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File 133939551280.png - (140.71KB , 315x251 , sweetbabbies.png )
104201 No. 104201
old thread: >>100996

Welp, the first season is near it's closing act. Post all of your smoochy smoochy Korra stuff here.

Pictured is my OTP 9ever :I
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>> No. 104203
File 133939571842.png - (1.48MB , 800x1299 , just the funny guy.png )
This comic is making me TEARBEND.
>> No. 104208
File 133939707963.jpg - (190.05KB , 427x640 , buttman.jpg )
>> No. 104215
Her man face is making me tear bend.
>> No. 104219
a little, uh
but hey, I'll take all the Borra I can get
>> No. 104225
File 133940354337.png - (742.57KB , 650x650 , nightly_encounter_by_senbo_sencho-d533e9f.png )
>> No. 104233
File 133942076210.png - (1.27MB , 1280x1707 , tumblr_m5focb0zoA1qfrrfso1_1280.png )
>> No. 104234
"You're also the guy I want, which means I will drag you out of here if I have to."
>> No. 104261
Yeah, it's somewhat overwrought, but Borra is Borra, even if it's super-sad Borra.

>"You're also the guy I want, which means I will drag you out of here if I have to."

Quoted for truth.
>> No. 104263
As if Korra couldn't carry Bolin with one hand.
>> No. 104312
This rant articulated a lot of the problem's Korra's shipping has had, imo, and how it has stunted character development.

>> No. 104320
Holy hell, this sums up exactly what has bothered me about that episode/the shipping so far.
>> No. 104322

And a nice rebuttal to that http://zephyr16.tumblr.com/post/24938935953/beware-of-fangirls-disclaimer-last-weeks-episode-was

There's a ton of jumping to conclusions going on. Just go with the flow and let the story play out before damning the writing. On top of all that just remember the main cast are all dumb hormonal teenagers.
>> No. 104323
I don't get how people think Mako's getting a free pass for his actions towards Korra this last episode, because the way Asami was reacting seemed pretty condemnatory and close to calling him out to me.
>> No. 104324
I don't get how people think Mako's getting a free pass for his actions towards Korra this last episode, because the way Asami was reacting seemed pretty condemnatory and close to calling him out to me.
>> No. 104326
And if she calls him out on it, then obviously there have been consequences. However, with the way Makorra seems to be getting set up, it seems like the fallout at the end would be minimal for Mako and Korra. Asami calls Mako out on liking Korra, he admits to it, and the breakup leads to Mako getting together with Korra. Mako and Korra get their endgame pairing, end up happy happy lovey-dovey, and Asami just sorta fades into the background to be forgotten. If Makorra happening and Masami ending is handled poorly, he could end up getting a free pass for breaking her heart, while she falls into irrelevance.

I'll be honest, my Borra bias probably plays a non-trivial role in determining how I feel about the Makorra elements of the last episode, so you should obviously take what I say with a grain of salt. And I really think that at the end of the day, we'll all be satisfied with how the season ends. It's just that some elements of the plot look like they could lead to less-than-satisfying conclusions.
>> No. 104327
File 133948491362.jpg - (62.82KB , 356x478 , idea.jpg )
>with all out war looming, Tenzin decides the situation is dire enough to skip Air for the moment and teach Korra control of the Avatar State

>opening chakras and shit, they come to the part about letting go of worldly attachment

>Korra has to choose between ultimate power and Mako

>she thinks about it for less than five seconds
>> No. 104328
and chooses Mako?
>> No. 104332
No no, I'm with you here and I try to keep my head out of the shipping issue altogether.
But I too don't see how this love triangle can be salvaged in a satisfying manner.

I just don't see Asami and Korra fighting over the prize. It doesn't suit the characters to engage in a senseless catfight.

But Mako can't just choose one of them either, can he? He's not the protagonist. The hero wins the love-interest, not the other way around. And Korra gave up on that. Also:
>Hey, I'm free now. Let's hook up immediately!
>Yay, I have no self-respect whatsoever!

If he stays with Asami however, what was all the ship teasing for? It makes Mako look bad and it makes Korra look weak for accepting him leading her on.

Maybe the whole relationship thingamajob could have worked if it was spread out over more or longer episodes. So that the characters have a chance to develop instead of changing their minds every 5 seconds.

And finally, Mako could have done with some better characterization. He's incredulous as the "prize". Apart from having good looks, he's done nothing much to prove himself as a desirable partner. He's a trophy husband. And that makes the entire issue look so damn shallow.
>> No. 104333

Who said we had to have an endgame ship?

Wouldn't be totally possible that Asami and Mako DO break up and Korra and Mako dont instantly get together? At this rate I'm pretty sure they will in the ENDendgame but as for this season I could definitely see things breaking down into that awkward state of non-relationship.

Really I'm just hoping the most that when all of this is through Asami doesnt have hard feelings towards Korra. Because PLEASE can we not do that thing...
>> No. 104334
That's probably the best course of action. If there's any at all.
They'ed need another season at least to sell me on Mako and Korra as a couple.

And still I can't shake the feeling, that leaving Asami at such a difficult juncture in her life, would also be douchebaggery.
She's going to be the one doing the break-up. Calling it now.

And there you go. LoK isn't good with that star-crossed lovers/passionate romance thing.

One relationship will uneventfully sputter out so that another one can lazily drag itself in. That's not even teen drama. That's just stuff happening.
>> No. 104337
That is one terrible rebuttal with some terrible relationship advice and terrible fanfiction ideas.

The original rant posted here >>104312
had some really nice analysis, though. It's not about shipping; it's about making the character development feel organic and writing the characters in a way that makes sense.
>> No. 104342
>Why didn’t Mako visibly, openly realize that he was being a cheating jackass
... what
Liked the rest of the rant though, mostly because it aknowledges the strenght of other LOK relationships instead of going off retarded tangents like "why Korra's bending sucks where's the Avatar state herp derp".
>> No. 104343
>"why Korra's bending sucks where's the Avatar state herp derp".
Those are legitimate questions which, if not answered by her doing airbending and the avatar state during the finale will go unanswered and have made this entire 12 episode run a complete and total waste of time for everyone involved.
>> No. 104345
Go back to /co/, seriously.
>> No. 104349
On the whole shipping tease stuff can I just point something out?

Aang falls for katara the first girl he meets constantly snubbed off/ignored/friend zoned till the finale. Korra falls for mako ok not the first but first guy she showed interest in. did no one see the whole formula recycle coming besides me? you all act so surprised when it was pretty obvious from the start. hell all my other predictions failed (I was so sure yakone had something to do with amon) but this one was way to obvious even in introducing Asami they kept flashing mako's hiddin/secret? feelings for korra at you.
>> No. 104352
File 133950541514.jpg - (97.63KB , 655x900 , 1339486835626.jpg )
It's sad but Bolin really is just a beetch to get fucked now.

I guess he makes some people lol as well.
>> No. 104353
Well obviously.

Bolin has two modes:
>be your bitch
>make you L.O.L
Bei Fong will make full use of him.
>> No. 104418
File 133957016386.jpg - (292.81KB , 1280x983 , tumblr_m5isinM4hg1ryw7byo1_1280.jpg )

I don't ship it, but Housewife Tahno in a Bathrobe is too funny not to be shared.
>> No. 104452
File 133961801155.jpg - (22.42KB , 350x96 , tumblr_m5ic5je3n81qdcy1a[1].jpg )
Best ship.
>> No. 104457
Why is Amon so sweaty and shaky? Has he never gotten a blow job before? I bet he's a virgin.
>> No. 104460
I ship it. There has to be a reason for Amon to keep that guy around.
>> No. 104461
He has his eyes closed to think of Bolin
>> No. 104463
This would be better in /coq/.

I bet the mustache tickles Amon's balls.
>> No. 104470
File 133962263211.gif - (509.52KB , 500x234 , doki doki.gif )
>> No. 104493
Let's start placing bets right now, if Korra goes into the Avatar State, who do you think would bring her out of it? The obvious favorite is Mako, but I feel like Bolin isn't terribly far behind for that one. (Although then again, I like the idea of it being Lin, showing she's come to care about the new avatar after all this time.)
>> No. 104494
I want it to be Tenzin or Bolin.
>> No. 104495
Should: Tenzin, Bolin, Lin
Probably will: Mako
>> No. 104496
File 133963467397.gif - (745.41KB , 500x281 , shipping goggles on.gif )
I'd LOVE for it to be Bolin, and I think he's the better choice of the brothers even if it's just played off as friends. It could have some really adorable callbacks to the scene where they met. Tenzin's another option, and I think he could work really well for that scene, too.
>> No. 104498
Or maybe she'll get to talk with Aang like he did with Roku in episode 2x01 and she'll manage to get out of the AS by herself.
>> No. 104502
File 133963607141.png - (448.34KB , 700x1274 , Part5.png )
>> No. 104504
It won't be; where do you think we are?
Mako will step in, elbowing aside Tenzin and an elderly woman bystander to get to Korra. He'll pull her out, say he loves her, and kiss her passionately as Asami stands there watching all this. Insert awkward Bolin-hitting-on-a-single-Asami line which she ignored with a chuckle and credits roll.

The Legend of Korra.
>> No. 104508
>>if Korra goes into the Avatar State, who do you think would bring her out of it?

It'll be Sparkly Sparkly Bush Man, as repayment for that tasty fried fishy.
>> No. 104526
It would be all cute and shit.
>> No. 104534
It's actually a possibility. She's still Korra's best friend, after all.
>> No. 104555
Yeah, but imagine the shippers rage.
Especially if other characters try and fail to pull her out of the Avatar State before Naga pads up to her and licks her face and Korra just peaces the fuck out.
>> No. 104557
I don't care about shippers. Shipper go to hell. Pandering to them is the fucking stupidest thing this series has done. I don't care if they lead to ratings; making this into Twilight by design instead of by idiotic fan interpretation was the worst decision they've ever made; worse than pro-bending. Worse than Aang being allowed to never have to make a moral decision once in his entire life.
>> No. 104562
And then Naga puts on her cool face as Mako cries into his velvet pillow. And Bolin doesn't care about anything anymore.
>> No. 104569
File 133970270137.jpg - (464.85KB , 900x542 , on_guard_against_wickedness_at_all_times_by_neomer.jpg )
>> No. 104580
Jesus Christ that picture. There's something about it that just rubs the wrong way. Really bad.
>> No. 104581
Tenzin isn't the cheating type.
>> No. 104582

The inherent Zutaraness?
>> No. 104585
According to the artist it's meant to be younger versions when Tenzin and Lin were together, about him slipping out of her grasp.

For whatever reason a lot of people ignore what Tenzin said about how he and Lin were already falling apart by the time Pema said anything and just assume that Pema swooped in and destroyed a perfect loving relationship.
>> No. 104591
Well this picture doesn't show that too much. It hardly looks like a mutual breakup when he's quite literally going behind her back and kissing someone else. In fact Lin doesn't even seem aware.
>> No. 104861
File 133987486814.png - (486.94KB , 1280x893 , tumblr_m5q01ayjTZ1rumy7mo1_1280.png )
This didn't take long.

(Don't know the source on this one. Reverse image search comes up with nada, and some dick is spamming tumblr with keyword flooded posts about "clicking here" if you're upset about Lin losing her bending.)
>> No. 104862
File 133987553465.png - (4.47MB , 1280x1706 , Lin Asami.png )
Yeah, that's been annoying. Even if you block them, the tag search is still broken and no longer scrolls down as far.

I suppose these two have more in common now
>> No. 104867
has nobody stopped to consider that maybe this guy is married?
>> No. 104887
and maybe he practices polygamy
check. your move
>> No. 104894
Could be gay!

Okay fine that's not very likely.
>> No. 104896
Why not? Maybe things like black people and a regular non-hybrid animal don't exist in the Avatar world, but I'd have to believe there's one or two gay people somewhere out there. Just look at Amon and the Lieutenant.
>> No. 104897
>regular non-hybrid animal don't exist
Ahem. Bear.
>> No. 104899
.. That damn bear always gets past me. Truly a freakish animal.
>> No. 105030
File 133995324257.jpg - (221.33KB , 700x1256 , height_difference_isn__t_a_problem_by_danis58-d52k.jpg )
>> No. 105040
File 133995808555.jpg - (28.81KB , 512x288 , wolfbats.jpg )
i'm gonna start shipping Lin and Thano for awhile now because they are both without bending mojo. you can just imagine them meeting at an "Amon Victim Support Group". she's all defensive and wont admit she's hurt and doesn't want anyone's pity. he's a former dick with a new found heart of gold. they'll support each other through their ordeal. i know there is an age difference, but that just makes it kinkier

then one night in bed Lin will suggest that they don't have to be victims and they can still make a difference. they can be an inspiration to others. they'll just need a symbol

Lin: "hey, what was your old pro bending team called again?'
Thano: "the Wolfbats . . ."

>> No. 105043
How old is tahno anyway?
>> No. 105045
See: Pegging.
>> No. 105048
Probably in his early 20s
>> No. 105122
File 133999427667.jpg - (108.82KB , 900x582 , general_iroh_meets_korra_by_fra_hadez-d53vqa5.jpg )
because jealousy is attractive or something
>> No. 105123
File 133999462785.gif - (0.98MB , 333x254 , tenzin disappointment.gif )
Oh man, we do NOT need Mako to become the new Asami. It's already bad enough that they've treated Asami like that, I don't think I could handle the whiplash from Mako (whose character I like overall) written a as douchebender to being the jilted lover like that.
>> No. 105129
Oh wow, from the thumbnail I thought it was that one really Gary Stu guy in Glee who came from the private school. Can't unsee.
>> No. 105134
Also the cat Miyuki. She's just a cat. I always thought that was noteworthy.
>> No. 105136
The first thing I want this Iroh man to do in the next episode as soon as he meets Korra is shake her hand and immediately proceed to turn around, grab the nearest sailor, kiss him passionately and have copious amounts of flesh-slapping wet pounding man butthole loving right in front of all of them. All of them.

And I want all these premature shippers to weep crimson.
>> No. 105147
File 134001131218.png - (727.29KB , 1000x1333 , heimdallll_tumblr_m5sn8eaLHI1qe1otuo1_1280.png )
Don't rule out my favourite possibility!
>> No. 105206
File 13400653752.jpg - (78.28KB , 500x333 , over here going down with my ship.jpg )

Oh hey, new clip! Asami's being jealous, that's kinda worrying, but it's a tense situation. Still not sure I like how Makorra's being handled, but I'm hopeful nothing too shitty will happen before the season ends.


...oh goddammit.
>> No. 105208
File 134006631566.jpg - (267.92KB , 600x800 , tumblr_m5rtqvF8BG1qbsleso1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 105209
Mako's such a douchebag, Asami needs to kick his ass to the curb, mm-hmm
>> No. 105218
File 134006808017.gif - (140.79KB , 467x658 , Amon Petting.gif )
Amon knows what he likes
>> No. 105235
"U-Uuguuu, shogun-sama!~ Do not look at me with such lascivious eyes."

Poor Amon. He just wants a man who doesn't run away or cower in fear. The Lieutenant is there.. but he uses too much teeth and very little deodorant.
He's just trying to make Bolin jealous enough to come back.
>> No. 105335
File 134015204830.png - (942.22KB , 1280x954 , tumblr_m5u8rkdMsP1rumy7mo1_r1_1280.png )
>It's an honor to meet you Miss Sato

>> No. 105365
this is gonna be awkward if he's married. which, given his age, he probably is.
>> No. 105368
I wish he had a proper voice to go with his age...
>> No. 105381
He's had like two lines. Maybe he'll continue to sound like that, but c'mon. Give him a chance.
>> No. 105400
File 134016388114.png - (664.90KB , 1280x960 , tumblr_m5ufevHgSx1rwnuyvo1_1280.png )
>> No. 105408
File 134016732268.png - (303.78KB , 512x712 , tumblr_m5w69bbZPz1r2qfp6o2_1280.png )

>welp this was inevitable

>the pose is the best i can manage at 2am i’m sorryh omg

>people i know who like LoK am i cool yet

>idk why but the dialogue in my head is like asami like ‘omg you have stamina’ and i can’t decide if korra’s saying ‘no shit i’m the avatar’ or ‘awwwyiss i could go alllllllllll night’

I'll channel the spirit of Shawn Michaels and offer the following: "I did not, I repeat, I did not 'sleep' with that young heiress. As a matter of fact, I was ~UP~ ~ALL~ ~NIIIIGHT~! BAHAHAHAHA!"
>> No. 105450
File 134021711124.jpg - (1.16MB , 1245x1920 , tumblr_m5wyts9Gnv1r12g3io1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 105509
File 134024516447.jpg - (211.63KB , 1280x914 , tumblr_m5mzszgy6z1r48p54o1_1280.jpg )
I like this OT3

>> No. 105530
Femslash is the only thing I can get invested in with Korra.

Well that and maybe some Linlin. Good luck finding that though...
>> No. 105531
I wonder if the one on her face is Lin's only scar.
>> No. 105552
File 134029863923.jpg - (71.86KB , 500x606 , It+doesn+matter+how+you+look+because+im+blind.jpg )
i wonder how she got them scars? azulajoker.jpg

and maybe its because i'm from the deep south, but how 'bout some winslash? that mother daughter bound taken to the next level
>> No. 105556
Reminds me, I hope they show some flashbacks with loli Lin and Mama Toph.
>> No. 105574
File 134032421993.jpg - (104.04KB , 900x585 , the_general_brought_ships_by_jcords-d5473t5.jpg )
>> No. 105581
Hey now. I dunno what part of the "deep south" you're in, but 'round here we don't do mother-daughter incest. Too much, man.

Hardcore Ozai x Zuko/Azula is fine, though. They're from the Fire Nation.
>> No. 105600
File 134033805946.jpg - (291.59KB , 700x700 , 1340320582113.jpg )
crack shipping is just more fun
>> No. 105611
File 134034554093.jpg - (571.64KB , 1280x1813 , tumblr_m6002aFO3L1qcapj4o1_1280.jpg )
Here have a Jinoochy :)

>> No. 105613
File 134034701683.jpg - (83.57KB , 626x1069 , Azula breakr4444 ursa.jpg )
then Ursa/Azula should be fine too by that logic, no?
>> No. 105679
File 134042085170.gif - (75.71KB , 1056x711 , tumblr_m61rilCYDO1rwjwvco1_1280.gif )

Is this cute or hot? I can't decide.
>> No. 105685
File 134042643873.jpg - (172.83KB , 1600x770 , __katara__not_here______by_lightskin-d54md22.jpg )
Okay, now is THIS cute or hot? That's right Katara, get it gurl.
>> No. 105688
File 134042716867.jpg - (388.27KB , 750x1050 , e31978762c3a79d33c24c30aed9cecbd1005227d.jpg )
you must be new here
>> No. 105690
File 134042880421.png - (209.18KB , 632x473 , punkshiteatinggrin2.png )

>dat Gunwild story
>> No. 105843
File 134047792248.png - (426.14KB , 1028x1576 , 1340442221311.png )
And now look at what Geers just did.

Is this NSFW? I can't really say...
>> No. 105845
Wow. Lin's surprisingly perky for a woman her age.
>> No. 105879
File 134048359024.jpg - (106.61KB , 419x563 , 1340319921032.jpg )
Who wouldn't give their bending for a night with Chief BeiFong
>> No. 105894
well, this is awkward
i still ship it
>> No. 106034
rock-hard at all times
>> No. 106035
Man after that cell bit Bolin should learn some metalbending from Lin. And also learn some other things.
>> No. 106050
so you're saying she has dense breasts?
>> No. 106055
File 134051837296.jpg - (23.53KB , 427x231 , bolin feels.jpg )
My god, the elements of Makorra in this one were such HORSESHIT, my GOD.

>Recon mission

Eh, alright, Asami's being written poorly but I can deal.

>Hitting on Korra when Asami is sleeping 10 feet away

Wow, nice job Mako, now I'm half-sure the writers are trying to see how much they can get away with for your
>"She's not going alone, I'm going with her."



Oh c'mon, that's a bit of a shitty way to go about it, isn't it? I mean, I guess you need to have him get knocked back some-


...well, at least it's gonna be shown as Mako being a bit oblivi-


...what. The FUCK.
>> No. 106084
>My god, the elements of Makorra in this one were such HORSESHIT, my GOD

I was actually groaning out loud and facepalmed once or twice. It was just too painful to watch.

I suppose the whole "I care about you" talk was a break-up? But I didn't realise that when first watching the episode, and I feel like things were just left hanging when it comes to Asami. Like there was no feeling of some kind of closure.
>> No. 106091
The 'romance' in this series is just so awful.

also Asami and Bolin need some love from the writers in all areas.
>> No. 106092
Dudes, I swear to god, if the writers try to pair up the spares here AND do it in an equally terrible fashion as Makorra, I'm gonna have a hate-stroke.
>> No. 106094
That would indeed be terrible, I don't even have the words to describe how awful a move that would be.

If they're going to pair Bolin up with anyone they should let him demonstrate his quickly tossed-aside ladiesman charm and get himself a new girl introduced later.
>> No. 106095
File 134053566540.png - (558.12KB , 962x920 , BolinCharacterBios.png )
Gotta love how they kept downgrading him.
>> No. 106097
What the hell man... this is fucked up, did they really think neutering him was a positive direction to take the character? He's like a less funny, less pimpin sokka who can earthbend.
Mako gets more focus but that just serves to make him rather unlikeable to a large swathe of the fanbase..
>> No. 106101
It's cute but personally speaking I find that particular posing in general to be really hot.
>> No. 106103
Sokka was a sarcastic, playful guy that talked common sense and had a good repertoire with everybody else going. He was never a pimp though. (Fuck you, fandumb.)

Bolin's a dumb guy, who launches into pseudo-nervous jibba jabba that goes nowhere. And everyone else just seems to ignore him whenever they can.
It's kinda disheartening when even the other characters know, how little he matters.
>> No. 106104

Don't fucking remind me.

I loved when he was first described, then the show propper started and that guy was nowhere to be seen, and then all his descriptions were changed to much.

>> No. 106106

That picture is a testament to how bad they handled the characters.
>> No. 106107
Hardly. It's just stuff written by people who didn't watch the show after the first two episodes.
>> No. 106110
What are you even saying?
>> No. 106111
Those descriptions are just written by some bored nick employee.
>> No. 106112
And the fact they are more accurate to Bolin as seen through the series? How does that equal having only seen the 2-part pilot? If anything he still had a bit of charisma and fangirls calling his name, its only as time wore on he became particularly Beta.
>> No. 106113
File 134054049878.jpg - (196.39KB , 600x801 , Avatar___Pimp_by_Neptune47.jpg )
Sokka had a fair bit of swag over the series, with his two girlfriends and also having Toph crushing on him and Ty Lee hitting on him a couple of times. 'Pimp' might be a playful way to put it but nothing to get annoyed about.
>> No. 106114
Sokka had a lot of things. Swagger was not one of them.
He usually got the girl despite his mouth, not because of it.
It was more or less that the women that desired him could look past his flawed exterior and see the values within.
With Bolin what you see, is what you get. He's about as deep as a puddle. These descriptions put more thought into the character, than the show ever let on.
>> No. 106115
File 134054089020.jpg - (53.02KB , 500x281 , 846319 - Asami_Sato Avatar_the_last_Airbender Korr.jpg )
>> No. 106124
File 134054633557.gif - (397.73KB , 245x184 , cryzula.gif )
Bolin: So, Korra and I go on a date. How cute is it?
Writers: Oh, so cute. The cutest.
Bolin: So we get together, right?
Writers: Uh, no.
Bolin: Oh. Wow. That...that really sucks. So...I get a bunch of awesome girls instead, right?
Writers: Uh...no, we had to cut that too. Makorra moments cost money, y'know.
Bolin: Oh, yeah, I guess. Well...do I get ANY girl?
Writers: Let me check...huh. Doesn't look like it?
Bolin: Man, this isn't going to well. At least I have a lot of good scenes, right?
Writers: ...
Bolin: ...witty dialogue?
Writers: I...we would...but...budget cuts and...
Bolin: I see. Don't worry, it's alright, I'll be fine.

>> No. 106127
Bolin: So? What do I get?
Writers: A couple of lines per episode.
Bolin: A visual gag or two?
Writers: No, we have to make room for the farting kid. Have you seen him go? He's hilarious.
Bolin: ...I see. I'm just gonna go then. It's probably for the best.
Writers: Hm? Oh yeah, yeah. Can you send Asami in after you?
>> No. 106134
Asami: so basically my father's an asshole, my boyfriend's an asshole, and all my other family is dead. What's the upside?
Writers: uh...you get a really cool power glove!
Asami: Oh. Any significant one on one duels I'll be having then?
Writers: well...you fight your dad.
Asami: Do I win?
writers: basically Bolin saves your ass.
Asami: Oh come on, do I at least get the hunky fire bender general after Mako ditches me?
writers: nope. NEXT.
>> No. 106144
The only writers were Bryke so you can call them that instead.
>> No. 106171
Nope, we're back on last name basis now.
It's Mr. DiMartino and Mr. Konietzko.
And it stays that way until Season 2 is consistently good.
>> No. 106242

>Bolin: I see. Don't worry, it's alright, I'll be fine.

I can see Bolin reacting that way.

That just makes me feel worse.
>> No. 106401
File 134064302078.jpg - (63.81KB , 500x251 , tumblr_m66l6m0E2D1qivu05o1_500.jpg )
>> No. 106409

Bolin's face in the last panel kills me.
>> No. 106496
Is it me or has Penny Arcade's art been getting worse and worse for a while now.
>> No. 106498
Kinda. It's not so much that it's been getting worse per se and more than it's been getting more and more stylized and more and more influenced by John K/Spumco, and for me (and, it seems, you) that look's just not pleasing to the eyes.

But it's not like the art takes any less skill to make. It's just not as fun to look at. But Gabe's heard the complaints, and said he has no plans to go back to the old style.
>> No. 106621
File 134074588685.png - (463.29KB , 640x480 , 121782789128.png )

>Waterbender girl ignores cheerful, happy guy who is trying to win her over and goes for the brooding firebender boy.

>The brooding firebender boy up and leaves his loving girlfriend for this waterbender girl.

>> No. 106624
Katara never really went out of her way to please or even get Zuko's attention, so.
>> No. 106625
Are these people for real?

Zutara didn't happen and will never happen.

Makorra happened.

Deal with it.
>> No. 106626
>Makorra happened.

And this is terrible and should not have.
>> No. 106627
Again, deal with it.
>> No. 106628
It's describing what zutarians wanted to happen during ATLA.
>> No. 106630
I do accept Makorra and even think it makes sense that they end up together, but it is a unsympathic pairing which me make wish them a deserved terrible future.
>> No. 106725
File 134081505814.jpg - (736.46KB , 800x1035 , korra__and_you_gotta___deal_with_it__by_papelmarfi.jpg )
>> No. 106726
Ugh. Who genuinely likes and supports this pairing? They're unlikable as shit. Is the general fandom consensus NOT that Mako overall ruined this series?
>> No. 106728
File 134081622533.png - (464.44KB , 489x700 , ZutaraRewrite.png )
>> No. 106731
I'm not a Zutaran by any stretch, but this never fails to crack me up.

"Stupid sexy Zuko." indeed!
>> No. 106733
stop spending so much time around people who are so fanatically obsessed about shipping that they literally can't think about anything else
>> No. 106735
The romance stuff pulled the entire show down. And since Mako's sole point seemed to be the Bioware Romance thing, by extension he pulled the show down. But any other character would have done the same, in his shoes.
I'd really rather everyone had been asexual, than put up with this dribble...
>> No. 106738
A Makorra powerpoint

>> No. 106739
This is how I wanted to feel about Makorra, and how I thought I WOULD feel about Makorra, and it's just not in me anymore because of that fuckin love triangle bullshit. If Asami had just been their friend I would have been all over this ship.
>> No. 106741

I can second this.

After the fourth episode, Makorra lost steam.

After the fifth episode, I could no longer give two fucks about it.
>> No. 106742
Makorra wasn't the single thing I disliked about or was flawed in this series, but it was certainly a pretty noticable factor.
>> No. 106743
I can't read through this. The grammar is like a retarded 13-year-old girl wrote it.

Oh wait
>> No. 106744
Eh, this sarcastic powerpoint thing goes kinda over-the-top for my tastes. I know it's just mocking shippers, but the typing is a little too obnoxious and...

...wait, it's not sarcastic? The person who typed it is actually serious?

oh god
>> No. 106746
File 134082600773.png - (946.50KB , 1280x1280 , tumblr_m6aj5dqV2P1qfrrfso1_1280.png )
Iroh II vs. Asami in Strip Pai Sho

Who ya got?

>> No. 106752
My, what marvelous nipples you have, General.
>> No. 106780
File 134085313720.jpg - (61.54KB , 960x573 , korrasami.jpg )
Studio Mir just posted this to their facebook page

OTP 7ever ;_;
>> No. 106786
File 134085432312.png - (27.06KB , 250x175 , tumblr_m69lfoAyzn1rzu9duo1_250.png )
Korrasami dominates.
>> No. 106787
As things currently stand, Asami is the only character who could give Korra the complex and adult relationship she needs.

Well I mean, Lin could also, but Asami's closer to Korra's own age.
>> No. 106789
1. I love Asami's pants.
2. The return of Azula's elf shoes!
>> No. 106790
Korra needs a Rickenbacker 4001
>> No. 106807
File 134086369957.jpg - (617.45KB , 1000x1773 , avatar__shipping_wars_by_ragweed.jpg )
>> No. 106809

That's accurate as fuck


I lol'd
>> No. 106815
Haha, that's awesome. I particularly love Maiko just chilling out and not giving a fuck in the first panel, and second panel's Zuki being a weirdo that freaks out others. Oh, and poor Tokka.
>> No. 106818
File 134087569053.png - (945.35KB , 1280x1280 , 1340402575959.png )
>Only one Lin ship

That kinda makes me sad.
>> No. 106822
Random art or season 2 foreshadowing?
>> No. 106840
"BoLin" is standing in the crowd, and other Lin ships are probably there out-of-sight.
>> No. 106841
I feel so bad for Masami in that piture.
>> No. 106858
Tumblr is bent out of shape at this fic, which portrays Mako as an abusive partner
>> No. 106860
Too accurate?
>> No. 106863
I dislike Mako and Makorra as much as anyone, but I just don't get abusive vibes.
>> No. 106868
Same here. Abusive and stupid aren't the same things.
>> No. 106869
Of course not, this is a kids show.
Anyway, someone send it to Bryke. That'd be good for a laugh for two.
>> No. 106870

I got as far as people using 'trigger warning' seriously then stopped.

There's only so much hilarious internet bullshit I can take. Why not just call it a warning, ya mutzez?
>> No. 106871
Someday I'm gonna write a script for an action movie. A renegade Feminist cop uses tumblr to track down a serial rapist.
>> No. 106872

You made me choke on my rice crispies you bastard.
>> No. 106874
Iunno, now that I think about Mako actually fits a lot of the criteria for abusive. The blame-shifting, selfishness, short temper and possessiveness. Not to mention the troubled childhood, gang affiliation and connection to violence.
>> No. 106875
Those things can also be said, to a lesser degree, about your average horny teenage guy. Which is exactly what Mako is.
I have to wonder if Korra and Mako will break up over the course of season two. They're both pretty hot-tempered and I can see them getting into a lot of heated arguments, just not the kind that lead to abuse.
>> No. 106878
It's never going to happen, but I'd like to see them quietly drifting apart for personal differences. Like Mako's too grounded while Korra's headed to the stars.
>> No. 106879
dude, pretty much everybody is like that to some degree...
>> No. 106885
File 134092690186.gif - (396.87KB , 500x260 , tumblr_m652fr3ldA1rx5tv5o1_r1_500[1].gif )
Just noticed Amon's eyes when he's called out by the Lieutenant.
C'mon, this is canon.
>> No. 106886
I thought your eyes were supposed to dilate when you realize you're in the presence of someone you're attracted to.
>> No. 106890
that reminds me, were there any screenshots of Amon's eyes before the reveal that showed them to be blue?
because all I remember was some guys saying he had Fire-like amber eyes versus nothing at all (as the Koh theory would need)
>> No. 106893
File 134093096834.png - (45.28KB , 1384x558 , there's no such thing as well-done makorra.png )
I thought of a comic idea where Korra does what I expected her to do and declines Mako when he confesses to her. After all, she's got loads more important stuff to worry about. But then I kept writing it to see what would probably happen if she did and I realized that there is no such thing as Makorra being well executed. The only way to undo the damage would be to make Mako never confess to her in the first place.
>> No. 106897

I could excuse Makorra if Mako actually ASUMED responsability over shitting all over Asami and the break up happened earlier.
>> No. 106899
If Korra acted like an actual friend and decent human being she could have addressed this as well.
>> No. 106905
I started making a habit of color-testing them when some assbrain was trying to claim they were green for their Amon-is-Asami theory, and even during the finale they ranged from very, very, dark red to yellow, depending on the lighting.
>> No. 106906
File 134094325355.gif - (201.97KB , 500x273 , Bolin Iroh.gif )
Bolin is best shipped with older men.
>> No. 106908
Maybe Iroh was brought it to make this canon. Make Nickelodeon shit themselves and cause some controversy. Season 2 deals with breakups (Korra and Mako), homosexual relationships (Bolin and Iroh) and even suicide. Asami
>> No. 106913

Not cool, dude.
>> No. 106915
File 134095134985.png - (523.11KB , 900x506 , the_perks_of_waterbending_by_supakunoichi-d55egf8.png )
>> No. 106917
YOU'RE not cool dude
>> No. 106950
File 134103018561.jpg - (317.16KB , 1280x1504 , avatar__lok_discovers_shipping__by_booter_freak-d5.jpg )
As usual, BooterFreak fucking DELIVERS.
>> No. 106957
Damn Booter-Freak why you gotta be so awesome all the time? Asami's reaction even makes up for the squick about the kids looking at this stuff. Love badass older Aang's response too.
>> No. 106958
>> No. 106960
Her art keeps getting better.
>> No. 107112

I think you hit the wrong file, there, Murph.
>> No. 107113
File 134111086121.jpg - (435.60KB , 1193x843 , tumblr_m6eromaz5z1rs710lo1_1280.jpg )

Whoops :x That's what I get for multitasking!

>> No. 107131
Y'know, looking at this thread, I think the big problem with LoK vs. ATLA is that there's one significant core love quadrangle, that left two main characters screwed (and not in the nice way), and in terms of watching characters come together romantically, that was all there was. So if that didn't work for you, you were Shit Outta Luck.

In ATLA, if you didn't much care for Katara and Aang coming together, "perhaps you might enjoy some Zuko and Mai. No? Not quite for your palate? Well you're in luck, because we also have some Sokka and Suki!"

Whereas with LoK, if you didn't much care for Korra and Mako coming together, "perhaps you might enjoy some GTFO?"
>> No. 107132

I think fandom shipping carries a greater weight with Korra as compared to ATLA becuase it was so damned short the first go-round. My stance with Korra Canon is "as long as Korra is happy, I'm happy" and then I go from there. A couple hormonal teenagers throwing around the L word just doesn't hit home with me anyways. I have no attachment to Makorra but I'm not exactly objecting to it, I guess?

Asami getting the biggest shit sandwich out of the bunch of the main Krew and her chemistry with Korra only makes that fandom pairing stronger.

Bolin getting overshadowed by basically everything else in the show just makes me wonder what Book 2 has in store for him. He would totally be an awesome SO to a lucky lady and genuinely love her with all his being. I wonder if they introduce a new love interest for him and they totally become the new 'Sukka'.
>> No. 107142
There's a Tumblr post, forget where it is, which analyzed the love triangle via camera shots. It basically convinced me that we weren't supposed to enjoy how Makorra came to be.

For now, I'm putting my vote on the theory that Bryke wanted to give the Zutarians the sort of (messed up, let's just have Aang and Mai's feelings thrown aside cause Zuko and Katara can't keep their hands off each other) romance they were so noisy about, but in the process made certain that fandom would shit on Makorra as much as the Zutarians shitted on Kataang.

Ironically, I've come across more Zutarians upset about Makorra than happy about it. They'd rather have Iroh II than Mako.

That said, I think Mako's just a typical confused hormone-addled teenage boy. Some of the hate he's gotten is disproportional, but I'm honestly more confounded by the remaining Makorra shippers who still think he's so romantic and ideal.
>> No. 107146

>Bolin getting overshadowed by basically everything else in the show just makes me wonder what Book 2 has in store for him. He would totally be an awesome SO to a lucky lady and genuinely love her with all his being. I wonder if they introduce a new love interest for him and they totally become the new 'Sukka'.

I know people dread pairing spares, but if they don't handle it like Makorra, I do think I'd love to see Bosami happen.

I actually was hoping that was what they were going to do very early on.

But then Asami hit Mako with her moped, and the first warning sings fired off.

Then Episode 5 confirmed all my fears.

And lo and behold, did the shipping rectangle(?) sucked.
>> No. 107314
File 134137676827.png - (564.55KB , 885x952 , tumblr_m6m5vvbgvt1qbfid6o1_1280.png )
>we're even

>> No. 107451
File 134151564916.jpg - (1.18MB , 1852x2008 , put_an_end_to_this_sad_story_by_xcgirl08-d55srnr.jpg )
Curse your awesomeness xcgirl08!!!
>> No. 107454
You do realise that last sentence implies something about Lin's dad.
>> No. 107457
File 134152199155.jpg - (22.77KB , 718x545 , 1341232078705.jpg )
Fuck, I'Ve really grown to like the idea of these two together.

I mean I wrote two fics for /co/ about it. But Tarrlok's face turn was what really sold me on it as something serious.
>> No. 107469
Maybe if Tarrlok had been honest with Korra from the start, I could see him in an older mentor role with a little flirting on Korra's end.
>> No. 107473
He, well you can actually also read many of Tarrlok's actions as a roundabout way of courting Korra and his increasing frustration with her not responding.
>> No. 107476

Tsundere Tarrlok? Tsunlock?
>> No. 107480
I think Tarrlok plays for the other tribe.
>> No. 107481
Oh wonderful, he and Korra can be neighbors!
>> No. 107490

She was gonna let him outta that cell man... They could have been the strongest, most powerful couple in the world. Think of their hypothetical really, really ridiculously good looking children that they might have had together.
>> No. 107491

"S-stupid Korra... Its not like a bought you a car because I LIKE you or anything! You dummy..."
>> No. 107492
File 134153961962.jpg - (79.95KB , 900x485 , it_supposed_to_be_different___korrlok_by_eva_black.jpg )
>> No. 107495
>hypothetical children

which would be Bloodbenders. they would be feared and hated worse then mutants in Marvel. and because everything goes in cycles, i.e. is cliched, some or all of them would turn evil like their father and his brother. like Korra would have twins and one would turn to the dark side and work with uncle Noatak or become a new Amon if he's already dead. kill the current Avatar (mommy) and force the sibling to then slay them. OR the only child would turn evil forcing Korra to take away her child's bending. thus driving a wedge between her and husband Tarrlok. it all then ends with one or all of them throwing themselves into a volcano. how romantic
>> No. 107503
File 134155005944.png - (887.68KB , 1276x718 , vlcsnap-2012-07-05-21h42m45s108.png )
>> No. 107504
File 134155294641.jpg - (216.41KB , 700x684 , tumblr_m6ohreONPM1qedutlo1_1280.jpg )
Korra isn't too happy in the house wife role.

>> No. 107505
The look in Korra's eyes is actually really terrifying.
>> No. 107506
"restore his bending they said. what could go wrong? now he has me keep house manually with his bloodbending"
>> No. 107507
>>I mean I wrote two fics for /co/ about it

You maybe have them saved in a pastebin or something?
>> No. 107510
File 134156071062.png - (343.85KB , 680x523 , tumblr_m6q7dujuBf1rwufyvo1_1280.png )

Who needs a napkin when you have Lin Bei Fong?
>> No. 107512

adding on, the link I posted likely isn't the source of the pic. They posted that pic to their blog without listing a source. If anyone recognizes it please post the source/artist.
>> No. 107513
File 134156172775.jpg - (1.46MB , 1248x1403 , korrlok.jpg )
Part 1 was an impromptu thing after episode 4. It garnered a strange amount of popularity over there.
>> No. 107524
>> No. 107546

And here's part two. Periodically it takes place during episode 5.

Also contains smut and isn't proof read. Shoot, you're the first people who get to see it.
>> No. 107565
File 134164482936.jpg - (61.85KB , 362x470 , 1330883566604.jpg )
That was pretty hot, I like the waterfall bit at the end especially.
>> No. 107650
That's good to hear. Maybe I should throw them up somewhere permanent. But sex scenes are hard. I never planned on making that second part an entire novella.
Anyway, the fic that goes with >>107504 is super-amazing. I urge everyone to read it if they have the time.
>> No. 107662
Korra/Tarrlok is now my new favorite *can never happen but it would be interesting if it could* ship
>> No. 107670
File 13417183321.png - (209.75KB , 995x718 , assorra_by_akai_umi-d56f25q.png )
>> No. 107671
why are Korra's shoulders so low, it makes her look like her neck is too long
>> No. 107673
I don't see a problem with the shoulders, except that they are too pointy.

Also where are Korra's abs?
>> No. 107674
File 13417251519.jpg - (164.69KB , 1064x751 , tumblr_m5f5b1LKce1rxfrs4o1_1280.jpg )
Welp, why wasn't I told of this fic sooner?

Mako/Korra/Asami/Bolin smutfest that should be re-titled "AND THEN THEY ALL FUCKED." http://sparepage.tumblr.com/post/25190012620/that-one-time-when-we-all-had-sex

Image related to the concept but not based on the story and vice versa, source: http://auroralynne.tumblr.com/post/23639002982/paradise-is-coming-by-auroralynne
>> No. 107676
>long neck, wouldn't bang
>pointy shoulders, wouldn't bang
>> No. 107682
For those of us who are into Borra, there are quite a few nice one-shots at this page. (And a Kataang.)

>> No. 107687
File 134173350542.jpg - (19.03KB , 500x478 , tumblr_m6sh44wP2T1rs710lo1_500.jpg )
It's called crack, my dear. It's not supposed to make a lot of sense.

But making it make sense is the fun to it.
>> No. 107791
That image reminds me. Korra/Noatok/Tarrlok: that's hot stuff too. I also am a fan of that. Particularly when they make a Korra sandwich.

If they're the bread, it doesn't matter if she's a halfbaked Avatar or not, right?
>> No. 107792
File 134181867398.jpg - (135.56KB , 648x1028 , tumblr_m6vszrdXPn1qle3keo1_1280.jpg )

>> No. 107793
>baked sandwich
boring. now a fried sandwich is where it's at. what is the Monte Cristo of Korra ships?
>> No. 107794
File 134182229014.jpg - (217.30KB , 719x606 , tumblr_m6bgfb02Bx1qedutlo1_1280.jpg )
I dunno Amoralok may be a good metaphor for the central conflict of the show. And how Korra should have went about solving it.
>> No. 107795
Doesn't look like she's enjoying herself.
>> No. 107799
Looks more like the brothers are sorting out their issues, if you know what I mean.

Why do I like Noalok the best out of all of these
>> No. 107802
resolve conflict with sex? Korra isn't a bonobo!
>> No. 107803
File 134185648380.jpg - (364.44KB , 800x800 , tumblr_m6wiqnNUb11qbsleso1_1280.jpg )
idk why I like this pairing
>> No. 107804
vaguely NSFW korrlok

>> No. 107805
No no, metaphorically.
The Avatar has to bridge the gap between the two extremes. Take them both and unify them in an act of universal love. Sweaty, smoldering love.
>> No. 107806
There's this on-going fic right now called... Thicker than Water (i think?)... And its basically Korra trying to resolve Noatok and Tarrlok's interpersonal issues with hot sex. Awesome.
>> No. 107823
i was being facetious
>> No. 107840
File 134195348492.png - (663.80KB , 900x630 , hot_spring_korrasami_by_k_y_r_i_e-d56thvb.png )
>> No. 107841
File 134195370121.png - (595.11KB , 1000x800 , tumblr_m6yd03ZTqq1qfrrfso1_1280.png )
>> No. 107851
i like that fic but i hope it doesn't go down the path of stockholm syndrome
>> No. 107853

What fic?
>> No. 107856

it's called strings, it's an au where amon didn't show up in episode 9 and tarrlok manages to escape with korra as his hostage

not the best fic ever and in the most recent chapter there's something i majorly side-eyed but it's pretty decent overall
>> No. 107859
It doesn't seem to be going in that direction.

I think it's very well written and also clever but then again I don't read a lot of fanfics. Only AUs that have really interesting game-changing premises.
>> No. 107893
File 134205032727.png - (334.51KB , 646x966 , tumblr_m6zxpyx2xh1qbsleso1_1280.png )
I believe I am developing what is known as an OT3. The brothers man. The brothers.
>> No. 107902
why do i get a Fifty Shades of Grey vibe from this?
>> No. 107912

sauce of that pic: http://polapaz321.tumblr.com/post/26974036646/bloodbender-brothers-and-avatar-korra-painting

>I decided to draw Korra DOUJIN!!!!

>So I will be very busy until August

>> No. 107913
File 134206765483.gif - (37.42KB , 210x209 , 1255813198340.gif )
>> No. 107925
File 134210558967.gif - (134.04KB , 500x281 , howlowicanfallinthisfandom.gif )
Speaking of which, where's the rest of the inevitable Adventure Time crossover art?
>> No. 107999
File 134220020392.jpg - (938.24KB , 1280x960 , tumblr_m73xogxQlk1rptk5lo1_1280[1].jpg )
Season 2 couple foreshadowing?
>> No. 108002
I know a lot of people would think that a Bosami pairing would feel forced, but that poor gal deserves a nice guy. And Bolin is that nice guy.
Sure, there's Iroh 2.0, but I think he might be too old for her. Although his age was never given, was it?
>> No. 108171
File 13422321189.png - (605.39KB , 810x648 , tumblr_m74lerB1hE1qmh94to1_1280.png )
oh god I cant get enough of this. Somebody help me in my madness
>> No. 108174
Holy damn is Sasha gorgeous!
>> No. 108175


>> No. 108177
Whatever... I'm actually farily drunk right now and my friends keep telling me to stop olooking at my phone while i'm hangin out with them but korra is more important to me thatn some stupid bar where the music is too loud and everyones a douche so suck it.
>> No. 108178
And just to clarify, the" suck it"0 was, hypotheticly ,to them, not to oyou . So don't take that personally. Your a anice guy and I like you. I would never tell you to suck it.
>> No. 108188
>More Strings fanart

Goddamnit, I fucking love this ship now. Best Crack!Ship Korrlok is Best. It hits so many crackship buttons for me.
>> No. 108198
File 134224661652.png - (249.55KB , 900x900 , mocked_by_the_rain__tahnorra_sketch__by_callmeelby.png )

borderline NSFW, nothing is showing though

this breaks my HNNNNGGGG-meter
>> No. 108218
The show being renewed increases the possibility for some Tahno fancervice, since I don't think he's going to be in season 2.
>> No. 108252
Still no Verick/Bolin art?
>> No. 108330
File 134240160587.jpg - (806.14KB , 1000x773 , ZW 2012 WindyAsylum.jpg )
Zutara week is here again
>> No. 108334
How that is still a thing-Oh why do I bother to ask?
Nice art though.
>> No. 108346
File 134241820593.jpg - (175.55KB , 1280x904 , tumblr_m4ly4qRuY91qcapj4o1_1280.jpg )
Crackships, you say?

I'll start with this.
>> No. 108347
File 134241828732.jpg - (61.55KB , 564x564 , tumblr_m78f97rJ9i1qhpp20o1_1280.jpg )

And end with this.
>> No. 108352
i am so baffled about where this pairing came from. i'm more inclined to believe bolin's love interest will be from a rival probending team or something.
>> No. 108353

If it's well developed, I'll take whatever they have in store for the fans (on a personal level, I'm rooting for Bosami).

In the meantime, I'm going to love the shit out of the personality contrast in this little ship.
>> No. 108433
File 134248480258.jpg - (89.95KB , 500x447 , tumblr_m6sjec0tYa1rpl9b1.jpg )
Jinora hates fun.
>> No. 108464
File 134250716766.jpg - (605.01KB , 1000x608 , tumblr_m7abh97Vzy1qzr062o1_1280.jpg )
Here, have a funny and charming Korra/Asami fic, "Interrogation Room". Where Korra's parents pay a visit to Air Temple Island to 'interrogate' (vet) their daughter's new beau.

Chose your preferred format. AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/461254 or FF.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8326158/1/Interrogation_Room

Related cosplay sauce: http://korraspasm.tumblr.com/post/27380899413

polite sage for repost to fix a typo :S
>> No. 108495
File 13425496192.jpg - (0.98MB , 1122x777 , tumblr_m77rbkA3W31qbsleso1_1280.jpg )
A very pretty depiction of gift-burning, but the Noatak in the background has horrifying implications...
>> No. 108508
ponytail man
>> No. 108511
Source? I like the style but I can't read the moonrunes.
>> No. 108512
I hope you enjoy Tarrlok.
>> No. 108517
>She like a rule 63 version of brother! I have to have her!
>> No. 108518
It's gotten to a point where a designated Korralok thread would fill up pretty fast.
It's like he's the new Admiral Zhoa. Only with more shipping!
>> No. 108519
File 134256569937.jpg - (140.35KB , 468x600 , Rufftoonwatertribe.jpg )
Almost like some kind of...Water Tribe Zhao. Hmmm.
>> No. 108520
File 134256571870.jpg - (292.73KB , 891x1920 , tumblr_m7a810PrOu1r7z003o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 108521
File 134256574475.jpg - (364.80KB , 1139x1920 , tumblr_m7a810PrOu1r7z003o2_1280.jpg )
>> No. 108523
I just hope this becomes like Howrra and people don't get pissed off if it doesn't happen.

(And by like Howrra I mean the fans are laid back about it and are accepting of it's non-canon status)
>> No. 108524
File 134256685140.jpg - (402.25KB , 1280x1142 , tumblr_m74opuJmi31r48p54o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 108525
File 134256687568.png - (238.84KB , 576x734 , tumblr_m751gzNQHJ1qifu1go1_1280.png )
>> No. 108591
File 134263108149.png - (1.15MB , 1000x707 , tumblr_m7cvqtS7Pp1r8dmhho1_1280.png )
>> No. 108616
File 134268475545.png - (1.04MB , 876x1614 , tumblr_m7ed93gu0h1qja923o1_1280.png )
viivus drawing otp

>> No. 108624
Korra looks like she's wearing diapers.
>> No. 108701
File 134275170827.jpg - (765.23KB , 1300x1030 , lok___of_tea_and_comfort_by_pyromaniac03-d57tc9m.jpg )
>> No. 108785
File 134293056911.png - (260.96KB , 314x497 , tumblr_m7jlx4Hv1e1qjm1bzo1_400.png )

>> No. 108806
item added to wishlist for season 2:
>Asami jokingly referring to Korra as half-pint or pipsqueak
>> No. 108861
File 13431579483.jpg - (2.84MB , 779x3720 , korrasami_comic_by_k_y_r_i_e-d589he3.jpg )
>> No. 108863
File 134316080229.png - (340.22KB , 800x600 , tumblr_m7nj5h9Swh1qfrrfso1_1280.png )
>> No. 108888
OK. Now I understand the fandom. It all makes sense.

The two characters who have the most license to hate each other the most out of all the other characters and interactions are what becomes the most popular ship.

Zuko hated that Katara was the most consistent obstacle to his HONOR
Katara hated that Zuko was the prince of the nation who was responsible for her mothers death.

Therefore: ZUTARA 5 LYFE!.

Korra stole Asami's boyfriend, indicted her father (rightfully, but even so) and dragged her down to live with homeless people.
Asami...didn't really do anything to Korra. Just became increasingly grouchy with her obvious advances on her BF. Still, you can tell at this point her most positive opinion of her as a person would be detached indifference and at worst blood boiling jealousy anger and betrayal.

>> No. 108889
HINT: Both ships are popular because they're sexy. Girls ship Zutara because Zuko is Troubled and Cute and therefore they think he's sexy and needs Tender Loving Care to redeem him, and project onto Katara. Boys ship Korrasami because One Hot Girl + Another Hot Girl = sexay tiems. Both ships get accepted by the other gender because of the art/fanfic produced by the other side being entertaining or endearing in some way that makes them accept something that really isn't aimed at them.
>> No. 108891

I kinda doubt Asami hates or resents Korra outright, but I guess we'll know in Season 2.
>> No. 108892
File 134319034837.jpg - (240.81KB , 600x800 , asami_meets_tony_by_sexyfairy-d57atiy.jpg )

Asami never had beef with Korra though. She had a little bonding time with her, told Korra that she was amazing, and admitted to Mako that she liked Korra before confronting him about his behavior. All of her ire/hurt about Mako/Korra was focused on Mako's hide.

Pic semi-related.
>> No. 108894
Uh huh.

Yeah, pretty sure most people that crack a smile at Korrasami know "no way in hell could this work on the show."

Zutara was a very different breed, where they combed relentlessly through eps for "proof" and even contacted the damn VA to try and get him to voice a fananimation of "the right ending". Which, of course, they never could put together.
>> No. 108918
File 134323642264.jpg - (57.93KB , 511x777 , Azula and Lin.jpg )
This picture and it's accompanying fanfic are adorable

and fic
>> No. 108921
By your reasoning, Korra/Asami is not the Zutara Analogy.

Korra/Amon & Korra/Tarrlok is.....
>> No. 108940
File 134326293292.gif - (66.68KB , 500x500 , tumblr_m7cl42jmhC1ry1jn2o2_500.gif )
Howl reacts to Tahno/Korra:
>> No. 108942
Who the hell is Howl? An OC?
>> No. 108945

Howl is the fandom nickname for the guard in the first episode that lets Korra out of the compound for a stroll on Naga.

Order of the
Lotus guy

>> No. 108957
Fangirls will be mad when he won't show up in season 2.
>> No. 108958
File 134331052253.jpg - (857.60KB , 908x1920 , 1343289555905.jpg )
Dammit! I didn't want to want this but now I totally want this.
>> No. 109007
I fucking love this thread.
>> No. 109028
Bolin love interest will be the Hughes guy anyway.
>> No. 109032

Twins do everything together.

>> No. 109122
File 134352706513.jpg - (331.10KB , 1024x1024 , tahnoxkorrA.jpg )
Guess who's back
>> No. 109123
File 134352711572.jpg - (224.22KB , 1024x671 , korraxtahno2.jpg )
>> No. 109124
why is tahno taking steroids
>> No. 109125
You all can't even begin to fathom my excitement at this development
>> No. 109126
File 134353359599.gif - (932.25KB , 253x197 , kermitwhat.gif )
>> No. 109127
i'm... REALLY surprised she went for tahnorra. that seems so out of left field for her.
>> No. 109129
nice art but Tahno's sunken face fucking terrifies me
>> No. 109130
Maybe she thought it fit the Idiot Bodice Ripper thing better?
>> No. 109131
The Rivalry Romance thing could be said to be an evolution of Zutara, if you squint hard enough. Especially since it's an equally ridiculous pairing.
>> No. 109132

>Jackie Diaz
>nice art

>> No. 109133
File 134354720399.png - (101.63KB , 223x271 , im gonna need a few drinks.png )
>> No. 109136
omg omg omg she's back
>> No. 109137
Korra's looking so... ill... in Jackie's latest pictars.
>> No. 109138
It says so much about Ms. Diaz that, even when dealing with a character like Korra, she always draws the female as the submissive one. First Katara, Toph, even fucking Azula, and now Korra. Yup, all totally submissive.
>> No. 109141
someone photoshop this and switch tahno and korra's heads. make it more accurate.
>> No. 109142
File 134358929064.jpg - (247.38KB , 600x940 , Korrlok Strings.jpg )

based on strings
>> No. 109143
That person's tumblr had a post of Tarrlok with some song lyrics. They were quoting Zulf's Theme from Bastion, but I saw the lines "Coming home" and immediately thought of the Superjail opening. I can't stop laughing at the association.

SuperJail Opening Theme - FULL VERSIONyoutube thumb
>> No. 109144
the part where korra and tarrlok have sex was hard to read, and not in a 'this is so horribly written' sort of way.
>> No. 109148
I think this is the best thread I've seen all week.

>> No. 109150
>Hey dudettes, why do all the silly boys think Super Girl and Red Robin are in lesbians with each other?

>Can't two girls just be friends anymore? Sheesh! Good thing we're all sistas here right?
>> No. 109151
File 134360287370.jpg - (17.82KB , 414x191 , meela.jpg )
I wish I could've posted this before the thread started autosaging.
>> No. 109152

Good find!
>> No. 109165
File 134361792385.jpg - (281.01KB , 936x1023 , tumblr_m7xz0bJ0EJ1qks62oo1_1280.jpg )
good old sukka
>> No. 109169
File 134362535895.png - (328.38KB , 450x337 , sokkaisawhore.png )
>> No. 109178
Too bad she leaves him for Zuko.

Nah I'm just kidding, I love Sukka, or 'George' as it is also known
>> No. 109179
File 13436470231.jpg - (53.56KB , 900x383 , smearedmakeup.jpg )
>> No. 109181
He only kissed two girls though, just like Zuko and Mako.
>> No. 109182
File 134365110326.png - (217.37KB , 400x500 , 86ad041feea06ac365f8a0366cc72734.png )
I assume its talking about the amount of smooching he gets done onscreen, not the amount of girls he kisses?
>> No. 109185
He's also the only one who kisses someone in every season.
>> No. 109186
File 134365798029.jpg - (118.25KB , 996x1438 , Dawn_of_the_warriors_by_behindthemirror.jpg )
>> No. 109207
File 134367175245.png - (438.00KB , 500x600 , Tentscene__Take_Two_by_Kyoshi_Fan.png )

Dat Sukka.
>> No. 109212
File 134368708960.jpg - (324.84KB , 800x751 , tumblr_m7zao8mQ3f1qi85pwo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 109217
File 134369575133.jpg - (809.63KB , 1200x1423 , tumblr_m7zvk3yX9i1qlzc8vo1_r1_1280.jpg )

I'm glad some people remember the height difference
>> No. 109223
I think the height difference was exaggerated a bit in that pic. Asami looks 7 feet tall
>> No. 109226
Didn't the original series actually have a lot of scale problems? I remember Zuko being a head taller than the Gaang while being dwarfed by his guards. Since LOK has a cast of mostly upper teenagers, the differences are less extreme, but I've seen at least one joke about the Yakone family being a race of giants.
>> No. 109228
There was this scene in episode 7 where Korra was standing opposite Asami... and either Asami is tall as shit or Korra is a shrimp.

And now remember that Mako and Tenzin are even taller than Asami. Someone here is either suffering from dwarfism or giantism.
>> No. 109229
File 134375150433.jpg - (606.42KB , 1280x960 , 134222579877.jpg )
Korra's short. Asami is taller than Bolin but shorter than Mako - who's the tallest character along with Tenzin.
>> No. 109230
File 134375184959.jpg - (107.36KB , 1280x720 , lok ep 7 racetrack.jpg )
So Korra's height is such to help give the impression that big strong Mako needs to protect her, right?
>> No. 109231
File 134375226042.jpg - (354.26KB , 600x800 , tumblr_m7aqvfQMbt1qbsleso1_1280.jpg )
Close but missed by a hair.
>> No. 109232
File 134375248376.jpg - (117.88KB , 1280x720 , lok fireferrets.jpg )
It does seem inconsistent in certain scenes.
>> No. 109276
File 134392599376.png - (419.07KB , 800x1050 , tokka_week__bending_the_rules_by_maivry-d59j4mj.png )
>> No. 109282
To be fair, Bolin and Mako are standing behind Korra in that shot.

Also they messed up colouring Mako's left sleeve lmao.
>> No. 109283
File 134395305245.jpg?nsfw - (74.88KB , 900x806 , hot_by_lovelyrugby-d57dc9t.jpg?nsfw )
I'm going to use the NSFW cover image wooooo

Although you don't actually see any private parts
>> No. 109284
Hey it didn't work
>> No. 109285
File 134396183736.jpg - (263.01KB , 900x1951 , parents_by_lovelyrugby-d59perc.jpg )
>> No. 109404
File 134421083884.jpg - (85.15KB , 500x495 , Toph and Toph.jpg )
The only one man enough to knock up Toph is Toph

>> No. 109420
File 134427835442.jpg - (288.91KB , 750x620 , tumblr_m8ci0tLchi1r3fadqo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 109499
File 134447028260.jpg - (134.99KB , 405x610 , 697056f70fa9f30044bd2ea9b88a72df-d59sqj0.jpg )
Anyone else enjoying the new fanart based on the adult designs?
>> No. 109527
File 134456930395.jpg - (204.02KB , 393x1598 , 2qjzjnn.jpg )
>> No. 109536
I wonder if she keeps her boots on.
>> No. 109544
I'm pretty sure she CAN'T take her boots off at this point. They are fused with her flesh.
>> No. 109545
File 13446365463.gif - (1.96MB , 230x230 , H1yGQ[1].gif )
She takes them off when she's wearing different outfits, it just happens offscreen.
>> No. 109551
File 134464230760.png - (2.08MB , 900x1488 , korra_various_outfits_by_mergal-.png )
The boots are a magical item that change to reflect what is in their wearer's mind and conform in shape and style to meet their owner's demands. She probably has to click her heels three times to activate them though.

Or just offscreen to give them a mysterious quality.
>> No. 109552
Is that blue armband epoxied to her?
>> No. 109553
some speculate it's a tattoo.
>> No. 109567
Nah, it's supposed to cover up her really embarrassing tattoo.
>> No. 109569
File 134470123414.jpg - (52.95KB , 449x438 , tumblr_m83c0gBPSV1r1wykx.jpg )
This pairing is like a Hard Gay version of Tyzula.
>> No. 109574
It's to cover up a scar she got from a firebender when she was a kid.

Firebenders going around causing random childhood trauma are a HUGE problem.
>> No. 109575
It's probably all just one single firebender doing all of it. He's trying to create a Batman, and thus far all he's made has been Mako and the fictional version of Amon that Naotokk made up.
>> No. 109577
And Asami! She's got most of the pieces down, too!
>> No. 109579
Ah, right, I forgot about that. Anyway, same guy.
>> No. 109593
So basically the Avatarverse version of Mr. Glass?
>> No. 109634
File 134496595426.png - (464.01KB , 1000x600 , tumblr_m8r8waPCXY1qfrrfso1_1280.png )
There can never be enough Korrasami!

>> No. 109651
File 134498034378.jpg - (66.23KB , 900x576 , makorra__evening_reading_by_sukieblackmore-d52r1kx.jpg )

>> No. 109653
I lol'd.
>> No. 109678
File 134506083494.png - (824.27KB , 320x1920 , tumblr_m34ls3xGMS1qa061zo1_1280.png )
Flashback time: mid-season Makorra VS Masami fanart.
>> No. 109695
Isaia should be on that staff. Her ideas are almost all awesome.
>> No. 109714
File 134523482096.gif - (0.96MB , 350x196 , Makorra and Plot.gif )
>> No. 109744
preeeeeetty accurate.
>> No. 109806
File 134574052222.png - (81.11KB , 600x776 , Korrasami Jam Session by Callmepo.png )
>> No. 109858
File 134610517050.jpg - (70.56KB , 650x613 , tumblr_m8pxtculEj1r01qn0o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 109874
Is the Lieutenant actually taller than Amon? He's always further behind him, as part of the Equalist formation.
>> No. 109890
I think Amon is slightly taller.
>> No. 109900
File 134617853015.png - (213.37KB , 443x550 , Yurra by looz-y.png )
>> No. 109981
File 134678660557.jpg - (67.82KB , 512x576 , tumblr_m9u9uhDjvy1rdczzbo1_1280.jpg )

>> No. 109995
File 134690017979.jpg - (109.00KB , 483x1900 , korrasami_doodle_strip_by_k_y_r_i_e-d5ckpdi.jpg )
>> No. 110004
>Not Zuko saying, "That's rough, buddy."
>> No. 110010
File 134731254142.jpg - (269.16KB , 1000x800 , tumblr_ma5atohO9K1qlu3rfo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 110072
File 134801655466.png - (562.37KB , 866x2258 , drunk_avatar_by_finalhearts10-d5f7kfc.png )
>> No. 110073
File 134801676799.png - (131.25KB , 516x371 , tumblr_makmn8zRJz1r8mhvzo1_1280.png )
suddenly more interesting
>> No. 110078

Goddamnit it IS suddenly interesting!
>> No. 110081
File 134810090553.png - (37.59KB , 322x289 , 1325846814754.png )
>> No. 110084
File 134816678754.png - (172.75KB , 800x500 , tumblr_m80p7wYEHR1qfrrfso1_1280-1.png )

And on that note: Korra/fem!Mako
>> No. 110105
File 134846741118.jpg - (107.42KB , 900x757 , tumblr_matrdbGFIh1qiy0ldo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 110106
>> No. 110109

I have no idea why I like this pairing so much.
>> No. 110110
I have no idea why anyone does.
>> No. 110111
Mako is a walking contradiction supposedly with a mature attitude apparently developed from his young life; yet he is almost unable to act or decide. And when he does he can be more brash and inattentive than Korra.

Bolin is immature and any attempt at connecting with him is lost when he is simply subpar comic relief.

Tenzin is already set for life with Pema.

Amon/Noatok has his Lieutenant - yet the former is dead anyway.

General Iroh 2.0 is fanservice pure and simple and should not have been included as so prominent a character for the two episodes he was in - the hero roles should have went to Bolin or Asami or Mako for development.

Tarrlok is the more than likely the only male character available. He was a beguiling character that acted as a foil to Tenzin and catalyst to Korra's "connection to her spiritual bitching." If he went full antagonist and was secretly acting WITH Amon he would have been great. If he joined up with the Krew, abandoning his selfish and misguided path, he could have been invaluable to Republic City working WITH Tenzin instead of against him. They might have even gathered the peoples' support so that the common man would take control of their own city away from the terrorists.

He was already a good character and could have been even better. The other men are either Tenzin (underused), Amon and therefore only works in a I-wish-I-could-quit-you-hatesex attitude, or were failures.

However, the AU Strings still isn't what I would say a 'relationship' should be between a hypothetical Tarrlok/Korra.
>> No. 110112
My problem with Korrlok is that it always seemed to work on self-insert logic. I'm not sure if your comment agrees with this.
>> No. 110113

I can kinda see that way of thinking and I agree with you, but mine is more along the lines of:

You MUST choose a pairing for Korra. However, this other character must be male and must not be under the age of 16.

Given the choices, I would choose Tarrlok in addition to the reasons I listed above. If you absolutely have to have it, like in a situation with Bryke holding a gun to my heads, then I go with this pairing.

In reality, I choose her with Asami for the fickle reasons of hot + hot = 2hot4me. But also on the off chance it's just heavy platonic sleep in same bed type with a Y7 rating hanging above you head - those two are the only two I REALLY want to see interact since Lin/Tenzin/Pema is walking on eggshells though still interesting.
>> No. 110118
>Tarrlok is the more than likely the only male character available.

Like are you just ignoring how blood-bending is pretty much the utmost violation of a person's body short of raping or killing them?

There is absolutely zero connection between Tarrlok and Korra beyond the "forcefully-kidnaps-and-controls-your-body-so-he-can-lock-you-in-a-cage-in-a-cellar-in-his-faraway-cabin-home".

Actually, now that I think about it. All the problems I had with Zutara is pretty much there in whatever Tarrlok/Korra is called. Take two people who absolutely hate each other and have had generally awful experiences with one another and then say they make a great couple because whateverfuckreason.
>> No. 110119
That's reasonable.

>I choose her with Asami for the fickle reasons of hot + hot = 2hot4me.
That also makes sense.

For what it's worth, Korra's kind of the opposite of Katara in that she doesn't hold grudges. Look at how quick she was to sympathize with Tahno (or Tarrlok in his jail cell, for that matter).
>> No. 110120
Nope, no dice. Having a warm personality is not enough to overcome the incredible fucked-up-edness of falling for the slimy, manipulative, power-grubbing politician who is also a bloodbender.
>> No. 110128
I heard the in the 3rd comics bridging the original series George is still together but Maiko is split up.
Also heard that Mike and Bryan are actually really loving the idea of Zuki.

This is all hearsay though.
>> No. 110129

I really doubt that. Maiko's broken up for now, but they'll probably get back together in a later comic once Zuko figures out his shit again. I've read part 3, and there's absolutely no Zuki subtext (there wasn't even any in part 2, just people blowing shit out of proportion), and Sokka/Suki is going strong in it.

And really, it'd just be plain weird to develop Maiko and Sokka/Suki so much in the original series, but then just throw together Zuko and Suki in a side comic only a portion of ATLA viewers are even going to read.
>> No. 110131
File 134871293488.jpg - (234.80KB , 900x1596 , 1348707894015.jpg )
Avatar shipping, summarized.
>> No. 110132
>Amon/Noatok has his Lieutenant - yet the former is dead anyway.
I wonder if Lieumon was more or less popular before the break up.
>> No. 110140
Suki talking about she thinks Zuko is lonely hints to Zuki about as much as their scene from Part Two, though that's not saying much. Still enough to give fuel for some jokes about Zuki.
>> No. 110158
I'm pretty S.S. Lieumon didn't really set sail until the finale when Lieu's trust was broken. Because suddenly he wasn't just that lackey of Amon's; He was the guy who was supposed to know more about Amonthan any other Equalist.
>> No. 110166
>Tokka being stabbed
>in The Promise

I don't get it? The Promise was great for tokka scenes even if they were all platonic, it's just fun to see those two characters together.
>> No. 110168
File 134883228660.jpg - (39.44KB , 400x300 , zutara.jpg )
>Take two people who absolutely hate each other and have had generally awful experiences with one another and then say they make a great couple because whateverfuckreason
>> No. 110170
Remember when Han tried to decapitate Leia on the spot? How about that thime when Leia thought Han was helpless and almost executed him?
>> No. 110172
>self-insert logic

From which perspective?

I like the pairing but I don't feel any kind of strong connection to either character.
Tarrlok just happens to be the most interesting male character, with an actual arc to me. That's the main thing about pairings: If the situations that arise out of sticking these two peope together are boring, that's a no-go for me.

And fuck, that makes for a really short list on my part...
>> No. 110174
Because Sukka was canon at the end of A:tLA, and the artist needed some way to show that it was without placing it on canon isle. The knife's there, presumably, because Suki only really came back in towards the end and thus dashed their hopes for Tokka at the last moment. It's why the knife is visible in the A:tLA panel, as well.
>> No. 110179
File 134885229750.png - (944.76KB , 1280x1707 , tumblr_m5esv1ZQ4p1qfrrfso1_1280.png )
>> No. 110188
File 134887422692.png - (381.67KB , 904x825 , tumblr_mb1kv3cLwv1r8mhvzo1_1280-1.png )
>> No. 110199
I have to agree that much of the Tarrlok/? (and Amon/?) 'shipping comes off as 'Let's Redeem The Vaguely Sympathetic Villian By Way Of Bodice Ripper Romance With People He Screwed Over.' We have seen this with Zutara already, and do not get me started with Movie!Loki fandom.

In all honestly Mako, Bolin, Random OWL Guard(s), Asami, etc would be far ahead of Tarrlok in terms of probable romantic interests for Korra.

There is an unsubtle distinction between squabbling and actual hostility. The whole trying to kill or torture or imprison thing was not an issue with Han and Leia.
>> No. 110215
>Hmm… well I think people think she and Ty Lee are in a gay relationship. It didn’t really occur to me… I don’t know. But if that’s what you want to think, that’s cool!

Not quite an endorsement, but I'm happy she acknowledges my ship exists.
>> No. 110218

Considering that was the reply to the question 'What do you think is the most misunderstood thing about Azula’s character?' , I think it's a little further away than a possible endorsement.

But hey, as fans we can skew it any way we like. Maybe she just meant they just have sex and not have a relationship? Eh? Eh?

>> No. 110219
File 134920106654.jpg - (117.25KB , 1280x1506 , tumblr_mb71jpZW8Y1r5r4kqo1_1280.jpg )

Bolin hitting on Toph, who needs timelines anyways.
>> No. 110220
Oh my god.

I need more of this RIGHT NOW. Please.
>> No. 110222
File 134922269570.gif - (508.45KB , 200x190 , tumblr_mb8uqwYBRh1rw156vo4_250.gif )
She seems to have accepted it.
>> No. 110223
File 134923398290.jpg - (146.82KB , 786x435 , tumblr_mbaeorwJL31r1nxuqo1_1280.jpg )
Oh lawd look at these photoshop skills.

>> No. 110225
Why does Toph have chest hair?
>> No. 110226
>> No. 110317
File 135061385085.png - (182.76KB , 600x817 , tumblr_m7sp05Hibp1rslpfoo1_1280.png )
>> No. 110336
File 135093984111.png - (1.14MB , 1280x1477 , tumblr_mc8cuodz5f1qfrrfso1_1280.png )
>> No. 110466
File 135181964150.png - (483.24KB , 1015x1146 , tumblr_mcs914j1UY1r8mhvzo1_1280.png )
Halloween, or unusual kinks?
>> No. 110467
Is there any Korrasami art that isn't horribly ooc?
>> No. 110468
>> No. 110469
File 135182629457.png - (1.32MB , 827x1250 , 1351825293858.png )
>> No. 110570
File 135348045312.gif - (332.24KB , 480x280 , tumblr_mdtr96tD4P1r8mhvzo1_500.gif )
>> No. 110885
File 13562099391.jpg - (927.54KB , 1280x1706 , tumblr_me4dt6ezFy1qmnzpro1_1280_png.jpg )
>> No. 110901
File 135700499532.jpg - (182.72KB , 900x780 , tumblr_mfxa84aMPa1r8dmhho1_1280_png.jpg )
>> No. 110950
File 135794267875.gif - (322.02KB , 500x375 , Zutara Animation.gif )
>> No. 110952
So is this the extent of what got done on that fan made Zutara ending?
>> No. 110957
Avatar - You're My Best Friend - Queenyoutube thumb

A video loaded with a lot of friendship moments and some romance-ship moments. More of the former than the latter, audio provided by Queen - You're My Best Friend.
>> No. 111037
File 135931546796.jpg - (76.24KB , 650x803 , kisu.jpg )
>> No. 111042
File 135958876798.jpg - (96.19KB , 1024x1086 , zutara_kiss_by_zutarart-d5t59ni.jpg )
I miss the zutarans. They kept things interesting.
>> No. 111043
File 135959313556.png - (886.29KB , 1017x833 , commission__mai_and_aang_by_alexielart-d4ffbs0-1.png )

Don't forget Zutara's complimentary ship!
>> No. 111141
File 136021720973.png - (486.79KB , 661x901 , tw__eyes_by_tametigrrr-d41kc3u.png )
>> No. 111255
File 136373706640.jpg - (137.73KB , 400x426 , 1363584770066.jpg )

That works too.

>> No. 111517
personaly i could easly see how the show was going to go just from the leading up to the point of where the masked guy and chi blockers coulda killed her but didn't and lost interest so never kept watching but before that korra looked as if could be really bad ass but meh to draging out something like they where trying to do
>> No. 111518
wrong thread but there's a reason why amon didn't just kill korra (besides the show's rating)
>> No. 114625
File 138071671672.jpg - (105.15KB , 960x540 , what_is_love.jpg )
So who here was actually hoping Eska/Bolin/Desna would be a thing? Because it's looking less and less likely that it'll really happen. Bolin just doesn't appreciate a good dom when he gets one.

I'm just hoping they don't pair up Bolin and Asami, because that whole "pair the spares" thing sucks most of the time, plus it would be awkward having Asami date Mako's brother after her failed relationship with him, among other things.
>> No. 114627
File 138072276299.jpg - (549.90KB , 1280x1813 , tumblr_mtb01hOrKD1qcapj4o1_1280.jpg )
Your thoughts, my thoughts.

I'll still enjoy my AU bubble where he's eternally her slave.
>> No. 114628
I think he'll calm down and accept Eska once he finds out how awesome the sex is. So is there smut of these two yet?
>> No. 114636
Ah, but is it enough to convince Bolin to take the 'package' *chortle-chortle-guffaw* deal?

And yes, part of me still wonders how much Eska and Desna have with Hansel & Gretel from Black Lagoon (who are prone to switch clothes/voices/identities for giggles atop the twincest thing, ICYAW)
>> No. 114637
I can see them pulling that gag if someone attempts a kidnapping at some point.
>> No. 114638
>Hansel & Gretel
My mind went to terrible, terrible places.

A pity LoK's still a kids' show, and won't ever get that messed up.
>> No. 114647
Obviously they won't be taking any big risks, since this is Nick, but I was hoping for a scene similar to the one where Toph accidentally kisses Suki. Bolin is about to kiss "Eska", then discovers his mistake. Since this would be involving two guys instead of girls, I'm sure they wouldn't actually get to do it even by accident, but an attempt would be nice.
>> No. 114740
File 138099364061.png - (505.94KB , 585x757 , tumblr_mqn5rapXeR1s4jqopo1_1280.png )
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