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File 139703515736.png - (428.83KB , 739x1082 , sabo_render__2__by_oxoluffy-d6nybh7.png )
33228 No. 33228

He's all grown up now. ; ~;
and pretty fuggin' sexy
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>> No. 33229
You into disfiguring scars?
>> No. 33230
Chicks dig scars.

And since I saw Balalaika, so do I.
>> No. 33231

Who will be the one true Pirate Christ.
>> No. 33232
File 139704911091.jpg - (21.75KB , 189x112 , WHY_Buggy.jpg )
>that feeling when all you want is for the manga to be about Buggy vs. Usopp and their absurd luck/charisma stats

Yet I know it will never happen, it hurts...
>> No. 33233

>> No. 33234
It's not a twist if you lie to the viewers.
It's not dramatic if there's no build up to make the reader care
It's not dramatic if you just undo it

Sabo looks like a fanart or a protagonist of one of Oda's one shots.

>Oh, Ace was really popular. I better bring him back...
>Luffy had ANOTHER brother, he was just um, dead, so Luffy never mentioned him. But he's back now and he's got the MeraMera!

This whole character to the core is a thorn in my eye and I doubt I'll ever be not salty about it.
>> No. 33235
It really bugs me that they put the real mera mera in the barrel if they never intended to give it away.
>> No. 33236
Sabo said that the normal weapons are being constructed somewhere else. Maybe it's on that Kaido affiliated island shown during Caribou's tedious adventure? If it is, it's pretty funny that he actually ended up helping Luffy and Sabo on both of their missions on accident.
>> No. 33237
Particularly seeing as how fake/imitation devil fruit was a whole big thing, I'm really surprised that was the actual fire fruit.
>> No. 33238
I don't get why people just jump into devil fruit powers. Do they just hate swimming and taking baths?
>> No. 33239
Most characters find the powers way more useful and fun than swimming, and baths are still a possibility. It's totally worth being a hammer if you can turn yourself into a gigantic fire cannon.
>> No. 33240

(Seriously Sabo, wtf is wrong with your face.)
>> No. 33241
Kuros wasting Buffalo was pretty rad, I gotta say. Also, I wish, wish, wish Oda would stop shitting on rebeccah and having men protect her.
>> No. 33242
>Usopp actually leading an army
>> No. 33243
Yeah, Sabo explicitly having to save her because she was a woman was pretty awful. Female warriors have absolutely no credibility in One Piece.
And Robin still isn't going to get a major battle it seems?
>> No. 33244
I suppose. I just, I love swimming way too much to ever consider one, no matter how cool.
>> No. 33245
File 139707818289.jpg - (121.61KB , 900x722 , okama_sabo__by_flummi_chan-d4q8e8l.jpg )
Does no one else find it weird how Sabo just snatches up this fruit without so much as consulting Luffy or giving a shit about anyone else involved and eats it? He was already ridiculously OP before having a fruit power, and now he has one of the strongest ones in the series.. Why? It renders the entire point of Luffy joining the tournament moot now. And I don't know if I'm expected to cheer Sabo on for doing this, especially since he just showed up out of the blue, acted like a complete asshole, and we still know nothing about him other than HE'S SABO! Woohoo!~

Not one of Oda's finest moments if you ask me. And the whole Doflamingo-still-alive thing is so predictable and boring that it's almost laughable. I fully expect this "birdcage" to be a cage full or irate man-eating flamingos.

Better translation link.

Yes. That's why I'm all about circumcisions. Hubba hubba.
>> No. 33246
Maybe he asked him while they were having that heart to heart?
>> No. 33247

I though that Luffy running out of the colosseum crying about how the mera mera is in good hands meant that Sabo probably asked him for it and Luffy was ok with it.

Also I can't believe that I'm able to spell colosseum without looking it up now. Thanks, oda.
>> No. 33248
>> No. 33249
>Does no one else find it weird how Sabo just snatches up this fruit without so much as consulting Luffy or giving a shit about anyone else involved and eats it?
>It renders the entire point of Luffy joining the tournament moot now.
Luffy didn't know Sabo was still alive, so being the only one of the three left meant, by Luffy's logic, he should rightfully take the fruit from whomever is trying to shill it and get rid of it or have one of his own crew have it. He later finds out Sabo's alive, they probably talk about it for a few seconds, Luffy pulls out and Sabo is now Lucy. Oda will probably bring it up in a later chapter that they talked about it.

Where's the problem?

>Luffy had ANOTHER brother, he was just um, dead, so Luffy never mentioned him.
Luffy never brought up Ace until he showed up in Alabasta. What makes you think he'd bring up Sabo to the crew, even after his introduction during Luffy's flashback, when Luffy thinks Sabo's dead?
>> No. 33250
You're kind of retarded then Jim, since we know they talked when Luffy gave Sabo his disguise and had him pretend to be Lucy.

And Luffy was shown willing to give Ace's fruit to others before now, just as long as it was someone he trusted.

Still I can't say I'm exactly hyped about Sabo becoming the new Fire-Fist.
>> No. 33251
The problem is we need these "off-panel" talks that you're betting on for things to fit and make sense. As it stands right now, no, Luffy never told Sabo he could have the fruit, because we haven't seen it. It is most likely what Luffy would want, but we didn't get that. We didn't get anything. It's all incredibly rushed and anti-climactic as fuck as it stands right now.

Of course I knew Sabo would end up winning, but I never thought he'd do so by Goku punching literally everything away, eating the fruit right there and becoming an overpowered Gary Stu all in less than one full chapter. You need good progression and pay offs when you've built the most hyped and cluttered arc One Piece has ever seen. This is not that. At all.
>> No. 33252
Link me the page where that happens. Link me the page where Sabo states his intentions about eating the fruit.

Furthermore, go fuck your grandmother.
>> No. 33253
File 139708136528.jpg - (87.20KB , 375x398 , goflyakitekid.jpg )

>Gary Stu
>> No. 33254
>>Gary Stu
>>Furthermore, go fuck your grandmother.
You're really going all out in the shitposting.
>> No. 33255
File 139708286040.jpg - (221.29KB , 810x1150 , one019.jpg )
Read Chapter 731 again
Its pretty clear
>> No. 33256
I don't think you know what shitposting is. One of those words you keep hearing and want to repeat to sound cool.
Or "proof" for that matter.
>> No. 33257
Jim even for you this is impressively shitty work.
>> No. 33258
You know guys, if you're not enjoying the writing you could always just stop reading.
>> No. 33259
File 139708456188.gif - (892.37KB , 392x269 , imHo0RFI6MIiG.gif )
Are you guys saying Sabo ISN'T a Mary Sue? really?
>> No. 33260
Being powerful in one piece doesn't make you a mary sue.
>> No. 33261
I'm saying that anyone who uses the term "Mary Sue" unironically has lost all credibility as a critic.
>> No. 33262
But beating up all the big names like Diamante and Jesus without effort kind of does

well that's just like your issue, bro
>> No. 33263
He didn't beat them though? Even at the end with his biggest attack he only stunned them and destroyed the ring.
They were able to get up after and were still in a fight-ready state as they watched him run away.

People get get stunned all the time without losing.
Hell powerful fighters lose quite alot in One Piece too.
>> No. 33264
The irony being this Sabo is the textbook definition of a Mary Sue. Young, handsome, unbelievably strong, comes out of nowhere at the last minute to save everybody, wins effortlessly.
These idiots will just argue and fight about anything to be a contrarian. Like this >>33261 individual.
>> No. 33265
There's nothing unbelievable about his strength, He's followed a similar path to his brother Luffy. There's no reason he can't also have become strong in all those years.
>> No. 33266

Sabo is a powerful member of a powerful faction whose mission is tangentially related to the current plotline.

Over the course of his mission he rescues one (1) of the strawhats's allies (Rebecca) and one (1) of his own allies (Hack) is rescued by the strawhats. He convinces Luffy to give up on one (1) of his side goals. This is the only effect Sabo has on the plot.
>> No. 33267
Sabo has been hinted to be alive still since episode 501 of the anime. Never stated to be Sabo, but since Dragon met him in Goa Kingdom it seemed likely that Dragon saved him after he was attacked.

Ivankov acts as if Dragon has someone injured with him. More than likely this means that Sabo has been with the Revolutionaries for about 12 years. Which I'd say is a good long while to get powerful when you're in an organization like the Revolutionaries.
>> No. 33268
File 139709883341.jpg - (62.96KB , 471x230 , capture1.jpg )
>> No. 33269
Get this shit out of my face. I was saying Sabo was alive ever since that chapter first came out and everybody laughed. I've known this since before it was popular, back when you'd get kicked out of bars just for saying he was still alive. I was there.
And don't pretend like all of you were on this bandwagon all along. You kids have some fucking nerve I swear to jesus.

None of this is helping your cause; just goes to proof how much of a gyp he is. I never said he was an unbelievable character or anything. I realize it's perfectly normal for him to be that strong, I'm just against how he was re-introduced and more recent events...
>> No. 33270
What if we've been wrong about Doflamingo's powers all along? What if he's not a Paramecia who can wield string but a Logia who is literally MADE of string?
>> No. 33271
Calm down, son. Stop taking shit so personally. It's just a manga, no need to get defensive about it.
>> No. 33272
You've got a pretty huge victim complex going.
>> No. 33273
Urgh that would be awful.

Plus ripping off JJBA.
>> No. 33274
>I realize it's perfectly normal for him to be that strong, I'm just against how he was re-introduced and more recent events...
So then your argument about him being "textbook Mary Sue" was made even knowing that he's not actually unusually powerful or special within the context of the story being told?
>> No. 33275
This thread is exactly why I just use /op/ to find out when the good scans are up.

"Bird cage" speculations? Buggy/Usopp comparisons? Discussion of how Sabo grew up to be a pipe-wielding kung-fu Victorian gentleman under the employ of Mr. Rage Against the Machine? Any genuine input is swept away by a bunch of asinine namecalling and bitching.

>> No. 33276
>Discussion of how Sabo grew up to be a pipe-wielding kung-fu Victorian gentleman under the employ of Mr. Rage Against the Machine?

>> No. 33277

Rebecca's pretty exhausted from a full day of fighting and the ring just spontaneously exploded beneath her feet.

We also needed to have someone for Sabo to talk to one everybody landed so we could have that reveal moment. So it was more a matter of artistic convenience from my perspective.

But yes, I get what you guys are saying.
>> No. 33278
I think the Bird Cage is either...

A)A huge container filled with mass produced Zoans.

B)A massive island dome.

C)A device that summons a giant Robin Williams and a giant Nathan Lane.
>> No. 33279
jesus you guys have been busy, 47 posts already

I was hoping Sabo would have more than just the "eye scar" which apparently is handed out like a badge nowadays but whatever

Also it's nice to see Pica again.I thought he was gonna just gonna be Zoro's main fight alone but it's cool to see that his ability is being used beyond that one fight
>> No. 33280
This whole plot has gone crazy, and it's so exciting to think of how everything's going to fall apart for the heroes.
>> No. 33281
then leave :3
>> No. 33282
>C)A device that summons a giant Robin Williams and a giant Nathan Lane.
In any other series, this would be the "Third option is a joke answer" bit, but with Oda writing, there's at least a 20% chance this is actually the case.
>> No. 33285
I thought Sabo was still gonna be clean cut

Instead we got Fire Coby
>> No. 33286
You'll live.
>> No. 33287
All those options sound awesome and plausible. I'm going with a big cage made of string that slowly constricts on Dressrosa, sclicing anyone who knows of Doflamingos secret. The ultimate silencing technique, and forces the strawhats into another battle against time, a la Smiley.
>> No. 33288
Sucks don't it?

>another battle against time
Yeah let's not do that. We've already had that like four times as arc climaxes. The cage thing is probably just something having to do with his powers and why his severed head is talking.
>> No. 33290
File 13974496903.gif - (829.97KB , 208x174 , 8078707800600.gif )
>on break weeks
>> No. 33291
ahaaa, jim gettin fuckin' punkd. That he's been tolerated this long astounds me. He's been a shitposting thorn in every thread's side since he took the name. Probably started ironically (which is still shitposting) and by now has become his true way.
>> No. 33292
File 139752384866.jpg - (61.35KB , 719x719 , 1393816996123.jpg )
You gonna be okay, sugar?
>> No. 33294
I'm just glad the mods deleted that cumshot. Hope he got banned in the process.
>> No. 33295
Yeah I hope so too
>> No. 33296
didn't we JUST have a break?
>> No. 33297
They're too scared Oda is gonna explode, so now they're giving him mandatory (and quite random) breaks more often than before. The anime is more close now to the manga than ever before in its history.
>> No. 33298
Actually yeah Oda is getting mandatory breaks every 3 chapters. I think there's also gonna be some golden week weirdness pretty soon so savor whatever chapters come out in the next month.
>> No. 33299
Is Oda really killing himself that much through his work habits?
>> No. 33300

Probably. He only gets like 3 hours of sleep a day and smokes like a chimney.

I really hope he doesn't have cancer or something. :/ *knocks on wood*
>> No. 33301
One Piece is only a fraction of the problem. The guy's reckless with his life and already had to go to the hospital a while back because of it. He doesn't care about himself.

probably cause his daughters hate OP
>> No. 33302
what? why? lets beat them up!
>> No. 33303
Because they prefer Pretty Cure.
>> No. 33304
>why do you girls waste your time with that, my series has huge tits, gigga niggas and decapitations!
>god damn it they ran away crying again
>> No. 33305

Yeah. I always found it odd how he said he wanted to make a series that his daughter would like more than Pretty Cure, yet he's only gotten worse at dealing with female characters.
>> No. 33306
It's precisely because of them that he's gotten worse. He figures "hey, I don't have to try and make cute, realistic girls anymore."
>> No. 33309
Oda's not changing anything to appeal to anyone but his inner child. One Piece is a Boy's Romance. Has been since it's Dawn, and will be at its Dusk.
>> No. 33310
You're a fool if you actually believe that.
>> No. 33311
>> No. 33312
Jombles, please stop.
>> No. 33313
>Romance Dusk
Final Chapter name. Calling it now.
>> No. 33314
I won't waste the time defending the idea to forum worms. Please stop talking to me.
>> No. 33315
If you can't back up your claims then don't make 'em in the first place.
>> No. 33316
What do you believe it is then?
>> No. 33317
He does pander to certain elements. It'd be ridiculous and nonsensical if he didn't. Everything from the Supernova to the big tits is pandering.
>> No. 33318
One Piece's continued existence is pandering to One Piece fans.

Also, a week from now, the supernovas will have been a part of the OP world for over 6 years. That's about 5 years too many to still be salty over a comic for babies. Just deal with it and move on, seriously.
>> No. 33319
A comic for babies? Say to my face, sucker, see what happens
>> No. 33320
I would seriously pay money to see this.

Jim, I want video of you taking challengers and will spend my hard-earned paycheck to facilitate that. There is no more juvenile comeback than "say it to my face" behind the internet's anonymous walls and, for once in my life, I want some shitposters to actually throw down.

...and it is now apparent that my nostalgia for /v/ is why this place is so homey. God. Damn. It.
>> No. 33321
Remember when Uwe Boll said that and offered to box anyone who thought he sucked, then Seanbaby called him on it and he pussed out because Seanbaby's actually a decent boxer?

Good times.
>> No. 33322
We hate each other, mostly jimb4nuklehead, but we all love One Piece.
Except jimb4numskull, who seems to only enjoy being a pariah.

>> No. 33373
>I've known this since before it was popular.

Holy shit.
>> No. 33374
>I've known this since before it was popular.

Holy shit.
>> No. 33377
Please to understand humor, sarcasm, and general hyperbolic merriment. Thanks be to you.
>> No. 33389
>I'm just pretending to be despicable guise! ;^;
>> No. 33390
Stop bumping this shit, idiot.
>> No. 33391
Hahaha are you serious? Yeah man if you guys keep bumping this it'll take 2 months for this to fall off the front page instead of 6 weeks.
>> No. 33392
Stop shitposting, idiot.
>> No. 33414
Put your name back on jim

Yeah, whoa! We're drowning out the super active threads doods, we better stop!
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