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File 134354127191.gif - (371.16KB , 1365x993 , hs.gif )
67505 No. 67505
Hi, i made a update gif however when I see if it is transparent it still has grey behind it even though I set the file to be transparent, so if anyone can help with this, thanks also if there is a thread for this kind of stuff, sorry I'm lazy and didn't check, I randomly found this site
>> No. 67506
iirc the update notifier recognises #d6daf0 as transparent, so you will have to make the background that colour to get it to appear correctly instead of making it... actually transparent...

i don't know why it is this way but i'm assuming it's so people without graphics programs capable of making transparent images can still make their own.
>> No. 67507
It's actually so HSG reaction images can be used in the notifier
>> No. 67508
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