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File 133939551280.png - (140.71KB , 315x251 , sweetbabbies.png )
104201 No. 104201
old thread: >>100996

Welp, the first season is near it's closing act. Post all of your smoochy smoochy Korra stuff here.

Pictured is my OTP 9ever :I
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>> No. 104203
File 133939571842.png - (1.48MB , 800x1299 , just the funny guy.png )
This comic is making me TEARBEND.
>> No. 104208
File 133939707963.jpg - (190.05KB , 427x640 , buttman.jpg )
>> No. 104215
Her man face is making me tear bend.
>> No. 104219
a little, uh
but hey, I'll take all the Borra I can get
>> No. 104225
File 133940354337.png - (742.57KB , 650x650 , nightly_encounter_by_senbo_sencho-d533e9f.png )
>> No. 104233
File 133942076210.png - (1.27MB , 1280x1707 , tumblr_m5focb0zoA1qfrrfso1_1280.png )
>> No. 104234
"You're also the guy I want, which means I will drag you out of here if I have to."
>> No. 104261
Yeah, it's somewhat overwrought, but Borra is Borra, even if it's super-sad Borra.

>"You're also the guy I want, which means I will drag you out of here if I have to."

Quoted for truth.
>> No. 104263
As if Korra couldn't carry Bolin with one hand.
>> No. 104312
This rant articulated a lot of the problem's Korra's shipping has had, imo, and how it has stunted character development.

>> No. 104320
Holy hell, this sums up exactly what has bothered me about that episode/the shipping so far.
>> No. 104322

And a nice rebuttal to that http://zephyr16.tumblr.com/post/24938935953/beware-of-fangirls-disclaimer-last-weeks-episode-was

There's a ton of jumping to conclusions going on. Just go with the flow and let the story play out before damning the writing. On top of all that just remember the main cast are all dumb hormonal teenagers.
>> No. 104323
I don't get how people think Mako's getting a free pass for his actions towards Korra this last episode, because the way Asami was reacting seemed pretty condemnatory and close to calling him out to me.
>> No. 104324
I don't get how people think Mako's getting a free pass for his actions towards Korra this last episode, because the way Asami was reacting seemed pretty condemnatory and close to calling him out to me.
>> No. 104326
And if she calls him out on it, then obviously there have been consequences. However, with the way Makorra seems to be getting set up, it seems like the fallout at the end would be minimal for Mako and Korra. Asami calls Mako out on liking Korra, he admits to it, and the breakup leads to Mako getting together with Korra. Mako and Korra get their endgame pairing, end up happy happy lovey-dovey, and Asami just sorta fades into the background to be forgotten. If Makorra happening and Masami ending is handled poorly, he could end up getting a free pass for breaking her heart, while she falls into irrelevance.

I'll be honest, my Borra bias probably plays a non-trivial role in determining how I feel about the Makorra elements of the last episode, so you should obviously take what I say with a grain of salt. And I really think that at the end of the day, we'll all be satisfied with how the season ends. It's just that some elements of the plot look like they could lead to less-than-satisfying conclusions.
>> No. 104327
File 133948491362.jpg - (62.82KB , 356x478 , idea.jpg )
>with all out war looming, Tenzin decides the situation is dire enough to skip Air for the moment and teach Korra control of the Avatar State

>opening chakras and shit, they come to the part about letting go of worldly attachment

>Korra has to choose between ultimate power and Mako

>she thinks about it for less than five seconds
>> No. 104328
and chooses Mako?
>> No. 104332
No no, I'm with you here and I try to keep my head out of the shipping issue altogether.
But I too don't see how this love triangle can be salvaged in a satisfying manner.

I just don't see Asami and Korra fighting over the prize. It doesn't suit the characters to engage in a senseless catfight.

But Mako can't just choose one of them either, can he? He's not the protagonist. The hero wins the love-interest, not the other way around. And Korra gave up on that. Also:
>Hey, I'm free now. Let's hook up immediately!
>Yay, I have no self-respect whatsoever!

If he stays with Asami however, what was all the ship teasing for? It makes Mako look bad and it makes Korra look weak for accepting him leading her on.

Maybe the whole relationship thingamajob could have worked if it was spread out over more or longer episodes. So that the characters have a chance to develop instead of changing their minds every 5 seconds.

And finally, Mako could have done with some better characterization. He's incredulous as the "prize". Apart from having good looks, he's done nothing much to prove himself as a desirable partner. He's a trophy husband. And that makes the entire issue look so damn shallow.
>> No. 104333

Who said we had to have an endgame ship?

Wouldn't be totally possible that Asami and Mako DO break up and Korra and Mako dont instantly get together? At this rate I'm pretty sure they will in the ENDendgame but as for this season I could definitely see things breaking down into that awkward state of non-relationship.

Really I'm just hoping the most that when all of this is through Asami doesnt have hard feelings towards Korra. Because PLEASE can we not do that thing...
>> No. 104334
That's probably the best course of action. If there's any at all.
They'ed need another season at least to sell me on Mako and Korra as a couple.

And still I can't shake the feeling, that leaving Asami at such a difficult juncture in her life, would also be douchebaggery.
She's going to be the one doing the break-up. Calling it now.

And there you go. LoK isn't good with that star-crossed lovers/passionate romance thing.

One relationship will uneventfully sputter out so that another one can lazily drag itself in. That's not even teen drama. That's just stuff happening.
>> No. 104337
That is one terrible rebuttal with some terrible relationship advice and terrible fanfiction ideas.

The original rant posted here >>104312
had some really nice analysis, though. It's not about shipping; it's about making the character development feel organic and writing the characters in a way that makes sense.
>> No. 104342
>Why didn’t Mako visibly, openly realize that he was being a cheating jackass
... what
Liked the rest of the rant though, mostly because it aknowledges the strenght of other LOK relationships instead of going off retarded tangents like "why Korra's bending sucks where's the Avatar state herp derp".
>> No. 104343
>"why Korra's bending sucks where's the Avatar state herp derp".
Those are legitimate questions which, if not answered by her doing airbending and the avatar state during the finale will go unanswered and have made this entire 12 episode run a complete and total waste of time for everyone involved.
>> No. 104345
Go back to /co/, seriously.
>> No. 104349
On the whole shipping tease stuff can I just point something out?

Aang falls for katara the first girl he meets constantly snubbed off/ignored/friend zoned till the finale. Korra falls for mako ok not the first but first guy she showed interest in. did no one see the whole formula recycle coming besides me? you all act so surprised when it was pretty obvious from the start. hell all my other predictions failed (I was so sure yakone had something to do with amon) but this one was way to obvious even in introducing Asami they kept flashing mako's hiddin/secret? feelings for korra at you.
>> No. 104352
File 133950541514.jpg - (97.63KB , 655x900 , 1339486835626.jpg )
It's sad but Bolin really is just a beetch to get fucked now.

I guess he makes some people lol as well.
>> No. 104353
Well obviously.

Bolin has two modes:
>be your bitch
>make you L.O.L
Bei Fong will make full use of him.
>> No. 104418
File 133957016386.jpg - (292.81KB , 1280x983 , tumblr_m5isinM4hg1ryw7byo1_1280.jpg )

I don't ship it, but Housewife Tahno in a Bathrobe is too funny not to be shared.
>> No. 104452
File 133961801155.jpg - (22.42KB , 350x96 , tumblr_m5ic5je3n81qdcy1a[1].jpg )
Best ship.
>> No. 104457
Why is Amon so sweaty and shaky? Has he never gotten a blow job before? I bet he's a virgin.
>> No. 104460
I ship it. There has to be a reason for Amon to keep that guy around.
>> No. 104461
He has his eyes closed to think of Bolin
>> No. 104463
This would be better in /coq/.

I bet the mustache tickles Amon's balls.
>> No. 104470
File 133962263211.gif - (509.52KB , 500x234 , doki doki.gif )
>> No. 104493
Let's start placing bets right now, if Korra goes into the Avatar State, who do you think would bring her out of it? The obvious favorite is Mako, but I feel like Bolin isn't terribly far behind for that one. (Although then again, I like the idea of it being Lin, showing she's come to care about the new avatar after all this time.)
>> No. 104494
I want it to be Tenzin or Bolin.
>> No. 104495
Should: Tenzin, Bolin, Lin
Probably will: Mako
>> No. 104496
File 133963467397.gif - (745.41KB , 500x281 , shipping goggles on.gif )
I'd LOVE for it to be Bolin, and I think he's the better choice of the brothers even if it's just played off as friends. It could have some really adorable callbacks to the scene where they met. Tenzin's another option, and I think he could work really well for that scene, too.
>> No. 104498
Or maybe she'll get to talk with Aang like he did with Roku in episode 2x01 and she'll manage to get out of the AS by herself.
>> No. 104502
File 133963607141.png - (448.34KB , 700x1274 , Part5.png )
>> No. 104504
It won't be; where do you think we are?
Mako will step in, elbowing aside Tenzin and an elderly woman bystander to get to Korra. He'll pull her out, say he loves her, and kiss her passionately as Asami stands there watching all this. Insert awkward Bolin-hitting-on-a-single-Asami line which she ignored with a chuckle and credits roll.

The Legend of Korra.
>> No. 104508
>>if Korra goes into the Avatar State, who do you think would bring her out of it?

It'll be Sparkly Sparkly Bush Man, as repayment for that tasty fried fishy.
>> No. 104526
It would be all cute and shit.
>> No. 104534
It's actually a possibility. She's still Korra's best friend, after all.
>> No. 104555
Yeah, but imagine the shippers rage.
Especially if other characters try and fail to pull her out of the Avatar State before Naga pads up to her and licks her face and Korra just peaces the fuck out.
>> No. 104557
I don't care about shippers. Shipper go to hell. Pandering to them is the fucking stupidest thing this series has done. I don't care if they lead to ratings; making this into Twilight by design instead of by idiotic fan interpretation was the worst decision they've ever made; worse than pro-bending. Worse than Aang being allowed to never have to make a moral decision once in his entire life.
>> No. 104562
And then Naga puts on her cool face as Mako cries into his velvet pillow. And Bolin doesn't care about anything anymore.
>> No. 104569
File 133970270137.jpg - (464.85KB , 900x542 , on_guard_against_wickedness_at_all_times_by_neomer.jpg )
>> No. 104580
Jesus Christ that picture. There's something about it that just rubs the wrong way. Really bad.
>> No. 104581
Tenzin isn't the cheating type.
>> No. 104582

The inherent Zutaraness?
>> No. 104585
According to the artist it's meant to be younger versions when Tenzin and Lin were together, about him slipping out of her grasp.

For whatever reason a lot of people ignore what Tenzin said about how he and Lin were already falling apart by the time Pema said anything and just assume that Pema swooped in and destroyed a perfect loving relationship.
>> No. 104591
Well this picture doesn't show that too much. It hardly looks like a mutual breakup when he's quite literally going behind her back and kissing someone else. In fact Lin doesn't even seem aware.
>> No. 104861
File 133987486814.png - (486.94KB , 1280x893 , tumblr_m5q01ayjTZ1rumy7mo1_1280.png )
This didn't take long.

(Don't know the source on this one. Reverse image search comes up with nada, and some dick is spamming tumblr with keyword flooded posts about "clicking here" if you're upset about Lin losing her bending.)
>> No. 104862
File 133987553465.png - (4.47MB , 1280x1706 , Lin Asami.png )
Yeah, that's been annoying. Even if you block them, the tag search is still broken and no longer scrolls down as far.

I suppose these two have more in common now
>> No. 104867
has nobody stopped to consider that maybe this guy is married?
>> No. 104887
and maybe he practices polygamy
check. your move
>> No. 104894
Could be gay!

Okay fine that's not very likely.
>> No. 104896
Why not? Maybe things like black people and a regular non-hybrid animal don't exist in the Avatar world, but I'd have to believe there's one or two gay people somewhere out there. Just look at Amon and the Lieutenant.
>> No. 104897
>regular non-hybrid animal don't exist
Ahem. Bear.
>> No. 104899
.. That damn bear always gets past me. Truly a freakish animal.
>> No. 105030
File 133995324257.jpg - (221.33KB , 700x1256 , height_difference_isn__t_a_problem_by_danis58-d52k.jpg )
>> No. 105040
File 133995808555.jpg - (28.81KB , 512x288 , wolfbats.jpg )
i'm gonna start shipping Lin and Thano for awhile now because they are both without bending mojo. you can just imagine them meeting at an "Amon Victim Support Group". she's all defensive and wont admit she's hurt and doesn't want anyone's pity. he's a former dick with a new found heart of gold. they'll support each other through their ordeal. i know there is an age difference, but that just makes it kinkier

then one night in bed Lin will suggest that they don't have to be victims and they can still make a difference. they can be an inspiration to others. they'll just need a symbol

Lin: "hey, what was your old pro bending team called again?'
Thano: "the Wolfbats . . ."

>> No. 105043
How old is tahno anyway?
>> No. 105045
See: Pegging.
>> No. 105048
Probably in his early 20s
>> No. 105122
File 133999427667.jpg - (108.82KB , 900x582 , general_iroh_meets_korra_by_fra_hadez-d53vqa5.jpg )
because jealousy is attractive or something
>> No. 105123
File 133999462785.gif - (0.98MB , 333x254 , tenzin disappointment.gif )
Oh man, we do NOT need Mako to become the new Asami. It's already bad enough that they've treated Asami like that, I don't think I could handle the whiplash from Mako (whose character I like overall) written a as douchebender to being the jilted lover like that.
>> No. 105129
Oh wow, from the thumbnail I thought it was that one really Gary Stu guy in Glee who came from the private school. Can't unsee.
>> No. 105134
Also the cat Miyuki. She's just a cat. I always thought that was noteworthy.
>> No. 105136
The first thing I want this Iroh man to do in the next episode as soon as he meets Korra is shake her hand and immediately proceed to turn around, grab the nearest sailor, kiss him passionately and have copious amounts of flesh-slapping wet pounding man butthole loving right in front of all of them. All of them.

And I want all these premature shippers to weep crimson.
>> No. 105147
File 134001131218.png - (727.29KB , 1000x1333 , heimdallll_tumblr_m5sn8eaLHI1qe1otuo1_1280.png )
Don't rule out my favourite possibility!
>> No. 105206
File 13400653752.jpg - (78.28KB , 500x333 , over here going down with my ship.jpg )

Oh hey, new clip! Asami's being jealous, that's kinda worrying, but it's a tense situation. Still not sure I like how Makorra's being handled, but I'm hopeful nothing too shitty will happen before the season ends.


...oh goddammit.
>> No. 105208
File 134006631566.jpg - (267.92KB , 600x800 , tumblr_m5rtqvF8BG1qbsleso1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 105209
Mako's such a douchebag, Asami needs to kick his ass to the curb, mm-hmm
>> No. 105218
File 134006808017.gif - (140.79KB , 467x658 , Amon Petting.gif )
Amon knows what he likes
>> No. 105235
"U-Uuguuu, shogun-sama!~ Do not look at me with such lascivious eyes."

Poor Amon. He just wants a man who doesn't run away or cower in fear. The Lieutenant is there.. but he uses too much teeth and very little deodorant.
He's just trying to make Bolin jealous enough to come back.
>> No. 105335
File 134015204830.png - (942.22KB , 1280x954 , tumblr_m5u8rkdMsP1rumy7mo1_r1_1280.png )
>It's an honor to meet you Miss Sato

>> No. 105365
this is gonna be awkward if he's married. which, given his age, he probably is.
>> No. 105368
I wish he had a proper voice to go with his age...
>> No. 105381
He's had like two lines. Maybe he'll continue to sound like that, but c'mon. Give him a chance.
>> No. 105400
File 134016388114.png - (664.90KB , 1280x960 , tumblr_m5ufevHgSx1rwnuyvo1_1280.png )
>> No. 105408
File 134016732268.png - (303.78KB , 512x712 , tumblr_m5w69bbZPz1r2qfp6o2_1280.png )

>welp this was inevitable

>the pose is the best i can manage at 2am i’m sorryh omg

>people i know who like LoK am i cool yet

>idk why but the dialogue in my head is like asami like ‘omg you have stamina’ and i can’t decide if korra’s saying ‘no shit i’m the avatar’ or ‘awwwyiss i could go alllllllllll night’

I'll channel the spirit of Shawn Michaels and offer the following: "I did not, I repeat, I did not 'sleep' with that young heiress. As a matter of fact, I was ~UP~ ~ALL~ ~NIIIIGHT~! BAHAHAHAHA!"
>> No. 105450
File 134021711124.jpg - (1.16MB , 1245x1920 , tumblr_m5wyts9Gnv1r12g3io1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 105509
File 134024516447.jpg - (211.63KB , 1280x914 , tumblr_m5mzszgy6z1r48p54o1_1280.jpg )
I like this OT3

>> No. 105530
Femslash is the only thing I can get invested in with Korra.

Well that and maybe some Linlin. Good luck finding that though...
>> No. 105531
I wonder if the one on her face is Lin's only scar.
>> No. 105552
File 134029863923.jpg - (71.86KB , 500x606 , It+doesn+matter+how+you+look+because+im+blind.jpg )
i wonder how she got them scars? azulajoker.jpg

and maybe its because i'm from the deep south, but how 'bout some winslash? that mother daughter bound taken to the next level
>> No. 105556
Reminds me, I hope they show some flashbacks with loli Lin and Mama Toph.
>> No. 105574
File 134032421993.jpg - (104.04KB , 900x585 , the_general_brought_ships_by_jcords-d5473t5.jpg )
>> No. 105581
Hey now. I dunno what part of the "deep south" you're in, but 'round here we don't do mother-daughter incest. Too much, man.

Hardcore Ozai x Zuko/Azula is fine, though. They're from the Fire Nation.
>> No. 105600
File 134033805946.jpg - (291.59KB , 700x700 , 1340320582113.jpg )
crack shipping is just more fun
>> No. 105611
File 134034554093.jpg - (571.64KB , 1280x1813 , tumblr_m6002aFO3L1qcapj4o1_1280.jpg )
Here have a Jinoochy :)

>> No. 105613
File 134034701683.jpg - (83.57KB , 626x1069 , Azula breakr4444 ursa.jpg )
then Ursa/Azula should be fine too by that logic, no?
>> No. 105679
File 134042085170.gif - (75.71KB , 1056x711 , tumblr_m61rilCYDO1rwjwvco1_1280.gif )

Is this cute or hot? I can't decide.
>> No. 105685
File 134042643873.jpg - (172.83KB , 1600x770 , __katara__not_here______by_lightskin-d54md22.jpg )
Okay, now is THIS cute or hot? That's right Katara, get it gurl.
>> No. 105688
File 134042716867.jpg - (388.27KB , 750x1050 , e31978762c3a79d33c24c30aed9cecbd1005227d.jpg )
you must be new here
>> No. 105690
File 134042880421.png - (209.18KB , 632x473 , punkshiteatinggrin2.png )

>dat Gunwild story
>> No. 105843
File 134047792248.png - (426.14KB , 1028x1576 , 1340442221311.png )
And now look at what Geers just did.

Is this NSFW? I can't really say...
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