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Why didn't Ozai use the Comet to wipe out the Northern Water Tribe once and for all, instead of burning the Earth Kingdom that was already conquered?

Aquaman would have stopped him.

Tactical superiority. By establishing full colonization of the major land mass in the world he assures that subsequent invasions from said landmass, While repulsed in years prior, would rend any long-term defense absolutely unsustainable.

A wizard did it.

The Avatar went to the NWT before the comet arrived so FN's northern fleet had been already repulsed from there.
The EK just as you said, was already conquered, wo why wouldn't Ozai just burn it to give his troops a morale boost?

Because, strategically speaking, the man is a moron.

Seriously, I would be suprised if Azula was not thinking of a mere show of force in slagging some important resistance strongholds instead of consuming the continent in a firestorm.


Perhaps, but she lost points by giggidy she was at Ozai's plan.


But it's using a firestorm on a city made of ice, it would have been a complete rout.

Technically the Earth Kingdom is one great land mass, one full of resources that the Fire Nation needs, as well as loads of (after the fire storm) empty land to colonise. The NWT is mostly irrelevant to the FN, they have nothing that Ozai wants, they tend to stay put and only take up arms when attacked. Basically the Water Tribes are irrelevant, something to be finished off when all the important stuff has been taken care of.

But you can't colonize a burnt-out wasteland.

If he HAD to attack the Earth Kingdom, he should have gone straight for the major cities, not wasted his time torching the coastal countryside.

And any enemy that isn't defeated can cause trouble later, no matter how small. The Northern Water Tribe could have become a source of resistance fighters and guerilla groups for decades into the future.

His dumb!

IIRC scorched earth becomes fertile from all the carbon/nitrate fertilizers and all the released oxygen, but I ain't sure.

Dude, they have blimps as well as ships by that point, they could have crushed the water tribe alot easier with those.


But the NWT was not giving them trouble at the moment. The EK was despite having lost BSS.

> The EK was


The last trouble they got was a botched invasion...With Water Tribe ships.


During the finale, the generals were talking about constant rebellions and additional skirmishes.

The Earth Kingdom was basically like France in WWII. On paper and to an extent, they'd been conquered and were already occupied, but that doesn't mean they still weren't fighting like hell and giving the Fire Nation an actual serious problem.

On top of that, sure water puts out fire...but Fire can turn water to steam and evaporate it. Whereas Fire turns rock into "Really hot rock".

On top of that, the path of the comet is not going to be the ENTIRE world. Chances are even if it did affect him over at the NWT, he'd have had little to no time to use it.

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