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86903 No. 86903
/jam/, why is it exactly the best girl always loses?
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>> No. 86905
Because the best girl is always the one who panders to you specifically and not the lowest common denominator.
>> No. 86909
File 139155373643.jpg - (39.56KB , 192x220 , 1367869729629.jpg )
Because otaku want to keep the best girl pure.
>> No. 86910
File 139155638847.png - (223.20KB , 637x349 , RPS3.png )
Because you're a piece of shit who only cares about women to the extent of requiring a checkbox of things that turn you on to be filled up so that you can hope they wind up with your bland, boring, forgettable self insert lead whom you can project yourself into the role of. And worse: you continue to care enough about shows like this to continually bemoan when they don't meet your absolute elitist standards of what tickles your fancy.

you're the reason this industry is in the shape it is now and you need to stop caring about who "the best" girl is and whether she wins or loses and instead wondering if the show you're watching has things like an engaging plot, funny/intriguing dialogue, a good sense of atmosphere or anything that's more of a priority than "This girl I find attractive is being fucked".
>> No. 86911
Someone's a fucking sour-puss.
>> No. 86913
sounds like someone is upset that there waifu a shit
>> No. 86914
Because it's a literary tradition for it to be so. The heroine will rarely have any characteristics beyond "pretty" and "love interest." It's their separation from the main character that allows for the best girl to achieve her best girl status in the first place. Hell, you see it in Les Miserables: Cosette, the heroine, is the blandest thing in town, but the audience will always remember and adore the tragic Eponine, sidelined by Marius of the Noble House of Shit Taste and laid low in her struggle for both liberty and love.

This thread was on /a/ this morning.
>> No. 86915

Personally, I thought Eponine was a complete idiot who got herself shot for literally no reason.
>> No. 86916
I'm just bullshitting here man.
>> No. 86917
File 139157582256.png - (162.99KB , 637x346 , RPS2.png )

My waifu is good storytelling and compelling characters that don't need to rely on blatant fan-service in order to sell figures! If that's a shit then I don't wanna have any "good" waifus!
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