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>>34986 for numero uno
>>36648 for dos!

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Moot, Hiccup, and Andy.


I'm ok with this.

Can you please NSFW stuff like that? It's kinda... yeah.

I came buckets of joy

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only 3 pics in 3 days?

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Thank you Anon <3
Can I get a sauce on this?


Is it just me, or does Flynn Rider's design (the thief) from the Tangled trailer look disturbingly similar to Motega's design for adult!Hiccup?

I've drawn shit for this fandom before and I quite enjoyed it. So I'll happily take requests! Before this thread dies.

This thread is far from dead.
Also, more Hiccup please. :3

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My heart? Yeah its mush now XD

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We where all thinking it! Don't lie!

I writing as hard as I can... school is eating my life , we hope to have something soon

OH. MY. GOD. that's adorable. source?

i know i was

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Found on Pixiv, there is also aome awesome drawings of a human!Toothless and Hiccup designs.

File: 127863502328.jpg-(189.47KB, 736x800, 9944035_p1.jpg)

File: 127863505320.jpg-(94.18KB, 400x688, 9944035_p2.jpg)

File: 127863508727.jpg-(136.00KB, 900x537, 9944035_p5.jpg)
Human!Toothless is so handsome XD

it's really a shame that the artist didn't bother to incorporate any of toothless' actual character design into things, he basically looks like any other random animu dragon dude. i'd never recognize him if i saw that out of context.

i think reirei still wins for my favorite human!toothless, even though he isn't all the way human.

File: 127864748286.jpg-(122.61KB, 1148x605, 127058127268.jpg)
mine was based off this one though...i forget who drew it.

Now this I like. The hair makes more sense because it resembles the original design more (and is less likely to get in your face during flight). Plus the gray skin and muscular body are a nice touch for almost immediate recognition.

Dude, I would love to see anything with Snotlout.

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>>50292 I knew Astrid would make a hot guy.

...Is there more? :D


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Not of the same, but heres more Astrid

File: 127983597761.jpg-(176.23KB, 300x700, z24.jpg)

i approve of this

File: 128004868737.jpg-(97.17KB, 600x600, the fuck is that in his hand.jpg)
Just think, once this comes out in Japan we'll get some delicious new content. In the mean time, this. I think it's Toothless. It had a HTTYD tag and another that led to pictures of Toothless ... idk guys, I really don't.

I would also like to take this moment to say, or Muzaiden, Yuuzaiden, and/or MonkeysInPants are out there, I love your works! And a kink meme plug because goddamn that shit is dead:

File: 128007026868.png-(432.10KB, 600x750, f6.png)
Yeah I know me and the sibling are still here. We're almost done with the most recent fic, but finals have reared their ugly head, so it may be a another week or so before we get things together, in the mean time have more art.


File: 128081411375.jpg-(120.97KB, 726x1099, Hiccup_and_Fishlegs_by_Hollyboo2001.jpg)
Finally, some book!Hiccup/Fishlegs.

File: 128081451053.jpg-(290.39KB, 1280x1095, Fishlegs___Family_by_Hollyboo2001.jpg)
And another piece by her. According to her LJ she might add a few chapters to this fic.

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this thread needs to just not stop. ever.

File: 128088439366.png-(828.94KB, 1250x1000, 1279801913.heratio1000_127346167.sciggles_toothles.png)

File: 128097381591.jpg-(103.65KB, 604x600, f0075336_4c474b0dde573.jpg)
One of the few decent human!Toothless designs out there. (thank you Korea!)

Holy shit! This never occurred to me! 10x better movie in my mind, thanks.

File: 128123921567.jpg-(55.42KB, 320x450, 108.jpg)

Reposting the first part because we revamped it sorry for the wait, final bits should be up tonight

The sun was not yet up and the cliffside village of Berk was as cold as death. Nestled in his bed Hiccup was wide awake, his heavy lidded eyes focused on glowing embers of the fire pit and the figure coiled within. The dragon's eyes were limpid jade in the near dark, shrouded by gray tails of smoke. Unable to tear his gaze away or resume his previous state of unconsciousness, Hiccup eased the blankets aside and embraced the nearly painful chill with a body shuddering wince. A crooning note from the floor alerted him to the dragon that followed every move as he crossed aged wood. Swallowing a whimper and a terror induced shudder he offered the Night Fury a weak smile and the same greeting he'd offered after every night since the end of summer.
“I’m alright, Toothless, it was just a dream.”
But it wasn’t, it could never be just a dream; it was the worst nightmare he could have ever imagined, one that was real.

The hazy rain of midsummer had come and gone from the isle of Berk much as all weather did, dramatically with little regard for the islands enthusiastic inhabitants. It was no matter to them for the crops were growing and the resident fliers were well out of season, singing and making nests in the oddest of places. Astrid’s Nadder turned out to be quite moody during gestation, the gravid female refused the approach of any human but her own, and chased away all visitors from the Hofferson home, Hofferson himself was confident of his girl and her pet but hardly impressed. Fishslegs’ Gronckle had laid her clutch under his bed, much to the amusement of everyone but her rider, but still he was proud. It seemed like every Viking was settling well into their new way of life, everyone except Hiccup.

In fact, it hadn't been until after seasonal harvest that the young Viking could even bring himself to face his assailant, his best friend. The incident in the cove was long passed and every time he'd even considered looking, he remembered. Hiccup could almost feel the invasive tongue and the painfully small scales scraping across his belly, he could feel the sharp pain of cutting teeth and worst of all he remembered the slitted green eyes. The bond between them was soured, tainted by the unholy union they’d consummated in sweltering heat of summer. Hiccup hadn't set foot in the cove since, nor had he lifted the polished leather saddle from its place over his bed.

The nights had grown colder and days shorter, but still they did not fly.

It wasn't as if he shied away from the dragon, he couldn't do that. It was just too difficult to cross the vast chasm of tension that lay between them, a jagged breach that Toothless could not broach and which Hiccup was reluctant to try. They were still man and dragon, that had not changed, but the unspoken harmony was gone and with it the bond that had lent itself so well to their friendship. There was nothing he could do, nothing that could make them seem alright. He didn’t want to fear his friend, but the passion of what had transpired in the throes of summer had terrified him.

He wasn’t angry, he’d tried to be at the beginning, but he couldn’t be. As his friend, he’d forgiven Toothless for the attack, but he hadn’t forgotten it and he hadn’t let it go. Even now he shuddered at the Night Fury’s touch, no matter what its intent. To be true, he shuddered at every dragon’s touch. He could neither control nor prevent it; the shuttering of his eyes, the deepening of his breaths or the quickening of his heart. He weathered it as only a Viking could in mute, determined suffering. He was the resident Dragon Master of the village, and was expected to keep an eye them, no matter what. There was no way to explain that he couldn’t perform his duties because a dragon’s touch elicited memories best forgotten, leaving him scandalized and aroused in the most inappropriate way.

He tried not to think of it, what he felt, and the dragons were rather helpful in that respect. Most of the fliers limited the amount of physical contact shared with him. He was thankful, but convinced it had more to do with the Night Fury that stalked him than any real respect for his unease. Toothless did however; respect his space, so much in fact Hiccup was more alone than he’d been since they met. As far as his dragon was concerned he could bathe, eat and occasionally sleep on his own. It made ridding himself of his embarrassment that much easier to bear, but more and more Hiccup found himself aching from loneliness.

The weather changed abruptly, the cold snap threatening to kill all but the hardiest crops and livestock before third frost of the season. Hiccup had been called out with those of his year to prepare the last catches of fish in the great smokehouse for the heavy snows. There as well, Toothless did not follow. So much time and energy was devoted to the preparation for the cold season that the new separation went almost unnoticed. Even so tending to livestock and building up winter stores were much more important than nursing a broken friendship, especially one that neither knew how to fix.

When the worst of the snow began to rain down, silver white specks shining in the wind; the dragons changed. As the weather had become colder with the blanketing white, the dragon clan had become torpid and lethargic. When the seas froze, it was even worse, the chill in the air drove them to dig holes and seek caves, nearly all fleeing the village to wait out winter. Those that remained began to sleep longer and longer until the day came when none rose at all. On that day the Night Fury of the Chief's family laid before the fire place with a soft whimper, spared his charge a final look and closed his eyes.

In the sudden encompassing silence, the exhausting winter of Berk began. In that time the dragon slept before the constantly stoked fire, two months in which the blistering weather kept Hiccup inside. He was trapped in the confining box that was his home with nothing to distract him from his mind. Or the things he had no business thinking about, things he really wanted to forget but couldn’t seem to, no matter how he tried. The weather imposed internment forced him to reevaluate what he’d become in the last few months.

By the Gods, what was he? A warrior? No such luck there, a seasick terror had more ferocity than him even in the direst of situations. Damaged goods? Never, his injuries were a badge of pride, proof of his unusual skill and power, no matter who had given them. Was he an unwitting victim? Maybe so, but Toothless was even more than he, an enthusiastic slave to his body and its overwhelming drive to claim and mate.

It was shameful, their union, a disgusting incident that at best meant utter disgrace and at worse death. There was no way to save face from such indiscretion. Whether purposeful or not, his masculinity and honor were in question before the introduction of the dragons, but now that he’d lain with Toothless, he’d gone too far. To salvage everything that had been ripped from him that night, he had to hide it, to keep it secret and pretend he was still Hiccup the Useful rather than Hiccup the Ergi. It would mean the end of everything he was, if anyone found out, chief’s son or no.

The wound in his shoulder was a constant reminder of his best friend and the fierce ardor they shared, despite his pleas against it. The deep bites healed like he'd expected, slowly with quite a bit of scarring. It was almost as if the injury itself was telling him their friendship would never recover; never heal. The damage had been so bad for a time he'd worried it would fester but he was loath to change the tight bandages. If they were out of his sight he could try to pretend the whole incident never happened. Cautious and ashamed, he hadn’t sought medical assistance, far too many unanswerable questions would arise. So he’d waited, caring for the wound as best he could. When his body finally mended in the early winter he was left with a glaring reminder of the transgressions that Toothless had visited upon him. Much like the bruises that had faded on his hips, the memory remained, twisting and pervading his thoughts making him weak in the knees as he remembered the pleasure; remembered the beat of wings overhead stretching toward the grey sky.

Hiccup rose from his bed limping slightly, the floorboards creaked beneath his footsteps, it was the only sound heard above the rushing wind and the stiff crackling from the fire-pit. The edge of his blanketing, bearskin glided across the wood as he stepped towards the massive of dragon taking up the center of the room. It had been so long since he’d attempted, or even considered touching the sleeping beast. Shiny black scales reflected the guttering flames and Hiccup watched the dragon’s ribcage expand and contract like bellows. So like the forge and its welcoming heat, he inched closer on unsteady legs.

Toothless did not notice his approach, so deep in slumber; Hiccup doubted anything would make the creature rise, but remained silent all the same. A twinge of uneasiness bubbled up inside him as he faced the reptile; his heart began to pound, taking the beat of heavy war drums as the dragon slept on. Orange flames licked the bulky form, an ear twitched and Hiccup stared, the obstructed memories flooding to him like the sticky dragon seed that had once coated his insides. The shock, pain and burning arousal were suddenly fresh in his mind; he flushed clutching his furs tighter about himself. He'd writhed beneath the dark dragon, his howls and bobbing cock confirming the terrifying truth that he’d enjoyed it, the delighted growls and oppressive heat of their entangled bodies.

With startled moan the teen fell back clutching his chest, eyes wide in panic. His manhood throbbed in interest, suddenly uncomfortable, much like his leg on exceptionally cold, wet days. It was just one of those scars he’d bear for the rest of his life likened to one borne by the dragon snoring upon the smoldering wood. The heavy half-finned tail thumped upon the floor, its movement kicking ashes and sparks into the air. Green eyes focused in an instant and Hiccup was there high above that lonely island clinging tight to a wet saddle as his black dragon bore them higher and higher as they beckoned the Queen to follow them into the clouds.

It had all gone according to plan, or as well as one could plan, to defeat a monstrous creature larger than one's village. But they had done it, ended the threat to their lives and united their people as a larger clan. However, that success had come at cost and he would gladly pay it again, without question. With another heavy breath, Hiccup staggered for a moment before he was back to himself in the white noise and heavy shadows of his home. The fall, the tumble from dragon back; it all could have ended much worse, but he banished the thought and forced himself to take another step towards Toothless.

He's missed his dragon. Yes, he'd been afraid, but now months later he didn’t know what to think. The Night Fury had forsaken familiar cave or cove and had nested in the home of the human who'd taken flight from him. Worry won out over fright and Hiccup moved closer the great mass of scales planted upon the cracking pit. With trepidation he put his hand on the dragon's snout, it was cooler than he'd ever felt it, but the breathing steady. A small almost relieved smile crossed his freckled face and he gave the nose a gentle scratch.

Slowly as if not quite dead the dragon stirred, his head shifting up from the charred wood so he could blink drowsily in the direction of his human. Hiccup’s breath caught in his throat and he didn’t move. Gradually, as if trying not to spook him further the jaws parted below the half-lidded eyes glistening in the smoke and Toothless dragged his tongue over the outstretched hand. Hiccup gasped and the dragon trilled soothingly before his head drooped and he moved no more.
No matter how much noise filled the Chief’s house and no matter how the young man stared, the dragon didn’t stir again.

The rest of the winter was filled with evocative stories and more drawing than Hiccup had ever done in his life. He didn’t go out and join the others during the numerous rounds of Knattleikr in piles of snow. His wrought appendage wasn’t suited to scrabbling along the ice, it could be with adjustment, but then again he wasn’t a very good batter anyway. He could beat the entire village at Hnefatafl so the amber kings sat forgotten on their field, the board set high on the shelf earning dust with disuse. Instead of remaining bundled in his bed Hiccup sketched the sooty shape of the snoring dragon, as his father carved furniture and figures. It kept him busy and out of trouble, a fact which many of the villagers were thankful for. It was still another few months before the dragons began to wake fully, but as Hiccup waited stroking charcoal over parchment, it didn't seem long at all.

Each night a skald would take the floor of Meade Hall, with an account of some legendary hero or the tricky exploits of Loki. Once a red faced man proclaimed the tale of Hiccup the Useful, and the warriors slammed their flasks on the tables in uproarious applause. Hiccup flushed red and vowed to ensure the actual facts of his deeds were recorded for posterity. It wouldn’t do for the younger generations to believe he’d merely tamed Toothless with the sheer force of his personality.

His mind balked at the thought of the dragon, when would his erstwhile companion finally awake? Hiccup hadn’t realized how much he’d been avoiding the dragon until Toothless was inadvertently avoiding him. He’d been such an idiot, recoiling in his pain, and causing it in his closest friend, and dare he say it; mate. Toothless couldn’t fight instinct any more than he could defeat his freckles. It was a deep intrinsic part of the dragon’s nature. And in some small sick sort of way it was sort of nice to be desired, even if it was by wrong species and gender. His thoughts were well taken when the season changed once more; leaving him busier than before as Berk began to warm.

The first sign of spring wasn't the cacophonous cracking of thick ice sheets, nor the tell tale green shoots worming their way up from the cold mud or even the chirruping cries of returning birds. Hiccup's first sighting of the elusive season was a choked off snore punctuated by a toothy yawn. Setting aside the adjustable mail he was working on, he carefully rose to his feet, eyes focused on the dragon. This tactic proved faulty and he stubbed his toe in a fantastic stumble that left him sprawling over the floor staring up into twin orbs of emerald.

Toothless blinked drowsily at him and smiled, a pink tongue peeking from between retracted teeth. Hiccup offered him an encouraging grin and a gentle scratch in return, his apprehension strangely banished in the face of his awakened friend.
“Did you sleep well?” The dragon looked towards the smoke hole in the roof and the hazy sky above. Shaking out his wings and knocking ash from his limbs, Toothless yawned again and rolled over, kicking up sparks as he settled into the pit for the last nap of the season.

The unyielding winter drifted away like a newborn sheep and the snow melted under the fierce onslaught of the sun. In the warming earth, life began to stir. The cooling rains came, lightly soaking the frozen land urging long hidden foliage to burst to forth in bright colors as the heather sped along the ground like a man possessed. The greenery flourished reclaiming lost land and new territory all over Berk. From beneath the earth, dragons arose, stretching towards the sun. Scores of reptiles swept down from the high mountains, returning to their village greeting their partners with fondness augmented by their seasonal absence. In a bustle of wings life returned to normal, on the wild and windy Isle.

The forge was sweltering in the muggy days of spring, the scent of flowers mingling with the sharp tang of metal and the cloying hint of leather, but the work wasn’t to last. Hiccup’s replacement, a dull witted boy with good hands and a dumb name had all but taken the advanced assistant’s work under Gobber’s interesting tutelage. Hiccup didn’t mind the assistance, if nothing else he appreciated the break, not only did it encourage the riders of the village to maintain their own gear; it granted him an opportunity he certainly missed buried in the unforgiving snows of winter. He was once more capable to watch the clouds drift across the blue sky.

It was on one such day; he was roused by the impatient rumble of a conscious, agitated Night Fury. Sliding from under the layered pelts he found himself offering a smile to the reptile. Toothless responded in kind rubbing his great head against the freckled cheek and climbing up on to the bed. The wood creaked under his weight and Hiccup panicked stumbling back against the headboard as the dragon inched forward and climbed over him. The dragon opened wide his jaws revealing dozens of sharp teeth in reply, his human threw up his arms in defense and shut his eyes.

The bed groaned under the strain, the heavy furs giving way to warm scales bearing the musky hint of dragon and fish. The Night Fury leaned, standing over him for a long moment before it turned away. The bed wobbled back on its feet as Toothless dropped heavily onto the floor. Hiccup opened his eyes almost immediately, just to watch as the dragon strode from his room. His tail thumped against the door frame and he chuffed at the boy as he disappeared out of the open doorway.

Pressing a hand to his chest, Hiccup tried to will away the layers of dread that had wound about his heart. It took him a few minutes, but when he was almost in control of himself; he looked to the extraneous weight on his bed. There resting on top of the furs that threatened to spill onto the floor was his riding gear. Hiccup’s gaze shifted to the door and sighed. His apprehension and fear, it had been for naught; Hiccup pushed away the clenching guilt and slowly reached for the pile. He stroked the worn saddle lovingly, and dragged on the stitched leather tunic. It fit snugly over his chest, he’d have to make some adjustment but that was for later, right now it wasn’t as important his waiting partner. He moved off following the dragon’s path out into the cool morning, the straps of the saddle bouncing over his arms as he walked.

The air was brisk, the sky fairly clouded, hazy white shapes cresting across the blue drifting lazily. The wind brought the question to his mind and he stared, bewildered. When had he last touched the sky? He didn’t know, couldn’t possibly know the answer but sought to amend it immediately. Toothless shuffled in the damp grass, saddled and in position. His wings flared impatiently and he looked like Hiccup himself felt, eager and at the same time nervous. Would everything work as before, could they do it? The dragon crooned and the saddle was under him, smooth and perfect. His foot slipped into place and the sky unfolded before them, clouds parting as they soared higher, a puffy welcome back to where they belonged.

The rush was invigorating as the pair climbed into the freezing heights. Four long months of snow and ice had kept the pair for taking the sky as their own, but now Toothless shot towards the heavens, making up for lost time, dipping and rolling energetically through the air. He moved so fast banking and spiraling, Hiccup worked frantically, adjusting the mechanism controlling the fin, trying to keep up with the ecstatic dragon. Toothless crowed their mastery of the heavens, spitting fire boastfully. His rider couldn’t help but grin in return. They were back in the sky, finally back home in the bright blue expanse. Up there, they were one, and come Hell or High water nothing was going to bring them down.

They climbed as high as they dared and then dove for the sea twirling round and round as they streaked towards the crashing waves. Together they skipped along the surface reveling in the freedom. White foam sloshed over dark wings and for an instant Hiccup's heart stopped. Toothless loosed a burst of flame and water became steam gliding gentle over his wind burnt cheeks. Pinwheeling back into the sky Toothless roared in triumph and this time his rider yealled ed with him until he was deafened and hoarse.

It was the sun on the horizon that finally called them down, back to earth. The stars glowed across the heavens, casting cloth and scales in the hues of the darkening sky. Hiccup tumbled off the warm saddle with his arms and legs impossibly sore; but inside his heart was singing. What could have possibly made him think he'd never do that again? The call of the sky, it was almost as irresistible as the call of the-

Toothless chirred happily beside him and Hiccup turned. With trilling sound the Night Fury stood up bringing himself face to face with his rider. Smothering an embarrassed laugh the human leaned forward pressing their faces together, forehead to nose. It had been much too long.

“That was epic.” He admitted when his voice finally returned, it was raw, rough to his own ears, but the dragon's reply was pleased and he nuzzled his rider in agreement.
Everything was perfect. A sudden flick of tongue over his cheek and the brush of scales along his face and Hiccup froze. The touch was nothing but friendly, but his heart was already racing, the slight touch after such a long time without. It was too much. The anxiety returned. The young Viking stepped away, touching the spot on his cheek just as his dragon inched back, putting distance between them. He called after Toothless, but it was already too late. The dragon scrambled down the path, leaving the village for parts unknown.

Unable to keep the frenzied pace, Hiccup instead set out towards his house. Sore and breathless, he staggered with every other footfall. Slowly he hobbled up the steps leading up to the large house, his prosthetic ringing against the stone. The newest wood carving loomed out at him in the twilight, the shadowed shape coiled as if to strike. The wooden fury was impressive; jaws half open in a fierce snarl. It looked angry, much like Toothless probably was. He pushed the thought from his head and dragged his aching body across the egress through the house to his waiting bed. Wearily he drew the blankets up and promptly fell asleep. His dreams were vivid and bright, filled with shadowed forms that dragged at him, pinned him to the earth. He flailed kicked, tossed and fought, but when he woke he was still in bed, so cold and very much alone.

File: 128160702657.jpg-(1.01MB, 1024x1215, 498445-Hiccup-how_to_train_your_dragon.jpg)
I don't think its possible for me to love you any more than I do right now.

>>53426 - Not even we upload more?

He was packed by first light, his rest had been fitful at best, but he had a friend to find. He couldn't be afraid of Toothless forever; he wouldn't. Not after everything they'd faced, there had to be some way to bridge the gap between them, they'd lost enough time already. With the basket over his shoulder, Hiccup marched determinedly to the door. At his touch the wooden slab swung inward and he backed out of the way. Filling the frame of the door was the bulky shape of Berk's Chief, his own father.

"Morning." Stoick boomed, before claiming his seat at the table. The furniture wobbled, but held firm under his hands. Belatedly he noticed the woven strap over his son's shoulder and the pensive look in his eyes.

"What's this?"

"I'm going hunting." Said Hiccup, his voice implying he wasn't too sure himself.

"There's not trip planned today." The chief remarked confused, but curious.

"I'm still going." Hiccup responded.

"What about the devil?"

"No," Hiccup laughed almost nervously before answering, "I'm going alone."

"By yourself?" Stoick inquired setting his helm down.

"That's what alone means."

Chuckling heartily, the father commended his son, patting his back firmly, a little harder than Hiccup expected before thrusting a sharp knife into his hands, urging him on his way. Tucking the blade away, he reshouldered his pack and allowed his chief to escort him from the house.

"It's good to see you acting like a proper Viking, all that flying must have done you and that reptile some good. No more moping about like a landlocked pirate."

Whether it was an observation or an order, he didn't care. Bidding his village farewell and promising Astrid he'd be back on three days or she could come looking, Hiccup started into the forest.

The cove was empty and placid, with nothing. There was no hint of his quarry in their secluded spot. There were a few terrors basking in the sunshine, but they paid him no mind as he marched away. The bright little creatures were certainly not the dragons he was looking for. Slowly and carefully, Hiccup combed, searched and explored through every place he and his dragon had ever been. From the spot where he'd freed the Night Fury from his trap, to the fields of garlic grass around the lakes, and even the winding streams that lead down to the sea. Only on the far end of the Isle did he finally find what he was looking for, among the stone steps of their usual fishing spot were deep clawed grooves and a sunken circle of burnt sand. Setting up camp in the cool sand, Hiccup turned his gaze seaward and settled down to pass the time.

The wait wasn't long; just as he was beginning to doze actually. The final rays of sunlight threw the shadows of the slinking dragon across the sand as he returned to his nest. Descending along the rocks Toothless strode to the burned circle and inhaled in preparation for sleep. He did pause to look at the figure who'd dared to intrude upon his sanctum, but merely snorted once at him, ears flicking in irritation. Wrapped in the soft furs he'd been smart enough to bring, Hiccup smiled encouragingly in return.

"I missed you too."

With a careless huff, Toothless scorched the cooled ground in a blast of blue fire, widening his space, laying claim to more of the beach.

"You keep that up and you'll have to sleep on glass." The human warned him.

Still sulking, Toothless ignored him and settled onto the glowing embers, using his wings as a buffer. That particular tactic had not stopped Hiccup the first time he'd tried to befriend the reptile nor would he let it stop him now. Tossing some fish he'd set aside in case his dragon had appeared, he settled back to cooking his own meal to the sounds of lapping waves. He ate silently, huddled within his furs, trying to keep warm as he watched Toothless out of the corner of his eye. It seemed that he hadn't moved, but the pile of fish was smaller than before.

Laying back Hiccup stared up at the darkening sky, watching the stars, the few that could be seen. Before long, he rolled over and damped the fire. Satisfied that he wasn't alone, he unstrapped his prosthetic and tucked himself back into the nest of furs listening to the rising sounds of night. Over the hiss of dying flames, the steady breathing of the sleeping dragon upon the dark sand lulled him into sleep; his eyes were barely shut before he began to dream.

The breeze coming up off the sea rippled the furs, chilling the body folded within. Hiccup squirmed restlessly to the howls of nocturnal dragons. The dissonance only worsened his disturbed sleep, already plagued with shadowed shapes of lightning and death. Venom eyes and sharp teeth flashed overhead before descending to kill. He opened his mouth to shout but all that came out was terrifying roar.

Suddenly his eyes were open and his breathing labored. He was alone but the fire crackled merrily, giving the circle about him a sunset glow. Blinking groggily at the reawakened flame, he was soon aware of the pressing need to leave the protection of the furs. His leg was achingly cold to his hands and practically unbearable attached but he made quick work, hobbling from his spot into the woods for relief.

His return to camp was hampered by old trees and fallen logs in the dark, so he took slow, following the moonlight filtering through the pines. Just before he reached the beach and his bed roll, Hiccup stumbled across a recent hunting trail. He followed the dragon's tracks without hesitation, the stamped brush and broken twigs leading further into the woods. The path ended at the foot of a large tree, but it bore the earmarks of sharp claws, so he knew exactly where the dragon had gone. Deeper into the shrubbery, Hiccup scanned the forest line searching for his friend. The trees thinned out and he spared a glance into the tangled canopy, there he spotted a single flash of red, a welcome sight. As he moved towards the tree, a crunch of the underbrush halted him midstep.

The noise was too soft to be Toothless so he was quite ready to ignore it, but it came again and he listened with trepidation. It was a warning, he realized. A snort that was much too soft to be a dragon and too close to be anything safe. He leaned back trying to catch a glimpse of the other creature but found nothing. Movement behind him caught his attention and he spun for a better vantage. In the edge of the clearing, he spotted something. His eyes followed the indistinct shape, focused on the deep brown pelt blended in with the tree line. The reindeer was large; its antlers seemed to be branches as it emerged from the foliage. The cow stepped forward, its movement graceful as it stared him down.

Returning its gaze, Hiccup took a hesitant step back, his hand straying for the knife at his belt.

The animal snorted again and shook her head. Her gaze didn't waver from the young human in the path and she pawed the earth in warning. It was just one of those nights he decided casually taking another slow step. This was exactly why hunting parties were comprised of more than one person. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time; the Gods really had it out for him didn't they? If he could just back out of her territory, or if Toothless was feeling charitable, he'd be fine. Otherwise, the population of Berk was about to be one person smaller.

She stalked him, puffing up her furred chest, standing tall to drive him off. As he backed away Hiccup was careful to avoid the ever present pitfalls of raised roots, rocks and holes. What he didn't miss was the branch of the dragon clawed tree jutting low from the trunk behind him. The limb felled him and he tumbled forward into the path of the advancing reindeer. Long legs with heavy round hooves were coming ever closer to his head. His eyes flicked up towards the intermeshed treetops, but there was no dragon in sight. Toothless had probably moved on.

It was up to him to save his own skin. He could handle that, he'd faced worse. Much worse. His shoulder twinged faintly as he drew the knife, sliding into a kneeling position, one that granted him balance and mobility. It seemed some of Gobber's lessons had stuck with him after all.

The reindeer lunged forward with her head lowered and Hiccup rolled to the side avoiding the swing. A stamping hoof just missed his head and she bellowed angrily. Picking himself up from the dirt he ran, leaping over a rotted log moving for the safety of the beach. If he could just get away, he'd be fine. Unsatisfied with this retreat however, the animal followed, closing the distance between them. She thundered over the dark earth as he scrambled away. Moss and twigs crunched under his feet as the mammal dogged his heels. He skidded on the damp litter, and tumbled again, dodging a wild charge as his thighs burned from the exertion.

It was close, she was close. He couldn't keep running.

Bracing himself Hiccup Horrendous Haddock lifted his knife and waited for the cow to attack. Near enough to feel the heat rolling off the deer's fur; he feinted just as she rose up, bringing her sharp hooves down towards his face. He struck, pushing his unimpressive weight into the blow, just as a massive shadow descended from the trees crowing loudly. In a flash of dark wings and sharp claws, the reindeer went down under the weight of a Night Fury, limbs swinging wildly as it fell. They hit the dirt mere inches from Hiccup wobbling on his feet, but impact of a lashing tail caught him by surprise and he toppled with a startled sound..

By the will of Skadi and a stroke of luck, Hiccup landed across the cow's shaggy neck, balanced awkwardly upon the frilled head of the Night Fury he'd been searching for as leaves rained down around them. He panted, shaking against the dark form, to his surprise Toothless wheezing as well, the dragon was out of practice it seemed. Even so they were the victors, over their furred attacker. Hiccup smothered his incredulous laughter, but just barely. A green eye caught his gaze and Hiccup placed a hand to the scaled chin. Toothless snorted in acceptance and prodded the human with a wing. The reindeer jerked beneath them, and the moment was over.


cuz we like to tease...
not really because we were having posting issues there. We're not happy with the formating on and it's not on lj yet... plus we actually get reviews from here.

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File: 128363154951.jpg-(945.44KB, 1075x1518, 1275534876.lando_tdyk1.jpg)
Look what I found.

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And that's all there is so far.

holy mother of everything, where'd you find this?


A user named Lando from They have some really sweet httyd things but...beware of yifffuretcetc.

It's also on Deviantart

Thank you, thank you, thank you

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From Pixiv. 1/4

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