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File: 128428192881.jpg-(603.66KB, 1190x1005, M.B.C. X Disgaea.jpg)
36018 No.36018
Gonna be dumping art slowly and probably doing some requests an' stuff.

Oh yeah, and sorry for the excessive amount of Monster Buster Club fanart.

Someone's got to do it.

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File: 128428248010.jpg-(245.81KB, 750x1485, LittleBigPlanet 2 - Eve Small.jpg)
Drew a picture for a friend, tonight. A request to draw Eve, who will be featured in LittleBigPlanet 2.

Her head is a caged-apple with a bite taken out of it. Shit's ridic'.


>Oh yeah, and sorry for the excessive amount of Monster Buster Club fanart.
Someone's got to do it.

No one's gonna hold it against you, mate. ;)

Speaking of, if you're taking requests, what exactly are you willing to do for requests (i.e. yuri, crossovers, robots, porn, weapons, anime, etc.)?

File: 128431574756.png-(415.94KB, 697x375, annacummer.png)
>what exactly are you willing to do for requests (i.e. yuri, crossovers, robots, porn, weapons, anime, etc.)?

.... People object to drawing weapons now? Learn something new everyday.

Also, glad to see you here, Hella, caught you on /co/ awhile back. If you do take yuri requests, I'd love to see some Sam x Pepper crackship (same VA joke) with them scissoring or something less obscene if you prefer to keep it more tame (though I'm sure no one would mind if you didn't *cough*).

You're the best MBC artist out there, so I figured you'd be the best person to ask for this request.

Damn bro, this some awesome stylin'

File: 128432320732.jpg-(420.82KB, 1512x732, MBC X FFVIII BWSmall.jpg)
I can't fucking wait to do some Z.H.P. fanart.

Since I sorta made this thread for practice, I'd be down to draw a bunch of things I don't really specialize in, particularly robots and weapons (those caught my eye, at least). Yuri is girl-on-girl, yeah? If so, then heck-yes. I'm always down for some anime as well, although I don't watch much nowadays. Porn-wise, all I can say is I do a good portion of my drawing at work, so can't be doing all that much, but I'm sure I can find weekend time 'er something. Mainly though, I love drawing Monster Buster Club, Avatar, and Phineas and Ferb stuff. You'll probably also notice a trend of characters from one show dressing up as characters from another (basically, if you really wanna make my day, request some MBC cosplay, just sayin').

Were you the guy who requested Pepper and Sam kissing hella days ago on 4chan? I really need to check out that Iron Man show. If it has Anna Cummer doing the voice of Pepper, that's a good enough excuse for me.


Another older one I did in openCanvas 1.1 in an online session. Wendy, Cathy, Sam and Principal Rollins from Monster Buster Club dressed as Fujin, Selphie, Rinoa and Quistis from Final Fantasy VIII. I'f you've seen the old version of this pic you'll notice I toned down the proportions and converted it to black and white (as some of the colors I used to sketch the original were pretty hard to see). Will probably get to some Sam/Pepper today (in some form-or-another).

File: 128432498950.jpg-(357.28KB, 707x1914, CBU_Teen_Sari_Sumdac_by_Kingoji.jpg)
Awesome to hear.

Listen, may I request a yuri pic between Jenny of My Life as a Teenage Robot and Sari Sumdac of Transformers Animated do either:
1) One or the other licking the other's naval?
2) Both of them licking eachother's naval simultaneously?
3) Both of them in the 69 position?

Thank you.

File: 128432548946.jpg-(166.11KB, 550x494, Samnpepper.jpg)
Thanks for the links. I've got 'em copy-pasted in a notepad, so you can take 'em down if you wanna.

Also, if you never saw the old request...

File: 128432578643.jpg-(198.61KB, 1266x708, anna and way refs.jpg)
If you wanna do yuri of bad cartoons, Imma request Anna and Way from World of Quest. Don't care what they're doing, you're the pornographer. Way is a shapeshifter, kinda like Inque from Batman Beyond, made out of some kind of goo or something. You should be able to have fun with that.

>Oh yeah, and sorry for the excessive amount of Monster Buster Club fanart.

Frankly, your fanart is one of the best things that come from that series.
I'm not a big fan of MBC, but it's an entertaining show.

File: 128432627530.jpg-(25.93KB, 200x198, researchthumb.jpg)
And since you're requesting stuff, would you like to do a cute pic of Annie and Kat from Gunnerkrigg cuddling each other?

Welcome, and hope you enjoy.

(Saw that one on your DA awhile back by the way :) )

File: 128434294127.jpg-(131.32KB, 579x555, Sam x Pepper.jpg)
Here you go, Falsetto &amp; Alegretto.

If I like this Iron Man show, I might just have to revisit this particular duo.

(Fixed, Pepper had no freckles. That was close.)


AWSM job as always, Hella. Not even needing to be erotic; Just the poses and the 'life' these two breathe into the pic is good, imho.

File: 12843561168.jpg-(328.86KB, 930x1242, Robotlick.jpg)
Here is your pic, guy...

...hope you like motor oil.

W'll thanks. You should see how many faces I try out on each character before I finally decide on one.

Thought you lost your touch with that first pic for a minute there (clothes? No touching? Ick!) but nice to see you stepped up for the second one. (That's why it's good never to be the first requester, let the artist warm up first n stuff) Nice job.

File: 128436213840.png-(179.65KB, 475x653, 1275350012971.png)
Nice to see you here. If you feel up to it do you mind doing the kanker sisters?

File: 128439595494.png-(195.59KB, 500x600, franqi.png)
Great stuff! I'd love to see your interpretation of Franqi, maybe with Frankie or Goo.


Jenny XJ9 and Loli Sari... hmmmmm...

hella... YOU WIN AGAIN!!!

I'm not sure if I ever thank you for those Storm Hawks/Drawn Together pics you did. So, you know, thanks and hope to see more Storm Hawks art from you.

File: 128456953533.gif-(804.01KB, 320x240, nowarinbasingse.gif)
This might not be the kind of thing other people want, but as long as we're just throwing out requests here...

Since seeing them get captured in the second season of Avatar, I always kinda wanted to see Suki and maybe some of the other Kiyoshi warriors get brainwashed by the Dai Li.

Thanks for your attention, and keep up the good work with the thread, your stuff looks great.

File: 128468036915.jpg-(30.61KB, 704x400, vlcsnap-2010-03-26-20h47m30s140.jpg)
Don't apologize for the over-abundance of MBC art - you're damn good at it, and if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have any hight quality fanart of these cuties at all.
That said, I'd love to see some Wendy art. To me, she's the hottest one of them all, and she's shamefully neglected by fanartists.
Bonus points for emphasizing her deliciously shallow and evil character.

If you're filling requests, whatabout Sam licking the chocolate sauce off of Cathy's fishnets- happily ignoring that the rest of the chocolate-splattered Cathy is starting to harden.

Saw your link on /co/. Cool stuff. How about som-
Oh. Someone already requested this. Well coolbeans then I guess.

Need some barefoot Cathy and Sam.


File: 128478899184.jpg-(341.61KB, 946x670, 1266139542094.jpg)
Shamelessly /r/ing more big boobed cathy and/or sam. :3

Or hell, just about anything involving older robot Sari doing cool robot things with other cool robots.

File: 128479337848.jpg-(246.79KB, 576x759, World of Request.jpg)
Here you are, guy. I really wanted to color all the glowy stuff in the pic, so it ended up being full color. Lucky you.

I have a nice little goal to reach, now. So many MBC requests down there!

Well, I guess if you don't mind MBC stuff.. I'd like to see maybe a more 'hardcore' version of this picture? >>36050 The next part, if you will. Love your art in that thread.


That is fucking amazing! You are the best Hella!

You ever considered doing any breast expansion stuff?

I hear Earth can do some crazy things to stretchy aliens bodys before they adapt to the atmosphere and gravity and everything. :3

File: 12848457373.jpg-(142.53KB, 536x572, Annie and Kat - Cuddle.jpg)
Some cuddle-action for ya, MESIAS.

>Well, I guess if you don't mind MBC stuff.
Mind doing MBC? Do you know who I am? We'll see though, nothing too extreme though, that's for sure.

Ah, I just figured you were getting swamped with requests is all (especially from MBC). I guess it's silly to think that's a problem with you though. Heh.

Dude, do you post your art somewhere other than DA? I see stuff pop on on paheal all the time. Is it just you uploading them there?

File: 128485335434.png-(65.03KB, 376x800, Jenny S 17.png)
Jenny belching flames after downing a bottle of Everclear.

That GC picture came out gorgeously... Awesome work, Hella.

Could I request some Caffy Smiff dressed as Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII (only a bit more risque?)

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