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File 135447629380.png - (46.07KB , 1280x1280 , 1354469571691.png )
70244 No. 70244
Stat your fantrolls MSPA!
I wonder if there is one for fan kids? But then again why would anyone make a fankid?
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>> No. 70259
File 135450993532.png - (115.46KB , 1280x1280 , lapra.png )
I gave her that blood color before Hussie confirmed that the only troll blood colors were the ones the main characters had (plus the limebloods). I considered changing it to Vriska's blood color, but then I realized nobody cares.
>> No. 70310
I would much prefer a fankid.
>> No. 70314
No such thing.
>> No. 70321
whats a "kid" ?
>> No. 70323
File 135459716689.png - (115.14KB , 1280x1280 , lapra.png )
I'm too OCD about these things... I still hate her hair, but apparently I really suck at Hussie's style so there's nothing I can do about that.

Also, I forgot to mention that I've gone on http://msparp.com/ a couple of times for kicks and giggles. Most of the time the chats are pretty dull, but one particular session with an Equius RP-er went really well, especially after he brought in a friend to RP as Nepeta.

>> No. 70344
Seriously, are there any fankids?
Or are people too worried that they'd be unoriginal coppies of the main cast?
>> No. 70346
the main crew of people who make fantrolls dont give a fuck about the kids
or, come to think of it, the comic itself
>> No. 70350
I have a few fantrolls and I still keep up with the comic (and sort of find it strange that some people make them without reading it?)
I just think fankids tend to just be self-inserts and rather boring (or mary-sue) unless it's an already made OC converted. But that's just me...
>> No. 70351
Main purpose of fankids to me would be for SBURB RP's.
>> No. 70354
File 135467239199.png - (4.71KB , 217x271 , idunnowhyididthis.png )
i felt a compelled to help you out a little. does this look better?
sometimes adding a little volume can help it make a little more natural
>> No. 70355
while I'm not Snes, I do think that's a bit of an improvement
>> No. 70357
True, but it isn't like the fantrolls aren't made for the purpose of SGRUB
>> No. 70358
Yea, but fantrolls can also function outside the context of sgrub, because Alternia.

Fankids pretty much have no purpose outside of Sburb, because...Earth.
>> No. 70359
Exactly. Why make an ordinary human when you can make a quirky horned alien with psychic powers living in a crazy world of violence and wackiness?
>> No. 70383
I've never seen a fantroll do anything outside of SGrub.
>> No. 70384
I have an RP group that just roleplays on Alternia, no SGRUB. It's also an AU so it has no canon characters.
>> No. 70390
You don't say.
>> No. 70670
File 135527471132.png - (108.81KB , 1563x760 , NICKSMALLEY.png )
did someone say fankids
watch out professional motherfuckers comin through
>> No. 70671
File 13552747734.png - (31.86KB , 859x653 , pbbbb.png )
did someone say kids ha ha not me
>> No. 70723
Uhm... what am I looking at here?
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