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File 136736392352.png - (532.88KB , 760x960 , 2010-04-28Pit.png )
137453 No. 137453
Are there any good webcomics out there that feature nudity and sex? Surprisingly, I can't think of many.

Also, what do you think would be the best sex webcomic? Should it be like a Spartacus kind of comic with a big story and action and gratuitous nudity/sex? Should it be a bit more simple and focused on people fucking? Maybe a fanwebcomic detailing the sex lives of popular characters? Or maybe it should just all be cheesecake and softcore lovemaking?

Gonna start this with Chipperwhale.com. RIP in peace.
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>> No. 137463
Oglaf is pretty good, it's funny and has a variety of porn for all tastes.
>> No. 137480
Menage a 3 has some good characters and sexy times....be warned it teases quite a bit as well:
>> No. 137482
File 136739469233.png - (269.17KB , 780x802 , tumblr_mkyrg39o4c1rkgi2bo1_1280.png )
Let's not forget about The Rock Cocks.
>> No. 137484
>Menage a 3 has some good characters
>not sure if serious
>> No. 137486
You are wrong, and a horrible person for suggesting that comic.

Why don't you say they should read Moon over June next?
>> No. 137488
You know he kept it going at chipperwhale.net, right? Though it updates so slow it may as well be RIP.
>> No. 137489
File 136741113449.jpg - (144.50KB , 800x1000 , c2b7c4b922d141cfc0c439d4303313431694332484.jpg )
Space Pulp by Forview (http://spacepulp.thecomicseries.com/) has some explicit sex scenes.
>> No. 137508
File 136744268232.png - (44.09KB , 600x825 , 20110122.png )
I love Curvy (http://www.c.urvy.org) Pretty simplistic art style, and there isn't sex every other panel (both of which aren't bad things), but when Sylvan wants to make it hot, he makes it hot.
>> No. 137522
I'd like to see more webcomics with large amounts of non-sexual full frontal nudity (they can have sex scenes in them, just have little to no clothes wearing)
>> No. 137529
File 136747133980.jpg - (1.33MB , 700x2471 , BB0042.jpg )

Go Get a Roomie
Las Lindas's Breast are Best side comic

Not really as sex heavy as other comics but feature quite a bit of nudity.
>> No. 137572
I accidentally misread that as "Sidebreast is best", proceeded to expand the image, and ironically found it appropriate.
>> No. 137618

Not enough
>> No. 137641
sex for the sake of getting a mature audience and to distract from the poor plot is really pretentious I think.
>> No. 137651
File 136770858690.jpg - (45.36KB , 568x891 , TT--nude-raven.jpg )

Pretentious? That's kind of the exact opposite. Pretentious would be a comic that has a convoluted storyline that tries to come across as intellectual, usually just for the sake of sounding smart. Excessive symbolism that actually distracts the viewer and takes away from the story.

Definition: expressive of affected, unwarranted, or exaggerated importance, worth, or stature.

A comic based on nudity and sex is simply appealing to the base desires of humans. A good chunk of the stuff we do is to get laid or at the very least get off.

The problem is that it seems there aren't many good webcomics that balance nudity/sex with a decent plot with interesting characters. Usually you get one while the other is lacking.

It's kind of why I started this thread. To see if there's more.

Also, I've been thinking of trying a nudity and sex filled slice of life comic. I have other ideas for larger scale plots for mature comics but I feel that a simple setting would be the best starting point. That's why I'm asking to see what you guys want. It's always good to see who succeeded and why as well as finding out what the audience wants (even if many of you are anonymous).

I've seen artists skyrocket in skill from doing a webcomic (Zap in Space). I'm also getting back into learning figure drawing.
>> No. 137654

- Do you have the basic plot for it? because I'd like to hear it
>> No. 137655
File 136772306357.jpg - (39.60KB , 647x475 , Three-Suck.jpg )

One guy lives in a beach house and uses it for his bachelor pad. Thing is, his mother owns a lot of property and houses and she's trying to groom him into being a property manager. She suddenly dumps four tenants on him and tells him to become a property manager or she'll evict them all, him included.

He finds himself sharing the same home with three girls and one other guy, in their late teens and early twenties. Not only does he have to tend to the house but he finds himself getting involved in the sex lives of his tenants.

I want the setting to be the beach house mostly with the surrounding beaches and further down the areas around it. I decided on all this because I want to be as simple as possible so I can gradually get better and not get in over my head.

I've attempted to draw comics numerous times and even tried to commission artists to draw for me (the many times I have been ripped off has made me get back into learning to draw better). So it's not entirely new territory for me but still a daunting task to take on... again.

My main problem is that I keep changing my mind. There's about a dozen variations on this story. So I guess saying it here will kind of hold me to it.
>> No. 137660
>My main problem is that I keep changing my mind. There's about a dozen variations on this story.

I feel your pain

I'm working on a few nudity-engrossed comic ideas myself (I can't draw to save my pitiful excuse of a life though)
>> No. 137829
Weren't you also working on a mech comic at one point?
>> No. 137832
File 13679678708.jpg - (57.24KB , 666x600 , gatsuda pilots.jpg )

Probably not me. I mean, I have a mech comic idea that I haven't touched upon in years... but that wasn't explicit... wait a minute...

>my comic idea involved heavy /ss/ implications

Naw, I doubt I'm the guy you're thinking about but still... it's an interesting coincidence.
>> No. 137840

Here they are

- A retelling of the story of the Garden of Eden, only without the bad ending and instead of only having Adam and Eve, it has lots of naked people of assorted ethnicities.

- A generic twenty something man finds out that he has a new neighbour. He decides to welcome her to the neighbourhood and finds out that she is a nudist. He joins her and her circle of twenty something nudist friends on assorted adventures, becoming a nudist himself in the process.

- A different generic twenty something man has a rare incurable disease, his doctor says his only hope is cryogenics, where the protagonist will be frozen until a cure is found. The protagonist agrees and is frozen with his clothes on. The doctor puts a sticky note on the protagonist’s cryogenic pod that says “do not open until cure for -inset disease here- is found” An unspecified amount of time passes and a woman around a few years older than him unfreezes and cures him. He finds out that clothes have gone the way of typewriters and record players.

There would be no sex scenes in the second and third stories
>> No. 137841
The third story sounds interesting to me. Though I don't understand why sex would not be a factor in it.
Anyways, with speculative fiction you could do a lot. People walk around nude, but don't worry about things like inclement weather and other hazards because of nano-machines or some type of translucent film.
>> No. 137843
File 136798200375.gif - (44.01KB , 800x400 , DUBIAMAP.gif )
>>The third story sounds interesting to me. Though I don't understand why sex would not be a factor in it.

Because it would be a fish out of water, sci-fi, slice of life comic instead of a sex comic

In case you're wondering, the reason why everybody is naked in the future is when global warming happened, people just didn’t need to wear clothes anymore thanks to the warmer climate (plus they needed all the resources that would have been used to making clothes to make more important things, like food)
>> No. 137845
File 136798361720.jpg - (171.11KB , 1796x1012 , wmplayer-2011-05-21-06-27-08-36.jpg )

If nobody needed clothes, wouldn't that mean there's no cold places? Meaning that all the polar ice caps have melted? Even night would be warm?

So I'm assuming there's only one central mass body of land and people have kind of regressed technologically?

Or you could just do a better Waterworld and there is no land and everyone is either naked or practically naked.

As for resources, you can have a farm and not need to stop making clothes. Just have grandma knit nonstop for you. Hell, you could hunt animals and wear their skin like our ancestors did. So I'm guessing there's not many people left and civilization has pretty much regressed to small tribes/clans or something.

And yes, there should totally be sex. Goods and services are used for trade, including sex. Turns out the guy is hung and an incredible lay and pretty much pays his way by sleeping with all the hot women. Or you could make the guy a girl and have her give amazing sex to everyone... but then she might get pregnant...

Or you could be like the Witcher and have a huge epic plot and make sex commonplace.
>> No. 137847
So basically, don't forget the rest of the story and put some work into that too. :P

- A runaway synthetic virus biological weapon nicknamed "Man Flu" targets the y-gene, so in women this super-disease just causes a brief fever but in men the fever gets high enough that over half of them die, and most of those that survive are sterilized. With half the world's men dead almost over night, and only about 1 in 1000 of the survivors still fertile enough to conceive even with the help of drugs its like taking a sledgehammer to civilization.

A male porn actor originally thought he had gotten lucky as quite literally the only man he'd even heard about from friends of friends that didn't get the disease. Until bloodwork that had been taken for a routine medical check-up before the plague reveals that he somehow already had anti-bodies to the Man Flu in his blood before the disease hit, and he's still fertile enough to get women pregnant without pharmacological assistance.

So the last fertile man on the planet goes out and tries to solve the mystery as to why he was spared, and who released the disease in the first place, while surviving in a world where civilization is falling apart at the seems.
>> No. 137856

The closest thing the naked future has to cold is temperate

Here is the main concept (sorry if it's badly written)

A generic twenty something man is receiving bad news from his doctor. He has a rare disease without a cure. The doctor says the man has only one hope and goes into the medical clinic’s basement with the man following him. The doctor shows him a cryogenic pod and suggests cryogenics, where the man will be frozen until a cure is found. Realising that there is no other choice, the man agrees to this and is frozen with his clothes on. The doctor puts a sticky note on the man’s cryogenic pod that says “do not open until cure for -inset disease here- is found”

An unspecified amount of time passes and a mysterious female figure who is not fully seen finds the man’s cryogenic pod, she looks at the sticky note and goes to a medicine cabinet and finds a jar of pills labelled “ -inset disease here- cure” she then unfreezes the man and tells him to take the pill, after swallowing it, he realises that his companion is a completely naked woman that is a few years older than him.

After seeing his companion the man gets an erection. The woman then says to herself “you won’t be needing these anymore” and then forcibly tries to take off his clothes, not wanting her to see his erection he tries to resist, but fails, the woman says it’s alright for him to have an erection and she takes him outside the doctor’s office and he sees that everyone outside is naked, the woman then tells him that in the future, everyone is naked because when global warming happened, humans needed all the fertile land that would have been used for cotton fields/textile factories for food crops, plus thanks to the warmer climate, people just didn’t need to wear clothes anymore. The woman then tells him that he will have to bunk with her (with him sleeping on her couch)

Several stories happen about our protagonist learning about and adapting to the new nude world that he lives in. For example, our protagonist going to a museum and telling the curator about the world he lived in.

This comic would have no sex in it (sorry)
>> No. 137858
The way you've set the world up, it sounds like you're going to have to have at least some for the world to make sense. I understand going easy on it, but there's a point where it stops making sense. :P
>> No. 137862
File 13680063611.jpg - (127.44KB , 599x900 , 622.jpg )

Fiction doesn't have to make sense (just wondering, how would it make sense to include more sex?) the world there is pretty much like ours only it's warmer and everybody's naked

Here's a fantasy version of the story

While skinny dipping, a generic twenty something man meets an amphibious humanoid (I'm thinking a Nixie) and they play in the water. After a while, she dives underwater and the protagonist does the same, following her into an underwater passage. When he’s inside the underwater passage, the entrance he came through caves in, meaning he will have to follow the Nixie. After a while of swimming after the Nixie, the protagonist emerges from the lake and finds out that he has been transported to a world inhabited by fantasy races, from the usual suspects (Dwarves, Elves, Goblins, Orcs, Orges, Trolls, Gnomes, Merpeople, Fairies and Imps) to more obscure species (Gnolls, Kobolds and Sahaugins) and everything in between (Like Cyclopses, Centaurs and Minotaurs) as you may have already guessed, clothes are unheard of here.

If you're wondering why I use generic twenty something men as main characters, it is so most webcomic readers can relate to them.
>> No. 137877
File 136802221193.jpg - (516.36KB , 870x1222 , 2009-01-24-Ch01-05Web.jpg )

If you model your world after our world and make some changes, people are going to question how and why things are the way they are. If this was a humorous comic, stuff like that could be ignored and people wouldn't really care. However, it sounds like you're very serious about it.

Also, if you want a world that doesn't operate like our world, it'd be best to just create an alternate world that works on different physics. If the world was a warm-to-hot world comprised mostly of floating islands, you could just say "it's magic, I ain't gotta explain shit". But if it's based on the real world, expect some people asking how and why things are the way they are.

As for the fantasy world story, you can get away with that. Check out John Carter novels. Everyone on Mars is naked and only wear decorative body jewelry. Naturally the comics add a bit more (funny reading people thinking it's sexist for Dejah Thoris) and the Disney movie goes even further.

Also, the reason why sex and nudity is kind of a big deal around her is because of the specific nature of this board as well as this thread. On the other hand, everyone's naked so yeah... that works... I guess it'd be like the Meek meets Y: The Last Man? Nudity but no explicit sex about the last fertile man alive? Honestly, that's begging for sex-craved women and orgies but it's your story. Still has promise, though. Same goes for the other stories.
>> No. 137880
Y: The Last Man did have quite a bit of implied off-screen sex though. Two major plot points were a woman Yorrick slept with got pregnant trying to hide her pregnancy and one of the main party discovering that she was a lesbian the whole time anyway. Just to point that out.
>> No. 137894

In my nude future story, There are both men and women in the future, it's just that the protagonist is from the past (the reason why there would be no sex in the story is because nudity has been normalized)

Here are two variations of my "Garden of Eden" idea

-On a giant self sustaining spaceship, everybody is naked (except when they need to repair said spaceship, they have spacesuits for that)

I'm spoilering this version because it's very /d/ (It might not be spoilered and I'm sorry for that)

On a beautiful tropical island somewhere (it could be set today or in a post apocalyptic future) the inhabitants are all naked. There are four "types" of human, Aside from the type we have today, the types are

The Males have Female Reproductive Organs and the Females have Male Reproductive Organs. The Females can impregnate and the Males can get pregnant

Both Males and Females have Both Male and Female Reproductive Organs. Both can impregnate and get pregnant

The Males have a pair of Male Reproductive Organs and the Females have a pair of Female Reproductive Organs

There is no animosity between them and they live in lusting I mean loving harmony (plus they can all breed with one another)
>> No. 137897
Makes me thing of The Origin Of Love - Hedwig An…youtube thumb

Also, if you dig nudism comics, this might be up your alley:
>> No. 137898

Pretty much everybody who digs nudism comics knows about that
>> No. 137899
File 136804970010.jpg - (211.91KB , 760x596 , heterogeneous.jpg )

Both sexy and funny. Best NSFW comic I've seen that isn't just pornographic. For some reason its hard for a lot of authors/artists to manage sexuality in their work without it taking over so they either leave it out or over feature it.
>> No. 137910
I might include more human "types" in my /d/ idea
>> No. 138292
File 136877606930.jpg - (84.24KB , 1056x660 , Cast-Page.jpg )
Time to revive this thread and include a new topic:

Anybody here working on their own mature webcomic? And I don't mean just in the writing stage. Got any art to go with it like characters, scenes, pages (in any kind of sense)?

Just gonna throw this out there. Pretty self explanatory.

Criticism welcome but let me say that this is a line up sketch to get the basics of the characters down.
>> No. 138297

Who is the main character? Jameson or Alex?

Like I said before, I can't draw for Merde and I'm too cheap/distrustful to commission someone
>> No. 138314
File 136883664248.jpg - (39.89KB , 534x607 , Jameson-and-Alex---Buddies.jpg )

Think of this like the Teen Titans cartoon show. Jameson would be the leader but each character gets a good bit of exposure and have their own plots and stories, although I would only focus on one or two at a time.

Jameson is like a comic book hero. Confident, arrogant sometimes, but still a great guy. He has to deal with responsibility and gets out of his comfort zone a lot. Alex is like an anime/manga harem main character. He's the guy that will freak out when a girl takes his pants off and looks good as a trap.

As for finding artists, I've been burned by so many over the last several years, that's why I'm getting back into drawing again. I'm very much a "if you want a job done right, you gotta do it yourself" kind of guy.
>> No. 138315

I'm too lazy to work on my drawing skills (plus I think it would be hopeless to do so)

Here's the base version of another idea

In the middle of nowhere, there is a small house that gives off a strange vibe. A group of generic twenty somethings (around 6 to 10) decide to check it out. The second when someone goes inside the house, there clothes mysteriously disappear (and vice versa) plus when more people go inside the house, its gets bigger on the inside, gratuitous nudity and sex ensues. In the final chapter, the group of generic twenty somethings (which has now grown to around 30 or more) decide to take residence in the house.

Do you guys want to hear more about my "Nudist Neighbor" idea?
>> No. 138910
File 136958192620.png - (1.28MB , 1000x1527 , yousuck_0134.png )
>> No. 139017
File 136963413999.jpg - (240.06KB , 1024x802 , tumblr_m6mgfmYXuh1qb7gcxo1_1280.jpg )

Here's another version of my Eden idea

It takes place in a beautiful Garden of Eden like place. Instead of only having Adam and Eve, it has 6 to 20 naked people, each one a different Human Type/Ethnicity (like here http://majnouna-creation.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/guide-to-human-types.html) The remains of the modern day western world are common.
>> No. 139022
So you have an thing for eden huh?
Here http://eveinthegarden.smackjeeves.com/
To bad it dont update anymore...
>> No. 139032

A bit 2edgy4me (sorry for using that meme, couldn't help myself)

I like the idea of people being naked in there own homes/in nature (but I find people being naked in public/naturist resorts boring)
>> No. 139077
slamming sex into something that'd be fine and well without it, just so that your self insert mary sue can screw either some fictional bitch or your gf's mary sue is also pretty much 2edgy. it's just like whoring yourself in public.

just saying.
>> No. 139086
What you described sounds more like lazy storytelling than whoring.
>> No. 139374

And here they are

Males have giant Penises and Females have giant Vaginas

Males have giant Testicles and Females have giant Ovaries (and giant hips)

Females have a giant Penis but no Testicles but instead of an Urinary Meatus, they have a Vagina. Males have a Vagina but inside it, there is a Penis. The Males can impregnate and the Females can get pregnant

Both genders have two pairs of nipples
>> No. 139432
He said good comics though.
>> No. 139435

"Good" is debatable. Roomie is cute and carefree, with nobody really being unlikable. Breasts are the Best is pretty much shallow fan service.
>> No. 139492
File 137015026558.png - (311.61KB , 700x1050 , 11B33.png )
I actually write Rock Cocks, and it's embarrassing because my artist and I have been watching this thread for half a month now wanting to post but waiting until we got to a sexier part of the comic.

It's so damn cool to have been previously mentioned in this thread, seriously

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If not, we're totally up for some suggestions and criticism and shit
>> No. 139510
first off

I really fucking envy you guys because your audience doesn't get pissy at the fact that you've structured the story (so far) and the layouts as if it were in 'issue' format (aka, instead of periodic page updates, its all there in one go.)

I'm not complaining PERSONALLY about the comic.
I'm just saying.

just saying.
>> No. 139512
Ohmygod YES fucking bri--
>In Colour.
>> No. 139542
Neat! Welcome!
I don't know what you have planned for future stories, but I'd like to see women with different body types. Like a chubby girl like Kim from BN or an athletic looking woman with muscles.
>> No. 139546
I remember when I still went to gigs, half the women there seemed to be wearing tank tops with baggy combats and were fairly toned. Abs were definitely in back then. Also pigtails. Everyone had pigtails.
>> No. 139586
File 137023472143.png - (106.89KB , 291x619 , Lady Beretta Sketch 2.png )
Sup Freeglass.

Not sure how to respond to this one. Thaaanks...? Our update schedule is kind of really slow since we have to do three pages a week for out other comic, so this is about as efficiently as we can update. People can follow our updates as we post them, but we figure most everyone is going to catch this all much later.

This chapter we're doing now centers heavily around a heavy-set woman, and a couple of athletic/toned women will be joining the cast. There's going to be a whole lot of different characters with unique bodytypes and it's all going to be really fun to do I think.

Gotta remember this.
>> No. 139601

good god my heart jumped for a second cos I thought you were Foreview and saw my disillusionment at your use of colour and i was so ready to apologize and
>> No. 139610
So are the stories gonna be fairly grounded in reality, or are you gonna go full blown Kiss Saves Santa?
>> No. 139687
File 137032432157.png - (312.57KB , 700x1050 , 11B34.png )
Going full crazy with this. We wanted to slowly build up the Rock Cocks world from seemingly normal to sexy and crazy. Over the course of the next few chapters, we're going to see everything from ghosts to hippie nudists to rock n roll kings and tsundere serial masturbators. Things will get wild in every way possible, starting with the second half of this chapter we're on now.

Speaking of which, new page for your viewing pleasure.
>> No. 139688
Are these hand-lettered?
>> No. 139745
They are now! Leslie wanted to test hand-lettering on this page, and it came out really well. It'll probably be a permanent thing
>> No. 139761
Oooh thats feckin brill.
I love lettered-by-hand stuff. It feels more authentic and close-to-the-artist than overused (but fine) fonts.
I frankly think I oughtta do that kind of thing more often.
Now, I THINK thats Frenden's mangastudio lettering brush! Should try to doing that right...
>> No. 139804
Not a fan of tentcals, huh?
It gets away for that in the next/last chapter but whatever.
Have some not-tarzan http://kaza-and-gwenna.thecomicseries.com/comics/first
Hope you like retro popculture.
Because I sure do!
>> No. 139834

I'm neutral towards it

I already knew about Kaza and Gwenna

I'm not really into erotic comics, but I do like Erik Schoenek's work
>> No. 139877

I also used to go to the occasional industrial gig/club if you ever need references for that.
>> No. 139878
Here's an idea for a nudity-engrossed erotic one shot comic

A woman comes home from somewhere and takes off her clothes as soon as she comes into her house, she sits on her couch and watches some TV. After a while, she falls asleep on her couch. Her boyfriend then comes home from somewhere, takes off his clothes as soon as he comes into their house and then sees his girlfriend sleeping on the couch. He gives her a kiss on the lips and she awakens, a generic loving sex scene insues. The final scene is of the young couple watching TV together naked on their couch.
>> No. 139880
Space Pulp is like that.
But there is also sexy nudity.
>> No. 139885

What usually happens in erotic fiction

characters get naked > characters have sex > characters put clothes back on

What I want in erotic fiction

characters get naked > characters spend time naked > characters have sex > characters spend more time naked
>> No. 139922
5-6 years ago I actually worked in a team publishing a erotic comic with character development, story and all these things.

I won't say this was like the best comic book ever or anything far fetched. But it was a nice read despite it was a "pilot episode" story.

The thing got published out of our pockets, but we had to take back the books because *nobody* was buying it and stores wouldn't take more stock.

Why was that? Apparently people complained because the book wasn't like the other porn comic books, the ones that focus on the gonzo porn and unrealistic proportions.

So we never recovered the investment and issue number 2 never got done because the team split after such a hard financial failure.

Aaand that's why we can't have nice things.
>> No. 139925

That's because people don't normally pay for porn... at least not that much anymore. Now porn makes its money through advertisement and lure in people with free content.

I remember when you got 10-30 second clips for porn vids back in the dial up days. Now you can get free 5 minute clips or even the whole damn thing without having to pirate it. I even read up on porn video sites and how they operate now. Places like Pornhub get content to put on their site and make their money through all the ads they have.

Me3 does so well because it's got good enough art, it updates three times a week, and it's free. That's seriously all you really need nowadays. If you are doing vanilla that is. If you are doing fetish then you have a smaller audience but they are more supportive.

That's why gonzo and fetish stuff is bought more than the vanilla stuff. I'm sure it has something to do with dedication to something you can't find anywhere else.

In fact, if you notice which webcomics are the most popular and successful, they're the ones that update regularly and often. That's pretty much the most important thing. Art is next. Sadly, writing is third.
>> No. 139931
You see, that's the problem. People go on on talking about how internet changed this or that, but then get on the same internet and whine about how things aren't like they were before it anymore. And they pretend to be smartasses comparing apples to oranges when it's irrelevant because it only perpetuates the problem.

In case it wasn't clear, I was not talking about getting a porn movie on-demand website while people were downloading it for free or whatsoever.

I was talking about how many people complained about porn comics, about not finding a "erotic comic but with a story", and then when it was presented to them, they didn't want it because it has a story but not enough porn, and they would go and literally spend money on the exact thing they were complaining about in first place.

Don't tell me "people don't buy porn" because actually they do. If we were talking about brazzers/bangbros/cumlouder stuff I would agree on people not buying that... but we are talking about adult comics and as far as we know adult comics keep being printed and sold.

The whole publishing fiasco simply drove the creative team apart because you don't gamble with other people's time. Yet sometimes I still find people asking me why we don't work together anymore or publish anything new.

Tell me it isn't ironic.
>> No. 139935

I'm just going to keep this brief.

Stop whining. Either do something about it or shut up.

Now, if you want to contribute to this thread, why not throw up some of your work?

I'd love to see this awesome and amazing work of art that shouldn't have failed.
>> No. 139938
I'm interested.
>> No. 139939
I was the writer for the book. I also added the speech balloons and lettering it on Illustrator...

Now, the artist owning the paper pages and the digital scans went on to get an adult boring job that actually paid the bills and stuff.

The boxes with the books themselves were left to rot in a storage unit and that's the last thing I knew about it. It's not like I wanted to keep something that would remind everyday of all the wasted work.

I never said it was "amazing" or "awesome", don't get all false dichotomy on me. I said it had a story, and characters did more than just engage in sexual acts.

But it wasn't bad art either, you know, it was a bit like Terry Dodson's inked art. If anything, the book was B&W and used more shadows to make it more erotic than explicit.
>> No. 139943
Here's yet another version of my Eden idea (sorry if I'm irritating you with my ideas)

In a beautiful Garden of Eden like place, a man of Caucasian descent meets a woman of African descent and a woman of East Asian descent, a love triangle and then a threesome ensues. After this, they meet a Caucasian woman, an African man and an East Asian man who are in a similar relationship. Love making between them ensues.
>> No. 139947
File 137059106266.jpg - (531.57KB , 1600x1083 , 8- Busted.jpg )
Ha, I almost forgot about this. It's a kinda-sorta webcomic but the artist makes new comics whenever he finishes it. He's not bad. I'd say he makes one of these every other week.


I'm just being sarcastic because you come up in this thread and start being a little Negative Nancy.

I talk to so many people that just whine and complain and it's so annoying. Just. Stop.
>> No. 139948
sauce plz
>> No. 139950



Speaking of which, how's your webcomic idea going?
>> No. 139951
File 137060311387.jpg - (111.26KB , 1300x700 , yeah.jpg )

Ehhhhhh... still tinkering with ideas. Juggling the sex lives of five characters got a bit hectic for me so I decided to focus on two for now.

While I'm going back and forth on what I want to do and how I want to do it, I'm just drawing here and there for the sake of practice. Still need to get back into studying figure drawing.
>> No. 139952

Just wondering, percentage-wise, how much time would the characters spend naked? (an example would be the characters in this webcomic http://spunoff.thecomicseries.com/ spend 100% of their time naked)
>> No. 139970

Main reason I chose the beach setting as well as a beach house is because it means half naked people pretty much all the time. This makes it so that even when people aren't naked or having sex, they are visually stimulating because they are wearing tank tops, tube tops, bikinis, shorts, swim suits, etc.

Now, this may please you, one of the planned characters was a nudist. She'd be naked 90% of the time, only wearing clothes out in public that's not on the beach (which is clothing optional). She's essentially the Starfire of the group, being a free spirit full of life and happiness. Of course that's where the comparison stops because she wouldn't speak funny or fly around shooting star bolts but she wouldn't a have a problem being naked or even sleeping around.

I'm probably going to merge a couple characters and keep that aspect around. I'm not big on the whole nudist thing but I would use it as an opportunity to make increased nudity plausible.

Everybody else would be naked 50% of the time but that's just because they'd be having sex during that time.
>> No. 139974

>Main reason I chose the beach setting as well as a beach house is because it means half naked people pretty much all the time. This makes it so that even when people aren't naked or having sex, they are visually stimulating because they are wearing tank tops, tube tops, bikinis, shorts, swim suits, etc.

I prefer full nudity over half-nudity, but that's just me (I'll still read it out of good will and the fact that your artstyle is appealing to me)

>Now, this may please you, one of the planned characters was a nudist.

I knew about that when I saw this pic >>138292

2 questions

1: if it is going to be centered around just Jameson and Cheryl, are they in a loving relationship (which is okay with threesomes and moresomes) or are they just good friends who enjoy casual sex?

2: do you have a blog?/are you a member of an art sharing website?

Sorry if I seem nosey, but like I said, your artstyle is appealing to me

>> No. 139975
File 137065886486.jpg - (327.94KB , 659x1000 , 03_JIRNI-01-previewpage3_1.jpg )

Thanks for the compliments and interest.

Like I said, it's all in flux. Even that cast page is no longer useful. I think I got what I ultimately want to do done but I've said that to myself way too many times.

I prefer revealing and softcore honestly. I don't think I will put in explicit sex showing genitalia interacting with each other. Think the sex scenes you get in Spartacus and True Blood. But like I said, I want each page to be sexually stimulating in some way. That's my major problem with sex comics, they have sex and then they bog it down with boring scenes. Where are my business meetings at strip clubs? I need more fanservice than just the sex scenes. The trick is not making it appear cheap... well, not too cheap.

Take a look at this comic, Jirni. It pretty much has ass and tits on every page. There's even some beefcake in there as well as gratuitous violence. The fantasy setting pretty much dictates that girls have cleavage and guys look like variations of Conan the Barbarian, so it's not too much of a stretch in this comic.

I'm wary posting links on here as I've been banned for an hour the last time I did.

So my DA page is under JacobMendura
My tumblr for original work is jmendura (currently not being used) and notfortheprudish for my edits and other work
I'm on paheal as well using the Was Bored name

Hopefully I'll have some solid work done before the week is over.
>> No. 139977
Are you planning on drawing this yourself?
[spoiler]Cos I'm available for comic page comishes.
>> No. 139978
>That's my major problem with sex comics, they have sex and then they bog it down with boring scenes.

When you say "boring scenes" do you mean the non-erotic parts of the comic?

Because If they didn't have those boring scenes, people would complain about the lack of a plot (despite the fact that most people do not read erotic webcomics for the plot)

If I were to successfully get an artist to take pity on me and do one of my ideas, the characters would be naked during the majority of the boring scenes.
>> No. 139980
The "boring scenes" can be very important, even in a porn comic.
It's important to make the reader give a crap about your characters and what's going on. They might be even more turned on by the sex scenes if they have a reason to be emotionally attached to the characters.

Look at Storefront8's Liberty Kids comic. It's like 80 pages of non-stop fucking. It's hot an all, but at this point it's going on and on and we're not learning anything new about the characters.

Forview's Cheer comic has lots of little moments where they characters interact with each other and we get a sense of who they are as people. Even Omaha the Cat Dancer, which was just Dynasty with furries, pulled that off and set up stories and character arcs.
>> No. 139982
File 13706654034.jpg - (173.21KB , 624x960 , Jirni-1-Blue-Rainbow.jpg )

As much as I would love to have someone else handle the art, I've been screwed over too many times. Not saying you would do that, though. Also, I'm saving up money, too.


I mean BORING. The story kind of plods along 10-20 pages without so much as anything titillating happening. It doesn't have to be full blown nudity or sex but something should give me a chubby every time I check in or at least more often. And if the comic updates weekly, that just makes things worse. We could be talking months without seeing so much as a nipple.

That's the great thing about the beach setting. Sexy clothes and barely clothed everywhere. I could do the same in space or fantasy. I've even thought about a jungle setting. The tricky thing is making sex often and not odd and forced. It bothered me where hentai has this "save the world by deflowering all the girls" or something for a plot. Make the nudity and sex organic to the plot.
>> No. 139983

>The story kind of plods along 10-20 pages without so much as anything titillating happening.

May I suggest you read more one-shots? (they usually have little to none non-titillating scenes)

>It doesn't have to be full blown nudity or sex but something should give me a chubby every time I check in or at least more often.

No offense, but you have extremely high standards (but then again, that's what good erotic media is supposed to do to its intended demo)
>> No. 139985
Ah, its cool mang.

>If I were to successfully get an artist to take pity on me and do one of my ideas

I'm availableeee~
I charge of course, but I got quality, son!
>> No. 139986

For reasons I'd like to keep to myself, I can't commision anyone (if you want to do one of my ideas for free out of the goodness of your heart hell would have to be frozen over )

Do you have a blog/tumblr/an account at an art sharing website? (just interested to see if it is indeed quality)
>> No. 139987
Heh. Well thank you for reminding me I have to clean up said blog.
There ya go.

I keep saying its my ART ONLY-MINIMAL REBLOG thing for professional purposes, yet I keep using it as my vent-zone.
I'll tidy up in there, then...
>> No. 139988

My apologies if you are banned for posting the link to your tumblr page

what is your experience in drawing naked people?
>> No. 139991
Other than life-drawing of course...

...There's a nude pinup right there on the blog.
>> No. 140012

Just had a look at your NSFW tumblr (f-ing-art) and It's not bad
>> No. 140019
Thank you.
I don't really do much NSFW stuff for public consumption, so the blog's pretty abandoned.
I mean, most of the stuff I keep to myself and really its not cos of the usual reasons.
>> No. 140047
Oh look, yet another version of my Eden idea (this one was partially inspired by Jacob)

-It takes place on an island where the majority of plant species can produce edible fruit. 6 to 40 naked people live on the island. The remains of the modern day western world can be found on the island.

The main problem I have with my eden idea in its various forms is that I have the setting, it's just that I have no story ideas for the setting.
>> No. 140277
File 137114150281.png - (330.96KB , 700x1050 , 11B35.png )
Bumping this with some webcomic porn
>> No. 140282
File 137115646061.jpg - (180.02KB , 800x1000 , 2cf74e3c9cd8c25dd7f5fd9887cfc99c57424283.jpg )
>Oh, look, back to the naked ladies. This one's thematic! It's all about the difference between one woman armored in super robot plate mail, and the other running around naked getting the crap kicked out of her.

>Very deep.

>> No. 140307
File 137119140033.png - (174.31KB , 455x519 , 043panel.png )
Too bad the writing is terrible. Seriously, I want to like this comic. I read it every day, but the story is seriously shit and the writing is hard to follow. We get really petty banter for pages, broken up by exposition drops that just suck.

The worst part about the comic is how Mary Sue, it's gotten. It's just about how OP and "badass" Iri is.

Never Mind the Gap wasn't as exciting, but at least it had decent writing and was more about character development than mindless action.
>> No. 140308

That artstyle is horrendous

Here's two more nudity-engrossed erotic one shots

-A twenty-something couple has a naked get together with another twenty-something couple, a foursome ensues.

-The two twenty-something couples go to a naked party with twenty or more guests, an orgy ensues.
>> No. 140311

>That artstyle is horrendous
Different strokes for different folks. I've seen way worse

>Here's two more nudity-engrossed erotic one shots
wat are you talking about? How is that related to space plulp?
>> No. 140312

It isn't, I'm just using this thread to spam my subpar nudity-engrossed erotic fiction ideas
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