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File: 125252279126.jpg-(91.68KB, 488x650, ff11_kaja_salaheem.jpg)
24457 No.24457
Just... doodles. Not safe for work ones, was going to draw some armor on her, but since I am almost passing out, I'd say fuck it.

Red doesn't like JPEG for some reason.

drawing while listening to JamProject Skills pretty epic.

okay, IPOOY time.

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Where did your old thread go?

Needs more tentacles.

Over here

File: 125255401055.jpg-(80.39KB, 520x650, batwoman_x_alice_rough.jpg)
Someone just brought it up. >w<;; Its getting a bit long for my browser. I like smaller thread with more narrow focus. I guess its good to keep track of stuff, but its hard to find what you want in it.

<.<;; I am working on it, meanwhile have alice.

I wonder if I am not suppose to make new ones. <.<;


of course you can start new threads, as long as you don't spam

btw, don't know the characters, but really digging your sketches

>I wonder if I am not suppose to make new ones. <.<;
No it's cool so long as you don't make a new one for every picture.
Your other thread was 300ish posts long so it makes scene to make a second. On top of that it was made over a year ago.

File: 125263991137.jpg-(79.62KB, 520x650, batwoman_x_alice.jpg)
Good to know, and thanks. :3

Cool, understood.


I didn't know you were coloring it too. Man, I love you. Have I told you that? I know I just did yesterday. But I do.

File: 12527301173.png-(80.36KB, 510x758, helgard_Lakincrawl.png)

File: 125282432328.jpg-(66.08KB, 390x650, DESPAIR.jpg)



"Shall I give you this pair?!"

File: 125287286031.png-(108.68KB, 290x357, 118216013333.png)

File: 125292207749.jpg-(61.84KB, 437x650, rule_34_bulleteer_under_blue_sky.jpg)
Man, I didn't realize there is a meme for that too. LOL

<--- Bulleteer. Implied clear sky. Seen to be a nice day for a road trip.

File: 125295695240.jpg-(419.76KB, 2000x2000, gwen.jpg)

Critics please.


Sexy shiny skin!

That's gonna need some downsizing. So people don't have to open it another tab to actually look at it, and it gets more attention

I know. I downsize them after I finish them.

File: 125297836431.jpg-(100.52KB, 668x800, critique_091409a.jpg)
Don't you love them. :3

Well, I suppose I could.

It looks alright so far. There are some part that I found inconsistent like the length of her arms and the tapering of her upper torsos. Although there really isn't anything big that would break tthe image overall. More notes on the images. I personally would crop it in a bit more to give it more focus. Since the guy really isn't all the important in this instances, you really don't need to drawn out all the background and his legs and stuff.

While I personally don't mind big butts, I think neither this characters body type or age indicate that she would have one that big. I guess it has a lot to do with preference.

Overall it seen to be coming along nicely, just keep working on it.

Actually I made them both older there and I've cropped it already.

But thanks a lot.

File: 125305795232.jpg-(303.65KB, 1254x1561, gwen.jpg)

It's less shitty.

File: 125308007285.png-(108.83KB, 1024x768, ESARCASM.png)
okay, it have nothing to do with the thread here.

File: 125322056580.jpg-(460.19KB, 1254x1561, gwen2.jpg)
What should I add/change?


You should get rid of the pencil shading on the line layer. Its clashing with the color shading.

Get rid of the dude, have two girls instead

File: 125326780039.jpg-(105.85KB, 499x646, raven_wing_vildur_take2.jpg)
Do I just lack presence or what. lol


What do you mean? I don't think you're unappreciated around here, it's just a slow board in general.

You mean it's a VERY slow board. Often there's maybe an average of... 3-4 posts a day. Today's a friday so we're probably gonna break that.

File: 125331312346.png-(45.77KB, 510x758, groped.png)
Well, I am glad that people come to depend on me for critique, but I am still just slightly miffed about the fact it is done in this thread. <.<;

Although I guess it isn't really this place in particular but my failure to connect in general, but that's neither here or there.


I WISH that was a representation of you.


You know you want it you little slut!

You are channeling yuor subconscious desire to put on a skirt and get molested on a Japanese rape-train! CHOO CHOO

it is now canon that magi looks like glasses girl

File: 125360079269.jpg-(109.70KB, 620x800, captain_amber_rin_chief_design1.jpg)
I set myself up for that one. -w- Well, its too late now. Onto artzu.

Doing some basic character design, the classes girl is now the chief engineer for space pirate Captain Amber. On the left is Captain Amber's arch nemesis, leader of space ninja clan, Rin. What should I name the Chief I wonder. :o

Space ninja?! Holy fuck, we're doomed.

You should draw more deviant/alternative stuff

Sexual creativity is not limited to just a penis and vagina touching each other :3

heeey, i remember you from 7chan when that still had a /34/ board! :D you drew the first layla miller porn i ever saw, good times, good times.

When are you going to draw female Loki being impaled by the frost giant's cock?

Not to sound rude here, but seems like the idea was ignored...but hey you drew 3 sketches so it's no problem...

File: 12537843358.jpg-(62.79KB, 624x800, rule_34_female_loki_x_frost_gient_4.jpg)

Well, I am a virgin, after all. Interesting concept though, what do you have in mind?

Hey man, how is going? I enjoy the day where I working at the requests on that board. There are some interesting ideas. Although I kind of get why they took it down though, after a while the request to content ratio is just untenable. In some sense I guess I am also guilty of contributing to its downfall. >.>;

Hmm, well, here it is. I thought about it during the time I was working on those sketches, but I can't find a workable model that I wanted to use as reference on this. Two problem is that is that

1, I really can't find reference that makes it look tenable. The key word here I guess its being "impaled", it looks damn painful. Two model that was suggested was "Angel Drops" and another one is "Tentacle Lovers". Although I think angel drop in general seen to disregard parts of the anatomy around pelvis, while Tentacle Lover seen to avoid the area when large penetration is taking place (my impression).

2. while I sort of understand aesthetics of this particular subject, as appears in some of the hentai series such as Dark Love or Princess Lilian, the real life example always seen to result in massive hemorrhaging. Although I suppose unlike other type of internal organs, womb is design to eventually accommodate one or multiple babies, so stretching it might not be out of the question, but its hard not to imaging something like this while understand the mechanics of it will result the death of its subject.

Okay, I need to stop thinking.


Well, she is a goddess, after all. :)

Very nice, magi, very nice :3

Yes, you should draw more sexually deviant/alternative subjects. I don't know if you are into the avant-garde when it comes to art but in this modern generation art is more subjective. Don't be too minimal or too hesitant to experiment...for artist such as Salvador DalĂ­ is one of many artists who are known for their works which are deviant from the norm.

So explore the realms of /d/ once in a while and see what fascinates you. The more perverse, the more appealing the work is. Give us some shock value. :3


I still remember your Squire(Robin) x Knight(Batman) montage, I would really like to see it with this one... I would consider it complete and awesome

Very nice sketches :3

Draw more

File: 125420771450.jpg-(145.17KB, 614x800, rule_34_female_loki_x_frost_gient_4_version2.jpg)
I don't know what else I could have done to it. Overall it feel pretty "meh". Well, here it is.

Can't get the face to look right.

Besides tentacles, I probably don't have much else that I am particularly into when it comes to /d/, although I am open to suggestion though. If it inspire me I might be able to come up with something.

Well do.

either way, this is still a nice picture...the frustrated anime-esque Loki makes the picture :3

File: 125439417283.jpg-(117.30KB, 632x800, hentai_captain_amber_sketch_captured_by_ninja.jpg)
Captain Amber, some sketches. the one on the right didn't turn out too well.

Also, wow, Mars Steadtler Lumograph 100 6B, I have had this pencil for about 3 years, and I never got around to using it properly. Partly because it was expensive, but using it to shade is positively SEX.

Ever considered making an adult webcomic? I feel that when I draw more smut... I'll get the chance to relax and come back to drawing regular drawings (minus the smut); probably it is the same for you.

You should do something with this Captain Amber :3
If you feel like working on a adult webcomic then I can help you

File: 12544613277.jpg-(44.44KB, 413x650, hentai_sakura_x_ryu_lovey_dovy_kissy_wissy.jpg)
Well, Captain Amber is a sort of p0rn comic. Although I haven't really done anything yet, besides a series of drawings that is currently on the Foundry.

Since I am focused on a regular comic (none porn) at the moment, I haven't done anything substantial with her. I am still play around with some ideas though.

I'd appriciate whatever help I can get, I suppose. Although I don't know what type of help that you wishes to render.

I mainly want to bounce some idea off people, but that might not be too fair.

It sounds like you draw too, which makes me a pretty curious. :3


Yeah, I can draw...though I am still rough around the edges, I have a basic idea of the human anatomy. I didn't have formal training and I never went to a figure drawing class (but how I got the human form down is by visualizing shapes of the male and female body)....but I've heard that my college has free figure drawing sessions, so I would be looking for it :3

If you want some feedback or ideas for your character, then why not register an account at hArtists. The community may be smaller than HF but you will get feedback. Plus the community is very friendly. :3

Umm yeah, I can help you in any way, whether it be drawing, inking, coloring, etc. I can even animate your character....

File: 125516099554.jpg-(89.11KB, 510x1000, freelancer_junko_sketch.jpg)
Life drawing classes are always good. :3

animated character eh? :3 Sounds interesting. lol

Junko Zen from Freelancer again some sketch. :o

Needs more hip/crotch, both in length and width. Otherwise nice lines and shapes.

File: 125533859161.jpg-(34.27KB, 765x649, anatomy_studies_groin_mucles_a1_10_12_009.jpg)
I understand what you are saying about the groin, in terms of length, but I disagree with you about width. This character is less curviouse (?) then how I draw character generally. I have seen generally lean women with small hips, so I think this is acceptable within the bound of human variation.
In any case, this reminded me that I haven't done something like this for a while, even though what I work on is only tangentially related here, its just a good time as any to start brushing up.

Yeah, width is mostly for extra curvyness. Being an old Shirow fan, I rather like thin hips myself.

Variaity is spice of life, eh? ;3

What I am doing now isnt' very interesting, but its good for surface anatomies. >.>

File: 125540678544.jpg-(32.32KB, 800x407, anatomy_studies_leg_mucles_a1_10_12_009_HD.jpg)
Oops, forgot the pics. >w<;;

File: 125557898597.jpg-(94.56KB, 510x758, rule_34_layla_Miller_x_mudrax(Multipleman)_wip1.jpg)

File: 125559346261.jpg-(19.59KB, 249x284, layla02.jpg)

File: 125560993771.jpg-(36.12KB, 782x585, wow.jpg)


File: 125578170334.jpg-(50.33KB, 437x650, rule_34_layla_Miller_x_mudrax_wip2.jpg)
Uuuh, okay.

Looks like my fail quotion is pretty high these couple of days. It wasn't too apparent from the get go, but the proportion is really mess up, and its painfully clear when I started coloring it. >.>; But then my torso are generally too short. You can see I shrink the head there. Its probably better to start over.

Either way, until next time. >.>;

File: 125578222111.jpg-(19.44KB, 249x284, layla01.jpg)
Yeah, I kinda agree with you there. It looks like her abdomen and her pelvis are completely twisted apart, or not connecting properly. It looked better on the first wip (not counting her head, which indeed was a little too big, now that you mention it).

File: 12557838422.jpg-(56.92KB, 452x650, rule_34_layla_Miller_x_mudrax_wip2_line.jpg)
Well, I change things around a bit as I painted. Here is the original line, the thing about this is that as you add more details it becomes more difficult coordinate different details. Okay, I might pass out. lol I am red lining this right now.

You changed her abdomen to be shorter, maybe that's what makes it look too strange.

Then again, I know shit about drawing and stuff.

I have to agree. Her Abdomen is much too short.

then again, she IS just a kid.
But since her breasts are drawn bigger, we can agree on that she is drawn slightly older, right? That way, her abdomen IS short.

>then again, she IS just a kid.

She's gone through puberty at least (except when Ramos draws her), she doesn't really have a childlike body.

It's not even that =/
Her torso is significantly bigger in general, and even for a kid's standards, that's a short abdomen.

Yes, too short, same as for the last sketches.
The colors look nice though.

File: 125582774672.jpg-(47.00KB, 372x1127, layla_sketch.jpg)
My proportion is really hit and miss recently. >.> Either way, I usually measure the length of the body against the arms. The target proportion for this character about 5 heads tall, Although I tried some sketching it never really made sense to me. ... I can't find my glasses, so I am half blind at the moment. lol


I'm no expert so I might be completely off here, but I think short girls tend to be have more slender "petite" body types.

it also might just be me, but I think the faces are a bit too mature. Not saying every child has chubby cheeks and big eyes, but they kinda... i dunno how to put it.

File: 125589216851.jpg-(1.50MB, 2100x3294, annasophia1.jpg)
personally i always envisioned her resembling annasophia robb

File: 125592702422.jpg-(72.63KB, 499x646, maddox_and_layla.jpg)
Not necessarily, they can be chubby and buff too.
Its probably mainly the way I draw them. Although she looks pretty mature in all of the reference that I got. Although there are several artist's style they got going for it >.>;

I don't know if her expression is out of character or not, probably is. Its just that I am imagining something sweet.

Interesting, I'll keep that in mind. :3

Her head is a little too big there.

Also, as I recall, Madrox is taller than that.

Well, I guess I'll try drawing that again.
The reference of maddox reminded me of Angel (from Buffy) for some reason.

File: 125594134954.jpg-(26.62KB, 485x650, madox_layla_2.jpg)
I am getting sick and tire of fiddling around on the computer recently. I guess I lack practice, but I can't get it the come out the way I wanted.

Its a good feeling knocking it out on pencil though. Gotta switch things up a little once in a while. >.>;

File: 125597125512.jpg-(113.63KB, 560x701, samecharacter.jpg)
>Although there are several artist's style they got going for it >.>;

Yeah, they never could figure out what age to draw her at, apparently. Pic related. The Ryan Sook version is probably my favorite, even though he only drew the book for like two and a half issues.

Oh, her expression isn't out of character, Madrox makes her happy. :3 (It's Madrox with an "r" BTW, Maddox is that guy who runs an assholish comedy website).

Also, I'm digging your art, and I'm not just saying that because of the subject matter. Although more Layla art is always nice. :D

Wow, that looks lightyears better.
Layla looks pretty much perfect, as far as proportions go. Maybe her shoulders are a little too wide, but that depends entirely on who is drawing her in X-Factor.
Madrox is definately taller/bigger than that, though. He is kind of a hunk type. Last time I saw them both next to each other, Layla didn't reach as high as Jamies shoulder.
(I wanted to point out to keep in mind that Layla is something like 12 years old while Jamie is an adult, but I feel that would be a little awkward considering what you are practicing their proportions for)

Also, I commend you on putting so much effort in this (or rather, getting it done right). Most artists would've been "hey, you don't like it, you can fuck off" long before this.

File: 125597343811.jpg-(402.89KB, 900x1290, adultlaylajamie.jpg)

She's around fourteen according to Peter David. Pre-timeskip, of course.

File: 125597423793.jpg-(152.36KB, 535x773, pic related it\'s me and my bitch.jpg)

Oh, I found this image that seems pretty accurate in terms of relative sizes.

File: 125599125728.jpg-(32.20KB, 650x469, layla_madrox_sketch2.jpg)
Man, the discrepancies between those two version is quite big. :o While the one on the right is prepubescent, the left is going into young adult territories.

I never really follow the House of M, it just have way too many different things going on then my budgets allowed. lol

Because of that, I am not entirely familiar with the characterization of the characters and the dynamic between those two. Although personally I would like to draw something sweet, although from what little page I gleam Layla is sort of an enigma, and somewhat indifferent, and Madrox, well, there is scenes that he is confounded by Layla in someway, but there isn't much. Although I suppose that's unimportant to our purpose.

Thanks, I think in this case it has to do with her pose so it looks wider in my opinion. Although in general I was told that my women have wide shoulders, so I guess I'd better watch that.
For now, I am aiming for Layla to have 5-5 1/2 head tall, and Madrox to be around 8-8 1/2 or 9.

Well, at first I was like that, though "piss off" and "what do you know" or whatever, and then I calm down, and look at it again, and, dayum, that drawing looks like shit load of fuck, I can probably do better then that, maybe. >.>;.

Man, I don't particularly like her design in that time jump, although apparently those two are official. lol
Nice, that's pretty helpful. :3 Madrox looks like a conceited bastard in that one. lol


Very nice. Yeah, at first their relationship was a little... I'm not sure if I'd call it creepy, but definitely awkward. You should check out the new volume of X-Factor, at least least the early issues, it's pretty good and self-contained and it's where she got all her characterization.

What's with the robot legs in the bottom right by the way? XD

File: 125612409086.jpg-(109.14KB, 609x800, layla_character_sheet1.jpg)
That's a character sheet that I printed out from another project. Its just a piece of scrap paper I decided to use to doodle on a little, I like how the drawing turn out, so I just decided to post it. <.<;

I am beginning to draw on unused space of print outs and back of old drawings. Just want to fill it up. I don't have much money nowadays.


I really like the height difference.


Have you ever considered making an income from commissions? You're a lot better than plenty of artists that actually charge money for their work.


Heh, she's pretty spunky too. Basically kind of a know-it-all, and she seems to like it when she intentionally weirds people out.

She probably also like getting all spunky as well.

Any updates?

File: 125679006429.jpg-(69.81KB, 739x800, rule_34_layla_Miller_x_mudrax_thumbnail.jpg)
Sorry, just got back from a trip, didn't have much time to work on it. I started some thumbnails though.

LOL artist statements on something like this?


i'm not an artist so i don't think my comments would help, but i like that she does a peace sign

All I can say is:
go on...

I like the single pic on the left. The perspective is not needlessly complicated, you can do a lot of nice stuff with fore/mid/background layering and negative space, and it's just cute.

File: 12570336084.jpg-(77.89KB, 629x800, rule34_layla_and_jamie_wip2103109.jpg)
Actually, I mentioned "artist comment" is more about the fact that I am going through the step that is done in more formal pieces, like paintings. In terms of producing thumbnail sketches. One of step is doing a write up on the basic ideas and the execution of the piece, maybe I am confusing terms here, but I am using Artist statement and artist comment interchangeably.

Either way anyone is welcome to comment or critique.

Sure, I am working on this right now, its done as per MK's advice, with some reservations.

Its a good idea, and that's why I put it there. Although it doesn't give me as much angle as the horizontal piece in some sense. Generally I wanted Jamie to be able to do more things to Layla, like some sort of foundling or caressing and such. Horizontal pieces sort of gives me the license to basically have disembodied arms to come off the page and touch her, but in the other one I'll have to draw entire body and be mindful of dynamics between figures. :S

Ah yes, I see how that complicates things. I would overstylize the other figures in that into flat silhouettes in that case, but that can only take you so far. I applaud the effort you're putting into this the way it is.

Yeah, that's probably why you don't see many gang bang pics like this; It's hard to draw so many bodies interacting with each other. And the thing here is because the girl is so tiny compared to the guys it's hard to keep her as the center element of the image. One possible solution might be to have the shot be from the top, with her lying down and the guys basically standing around her, so you can draw all of the girl but only have to draw top-down shots of the dudes.

Where is the right side version of her from in this picture?


New X-Men #44.

File: 125732600688.jpg-(61.25KB, 511x650, rule_34_layla_Miller_x_jamie_gang_bang_sd_wip1.jpg)
Silhouette eh? I think I'll that just what I'll do, who want to see Jamie Madrox anyway. Q_Q
I think I seen several Junny's Belldandy drawing done that way, it works very well.

Low-res rendering of the central figure done, bumping up tomorrow.

Her head looks a bit too large, but I'm not gonna criticize anything by this point. Good job!


any chance you could still add the stockings? <:3

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