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File 128605312022.png - (20.82KB , 480x480 , karp karp magikarp.png )
14167 No. 14167
There is always a guy

in every Pokemon game

with five Magikarps.

I hate that guy. I hate him to death.
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>> No. 14168
One day...
...they'll be five Gyarados.

...at level 100.
All of them.

With Earthquake, Surf and Thunderbolt and some other bullshit moves.
>> No. 14169
There was a guy either in RBE or PDP that had six.
>> No. 14170
And they're all in their twenties but they're Magikarp so you end up getting like 100 experience for all of them.

Yeah, he's a dick.
>> No. 14176
Protip: Use Thrash/Rollout/Outrage/Petal Dance etc. Get a snack.
>> No. 14178
... Sooooooooomething tells me there isn't one of these guys in Black or White.
>> No. 14179
He's almost undoubtedly going to have an analogue.
>> No. 14181
File 128606412367.png - (34.30KB , 198x162 , 550Basurao_alternate.png )
... This thing here maybe?
>> No. 14187
The worst part is?

When you beat him, he gives you less than 400 bucks. In an area where you get more like, say, 800-900. You can beat up a kid and earn more.
>> No. 14221
You know that Magikarp Dude is pretty much the best way to train Speed EVs, right?
>> No. 14222
Or you could just find some fucking Magikarp, they aren't exactly rare.
>> No. 14223
Yeah, but with Magikarp Dude, you don't have to run away from fights you don't want to be in, or go through the fishing minigame (depending on the generation you're in).
>> No. 14225
do you mean 400 pokebucks

because those are based on yen

so it's really 4 dollars

the fucker
>> No. 14237
There's a guy in Platinum who gives you more Speed EVs with fewer Pokemon.
>> No. 14247
Basurao base stats:
HP - 70
Attack - 92
Defense - 65
Special Attack - 80
Special Defense - 55
Speed - 98
>> No. 14387
These are the guys that thought up Negative Man, remember. They like to mess with your head and frankly I'm surprised Pokemon doesn't have more of this.
>> No. 22802
They should.
>> No. 22803
Yeah, but then he's in games like Heart Gold, where you CAN'T refight him.

Seriously, why does Game Freak do that? The VS Seeker's kickass, why do they always take it in and take it out of games again and again?
>> No. 22827
I love this guy, he's so sad; like magicarp are all he can catch but he's still trying to be a trainer with nothing but derp-fish.
>> No. 22831
"And I shall name this one 'Mr. Fish'"
>> No. 22833
"And this one, also shall be named Mr. Fish. And this one, and this one..."
>> No. 23045
As if it's not bad enough, having all those annoying fishermen scattered around the game who'll jump out at you and force you to waste a few seconds beating their Magikarp up so you can GTFO, they have to always have FIVE of the dumb things.

Why, GameFreak? Why?
>> No. 23047
They're a waste of PP, all of 'em!
>> No. 23048
On a similar note, anyone wandering around near Olivine will probably know the annoyance of

>The wild Meowth used Fake Out!

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