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One Piece

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what would happen if someone else were to use one of choppers rumble balls?

No one's really sure, as no one's asked Oda much about the Rumble Balls.

I assume it ends up like what happened to Chopper when he first found them if it were a Zoan. They have no idea what they're doing with them. Probably find one or two new forms on the fly, but that's about it. I'm not sure if someone else could take more rumble balls at a time based on differences in body size, metabolism, etc. but I guess the end result of too many would be the same.

I do think that Oda will touch on this idea later in the series though.

i've always hoped Chopper would fight a zoan enemy and he'd steal one of the rumble balls

yeah i hope he does it would just be really cool to see the effects, but chopper would be a pretty useless fighter without his rumble balls most of the time

Found them? Don't you mean invented them?

Yes. My mistake.

I'm still convinced that Vegapunk will have already invented a superior form of Rumble Ball independant of Chopper.

As the world's foremost genius and allegedly an expert on Devil Fruits, I find it hard to believe that he would not have already discovered and perfected something that some reindeer just stumbled across without knowing what he had.

It's quite possible he simply never carried his research in that direction,
The dude has alot of other stuff he does as well.

luffy would go plastic man. Completely lose control of his elasticity.

Crocodile would be able to harden into clay?

brooke would continue to live everytime he dies?

Robin can make complete clones of herself.

She can prolly do that now, it's not like that amount of mass is really an issue for her.
Though of course the bodies would just be 'meat puppets' sprouting from some surface instead of seperate functioning clones of herself, still, close enough.

I'm not sure about that.

Have you noticed it only seems to be one kind of body part at a time? She can duplicate any part of her body, in any number, but I've yet to see her make, say, arms and legs at the same time.

This may not be an actual limitation of her power, but rather what she can handle.

Quite simply, it's sensory overload otherwise. Trying to move more then one of something she doesn't even normally have at one time is just beyond what she can handle. Think patting your head and rubbing your belly, only times ten million.

Rumble ball might have interesting effects on that.

>Have you noticed it only seems to be one kind of body part at a time?
She's made hands with eyes on them.

Or, Luffy could experiment with a process similar to rubber vulcanization. Inject a material into a part of his body to strengthen the rubber in exchange for a lot of the elasticity. Like have a arm that could take sword attacks by bouncing them off. Of course, since this is basically injecting poisons into himself, it'd probably hurt like hell and burn off some of his life force as well, kind of like how the Gears do.

Why would he need that when he was Gear 3rd?

What? No, I'm not talking about physical strength, I'm talking durability. Sure Gear 3rd is big and tough and can punch through walls, but I think swords can still cut it. Besides, the power's very brief, I was thinking of something that could last for a good while.

If they aren't a Zoan user they'd probably get diarrhea.

I imagine they'd get extra forms if they were Zoan, just like Chopper does. Though he's spent time working on using it to its potential. Someone just now eating one, like taking it from his bag during combat or something, would probably freak the fuck out.
Paramecia might experience new ways to manipulate their bodies, but not as "forms" like a Zoan. Or it might not have any effect at all. I just thought about Buggy chomping one, what could it possibly do? Let him split up other things? Already covered with another fruit. Might be like the Super Soldier Serum, only works with Steve/Chopper.

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