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File 129680634742.jpg - (140.39KB , 400x398 , Hancocks-breast-size-Oh-shes-a-J-cup.jpg )
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>> No. 16824
File 129680636778.jpg - (145.06KB , 400x398 , THE-SWORD-EATS-A-FRUIT-TURNS-INTO-AN-ELEPHANT-THAT.jpg )
>> No. 16825
File 129680641750.jpg - (141.06KB , 400x398 , Tokyo-ban-Make-tits-even-bigger.jpg )
>> No. 16826
Is that seriously the only picture of Oda that exists? I swear I've never seen ANYTHING of him other than this black and white picture.
Is he some sort of recluse hermit with self-image problems?


Cause he looks pretty cute on this one.<:3c
>> No. 16827

>> No. 16828
There's more, like the pic of him getting married (looks kinda drunk lol) and the pic of him with the kids and the voice actors.

My actual computer's bust though so I can't share any images.
>> No. 16829
>> No. 16830
Oda, a true man among men (*single tear*)
>> No. 16832
File 129682391078.jpg - (128.34KB , 407x405 , Awesome Oda.jpg )
What is this? An Awesome Oda thread?
Dumping my collection.
>> No. 16833
File 129682396630.jpg - (120.11KB , 407x405 , Awesome Oda (7).jpg )
>> No. 16834
File 129682401736.jpg - (130.66KB , 407x405 , Awesome Oda (2).jpg )
>> No. 16835
File 129682407453.jpg - (134.43KB , 407x405 , Awesome Oda (3).jpg )
Just kidding. Only posting few at the time.
See ya later.
>> No. 16841
The generator's broken at the moment, so:

burn a ship

make fans weep like little girls
>> No. 16844
File 129684025918.jpg - (148.92KB , 400x398 , oda1.jpg )
>> No. 16845
File 129684219918.jpg - (125.60KB , 407x405 , Oda 2.jpg )
>> No. 16846
File 129684223377.jpg - (137.37KB , 407x405 , Oda 3.jpg )
>> No. 16847
File 129684224791.jpg - (47.13KB , 407x405 , Oda 4.jpg )
>> No. 16848
File 129684388180.jpg - (120.20KB , 407x405 , Awesome Oda (5).jpg )
Hi ho, hi ho.
Im back with some mo'.
>> No. 16849
File 129684391426.jpg - (124.55KB , 407x405 , Awesome Oda (6).jpg )
>> No. 16850
File 129684396343.jpg - (134.79KB , 407x405 , Awesome oda (8).jpg )
>> No. 16851
File 12968440781.jpg - (130.16KB , 407x405 , Awesome Oda (11).jpg )
Peace out...
>> No. 16853
Oh god, I HATE that.
That's the ONLY thing they do.
>> No. 16857
File 129687027721.jpg - (142.18KB , 400x398 , oda2.jpg )
>> No. 16860
It is pretty annoying. But "Bloom, Pirate Hooker, Bloom!" was amazing, cause it did more than that.
>> No. 16862

honestly, we have characters like

those three alone, hell, Ivankov alone satisfies most of not all fetishes.

But Robin, there are SO MANY THINGS that could be done and...

dicks. They make her have a dick and give other people dicks, they already do that in Japan with everyone for no reason anyway.
>> No. 16932
File 129689082288.jpg - (141.82KB , 400x398 , You-have-a-rare-fetish-How-rare.jpg )
>> No. 16933
Also Jewelery Bonney, for a number of reasons, Miss April Fool's mind control paint (and sexy, sexy mustache), and...just, goddamn it. Pick a Paramecia and we could start listing off sexual uses.

But noooo.
>> No. 16939
File 129692314228.jpg - (136.74KB , 1332x750 , Second Oda photo.jpg )
I found this one too.

I didn't know about those.
>> No. 16941
File 129692679083.jpg - (17.64KB , 400x251 , oda1.jpg )
Typed his name into google
>> No. 16942
File 129692689036.jpg - (83.06KB , 770x276 , oda4kh8.jpg )
>> No. 16943
File 129692698439.jpg - (117.75KB , 765x1021 , 200906011335-1.jpg )
then added 'family'
>> No. 16944
Oh God, this is EXACTLY how I pictured Oda would draw.
>> No. 16948
File 129693766342.jpg - (686.84KB , 1200x1600 , Voice Actors.jpg )
>> No. 16949
Oh god Ikue Ohtani you are fucking ageless.
>> No. 16951
File 12969434547.jpg - (114.18KB , 407x405 , BLOW-SHIT-UP-FORSOOTH.jpg )
>> No. 16953
Man, when compared to his 'peers' in shounen manga Oda just seems to have it all, the endless enthusiasm, the kind of friendship he has with people like the VA's and other anime crew, his own family & generally the big success of his series
>> No. 16966
File 129696978117.png - (55.78KB , 908x472 , kubo2.png )
>> No. 16967
Franky's voice actor is beyond creepy looking. Also Nami is hideous.

>> No. 16968
Isn't the kubotite too poor/too cheap to afford the proper assistants and thats partly the reason his art's gotten so lazy?
>> No. 16970

Don't Franky and Mr. 2 have the same voice actor?
>> No. 16971
Yes. He also plays Jango.
>> No. 16972
Kubo doesn't actually have assistants.

At all.
>> No. 16973
Kubo does the whole thing because he enjoys it.
>> No. 16974
You can really tell from all the effort and detail he puts into it...
>> No. 16975
Brook's guy looks like everybody's cool uncle.
>> No. 16976
What does this refer to?

I'm pretty sure no amount of marine mooks could really stop Zoro now.

Nameless government soldier units of all types basically show up at an event to be ineffectual and destroyed enmasse.
>> No. 16977
File 129702113374.png - (218.65KB , 605x340 , 605px-Shuu.png )
>> No. 16978
Ah I see now.

It is indeed true, but he's not really a 'random nameless marine' since Shuu's a captain with both a name and a devil fruit.

I was assuming it to be more like, say, the nameless and faceless Stark Jegan pilot in the first episode of Gundam Unicorn who managed to go the distance even though he was a grunt in an inferior MP suit against a character in a unique model.
>> No. 16979
OP has some REALLY interesting side characters that deserve more spotlight.
>> No. 16980
It's called a joke, bro.

See, this is why no one invites you to parties.
>> No. 16981
>>no one invites you to parties.
We're posting on an anime imageboard, that goes without saying
>> No. 16982
I'd invite you to parties.
>> No. 16983
He would have stayed nameless if not for Oda being asked. Every marine has a name.
>> No. 16984
And does every marine have a devil fruit?
>> No. 16987
File 129703708171.jpg - (185.69KB , 600x450 , Hm_.jpg )
>> No. 16988
that image is both adorable and horrifying in near equal measure

seems you're utterly witless though, when you've learned to appreciate wit o' the brit variety instead of spamming reaction images feel free to come back, possibly with some actual words this time
>> No. 16991
File 129704322485.jpg - (61.24KB , 800x600 , 9_1.jpg )
One sozzled lookin OnePiece creator as a Groom for your viewing pleasure (don't cry now fan girlies)
With this addition does the thread contain every picture of the man freely available on the internet? QUITE POSSIBLY!
>> No. 16992
That is such a horrible picture for the both of them. How that managed to be the only wedding photo on the internet is a mystery of the ages.

...Who are you even talking to?
>> No. 16994
File 129704439810.jpg - (43.50KB , 456x665 , I'dcertainlyobligeher.jpg )
Poster above it, seems in my carelessness I somewhat fucked up. Really it's still somewhat obvious if you look from one to the next from the context.
AND YES INDEED! Our beloved comic creator looks somewhat horrible, his wife fares only slightly better, which is a shame when we know what attractive people they both are. Quite understandable the reason why tho.
>> No. 16995
File 12970452051.jpg - (58.51KB , 720x480 , woocosplay.jpg )
Towards the tailend of your wedding reception/party really is the worst time to think about letting anyone take your picture.
Last image I found through the 2 minute websearch, I'll stop taking up valuable AdviceOda room.
(That Buggy....is sort of creeping me out.)
>> No. 16996
You're a fucking imbecile.
Just stop.
>> No. 16997
No, Chill the fuck out
>> No. 17000
File 129708462250.jpg - (119.99KB , 407x405 , Awesome Oda (17).jpg )
>> No. 17001
File 129708469321.jpg - (115.67KB , 407x405 , Nipple light.jpg )
Oh Oda.
You so crazy...
>> No. 17003
File 129708487157.jpg - (123.52KB , 407x405 , lighthearted grimdark.jpg )
>> No. 17007
>One Piece
Pell would like a word with you
>> No. 17008

people are still doing this?
>> No. 17011
Are you still complaining about it?
>> No. 17012

about Pell being alive? no.
about people still trying to troll us for nobody dying? also no, it just makes no sense at all since two people have died on screen, irrefutably.
>> No. 17013
Two, you say?
Those are some rough numbers, man.
I'm sorry for your loses.
>> No. 17014
It outdoes any one American comic. Marvel/DC, of course.
>> No. 17015
I'm pretty sure that image was supposed to say "everyone's parents."
Also the Pell thing was almost an entire decade ago, the fact that people still talk about it is depressing.
>> No. 17016
File 129713484929.jpg - (829.50KB , 2190x3500 , 1.jpg )
I guess this goes here.
>> No. 17017
File 129713493195.jpg - (934.19KB , 2187x3500 , 2.jpg )
oh yeah, and that thing up on the top left with brook says "which one will it be?" and Brook says "check the front cover"
>> No. 17018
File 129713496898.jpg - (930.98KB , 2213x3500 , 3.jpg )
>> No. 17020
He so should have gone with the jacket
I love all of the Robins except for the bottom right and the top left, next to date-rape Sanji.
>> No. 17021
File 12971362539.jpg - (24.21KB , 217x324 , 1293413019312.jpg )
>Captain Jacket with Ruffle sleeves and Straw Hat logo by Luffy himself

G-g-good bye awesome Jacket.
>> No. 17022
Uh it does? I'm not seeing why, but anyway thanks.
Have to second the jacket, it would have been fucking awesome. So much better than just switching the vest for a frilly shirt (which to be be fair is still classsically 'piratey' I guess)
Maybe he can get a jacket just like that later on?
Is that the sketchings of a gatling gun over Franky's hand? Really want to see more of what his new body can pull out.
>> No. 17025
Oh my goodness, that bottom right Robin is wonderful. I hope that look shows up somewhere down the line.

Tiger Hat would have been silly, but it would have grown on me. Cowboy Usopp and Goggle-King Usopp are just plain cool.
>> No. 17026
File 12971757226.jpg - (122.29KB , 424x597 , hubba hubba hubba.jpg )
>> No. 17027
>> No. 17028
this was my favorite too, but then I considered that robin was the oldest (apart from brooke) shipmate and really, shorter haird would make look likes she's gotten younger, not older.
>> No. 17030
File 129719814314.jpg - (52.24KB , 405x515 , 129713496898.jpg )
Then we go with this.
>> No. 17031
File 129719830434.jpg - (145.21KB , 398x625 , Wubb wubb.jpg )
I like this as well
>> No. 17032
damm you. why must you torment me with glimpses of what could have been!
>> No. 17035
I kind of wish Oda'd change the look of the strawhats every arc, new haircut, costume change, etc.
>> No. 17036
Franky is also older.
>> No. 17037
I, for one, am glad he abandoned Nami having more tatoos.
>> No. 17038
God why didn't you pick this Oda

>> No. 17039
I'm not.
Imagine, Nami with a sea chart back mural.
good lord, there aren't enough boners in the world
>> No. 17040
cowboy hat ussop

would have been so much better. I'm not saying his current designs are bad, but I REALLY hope these make it in eventually.

I'm glad he went with frilly shirt luffy. I think the badass jacket should come in at the end of the series.
>> No. 17041
I know several 40+ women with hair like that. My mom, for example.

That would be pretty excellent.

I'm pretty sure that he's worn something like that before, at least in the color spreads. Given the example set by his Thriller Bark getup, I'd say that it's only a matter of time.
>> No. 17042
Yeah, my mom's hair is a lot like that too, but curlier, whereas my sister's hair is long.

Hell, both of my grandmothers and most of my aunts have hair about that long as well and most of long-haired women I know are young.

Great, now I can't think of that as hot anymore.
>> No. 17043
We could still get the awesome jacket. It could end up being a parting gift from Shanks or something. Or at least I can hope.
>> No. 17044
It's like Nico Robin mixed with Paul Williams.
>> No. 17045
Can't blame Paul

I would like to mix with Nico Robin too.
>> No. 17059
File 129728831913.jpg - (125.88KB , 360x358 , 1297285259224.jpg )
>> No. 17067
I think this goes here

クローズアップ現代 ONE PIECE 1/2youtube thumb

クローズアップ現代 ONE PIECE 2/2youtube thumb

Entirely in japanese
>> No. 17068

and when does it get translated?
>> No. 17069
I wish I knew.
>> No. 17088
File 12973302184.jpg - (27.09KB , 400x315 , milhouse_the_digger.jpg )

>mfw that lady starts crying

>> No. 17092
Translation from the first videos comments:
(Direct copy/paste from about 20 comments)

Luffy: Hey, everyone! You know the manga called One Piece?

Narrator: Gigantic posters that have appeared all over stations. Gravure idols in fashion magazines. Right now, the shounen manga One Piece is causing an unprecedented boom.

(Store: The newest volume has come out today!)

N: Total sales number over 200 million, and it shows no sign of stopping.

(Store: This thing’s a monster; it’s almost selling too much.)

N: One Piece is a story of adventure and friendship, and it is snaring not only children but also adults. In this programme we examined One Piece from various angles and analyzed its secrets. What we found was the thoughts of people who sought for the bonds with others.

(Paper: Bonds with people- - -


Platonic love)

Prof: Their bonds with each other are absolute, never betraying, connected. Everyone wants to experience this.

N: The manga that has swept over Japan, One Piece. We will find the message hidden in this hit.

Hostess: Good evening, this is クロースアップ現代. The huge hit manga, One Piece. After this subject was chosen I too have started reading it. At first glance, the story is very simple. The main character is the young boy aiming to be Pirate King, Luffy. As Luffy and his crew journey through the world they meet stronger enemies that seek to stop them, but they contimue to triumph over these enemies.

It is a story often found in entertainment, but the characters are all unique, with traumatic pasts or outcastes from society and they are all connected by strong bonds. In an age where values change and mega-hits become rarer, having started serialization in 1997, the newest volume has sold 3,800,000 copies, breaking national records for first issues and instead of slowing down it has continued to pick up speed.

Let’s look at this pie graph, showing the age groups of the buyers in a major book store (aka Kinokuniya); an important characteristic of the readers is that minors of 18 and under make up roughly a tenth. Adults mostly in their 20’s and 30’s make up the rest, 90%.

A series that a majority of readers confess they tear up at, what is it about this manga that captures the hearts of many? What does this tell us about the human heart and the truth of modern society?

L: I’m Monkey D. Luffy. The man who will become Pirate King!

N: One Piece is a story where the boy Luffy goes on an adventure to seek for a legendary treasure.

(L: It looks like that guy can use that technique too.

Zoro: Come at me!)

N: Defeating enemies who stand is their way, along with a master swordsman, heroic sniper and other nakama, they continue their journey.

(L: Gomu gomu no JET PISTOL!)

N: This seemingly simple story has captured the hearts of many.

(L: We came here to rescue Robin!)

Someone: I will become...

Boy: The Pirate King!

(Here someone, probably the mother, mutters “please do so” – lol!)

N: This Ajioka family are all One Piece fans. Figurines of the characters decorate the living room.

Mr. Ajioka: We got these from UFO catchers and snack promotion sets. We spent quite a lot of money on this.

N: On anime days the whole family gather around the TV.

The first fan was the eldest son, Takemichi.

(Mrs. Ajioka: Please, let me watch this...)

N: However his mother, Miho, was also gradually drawn into the story.

(Jimbe: Ace-san, Luffy-kun, run ahead!

Ace+Luffy: Jimbe!)

N: This day the story had reached one of its climaxes.

Overcoming all obstacles, the main character Luffy succeeds in rescuing his brother Ace, who had been taken by the enemy.

(Akainu: I will not let you brothers escape!)

N: A fearsome enemy that blocks the way. Luffy is attacked in a moment of weakness. That instant, Ace saves his little brother’s life, at the cost of his own.

Mrs. A: Familial love, brotherly love, friendship. All these feelings are so strong, when it happens I tear up, as if my heart is being squeezed.

N: In One Piece, the theme of sacrifing yourself for another and standing against impossible odds repeatedly shows up. Miho-san, wanting her children to learn this singly-mindedness, bought all volumes.

Mrs. A: The ability to bring out your all for friends and family, I want them to have this kind of unwavering heart. One Piece personifies this beautifully; I want them to be like this.

(Paper: Do you read One Piece? – Yes

What is your favourite line in One Piece? – I wanna live (Robin, Enies Lobby)

What do you like about One Piece, what makes it different from other manga? – the nakama are passionate, they get stronger, you can read it without thinking too much)

N: For this, this programme held a questionnaire with 1000 people. Written there was the people’s wish for deep ties with other people.

(Paper: The heart to care about others

Strong bonds)

Female high school student, 18: I had times when I lost confidence and hurt my friends. Watching Luffy care so much for his nakama, I realized just how precious friends are.

Male office worker, 44: Even Ussop and Chopper, who have small wills and fighting skills, can, stand up to the enemy for their friend’s sake. Being simply strong isn’t everything.

There is a researcher who tries to untangle One Piece from the view of strong ties with others. Professor Yuki Yasuda, who specializes in internet theory.

(Papers: the characters are all grouped as core group, allies, marines, rookies, shichibukai, etc)

She points out that there one set characteristic in Luffy, the main character’s bonds with his nakama.


Prof. Y: Overcoming each adventure together, their bonds evolve ever thicker, stronger, never to break. This is what makes it interesting.

N: Tied together with strong bonds, Luffy and his nakama. There a new nakama joins. For example, the woman called Robin joins the crew for certain reasons. Later, an enemy strikes at Robin’s weakness and forces her to betray the others. However, Luffy and the others carry on their unwavering trust in Robin. They defeat the enemy and take Robin back.

Through this, their bonds in each other become thicker and stronger. Repeating similar situations, Luffy’s net of bonds spread out wider.

Prof. Y feels that it is this unwavering trust that captures the hearts of the readers.

Prof. Y: People are drawn to the idea of absolute bonds, and yet in reality they can’t manage it.

N: A story about the bonds that are gradually disappearing in society, One Piece. The creator, Eiichiro Oda rarely appears to the media and is cloaked in mysteries.

This time we managed to get into Oda-san’s atelier. That desk was hemmed in with bookshelves, and was in the corner of a room where no outside light fell. Other than a weekly day of rest, he spends 20 hours a day here, immersed in drawing his work.

Collected on the bookshelves were works on chivalrous men, the collected works of director Kurosawa, and other famous works of Japanese movies.

When we requested an interview with Oda-san, we were left a single illustration.

L: No interviews!

N: Oda-san stubbornly dislikes any media coverage; however there is a man who succeeded in just that. Studio Ghibli’s Toshio Suzuki-san. He is a famous producer who has supported Hayao Miyazaki (director of Studio Ghibli) from the shadows for many years. Two years ago Suzuki-san invited Oda-san to a radio interview, and held a conversation with him.

S: When I first read One Piece the first thing that popped in my head was that it was all about gallantry, to put it bluntly.

O: I love it.

S: So you like those things.

O: I imaged Seven Samurai when writing One Piece.

S: I thought so!

N: To save farmers suffering from bandits, seven men risk their lives and fight, the Kurosawa masterpiece, Seven Samurai. If it is to save a friend, no matter what or who the enemy might be, Luffy and his friends will stand steady and fight. The roots of this were in a past masterpiece.

O: I mean, Jinginai Time...

S: Have you watched Zatouichi?

O: I’ve watched it; I think I’ve watched all of Zatouichi.

I have an interest in works that made their era. I hope to express the Japanese soul.

N: Suzuki-san feels that the essence of the old Japanese soul that appeared in countless masterpieces of the past is also expressed in One Piece.

S: Ken Takatsura-san, Kouji Tsuruta-san. All the old movies have the same message.

Doing something for other people, that is more important than something for yourself, even if extreme cases doing so leads to your death.

Modern society...all they think about is themselves. They don’t think much about others. It’s interesting that a manga like this is supported by many in this age.

N: Sometimes One Piece will change people’s way of living.

(Ibaraki, Kashima)


I'm an amatuer at this, so please overlook any mistakes.

>> No. 17093
File 129740292453.jpg - (121.39KB , 360x358 , Guess-who-just-rewatched-Kung-Fu-Panda.jpg )
>> No. 17094
File 129740297433.jpg - (122.20KB , 360x358 , you-could-fit-an-inifinite-amount-of-people-in-Ozs.jpg )
>> No. 17095
I laughed, but is this referencing something I'm not getting/remembering?
>> No. 17096
>> No. 17098
Oh wow, do I ever regret hiding that thread based on the first post.
>> No. 17112
File 129753180884.jpg - (567.76KB , 500x775 , 1.jpg )
oh dicks, a new one of these. When will it be translated?
>> No. 17113
File 129753186217.jpg - (569.71KB , 500x775 , 2.jpg )
>> No. 17114
File 129753204731.jpg - (570.59KB , 500x775 , 3.jpg )
>> No. 17115
Hitler Usopp? Oda watchu doin'

I curse the day I posted >>14007
I really do.
>> No. 17116
File 12975435409.jpg - (570.41KB , 1280x1600 , Charlie_Chaplin.jpg )

guess again.
>> No. 17117
File 129755173193.jpg - (38.28KB , 349x279 , homles_and_watson_cartoon.jpg )
But it is you who must guess again, my dear anonymous.
>> No. 17119

what? Charlie has the hat AND moustache, watson having a hat doesn't trump that.
>> No. 17121
The katakana labeling Usopp is Usoton-kun. Luffy is wearing a deerstalker. The setting is a murder mystery. Ain't nothing Chaplin has that trumps that.
>> No. 17122
I'd just like to point out that the title of the comic is Detective Loomes

You're welcome
>> No. 17124
I wouldn't put it aside the chance that Usopp's also suppose to look like Chaplin even though he has nothing to do with Sherlock Holmes. Just because.
>> No. 17125

besides that Usopp looks exactly like Chaplin and nothing like Watson.
>> No. 17126
>> No. 17130
File 129764193468.png - (282.36KB , 1200x1843 , Loomes-01.png )
>> No. 17131
File 129764195969.png - (409.73KB , 1200x1843 , Loomes-02.png )
>> No. 17132
File 129764197574.png - (374.48KB , 1200x1837 , Loomes-03.png )
>> No. 17133
File 129764200539.png - (11.57KB , 800x800 , credits.png )
Obligatory credits page because I'm not a dick
>> No. 17134
recognize the puns on Franky, Robin, and Chopper, but are Nami, Sanji, and Zoro gags on something?
>> No. 17135
Sanji is Golgo 13.
>> No. 17136
Nami is Sharon Stone.
>> No. 17137
Zoro is Nakamura Hanjiro.

>> No. 17167
>Mitsutoshi 'Shimabu~' Shimabukuro is a convicted sexual predator who paid underage girls to perform lewd acts. He was an assistant alongside Oda during their work on Rurouni Kenshin. Sadly, Oda publicly maintains his friendship with him.

>> No. 17189
The power of friendship can be a real bitch sometimes.
>> No. 17193
Is that the guy who does Toriko?

Fuck that's the guy who does Toriko!

>> No. 17195
Actually with further research turns out the underage girl in question was 16. So while it's still creepy and the nadir of classy, it's not actually repulsive.
>> No. 17214
16's not actually underage pretty much anywhere but California. And I'm talking worldwide.
>> No. 17266
File 129837243324.jpg - (122.98KB , 360x358 , Nobody-dies-in-one-piece-Sanji-breaks-Miss-Fridays.jpg )
>> No. 17267
>Though the two were thought to be dead, it was revealed in the "Meet Baroque" mini-arc that the Unluckies survived their encounter with Sanji and were used by the Marines to make drawings of the Baroque Works agents that were not captured in Arabasta (using a hot bowl of Donburi as encouragement). It is unknown what was done with them afterwards, but it is possible that they now work for the Marines.
>> No. 17270
Nobody dies in One Piece.

inb4 Ace and Whitebeard butthurtery.
>> No. 17272
So pointing out people that died and thus proving you wrong is somehow not valid? It's not like Ace and WB are the only casualties of the series.
>> No. 17273
They're pretty much the only two characters in the series who died in the "present" who I would be surprised to see alive again.
>> No. 17296

seriously? Oda hammered it in that BOTH of them died, I mean they said it a lot and then they were buried. Also, tons of side characters have died, especially recently.

All of this being said on the grounds that you aren't using the oldest troll in the book for OP fans.
>> No. 17303
>seriously? Oda hammered it in that BOTH of them died, I mean they said it a lot and then they were buried.

What's your point? Anon said those two are the only ones it would be a surprise to come back.

>Also, tons of side characters have died, especially recently.
All I can think of are Roshio, Bellamy, Sarquiss, Yama, and Nero.

Plus, "especially recently" is mostly because most character survivals, especially minor ones, are only revealed long after the fact (like Arlong). I only even said those ones because it's past the point where we'd see them turning up alive (in contrast, I would give the fake hats, minus Demalo and Cacao, about a year before calling it).
>> No. 17305
>All I can think of are Roshio, Bellamy, Sarquiss, Yama, and Nero.
Plus Shura, Satori, possibly Ohm, Miss Monday, Mr. 9, Mr. 11...I'm sure there are others.
>> No. 17307
File 129851792814.jpg - (35.61KB , 406x417 , op300_p06.jpg )
>Plus Shura, Satori, possibly Ohm
I would imagine at least two of them survived, otherwise they wouldn't be saying "priests".

>Miss Monday, Mr. 9, Mr. 11
I did forget about them though (rather, I forgot Miss Monday and just forgot to write 9 and 11 down).
>> No. 17321
Japanese rarely bothers with numbering nouns. "Priest" and "priests" is going to be the same word about 90% of the time, relying on context to figure out how many there are.

I'm not disagreeing with you since 99% of the characters who look like they were "killed" were just maimed or had their dreams shattered and come back later (who would've thought Spandam was still alive after that, for example?), I'm just saying that the fact "priests" was used instead of "priest" is probably just something the translator decided upon, and not canon.
>> No. 17322
o_O Now that I did not know. So it is possible that only Ohm survived. (Because seriously, he was the least injured of those three...)
Still, if it was only one priest that they chucked onto the cloud you'd think they'd use his name. So dude still does have a point.
>> No. 17339
Giadatsu/Gedatsu/whatever his name is is alive and well.

On another note, the infinitely random and mostly unnecessary brothers of Satori said their brother had been killed.

Which makes one ponder how a kick to the head is more powerful than getting your spine snapped in half or exploding next to a bomb.

One Piece logic.
>> No. 17340
I know Gedatsu is alive. The other three are the ones I'm talking about. Gedatsu was already falling to Alabasta by the time Enel was defeated, so his status isn't an issue.

About Satori...didn't Sanji pretty much crush his neck? That would at the very least leave him paralyzed. It does make sense that he may have been killed by that blow.
>> No. 17344

Just a kick to the forehead.
>> No. 17345
File 129869322084.jpg - (53.68KB , 600x419 , One_Piece_250_18_19.jpg )
Well it was a downward kick to the forehead...
>> No. 17346
File 129869328028.jpg - (139.66KB , 609x989 , One_Piece_251_05.jpg )
... though it would be kind of weird to pull out the old cartoon head bumps for someone dying.
>> No. 17357
Since this is One Piece it probably isn't really safe to assume, but doesn't being exiled to the desert cloud more or less mean death for the three priests? IRCC, isn't it akin to setting someone adrift at sea in a row boat without any oars or supplies?
>> No. 17358
FWIW, I'm pretty sure the official English version doesn't have his brothers saying he's dead. (I can't check right now because my nephew's borrowing that volume.)

Yeaaaah, Conis did say it was a death sentence, didn't she? Unless they bumped into something (or jumped off, like one fanfic had Shura do) they're screwed.

...On that note, the whole thing with the priests getting put on a desert cloud has been bothering me lately. So it's bad when they do that to trespassers in Upperyard, but somehow it's ok when the good guys do it to them? Maybe it's just because I like the priests, but it still seems like a double standard.
>> No. 17360
Not to mention it was spoken of as if it was being lenient because they weren't considered that much of a threat. Unless it was suppose to be somehow different than the cloud drifting Level 5 criminals got.
>> No. 17362
I doubt its anything like impel down. You know how some people say desert island instead of deserted island? I think its something like that.
>> No. 17366
Sorry, not Level-5, Class 5 (as in what the Strawhats were branded as for opposing the White Berets).
>> No. 18731
Bon Clay died right? Atleast (im terribly sorry and will probably do something to justify my crimes against the world) in the anime, Magellan says "Any last words?", to wich he replies "Success"(or something) similar, and then he is supposedly killed.... Might be that he's gonna come back, but dead for now
>> No. 18732
It wasn't a flashback and he wasn't Ace or Whitebeard.
>> No. 18733
Bon Clay is a joke character half the time. Man, you don't kill the joke characters.
>> No. 18735
So no acctual reason why he should still be alive? Magellan aint a forgiving man you know
>> No. 18738
No rational reasons. Only genre savvy reasons.

Instead of killing him, Magellan probably delivered him to Vegapunk to be turned into a Pacifista so that he could be sent to destroy the friend he had worked so hard to help escape. It will be a tearful battle where they try and repeatedly fail to break through to the now-cyborgized Bon Clay, until finally they break through and Bon Clay turns on the Big Bad of that arc (although obviously he doesn't beat him--that's Luffy's job. Instead he will do something that makes the Big Bad beatable).
>> No. 18740
you say official like it means something.
>> No. 18742

It sucks, yet somehow it totally seems like something the guy who wrote One Piece would do. Stick by your friends even when they do something illegal and stupid. Publically announce you intend to mantain the friendship despite the fact that you might lose fans because you don't want to lie to your fans either. Or I'm just making shit up.

It also sucks because despite the fact that I thought Toriko would be ruined forever for me, I still find myself enjoying it. It's just to damn crazy awesome to hate. And I really liked the anime crossover with One Piece because it explained stuff about the new series while still keeping Luffy and Toriko on the same level of badassery instead of having the new guy be overpowered and saving the day by himself.

But. Um. Oda. He's a pretty cool guy.

Nearly nobody dies in One Piece? Nobody dies in One Piece without a significant reason?
>> No. 18743
See, now I can't help but wonder if that's why Toriko is such a (gourmet) sausage fest.
>> No. 18744
That doesn't make any sense

The scandel wasn't that he was fooling with young boys.
>> No. 18745
(Well, there's Komatsu...)

I was thinking more along lines of "He's worried people will bring up his sex scandal if he ramps up the fanservice, so he's playing it safe by having fuck all women."
>> No. 18747
Doesn't bother me too much now that I know she was 16. Paying high-schoolers for sex is still megalame, but the way it was phrased (plus because it's [i]Japan/i], let's be honest) you hear "underage girl" and assume the worst.
>> No. 18766

Out of the few main girl characters so far, one was mistaken for a dude, one's an old lady, one's a tiny fat woman who tricks people into thinking she's attractive, and...I guess Rin would count though. And Tina, but she's only a main character in the anime so she probably doesn't count.

None of the guys are really interested in the girls much though, it's mostly bromance. And food fanservice.

Has anyone else seen the One Piece/Toriko crossovers?
>> No. 18768
Yeah, I really liked the anime xover.
>> No. 18771
I'm pretty sure the anime ended up adding more Tina specifically because otherwise there would be no girls for dozens if not hundreds of episodes at a time.
>> No. 18773

Probably. And for exposition. She's still annoying though.


Me too! The characters were balanced in terms of power, Sanji and Komatsu were balanced in cooking skills, we got to see characters who won't be in the anime for a while, and Toriko almost ate Chopper!

...Okay, I'll stop fanderping now. Is there a Toriko thread in /jam? I feel silly talking about it on the /op board.
>> No. 18775
Nope. Feel free to make one, though.
>> No. 18995
File 130637660023.jpg - (58.11KB , 644x414 , 1306367101585.jpg )
some more funny ones
>> No. 18996
File 130637671330.jpg - (82.20KB , 337x357 , 1306366067458.jpg )
lol this cracks me up everytime
>> No. 19129
chapter 69, ok. chapter 626, 2+6=9. fish nami is in chapter 69 hmmm. there might be a pattern here.
>> No. 19130
And 6+2+6 = 14, and 1+4 = 5, so clearly the fact that Oda decided to put out a 626th chapter is a sign to his Discordian fans! Now to figure out what...
>> No. 19131
File 130700789033.jpg - (34.84KB , 449x338 , roflbot-kQuB.jpg )
>> No. 19142
My God, I didn't even notice. That's hilarious.
>> No. 24331
Anymore advice Odas?
>> No. 24349
Does anyone have the blank template? Memegenerator's not working.
>> No. 24355
One Piece for real: Usopp's "K…youtube thumb

good job on the Kabuto, Oda.
>> No. 24358
File 133036010511.png - (888.33KB , 1280x720 , 12859617899.png )
Urk! My own Kabuto has been put to shame by my greatest enemy...wood! My PVC one doesn't (well, didn't) hold a candle to this...
>> No. 24360
File 133036624873.png - (307.40KB , 529x325 , Yessss.png )

All of my dreams~ They're true~
>> No. 24372
>designed to look like a beetle's horns
>called Kabuto

....I feel like such a fucking retard for not noticing this eons ago
>> No. 24449
big burly guy can't shoot the kabuto like ussop.

Ussop confirmed for badass.
>> No. 24453
File 133058831759.png - (96.98KB , 300x300 , PhilKenSebben.png )
Haha! The child doesn't get a name. Seriously though, does anybody know what it is? Not that it's important, it's just that I've had a hard time finding it out via the interwebs.
>> No. 24458

It's probably the same case as the kid of the creators of Yu Yu Hakusho and Sailor Moon.

They call him "Petit Ouji" or something when they talk about him in interviews.

They don't want the fact that they're well-known mangaka to affect their child in a negative way as he grows up.
>> No. 28055
what character is this a reference to?
>> No. 28056
what character is this a reference to?
>> No. 28098

>> No. 28099

>> No. 28349
but he's from chapter 19
>> No. 28355

He meant Buggy.
>> No. 28359
but Buggy first appeared in chapter 9
and doesnt appear in chapter 13
>> No. 29467
Anymore of these?
>> No. 30203
youll get the point dont be autistic
>> No. 30204

Haha yeah dude way to give that guy from 4 month ago what for!
High five!
>> No. 30910
File 136709232318.png - (119.03KB , 433x322 , 1337269611118.png )
These things are fun, though this one is more just him reusing an animal design than anything important or noteworthy
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