a text file some time ago! Not my work, just reposting.

This will explain everything about Qilby but it's major spoilers too

There are two parts to this: The game Islands of Wakfu and the actual series.

The game takes place some 10,000 years before the series, on another planet. This planet is actually the second planet the Eliatropes inhabited, after their first one was destroyed by mecha aliens called Mechasms. The Eliatropes had a council of six people and six dragons: Yugo/Adamai, Qilby/Shinonome, Glip/Baltazar, Chibi/Grougaloragran, Nora/Efrim and Mina/Faeris. All six of them are immortal, as when they die, their wakfu returns to their dofus, and when both Eliatrope and dragon are dead, and both have returned to their dofus, the wakfu recharging process begins, and when it's complete, the dofus hatches, rebirthing the Eliatrope and dragon.

Moving on, the game starts as everything's just fine, you play as Nora, the youngest of the council. You are told by Mina, the priestess of the Eliatrope council, that you have to prepare for something, bla bla bla, turns out Orgonax, a Mechasm, has found the Eliatropes again. You are soon told by Grougaloragran that Qilby has betrayed his people and killed the king. King Yugo. You see, Chibi, the prophet of the Eliatrope crowned Yugo king, something we learn made Qilby very mad. You are told that Qilby has betrayed his people, and long story short, what happened is basically this:
Qilby considered the Eliatrope lifestyle that they had now, that king Yugo has led to live, is wrong, and that there is no goddess Eliatrope, and that Eliatropes are meant to roam for planet to planet, collecting the wakfu they need to power their spaceship Mount Zinit.

They had used it once before to escape their old destroyed homeworld. We also learn that Qilby was performing secret experiments, involving Stasis, the anti-wakfu, essentially death itself. Stasis was forbidden from their new home planet, but Qilby brought it back. Why? We don't know. It's also highly likely that it was Qilby that brought Orgonax to their new homeworld, in an attempt to expose the lie that is the goddess Eliatrope. You give Yugo and Adamai's dofus to Grougaloragran near the end of the game, who takes it and goes to the world of 12, where he guards it until it hatches and the series starts.Over the course of the game, Glip gets killed, Chibi is already dead before the game starts, Mina sacrifices herself, Yugo is killed by Qilby, Qilby we never know where he goes, and Nora sacrifices herself to stop Orgonax from killing the goddess which turns out to be... a flower.

Now when Qilby emerges from the Eliacube in episode 6 of season 2, he tells Yugo a different story. When he first emerges, he is clearly terrified, screaming NOOO, and trying to escape, until he realizes that Yugo and Adamai have no memory of the past. This is most likely because they lost so much of their wakfu upon death, it took them 10,000 years to be reborn. After recovering a bit, he tells his story, in which he claims that he was king, and Yugo and Adamai were killed by Orgonax after sacrificing themselves, and that all the Eliatropes were killed, except the kids, who were teleported to "a dimension beyond space and time" by their parents, and that Yugo did the same with him. He doesn't mention his experiments, or anything. He then says that they can release the trapped Tropes by getting Qilbys dofus, so they can use that wakfu to reopen the portal and release the Tropes. And that's where we are now.

Nora and Efrim seem to have recently reincarnated and grown to maturity as she and Efrim are still referred to as "children" by everybody and seem to be in the dark as to what a lot of the council members are up to and they keep telling her they wish they could tell her more but she just has to trust them.The type of Eliacube Nora has looks different (you can see the kind of Eliacube from Wakfu within the game) and talks and has an AI which is suspicious that everybody is trying to deceive them but ultimately believes in its owner.Nora rescues 5 children who are probably kids from Les Gardiens that are teleported away by Baltazar to a place where they will supposedly be safe for eternity. It is mentioned that nobody remembers their birth even though these children are younger than everybody else.
You never meet Qilby or Yugo, but you find messages left behind by Qilby explaining some of what he wants to do and asking for forgiveness and understanding. If the messages are to be believed, he really did betray the king because he felt like the king did not want to reclaim all they had lost and would rather run away and stay in a false sanctuary. He felt that the king and that the council were propping up a false goddess to keep everybody placated. He claimed that this was not the original purpose of Eliatropes, that the true way of Wakfu was to travel through the crosmose consuming, that they were not intended to stagnate. He repeatedly claims that he is going to save them and make them see the truth and that only he can truly understand Chibi. Orgonax is referred to as "our enemy", but is implied to have a history with the council that goes beyond mere conflict and to even have once been their ally. It appears to have a personal grudge.

The Lu-Fus are a race whose homeworld was consumed and they are currently working for Orgonax, worshiping him. Although they are referred to as being "shackled", implying they are slaves, they actually appear to have quite a lot of autonomy and seem to feel the Eliatropes deserve what they are getting, although they are not without guilt. It is subtly implied that it may not have been Mechasms but actually Eliatropes who consumed their world's wakfu, possibly to fuel the Zinit spaceship, after which Orgonax found them and offered them a chance to take it all back.The "Goddess Eliatrope" is suspected to not exist by Qilby and the Eliacube, although Eliacube starts to think she is real after Nora survives an assault by Orgonax. While the statue seems to have been a fake by Mina, there is definitely SOMETHING Nora finds where Grougaloragran says the goddess is supposed to save them, although it looks more like a giant plant monster.
Nora defeats Orgonax alone. Chibi was already a soul island, Glip died fighting Lu-Fus, Nora plants Minas soul after she dies helping her reach the sanctuary and Chibi's soul, Yugo was killed by Qilby according to Grougaloragran and Mina, Qilby was missing the entire story and Eliacube comments that there is a rozen (stasis flower) growing where his soul island should be planted. Grougaloragran escapes with Yugo and Adamai's Dofus, Baltazar escapes with the children, Phaeris is never seen, Adamai was presumably killed by Qilby or Shinanome, Shinanome is never mentioned, yet Orgonax is still at large and unharmed.

It appears that if the council did anything, it was make Orgonax break a nail, literally. Efrim blows up the broken nail and their Platypus friend enters Orgonax' hand to sabotage his systems and make him lose his grip on the mountain. Nora then takes the "hand" of the "goddess" and uses her absorption powers to breath in all of its Wakfu, blasting Orgonax with a super version of the goddess song (basically an orbital cannon), the effects of which are not clear other than Orgonax recoiling and an explosion of wakfu streams that can be seen from orbit, the entire planet is bathed in blue energies, and the streams propagate far into space, like the "goddess hair" steams of wakfu which were supposedly a feature of the original Eliatrope homeworld. Maybe this destroyed Orgonax or sealed him or blasted him back into space or something, but it appears to have resuscitated the planet and removed most of the stasis corrupting it.
>> No. 39217
>3: Can anyone find me that paper which explains why Rushu hates the Gods and how he messed with their clock?

I'm sure it's in one of the General threads, browsing this old one should be helpful: https://plus4chan.org/b/co/res/119867.html#i119867
>> No. 39218
>The game takes place some 10,000 years before the series, on another planet.

Incorrect, the game takes place on the world of twelve.
>> No. 39219
>> No. 39227
Alright, that should be just about everything. I'm done with most of the backstory and I just need to get going on some explanations for the events of the series.

So long as I don't get tornadoe'd.
>> No. 39228
it`s probably too late to ask but,is there anybody from Ottawa driving to Anime North?Could you give me a ride there?I`ll probably have to take the bus there,but its getting more expensive each year :(
(What???....you say its not Wakfu related??I`ll be at the Wakfu panel...is that ok?)
>> No. 39229

>Wakfu panel

...I might need to brave my fear of weaboos and actually go to this thing.
>> No. 39230
>Wakfu panel

Please make photos.
>> No. 39232
File 130639787789.jpg - (756.03KB , 3072x2304 , IMGP0171.jpg )
If I see anybody dressed up in a Wakfu costume,I will.
Not too hopeful for this year,but I`ll be on the look out
>> No. 39241
File 130643621765.jpg - (322.37KB , 1920x1080 , Amalia_TrueHD.jpg )
This morning, out of curiosity, I bought one of S2 episodes in HD on Ankama's VOD portal.
After having spent the rest of the day finding a way to remove the damn DRM bullshit, I can finally tell it's really worth the money for those who can afford it.
>> No. 39242
If it's not too much of an imposition, could you take some more screengrabs of the opening? That looks fantastic.
>> No. 39244
>> No. 39245
File 130644267183.jpg - (303.35KB , 1920x1080 , HD_S2OP_Yugo01.jpg )
>> No. 39246
File 130644275692.jpg - (191.94KB , 1920x1080 , HD_S2OP_Yugo02.jpg )
>> No. 39247
File 130644286245.jpg - (171.43KB , 1920x1080 , HD_S2OP_Ami01.jpg )
>> No. 39248
File 130644296313.jpg - (327.92KB , 1920x1080 , HD_S2OP_Eva01.jpg )
>> No. 39249
>> No. 39250
File 130644305587.jpg - (323.65KB , 1920x1080 , HD_S2OP_Group01.jpg )
>> No. 39251
File 130644314077.jpg - (377.85KB , 1920x1080 , HD_S2OP_Group02.jpg )
>> No. 39252
File 130644320710.jpg - (142.33KB , 1920x1080 , HD_S2OP_Yugo03.jpg )
>> No. 39254
File 13064433514.jpg - (279.89KB , 1920x1080 , HD_S2E01_Ami01.jpg )
Bow before your Queen!
>> No. 39255
File 130644342872.jpg - (351.29KB , 1920x1080 , HD_S2E01_Group01.jpg )
>> No. 39256
File 13064434972.jpg - (332.41KB , 1920x1080 , HD_S2E01_Group02.jpg )
>> No. 39257
File 130644357344.jpg - (364.20KB , 1920x1080 , HD_S2E01_Group03.jpg )
>> No. 39258
File 130644363322.jpg - (245.14KB , 1920x1080 , HD_S2E01_Ami02.jpg )
>> No. 39259
File 130644369923.jpg - (262.55KB , 1920x1080 , HD_S2E01_Ami03.jpg )
>> No. 39260
File 130644387912.jpg - (268.52KB , 1920x1080 , HD_S2E01_Eva01.jpg )
>> No. 39261
File 130644391270.jpg - (266.99KB , 1920x1080 , HD_S2E01_Eva02.jpg )
>> No. 39262
File 130644397592.jpg - (293.61KB , 1920x1080 , HD_S2E01_Eva03.jpg )
>> No. 39263
Yup, they look tons better than the blurry as hell TV encodes we have right now (really, those should be released in 720p max).

>Tristepins dick is THIS big
>> No. 39264
>those should be released in 720p max
Yeah, I know... I just release them in the rez I get them. The quality is already so-so, so I don't want to make it even worse by downsizing them.
>> No. 39265
That's what
she said.
>> No. 39266
Mmmmmm....wouldn`t Eva know better?
>> No. 39271

Sharing is caring, BC
>> No. 39273
Episodes 14 to 18, all nicely edited.

Only a few more to go and season one will (hopefully) be consistent and all prettied up.
>> No. 39283
File 130649470050.jpg - (255.98KB , 1920x1080 , HD_S2E02_Eva03.jpg )
>It is at least thiiiiiiiiis big
Eva knows best indeed.
>> No. 39284
Making them more consistent and fixing small mistakes is great news, but there is still that problem with untranslated/mistranslated lines of dialogue... Still, what you have done is probably the best thing we'll have till Frenchy and Kenny (or someone else who is competent and knows French - if you are that person and you are reading this, then know that our subbers appreciate all the help they can get) find time to take care of all the errors.
>> No. 39285
Explain this drm further if you will as I am very interested in this now. How large was the episode also (file size)?
>> No. 39286
File 13065036082.jpg - (290.97KB , 1920x1080 , HD_S2E02_Group01.jpg )
HD episodes are around 750MB each.

The DRM basically allows you to play the file only using Windows Media Player. Once you've downloaded the video, the first time you try to play it on a computer, it asks you to activate your licence by entering your Ankama account login and password.

To remove the DRM I've found FairUse4WM. It just makes a DRM free copy of the video. There are also a lot of converters that allow you to get rid of the DRM by re-recording the vid', but just forget them. None can do the job without some quality loss.

Problem is that FairUse4WM only works with old versions of Windows Media player (9 or 10 preferably). That means you'll need a computer running under Windows XP, with a WMP version you haven't kept up to date.

Also, do note that FairUse4WM only works if you have a valid licence for your file, which means you actually have to buy the episode and activate it on your computer.
>> No. 39287
File 130650918348.jpg - (196.26KB , 1920x1080 , HD_S2E03_Group01.jpg )

Just seen this on Wakfu's official website:
"Avant l’événement « énormidable » que constitue la reprise des inédits la semaine prochaine".

That says new episodes NEXT WEEK!
>> No. 39288
Hello. Look, this series I recoded to 1024x576 pixels using your 1080p HDTV sources, and added brightness and sharpness Effects.

These videos were produced for our Russian Wakfu fans, and Russian ​​subtitles was made by SORC

>> No. 39289
File 130651775150.png - (133.06KB , 283x403 , 1302119823826.png )
>> No. 39292
Alrighty. I wonder if I can do it in a sandbox than. Actually I have another HD laying around I could swap in and put XP on it easily. Now comes the decision if it's worth it cost wise, and especially since hurdur 250GB data caps.
>> No. 39297
File 130654359419.jpg - (374.09KB , 1920x1080 , HD_S2E04_Group01.jpg )
>I wonder if I can do it in a sandbox
A sandbox/virtual machine *should* do the trick indeed. As far as I'm concerned, I used an old laptop of mine on which I downgraded WMP.

>250GB data caps.
Well, one episode a week means between 3 and 4 GB worth of download a month. Depends on how much you usually download beside that.

>if it's worth it cost wise
Just my opinion, but it IS worth the money you spend in those, as long as you succeed in removing the DRM.
The quality is awesome; far, far, far better than anything else that's been available to this day. And I can already tell I won't buy any DVD for season 2 as long as I can keep on getting these HD episodes each week.
Also, buying these VOD versions grants you unlimited access to high quality streaming from your Ankama account, wherever you are and whichever computer you're on. Well, of course in that case you won't have the subs, but it's still an interesting feature IMO.

So, now it's up to you. Decide what's best for you.
>> No. 39298
Does season 1 have the same level of quality?
>> No. 39299
Dunno, I haven't tried yet.
I'll probably give a try to some season 1 episodes next week, once I have all season 2 episodes available so far.
>> No. 39305
Adding subs should be an easy task regardless though.

Either I'm doing it wrong or Ankama doesn't like me. (inb4 north american ip filters) When I hit the buy button it asks me to log in again and cycles over and over. Do you need to buy the points first? I'd rather not dump some money into points only to find out I can never spend it.
>> No. 39306
File 130657604460.png - (317.13KB , 570x322 , Untitled.png )
I don't know if I'm late or first to the party, but ep10 preview was up.
>> No. 39307
Yes, you have to buy some Ogrines first indeed.
>> No. 39308
Hey kenny its me B ^^
any idea if its possible for me in Sweden to get the episodes?
I'm playing Dofus so I know I can buy Ogrines.
Just no idea if they will work for me.
Also since you have my mail could you maybe give me a rundown on how to remove the DRM?
>> No. 39309
And something else. Anybody knows the name of the smooth jazz piece that is played in the trailer?
I would image that since Ankama like to make tons of reference that it could be from somewhere else.
So don't leave me hanging all you wakfu fans xD xD
>> No. 39310
New Boufball arc. In Brakmar. With Kriss la Krasse. Mmmmmmmmmmm...
>> No. 39311
Unless France 3 change their minds and cancel the airing of new episodes the day before.
They've already done that for episode 24
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