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File 12976334818.jpg - (221.10KB , 1024x1038 , EvaS2_Rubi.jpg )
35378 No. 35378
New thread, INB4 season 2 starts in a few days...
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>> No. 35379
15 is in zip to avoid fast detection - everything named Adamai got removed almost immiadiately after upload.

Ep1 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SUIY4XXS

Ep2 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QV5VY2DF

Ep3 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8CV2HKQQ

Ep4 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SXG8O1HT

Ep5 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VQRGOTQ9

Ep6 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Q3TRCHSW

Ep7 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=L51Q5ZOB

Ep8 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GZF5RXZA

Ep9 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YUVBBLSY

Ep10 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4JHOTUXH

Ep11 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=17RX19DW

Ep12 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZI6WZJK4

Ep13 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QOTGJSGW

Ep14 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TXBR47E5

Ep15 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YBPJ7FD1

Ep16 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WMA8MJ6H

Ep17 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VDMA92TH

Ep18 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7P4X8EKR

Ep19 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=U6UYV7G4

Ep20 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HB68R10S

Ep21 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OXYWOYUM

Ep22 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LP558KAH

Ep23 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KVG51EZZ

Ep24 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Y7SYZ7GU

Ep25 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LFUK1P5R

Ep26 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EWMS5R9C

Torrent for all those:

You can also refer to this data base: http://wakfu.thenet.sk

season 1 end-credits : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=n0srxjyg

High definition episodes (MKV softsubbed):
24 HD version: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6B5YQRIT
25 HD version: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1S9HQQX8
26 HD version (including end credits): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9A0QLX1H
>> No. 35380
01: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5YF4LXSE or http://www.mediafire.com/?67dmbhcg0q5hrgu

02: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=D62LNLO2 or http://www.mediafire.com/?6yyiix66l7wl8s7

03: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ALYUSZ6I or http://www.mediafire.com/?wj8x67ajdc5jrq0

04: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HZC54IC9 or http://www.mediafire.com/?2c740b94xe2v4f1

05: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Z0WPD255 or http://www.mediafire.com/?2r4z8x7w8iqx53b

06: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SKKWRUMD or http://www.mediafire.com/?kp0m7oi0r5rdd86

07: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=I3BBGY3I or http://www.mediafire.com/?9al46d1cdf02es5

08: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DSW54083 or http://www.mediafire.com/?huwosondn7ukkbn

09: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=71KT00UB or http://www.mediafire.com/?jtd03yavr4bbbbj

10: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LSP1S8JT or http://www.mediafire.com/?3nw257l29elxpni

11: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=U6QJC7JM or http://www.mediafire.com/?f474hcabx20gu2u

12: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=C9DU7L0W or http://www.mediafire.com/?qdpc5ct7mnw7cmd

13: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4CCETD16 or http://www.mediafire.com/?a4ur7h38qhhmwx7

14: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2KK1YJHG or http://www.mediafire.com/?ddud7goy2vy2efk

15: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EVYY20EE or http://www.mediafire.com/?8d5kdxtsi7xihhp

16: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KLPEWI77 or http://www.mediafire.com/?11t0r172lj4ot4k

17: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=44EO6C9I or http://www.mediafire.com/?o2s9acv45uc6aiz

18: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NXIYOF03 or http://www.mediafire.com/?w6udtzkmmh7zfjp

19: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=J9JOV11H or http://www.mediafire.com/?md7uv8o7xwdbboj

20: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HKZCCH79 or http://www.mediafire.com/?lr5bu3zxf725szz

21: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=E8M53UGM or http://www.mediafire.com/?didivkfi46ir2u2

22: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=V62NDBBR or http://www.mediafire.com/?rt7ubanhto9uc1g

23: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8LWZSJ95 or http://www.mediafire.com/?w4e0lkd9366b2it

24: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9EPSKJXM or http://www.mediafire.com/?icmc2g0hwccoykh
>> No. 35381
Nox special : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8S93ZVQ8

Goultard special
in MKV format : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZOICJYXH
in MP4 format : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=C8UXM17W
in AVI format : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4NSI1DO7

Season 2 opening:
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PAZ015NS or http://www.mediafire.com/?tuw0tq55hbbthu6
With French karaoke and English translation: http://www.mediafire.com/?upol7hj169yeipg

Season 2 teaser (English softsubbed): http://www.mediafire.com/?8ygx6f8ya6f5k6o

Dofus Mini Cartoon:
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6ALCRJH2 or http://www.mediafire.com/?7pi47mpwxmkodl1

The Black Raven scanlated comic : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=I3K8WH2N

Remington scanlated comic -Volume 1- : http://www.mediafire.com/?jjt3et41l48mhrl

Opening theme (long) : http://www.mediafire.com/?2mvayztz4ne
Opening theme (instrumental) : http://www.mediafire.com/?lkgttnrvrzr

Opening theme (long) clip -"Sur tes pas"-:
-Quicktime version: http://www.mediafire.com/?kxteabdk2im
-MKV version: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ELAWGWAZ
>> No. 35382
Nice essays about Yugo and the gang, by NewWakfuFan:

Fanfics (/!\Beware/!\ These are mostly adult-oriented)
- By Ginger Pally: http://cartoon.adultfanfiction.net/authors.php?no=1296885067
- By Wakfag: http://cartoon.adultfanfiction.net/authors.php?no=1296888248
- By Zabchan: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6155950/1/The_Journey_Back
>> No. 35383
>> No. 35384
Holy Cow,

I just realized!

The last Wakfu thread in /coc/ had Season 1 Evangelyne,

This one has Season 2!

>> No. 35386
Glad some one noticed it. ^^
>> No. 35387
The copypasta begins to be ridiculously long. We have gone a long way since http://plus4chan.org/boards/coc/res/11182.html#i11182

You are the greatest people ever. I wish every fandom was this awesome.
>> No. 35388
Saison 2 begins in a few days...can't wait.
>> No. 35389
File 12976374625.png - (564.79KB , 1280x1024 , 124168653424.png )
Rejoice WakFanatics!

By February 18, ITALY, will fall under the sway of this fantastic series via an Italian dub and one kickass trailer!

Wakfu Trailer Ita Dal 18 febbr…youtube thumb

On the other hand, ITALY IS GETTING THIS SERIES BY FEBRARY 18!!!! I mean, seriously, I'm glad more countries are being exposed to it, but why can't they just TEASE at working on an English dub? I understand the whole, release so it coincides with the game, idea, but dear God!

A full dub, a FULL ITALIAN DUB!!! 26 EPISODES!!!

Wakfu will be out in Japan, Korea, and the Philippines, well before the Americas at the rate things are going!

But yeah, all in all, Italian fans, expanding the fanbase further, hurrah!!!
>> No. 35390


oh, now we can expect some serious Hentai mangas , bwahahaha.


Nox only says one sentence in this trailer, and i already like his voice.
>> No. 35391
according to this :
Spain will follow soon after Italia, through Boing (an italian TV channel which has ties with CN Italia, and has a spanish subsidiary)

The bad news is : they specifically mentioned "MMORPG" for the US part distributed by SE. That means no english dub (at least not through SE) on the way, otherwise they wouldn't be so specific.
>> No. 35392
Wow, Cartoon Network? Nice. So that makes four diffrent language versions and still no english dub in sight. Bummer. However, the fact that Wakfu will be broadcasted on CN in Italy gives hope that we'll see an English version pretty soon. I hope that USA will get to watch Wakfu before season 2 starts in Poland (October).

Also "Enter the legend" sounds cool in Italian. ;)
>> No. 35393
File 12976493417.jpg - (207.60KB , 655x557 , 1296523672156.jpg )
>Wakfu will be out in Japan
>> No. 35394
Where are the subtitles on those individual episodes? Do I just have to torrent to get them or am I doing something wrong?
>> No. 35395
They're generally softsubbed; check around a bit to find a good way to play such things (I generally use MPC with the CCCP installed).

>> No. 35396
File 12976543282.jpg - (249.64KB , 544x938 , 1297647734464.jpg )

Y'know what could make me forgive the universe for all this dubfoolery?

A small Ankama-Valve collaboration that provides Wakfu themed maps and skins for PORTAL.

With Yugo's hands replacing the gun.

I don't know, I just thought that'd be cool...
>> No. 35397
...That wouldn't be cool. That would be The Coolest.
>> No. 35398
Hey guys, I talked with /tg/ about the Wakfu TCG and it sparked some interest. Although I don't play TCGs myself, we decided to start translating the cards and building an interface like those that have been made for Magic: The Gathering.

Got a few pages started on the wiki, but my question is: should we discuss that in this thread or make a separate project thread? I kind of feel this thread should be reserved for subbing and general discussion, but you tell me.
>> No. 35400
Episodes 18 and 19 dont work! All I get when i play em is one big green screen. Still have audio, but thats it.

Any ideas?
>> No. 35401
What software are you using? I can't help you myself, but that info will help others help you. Most people seem to recommend Media Player Classic, if you're not already using that one. Also check Deafdefiler's post above about the CCCP.
>> No. 35402

That's exactly what im using. Ive checked all the other eps i got (just downloaded 26), and they work fine. Its just those two that are giving me trouble :(
>> No. 35403

The CCCP and Windows Classic, that is.
>> No. 35404
Then you might wanna try with VLC. I've never used .mkv files myself (watched without subs), but usually it can play most formats. As a last resort, since I don't think anyone else is around tonight, WMP is worth a try.
>> No. 35405

Tried VLC, works just fine. Thank you sir.
>> No. 35406
Glad I could be of service, enjoy the show :)
>> No. 35407
>I kind of feel this thread should be reserved for subbing and general discussion
I feel the same.
Discussing both TCG and upcoming season 2 episodes in the same thread would end up in quite a mess IMO.

>Wakfu will be out in Japan
Most likely, since Ankama have opened their own studio in Japan.
>> No. 35408
just watched the goultard special and i'm a bit confused as to how he looks by the end of it and how he appeared in the first series of wakfu. anyone know where i can get some info on that?
>> No. 35409

Ugh, that reminds me I still need to write that crossover.

>But You Will Be Baked. And Then There Will Be Brioche. ~whirr-click!~
>> No. 35410
just a little thought...

This show is good , so i think it should not have more than 2 season, when season 2 ends they should focus on Dofus cartoon; "prequel" to wakfu. and it also shouldn't have more than 2 seasons.

imho it will ruin the experience
>> No. 35411
I think that we talked it to death already, check the previous thread for answers. CTRL + F "Goultard". What you'll find should explain everything to you.
>> No. 35413
You know you could just use our wiki for a translated TCG project?
>> No. 35415
I know, I've already created a few pages. But we'll need some place to discuss as well. And that will be there:
>> No. 35438
Anyone else having a problem with 21? I'm trying to catch up before the new season and the subtitles are something like 1pt. They've worked fine for the past 20 episodes, using VLC.
>> No. 35440
Switch to Media Player Classic.

VLC has problems with episode 21, for some reason.
>> No. 35441
They flat-out don't work in WMP. I need to update my codecs. I saw a link to cccp-net or something similar, but I lost the link because the thread it was on hit bump limit and autosaged.
>> No. 35442
Dude, read my post. Not WMP, but MPC.
>> No. 35443
Oh. Boy, I sure do feel retarded.

Just downloaded it, they don't work in MPC either. Black screen.

I have Windows XP. It's like we're really in 2004.
>> No. 35444
So do I. And it all works fine. Hmm.


Try this.
>> No. 35453
File 129772904837.jpg - (111.20KB , 750x750 , valentines tristepinlo.jpg )
this still the place for wakfu fanart? I sure hope so. happy cute things and overpriced tacky gift day, /coc
>> No. 35455
I've found a way to make a patch to fix the subs for episode 21.

Get the patch here: http://www.mediafire.com/?y8ks033gsub19om

Extract what's in the .zip file, and follow the instructions of the (Readme).
You'll get a "V2" of the episode which should play properly with VLC.
>> No. 35457
File 129773037157.jpg - (181.36KB , 628x850 , 1297729519328.jpg )
>> No. 35459
D'aaaw, thank you <3
>> No. 35460
File 129773069475.jpg - (404.18KB , 1187x811 , 1297726458210.jpg )
one of the /co/ drawgafs is currently on fire
>> No. 35461
File 129773072689.jpg - (318.79KB , 866x725 , 1297663146931.jpg )
>> No. 35462
File 12977307854.jpg - (388.10KB , 1405x786 , 1297661266901.jpg )
if Yugo had won the fight ...
>> No. 35463
Anyone else notice that her hair got longer?

I just thought that was something to note.
>> No. 35467
File 129773350878.jpg - (332.78KB , 2008x916 , 1297733039944.jpg )
Don't open this picture just yet.

Do you remember 'Draw With Me'?

If not, then please watch this video:

Draw with Me (Update)youtube thumb

If you have (or after you've watched the above video), open this picture,
And be free!

You know Yugo would totally have done this if he were there.

God Bless you cranberrytime, and may your artistic energies never cool!
>> No. 35471
dammit! i wanted to do something like that but never could quite do the concept justice. *slow clap* well played, fellow drawfag, well played.
>> No. 35473
File 129773878737.jpg - (91.72KB , 750x750 , tristeva__leap_by_zabchan-d39kocq.jpg )
today seems a good day for fanart. must be something in the air...
>> No. 35474
I went back to the other thread to read that part about Goultard, and something caught my attention. I'm going to use spoilers to be on the safe side, although it's just a theory and doesn't have any influence on the series as far as I can tell.

Someone said that it was Goultard that created the Order of the Shushu sometime between his mishap with the demon thing and the timeline of Wakfu. So my theory is the following, and perhaps someone had already about something like this before: I get the feeling that Goultard actually created the process of trapping demons inside objects, and thus created Shushus as we know them. That would be the way he found to rid himself of the demon possessing him, and makes a lot of sense if you consider that it's another form of possession and that Rubilax has a true form outside the sword (or host body).

Although Tristepin's ineptitude should weigh in on that argument, it also supports the fact that Goultard knows how to release Rubilax from the sword. To some extent, this shows that he has a great knowledge and control over Shushus, although we are not told how widespread that knowledge/mastery is).

So yeah basically that doesn't change anything to the story, but I think it's rather cool if that proves to be right. Has anyone thought about this before? Also feel free to call me Captain Obvious if this was already the general assumption or was also mentioned in whatever medium his backstory appeared.
>> No. 35475
i could support this theory. seems plausible. until someone who's had access/read source material totally debunks it -.-

this is why we need that dofus bazaar manga scanlated, if i'm not mistaken it has all the info about how goultard met rubilax and even a small dose of pinpin as a boy. *shouta senses tingling*
>> No. 35476
I had a look around and it definitely has something about Pinpin and Goultard's first encounter. Didn't see anything about Rubilax however, and nothing that even hinted at an existing scan.
>> No. 35477
File 129774590575.jpg - (95.67KB , 792x481 , rubilax in goultard manga.jpg )
behold, rubilax.

this was taken from the preview pages of the bazaar manga on the ankama store page.
>> No. 35478
Okay, I've been reading a bit on some forums (God these kids write horribly, so horribly...) and it would seem that my theory does not stand.

Apparently although the way he acquired Rubilax doesn't seem to be exactly certain, it is pretty clear that he did not create it. The "Les Shushus de Rushu" manga also looks like it could debunk my theory but I didn't get much info about the actual story and its implications. Generally speaking, it's mostly that the whole Shushu concept seems unrelated to Goultard's story or at least doesn't seem to originate from him.
I could say it's not impossible, but I will consider the myth busted.
>> No. 35479
File 129775078923.png - (227.64KB , 640x523 , proof.png )
Guys, I feel like a horrible person. I was checking the /tg/ archives on EasyModo and there was a thread from this afternoon with a beta key, that had probably been janitor'd within a few minutes. I was curious and, well, the key actually worked.

I feel like an asshole now because I had no intention of playing this and I got a key pratically handed to me, while I'm sure several of you have been hoping to get one, without luck. Now I don't exactly intend to give my account away to someone, but if anyone's interested in getting screenshots of something in particular, or would like to try and convince me to give them my account, just drop by my Talk page on the wiki and I'll see what I can do:

I'm fairly busy this week, however, so I don't think I'll get to try things out much before next week.
>> No. 35482
File 129777400852.jpg - (226.09KB , 742x556 , image 70.jpg )
Well, well, well...
>> No. 35483
File 129777404492.jpg - (204.95KB , 742x556 , image 73.jpg )
...what have we here.
>> No. 35484
may I ask the source of these ?
>> No. 35486

Seems that Les Gardiens will have a second season!

So not all Eliatropes died. Joy!
>> No. 35487
Don't cheer too fast. They also said it would take place in a different time period, probably before the events with N.
That doesn't mean that none of them could have survived, just that you can't draw conclusions from the existence of a second season.
>> No. 35488
File 129778443720.jpg - (105.27KB , 309x792 , 1297780461507.jpg )
Yay, the ratings have brought them back from the dead!

If only that worked with everyone...

Pic isn't mine, some artist on /co/, thought you'd like to see it.
>> No. 35489
>They also said it would take place in a different time period
>probably before the events with N.
Nope, it really takes place after the destruction of Emrub on the several splinters of the island.

Also with Baltazar and his "protection" now gone, they begin to age as you can see at the two characters.
>> No. 35490
My bad, the info I had was from december, seems they changed their mind.
I've skimmed the forums and it seems it will take place 3 years after the N events.
>> No. 35492
So the dragon is dead? Huh.

If it turns out that the destruction of Emrub will, in the long run, actually help the remaining Eliatropes with rebuilding their civilization, then know that I totally called it. But mabe it's just my troll senses getting paranoid because of Ankama.
>> No. 35493
File 12977864693.png - (484.70KB , 826x1123 , image 791.png )
>> No. 35494
File 129779511229.png - (64.22KB , 204x504 , Screen shot 2011-02-15 at 1_09_18 PM.png )
make of it what you will. i think the paint fumes from next store may have something to do with it.
>> No. 35496
Haha, awesome! Is that what The Legend looks like?
>> No. 35497
It must be a very classy place. A gentleman's club apparently. I'd like to enter "The Legend", but my social status is much to low and the butler won't let me in because of it.

I swear, those paint fumes are everywhere.
>> No. 35499
File 12978060368.jpg - (80.59KB , 276x193 , Ogrest-preview.jpg )
Fresh news about the first Wakfu season 2 special!
For those who wouldn't remember or wouldn't know yet, France 3 has ordered Ankama three special Wakfu episodes of around 50 minutes each; in addition to the 26 episodes of season 2.

The first one will be "Ogrest: La Légende" (Ogrest: The Legend).
It's supposed to make the link between Dofus and Wakfu, telling the story of Ogrest and the chaos he caused.

This episode is made by Ankama Japan, just like the Nox special. However the director and lead animator are different, so don't expect the same "unique" chara design! ^^

It will air on April 23rd.
>> No. 35502
File 129780713481.png - (221.22KB , 433x451 , image 192.png )
>"We have activated a few accounts for the closed beta phase of Les Gardiens 2"
Dear lord please...

>"Connecting to server..."
>"Connection accepted..."
Fuck yeah

>"Please choose a server"
There are none

>> No. 35503
File 129780717162.png - (290.36KB , 911x493 , Picture 12.png )
>> No. 35505

This is so awesome I lack words. Does it mean, that we'll witness Ogrest beating the crap out of the gods? Wow. Just wow.

At least we already know that there's no happy ending to that story, so we won't get traumatized (yeah, right). But still - DAMN. I'd love to see how all those things I've only read about happened in detail.

This also made me think: could it be, that one of the specials will be about Goultard? It seems probable at this point.
>> No. 35506
>could it be, that one of the specials will be about Goultard?
It'd be great if they could tell how Goultard the Cursed finally became Grovy's master.
>> No. 35507
Oh my, that is awesome. I didn't know about the three specials and having one about Goultard would definitely make sense, especially if they keep with the "important background characters" theme. A bit wary about the Japanese animation (didn't like the visual aspect of the Nox special), but looking forward to it nonetheless, especially since we don't know who's drawing this time.

Haha! Oh well at least you *will* be in ^^
So what is Les Gardiens anyway? Is it online? A kind of Dofus extension? Or a stand-alone RPG?
>> No. 35509
Actually they mention Hiroshi Shimizu (Michiko & Hatchin) as being the character designer.
The director is Atsushi Takahashi (Ride Back) from Madhouse studio.
>> No. 35526
File 129782758281.jpg - (418.77KB , 1216x845 , photo.jpg )
You know what I'd like to see from Season 2?

You know what I know we'd all like to see, despite it perhaps clashing with canon and the narrative?

A simple cameo, and two lines of dialogue.

(Yugo bumps into a stranger as he walks)
Yugo: Excuse-moi!

Stranger: Pardon.

Read that? Good. Now click on the image.

That at least, I'd like to see.

It would forever confirm Ankama for god-tier tease!

(pic courtesy of cranberrytime.)
>> No. 35534
does cranberrytime have a DA account or a repository of their work i could check out?
>> No. 35535
Sadly, none that I am aware of.

He's recently taken up his old nom d'art again, so he should be easier to find on the forums.

But if I find anything out, I'll be sure to let ya know.
>> No. 35539
Music from Les Gardiens 2.
As far as I can tell, there's mostly new themes.
As always, low quality because LOL FLASH GAME.


NOW! THIS is AWESOME. Can't wait.
>> No. 35541
File 129785685924.png - (31.91KB , 449x847 , 1297121944925.png )
i sure as hell would like to see some kind of cameo!

Also, any news about the 2nd remmington comic?
>> No. 35543
File 129786868279.png - (10.71KB , 192x146 , ohshitnox.png )
Guys... I don't think it's safe to use VLC anymore... (pic related)

>> No. 35545

Wakfu: Les Gardiens 2 - Fight!youtube thumb

Wakfu: Les Gardiens 2 - Eleganceyoutube thumb

Wakfu: Les Gardiens 2 - Sentenceyoutube thumb
>> No. 35549

this music gives me a vibe, W:LG2 might be a more serious game.
>> No. 35556
File 129789578543.jpg - (82.70KB , 1105x841 , ankama_happy_ending.jpg )
>mfw dem guitar riffs
>> No. 35558
>A bit wary about the Japanese animation (didn't like the visual aspect of the Nox special), but looking forward to it nonetheless, especially since we don't know who's drawing this time.

Kenny said it would be made by Ankama Japan. They're the sister company to Ankama and they did the animation for a few season 1 episodes (episode 22 I think), so we can expect that the animation will probably be in line with the rest of the series.

The Nox special was made by MADHOUSE, which is why the animation was so different.
>> No. 35560
Man, I hope we get more of the Nox Special styled animation for Wakfu. I would die happy if the entire series was done in that style.

Not that I don't absolutely love Ankama's animation. Hell, Tristepin and Eva's dancing scene is what got me into Wakfu in the first place.
>> No. 35562
One thing I never get was in the last episode, Nox asking what's under Yugo's hat and Yugo kinda flipping out over it.

Anyway, here's porn: http://ompldr.org/vN2RldA
>> No. 35564
Yeah, and now everyone wants to know as well. Go figure.
>> No. 35565
Just Ankama trolling us, you'll get used to it after a while
>> No. 35570
File 129798632162.png - (357.96KB , 896x504 , mind blown.png )
Yesterday, someone on 4chan probably found the character that inspired Nox (at least partially) :

>Movie : Pi by Darren Aronofsky
Series : Wakfu by Ankama

>The main character is a brilliant mathematician called Maximilian Cohen, but his friends call him "Max"
The main villain is a brilliant clockmaker called Noximilien Coxen, but the world call him "Nox"

>one day, he accidentally discovers a mysterious string of numbers that (among other things) would gives him the power to predict the evolution of stock echange rates.
one day, he accidentally discovers a mysterious cube-shaped artifact that (among other things) gives him the power to manipulate energies and increase his magical skills.

>but he becomes more and more obsessed with his discovery and neglects everything else in his life, slowly crossing the edge of madness, despite the attempts of his best friend to warn and stop him.
but he becomes more and more obsessed with his discovery and neglects everything else in his life, slowly crossing the edge of madness, despite the attempts of his wife to warn and stop him.

>he eventually becomes aware that he had been tinkering with things too big for him and his only way out is to let go of his past life through an extreme act (trepanning)
he eventually becomes aware that he had been tinkering with things too big for him and his only way out is to let go of his past life through an extreme act (letting himself die)

>> No. 35571
As soon as I saw the two names match up, I knew it was right. Why didn't we see this sooner?
>> No. 35575

Except the whole thing is pure BS unless A) Nox was named Coxen somewhere (it's not in the credits of Wakfu or Nox Special) and B) someone in Ankama is fan of Pi mad enough to make 26 episode fanfic about Jewish mathematicial that didn't do most of these things claimed in the post he did, really.

You can find more similarities between Nox and Vader, for Ecaflip's sake.

On a side note, who else is afraid newest Flash Cartoon superstar will take all fans and encoders from Wakfu? :P
>> No. 35576
File 129804234385.jpg - (9.14KB , 252x252 , 4175801.jpg )


I just bought the Masquemane for the comic, and went to check the class in game.

If they port it to Wakfu with the same versatility it have now, it will be AWESOME. The class probably got the trashiest damage dealing I've ever seen (I'm currently 20) but I'm having a blast a blast with it.

Enemy too close? REINFORCE. NOPE.
Enemy locking your ally? PICADA. NOPE.
Enemy about to kill an ally? NOPE. TORTORUGA.
Enemy locking you? NOPE. COWARD.
Enemy running? NOPE. BLING.

I just hope they didn't put it so good early to nerf later on, hell even it's soft caps (all stats are 100 and vit/wis are the normal ones) are good.

Roublards on the other hand are meh, kinda makes me feel bad because I thought Remigton was badass.
>> No. 35577
And the best of all, the spell levels don't really give any needed ridiculous bonus to make a spell useful (2 attacks, super crit rating, etc), it just makes them more versatile (a little more range, lock, damage, etc), so even if you don't level a spell, it can still be useful.
>> No. 35578
> Noximilien Coxen ! Un horloger devrait pourtant savoir qu'il ne faut pas être en retard avec ses dettes !
> Noximilien l'Horloger, 6'40''

On a related note, I think I saw a Gobball humping a Gobblette last night in Wakfu. That or playing leapfrog in a very weird way then falling over, exhausted.
Goddamn, Ankama.
>> No. 35580
>Except the whole thing is pure BS unless A) Nox was named Coxen somewhere (it's not in the credits of Wakfu or Nox Special)
You didn't really watch the special did you ?
>> No. 35581

No, those Gobbals have some crazy sex

I think if you watch any Gobbal/Gobblette for more than five minutes they'll start banging

Tofu's do it too
>> No. 35582
Just watched the Nox origin story. Fucking sad.

Also, nice hips on his wife. And boobs.
>> No. 35583

I like Dofus, but i didn't like the fact that playing it WITHOUT subscription gets you so much locked in terms of regions, classes or what else.

It blocked my enthusiasm to play further in the game ( i played these cats player-warriors, fun class ). But i plan on subscribing to Wakfu MMO. Its only 5 euros a month anyway. :3
>> No. 35584
That's what, $30 American? Not sure I can afford it.
>> No. 35585
5.00 € is 6.84 $ as of today's exchange rate.
>> No. 35586
>> No. 35588
File 129806273159.jpg - (67.26KB , 640x357 , Ruel_Kamas.jpg )
The Euro is strong, but not that strong... ^^
>> No. 35590
File 129806912835.jpg - (62.43KB , 1199x437 , this is so fucking ridiculous im not even kidding.jpg )

fucking god damn it
>> No. 35591
File 129806989140.jpg - (135.08KB , 579x530 , forkids.jpg )
>On a related note, I think I saw a Gobball humping a Gobblette last night in Wakfu. That or playing leapfrog in a very weird way then falling over, exhausted.
>Goddamn, Ankama.
>> No. 35592
Meh, I'd still rather have this than the semi-porn clips of half of today's artists.
>> No. 35593
If you want to be in the beta and still don't have a key, there's another chance to get one.

1) Visit this page: http://concours.jeuxonline.info/concours/174
2) Scroll down to the button that says something like 'Etape 1/3 (...)' and click on it
3) Choose 'Oui!' and enter your e-mail. Don't forget to press the buttons until you reached 3/3.
4) Wait for your e-mail, I got mine directly after entering. The first code they give you is the beta key. If you want to compare:
"Félicitation !

Tu as remporté une clef grâce à notre jeu-concours 1000 invitations au bêta-test de Wakfu !

Ta clef est : B8V5JJQ37MN9****"

5) Login here: https://account.ankama.com/
6) Enter your key here: https://code.ankama.com/
7) Now choose your operating system
8) Login and download this shit

And yes, the keys are limited. Only around 700 left or so.
>> No. 35596
if you notice, after that game of 'leapfrog' the Gobballs essence is restored, meaning you can harvest another Gobball seed from it.
>> No. 35597
Hey, so, I sent these links to a pal of mine and he says they aren't working.

That web database of the links ain't working very well either. I'm doing a double check now but if we could get a third check, that would be best.

They might have gotten Cease and Desisted
>> No. 35598
Say, any chance of you uploading the whole comic?
>> No. 35599
Oh man. That is SO wrong...
>> No. 35600
did he check with the Eu install or the NA install ?
Jeux-Online being a french website (and the almost-official forum of the Dofus community) their keys are probably linked to the Tiva-EU server.
>> No. 35601
does /co/ have a guild on wakfu?
>> No. 35602
File 12980920544.png - (507.87KB , 561x726 , best way to travel.png )
If they do, I would love to join it! MMO's are kind of boring to me if I don't have friends/people to play along with.
>> No. 35603
File 129811330086.jpg - (161.35KB , 595x784 , dvd_wakfu_s2_news_fev_2011.jpg )
Well friends, all good things must come to an end, and that includes The YuGang papers. But hey, I've still got one last article to finish, and it's a doozy: A Three Parter (around 6000 words!) detailing the Life, Love, and Legend of one Sir Sadlygrove Percival.

Until then, to tide you over, the latest of the analyses, one that takes a look at an old man whose story concludes in Season 1 (not a bad thing):

Ruel Stroud- The Mighty Miser (1)

Ruel Stroud - The Real Enutrof Blues (2)

and one that regards a boy whose story...hasn't really started yet:

Adamai - The ForeShadow Of Things To Come

Make sure to leave a comment to tell me what you thought!

BTW, See the pic? There's one missing, and There's one left to go...
>> No. 35604
The first italian dubbed episode aired yesterday. Any italianfag has seen it and could comment the cast for us ?
>> No. 35606
Titles of the first two episodes have been leaked :
S2 - E01 : Monsters and Chimeras
S2 - E02 : Rubilaxia

(source http://www.programme-tv.com/television/41681051/Samedi-Ludo.html
http://www.programme-tv.com/television/41898412/Samedi-Ludo.html )
>> No. 35610
I didn't get my key from Jeux-Online, but I don't remember seeing an option regarding servers. My only choice is Tiva EU (and I'm in Canada).
>> No. 35611
Mini Wakfu 25 script.
Raw @ http://www.ankama.com/fr/207-video-mini-wakfu/5667-mission-impossible-mini-wakfu-episode-25
If you don't provide proof reading, Mini-Razortime will cry!

-Title: Well, I don't think it needs any translation...

- Nox: There we are at last! Years of evil mental arithmetics, additions, substractions, and even multiplications are finally going to bear fruit!
- Razortime: Oh, cute little noxine.
- Nox: For Xelor's needles' sake, what are you doing?!
- Razortime: Daddy!!
- Nox: What is your mission?
- Razortime: Er... To tidy up my room?
- Nox: No! To destroy! To destroy everything!
- Razortime: Er... To destroy? Why? What is "to destroy"?
- Underling: Yes master?
- Nox: You wanna see what "to destroy" is? Look carefully, I'm gonna show you... THIS is "to destroy"!
- Razortime: You are so sweet, little noxine.
- Nox: And THAT is "to destroy" too!
- Razortime: You're so kind daddy, I love you!
- Nox: You leave me no choice, I'm gonna put you back on track.
- Razortime: Destroy everything!
- Nox: That's it finally! I'm proud of you sonny.
>> No. 35612
I just looked into the achievements and noticed that Ankama once again couldn't resist their habit of bad puns and references.

The achievements are named after games but I couldn't find out all of them. If someone could help I'd appreciate it.

Super Kano Smash Boulz - Super Mario Smash Bros.
Incarnam Asylum - Arkham Asylum
Attention a la Marche - ?
Zone of the Beginners - ?
La flaque protocole - Alpha Protocol
Metal gratte solide - Metal Gear Solid
Left 4 bread - Left 4 Dead
External sonata - Eternal Sonata
Mines bornes - ?
The legend of Kelba: The Windmaker - The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker
Star de Craft - StarCraft
Trackmakna - Trackmania
Tsar Fox - StarFox
Gold of war - God of War
Catch Princess - ?
Peak fighter - Street Fighter
Tribal poursuite - Trivial Pursuite
Boufto sky takachie - ?
Resident debile - Resident Evil
Donjon qui beurre - ?
Kroa - ?
Assassin's Queen - Assassins Creed
Cooking mimi - Cooking Mama
A boy and his Gelute
>> No. 35613
There is...
Mines bornes - Mille bornes (look it up)
Donjon qui beurre - Dungeon Keeper (hahaha oh wow)

Those two might be just that, a reference to what they are about:
Attention a la Marche - since you get it when you get thrown off of Incarnam
Zone of the Beginners - obviously
>> No. 35614
Oh and probably A Boy and His Blob for the last one, though I'd never heard of it before.
>> No. 35615
Zone of beginners probably zone of enders
>> No. 35616
File 129814424320.jpg - (136.52KB , 643x504 , 1296523672154.jpg )
>Donjon qui beurre - Dungeon Keeper
>Zone of the Beginners - Zone of Enders

Thanks, these were indeed obvious. Seems my brain didn't really want to work today.
>> No. 35617
File 12981446265.jpg - (81.26KB , 768x825 , 1298076459224.jpg )
Groovy is deaaad.
>> No. 35618
File 129814884160.png - (204.52KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-1962298.png )
as much as the grovy fangirl in me is screaming Noooooooooooo...this is pretty sweet concept art and not out of the realm of possibility that either someone creates a nightmare illusion of grovy to torment the YuGang with or rezzes him for nefarious purposes.

where did pic come from? i is interested in seeing what else this artist has to offer.
>> No. 35619
File 129814945617.jpg - (278.74KB , 993x968 , 800px-Gnarogrim.jpg )
Sadly I don't have an artist as it was posted anonymous.

Next up teenage Yugo.
>> No. 35620
File 12981495413.jpg - (501.16KB , 900x900 , 1298022184716.jpg )
...and with Adamaï (?)
>> No. 35621
oh god, dat rapeface...
>> No. 35622
File 129815002141.gif - (927.41KB , 320x240 , groovy.gif )

... sorry, couldn't resist in that undead context.
>> No. 35623
File 129815284660.jpg - (58.94KB , 700x390 , Eva_saison2_02.jpg )
Some news coming from Catsuka, a French site dedicated to animation:

-We were basically expecting 2 movies from Ankama: a Dofus one and a Wakfu one. Looks like we'll actually get 2 trilogies.
Yup! That makes 6 movies!

-If the Wakfu movies will be made in Flash just like the series, the Dofus movies will use traditionnal 2D animation. A big part of the team working on them took part in Lascars the movie.

-About Dofus the series: it's co-directed by Eunyoung Choi, and co-written by Masaaki Yuasa, the guys who made the Nox Special.
>> No. 35624

>S2 - E02 : Rubilaxia

Eva + Rubilax = ???
>> No. 35625
If this all proves true..
I'll be in my bunk
>> No. 35626
did anyone recorded italian version of wakfu ep 01 ?

i'd like to hear those funny voices
>> No. 35627
>Eva + Rubilax = ???
see >>35457 and >>35460

sorce for those interested (last post by Tsuka) :
>> No. 35628
Seconding, oh pretty please?
>> No. 35629
there's a video on CN's italian website, but it's blocked for countries outside Italia, so I can't tell if it's just a trailer or the actual episode. Can someone from Italia (or who can handle proxy magic) tell us more ?

>> No. 35630
Say, I've been trying out Wakfu in between work and stuff, and there are two things that have been bothering me.

1. Are there quests or anything to do besides farming/exping? If so, where are they?

2. Isn't there any NPC that buys and sells stuff? If so, where is he? Without any quest or means to sell drops other than personal shops, I'm stuck at an impressive 0 kama with no idea why I'm playing,
>> No. 35631
there are dungeons, and from what i hear you have to try your best to sell to others. also you can make you own kamas
>> No. 35632
under "achievements" there are quests listed. The prizes are all things for you gemilin, though.
>> No. 35633
The only things that are vaguely related to "quests" are the achievements, and the challenges in wild areas.
You won't find any NPC besides the guardian of each area, it's part of the "player run" policy of the game. Players have to make their own money, as explained in the first minute of the tutorial.
>> No. 35634
Is season 2 still on track for 28th release?

Anything a lowly no-one like me can do to help the cause?
>> No. 35635
Okay. I have yet to find the NPC that'll teach me to mine ore, but I guess I'll look into that.

Yeah, and killing 1000 whatever-it-was really is more of an achievement than a quest in my opinion =/
>> No. 35636
File 129822267180.png - (1.05MB , 1178x579 , holey_forest_clan.png )
>I have yet to find the NPC that'll teach me to mine ore
>> No. 35637
Thank ye. Haven't played much yet, so didn't get that far. Still not done with work, but perhaps I'll be free tonight at last.
>> No. 35638
Is there a thread somewhere around here for the Wakfu game?
Because I just started like last night and I'm pretty much wandering around, alone.
>> No. 35639
I'm on Tiva with an Iop named Avixi, someone say hi.
>> No. 35641
I thought it was supposed to be released today?!
>> No. 35642
S2E1 will be aired 26th and the subs to be expected on the 28th.

Cardinal Lv. 10 Eniripsa Amakna on Tiva-EU.
>> No. 35643
Ploth Forchan, lvl 5 Cra, same and only server. Gonna hop on for a few minutes before I get back to work.
>> No. 35644
Can we keep this thread Series-related ? It's already pretty bloated between subjects like translation/subbing, fanarts, general news, random discussions ....

There's a perfectly healthy thread on /cog/ for everyone to gather in the beta :
>> No. 35648
>If you don't provide proof reading, Mini-Razortime will cry!
We wouldn't like that, would we? Wow, that script really got lost in the discussion.

All seems fine, just re-order the last line to this:
>- Nox: Finally, that's it! (...)
And you're ready to go.
>> No. 35649
>the Dofus movies will use traditionnal 2D animation. A big part of the team working on them took part in Lascars the movie.

Mother of god...
>> No. 35652
Is it me, or is Ankama animation department getting really, REALLY massive? At this rate, in a few years they can be one of the biggest studios in Europe, granted their further works will be successful.

I keep my fingers crossed for those guys.
>> No. 35653
I think it is interesting how they started with three guys as a web & marketing agency. And today? An animation studio, two game studios, an online shop, a press and a comic/manga publisher...
>> No. 35654
Well, I got a key. I suspected the site might hang on to my mail address and send me surveys later, so I used http://10minutemail.com/10MinuteMail/index.html

Downloaded, installed, now updating.
>> No. 35657
File 129826800058.jpg - (253.70KB , 829x776 , 1298248466671.jpg )
To hopefully tide you over until the penultimate Mini-Wakfu/Season 2 premiere/release of the Sadidas in the closed beta, here's a bit of light reading that I originally posted on 4chan:

Eva: Rubilax, wake up! It's time for action!

Rubilax: (wakes up) Whuh-ur? Oh, it's you, and I see you still have that stupid haircut.

Eva: Get serious Ruby, this isn't the time for this!

Rubilax: Sorry eMANgelyne. I just don't feel like fighting today!

Eva: WHAT?! You're a sword! You were created to fight!

Rubilax: Correction little Cra, I'm an ELITE demon living-.

Eva: -Trapped.

Rubilax: Shut it. -In a blade. Which you would know if you were a proper Shushu guardian! Though I may be persuaded to help a common waif such as yourself for a little incentive...

Eva(sighs): Do I Have to?

Rubilax: it'll cover up your ridiculous top you whiny little Cra, now do it!

Eva rushes into battle, Rubilax unleashed and with a large orange wig on her head.

Eva: You know, it's okay to say you miss him.

Rubilax: Just shut up and hit something Pipoun, I mean, eMANgelyne!
>> No. 35661
Guys! Guys! You know what happens in 5 days?!

Episode 17 of Flash-based My Little Pony airs! :D

Oh, and I guess there also will be something with that other flash cartoon, but I forgot how it was called in that long gap :P
>> No. 35662
File 129830434264.jpg - (137.16KB , 883x800 , MW 25b.jpg )
And it's this time again... Razortime, y'know!

Mini Wakfu 25 English Softsubbed:
MU: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BRE83ZNZ
MF: http://www.mediafire.com/?74z64136rrw9oj3

Raw: http://www.mediafire.com/?aa3dbu632z03uud

Watch out for diabetus...
>> No. 35663
We have to get prepared. Ponies will be a terrible opponent to face. Many of us may fall, unable resist their pretty manes, big shiny eyes and colorful cutie marks. But we shall pull through, we MUST pull through. No matter how hard they will clap those silly hooves, next Saturday is the day we're starting to take over.

Let's make THEM enter the legend.
>> No. 35664
I will make sure they GO DOWN in history.
>> No. 35665
>is Ankama animation department getting really, REALLY massive?
It sure is.
BTW, Ankama animation department now has 3 branches:
- The main one in Roubaix (northen France), where Wakfu is done
- One in Paris, which is in charge of the Dofus movie at the moment
- One in Japan, which will deliver soon the Ogrest special.
>> No. 35666
File 129830524755.jpg - (170.29KB , 908x635 , no_pony_for_old_men.jpg )
We will show no mercy for ponies!
>> No. 35667
File 129830889297.jpg - (20.96KB , 200x200 , solide_schlange_reaktions_bild.jpg )
>Many of us may fall
>> No. 35668
lol'd, would lol again.
>> No. 35669
Success !
Wakfu Ep 01 - Italian Dub
part 1 : Wakfu 01 il bambino della nebbia (parte 1)youtube thumb
part 2 : Wakfu 01 il bambino della nebbia (parte 2)youtube thumb
>> No. 35670
File 129831549122.jpg - (62.23KB , 956x254 , rage.jpg )
>mfw opening song
>> No. 35671
My opinion so far (I don't understand italian, judging only the voices) :

>Good tier
Yugo, Alibert

>Okay tier
Ruel, Grougal

>Okay so far but need to hear more
Grovy, Amalia, Eva

>Mixed feelings Tier
Nox. Sounds more serious when he speaks, though he lacks the pitch variations (especially in higher pitches) that was deliberately made in the french dub to echo his time powers.
then there's his laugh ..... he's supposed to sound crazy, not RETARDED, FFS !!!

>WTF tier
>> No. 35672
Just got to him... My GOD. He was butchered.

I agree with everything you wrote, except for Yugo - to me, he sounded weird at times, but I'll give him the benefit of a doubt and I'll say he was ok.

Any Italians here to express their opinions?
>> No. 35673
File 129831708062.png - (216.15KB , 577x373 , 3507.png )
>> No. 35674
File 129831932959.jpg - (143.24KB , 1440x900 , 1298165785212.jpg )
Have Some more Italian!

Wakfu 02 yugo l'elatrop (parte 1)youtube thumb

Wakfu 02 yugo l'elatrop (parte 2)youtube thumb

Also, damn, they made Alibert sound gooooooood.

Amalia's all right, Eva...YMMV...
>> No. 35675
File 129831962751.png - (340.38KB , 1024x768 , fuuu.png )
I thought Yugo was borderline most of the time, but towards the end I think he sounded way too much like a girl. The rest is at least passable judging from such limited material, except for Nox who indeed sounds painfully retarded when he gets excited. Not sure about Rubilax, he might not be too bad but time will tell.

> picture related
> Goddamn, kid, can't you see I'm trying to be evil hhnnnnggg
>> No. 35676
File 129832597385.jpg - (81.64KB , 520x545 , 520px-Scanty_and_Kneesocks_-_Introduction.jpg )
Do I hear RRRRRRolling RRRRRR's?
>> No. 35677
Ah. The rolling "R." That one sound that always tells spanish isn't my first language.
>> No. 35680
File 129832971695.jpg - (184.03KB , 797x1002 , tristeva_mini_sketch4_by_zabchan-d3a0e8q.jpg )
i dont speak italian, but here's how i hear it:

as i was watching it, for some reason it didnt strike me as 100% italian, like, i knew it was italian, but i there was something missing....and then i realized it.

they weren't moving their hands around enough XDDD

so far i am digging italian tristepin, as it seems to bring out his sort of 'don quiote' qualities of a well-meaning but bumbling knight, his 'i am a classy knight and harken to my speech' moments are perfect. and i don't think i could get tired of hearing that voice actor say 'percival' rrrrawrrr. <3

but I am slightly less than sold on his 'rawr i attack you with my sword' moments...sounds a bit underpowered when he goes to put the beat down on the poilters (little leaf things? idk)

somehow 'pinpin' in italian is even more ridiculous than it is in french...

also: "aribo!" rofl

random observation: and this shows that I've watched this scene in french waaaay too many times, but i think the bit where tristepin catches eva they kept the original "mmm" (as in, "mmm this is a nice piece of ass that has fallen into my arms") sound effects from Thomas Guitard, as it seems to be an octave lower than the italian actor's voice.

for some reason i want eva and amalia's voice actresses to switch. eva's has this slight pitchy edge to it that wears on my nerves while amalia's has a nice, silky smooth quality to it that makes it a pleasure to listen to.

i agree with what's been said about yugo's voice going back and forth between believably 10-12 year old boy to flat out female. perhaps continued exposure to the character will smooth that out...

ruel...so far i have yet to hear a bad ruel in any language wakfu's been dubbed in. the inherits badassness of the character is strong enough to shine through no matter what language he's in. XDD maybe it's because of my cultural associations with the various languages, but he sounds more like a merchant than ever in italian, while english seemed to play up his charm & charisma and german went more for the 'grizzled old retired adventurer'.

rubilax: *shudder* blegh. can we teach the german rubilax italian instead of this 'thrown down a digital well' version? 'cause german rubilax is TEH SHIT.

nox: ....at least it didnt make me physically wince to hear him like rubilax...but it did make me had a serious case of voice to character disconnect. might be another char i need to hear more of.

alibert: *thumbs up*

the opening song: T.T oh god what have you done to the music quality? tell me it's still in test mode and you dont actually intend to just have it be sung by the tone-deaf male characters and recorded in the same echo-y room as rubilax was? *weep*

grougaloragran: *thumbs up* needs more rrrrrrrs XD
>> No. 35681
like every cheap dubbing done quickly it has it's ups and down , i gotta listen to german rubi soon.

also finally fixed my lappy so i can play wakfu again but since i'm eurofag i cant rejoice with other brotherhood of derp ex members :(
>> No. 35682
> for some reason i want eva and amalia's voice actresses to switch.
That was my first reaction as well, but as time passed I ended up feeling neither was fit for either character.

And yeah, I didn't mention it previously but the opening is indeed horribly butchered.

Also, if my Italian ear is good, I think they translated the class names? i.e. Anutrof and Elatrop. I'd be curious to see the others, then.
>> No. 35683
File 129833165572.jpg - (99.02KB , 1024x724 , 1298329195516.jpg )
"Did you miss me?..."
>> No. 35684
Dumping another PR email I got today about the Wakfu game:

Ask not what WAKFU can do for you…. Ask what you can do in WAKFU!

In honor of Presidents Day, Square Enix reveals information surrounding the unique political system in their upcoming tactical MMORPG, WAFKU. To help celebrate, new screenshots are available at:

(FTP server info removed by moi.)

In WAKFU, players not only elect to become a citizen of one of the three nations – but can choose to run for Governor of their nation! The nations of WAFKU are watched over by select NPCs, Clan Members, who have been granted special powers by the ancient gods. At any given time, they have instant access to privileged information on the status of their zone, from the weather forecast to the number of pesky critters roaming the land. Working closely with elected Governors, Clan Members oversee the wellbeing of your nation.

Players can declare their candidacy for election, gather votes in an effort to become Governor, and take on the challenges and triumphs of governance for a two week period. Once elected, working on vital information fed to them by their Clan Member, the Governor will be able to regulate laws and sales taxes in his territory.

But it’s not all inaugural bills and tax decisions; while Nations might cooperate and enjoy friendly relations, they can also choose to declare war and attempt to capture another Nation’s territories – so elect your Governor with care!

Just as in the USA, politics has a huge influence on the world of WAKFU and its gameplay; leaders have an important job, and specific power to wield. Will you run for Governor? Will you defend your homeland from invaders? Will you choose to live peacefully? Will you do nothing at all? The choices are all yours to make in WAKFU.

WAKFU is currently in closed beta, and scheduled to launch in spring 2011. The game is published by Square Enix, and developed by Ankama. For more information, please visit the official WAKFU site at www.WAKFU.com/na. Follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/SquareEnixWakfu and Twitter www.twitter.com/SquareEnixWakfu.
>> No. 35685
>> No. 35686
That's basically a summary of what I transcribed there (in case anyone was wondering):
>> No. 35687
File 129833343619.png - (42.27KB , 320x320 , nations.png )
>players not only elect to become a citizen of one of the three nations
>three nations

>> No. 35689
Brâkmar (or however they spell it) is the third, according to the transcript I linked in my last post.

Interestingly, the guy they interviewed also mentioned Astrub, but he might have just been referring to what was in Dofus.
>> No. 35690
I think Sufokia (A Coastal City of Dofus) will also be a faction
>> No. 35692
...I demand to know the context for this.
>> No. 35693
File 12983517717.png - (610.91KB , 1275x1330 , ruelismypoweranimal.png )
I always feel kind of awkward posting art here since plus4chan is slower-moving. It feels like such a tighter-knit group of fans and when I post art I am just bargin' in and shoving stuff in all of your faces. (Which is really dumb and there should be no reason for me to feel this way, so I will try to get over it!)

But basically you should all know that you are all amazing and I am happy to lurk here with you all, /coc/.

So uh, have a Ruel.
>> No. 35695
Well I can't speak for the others since I'm fairly new myself, but anyone can feel free to barge into my face with Wakfu art :P
>> No. 35696
shove away, always happy to have new converts ^^ or, if you like, post some new eva-pinpin pr0n and we'll call it your initiation fee. XDDD

what's kinda nice about the wakfu fandom is that in many ways it's still on the ground floor, so it's fairly easy to become one of the 'tightknit group' and even become a 'name' like newwakfufan (or gingerpally or frenchy or kenny or helsinki or s or i cant even list them all) if you want, or just chill out and lurk while enriching the universe with moar wakfu arts.

never can have enough wakfu fanarts ^^
>> No. 35697
oops, did i say pr0n? i mean charming romance-themed images, mmmyes.
>> No. 35698
Is there something wrong that this is my favorite Eva-Grovy picture so far?
>> No. 35699
File 129836593491.jpg - (714.63KB , 1600x1200 , Wallpaper-remi-1600x1200.jpg )
Last week's Inside Ankama was dedicated to the Maxi-Mini project with Remington and Maskemane :
We learn a few neat little infos :

First, the mini-dofus episode that was released around christmas was in fact a bigger project. It was supposed to be the introduction to a mini platform game where you played the panda an tried to rescue your cra buddy from the ... well, ass of the jelly king.
But before they could finish this, the maxi-mini project came out as a request from TV channel and they took the idea of a multiple media support (animation / comic / videogame) from mini-Dofus and applied it to their new project. Then they released the mini-dofus episode as a standalone and scrapped the game.

Second, the team developping this made several test-games before. Besides the playable part of Maxi-Mini and the unreleased mini-dofus game, they made a game where you played a bow-meow, and another one where you played .... SD-Sadlygrove from Mini-Wakfu, fighting ghouls to rescue Eva from Vampyro. I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but from the footage, it looks a lot like Ghost'n Goblins, and they say it's almost impossible to beat ...

Footage of all these can be seen in the link above.

On a semi related note, tomorrow's Inside Ankama will be entirely about the series :D
>> No. 35700
Nobody thought of ripping Italian HD streams and then replacing the audio file with the french one and apply softsub on it and re-release iit?
>> No. 35701

This is exactly my point.

In early beta the nations were:

They newer plan has them changed to:

So how the heck does Square come up with three nations?
>> No. 35702
I think we determined a while back that we weren't going to do HD rips.
>> No. 35704
File 129839271778.jpg - (251.46KB , 805x842 , grova.jpg )

well, in that case i'll barge in with some of my doodles, too. uhh i think this one is relevant! (i drew most of these from memory, so sorry in advance for any glaringly obvious mistakes.)
>> No. 35705
File 129839276666.jpg - (177.44KB , 598x889 , yugo.jpg )
>> No. 35706
File 129839281921.jpg - (157.17KB , 530x1097 , noxnoxnoxn.jpg )
>> No. 35707
File 129839289781.png - (263.86KB , 603x931 , gurovy.png )
>> No. 35708
File 129839294726.png - (169.62KB , 471x757 , mk.png )
AND SPAM'S OVER. hope you guys enjoy these!
>> No. 35709
I do especially like your rendition of Miranda and Kabrok. Yellow Grovy has an interesting intensity as well :)
>> No. 35710
File 129839468266.jpg - (459.25KB , 732x1200 , 546125%20-%20Evangelyne%20Ragathol%20Tristepin%20w.jpg )

Haha, Eva looks seriously fucked up in that one. Failed art is the funniest art.

Also, i really adore Ragathol's artistic style, it's truly incredible. Pic related.
>> No. 35711

thanks! i thought that they had too awesome of a dynamic to not fanart them.


>Failed art is the funniest art.

>> No. 35712
The more I look at him, the more I imagine him as an antagonist to Vampire Hunter D (although I don't really expect anyone to be familiar with that series). I can't really tell why, though. Perhaps it's the eyes that remind me of Yoshitaka Amano's style.
>> No. 35713
File 129839856818.jpg - (157.64KB , 613x377 , nsiw.jpg )
>> No. 35714
for a second there, it looked like grovy had no pants. now i dont know if i am sad that he has them or happy that at least that means his junk isn't tiny enough to hide behind eva's bowstring....
>> No. 35715
tiny hands are tiny
>> No. 35717
Confirmed for spoilers. I'll give a quick shot to the dialogues if no one else is already on it, but don't expect top quality. The off-screen voice isn't saying anything interesting.
>> No. 35718
Eva: I don't know what to believe anymore. I am the only one to hear the calls of a friend... the only one...

Amalia: She's gone!

Eva: Maybe I'm going nuts...

Remington: Hello, young lady. The name's Remington. You have something I'm looking for.
Eva: Oh, really?

Amalia: Evangelyne needs our help!

Remington: I've never seen anything like that...

Also, damn, I can't remember the name of that soundtrack. Good choice, though.
>> No. 35719

weren't hitchhock saying : first there must be an earthquake at the beginning and then the tension should go up?

yeah,it looks very , VERY like that.
>> No. 35720
could you delete that link and use the following instead from PZevo's channel ?
Wakfu Saison 2 - Trailer 3youtube thumb

the one you linked is a butthurt faggot who rats on PZevo for "stealing the video from his computer" which is laughable in itself, but it gets better when you notice he has videos promoting an obvious Dofus keylogger on his channel. PZevo on the otherhand used to work at Ankama and is still a very active and respectable artist among the community.

Such faggots don't need publicity
>> No. 35721
Oh. If that's the case, consider it deleted.
>> No. 35722
parafag, I love your stuff.
>> No. 35723
everything seems to be so serious now...

also... that new sword... Remington is after.

...could it be? COULD IT BE? No... that's impossible.
>> No. 35724
File 129841876840.png - (213.05KB , 736x427 , Picture 20.png )
Oh, Yugo...

What horrid things await you in Season 2?
>> No. 35725
There will be french anon ripping the HD stream, right? I can stand SD, but I guess 720p animu spoiled me too much.
>> No. 35726
File 129842049242.png - (449.89KB , 999x543 , grovyismildlysatisfiedbythis.png )
>> No. 35728
Reminding I wanted to ask how the subbing is going to take place for this. Is there a set task distribution for ripping the video, translating, proofing, and subbing? All of this happens within 48 hours if I read well? Where do I sign if I want to help proofread?

Also, I just had a look at Mazin Time's livestream, and it says he will be streaming Wakfu S2's first episode Sunday at 8 PM EST. Interesting since I won't be up when they show it on Ludo.
>> No. 35729
which country are you from S ?
>> No. 35731
Sup Wakfaggots

If you haven't read enough Wakfu-related walls of text, I've got another one for you over at http://plus4chan.org/b/co/res/103614.html#i111860

I'm trying to convince some people I know to watch the series, and I can't think of anything better than a full on professional review. Any comments are appreciated, and remember: This is for god and country.
>> No. 35732
Canada (Québec, more precisely).
>> No. 35734
File 129844928588.jpg - (161.96KB , 889x899 , crazy_wakfu_xover__tf2_by_zabchan-d3a753l.jpg )
i blame gingerpally for the idea
>> No. 35735
File 129846767892.jpg - (228.44KB , 1406x1583 , artbooks.jpg )
Hey guys, guess what I found in the mail.

And they are AWESOME. Money well spent.
>> No. 35736
One thing I noticed. Ankama.com is showing ep 25 now, meaning they probably do ep 26 this weekend... so there's a chance that they won't put up s2e1 right now.
>> No. 35737
File 129847741510.jpg - (55.10KB , 744x487 , 129492552238.jpg )



This means Evangelyne figurines, body pillows and even a realdoll.

My body is ready.
>> No. 35738

Okay, so I found the store that sells these things that I want right now. Can you answer me some random questions about them?

1. You got them from the Anakama store right?
2. How cool are these books and this might be a dumb question, but are those books written in english?
3. How much is shipping?

Because I love books like these, but I want to make sure they are worth the $20 price tag.

>> No. 35740
The "making of" artbooks are bilingual. french+english. You can see samples of them in the ankama store.
>> No. 35741
File 12984862251.jpg - (128.70KB , 800x496 , tristepins.jpg )
I don't know what to believe anymore
>> No. 35743
1. Yup, that's where I got them.

2.All artbooks that you can find in Ankama's store are bilingual - French and English. There are very few translation fuck ups and they are relatively insignificant (tiny spelling/grammar errors - I found like 3 in 5 books, and that's pretty much it). In the 1-10 scale of coolness, I'd give them 8,5 - 9 (depending on the book). The main course: artwork. Lots of storyboards, sketches (environment, characters in various stages of development, unused ideas), backgrounds and scenes from the cartoon - they look amazing and trust me, DVD quality is not giving this show justice.

Of course there is also some text to read - creators (scriptwriters, directors, animators, storyboarders, etc.) talking about their work and what was especially fun/hard in particular scene, techniques used, inspirations, scrapped ideas, etc. The books are pretty big and the paper that was used in print is high quality - coated (no stains!) and thick (hard to rip). The only major downside of those artbooks is that there is no hardcover version.

3. The artbooks cost me 92€ total (with shipping, which alone was ~22€ and I chose the regular post - courier was almost TWICE as expensive. ARGH!). Because of the shipping costs (as you probably noticed, French postal services are ABSURDLY expensive) it's much better to order stuff in bulk, but it still can be quite painful. If you are from North America, buying all five artbooks should cost you 95€ - 100€ (130$ - 140$) in total.

In conclusion, if you have lots of cash to burn (not buying new video games for three months can help - that's how I did it), you love Wakfu and you want to know as much about it as possible, it's absolutely worth it to buy those "Making of" artbooks.
>> No. 35744
I don't know what to look at in this picture, the sides...or the centerrrrrrrrr....

That's an outline of her back right?
>> No. 35745
File 129848715460.jpg - (69.58KB , 800x496 , lolwut.jpg )
For a second I thought that we can she Am's asscrack - and then I realised that's a leaf. Is it me, or is Ankama geting crap past the radar again?

Then I spotted Tristepin's staues in the back. WTF?
>> No. 35746
Got an EU-Beta key, anyone interested?
>> No. 35747
My friend would like one, yeah. If you'd like to e-mail it to me, I'd be grateful for both of us.
>> No. 35748
File 129849349424.jpg - (91.20KB , 1920x1080 , scfeet2.jpg )
i noticed those tristepin staues at the end of the second wakfu trailer, off in the right hand corner, apparently clearing rubble or something. makes me think two things:

one, makes me suspect that the 'omg i know those feet' are a red herring and don't belong to who we think they belong to, in particular perhaps a mindreading shapeshifter type deal.

two, rubilax was able to make clay golems of himself...could this be a shushu related ability 'someone' is exercising?
>> No. 35749
File 129849437576.png - (313.15KB , 640x345 , statues.png )
better shot at the statues
>> No. 35750
our theories will be worth jack shit , remember when everyone assumed that Grovy will learn Bankai? instead he headbutted Rubi to submission.

it's gonna be as just awesome.
>> No. 35752
Amen to that.
>> No. 35753
the last Inside Ankama is about the series

A few interesting news :

- Kriss la Krasse "might" make an appearance in S2
- The gang will go to Brakmâr (rival city of Bonta)
- All classes will get some love. That doesn't mean a character of each class in the main cast or even as ally/enemy of the week, but it's certainly more than "once in the crowd"
- the first 4 episodes will be aired at the next Ankama convention (march 5th and 6th), so that's 2 exclusive episodes, on top of the one aired on TV on the 5th.
- The MMO takes place 10 years before the events of S1 (around the time Grougal gave Yugo to Alibert)
- In Wakfu : Les Gardiens 2, the ties between the MMO and the series won't be just dungeons, but whole mini-areas with quests. It will be released on the 26th along with the first episode.
>> No. 35754
File 12985060283.png - (297.39KB , 639x359 , Gerbilzilla vs KingGolem.png )
New pics and videos again !
This time in Ludo's video-blog, with a small interview of the creators and a few unseen sequences.
(As always with France 3 material : BEWARE OF SPOLIERS !)

>> No. 35755
Video doesn't work for me. The player doesn't load anything, apparently...
>> No. 35756
it's been like that with almost every video on Ludo's website, lots of people (even from France) have problems viewing them.
Unfortunately, I have no other sorce for that video for now.
>> No. 35757
No problem. Just wanted to see if this was a local issue.
>> No. 35758
Could be just wood constructs made by Amalia, could be Rubliax spawns, and so on.

One thing is for sure: Ankama sure knows how to dick around with people.
>> No. 35765
File 129852726411.png - (331.88KB , 656x820 , dont be the fat chick Az.png )
herp forgot to put my name there, but that anon is me.

aaand someone made the request on /co/ to draw Az and Yugo, with Az the size of a chocobo from the Final Fantasy series?
Or maybe it was just Yugo on a regular chocobo, I don't think I read it all that clearly. But yeah. So here is that.
>> No. 35766
You've been producing some good stuff, man.

Keep up the excellent work!
>> No. 35767
Ankama's trolling has made my heart heavy, and my prostate weak. My bladder, it is full to bursting.
>> No. 35768

But...is it...READY???
>> No. 35772
File 129854564174.jpg - (179.37KB , 640x768 , dcbc.jpg )
hey guys check this out

i found another artwork
>> No. 35773
File 129855114460.png - (4.02KB , 50x50 , irapeitplz.png )
*fangirly squeal* who made this and where can i find mo~re!?
>> No. 35776
So what races are there in Wakfu?
It isn't possibly the same as the classes, or is it?

I mean, you have "humans", "Elves", "Ogre-ish folks", "small people", "furry people" etc etc. They are clearly different from eachother.
One race per deity, eh?

But what was Nox? No one in his family seemed to belong to any particular class of any sort. Or were they all Xelors to begin with, only with 0 Xelor skills?
Could a Cra learn Xelor type time magic? Or wouldn't the deity's like that?

Is the "class" and the "race" really the same thing in Wakfu?
>> No. 35777
Class = race. Basically whatever god you worship determines your appearance, which is why all the members of each class look the same.
>> No. 35778
File 129856255518.png - (246.94KB , 640x360 , vlcsnap-3564054.png )
i had the very same questions about the races in wakfu/dofus and found this article to be extremely helpful. http://dofuswiki.wikia.com/wiki/Angels_%26_Demons

totally altered my perspective on the world of twelve.
>> No. 35779
Additionally, the more faith you have in a god / the more power you have / the more talent you have for magic, the more you'll look like the god of your race. It's why Nox before his powers looked normal and not a full-blown xelor, and why his wife looked normal instead of a full-blown Iop.

Not sure about the precise "interaction" needed though - more faith for more power, or more faith will only get you the looks and power is dependent on your innate talent. or a combination of both: if you have a lot of talent and enough faith, you can get more power but you'll also look more and more like your god.
>> No. 35780
File 129856331241.jpg - (38.64KB , 900x508 , Goultard_le_barbare_anecdote_03_dieux-de-la-guerre.jpg )
in particular this section might be the most helpful in answering your questions:

"One thing is sure. Here below (and the rules would be the same in the entire Universe), Faith conditions the pysical appearance of the beings. Indeed, the faith given by a soul to a divinity has an influence on it mortal coil. The latter tends to take up the features (both physical and behavioural) of the
venerated divinity. What about blood relationships you may wonder? It's darned easy. If followers from different cults got married, they wouldn't have children in the biological sense of it. Their children would be akin to spiritual sons and saughters. A soul that would feel afinities with the values of the couple could decide to become their son or daughter. Please note: an incarnated sould could choose to be a disciple of a god OR wait a while and reflect on its real faith. In this second case, it would incarnate under a humanoid appearance and a child would be born! It would now be free to become a disciple or to remain an atheist. In the latter case, it would keep its humanoid appearance. A soul that decided to incarnate itself within a long lineage of Iop would embrace the Iopesque faith and would most certainly look like a young Iop.

Whereas a soul that decided to incarate itself within a long lineage of Inn-keepers would have its whole teenage years to decide to which cult it wanted to devote its spiritual life to. This decision making period ended at puberty. Once the stream of spiritual hormones was gone, you could no longer embrace a cult - save a miraculous conversion recognized by the god himself."

pic of carrotine and the god iop btw
>> No. 35783
File 129856694492.jpg - (0.97MB , 2814x2255 , wakfu gods.jpg )
And here are the rest of the gods.
>> No. 35785
Episode 3 of Wakfu is called "Remington Smisse" - seems that he won't show up until then.

So, episode 1 Eva goes away, episode two she finds Rubilax and episode 3 she encounters Remington. Elementary, my dear Watson.

Also, check out the new layout on the cartoon home page. Sweet.

Fun fact: look at their age. Yup, the heroes are all a year older!
>> No. 35786
Did they ever state wether Pandawa was male or female?
>> No. 35787
>the heroes are all a year older
Yup! Even Sadlygrove...
>> No. 35788

GODDESS Pandawa.
>> No. 35789
Not in the season 2 list.

So, Evangelyne is 18 now... Yep, Japan is gonna have a lot of fun.

Hi Geabora, any news regarding the beta key?
>> No. 35790
>Not in the season 2 list.
Like we didn't know better. Thousands of twelve year olds can't be wrong! ;)

Oh, and guess what - I'm watching Wakfu live on France 3 on my PC this Saturday. Long live freeware TV players!
>> No. 35791
File 129856870210.gif - (22.64KB , 404x473 , lock_sprite.gif )
Sorry I couldn't send it yesterday my internet was slow as fuck.

You got mail!
>> No. 35793
Much appreciated! Do you know if there's an activation deadline? My friend won't get to try it until next week since he's got exams, but I'll tell him to activate it anyway if there's a risk with that.
>> No. 35794
File 12985691528.png - (884.47KB , 1000x547 , pssstimnotdead.png )
According to that logic we only got to meet Rubilax in the 22nd episode. Or Grougaloragran in the 17th. Simply because said character will be the focus of said episode doesn't mean he won't appear earlier. From what we've seen so far Eva is only carrying around what we assume to be Rubilax the night after she meets Remington, meaning she probably rushes to get it before he can find it. And Tristepin apparently having turned 17 despite being dead is actually quite funny.
>> No. 35795
Well as long as the beta is not changing versions dramatically again it should work.
>> No. 35797
>implying japan cares about women being of U.S. age of consent
>> No. 35799
File 129857022878.png - (375.66KB , 640x349 , 1290888957965.png )

>So, Evangelyne is 18 now... Yep, Japan is gonna have a lot of fun

I almost forgot how retarded laws the US has.

>> No. 35800
>Not in the season 2 list YET
Fixed that for you... :P
>> No. 35801
Yep, that was part of the joke ^^
>> No. 35802
Yeah, looks like there aren't many people left who still believe Pinpin will remain dead... ^^
Now the only questions remaining are how, and for how long, will Ankama keep trolling us!
>> No. 35803
Well I can't say I *believe* either possibility. I'm prepared for both and I still hope he remains dead. If he doesn't it will be disappointment rather than rage.
>> No. 35804
File 129857173857.jpg - (1.22MB , 1202x1723 , tristeva.jpg )
Same here. ;)
>> No. 35805
File 129857199885.jpg - (239.64KB , 900x1296 , two_obsessions_coming_together_by_zabchan-d3a4vf1.jpg )
he's a paladin, the only reason he's still dead is that the poor guy got lost on his way back to the instance from the graveyard.

/shameless wow joke
>> No. 35806
>Not in the season 2 list.
depends on which list :
>> No. 35807
It's season 1 by default.
>> No. 35808
I know that ... however they did change grovy's age from 16 to 17.
Go figure ...
>> No. 35809
Why would you be disappointed? Seems kinda pointless.
>> No. 35810
I'm not sure I understand the last bit of your post, since feelings rarely have a point. But as for your question, I would be disappointed because it would take something away from the glory of Tristepin's death and show that catering to the fanboys was more important than delivering a credible plot.

Of course that's just, like, my opinion, man.
>> No. 35811
Wow, I know Adamai wasn't the most popular of the group but,
excluding him for the 'Heroes' list entirely?

>> No. 35812
I really really REALLY hated Adamaï.
>> No. 35814
File 129858103684.jpg - (17.73KB , 192x500 , ad1.jpg )
And yet you care enough to write Adamaï with an " ï " instead of " i ". Search your feelings...
>> No. 35815
"IF" he comes back, you can be pretty sure it was planned from the start, and not "catering to fanboys". It's Ankama we're talking about, remember ?
>> No. 35816
File 129858139926.png - (527.81KB , 1000x544 , dealwithit.png )
If anyone could manage to do both then I'd trust it to be Ankama. That being said, Grovy returning as a protagonist, acting as if nothing'd happened a couple of episodes after his return, would be the lamest thing ever.
The subplot of his romance with Eva also seems a bit tricky to me. It suffers from the selfcontradictory situation of hardly being explored while at the same time brought to its conclusion. I mean, sacrificing yourself for and dying in the arms of your love? How'd you possibly top or move forwards from that gesture?
I'm not really sure about Tristepin himself as a character either, despite dying at the ripe age of 16 he has already achieved his lifes goal. What motivation would he have if he was returned from beyond, to try and die even more heroically?
I guess the central question is, would he have learnt anything from his death or not. He essentially spends season 1 trying to live up to his ideals of how a knight should act. Given a second chance, would he reconsider if that truly is everything he wants out of life? And if he did, would he still be the same Iop-head we've come to hate or love?
>> No. 35817
File 129858202710.png - (75.67KB , 555x404 , 8931_file.png )
>> No. 35818
I'm not sure that makes it any better, although for different reasons.
>> No. 35820
File 129858381596.png - (204.62KB , 640x480 , 231774.png )
I believe it's very possible that he will be back somehow, I always did.
But I am not sure it will be as simple as "Aha! Ressurected!", I am not even sure he will be properly resurrected at all, but it is a high fantasy world is it not? I am sure he can be back without fully being his former self in each and every sense as if he had never died.
>> No. 35821
File 129858524216.jpg - (61.81KB , 466x273 , Imtoooldforthis.jpg )
I have no idea why but I love Ruel's expression here. It just screams "Not this shit again."
>> No. 35822
So true :P
>> No. 35823
File 129858675854.png - (557.24KB , 1000x544 , thereissomeonestuckinmyteeth.png )
Someone I haven't really seen getting any speculation for season 2 is Rubilax. With shushus seemingly making out a lot of the villains gallery, how exactly is poor Rubi gonna react to being used to fight all his buddies? At first I figured a demon of carnage might not even have anything against kicking his peers ass for the luls, although the way he greets Ombrage does imply he's on a pretty good standing with her atleast.

Remember how Vampyro couldn't steal Grovys "shadow" (for all purposes 'soul' from what I could tell') because he was already bound to Rubilax? That does seem a bit ominous with Grovy dying while posssessed by him. In ep. 22 a released Rubilax tells Grovy that he intends to create an army of demons by freeing his Shushu brethren, so Rubilax escaping his prison-sword and becoming a main villain doesn't seem that far off to me.
>> No. 35825
File 12985878167.jpg - (282.00KB , 427x600 , 1297634536746.jpg )
>Given a second chance, would he reconsider if that truly is everything he wants out of life? And if he did, would he still be the same Iop-head we've come to hate or love?
Shouldn't he you know, try to live up to the same ideals, only you know, survive?
I really don't think dying and entering the legend like that was some sort of prime goal, rather than the good way to go, if you catch my drift.
Like you know, doing the same thing and actually having survived would have been the best outcome, but this was at least a relatively good way to go, you know, regarding the outcome, death.

You know, the ideal to save and help people is a great one, and by surviving you can continue to pursue that goal. Dying while trying your hardest in achieving this is just a nice way to go, if you have to, no?
>> No. 35826
Two days. Ohboy.

Come to think of it, this thread seems less OMG SEASON 2 AAAAAAAHHH than I expected.
>> No. 35827
Well I think most of us here can be called adults, I suppose that helps.

I mostly agree with this. Also, if they bring him back, I'll probably spend the whole season thinking "you better not kill him again, you bastards".
>> No. 35828
The deities did exist on the earth as most others at one point did they not?

Could someone in the setting, in theory, choose to not align with any of them, and later pursue some other kind of life unique from most, and change according to it, becoming something else?
>> No. 35829


I've been waiting for over 7 MONTHS, I'm hyped as fuck, but I can control myself - at least till the episode comes out, then I'm probably gonna squeal like a little girl. But for now I wait. Please be good, please be good, oh please be good...

On another note, only this day I saw 4 diffrent Wakfu threads on 4chan's /co/. It has begun.
>> No. 35830
File 129859116093.png - (239.99KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-288137.png )
oh, i am holding back my 'OMG WAKFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU' for after i see the first episode of season two.

although some might call my neurotic refreshing of DA and /co for new arts or news the beginning of aforementioned madness.

not to mention my unprecedented generation of wakfu-related (crack) sketches a sure sign of steeply spiraling insanity sucking steadily on my schooltime, socialtime, and sleeptime. Speculating on a second season of silliness, sabers, sadida, sacrier, and sexy she-elves inspires symptoms of squeals, sighs and smutty scribbles in a certain sneaky sister, shivering with sappy self-indulgence to consider that, starting saturday, the spectacular show returns to serenade our senses!
>> No. 35831
I believe in that Dofus-wiki link that was posted before that they have until the end of puberty to really choose a class/race that will effect their appearance?
At least it said something regarding the end of puberty and then nothing but direct divine interaction changing appearances. I honestly just kind of skimmed it.
>> No. 35832
yeah, and apparently you have to choose by puberty so that the...'spiritual hormones'...

yeah, i cant even finish that sentence.
>> No. 35833
File 129859202113.png - (815.41KB , 1000x544 , theresnolosingwithgrovy.png )
My impression was that Grovy is not a 'knight' in order to be able to help and save people, he helps and saves people because it is what he believes that he must do in order to be a knight. In the baker episode for example he has no interest in helping out Xav, Yugo has to tempt him with the possibility of monsters to fight for him to be interested. His fascination with a tragic death admittedly mostly stems from Evas dream, which in itself is opening up a whole new can of worms, how can the Tree of life know anything about Grovy apart from what Eva knows? His desire to become a legend though is pretty well established through the series, the boufball incident particularly.

Becoming a hero is in my opinion undisputably Tristepins main goal. Whether he lives or dies isn't all that important compared to entering legend, though living would prolly be preferrable given a choice. The main question is, would he consider himself to have achieved these things with his heroic death? Getting "written down into legend" by Eva and only remembered by the Sadida for some time to come probably isn't the way he'd hoped to go. But seeing his own statue in their grove, would it inspire him to search for even greater feats of heroism, or make him feel like he accomplished what he originally set out to do?

Hopefully the former I suppose, but I think the latter would as well make a nice addition to his character development. Knowing that no matter how badly his adventures go from there on, he has still accomplished something he will be remembered for. Rather then desperately reaching out for every attempt at fame he comes across he could become more balanced, and more of an asset for Yugo in his quest.

I shalt be most furious when it turns out Grovy's not coming back after I bothered with writing all this. Likewise my squeals of ecstasy shall pierce the heavens themselves when he doth returneth to us, his faithful.
>> No. 35834
Yeah, I can see it make some sort of sense, but... at the same time I think they just wanted to make some explanation as to why you don't see any different race/class combos, since it would mean a lot of work for putting in different animations and spells for the games.

But at the same time I do like how there is a sense of spirituality involved in the classes. I've just always enjoyed that sort of thing (and why when I used to play D&D with my friends I was either a paladin or cleric, since they incorporated that sort of thing)
>> No. 35835
File 129859298364.jpg - (486.26KB , 1315x909 , Dofus_Mag_08_by_ntamak.jpg )
S-so many words beginning with an S. I don't even know if this was done on purpose.

A propos Shushu. That Ombrage has made quite a small appearance with way too much potential background information. I mean, we saw an ominous portrait of her silhouette in episode 6 and that was all? I might be wrong but I do remember her being present in artwork even before the series started, so there must be more about her, right?
Listening to the music of Les Gardiens 2 and seeing the opening of season 2 where hints to Vampyro are made make me wonder even more if Ombrage will reappear again in s2. She's a Shushu after all, and s2 seems to be a lot about them. I'd really love to see more of her~
>> No. 35836
Once again, don't overthink the way genetics and religion works in this setting, 'cause it wasn't thought out from the start.

Dofus was initially a small scale game made by three people in a garage that turned out much much popular than expected. They basically took a few RPG archetypes for their classes, invented a few others that sounded fun, and that was good for them at the time.
It's only after the game ended up very successful and they started to expand on that setting that the need to explain how races, appearances, religion and genetics worked came up.

They had several versions of "how it works" over the years, and all had their own flaws and loopholes. They refined and improved it a bit, but it's still retconning and making up explainations as you go on a base that is intrinsically flawed no matter what.

Just accept things as they present them in their productions and don't overthink it.
>> No. 35837
> S-so many words beginning with an S. I don't even know if this was done on purpose.

... And I hadn't even noticed (although I did have trouble keeping up with what you were saying). What the fuck :P
>> No. 35838
File 129859431369.png - (265.21KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-287027.png )
>S-so many words beginning with an S. I don't even know if this was done on purpose.

the alteration preempts a passing yet poignant post pondering the point of the predecessor in preparing a purposeful paragraph so pelted with puns or plays-on-words.

partake of a picture of a petite princess posing pirate-like, pointing port-side while precariously perched.
>> No. 35839
I'm beginning to like you more.
>> No. 35840
>partake of a picture of a petite princess posing pirate-like, pointing port-side while precariously perched.

That... Was awesome.
>> No. 35841

And I assumed I was above average at alliteration
>> No. 35843
>I'm beginning to like you more.

...not sure how to respond to that, so i suppose i shall simply call it a compliment and prepare to postpone any passing paranoia in favor of fandom felicity and project-board peace.
>> No. 35844
i blame watching too much darkwing duck as a kid....not to mention as an adult
>> No. 35845
Wait, at the top of the wakfu website, does that banner say "enter the legend"?
Fucking ankama.
>> No. 35846
Apparently Geabora's key was for North America. One of my friends will play with it a bit anyway but we might hand it over to someone else if we can get a European one.
>> No. 35847
DEAL ! I need a NA one and I have a spare EU
what's your e-mail ?
>> No. 35848
Wondering where blokes pick up the higher res official artwork. I scoured the official site, but maybe I'm just blind?
>> No. 35851
File 129863130818.jpg - (243.37KB , 992x1455 , Ankama_convention_3_by_ntamak.jpg )

You guys are crazy.

Yes, that was a compliment.
>> No. 35853
I'm not sure if this the right place to put this, but I just really want to thank all the people involved in subbing and distributing Wakfu. You've really helped brighten up the last few months for me.

I'm sure this doesn't mean much coming from a faceless anon, but thanks.
>> No. 35854
File 129863678932.jpg - (135.65KB , 520x715 , 1282320203371.jpg )
>> No. 35855
File 129863903839.jpg - (116.51KB , 692x550 , 12830258216.jpg )
>> No. 35856
It's missing the Kamina glasses
>> No. 35857
I found Waldo.
>> No. 35858
File 129864819962.jpg - (114.45KB , 912x496 , last boss.jpg )
Combining two awesome villains.
>> No. 35860
File 129864896034.jpg - (3.60KB , 126x126 , 1275014924133.jpg )
>> No. 35861
File 129864899479.jpg - (478.06KB , 1154x981 , einäin.jpg )
>> No. 35862
Any chances we'll be getting a livestream for Wakfu season 2 premieres?
>> No. 35863
pardon me if i missed it but what's the plan for the subs? Do we only have one translating or will we split the episode up between many?

I would really like to wait until the subs are out but then i'd have to live in a cave to avoid the avalanche of spoilers that will fill up /co/
>> No. 35864
Yeah, I have the same problem. Fortunately I speak French so my plan is to catch the original as soon as I can (I think they put it up on Ankama's site right after it airs?), then come back here and help with the subs.
>> No. 35866
14 hours left! Are our French /co/mrades, who deliver the episodes to us and therefore are totally awesome, ready to rumble (and record)?

Livestream? With you guys? Wow, that would be great. But I doubt that we'll be ready till tommorrow. Maybe we should plan it for the subbed version? You know, with big annoucements on 4chan and all?
>> No. 35867
As I posted before, Mazin Time's channel says he'll be streaming Sunday at 8 PM EST. No idea if he's expecting to have the subs by then or will just stream the original.
>> No. 35868
Can you point me in the direction of a link in preparation for then?
>> No. 35869
>> No. 35871
Yup! We're ready to go.
So far the team is complete. We'll see how things turn out before we decide if we need additional help.

Stay tuned, and try to relax... ^^
>> No. 35872
Are the subs going to completely softsubbed, or are we gonna have some hardsubs too?
>> No. 35873
If everything goes as planned, there will be a hardsubbed release too.
>> No. 35874
Question. Do we have high-quality softsubbed mkvs for season 1, episodes 1-15? The torrent is all hardsubs.
>> No. 35875
Uhm... I think someone was talking about making those in better quality and it never happened. And now when season 2 is out I doubt anyone will have time.
>> No. 35876
Does this drawfag have a name?
>> No. 35878

fffff wow, thanks! his work is incredibly stunning, so it means a lot, haha.


thanks, man! here's another doodle for you guys. i'm not very good at this drawing 13 year olds like 13 year olds thing.
>> No. 35879
File 12986830266.png - (380.84KB , 583x907 , amaria.png )

... yep.
>> No. 35880
Found this on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/teohyc/5467088508/

Which links to this: http://parkablogs.com/node/5584
>> No. 35882
are we there yet?!
>> No. 35883

Watch and enjoy!
>> No. 35885
Thanks for the link!
Now to see whether I can remember enough French to understand what's going on... :P
>> No. 35886
File 129871327684.jpg - (45.26KB , 912x496 , 129864819961.jpg )

Improved version.
>> No. 35887
File 129871360690.png - (69.59KB , 208x193 , 1291902949001.png )

>> No. 35888
The episode on Ankama's site doesn't like to be rewinded or fast forwarded.

I need the RAW episode BAD. Must... Overanalyze... Every... Detail...
>> No. 35889
Download realplayer, it can rip the video from it for you.
>> No. 35890
File 129871494767.jpg - (210.50KB , 646x431 , bed.jpg )
rough night , eh?
>> No. 35891
Oh god, knowing it's right there, just sitting there to be watched, but not understandable by me since I don't speak French is torturous, SUB THIS SHIT FOR THE LOVE OF HIPS
>> No. 35892
ahhhh, somebody upload the sub asap!
>> No. 35893

Sub needs to be made first, which means the episode has to be recorded, transcripted, translated, edited, and then turned into a subtitle.

You're going to wait at least three days.
>> No. 35894
Is there a something that list all of the gods and demons for each race and describtions of them, because i've been looking and have found nothing
>> No. 35895
Chill, our French-based Wakfu crack team is working on it as we speak. Give them time to do it right.

In the meantime, grab your dose of diabeetus:
>> No. 35896
If the translation is finished, would someone mind uploading the script?
>> No. 35897
i need at least a script
>> No. 35898
you can download the episode directly here :
>> No. 35899
>> No. 35900
>Killzone 3
>Mass Effect 3
>Dark Souls
>inFamous 2
>Prototype 2
>Battlefield 3
>Red Orchestra 2
>and Wakfu season 2

2011, year of the years all years
>> No. 35901
We have the first Wakfu heroes book, but is there anywhere to get the Second one, The Making of Wakfu, or the Maskemane comic online. even if its in french i don't mind. is it that the reason these aren't here is that no one outside of france has them and nobody has uploaded them.
>> No. 35902
File 129872081189.jpg - (31.70KB , 500x329 , podracing.jpg )

>doesn't mention skyrim
>> No. 35903
We can't until the modders fix it.
>> No. 35904

What he said.
After the turd that was vanilla Oblivion, I'm not going to get excited for another unmodded TES.
>> No. 35905
File 129872122172.jpg - (134.60KB , 807x861 , 1291202427001.jpg )

Skyrim will be to Oblivion what New Vegas was compared to FO3. It's improved and you'll like it even unmodded.
>> No. 35906
New Vegas had a lot of problems itself, though. Just not as many as the shitstorm that was Oblivion or FO3.

When you buy a Bethseda game you're buying good marketing/hype and an okay idea that didn't completely translate until the players flesh it out. Nothing wrong with that. But I give most of the credit of enjoying the fallout games or oblivion to the fans. The creators are massive fuckups, in my experience and opinion.

But moving on. Wakfu.
>> No. 35907
File 129872211493.png - (8.90KB , 387x429 , love.png )
For those of you who speak french here, could you please discuss the episode within spoiler tags until it gets subbed? Us non-french speakers would like to not be spoiled. Thank you.
>> No. 35908

evangelyne dies
>> No. 35909
File 129872344514.png - (556.63KB , 718x566 , Picture 20.png )
And now to newcomers and people in-universe,

I shall be known as a generic one-dimensional fantasy villain, lacking any sense of intrigue or sympathy!

Oh look, I use machines, that must make me some sort of analogy for environmental plunderers despite the fact that nature has been trying to kill the heroes as much as me...


At least anyone who decides to go back and watch Season 1 will be in for some very nasty surprises.
>> No. 35910
The gang didn't even know what his motivations were. They never found out. The little kids emulating Grovy sure won't know. They can't even get his death right, and he died like a few days ago.
>> No. 35911

which "gang" ? our team knows now.
>> No. 35912
Aha. And how they found out? Cube told em? Maybe Nox appeared and told the story himself?
>> No. 35913
The only thing they found out (Yugo) was that Nox thought the cube was speaking to him. That's it.
>> No. 35914
I don't understand a lick of french, but as an ex-animator I'm pleased to see they're using more complex action and smoother animation cycles, not just a whole lot of puppeting. Shit is so cash, yo, this season is gonna ROCK.
>> No. 35915
Yeah. For some moments I couldn't belive it was done in flash. Wakfu puts all other flash cartoons to shame...
>> No. 35916
File 12987275271.jpg - (178.80KB , 468x500 , 1297774903001.jpg )

Yeah and when i compare it to a lot of animes, they all seem like shit when compared to wakfu. I fucking love this show.
>> No. 35917
That bit with Ruel and Jr dancing in the goldmine?
That's drawn frame by frame, you can't do dance-arounds with just one flat IK-rigged model. If that is any indicator, they're pulling all the big guns this season.

Now, just imagine what the movies would look like.

And no, I ain't spoiler-barring because it doesn't ruin the main plot.
>> No. 35918
File 129872911173.jpg - (83.52KB , 646x366 , WS2E1R1.jpg )
>> No. 35919
File 129872912955.jpg - (90.61KB , 646x366 , WS2E1R2.jpg )
>> No. 35920
File 129872914861.jpg - (153.90KB , 646x366 , WS2E1R3.jpg )
>> No. 35921
File 129872916448.jpg - (101.06KB , 646x366 , WS2E1R4.jpg )
>> No. 35922
File 129872918370.jpg - (123.13KB , 646x366 , WS2E1R5.jpg )
>> No. 35923
File 12987292023.jpg - (148.97KB , 646x366 , WS2E1R6.jpg )
>> No. 35924
File 129872922048.jpg - (151.34KB , 646x366 , WS2E1R7.jpg )
>> No. 35925
File 129872923928.jpg - (133.98KB , 646x366 , WS2E1R8.jpg )
>> No. 35926
File 129872925876.jpg - (133.53KB , 646x366 , WS2E1R9.jpg )
>> No. 35927
File 12987292744.jpg - (123.90KB , 646x366 , WS2E1R10.jpg )
>> No. 35928
File 129872929242.jpg - (155.80KB , 646x366 , WS2E1R11.jpg )
>> No. 35929
File 129872930884.jpg - (123.43KB , 646x366 , WS2E1R12.jpg )
>> No. 35930
File 12987293254.jpg - (108.43KB , 646x366 , WS2E1R13.jpg )
>> No. 35931
File 129872934326.jpg - (93.23KB , 646x366 , WS2E1R14.jpg )
>> No. 35932
File 129872936312.jpg - (120.32KB , 646x366 , WS2E1R15.jpg )
>> No. 35933
File 129872938053.jpg - (60.50KB , 646x366 , WS2E1R16.jpg )
>> No. 35934
File 129872939843.jpg - (112.14KB , 646x366 , WS2E1R17.jpg )
>> No. 35935
File 129872941499.jpg - (114.57KB , 646x366 , WS2E1R18.jpg )
>> No. 35936
File 129872943091.jpg - (69.43KB , 646x366 , WS2E1R19.jpg )
>> No. 35937
What exectly are you trying to with screenshots?
>> No. 35938

He is displaying his autistic pride.
>> No. 35939
>2011, year of the years all years

You forgot Duke Nukem Forever on that list.

.... seriously!
>> No. 35940
Yeah! :P
>> No. 35941
That was a rough start, to say the least. I think... I think I hate Amalia now.
>> No. 35942
i assume some of you people are working like crazy to get some subs out for us unfortunate souls who dont understand french?

cant fucking wait!
>> No. 35943
I want to watch so bad... ARRRRGH
wait I thought it was coming out in two days?
>> No. 35944
No, it's been the 26th all along.
>> No. 35945
Can we have a progress report on the subs?
>> No. 35946
>Yeah and when i compare it to a lot of animes, they all seem like shit when compared to wakfu. I fucking love this show.

lol. trying way too hard, bro
>> No. 35947
File 129873866388.png - (141.99KB , 732x241 , Humping.png )
>Pic related
>> No. 35948
D'you mean show-wise or plot-wise?
If plot-wise, then yeah, I agree with you. She's gone all bitchy.

Also, how do I spoiler tags?
>> No. 35949
[ spoiler ] text [/ spoiler ]
>> No. 35950
File 12987407958.png - (717.58KB , 1000x546 , yugofuckingmad.png )
Can we get a new thread or something as soon as the subs are out? I prolly speak for others when I say that I haven't waited this long for a new episode to have it spoiled by some auspie one day before I can watch it. pic related. YES I MAD for having to wait a few more days.
>> No. 35951
>I haven't waited this long for a new episode to have it spoiled by some auspie
>He is displaying his autistic pride.

Did I miss something, I can't follow.
>> No. 35956
I've disliked Amalia from Episode 2. [spoiler]HER VOICE IS JUST SO GODDAMN ANNOYING!!!
>> No. 35957
Then you don't want to hear the Italian version ^^'
>> No. 35958
>progress report

I second that! How is it going guys? We belive in you, but we need some info to stop acting like kids with ADHD.
>> No. 35960
Working on the script now (sorry, fell asleep on the couch and started later than intended)
However it has to go through a proofreading process, then timing and encoding. Don't expect any subbed video 'till monday at best.
I will post the script here when it's done, though, for those who really can't wait.
>> No. 35961
Thanks! A little "report" like that every now and then is enough to keep me happy. Now I can sleep well, knowing that everything is going good. G'night ya all!
>> No. 35962
File 129875083873.jpg - (149.43KB , 652x369 , 12987292023.jpg )
>fell asleep on the couch
>> No. 35964
File 129875278554.png - (411.80KB , 895x504 , ams1.png )
>> No. 35965
>fell asleep on the couch
Tu vois, c'est toi qui aurais du être couché ce matin "à cette heure là"! ;)

On my side I'm (well, my computer is) encoding the TV raw. The quality of the web raw is really too poor to make a release out of it...
I'll start timing the the subs once it's done.
>> No. 35966
In the name of all anons who don't understand a bloody word in French: a thank you (in advance) for our precious subs.
>> No. 35967
'ticon va ! ;) enfin s'pas faux.

Currently at the Gerbil fight. Soon guys, soon ....
>> No. 35968
Oh, you guys... you guys are awesome!
Go Anon, sub it like a Boss!
>> No. 35970
Yes, thank you for all your work on this. It's appreciated by a lot of people!
>> No. 35971
What's the resolution of the TV raw? 1080p or...?
>> No. 35972
So here's the draft script for episode 1 :

>> No. 35973
I'm surprised it's only four pages. I had no idea how many dialogue minutes would fit on one, actually. Is that a decent average or does it vary a lot?
>> No. 35975
It varies a lot, I'd say it was an average length episode, script-wise
>> No. 35976
Awesome job, thanks for the script Frenchy.
>> No. 35977
Late response since I've only just started reading the thread but that little story truly brought tears to my eyes.
>> No. 35979
This episode broke my heart T_T with the drawing and shit.
>> No. 35980
Just watched the webstream, the animation just keeps getting better. The voice-acting didn't impress me, though... Eva's "Pinpin's not dead he told me to go to Rubilaxia and save him!" line in particular was embarrassingly (almost amateurishly) flat compared to the emotion she displayed last season, to the point that I actually winced.

Plotwise, totally not seeing how they're all a year older. This episode looks like it takes place no more than a month after the season 1 finale, unless I missed some really obvious reference to a year going by.

Amalia was my best-loved character in S1 and Adamaï was my most hated, and now in this season it looks like she's going to be less tolerable and he's going to get more tolerable. But then, this is only the first episode and neither of them got very many lines to judge from.
>> No. 35981
File 12987599902.gif - (11.33KB , 133x150 , 1296776230893.gif )
>> No. 35982
File 129876023334.png - (696.84KB , 901x474 , I'minlove.png )
Fuck the haters, DAT HAIR
>> No. 35983
Requestin' a progress report, please. Will the subs be up in time for tomorrow's stream?
>> No. 35984
No, it's been said earlier. Monday morning **at best**.
>> No. 35985
I for one dislike the new hair because it makes her look much tougher than I like. Last season she was a serious fighter (archer, you get my drift) and could hold her own in most fights. Obviously with you-know-who gone she's probably a tad heartbroken and has closed herself off to the world a bit. That's my impression thus far though. Last season she seemd much gentler and more approachable if that makes any sense whatsoever. With the new hair-do we won't be seeing any Princess Eva anytime soon. By that, I am referring to the Ugly Princesses episode when she let her hair down.

Overall, the only change I sort of liked was Amalia's outfit in the opening. I haven't watched the episode yet (RAW I mean) so I can't comment. I wouldn't want her to be wearing it all the time though.

I'm also hopeful that Grovy can come back in a way similar to Goultard despite the fact (if it is fact?) that Goultard is son of Iop himself/immortal/whatever. I want him back dammit.

Also, as a response to the question of why they might bring Grovy back, I'd think it'd be pretty clear. He's in love with Eva and she loves him back. Sure he died honourably but he has some "unfinished business" if you ask me. Though his "contract" with Yugo was fulfilled and all that jazz, he'd probably be the first to say, "Oh you guys need my help? There's baddies to smash? Eva's lonely? Hold on a sec, gonna come back from the dead. See ya later Iop, it was fun while it lasted."

I'd also like to see more of his relationship with Rubilax and if this season is to be largely Shu-Shu based, I think Grovy would be the team's best weapon against them. Not to say he's an expert or anything, but he has to have at least a basic understanding of Shu-Shus/Demons/Whatever else they're gonna be fighting.

Oh, and hi S. We spoke briefly in the /co/ thread regarding the TCG etc. Figured I might as well join in on the discussion since I'm relatively new to plus4chan and I'll be hanging around (hopefully) for subs and such throughout the season.

A big thanks to the team that's been subbing and uploading too! I burned through the season in the course of a month or so thanks to all the hard work you've been putting in. Hopefully this'll be educational as well as entertaining as I work on my French a bit.
>> No. 35986
File 129876137586.jpg - (58.99KB , 427x600 , 44579570.jpg )
I just came up with a brilliant idea,
One I think I'm going to work on.

A DIRECTOR'S-esque FAN CUT of episode 17, where instead of cutting to Yugo and his friends playing around while Nox and Grougaloragran fight, we get scenes from the NOX special instead.

Sound like a good idea?
>> No. 35987
Not realy.
Madhouse did some good job telling story in one episode and I just cant see how you want to fit it in 5 miinutes.
>> No. 35988
File 129876203915.png - (81.44KB , 459x168 , image 666.png )
...so off we venture to this strange place.
>> No. 35989
File 129876247385.png - (640.01KB , 1000x544 , ohgrovy.png )
>I'm sorry Eva.. Ankama says I have to die in the next episode for the drama.
>B-but.. but I...
>> No. 35990
Yeah it was dramatic, but bringing him back opens up more possibilities in the long run doesn't it?

I'm afraid I'm missing the point.
>> No. 35991
File 129876280726.jpg - (25.67KB , 640x360 , Wakfu wtf.jpg )
Since they are introducing new character and, im almost sure, bringing Goultard as one of plot movers aint thinking hell be back fast.
>> No. 35992
Nope. Sorry.

We'll see how things turn out, but I think Tuesday is a more likely ETA.

We share your impatience, but please understand we're not your usual /a/ speed-subbers.
>> No. 35993
Ok, that's fine with me. I don't expect him to be back immediately. I wouldn't mind a 3 episode arc where the Brotherhood rescues him perhaps from some nasty demons or shushus. All I want is to see him eventually. Preferably prior to the 50% mark of season 2.
>> No. 35994
The fact that Tristepin is "trapped" in "Rubilaxia" makes me think that Evangelyne is just thinking of more and more convoluted ways that he might still be alive. Hopefully she's wrong and most of her character development will be around her either denying or accepting that...
>> No. 35996
So, you think Rubilaxia is this cave/engine/machine thing we've been seeing in trailers
>> No. 35997
>> No. 35998
Obviously not. Looks more like imagined thing or something inside Rubilax (wonder if he devoured little iops soul)
>> No. 35999
File 129876700433.jpg - (586.62KB , 961x1292 , epic iop.jpg )
When is episode 2 coming out?
>> No. 36000
If Grovy's soul is still out there, then there's a good chance he can be "reborn" somehow. I'd like to think Goultard's machine or whatever that was could pull it off. If not, maybe some kind of contract with Rubilax? From what little background information I've read, I would think that so long as his soul is out there and wanting to come back, he can comeback. It'd be funny if he was literally reborn as a child.
>> No. 36001
They already did that with Grougal, they won't do it with Grovy.
>> No. 36002
File 129876861385.png - (811.46KB , 1000x542 , grovybowingforhisnewmaster.png )
Oookay, getting creepy now. Grovy should come back for his romance plot with Eva *and* be reborn as a toddler?
...Rule 34 naow.
>> No. 36003
So, what's the time normally between episodes?
>> No. 36004
Well in Dofus, don't all souls re-incarnate?
>> No. 36005
Every Saturday. IF Ankama can keep up with their deadlines and France3 doesn't pull any dick moves. Their track record during season 1 wasn't very good.
>> No. 36006
does anyone have ep1 hd version?
>> No. 36007
File 129877010912.jpg - (181.14KB , 779x441 , tsipuw.jpg )
>of course

>obviously not
>> No. 36008
>It'd be funny if he was literally reborn as Eva's child.
>> No. 36009
I've muddled things up a bit. I want Grovy to come back. Period.

There are TWO potential ways in which I can see this happening:
1) Magic/Machine/Demons/Whatever
Grovy comes back just as he left for some asskicking and Eva lovin'
This would be the romantic route.

I also thought, just as >>36004 pointed out (and my sparse background reading pointed out) souls are sort of just floating about waiting to join families based on alligiance to one diety or another.

2) This would be a reincarnation type thing. The gang goes to free Grovy's soul from Demons/ShuShus/Rubilax or something along those lines with a tearful goodbye with Eva by Grovy before he gets reincarnated. We'd end up seeing a young Iop near the end of the series that looks and acts just like him (perhaps with a wooden sword ala rubilax?) and Eva gets a little teary eyed but manages to move on.

1) would be my preference but I also contemplated the thought of (2) occuring. That's my current spin on things not having seen the first ep. I want him back. At the very least I want to know he's alive somewhere in some form. Major plus if he rejoins the team.

Did I manage to straighten myself out a bit? Does this sort of make mroe sense? The idea of an /ss/ relationship between Eva and Grovy is sort of....well actually....naaah!
>> No. 36010
File 129877101827.png - (12.30KB , 468x425 , 1285195490784.png )
Oh god, what!?
>> No. 36011
>Grougal dies and comes back as an egg
>Goultard apparently dies and comes back just fine

I should have said that I wanted one or the other of these two possibilites to occur and just left it at that.

My apologies for the triple post. Sage so as not to unnecessarily bump.
>> No. 36012
File 129877180692.png - (66.96KB , 299x276 , 1250511908298.png )
A little off topic, but I bet my anal virginity that Ryusei Nakao will be voicing Japdub Nox.

I can honestly not imagine any other guy doing it but him, seriously.
>> No. 36013
>Goultard apparently dies

Goultard's definition of "death" is... expandable...
>> No. 36014
>Sage so as not to unnecessarily bump.

Dude this board is slow as fuck you're not stealing any pagetoppers for threads around here.
>> No. 36015
Okay, so, it occurred to me.

Eva is apparently NOT in possession of Rubilax. So what does Remington mean when he says "You have something I want" in Trailer 3?

I've come up with three options, rated from most sensible to pretty stupid.

>Eva finds Rubilax between now and then

>Rubi is still loyal to Grovy, and by extension Eva
Remington was the one who snatched Rubi off the battlefield, hoping to add him to his collection, but Rubi is sticking to loyalty for some reason and refuses.

>The connection to Grovy
Eva is somehow connected to Grovy (theoretically), and it's apparent that Grovy is somehow connected to the villains plan. Remington is tracking down Eva to cut that connection between her and Grovy's soul.
>> No. 36016
Thanks, I'll keep it in mind! Getting used to the boards and I like the place already.

Expandable? I'm afriad I don't follow. Everyone seems to think he was "dead". Whether or not he was really dead is apparently debatable, but my point still stands that under certain circumstances Grovy could do the same.
>> No. 36017

I was thinking that too

Funny how Ankama managed to shoot down months worth of fanart in one sentence
>> No. 36018
>The quality of the web raw is really too poor to make a release out of it...

Not really. Heck, the quality of this episode is waaaaaaay better than the crap encodes they did for the last half of the first season. I say it's almost as good as possible with SD resolution. I'd imagine TV raws would be better only if they used HD resolutions.

Of course, if you want a hardsub, obviously the transcode is gonna make it look crap.
>> No. 36019
Remington wants Eva to try taking Grovy's soul back from Iop to be made into a Shushu as an experiment of ressurrecting his dead brother.

Just like wandering spirit, Grovy needs attachment to the mortal world to be ressurrected properly, so Remington needs Eva and her bow.
>> No. 36020

A theory I assume?
>> No. 36021
>> No. 36022
4 ) Remington is talking about Gruffon

5) Remington found Rubilax first, but Eva stole it and he wants it back
>> No. 36023
File 129878256896.jpg - (88.30KB , 1079x606 , AmaWeb.jpg )
Web raw.
>> No. 36024
File 129878259932.jpg - (99.50KB , 1079x605 , AmaTV.jpg )
SD TV raw.
>> No. 36025
And you haven't seen HD raw yet... Get ready for pure eye candy!
>> No. 36026
File 129878476985.png - (34.13KB , 318x470 , 1295901552665.png )
Who said anything about 5 minutes?

Decided to give it a shot,

Threw this thing together in 2 hours, so it's a bit rough around the edges,

What I'm looking for now is mostly critism/suggestions/comments on scene placement (I think my transitions can be worked on, but I want to know if my chronology's okay) and well, if this is a good idea or not.

Watch, gaze at them, and forever take comfort in the fact that my editing skills will forever pale in comparison to your subbing skills!

Wakfu ReCubed: Episode 17 Part 1, Islandyoutube thumb

Wakfu ReCubed: Episode 17 Part 2, Artifactyoutube thumb

Wakfu ReCubed: Episode 17 Part 3, Timeyoutube thumb

Wakfu ReCubed: Episode 17 Part 4, Familyyoutube thumb

Prepare for shameless plugging!

Wakfu ReCubed

In honor of the Season 2 premier, I've decided to help answer a persisting question that lies in the heads of all newcoming Wakfu Fans:

After which episode should I watch the Nox Special/OVA?

Well if this video takes off, you might not have to anymore.

A prototype 'alternate cut' of Episode 17, it splices together scenes from both Episodes to provide a concise retelling of one of Wakfu's most exciting projects, with one of its most tragic ones:

Aiming to highlight the grotesque parallels between past and present, this cut will reveal who Nox is, what he was, and what he strives to be.

Summary: It's a battle of the ancients as Grougaloragran The Eternal and The Dreaded Nox do battle on Oma Isle. Determined to not only put a halt to the mad Xelor's rampage but to win a precious treasure back from the lunatic as well, Grougaloragran unleashes his full draconic powers on the energy-hungry fiend. But will it be enough to stop a man whose very ambition aims to warp the universe itself?

What drives a person to plunder, steal, murder, and terrorize for centuries, and can it possibly withstand the might of such a powerful being? The answers may surprise you.

It's a rough cut, and the Episode 17 parts aren't translated as I couldn't find a soft sub. Hopefully I can find a program that can handle avi and mkv files so I can make it look better too.

That is, if you want me to continue.

If so, could anyone recommend a Movie editor that will accept avi and mkv files? And perhaps a link to soft-subbed version of Episode 17?
>> No. 36027
File 129878749243.jpg - (1.20MB , 3513x3996 , Dofus_Character_Male_Eniripsa_by_tchokun.jpg )
I've never understood what exactly Nox would be right about.
>> No. 36028
thank you so much
>> No. 36030
he was right that if he failed in going back in time, no one would be aware of it. Yugo and Adamaï were the only ones who knew that they traveled 20 minutes back in time since they were in the clock with him.

That is what I always assumed, anyway.
>> No. 36031
Everything about his theory, basically. The only thing he was wrong about was how much time would be rewinded. Everyone else, even Grou. thought it either was impossible or would destroy the world.
>> No. 36032
Hows the translating going?
>> No. 36033
Actually Grou implied that Nox could destroy the world by rewinding time, so if he wound up destroying the world, nobody would know.
>> No. 36034
Ongoing proof reading.
I'm done with half the timing.
SD and HD raws encoding OK for softsubs.
>> No. 36036
Hm... Some proof-reading:

Eva: Xelor, not xelor - I believe all the races should be capitalised.
"The last line of defense", not "A last line..." - seems worse in this case.
"and Sadlygrove", not "an sadlygrove" (typo).
"Listening only TO his courage"...

Yugo: "Trst me." - "Trust me." (typo)

Amalia: "And with all youR dragon and Eliatrope powers, you haven't yet found a way to deal with it?" (hard to say where the yet should be in this case)

Eva: "..., we have to (go) search for him." (not sure about the go)
Capitalise Shushu I think.

Alibert: "The good old Ruel will thank us by extending his debt." (instead of buy - typo)

Yugo: "..., it's as if we didn't EXIST for him." (not "existed")
"Adamai reproachED me for ..."

Amalia: "We should have come more numerous." ... that sounds weird... Maybe something like "We should have come more prepared." would do better?

Again, capitalise Shushu.

BTW - sorry for including some typos... They would get removed in the sub process anyway...
>> No. 36037
Keep up the awesome work man
>> No. 36038
Let us all give the brave subbers a festive cheer: yay!
How's the progress?
>> No. 36039
Are you going to ask every hour?
>> No. 36040
I just got here.
>> No. 36041
read the thread then
>> No. 36042
I'd like to join in the effort and help do some subbing.

But first I gotta know, what programs do you guys use to mash the sub's text and video together, then export it out into different formats? My hands are idle most of the time after being jobless, just thought I'd help with what brought me some cheer in those miserable times
>> No. 36043
In my head canon Remington is an affable villain with a crush on Eva (I'm going to be so disappointed when this doesn't happen!).

As for the trailer, he couldn't be referring to her map, could he?
>> No. 36044
I know that the main focus now is season 2, but a few threads ago someone said something about re-doing season 1 in better quality (and with better subs too). Do we still consider doing it some time in the future?

I'm not complaining, but there are a lot of artifacts in some episodes, so maybe we could at least give it a shot. Or did we surrender to the fact, that anyone willing to get better quality will go for the DVD rips anyway?
>> No. 36045

I do believe we've made it very clear we're not going to HD or DVD rips out of respect for Ankama. They're already really nice folks, putting the episodes online for all to see and allowed us as much to work with, no sense biting the hand that feeds.

Cartoons aren't made for free, they need money and I for one do not want to deprive them and can the show/movies.
>> No. 36046
However, we SHOULD try (in future sometime) to redo the existing episodes from S1, using SD quality with unified subs, with no typos et cetera.
>> No. 36047
Yeah, buy the dvds. It goes a long way.
>> No. 36048
Agreed. They even approved of the TCG to be fan-translated. (And it would really suprise me if the subbing of the cartoon would be unknown to them)
>> No. 36049
I'd like to help at least with the proofreading, for I have no knowledge of this whole subbing process. Not to mention French.
But I do know a lot about translation.
The first thing to do when we're dealing with such a big project is making a glossary - some terms are repeated in many episodes, and the translations musn't vary. And we've all seen that they do change from episode to episode.
>> No. 36050
May I suggest something? Maybe, to cut the amount of pointless questions (and to help people who want to avoid this thread due to potential spoilers) the translators could set up Docs page only they can edit, like the guys encoding <That Other Flash Cartoon That Must Not Be Named Here> did?

Like this?


I found it to be pretty stable, reliable and never crashing even under heaviest loads...
>> No. 36051
File 12988182899.gif - (792.46KB , 640x480 , blablabla.gif )
>we're not going to HD

>by Kennymc
>And you haven't seen HD raw yet... Get ready for pure eye candy!

I thought that the only agreement we had was on not making any DVD rips, because the DVDs are a commercial product, while TV/webcasts are not. Any of us could have watched/recorded those for personal use, while DVDrips are a clear violation of Ankama's rights.

If I recall correctly, Wakfu re-runs were broadcasted on France 4, which wasn't in HD at that time, so we decided to wait for an actual HD broadcast of season 1 to get the episodes in the best quality avaliable (we have the last 3 episodes in HD from France 3 in the download after all). It seems that it simply didn't happen and they all were broadcasted in SD, and the webstreams on Ankama's site offered little improvement so it was decided they are not worth the effort.

Kenny, Frenchy, please correct me if I am wrong with anything I wrote.

Well I've been tinkering with subtitles a bit (as a proud owner of the DVDs and a less than a poor French speaker I like to watch those on my PC with subs turned on) and most of the mistakes are easy to fix, especially after watching the show and knowing the context. But fixing them GOOD means watching Wakfu all over again, this tme with many long pauses to edit the subs. And after all this someone who knows French should take a look at them anyway.

Fun fact: in the newer releases of episode 6, the scene you see on the .gif (and plus4chan sub) is no more - it was replaced by similar, but completely re-dubbed scene with new animation and a bit diffrent designs.
>> No. 36052
Good idea.

Setting it up now.
>> No. 36053
Here you are with the link:

I think I fixed most typos and changed some sentences... If you find anything else wrong, feel free to change it, of course only if you are sure it's correct.
>> No. 36054
>I thought that the only agreement we had was on not making any DVD rips, because the DVDs are a commercial product, while TV/webcasts are not.
Yup, that's it basically.
- Publicly free TV and web rips => good!
- DVD rips, Vod HD rips, Blu-ray HD rips (if they ever get released one day) => no good!
>> No. 36055
Hey guys. How's it coming?
>> No. 36056
Ending the proof-reading phase I believe...
So all that is left is to time the subs, encode and finally upload.
>> No. 36057
Where do I buy the DVDs? And do they come with English subtitles?
>> No. 36058
Is there ETA yet?
>> No. 36059
Ankama Shop, no.
>> No. 36060
Monday I guess.
>> No. 36061
BTW if I decide to redo the S1, what softsubs are we using?

.srt? (SubRip)
>> No. 36062
>However, we SHOULD try to redo the existing episodes from S1, using SD quality with unified subs, with no typos et cetera.
My idea was to do this as a side project (season 2 still being the priority) but rather than doing a new batch of subbed videos, making only subbed files to be played along with the DVDs. That would be a way to reward those who supported the series by buying the DVDs even though they didn't understand the language. It would also be a way to encourage people to buy them, as there isn't a day whithout someone saying he would buy them is they were aviable with subs.

>To anyone who wants to help with proofreading
Since I'm posting a draft script asap you can always do as Aurel300 did (thx btw) and post your modified version of the script here.

>flashback scene redone in ep 6
The version we have in the subs was the first ever aired, the modifications were done quickly after and included in the second airing, but it was never resubbed.
That flashback scene was the biggest difference, but there are several tiny others : music over most of the episode, some camera angles (when amalia punches Vampyro, or when they have a feast at the end), some graphic effects (when vampyro tries to steal Grovy's shadow) etc ....
>> No. 36063
oh, and one thing btw if you make some proofread : can you change the text color of any modification you make ? makes it easier to handle :)
>> No. 36064
If you go File > Show revision history, then you can check a box saying "Show changes" (it's checked by default) - it shows the changes in a kind of cyan colour, additions plain cyan, removed parts are struck thru cyan.
>> No. 36065
not working
>> No. 36066
Worked for me, although the last two revisions were VERY minor (geez instead of geeze and a typo - find instead of found)... The version I uploaded first was NOT the one you uploaded - I've already made all the changes / fixes, re-format and such.
>> No. 36067
ok I see what's wrong : it only shows the changes between two versions, and since there is, like, 20+ revisions, you have to go through each revision one by one to see the changes.
It will be faster to compare the final text to the original side by saide (although unhandy)
>> No. 36068
If you show just the major revisions, there are only three. The minor ones are from auto-saves...
>> No. 36074
Nevermind started to colour my edits orange...
BTW if you are online, what colour are you? (open the chat)
>> No. 36075
File 129884580332.jpg - (124.79KB , 600x340 , Ruel Kamas.jpg )

Made this on Saturday, forgot to post it.
>> No. 36076
Reminds me of the comparison of Ruel and Scrooge McDuck in another thread.
>> No. 36077
File 12988468125.jpg - (365.99KB , 865x613 , ogrest_la_legende.jpg )
Found a bigger version of the Ogrest special promo.
>> No. 36078
Aurel, that was me on those last two changes, with somewhere around a dozen people proof-reading the translation, it is pretty good right now. The only issue right now is a few phrases being slightly awkward, but with only a semester of French and no transcription in front of me, I wouldn't be bold enough to mess with it. As it stands it is much more than satisfactory for an unpaid amateur service.
Great job everyone!
>> No. 36080
Thanks for the status report! Will we be getting the episode by Monday do you think, because I've heard reports of Tuesday at the earliest.
>> No. 36081
It's actually kind of neat to see you guys working on this like this. Live, multiple user editing alongside chat makes google docs really great.
>> No. 36082
So, Proofreading is almost fiinished. Sorry if I wasn't very active on the google doc butit's hard to work on two rooms at the same time. We still borrowed a lot of modifications that were made here, thanx guys.

There's only one tricky part left :
>Amalia : ... but don't count on me to help you chase rainbows.
>Eva (later on) : Right now I have rainbows to chase.
There are many words that could replace "rainbow" here (ghost / shadows, dreams, and so on) but that's not the problem.
The thing is, it's supposed to echo the title "Monsters and Chimeras" as both girls use the word "chimère".
Now things become tricky. In the title it refers to the mythical beast assemble from various animal parts. However, when the girls use it, "chasser des chimères" (chasing chimeras) is a french expression for someone running after a delusion. However, that expression doesn't work in english, as the average reader would mostly associate it with the mythological beast.

So here are the options :

1) drop the connection to the title (that not a critical plot point) and keep chimeras in the title, and another word in the dialogue. (we can still mention this connection in a separate translation-note text file that we intend to make anyway)

2) change the title with a word that could fill both roles. Maybe "Monsters and Shadows" (open, to debate)

3) someone here has a magician's top hat and can pull the right formulation out of it
>> No. 36083
I think the best thing to do is use the first option.
but it's just my opnion
>> No. 36084
File 129886691476.jpg - (67.27KB , 900x600 , bien.jpg )
I'd say option 1, but you could change "chasing rainbows" to "tilting at windmills" if you want to add a deeper layer of idiomatic expressions to the mix. The Don Quixote idiom also implies delusion more than "chasing rainbows" does. However, Eva might be correct in the end because They Might Be Giants. If you're unaware of the idiom and can't be bothered to google it, in an iconic scene the delusional Don Quixote attacks windmills on the countryside because he indeed believes them to be giants.
>> No. 36085
To me option 1 sounds the best, but defenitely point out the connection to the title and the original french expression used. To me these conections make it all that more special. Like when someone makes a really good joke and you don't get it at first and then suddenly you're like ''oh.. oooohh'' if ya catch my drift.
>> No. 36086
Option 1
>> No. 36087
chasing windmills is about delusions of grandeur
Eva is chasing the shadow/ghost of her lover
>> No. 36088
So am I the only one who doesn't think Chimeras doesn't fit in the title, then? You say
> In the title it refers to the mythical beast assemble from various animal parts.
But I disagree. In my mind, even before watching the episode, it referred to the concept of illusions or hallucinations. Therefore I would vote for option 2.

However my weakness happens to be idioms and I don't really know how else you could say it. I'm sure I've heard another way, but I can't remember what it was. Bear with me, I'll try to hunt it down.
>> No. 36089
*who doesn't think "Chimeras" fits in the title,
>> No. 36090
I'd never heard that exact expression before, in French or English, but I would understand "chasing chimeras" or "hunting chimeras" to mean pursuing something imaginary. In fact, I'd guess that, in English at least, the word is actually more well known as a metaphor than as a literal mythological beast. So I think it would be OK to let the literal translation stand.

But it's certainly not a common metaphor, so if you can come up with a better expression, go ahead.
>> No. 36091
By the way, I am aware that "chimeras" also share that meaning in English, it's just that it seems a less common use of the term from what I've seen.

How would "phantasm" sound?
>> No. 36092
well, that's the point of a well-thought title : it matches what happens in the episode on multiple levels, not just one.
There's indeed a magical creature in the form of the giant gerbil, and then you discover that theres also a more figurative interpretation of it in the plot.

However, the title is the first thing you see, and as long as you haven't seen the scene where they use the figurative meaning, it doesen't make sense to interpret it as anything else than the mythological meaning, especially in how the title is built. It's only after that scene that you are supposed to make the connection.
If we make it clear that the title is to be interpreted as "monsted and delusions" right from the start, we are kinda giving it away as a spoiler.
>> No. 36093
It isn't commonly used in French either. I say keep the literal translation.
>> No. 36094
additional note
That's also why, should we opt for option 2, words such as "shadow" or "ghost" would fit, because they are vague enough (especially associated with the word "monster") to not give away the fact they will be used in a figurative way later.

Option 1 still seems to be the most favoured for now.
>> No. 36095
Well... I see your point, but I still don't agree with it. As I said, when I saw the title a week ago, I was indeed expecting delusions, not an actual chimera. Perhaps it's my perception of the word, and more particularly in the plural form. But I've nothing else to add and the majority is clearly against me, so I rest my case :)
>> No. 36096
Okay, nothing to add except this:

>it doesen't make sense to interpret it as anything else than the mythological meaning, especially in how the title is built

I'd say exactly the opposite, actually. To me, mentioning chimeras literally after the all-encompassing "monsters" would be pointless. Perhaps that's why I immediately expected the figurative meaning, and maybe most people didn't follow the same reasoning.
>> No. 36097
Why not "chasing ghosts"? I mean that is a phase they use when it turns out the person they're looking for was dead the whole time.

Might sound a little mean when it's about someone's dead boyfriend though.
>> No. 36098
"Phantoms" might be suitable as well.
>> No. 36099
Personally I like the ring of phantoms. Elusive beasts are part of what comes to my mind when I see that word, and it also plays well with Tristepin's voice speaking to Eva.
>> No. 36100
>and it also plays well with Tristepin's voice speaking to Eva.
ghost / phantom has a "beyond the grave" connotation that could be misleading. People could think she's after Grovy's ghost ... "literally" and not figuratively.
>> No. 36102
I say go with option 1. It's not plot critical that Eva's dialogue matches the title, it's more of "oh snap!" moment. So keep the original title, then make heroes talk about chasing shadows and finally make an adnotation about them really talking about chasing chimeras, just like they do in anime fansubs when they hit a brick wall.
>> No. 36104
It is literal though.
>> No. 36105
>It is literal though.
not in the french version, you can pretty much replace "chimères" by "delusion" in the girls' lines.
>> No. 36106
Option 1 seems to be the best choice...

Still I am not so sure about the title. The dialogue with rainbows seems just fine, but Chimeras over here seems weird (nothing like that in this episode)...
>> No. 36107
Argh annoying anons vandalising the thing... Not so hard to get the rev back...

However PLEASE all translators / proof-readers log-in for GMail account. It's easy and fast, and then I can add you to the white list so you can edit. I believe it will still be possible to chat in there (so the editors can edit) - still would be faster than +4ch editing.
>> No. 36108
yeah, I'd say keep the title but change it to phantoms or ghosts in the dialogue.
>> No. 36110
Chasing myths?

Chasing legends?
>> No. 36111
Look guys, whatever you decide, I'm with you. There is no way to please everyone with a translation, so do it the best you can and that's awesome already.
>> No. 36112
Chasing legends? Really? Now that's just cruel.
>> No. 36113
File 129891512064.jpg - (44.10KB , 299x299 , 1291362572399.jpg )
MFW I contact Ankama support and they tell me their DVDs only play in Zone 2.
>> No. 36114
It's not like there aren't DVD players which enable you to select the region without the annoying X changes only... RIGHT?

If not there are certainly some work arounds. If not for changing the zone on a player freely, just install X different players for X regions and you are set...
>> No. 36115
File 129891699175.png - (954.07KB , 999x748 , lookwhatyourwordshavewrought.png )
Didn't even pick it up until you pointed it out. Man, that's harsh.
>> No. 36116
File 129891731588.png - (242.76KB , 549x309 , evacry.png )
>chasing legends
Frack. You.

Not cool dude. Not cool.
>> No. 36117
Well yeah I can probably manage to play it on a computer, but it would nice to be able to watch it wherever there's a DVD player and a TV bigger than a computer screen. It's making the ridiculous shipping costs even more annoying =/
>> No. 36119
Hey, people - I`ve finished russian subs. Is there any chance to get promised "HD Raw" or i had to use *.flv version?
>> No. 36120
File 129892101290.png - (222.75KB , 520x473 , 3502.png )
>Chasing legends?

Well played, sir.

But honestly... I think I would be okay with that one...
>> No. 36121
Mind uploading em? Wanna translate to spanish but am lazy as fuck today to deal with timing
>> No. 36122
File 129892151531.png - (177.94KB , 247x372 , 1290544012916.png )
I'm voting for option 1 because honestly, when I hear chimeras I think monster. Mythological monster. The kind you would fight. It's neat to know that it has another meaning (I may or may not have heard that before) but it's not the first thing that comes to mind.

Personally I think dreams would fit in better with the rainbows/delusions thing. Would mirage work as well do you think? You might also (though I'm sure this could change the meaning or the specific situation considerably) have them refer to a wild goose-chase.

Again, keep up the great work, glad to hear it's going okay.

>Chasing legends
I can't believe you said that. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
>> No. 36123
Guess what? Episode 2 trailer: http://www.ankama.com/fr/206-video-wakfu-serie/10562-trailer-rubilaxia-wakfu-serie-saison-2-episode-2
>> No. 36125

This sounds good to me. Monsters and Mirages has a nice ring to it, and I believe it fits nicely within the episode too.
>> No. 36126
But I haven't even watched episode 1 yet. ;_;
Anychance of it coming out tonight or are we looking at tomorrow for sure?
>> No. 36127
I can upload the english subs file.
I you provide me quickly with your Russian and Spanish subs, I can add them to the HD release.
>> No. 36128
Are you sure, the timings of the HD file exactly the same as FLV?
>> No. 36129
>> No. 36130
Upload it, kind Anon.
>> No. 36131
I'll try Slovak as well, for some reason.
>> No. 36132
Scratch that...

I think I'll start the S1 Unified redo now.
>> No. 36133
Need any help with future ones? Can help with timing/edit part
>> No. 36134
An by redo you mean..?
>> No. 36135
They've put it up on their site: http://www.wakfu.com/fr/serie/medias/video-evenement
>> No. 36138
Ok, now that everyone is in the know as to the "chasing legends" thing, I'm fine with it. We can get all the bawing out of the way now.
>> No. 36139
Sorry for asking it, but I might as well get it out of the way:

No release tonight? Chances for Tuesday/Wednesday?
>> No. 36140
Release in a few hours.
Uploading at the moment.
>> No. 36141
File 129894232413.jpg - (413.04KB , 2100x2100 , tristefleur_and_evan_by_zabchan-d3amnai.jpg )
i have no excuses.

ladies and gentlemen, tristefleur and evan.
>> No. 36142
Huzzah! =)
>> No. 36143
Always wanted to draw them reversed, but could never think of names for them. PROPS!
>> No. 36144
>i have no excuses.

It's not like you would need any... we all hhnnngg down here...
>> No. 36145
Nice, really. ^^
>> No. 36146
tristefleur, evan, amal, ruelle, yuko.
>> No. 36148

Ahw shit man promise me to never go there D:
>> No. 36149
> Ruelle
> never go there

You are now aware that "ruelle" means back alley.
>> No. 36150
File 129894619991.png - (38.86KB , 256x256 , 1297309395622.png )
>> No. 36151
File 129894633953.jpg - (21.81KB , 638x364 , 1264604443926.jpg )
>> No. 36152
File 129894639139.jpg - (113.01KB , 1022x687 , Amalia_Bisou.jpg )
Here's what I believe you were somewhat expecting.

Wakfu Season 2 Ep.1 English subbed:
-SD Softsubbed: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ORDAPBWR
-SD Hardsubbed: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0CB7V6Q4

The HD softsubbed version should be released by Wednesday.

Also, note that the softsubbed version has 2 subtitle tracks:
- one with the english translated texts
- one with the transcription of the original French dialogues
Enjoy your new Rosetta stone.
>> No. 36153

All of my love.
>> No. 36154
Subbing team, have I told you how great you are lately?

'Cause you're pretty great.
>> No. 36155
Please unzip your trousers so that I may thank you properly.
>> No. 36156
Downloading and sending links to all my converted friends. Thank you so much. This time we'll watch it weekly instead of me bringing portable hard drives and having giant viewing marathons! The work is appreciated by many.
>> No. 36157
You guys are my heroes.
>> No. 36158
I would just like to say that I sincerely appreciate you and everyone else who is working on this.
Thank you.
>> No. 36159
Even though I already watched it with the rough script, I'd like to thank you awesome people for allowing all of us non-French speakers to experience a fantastic show that otherwise we never would've gotten a chance to. Thank you so much.
>> No. 36160
I did the same, was too excited to wait for subs--but I'm definitely going to watch again with them so I can pay more attention to the animation. DAT TRISTEPIN DOODLE ;_;

Thanks for the subs!
>> No. 36161
File 129894836425.jpg - (31.74KB , 240x240 , Buddy.jpg )
Awesome, thank you so much guys.
>> No. 36162
Writing this as it's downloading, you guys rock :3

waited so long to get my fix
>> No. 36163
File 129894893977.png - (257.19KB , 637x351 , Picture 11.png )

A while back, around December in fact, I started work on a short story to add to the depressingly small pool of WakFanfiction (Wakfu Fanfiction, I know, this portmanteau probably won't catch on) with an entry that was decidedly K+ (ie Pg). Sadly, I was sidetracked by all the essays, WoTs I promised along with general holiday merriment.

I've decided to finish it.

Keep in mind, this was originally conceived as a story of Yugo learning about and seeking the location of Emrub, shortly after the Season 1 finale. This was well before I found out there would be a sequel to 'Les Gardiens' and that some of the Eliatropes (if not all of them) had survived. Also, the only thing I knew about Season 2 for certain was that Evangelyne was going to seperate from the group (via one of Ankama's less cryptic announces), I didn't know that she'd take Grufon with her as well, and that's why he plays a pretty big role in this short story.

It was originally conceived as an adventure story akin to the Animated series, but my fear of it conflicting too much with the upcoming season and my uncertainty that I'd be capable of such an undertaking.

The concept was boiled down to what I believed to be a fair representation of the overall goal: A well-meaning journey doomed to failure, not unlike the kind undertaken by one Noximillien Coxen.

Still, while seeing Yugo react to a desolate collection of floating rock where his brethren should have been would have been pretty tragic, I thought that it lacked a good deal of conflict.

So if I couldn't get it from Yugo, I'd get it elsewhere

See the summary below.

Summary: Yugo’s search for Emrub is approaching its long-awaited conclusion. Unfortunately, two people very close to him get to it first, and must decide on whether or not they should let him reach it. Alibert and Amalia-centric.

It's halfway finished as of the time of this writing.

My only problem is that I don't know where to put it.

Would you like me to post it here like previous writing projects, or should I post it in fanfiction.net?

What do you think?
>> No. 36164
> So I heard the first episode will air on 5th or 6th, I wonder how /coc/ is doing
It's the best day ever.
>> No. 36165
I want the .ass file.
>> No. 36166
>> No. 36167
My university blocks MU, could someone up the .ass file to mediafire instead?
>> No. 36168
File 129894940750.jpg - (15.21KB , 300x399 , 개춥네.jpg )
can you upload a raw version please?
>> No. 36169
It has the subs file + the font you need to display the karaoke and the title properly.
>> No. 36170

.ass along with the fonts
>> No. 36171
Almost forgot.

Kennymc I said something in the thread I saw on 4chan /co/ but forgot to put a name. Do you need any help on this project at all? I was planning to do it with a few friends since I thought the subbers from season one were all retired. Turns out I was wrong so there is no point in us doing it anymore.

If need anything you can hit up Sindalf on rizon if you are interested.
>> No. 36172
Sorry I won't. French ADSL is quite sluggish when it comes to upload, and I've spend 2 hours and a half already uploading these 2 videos.

I suggest you get the softsubbed version, and remove the subs files using MKVtoolnix ( http://www.bunkus.org/videotools/mkvtoolnix/ ).
>> No. 36173

Ok, now it's time to kiss ass.


I was eagerly awaiting for this, pretty sure I got a lot without subtitles, but it's going to be nice to know what was actually happeneing.
>> No. 36174
Thank you sub team, you've made my night.
>> No. 36175
Get with the time and use torrent, comrades.
>> No. 36176
Probably waiting for HD. I see old posts saying "we're not doing HD"

And then at the actual post: >>36152
>The HD softsubbed version should be released by Wednesday.
>> No. 36177
Thanks for the offer.
I'll be sure to remind it if I happen to be stuck in too much timing work. ^^
>> No. 36178
And if you need a server for torrent distro hit up [M]-V on rizon. DDLs only go so far when it comes to the internet at large.
>> No. 36179
Just wanna Say that was amazing and a BIG thank you to all who translated it
>> No. 36181
File 129895461467.jpg - (32.84KB , 613x243 , 1298944368904.jpg )
>Watch the subs credits
I see what you did there ( 'culé ! :p )
Nice job on the timing and encode old chap

Everyone, have some HHNNNG
>> No. 36182
Anyone else get a kick out of how Eva's denial resembled that of the Wakfu forum people we would make fun of?
>> No. 36183
File 129895543991.jpg - (143.11KB , 1171x660 , Morning.jpg )
>Because sleeping is NOT overrated!
>> No. 36184
File 129895594597.png - (417.48KB , 892x500 , Walk Away from the Cube.png )
Am I the only one who finds it kind of tragicomedic that while Eva was perfectly willing to run away from the Sadida Kingdom with Amalia in the first season, Amalia isn't willing to return the favor?

S1, Ep.2
Amalia: Eva, I just got a prophetic vision that we should totally go to...Emelka.
Eva: But isn't it your brother's birthday tomorrow?
Amalia: Yeah, but you know, Sadida calls!
Eva: Fine, let's go...

S2, Ep.1
Eva: Amalia I just got a vision that we need to go to Rubilaxia!
Amalia: From the statue?
Eva: Y-yes but this time-.
Amalia: Moving on is always hard, there's plenty more fish in the sea, life is just part of cycle of death or something, take your medication, I'll always be your friend, aaaaaaaannnnnd no.

A bit over the top but that's more or less how odd the parallel is.

A little common courtesy wouldn't have hurt Ami, may have stopped the whole 'splitting up what's left of your team' and 'losing your only magic map' thing.

Then again, Amalia is basically playing the Galanthe (voice of reason) to Eva's Noximillien (voice of rrrrrrrissssiiiing insanity), so there's that.

And I'm quite interested to see how Amalia is going to function in the group without Eva to confide in.

By the way, would you guys mind too terribly if I inserted a few french words into my fic? They're not necessary, and it's not too late to edit them out.
>> No. 36185
Don't forget that one is a servant and the other is a spoiled princess.
One following the other's wish is quite one sided with these two.
>> No. 36186
This episode had JUST the right balance between epic and fun. After watching trailers I was worried that the show will become much more darker and serious in tone, but this is still the same Wakfu I fell in love with. Thanks for subbing, guys. You're all awesome.
>> No. 36187
ff.net for the love of god. then post links everywhere. then maybe ff.net will give wakfu a category.
>> No. 36188
File 129895686032.jpg - (108.04KB , 1024x576 , Wakfu_S2-E01_[English_Softsubbed]_(467B6A2D)_mkv_s.jpg )
well i like where the plot is going
in terms of honesty to the characters, anyway
>> No. 36189
M. Bison "Yes Yes!" Widescreen HD reuploadyoutube thumb

Thanks Kenny!
>> No. 36190
How the hell did you find that so fast? Did you watch it freakin' frame by frame or something?
>> No. 36191
Now that S2 is started, how bout we start a new thread. I would, but I can't copypasta.
>> No. 36192
File 12989603347.jpg - (283.62KB , 481x696 , Congrats Little Cra.jpg )
You know everybody, Eva's touching story about denying the reality of her situation, spurning the concerns of the people who care for her, and undertaking a perilous self-destructive journey fueled by fierce delusions and unmitigated grief,

Reminds me of a certain...someone.


Courtesy of the good artists of 4chan's /co/ who went all out with the decorations and party favors!

Have a Happy Decent into Madness and Isolation Evangelyne!!!!

We're all looking forward to seeing how Cra-zy you geeeeeeet!

And Remember, the Iop, is certainly not a lie!

P.S. I know it's a little too early to tell, but I just wanted an excuse and some decent preamble to display this wonderful piece of artwork that I've craved to see realize for a while now.
>> No. 36193
I know I'm late to the party, but HUGE thanks to the subbers. You bring joy into my mid-term filled life.
>> No. 36194
Dat orange balloon
>> No. 36195
Merci beaucoup!
>> No. 36196
File 129896720447.jpg - (39.70KB , 600x376 , your product deserves my wallet.jpg )
I just want to add my thanks to everyone who contributed to the subs. Bon travail.
>> No. 36197

>> No. 36199
Just watched the latest episode

Jesus christ, Eva is off her fucking rocker
>> No. 36200
Thank you so much!
Me and my friend are very grateful.
I'll try and help with the proofreading in the rest of the episodes to ease your workload as way of thanks.
>> No. 36201

Can somebody upload the subbed episode to mediafire?

Because i get a "Download Limit Exceeded" with these two links.

Any other link is finde O_o
>> No. 36203
Seems like this thread has hit autosage.
I'll create a new one by tomorrow when I release the HD version of episode 1.

Speaking of which, I'm afraid I won't be able to add your Russian subs to the HD raw.
-First: my computer can't seem to properly handle Russian alphabet. It displays a bunch of random characters instead.
-Second: If the timing was about the same between the .flv and my SD raw, it differs with the HD raw. I'll have to retime a little my subs before the HD release.

If you want to make a Russian subbed releaase with your current subs file, I suggest you get and use the SD softsubbed version I released earlier.
>> No. 36204
I love you guys.
>> No. 36205


Did you just use Frenchy's old script? Like, why did we all even bother with the docs when you use a buggy script anyways?

Or is it just the hardsubbed version?
>> No. 36207
What are you talking about?
I used the revised script Frenchy gave me on Monday after it's been through proof reading with different people on Sunday night.
How come is it buggy?
>> No. 36208
Thank you for your hard work guys.
I would have given you tits in return, but considering how surprisingly clean this forum is, it would probably be inapropriate.
Instead you have my thanks.
Keep up the great work, it is always appreciated.
>> No. 36210
it's not hard to spot...with the right dirty mindset -.-
>> No. 36212

Actually i don't think they ever intended it to be "dirty" and i don't see how it is.

Fucking 14 year olds.
>> No. 36214
File 12989940289.jpg - (107.69KB , 800x600 , 128565120995.jpg )
Wakfu - Army of Darkness Traileryoutube thumb

i died at 0:29
>> No. 36215
> 0:29


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! Oh please kill me, it hurts to laugh...
>> No. 36216

Well then I suppose it's Frenchy to blame. Just use the script that's public the next time...

There were many bugs in there, some just kinda typo-ish, some quite big -.-
>> No. 36217

>> No. 36218
That was fucking great.
>> No. 36219
Care to be more specific about the "big ones", so that I fix them for the HD release?
I did find one or two minor typo indeed, but no real big flaws.
>> No. 36220
File 129899895172.jpg - (93.05KB , 480x640 , 2670863.jpg )
you wanna die laughing?

ok. Enjoy a white armand
>> No. 36221
File 129899898533.jpg - (117.51KB , 480x640 , 2670864.jpg )
and apparently that's a girl
enjoy your nightmares
>> No. 36222
Whoops sorry, I think that they are mostly in the beginning, and since it looked EXACTLY like Frenchy's original script I assumed you used that.

Anyways there are still some spaces before question marks, non-capitalised Xelor and Shushu...
>> No. 36223
Can't wait for the next thread and the next episode! If you take a couple days off and spend 4 days on each episode then that means we should be getting new episodes every week or so since there's already a "backlog" of episodes.

If I can help in anyway, please sign me up! I don't think I'd mind proofreading :D
>> No. 36224
i thought we agreed that xelor as a race did not need capitalization, just like christian or frenchman...
>> No. 36225
Oh God. The funny. It burns.
>> No. 36226
The problem in the script is that "xelor" and "eliatrope" don't have capital letters, while "Iop" and "Sadida" do.
I think that keeping the classes capitalized just like we did in the previous season is better.
>> No. 36227
>> No. 36229
Shushu doesn't need capitalization at all, it's always a common name.
Same for the classes names ( see >>36224 ) except if they are refering to the associated deity.
I think we might have gone for lower case if it refers to a person or a quality, and upper case if it referred to the whole race (eg, Nox is a xelor of the Xelor race), and that is maybe arguable. But if you gonna argue this, then the only capitalization should be with the deity. Failing that, our choice is as legitimate as capitalizing everything.
>> No. 36230
>Well then I suppose it's Frenchy to blame. Just use the script that's public the next time...
I don't remember saying the proofreading session would be public, you just decided to make it public with your script. I only said that if people really wanted to help, they could post a revised script and we would read them, taking inspiration when someone had a better idea than we had.
There's a reason for that : discsussing the proofreading of a two minutes long Mini-wakfu episode on +4chan, in which the text is just about cramming a few jokes without an important plot , that works fine.
Doing the same (even on a live medium) for a 22 minutes-long episode, where every tiny translation detail might be plot relevant, and with which people feel really involved because it's the main series they lke ..... well feasable but don't expect subs 'till 4 days later, and without even a guaranteed better quality.
The modifications done in the public google document don't even equal to a fifth of the points and tiny details we discussed and argued in the subbing team, I don't want to imagine how long it would have taken with 10 to 20 more people arguing each one of them.
Just look at how much debate occured with one single point (the chimera thing), knowing that we had already discussed it and refined it to a few simple options.

Finally, you should read your emails ;)
>> No. 36231
I for one do understand where you're coming from. That's why I didn't bother with the Google doc thing; seeing how things work I'd rather leave things into your hands and give my opinion when asked, than interfere.
>> No. 36232
Well, we can debate forever since both choices are legitimate indeed.
However, if you have a quick look at Dofus or Wakfu websites, you realise that Ankama capitalize everything.
So I'd be tempted to follow what they do, for the very same reason that makes us use "Sadlygrove" instead of "Tristepin": that's the authors' will.
>> No. 36233
I had the same argument in mind, and I'd say go for that.

By the way I just watched the AVI, and I gotta say flawless job on the subtitling, great font, size, color, etc., good timing too. That's already a good improvement from first season. And I didn't catch any typo except for the caps and the space before the colon, as have already been mentioned. Major props to the whole team :)
>> No. 36234
Whenever possible, go the Ankama way. :)
>> No. 36235
Whoops didn't check my e-mail for 2 days now O_O...

By the way - essentially you didn't have to check the doc in real time - just use the final outcome - because a big team of people will most likely prevent spam and such, plus me modding it - it's just like a public proof-reading...

Well nvm I guess for the next scripts I shall put up a public doc for people and cross-update our private one when there's something good...
>> No. 36236
>> No. 36237
More people = more ideas and hence more options to choose from, I agree on that. That's why I suggested people wanting to help should post their ideas (also, not to be a dick ^^ ).
But when it comes to making decisions among the options, too much people is counter-productive. A bunch of people, big enough to have a well rounded opinion, yet small enough to come to an agreement in less than 10 minutes, that's what gets things done.
>> No. 36241
Too many cooks spoiling the broth, or perhaps too many proof-readers ruining the subbing?
>> No. 36243
theres 3 of us
>> No. 36246
i got the impression new /co/mer was referring to frenchy's post about why a huge public forum (like the big google docs public chat from last weekend) would be problematic to work with every week, not a comment on the current team.
>> No. 36247
File 129903177072.jpg - (355.69KB , 599x1000 , 1299030237611.jpg )
what happened to rubilax after battle was over?
>> No. 36248
File 129903185579.jpg - (74.57KB , 600x800 , raquiel1290432974.jpg )
>> No. 36262
File 129904129144.jpg - (97.08KB , 1023x574 , Amalia_pointing.jpg )
Wakfu season 2 ep.1 HD version released!

Get your share in the new thread: >>36251
>> No. 36263
at one time, I really liked Amalia for some of her awkward quirks, but after seeing how she treated Adamai and Yugo (especially Yugo) and how she handled the Eva situation, I dunno anymore...
>> No. 36283
I'd like to know this, too. He was present during the finale but he wasn't mentioned at all during the season opener.

Only he's really obviously connected to Rubilaxia.
>> No. 36291
Actually, in the S2E1 episode Amalia said "Eva, the sword was destroyed, or someone stole it after the battle." - of course it doesn't mean they KNOW what really happened, just saying it was mentioned.
>> No. 50820
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>> No. 50821
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>> No. 50822
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