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File 13648578393.jpg - (57.18KB , 476x638 , 1e4a3b01a94ef1d90eb949fdf1a8dccbcc4f2090.jpg )
135618 No. 135618
ITT /34/ Artists you used to like but don't anymore

Who are they /pco/?

Let us know why they don't appeal to you anymore (fetishes, strictly ponies, not improving, etc.). And try to be civil.

I'll start with King-Cheetah (or whatever he's calling himself these days). I liked his work because he had this cartoony style that was very sexy. Breasts, hips, face, I liked it all. But then he kept doing the same poses and never really did more than his sketched pin-ups. In fact, I think he's gotten worse, or at least lazier. Not to mention his male anatomy was pretty bad. I still enjoy his Hey Arnold pics (even if he is a Lila x Arnold shipper) and the Alfred the Hedgehog stuff was good, too.

But it was all the same.

Not to mention he can be pretty bitchy. He gets some his Hey Arnold pics deleted off Deviantart and he deletes his whole gallery. In fact, he's done that quite a few times (even his FA account is wiped nearly clean and he's cleared out a lot of his Storm-Artists gallery).

What about you guys?
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>> No. 135620
File 136486164678.jpg - (248.96KB , 850x1100 , 1050930 - Mrs__Hedgehog The_Mysteries_of_Alfred_He.jpg )
I do recall he (or she) going apeshit over his (or her) art being posted on rule34.paheal.net, then suddenly changing his (or her) mind.

That isn’t a reason to hate his (or her) art, though.
>> No. 135623

I don't hate his work and definitely not because of his temper tantrums.

The main reason is samebody/sameface. I still like his style but his work has gotten really stale.
>> No. 135624
I would talk about fluffy, but that just makes me cry.
>> No. 135625
King-Cheetah is cool when he isn't throwing temper tantrums. Still don't understand why he is going back and forth about the paheal deal, it's pretty stupid.

As for his art, as I recall he is a guy in his 40s-50s or so, he is doodling the way he is used to, not in a way where he wants to keep improving.
>> No. 135626
Wait what happened to Fluffy?
>> No. 135627
>> No. 135631
I'm curious to hear. For a time I thought I had heard that Fluffy was the paid personal porn slave to that weird guy who is madly in love with Brandy Harrington.
>> No. 135632
>> No. 135664
File 136492371420.jpg - (284.03KB , 635x900 , 1338411251797.jpg )
I remember an artist; DTMS this guy went apeshit over people saying he copied or traced his art; in retaliation he took down every single picture he had.

if only someone had the archives of good ol' DTMS

only picture i know i have
>> No. 135665
File 136492510238.jpg - (466.27KB , 755x900 , 364816 - DTMS Michelene_Mavinsky Mike_Lu_and_Og.jpg )
The name rings a bell... haven't even noticed he was DNP on paheal.

shit, there's barely anything there now that isn't DNP.
>> No. 135672
File 136493173388.png - (1.02MB , 800x913 , 4ba8dff0b33b96b9a74bdb9935791b8b57f94cc1.png )
Cuteemmy for me. I still like her art but I don't like what she's become: a money grubber and a beggar. She used to be such a nice person to do business with but sometime between 2011 & 2012 she became very hard to deal with. Always begging for donations, accusing people of 'stealing' poses from her, and just coming off as desperate overall. Then she kept going back and forth with her commission prices never having a standard price and only changing them when it was convenient for her. If you did somehow manage to commission her she would either take forever refusing to give you a refund or the art would be really lazy or half-assed. Then at one point she would ignore commissions completely after they'd been paid for and only draw her fan-pairing of her OC and Raiden from MK. On top of that she was so desparete for money that at one point she started selling nude pictures of herself and I hear she still does provided people ask. She still does the same stuff nowadays asking people to pay for commissions first and take forever to get them done and from what I understand after all this time she still hasn't said anything about getting a job so she can stop relying on people from the internet. So yeah. Her art is good but I don't like how desperate and greedy she's become.
>> No. 135674
File 136493233910.jpg - (331.75KB , 640x708 , 131235847542365874.jpg )
Zody/Romzy; at first he was actually funny, but ever since he started using FA just to troll the furry porn community with seemingly non-stop misleading pictures and thumbnails, his quality just started to dip and clearly pandered to the easily amused (he was practically treating every last one of his uploads as if it was April Fools Day).

He thankfully stopped, but his smut lacks variety, which he keeps blaming his "lurkers" even though this could easily be resolved by scanning through his gallery and realizing "Hmm, maybe I shouldn't keep doing just big butts, below-average humor, and innuendos and actual try sexual acts/intercourse that differs from my usual stuff, without censors!!"

And recently the only way to see even slight traces of what he should be doing is through charity drives to gather a bunch of money just see a small handful of mediocre picture for insane goals upwards of $600 before bringing it down to $400, but it'll probably go back to a whopping $600 or even more because he along with other sub-par artists. I get it's done for charity, but if you're going to making incentives to donate, some form of actual effort into your pictures would be nice to go with it.
>> No. 135680
got any of her nudes by chance?

sorry but i don't recall demetry moters ever throwing a bitch fit i know he got into it with a comissioner that tried to rip him off and a forum turned against him but as far as i know demetry always seemed pretty down to earth. we used to chat over msn back in the day. might be able to find him on wwoec (now that place fits this thread pretty well. fucking douchebags...)
>> No. 135682
I would like to have his pictures; they've been removed from the interwebs for a while
>> No. 135684
File 136494281978.jpg - (669.92KB , 1125x1500 , gogo_andy.jpg )
That sucks that he vanished.
Here's a pic I commissioned from him ages ago of Gogo and Andy.

I commissioned VP a long ass fuck time ago and got nothing from him in all this time. From what I've heard, a lot of other people have waited a long time for him to deliver.
>> No. 135685
OH now I remember him! I've got a whole bunch of his pictures saved on my PC. Thing is they might take a while to organize. Still I can look if you guys want.
>> No. 135687
Oh fuck that guy.

He came on /co/ once with a bunch of censored stuff and wanted everyone to practically beg for him to show it. It was just bizarre and dickish. I can understand wanting pay but this was just him fucking with people.
>> No. 135688
Plus he was such a drama queen on DA. He closed his account just because it was hacked.
>> No. 135689
Fluffy said they wanted to do professional work, so they couldn't do porn anymore.
>> No. 135690
Yeah, dude came on /co/ and acted like a real dick to everyone. I told him that if he kept it up, he'd get a bad rep.

Then he kept it up.

Shame too, cause he did decent Ruby Gloom
>> No. 135691
File 136494648075.jpg - (434.51KB , 3322x900 , 69978753.jpg )
This is all I have by him.

If you really care about the order of the girls that much, go into MSpaint and rearrange them yourself.
>> No. 135693
File 136495089628.jpg - (91.48KB , 821x486 , PORNDEBATAN.jpg )
Well, this popped up in my reports queue & I kinda agree...

Unless you all can keep the PICS coming and keep it civil? I don't mind a discussion, but this isn't the first time such a thread has been started and it almost always goes down in flames & bans.
>> No. 135694
Who is "they?"
>> No. 135695
File 136495232533.jpg - (722.43KB , 1200x1158 , 159025.jpg )
I was going to refrain from posting in this thread because it seemed too negative but whatever.

I thought Destiji was really great at first but his pics lost their luster quickly. Which is weird because I love lolis and feet. I can't reasonably accuse him of sameface or samebody or samepose, which is normally the problem when I get bored of an artist. I honestly think the problem is samefeet. They always look the same. How weird is that?
>> No. 135696
>> No. 135698
Not that weird I don't think. If you love feet, then you probably focus on them, so if they get repetitive, then you are probably going to lose interest. I think that is a similar complaint that people have about PALComix and how they do nipples. Kinda one of those once you see it you can't unsee it situations, so the first thing you thing is when looking at the pics is "yep, copy/paste nipples/feet,whatevers"
>> No. 135699
File 136495394933.jpg - (109.23KB , 838x600 , 488898 - AwesomeArtist Elisa_Maza Gargoyles Matt_B.jpg )

I know that it could go that way but I'm glad it's been decent so far. It's like those SAY IT NOW! threads where every post isn't to be taken as a troll or negatively replied to.

I remember starting a thread on here a while back about "off model = death" what with that shitstorm that happened way back then. That went pretty good, too. Not sure how that turned out after a while, though.

/co/ has threads about stuff they don't like all the time, usually staying very negative throughout the thread but not getting 404'd because of it. I guess that kind of behavior isn't tolerated here (once again recalling the "off model = death" fiasco) but losing interest in an artist, especially /34/ artists, seems to be pretty common.

Remember gunsmo-- I mean AwesomeArtist (I'm seeing a trend here)? After disappearing and reappearing a couple times, he's on a paysite now, isn't he?
>> No. 135706
>wwoec (now that place fits this thread pretty well. fucking douchebags...)

Ain't it the truth now truth be told not everyone there sux there are some that are ok but most of the mods can SUCK IT!!!! they defly need a regime change there.
>> No. 135708
File 136497263811.jpg - (270.17KB , 1275x1650 , 1042609 - Aelita_Schaeffer Code_Lyoko folvo_mynox.jpg )
This guy that goes by folvo_mynox in WWOEC gets on my nerves for some petty reasons, if I say so myself.

The dude does Code Lyoko porn, which is something weird in and off itself, so I really shouldn't complain.

But most pictures are far too rapey for my tastes.

And the dude seems to have this unspoken dislike for Jeremie/Aelita images, which coupled with his self-insert ALWAYS featuring in Aelita pictures (which is my favourite Lyoko girl) makes me have a love/hate relationship with his work.

Also, another person I have an issue with is Esenkas. Dude had an intersting artistical evolution, but the dude has wiped the internet from most of his pictures, constantly teases variants that never show up anywhere (maybe he sells them? I dunno), and a lot the pictures of his that can be found have the most shitty compression imaginable.
>> No. 135714
Please bro; he had some decent Becky Bottsford
>> No. 135717
That would be weird if his pics are actually hard to find now. I remember that years ago his stuff seemed to be everywhere.
>> No. 135725
File 136500964266.jpg - (215.33KB , 920x711 , 385726_MarmaladeJane_20120920173433.jpg )
King-cheetah takes commissions and never actually does them.
Read how many comments he gets from people he swindled; they are everywhere on his acocunts FA, DA etc.
I was one of those suckers.
After A year he changed names SIX times!!!!!

I ended up harrassing his sister because he gave me her email.
The only way I got answers is to use all of the four different email he gave me over time. And even then I rarely got answers..

It's not like I was stalking him; no more than 1 email PER TWO MONTHS
I only asked him to confirm IF HE WAS GOING TO DO THE WORK i PAID HIM FOR

No I don't hate his art.
I hate the person

-He sells and upload TONS of shit, but does not draw the stuff he's paid for.
-He uploaded some sketches related to my commission BUT DID NOT SEND THEM TO ME OR INFORMED ME!!

Here is a autoportrait of Shaun Howell.
his real name.
>> No. 135726
File 136501063818.png - (497.84KB , 588x1240 , 592599 - Homestuck Idlecil Jade_Harley MS_Paint_Ad.png )

Idlecil was great and started exagerrating his poses, proportions and juice expodentialy (spelling)

He got worse by doing more.
How do you get that?

Now his stuff looks like dismembered people having and epileptic seizures in cum pools
>> No. 135727
File 136501195643.jpg - (747.60KB , 850x1202 , 1363973915983.jpg )

His linework is still good, but I'm not a fan of his shading technique. Same thing with Pandora's Box, actually.

For content, Reiq used to be a serious favourite of mine, but over the last year and a half, he really seemed like he was phoning it in. From what I understand, his new artstyle is an attempt to keep things fresh and interesting, but I've long since given up hunting down his art. That, and the wet variations of his pics are a complete mess from the overabundance of spooge flying everywhere.
>> No. 135730
>strictly ponies

Oh man, that reminds me of John Joseco. He had this site, Thong Revolution, that was going to be getting a total makeover in late 2010... He was gonna start doing comics, regular updates, commissions, the works. Work on the site was delayed and all we got was some sporadic updates on its progress.

Then the final updated posted on the site, March 22 of 2011:

"Sorry folks for a lack of updates. You can see that the Web Mistress is still working on the update. Last discovered that Friendship is Magic... you know what I'm talking about. Confound them! Confound them all! If you like to check out what I been doing, you can check out my Deviant Art Page

You may have to turn in your man card for this unless you're comfortable with your masculinity."

99% of his art has been Ponies since then. Thong Revolution lies abandoned and forgotten, an unfinished archive of broken promises.
>> No. 135731

I do wish he made Tali or Totally Spies pictures again, but I can't really complain about this change personally

REALLY dig his pony pictures.
>> No. 135732

now don't get me wrong, I love his work and shit, but he's such a fucking hipster. It seems like he's only ever going to work on obscure random shit and, when he does work on requested stuff, it's usually half assed.

It also seems like he's gotten lazy, he should try to experiment with more than tentacles, or at least get a bit creative.
>> No. 135733

His art doesn't seem too hard to decensor (hell, I think he got annoyed for someone uncensoring an April Fools flash of his last year, which wasn't even all that good). Hasn't someone tried to uncensor that pic, though?
>> No. 135735

Call me crazy, but I like the obscure shit. I'd rather see someone do some good work on lesser-known shows than another few hundred Kim Possible pics or whatever. Zone doing random out there stuff is a good thing, regardless of what you might think.
>> No. 135736
I stopped looking up several artists' work because they'd left whatever fandom I was interested in and proceeded to work on other series or original work that I wasn't super interested in. (I do like non-fanart work, quite a lot, actually, but so many people have webcomics, and very few of them hold my attention.)

I'm not mad at any of them, though, even the ones who deleted a lot of their old artwork. They've gotten better as artists, I'm proud of them.
>> No. 135737
oh but they poofed; i now have 2 pictures of DTMS
>> No. 135739
i dont like how shia only does dickgirls/furries or stuff where the girls are unhappy now
>> No. 135740
File 136502017667.jpg - (65.55KB , 604x447 , 1025707 - Zone Zone-tan.jpg )

There's nothing wrong with giving some obscure stuff some love. Modifyers is one of those pilots that's been fawned over for a long time (Roger Bacon did a couple of jams trying to get attention to the series). There's also Wasp from Avengers. Wakfu. Etc. I'd say it's all over the place and that's good.

I would say Zone is pretty much my favorite /34/ for the amazing quality and skills he brings to his work. However, that Toph video was baaaad even for his skill level at that time. And there is the issue of his frequency (that ending to his Wakfu flash with all the comments), but the guy is putting that stuff out for free and doesn't even care when the paid content is leaked (its fanart so he shouldn't anyway but there are plenty of artists that are like that, though).

Also, ZTV is... well... there. Haven't really bothered watching any of the newer ones but I'm hearing I haven't been missing much.
>> No. 135742
File 136502055785.jpg - (220.89KB , 600x800 , fionna_by_japunix-d5zwmuu.jpg )
Y'know after he supposedly left he came back as an entirely new person called Japunix. Now both entities are on DA as of this year. What's weird is that Japunix's pictures are so much better in quality than Esenkas' and he charges less for commissions than Esenkas. They're obviously the same person but I can't imagine why the fuck he would do something like that.

I'll look but I can't promise anything real soon y'know?

Yeah I like his pony pictures too especially the humanizations, but it does kinda suck that's all he does now. He's a real nice dude though. He's constantly hosting charities and stuff.
>> No. 135746
Is you-know-who still butthurt about his old website being overtaken by furries?
>> No. 135750
File 136502931949.jpg - (319.09KB , 640x708 , romzy edit beta.jpg )

Yes, but the person has been on and off due to "lack of references" from the user, which I can't blame. He waited for anyone else to help, but got refused left and right despite the other art editors tackling pictures with seemingly less quality than that one.
>> No. 135761
>On top of that she was so desparete for money that at one point she started selling nude pictures of herself and I hear she still does provided people ask.

That's the first I've heard of this. I got bored when she started focusing on her OC and Raiden, then thought less of her when she decided she didn't want her work on Paheal (which was a shame because I liked her work that didn't involve OCs). If you're telling the truth about her selling nude pics of herself, then I've lost whatever respect I might have had buried down inside for her. The rest of what you said is bad enough, but something about an artist selling nude pics of themselves alongside commissions that they don't finish disgusts me. Was she facing a financial crisis or was it just greed?
>> No. 135762
File 136503283344.jpg - (123.70KB , 700x970 , 643867 - Powerpuff_Girls Sara_Bellum Thong-Revolut.jpg )
He was behind Thong Revolution? I loved that site. Didn't ButterCupSaiyan also get completely taken in by ponies?
>> No. 135764
Dunno, but Kevinsano did, and it's a pity, he did a lot of stuff I liked and the art was very good. Then all of a sudden, ponies everywhere.
>> No. 135766
File 136503426396.png - (853.53KB , 800x870 , ba498b9619c99ab896a7ef113b79238d.png )
I shouldn't have called her greedy cause it did seem like she was struggling but still the way she constantly begged for donations and promising commissions that take forever (some never) to happen was getting really annoying. Plus she always commissioned other people to draw her OC and Raiden together so she couldn't have been too bad off.
>> No. 135767

>Y'know after he supposedly left he came back as an entirely new person called Japunix. Now both entities are on DA as of this year. What's weird is that Japunix's pictures are so much better in quality than Esenkas' and he charges less for commissions than Esenkas. They're obviously the same person but I can't imagine why the fuck he would do something like that.

That shit is so fucking weird.

>> No. 135768
Fair enough. I can sympathise with her to some extent, but it's still pretty bad of her to take money for commissions and not finish them.
>> No. 135773
Well there's the chance he isn't the same person and just has a similar style, or he is trying to sell commissions under a different name to... uh... sell to people who have a grudge against his real name? Attract people who can't afford his Esenkas pics without lowering the prices to regular Esenkas buyers? I really don't know... I can see having different names and price lists if one is your porn name, one is your pinup name, and one is your general fanart name. ButI don't get the feeling that is the case here?
>> No. 135774

Well, Japunix has done pinups mostly, and I think all the pictures posted were commissions, so maybe it's just a management thing?

I think they are the same, Esenka's latest decent quality pics were insanely close in coloring and style to Japunix's.
>> No. 135776
Yeah, probably something like that. Japunix's current commission guidelines are a bit weird now.
>> No. 135797
Usually when their stuff gets way too creepy, they make onto my shit list. So, yeah... too many to count.
>> No. 135855
Shia draws what he's paid to draw and little else right now. I hear he's been thinking of slowing down on taking commissions (or stopping entirely) to focus on getting a bit steadier of an income that's not reliant on the whimsy of commissioners.
>> No. 135868
Whatever happened to Scribblekid? I lost track of him when he started doing straight-up guro. He was always one of my favourites, and his character designs were always hot as hell, but... why guro?
>> No. 135886
>Whatever happened to Scribblekid?

Dave is up to this site nowadays.

Apparently guro pays better or something? I dunno.
>> No. 135888
File 136518753464.png - (455.12KB , 1280x589 , concept_art___molly_update_by_teh_dave-d5suih8.png )

It happens... Not too familiar with this guy's earlier stuff like Chugworth Academy but he's always been into guro, right? It's just that it's now all he really does?

I hear he says that he's commissioned to do it.
>> No. 135895
I'm pretty sure he just gets off on it. If he were open to commissions surely he would do non-guro occasionally.
>> No. 135896

>> No. 135903
File 136520712011.png - (372.60KB , 500x664 , tumblr_mjuk0q2nt91qedou1o1_500[1].png )

Always demanding attention, playing cute as to be that 'internet waifu'
I mean, its cool, right? Draws herself as a milf, a loli and that sort of thing. Then also draws herself being eaten out by pokemon...
She's fucking smart. I'll give you that. Idealizing and shit for ... I dunno, attention I suppose.

And people just eat it up.
>I’m not exactly the most attractive eating pie at 3am
>I don’t know what you guys were expecting..
>> No. 135907

I fukken love her.
>> No. 135909
Well of course you do.
She's based her whole internet persona around being 'fukken love'd.
>> No. 135910
What I'm saying is, its feels so artificial and fake and try hard and people still buy the whole act cos she's that god damn idealized artfag waifu.
>> No. 135913
scribblekid gets off on guro, he is a bit weird and its a shame because his early stuff was great. when he started showing pictures of his cut up oc's though i stopped following him
>> No. 135918

I find the whole constant self-insert thing to be more than a bit creepy. Very much attentionwhoring and immature (OMG silly boyz and lesbians, leave me alone). She's a good artist, sure, but whether you use a webcam or a tablet, it is still the act of begging for attention directed at her person and not at her skill.

This is a real surprise. I remember this guy's art I think (didn't he make that Jade's Game parody comic?). I had no clue he was into guro, much less that he would decide to make it his main deal.
>> No. 135922

Guy used to put out some nice smooth furry drawings... But then he became a brony, it's all nice and stuff, but the problem is that being a brony turned him into a drama queen, whatever happened he ended up deleting everything from his FA and never heard from him again...

Can't be bothered to like, let alone follow an artist that erases every trace of their existence as soon as something goes wrong :/
>> No. 135924

>Can't be bothered to like, let alone follow an artist that erases every trace of their existence as soon as something goes wrong :/

So many people do this. I don't quite get it.
>> No. 135927
Probably either a take my toys and go home sort of deal (don't worship me? then fuck all ya'll.. if you want my stuff beg for it) or an art depression sort of thing (hating your work and feel depressed from looking at it).
>> No. 135936
File 136525583355.jpg - (195.79KB , 825x1275 , HO6tm.jpg )
Oh, Jay Naylor, where do I begin... how about going from straight sex, to kinky sex, to NTR sex, to gay sex, to transgender sex, to mixing all that up and just forgetting about the straight sex? Or how about the normal comic strips that wallowed in politics and drama?


I don't really bother reading a person's comments on stuff. Especially if it involves them. I just want to fap to their stuff, not learn about their views on things and themselves. I guess that stuff with Ehryel (apparently that's what she calls herself now) doesn't bother me as long as she's drawing lesbians... come to think of it, she's been slacking off...


>> No. 135939
Or maybe they were being harassed and decided they no longer wanted to deal with it.

I understand hating your own art, too. If you draw something for yourself, it's your choice what to do with it. It sucks when you really like a piece and it's gone from their site, but it's their decision.

I read the comments just in case there's anything important in them.
>> No. 135968
File 136527356367.png - (268.26KB , 573x850 , pin_up___princess_by_teh_dave-d5theil.png )
Do you know where can I finds his non-guro stuff?
>> No. 136022
who cares? she's drawing good porn. she deserves the attention.
>> No. 136025
File 136528114369.jpg - (262.87KB , 600x891 , April_O__Neil_by_Teh_Dave.jpg )

Just like you, I get it from his DA page because that's pretty much the only place he won't post his guro. I think there's a couple of Angel Corps comics that actually doesn't end with the girl getting killed... and then having her corpse fucked...


I'm noticing a pattern where the artist kind of brings it on themselves and acts childish about it. They have nobody to tell them how to conduct themselves and the really popular artists turn out to be prima donnas.

As for the comments, well, if you do then you have to accept the good with the bad.


She's barely drawing porn anymore. Callmepo is churning out /34/ practically on a daily basis and I don't even know what Ehryel did last.
>> No. 136040
For drawing porn. Yes.
For being manipulative? Selling t-shirts with "her" showing only lips and cleavage, and making herself, the image she's created the protagonisst? She has it - doesn't mean it isn't fucked up. I commend her for being smart enough to usurp the thoughtless horndogs that follow her around being porno BFFs. Like I said.
She's smart.
But its fucked up in my opinion.
>> No. 136042

Ehryell has been doing little of anything for a while now.

Maybe too many commissions taking her time, or real life getting in the way.

Or maybe she's just took a break.
>> No. 136043
I would be curious to see how the disclosure of gender improves the popularity of porn artists.
>> No. 136044
So long as Ehryell can handle the persona she has created (and it seems she knows what she's doing), I actually applaud her.
>> No. 136048
File 136529076972.jpg - (78.93KB , 427x992 , flame_princess_sketch_by_14_bis-d60onat.jpg )
Better add 14-bis to the list. The ego on this one is ridiculous. He hosts art jams on his DA page and then only lets in the ones he deems are good enough to be in it. I know he does this and hopes that some of the people improve but it's a massive middle finger to those that aren't up to his standards and just want to take part in it.

I've had a couple of mine get in, one got rejected by him but it still got quite a bit of views and faves. But I've looked at the comments he left for others and they could be pretty harsh. If it was for a job and the crits were needed, sure, but we're talking about an art jam done for fun.

Also, I now find his poses boring and his /34/ content to be mildly stimulating. His painting skills are still phenomenal but his composition are lackluster.


She still draws little pics of her OC, even animated a couple. But that's it, really. I think she did some collab with MLDoxy involving humanized ponies.

Also, I know MLP is very polarizing, but what's the opinion on humanized ponies? On one hand, they're human, and the other hand...
>> No. 136050
File 136529209538.jpg - (234.92KB , 1134x756 , 170017_14_bis_Jenny_Wakeman_My_Life_As_A_Teenage_R.jpg )
I wasn't aware he was still hosting jams. I thought after that one time he got banned they told him he couldn't anymore because they "promoted the sexualization of minors" or some bullshit like that. But I agree, I like his art but not his attitude. Same goes for bbmbbf.
>> No. 136053
14-bis is also dnp on paheal, no idea why. He had HUNDREDS of pics up there - for some shows, practically all the porn was done by him.
>> No. 136054

Pretty sure ALL artjams are like that.

Besides, Fernando's usually get A LOT of answers, so it makes sense to me to filter them somewhat (though I do notice that he only ever displays the most artistically impressive ones, as opposed to say Linno when he does his - though he also never shows EVERY picture).
>> No. 136055

That said, I do agree that while Fern's painting skills are great, his work can get pretty lackuster.

He has this pseudo-realistic painting style that clashes with the cartoony stuff he draws, and his anatomy gets VERY wonky because of this.

And yeah, the DNP thing is some fucking bullshit.

Nothing angers me more than an artist that suddenly decides to hide his whole body of work.
>> No. 136056
File 136530035048.jpg - (35.95KB , 357x510 , ae316f0ec00ee4e089377d6d6e6be428.jpg )
Agreed especially if they hide it behind paysites. Ever since I followed the guy he teased this picture of Atomic Betty on his page but never made it public (at least not long enough for some people to see it) 6 years later some good Samaritan posts it on R34 booru in all its glory. That makes no fucking sense to me as to why people feel they need to hide their work like that.
>> No. 136057
there are, i once download them all out of curiosity but it isn't worth it. even in the ones without all that horrible shit there always is the implication that one of them is going to die.
>> No. 136058
Well if you're a chick it doubles it.
If you make a character out of yourself and have a bunch of guys drooling over you for your attention while you're playing coy "oh i dont know why you people like me uughhh" it seems increase it tenfold.
>> No. 136059

i'll admit i do enjoy their art but they too come off as a know-it-all sorry i just don't care for that type of attitude.
>> No. 136061
Particularly the loli ones. Can't find any of the Lil Susie ones.
>> No. 136065
I tune out self-inserts (female and MALE, SHONUFF I'M LOOKING AT YOU) if the art's good enough, along with any "acts" for attention.

Art/fetish degradation is a much bigger offense. Naylor, Shadbase, Destiji, whhhhyyyy...
>> No. 136071
Oh yeah, Destiji goes way too far with the fetish thing. I can handle some foot fetishism, even though it's not my bag. But anal prolapse? Sorry, not sexy.
>> No. 136072
I actually like his ageho style. I just wish he'd do more, oh and maybe try something that isn't the homestucks
>> No. 136075
BBMBBF needs to drop that idiot who keeps commissioning comics of Jade getting spanked. Too much of a fetish can be bad and can kill a boner. Also he need to add artists to his paysites if he wants to get people to join them.
>> No. 136076

Are you kidding?! I'm pretty sure that guy's paid enough to put his kids through college.
>> No. 136109
File 136536410327.jpg - (67.69KB , 600x963 , celestia_final_by_mldoxy-d5hgadi.jpg )

Once again, I pay very little attention to their comment but... dayummmm! I would very much like to get this whole collection. I heard there were futa versions? If so, not interested in that.
>> No. 136118
File 136536908983.jpg - (134.30KB , 1000x730 , chloe_2012_03_23_by_jollyjack-d4tryv5.jpg )
To please the mod, try to post some promotion images with your post, preferably pertaining to an artist you're talking about

Also, JollyJack. I... I don't even know where to begin with this guy...
>> No. 136132
>Once again, I pay very little attention to their comment

Yeah i should really quit payin attention to those as well...i don't know i just figure artists should be humble and willing to help others not as fortunate as them but it just seems many have tricks they don't want you to know but be sure to dangle it in front of you.
>> No. 136135
Doxy's art I really do like.
The faces aren't really that... good or anything, but what he does with colouring and giving everything such a good sense of space and volume. Gotta love that.

...Well, Hazel 34 had to be done at SOME point.
Didn't expect it from HIM though. Nor the way he did it...
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