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File 13809068451.jpg - (219.76KB , 620x349 , 28624-KILLAAAA[1].jpg )
84977 No. 84977
>Kill la Kill is a television anime series in production by Trigger. The series, which is Trigger's first original television anime project, is directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and written by Kazuki Nakashima, both of whom had previously worked together on Gurren Lagann
Kill La Kill Anime PV Traileryoutube thumb

Episode 1 is loose!
Simulcast ( English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and German): https://www.daisuki.net/movies/seriesdetail/t
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>> No. 84978
It's basically ATTACK ON TEPPLIN.
>> No. 84979
File 138091671778.jpg - (27.33KB , 160x255 , 1357028348106.jpg )
>> No. 84980
I did not say this was a bad thing.
>> No. 84989
Huh. That certainly was a thing.
Wonder what's with the references to the Weimar Republic and the rise of the Nazis. Oh, and to Nineteen Eighty-Four.
>> No. 84990
I feel like that's the first time "Anime Cloak" had any real justification besides a cool reveal.
>> No. 84993
Saw the first episode aaaand... I dunno.

I didn't really enjoy the pacing of the episode too much. I mean in Gurren Lagann a lot of the first episode was dedicated to some nice character interaction and the only real info-dump we got was that the people lived underground and what a Gunmen was.

Here it's like they gotta explain what a Goku Uniform is, who runs the school, who our antagonists are, who our protagonist is, what that scissor sword is about, why she's trying to find the second half, why the principle is powerless to stop the Student Council President, who our protagonists supporting casts are and also provide an origin to how she got her power armor uniform.

And I feel like SO MUCH OF THAT could've been saved for a later episode or at least told in a much more visual way that gave us more time to really get what's going on that when I watch the episode again so much of it feels like they gotta throw all of this shit at us that we just can't breath.

It's interesting ENOUGH that I wanna keep watching but I'm not too terribly digging it with this first episode and I'm hoping it improves.
>> No. 84996
Just watched it and, well that sure was a thing. So far I'm liking this MC a lot more than Simon, and aside from the excessive exposition it was pretty cool so far. I have a feeling Tumblr is gonna go ballistic over that scene where she got her clothes though.
>> No. 84998
File 138103235529.gif - (11.69KB , 250x242 , 1365228651082.gif )
But also way too sexy, I mean goddamn. I had fun but I can't show this to anybody.
>> No. 85001
File 138103667027.png - (61.14KB , 681x1416 , tumblr_mu5k54xowK1rjzxs1o1_1280.png )
It's great!
Not was awesome as expected, but I think we're off to a good start. And while >>84993 has some valid points, I believe we'll get plenty of answers in the course of this series. That felt like a glimpse of what's to come.
Also, I love VA jokes. Now we need a Spice a& Wolf joke.

So far, tumblr is loving it for what I've been seeing.
>> No. 85002
Ryuko and Mako are like the opposite of what I thought from the previews/press releases: I figured Ryuko would be a jerk and Mako was the only one nice enough to stand her, but it turns out Ryuko is probably the one of the nicest people in the entire town while Mako is too stupid/crazy/childish to be anything but complacent in all this crap ("The student council killed a guy for stealing a uniform, but that happens all the time so it's not a big deal!").
>> No. 85003
File 138103999369.gif - (1.47MB , 320x240 , 1376448922984.gif )
Dear Trigger,

Remain BASED.

Love, The Internet.
>> No. 85006
Can't wait for the full version of "Don't Lose Your Way". Looks like it's going to be the next Bios/α≠a/Attack-on-Titan.
>> No. 85008
How many episodes are we gonna get, anyway? Because holy shit, this pacing.
>> No. 85010
Two cours I think.
>> No. 85016
At first I was really liking it, but as it went on I felt more and more like there needed to be a break in the action. This show never really gives you a chance to breathe. Another issue I have is that the fight scenes have absolutely zero tension, what's actually happening during the fight has no real meaning when the world seems to be running on Tom & Jerry physics.

I get that this is probably supposed to be style over substance, I guess I just didn't realize how much so when I went into this.

I gotta say though, that style is definitely there. This show is extremely well done on every visual level and feels great to look at the whole way through. Not too many anime are capable of achieving that feeling of really being a cartoon, and it's enough to get me to watch at least a few more episodes.

This is exactly what I have come to expect when I watch anime.
>> No. 85018
It's interesting I guess but I wish it was slightly slower paced and less nervous at time to the point it's literally tiring to watch. Lots of exposition that were probably not that necessary in a show that just tells you to just accept everything to begin with.
>> No. 85019
Got some Afro Samurai flashbacks from her backstory. They was some gud flashbacks:

Father vs Justiceyoutube thumb
>> No. 85021
File 138118957112.jpg - (10.01KB , 221x225 , Destroyer n' Hulk.jpg )

I realy need to watch that show.
>> No. 85022
So many times I had sneak up on them quicker
With my finger on the trigger
Like Like I'm pulling out my sword
This is combat, man, this is war

The RZA - Combatyoutube thumb
>> No. 85024
do eet fagit

The numbah two headband.

Enough Afro Samurai, this is the Kill La Kill thread.
It's crazy how much /a/ime lurves KLK at the moment.
>> No. 85025
What else is there on the airwaves right now worthy of note besides KLK and AoT?
>> No. 85026
Kyousagiga's finally being organized into a proper series and Samurai Flamenco will probably be okay considering who's working on it.
>> No. 85027
Am I the only one who didn't really like the Titan anime? I enjoy the manga, but aside from a few nice scenes the anime's direction is incredibly mediocre.
>> No. 85028
File 138121547769.gif - (21.19KB , 650x450 , is funny to me.gif )
>Implying the AoT manga is not a colossal technical failure on nearly every level
>> No. 85055
File 138146270850.png - (96.69KB , 500x373 , 1381462332937[1].png )
ep 2 is out, if anyone cares
>> No. 85056
So episode 2 and I uhm...

I don't know what to think of it really. Like, I don't know where it's going?

I thought the setup would be "MC fights various Club Activity Themed generals in progressively sillier fights" for 25 episodes but now apparently they're revealing that the Rival character has the same type of uniform as her in the third episode. I dunno I'm just worried the anime's gonna blow it's load early on and gonna fumble around getting our attention. Like maybe it's trying to subvert expectations but I D K

>> No. 85057
Jesus fucking christ that 2nd episode.

Well since I now officially like Mako that leaves the uniform as my only remaining complaint. I was fucking applauding at the teacher sequence.
>> No. 85058
File 138146576041.gif?spoiler - (5.00MB , 607x335 , Xq6dEfA[1].gif?spoiler )


>> No. 85063
I liked the second episode MUCH more than the first, the pacing was way better.

Mako is my favorite character right now. She has been since the first ep, actually.
>> No. 85064
File 138149230462.jpg - (32.61KB , 351x632 , 1204519201508.jpg )
>man nipples
>> No. 85069
>I'm just worried the anime's gonna blow it's load early on
Remember when we said that about TTGL?
>> No. 85070
File 138151474435.gif - (0.97MB , 320x180 , balls everywhere.gif )
>in this episode, pic related

>I was fucking applauding at the teacher sequence.

I loved how, if you pay attention, you can just barely see the blanket slipping before Ryuko notices.

>apparently they're revealing that the Rival character has the same type of uniform as her in the third episode.

The opening already made that pretty obvious when both Ryuko and the class president have their clothes start to split apart in the same manner. Anyway, it's clear Ryuko's not ready to take on the president. Establishing something about who the president is early on isn't going to change that; she'll probably remain the big boss up until at least the first cour of the series.
>> No. 85072

See the thing about TTGL was that there WAS some mystery to the Beastmen. We didn't know who exactly lead them, and as we uncovered more and more about their leaders and generals we got more and more enemies.

When it was revealed that Lord Genome had another Lagann type mecha and could also use whatever power Simon had (as far as we knew at the time) it was a legit OH SHIT moment cause even though we could've guessed that easily enough the story was still structured in a way that reveal came off as genuinely raising the proverbial stakes.

Here they're just unveiling all of the main badguys in the first episode and they're already having Ryoko fight class president who we ASSUME will be no match for her, but if that's the case then why have them fight at all? Anything the fighting will reveal will either lessen the impact of the actual final confrontation between the two by showing us a weakness of hers too early.

Or it'll be pointless padding that'll go nowhere and teach us nothing more than the President is a badass... which we already know. There's a difference between establishing conflict between your rivals and which one is stronger early on to give our protagonist incentive as to which one they need to overcome, and just having the rival and protagonist fight early on even after the rival's gotten her upgrade just to... show that she means business? I dunno... it seems a lot more poorly handled.

Revealing your rival and you have the same powers seems like a legit "SHIT JUST GOT REAL" moment that the anime is pulling out in the third episode of all places. Why? I dunno... maybe they're gonna totally reverse expectations again and have Ryoko beat her? Or have it be a stalemate? Which would have its own problems but whatever.

I guess if the school council stops becoming a threat they could move up to the Board of Education as an enemy. Maybe it'll be revealed that Japan's become some kind of post-war Feudal Society again where children are trained to be super-soldiers? Maybe Mako will be offered a Goku uniform by the council president and forced to fight Ryoko to elevate her dirt poor parents into a nicer life? Oh! Maybe Mako's mother is the one who stole the blue scissors from the professor and she gave it to a young Mako who puts on a cheerful demeanor to hide the fact she's trying to assassinate the Student Council president with the Blue Scissor Sword? Or maybe it'll just go the predictable route and Ryoko will continue to fight enemies of the week until a final showdown against the class president who'll develop a skimpy uniform herself.

IDK the way this anime builds itself up right now it's still interesting enough for me to keep watching but I get the feeling that with the way it's going it can either turn this all around to be amazing or it'll shit itself... like, more than most anime who fit that criteria.

>> No. 85073
We already know that Satsuki's mom is the school chair, it's not like its hard to imagine further bosses for this show.
>> No. 85076
So am I the only one expecting that Satsuki and MC will be revealed to be sisters? We only know about MC's dad and Satsuki's mom, and they both have those suits. It just kind of seems like it's gearing up for that reveal.
>> No. 85078
File 138152836961.png - (238.49KB , 550x309 , diebuster-2.png )
Just remember with Trigger/Gainax: until the fat lady sings, you ain't seen shit yet.
>> No. 85079
Just watched the first episode. This thing's going to be crazy, isn't it? I'm so in.
>> No. 85080
>post-war Feudal Society
It's possible. The school is named Honnouji after the famous last stand of Nobunaga, and I think Hokkaido was one of the few places not to really get involved in the battles of the Warring States mostly because the native Ainu were too busy fighting for their own independence.
>> No. 85081
File 138154990620.jpg - (39.99KB , 443x421 , [HorribleSubs] Kill la Kill - 02 [720p]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
Ryuko and Mako are so goddamn cute.
>> No. 85082

I wonder how it's going to end. Considering this is former GAINAX staff...
>> No. 85083
You'd be wasting your time if you even try to guess.
>> No. 85084
Okay... watched the first episode. That was... the greatest thing ever. In its category, that is.
>> No. 85085
File 138156155460.jpg - (97.89KB , 1280x720 , henshin time.jpg )
What would that even be?
>> No. 85086
Shonen fighting / magical girl / high school adventure / fanservice show?
>> No. 85088
First episode watched. Face blown off by awesome. Literally no face. Please send help.

Expecting troll end.
>> No. 85089
Nononono, don't engage him, don't you know Mister Twister?
>> No. 85092
Watching the first episode now. Perhaps ya'll raised my level of hype (from 0 to "eh?"), but even those introductory two minutes were quite excellent.

And "animation porn" is absolutely the right term.
>> No. 85094

Apparently KLK3 is akin to a series finale.
>> No. 85096
Gainax shows.
>> No. 85098
But it's not from Gainax.
And no, just because it comes from a studio made of former employees from there it doesn't make it like that.
>> No. 85099

> doesn't make it like that.

Noo I think it pretty much DOES!

These guys pretty much defined what modern Gainax is. They worked on FLCL, Gurren Lagann, Diebuster, etc.

Really the only Gainax trait this show DOESN'T HAVE is a Wimpy protagonist.

Which means there's a 50/50 chance Ryoko's going to die at the series end. Like Nono did.
>> No. 85100

So, this made me think... are these guys working for both Gainax and Trigger, or did Gainax just lose a good handful of really talented animators and directors?
>> No. 85101
The second.
>> No. 85102
The show’s first episode didn’t do anything for me at all in terms of storyline. It had beautiful animation and some appealing character designs, but the story just didn’t click with me.
>> No. 85105
Yes I too long for the deep, rich fiction of TTGL and Panty Stocking.

[DameDame!] Kill la Kill OPyoutube thumb
>> No. 85106
I hate that song almost as much as I hate the motherfuckers who think that shit is funny
>> No. 85107
昨日3話の先行上映を観てきたんですが3話で最初のピークを迎えて4話はまた違ったベクトルで すごい回(今 石監督コンテ)とのことで「今後も80年代ジャンプ漫画のようにどんどんインフレしていくので ご期待くださ い」とのことでした>キルラキル

Episode 4 has storyboard by Imaishi and it's the beginning of the new arc. The show will only grow larger and larger in scale from this point on.
>> No. 85109
holy shit this show is off the fucking chain
>> No. 85110
Jakuzure=A Stranger I Remain
Inumuta=Stains of Time
Gamagōri =Red Sun
Sanageyama=The Only Thing I Know For Real
Kiryūin=Collective Consciousness/It Has To Be This Way
>> No. 85111
File 138171648871.gif - (1.93MB , 300x169 , You+re+thinking+of+just+Tengen+Toppa+Gurren+Lagann.gif )
Hope we don't end up getting a dirge of slow episodes like in Gurren Lagann. That crap was partially why I prefer the compilation movies among other qualities.
>> No. 85116
File 138175327237.jpg - (25.02KB , 211x237 , dw.jpg )
>her father only has one eye
>the uniform only has one "eye"
>> No. 85117
I think the show needed those slower episodes. You can easily keep up with the frantic pace when it's only 2 hours, but when it's a 2 cours show, you need some room to breath and build up to the climax.
>> No. 85124

This is honestly my biggest concern with the show right now.

I'm worried that maybe they won't show ANY restraint, even when it would be needed.
>> No. 85149
I think my biggest complaint so far is that aside of DON'T LOSE YOUR WAAAAAAAAY, the music is totally underwhelming. hopefully we'll get a new OP after this arc. Or by some miracle, the above suggestion to just replace the OST with MGR: R's kicks in.
>> No. 85150
Yeah, it gets drowned out by what's going on instead of accompanying the scene like Gurren Lagann's OST. And when you can hear it it just sounds like a mishmash of Sawano's staples rather than actually having any real melody like his old Basara works.
>> No. 85152
Expecting it to be TTGL tier music is perhaps setting the bar too high considering TTGL had god tier music (or maybe it's not since P&S did too), but that OP is just unfortunate. Even the Seinfeld version is better. I can barely remember the ED, which is similarly unfortunate because all 3 of TTGL's EDs were amazing.

But again we're on episode 2, perhaps we're expecting too much too fast.
>> No. 85189
Nakashima talks Kill la Kill.

>They went with a female protagonist because it felt better; and he wants to write protagonist Ryuuko as a strong but beautiful character that struggles.
>Why clothing? it actually started as a joke. Seifuku means both conquest and uniform, fashion and facism are written the same in Japanese. They took that and ran with it. The entire world-view of Kill la Kill comes back to clothing.
>Episode 3 will make people realize why the costume needed to be so skimpy; and the direction of the story will become perfectly clear.
>The story will become very surprising after episode 3 and they want the audience to always need the next episode as soon as possible.
>Episode 7 will be Mako's big moment.
>> No. 85190
>Episode 3 will make people realize why the costume needed to be so skimpy; and the direction of the story will become perfectly clear.

Technically speculation but I consider it pretty obvious:
Senketsu is incomplete which is why the outfit is so skimpy, which is why he absorbs the fibers of the other uniforms. Also so they can get stronger to challenge Kiryuuin

So I'm predicting a good bulk of series is beating up uniforms and powering up.
>> No. 85192
File 13819984611.gif - (272.64KB , 258x304 , shakeshakeshake.gif )
>Seifuku means both conquest and uniform, fashion and facism are written the same in Japanese
Oh man I remember all those puns.
>> No. 85195
File 138201747277.jpg - (261.64KB , 669x1491 , 1381998242780.jpg )
Soooo, the entire ED is a tribute and stuff. I guess that's neat.
SUKEBAN DEKA 1 enfrentamiento …youtube thumb
>> No. 85197
File 138203367891.jpg - (53.28KB , 500x282 , based erika and her mugen face.jpg )
>> No. 85198
That.... wasn't conclusive at all. What happened to all that JP chat about "You mean that's not the end of the series?"
>> No. 85201
Well, this was exciting. And lewd. And hilarious.
>> No. 85202
You know how some anime (especially manga adaptations) end with an "unfinished business" no ending before fighting final boss? Usually the last episode has something awesome happen in it so you don't feel gyped and are eager to see it conclude in a movie or sequel series or something (ex. Ranma 1/2, Air Master, Dai Guard, Bobobobobobobo, The Big O, Narutaru, Get Backers, Heroman)? Maybe he was equating it to those.

It's more prevalent in Western shows that make cliffhangers because they're hungry for more seasons.
>> No. 85204
File 138207773185.gif - (2.99MB , 800x453 , tasmanian devil.gif )
This is the best series ever made
>> No. 85205
File 138208497855.gif - (1.46MB , 345x195 , 1382059809986.gif )
>> No. 85211
File 138213049587.png - (444.27KB , 1280x720 , tumblr_muvmnv745q1qjw5ggo1_1280.png )
>> No. 85212
>> No. 85213

What is this, some sort of lesbian love confession?

...should I start watching this?
>> No. 85214
It's the motivational speech that precedes the power-up via power of friendship. It's about how the heroine's tits are bigger than the villain's.
>> No. 85215
>something is popular
>something has a story more complex than Dr. Suess
So of course the Tumblr Justice League will be all over it. This is not a surprise. I'm sure there are posts out there about how MLP is misogynist.
>> No. 85216
i'm wonderin if you guys even read it or if you saw "female empowerment" and alt+f4'd and ran out of the room
sage as i don't want klk and so i don't really belong in this thread
>> No. 85217
I saw "tumblr.com" and assumed it was some sort of worthless rant that would use the term "cis" at some point. Didn't even open the image.
>> No. 85219
You don't even know what cis- means, do you?
>> No. 85220
Gonna try this out. What are the best subs of it, in your opinion, /jam/?
>> No. 85222
Horriblesubs are just rips from Crunchyroll, so they're quite adequate.
>> No. 85225
It's actually not. It's defending the show from the hordes of SJW who've been lambasting it on Tumblr.
>> No. 85228
I was going to write a reply to this post, but then I glanced at the URL, saw "4chan" and assumed the thread was about shock images and gore.
>> No. 85229
Apparently Underwater's.
>> No. 85230
You'd be right.
>> No. 85231
And it seems it failed, ironically. And sadly.
>> No. 85232
>taking the time to write out a post refuting something that you didn't even read, based on the website it was posted on
>> No. 85233
Shi! Someone has an opinion contrary to mine on the internet! Well let's stop the fucking presses and tell all of our internet friends about it so we can bitch about it together like fucking drama queens instead of talking about the show. Bitching about Tumblr being Tumblr is WAY more important than talking about the show we got together to talk about!

Man, I know 4chan culture is guilty of a lot of shit, but the fact that we can't fucking talk about anything without someone feeling the need to keep us all abreast to the developments on Tumblr is one of the worst. Can't we just assume, for the sake of sanity, that any of us who give a shit about Tumblr are actually ON Tumblr, and can bitch about it there?
>> No. 85237

So your argument is that we should stop caring about other people's opinions on a show on another site to... instead discuss our opinions on this show on our site?

Uhm... okay?
>> No. 85238
No, my point is: if you want to start Tumblr drama, DO IT ON FUCKING TUMBLR. Why are you bringing your arguments from other communities here?
>> No. 85239
Tumblr Feminists will forever be full of wars between the anti-Slut Shaming SJW vs the anti-Female Objectification SJW. It's one of those things where you can never win, no matter how progressive your work actually is.

If your character is covered up one faction will complain about internalized misogyny and shaming of the female body, if your character is in a revealing outfit another faction (or maybe even some of the same exact people, for added irony) complaining that you're oversexualizing the character and feeding the male gaze. These types of people are just looking for reasons to take offense rather than push for actual progress so it's best to just ignore them.
>> No. 85240
I honestly think it's just one anon that keeps doing that (posting irrelevent text posts and expecting outrage when only he cares) and they're honestly annoying me.
>> No. 85241
Yeah, those posts are pretty formulaic so I think you'd be right.

But seriously, dude who keeps doing this, stop looking for this stuff. You're not going to get your outrage from either side of the issue over here.
>> No. 85242
File 138223783376.jpg - (8.29KB , 284x177 , Yoko.jpg )
I think I understand what MY issue with the clothing subplot here is and it DID take someone on tumblr to point this out but rather than posting a link I'll just paraphrase what was said.

Yoko from Gurren Lagann? Also wears really skimpy outfits showing a lot of skin. This isn't really any surprise to anyone.

But I had no issue with it because, despite her dressing like that? At no point did it appear she was uncomfortable or ashamed to be wearing it. She dressed sexily and didn't seem to think too much about it, and that was okay. Because her bodily autonomy was ultimately preserved, and so I don't have much of an issue thinking of her as sexy, as she seemed perfectly okay as being seen that way.

Ryoko on the other hand doesn't have this. She's FORCED to wear a skimpy outfit with a lot of revealing bits to it. The outfit forces itself onto her, it transforms, and she uses it. That in itself wasn't so bad, but the anime takes this a step up by having her be embarrassed about wearing this outfit and looking angry and noticeably uncomfortable when she's in front of a crowd with it on. In other words: she's coerced into something sexual against her will, and the anime wants us to think THIS is sexy. Not just that a woman is wearing something sexy, but also because she's noticeably uncomfortable about wearing something sexy. And THAT'S what's problematic, that the show is forcing a girl into vaguely sexual encounters when she doesn't want them to be vaguely sexual.

That and combined with the part where Mako says "OH YOU OBVIOUSLY ENJOY WEARING SUCH AN OUTFIT OTHERWISE YOU WOULDN'T!" is in itself problematic for... reasons.
>> No. 85243
That doesn't really hold up past the third episode though, since it seems the episode's whole point was that Ryuuko would embrace the sexy outfit and not be embarrassed anymore.
>> No. 85247

Well that's sadly just supposition.

also I'd argue that a woman shouldn't HAVE to feel like she should just "get over it" when she's forcibly made to reveal herself, which is (again) a bad message to send to people. The thing about Yoko is that her sexiness always seemed like a stylistic choice whereas with Ryoko it's literally THE ONLY OPTION she has if she wants to compete with the student club presidents. Again: bodily volition is what is key here.

Yoko WANTS to dress all skimpy. Ryoko HAS to dress all skimpy.

And the worst part is: this WHOLE THING could've been avoided if they just completely glossed it over. Have some male students talk about how sexy she looks, have Ryoko brush them off and not give a shit and BAM you've cleared up the most major and blatant issue here. It still would've been skeevy cheesecake, but it wouldn't be skeevy cheesecake with worse undertones.

>> No. 85254

Way I see it, it was a trade for power, so yeah, in this instance she should get over it. Student Prez had the right attitude.

This is all ignoring the 'meta' of course.
>> No. 85256
>the anime wants us to think THIS is sexy. Not just that a woman is wearing something sexy, but also because she's noticeably uncomfortable about wearing something sexy. 
Not disagreeing with you, just adding, but isn't that how ideal sex is supposed to work in Japanese culture (I.e. good women should be inherently ashamed of sex even when it's consensual)?
>> No. 85265
File 138232810649.gif - (865.33KB , 500x275 , 1382321036855.gif )
>> No. 85266
File 138232821597.gif - (1.29MB , 400x225 , 1382327242035.gif )
>> No. 85267
File 138232940866.jpg - (1.07MB , 1635x1332 , 1382326577930.jpg )
>> No. 85269
>here's the story
>of a lovely lady
>> No. 85270
File 138234137955.jpg - (119.61KB , 1280x720 , 1382333387137.jpg )
>> No. 85276
A friend of mine passed me this interesting review/analysis worth checking.
>"So, is Kill la Kill truly Empowered, or more like the Golden Age, subtastic Wonder Woman?"

A breath of fresh air after all the bullshit from tumblr.
>> No. 85279
> is Kill la Kill truly Empowered

yeah no, not even gonna read further. Also criticism used to be about more than just findin a label to stamp on things.
>> No. 85280
I just want a cozy little place on the internet, that has no agenda to push. I know I'm being ignorant and the problem and all that shit, but I just want some peace and quiet and be allowed to enjoy things.
>> No. 85281

You do realize that the reason Empowered is capitalized there is because it's referring to the comic series by Adam Warren?
>> No. 85285
There's no point trying to rationalize with people who are as reactionary as these people. We've turned into bizarro tumblr, where instead of the "triggers" being things like "rape" and shit, their triggers are "empowered" and shit.

Maybe we should start posting things with "TRIGGER WARNING: Words (but not content) related to Feminism" in front of them so as to not offend their delicate sensibilities.
>> No. 85286
What's Empowered about anyway? Anyways I'm a bit confused. Based on that post's text Empowered and WW seem to be about two totally different issues, but the title indicates that they're on opposite ends of the spectrum, or are they just trying to say these are two different ways to read into it?
>> No. 85287
Empowered is a superhero story that grew out of a series of softcore, bondage-themed smut commissions someone made to Adam Warren then skipped out on. The main character has a super suit that is extremely powerful, but tears easily and loses power the more of it is shredded (it grows back eventually).

Much of the emotional torque is in the main character's lack of self confidence and poor body image issues (despite the fact that she has a body like a porn star), at least early on. It's surprisingly well written and sex-positive for what started out as smut, though.
>> No. 85290
Personally I'm just tired of seeing Tumblr throwing buzzwords around every time we get a prominent new series with a female MC, regardless of how relevant they actually are. It's nice to see some folks on that site making reasoned arguments in favor of the show instead of immediately pouncing on it for free SJW cred. While you can argue how effective Kill la Kill in handling its message or whether or not it's just hypocritically shooting itself in the foot, the ostensible point I'm getting from the show seems to be about positive self-image and that women shouldn't feel ashamed of their bodies in spite of what others may think.
>> No. 85291
>Personally I'm just tired of seeing Tumblr throwing buzzwords around every time we get a prominent new series with a female MC
Then stop seeking out SJW blogs.
>> No. 85292
Kind of hard to unless they stop tagging their posts or responses to such with the series title.
>> No. 85294
Also I'm not that other guy who's complaining, jsyk.
>> No. 85295
I just checked the Kill la Kill tag. Three pages before I saw anything related to SJW shit, and it was another post refuting the SJW arguments like the one you found "refreshing." So I'm still failing to see how you're not full of shit.
>> No. 85296
Because the point I was making about Tumblr liking to jump to conclusions was for series in general (e.g. Korra), not Kill la Kill specifically. I'm rather pleasantly surprised to see so many people defending it when I was expecting a much harsher reaction. Surprised all the rape jokes get let off so lightly though.
>> No. 85297
I wonder if all the references to Nazi Germany are ever going to amount to anything. Doubt they'll dare mention anything regarding Imperial Japan's war atrocities though. Not sure if any mainstream anime or manga ever has.
>> No. 85299
it's actually super funny in a kind of pathetic way how true this is
>> No. 85300
File 138241611076.jpg - (139.70KB , 1280x544 , snapshot20090902113131.jpg )
They could go for a mixture of the fallout to both of those?

When the current regime is toppled, "outside forces" will divvy up the engorged precinct into sectors controlled by various parties that are frequently at the brink of conflict; All of them however, agree on the complete disarmament of whatever Student Council members remain, forcing these once empowered individuals to reinvent themselves amidst this bedlam or die trying. It soon becomes apparent that there may be an overarching, subversive force at work that is as sinister as it is subtle. I'm thinking something akin to Snake's scheme in Tekkon Kinkreet.

Ryoko will be looked at by her peers as a leader, an individual who will help them through these troubled and confusing times when all she really wants to do is avenge her father. A defeated Satsuki is vilified by her peers and her reputation is used by her 'successors' to rally those under their thrall; she finds herself fighting old rivals that believe her to be weakened and entertains the idea of leaving the country in self-imposed exile at her mother's suggestion.

That's how I think it will turn out anyway, but this show's full of surprises, so who knows what'll happen?

Like you said though, not a lot of manga or anime have the balls to DIRECTLY address how the Japanese were bastards during WW2. Rurouni Kenshin did more to address that (despite being set in a much earlier era) than the likes of Barefoot Gen and Grave of the Fireflies which were overrated pity parties in comparison. Having your protagonist going up against some vaguely outlined evil corporation or empire is the most you're going to get in that sector of media.
>> No. 85301
Japan never got anywhere near the level of internationally enforced guilt that Germany got after WW2, and without that they never really owned their historical evils the way Germany did (or hell, for that matter, the entire Western World at this point for their actions over the colonial era)
>> No. 85302
no shit man, of course I know and that's really fucking stupid. You should stop thinking you are can win arguments by "guessing" people you don't like are just dumber than you.
>> No. 85303

To be fair I did, but still am mainly comprised of 'nope, not worth it' regarding clicking the link.
>> No. 85304
You don't have to guess about a person's dumbness if they explicitly refuse to read something and still expect people to give a shit about their opinions on it.
>> No. 85307
File 138246155692.png - (660.16KB , 1280x1327 , 1382450521684.png )
>> No. 85310
File 138247072788.png - (1.64MB , 1105x1100 , 1382468968025[1].png )
>> No. 85311

…holy shit, someone made fanart referencing Project A-Ko? In 2013?

>> No. 85313
What exactly is the contrast supposed to be here?
>> No. 85314
I've never watched this show, but to me it looks like the left = cool, collected, confident; and the right = temperamental, juvenile and annoying
>> No. 85315
It's painting a false dichotomy, trying to say that she was cool "then" and is suddenly immature and freaked out by perverts.
>> No. 85317
Calm down, it's just a joke or troll image like all the other ones out there.
>> No. 85320
File 138250648777.png?spoiler - (1.00MB , 914x1041 , Kill la Ideon.png?spoiler )
While watching the third episode, I found something... Interesting.
It's probably a nice reference. Or should we be ready for universal apocalypse shenanigans?
>> No. 85321
Man, can't wait to see what the doujin artists will do with this.

I seriously hope there's a Ryuuko/Satsuki yuri doujin titled "Our Breasts Flap in the Wind".
>> No. 85337
People occasionally compare this to Gurren Lagann, and I can certainly see that with how bombastic it can be. That said, I hope that the battle with disc one boss isn't as abrupt and underwhelming as the Lazengann/Gurren Lagann fight was.
>> No. 85338
File 138260537623.jpg - (90.59KB , 1280x720 , givingnoshits.jpg )
>Lazengann/Gurren Lagann fight
>abrupt and underwhelming
...what? I don't even... What? It was one of the high points of the series. I'm sorry if you expected a 20 episode of charging up DBZ fight.
>> No. 85339
Genome just beat up Simon and Rossiu for a couple of minutes, shrugged off the Giga Drill Breaker, then ditched his mech when Simon tried to take it over with Lagann after a quick drill clash. Following that was even shorter fist fight. You gotta admit that it was a pretty brief battle.

I mean, all the fights in the first half of Gurren Lagann were pretty short, but that one stood out to me, what with it being the clash that marked a major paradigm shift in the show's universe.
>> No. 85340


It was exactly as long as it needed to be in order to be awesome. Lots of people forget this and this is why lots of fights suck.
>> No. 85343
You have terrible opinions. I literally got up out of my seat to cheer after the Lord Genome fight.
>> No. 85350
>episode 4

I don't

I don't what any of that was. Except for the part that was suddenly Hot Fuzz for no apparent reason.
>> No. 85353
I can't tell you, but it's my favorite episode thus far.
>> No. 85354
File 138268422034.jpg - (90.36KB , 960x540 , 1381768_10151787038379633_1597581021_n.jpg )
English, motherfucker...
Do you speak it?
>> No. 85357
File 138269404171.jpg - (419.36KB , 1280x720 , Tengen_Toppa_Gurren_Lagann_Episode_4_Screenshot_03.jpg )
>4th episode
>> No. 85358
Oh good. I wasn't the only one reminded of TTGL's fourth episode by KlK's fourth episode.
>> No. 85360
Haha oh wow. Didn't catch that.
>> No. 85399
I cannot wait for convention season next year. The cosplay, Duke, the cosplay....
>> No. 85400
>implying the girls that feels like this sort of costume is cool and empowering aren't all hamplanets
>> No. 85401
Oh, to be sure. And at least one male. (Perhaps ManFaye will take up another costume?) But there are also plenty of highly attractive attention whores who will make a decent facsimile and wear it with gusto to get the ogling nerds they crave.

And it is for these women that I wait. Delicious underboob.
>> No. 85402
Anyone got gifs of the scene of Ogure flailing around with Senketsu?

This show is whacked out in the best possible way. Enjoying it way more than I ever did with Gurren Lagann to be honest.
>> No. 85413
4th episode would have been perfect if only it didn't have the stupid and awful shimapan bits.
>> No. 85418
File 138306309079.jpg - (104.13KB , 1280x720 , [Underwater] KILL la KILL - 04 (720p) [7282A90A]_m.jpg )
tumblr, pls go and stay go. They were hilarious.
>> No. 85425
Funny, how could tumblr know about that?
Well, aside a friend of mine who loves shimapan.
>> No. 85431
File 138309698236.png - (929.22KB , 1024x1920 , tumblr NOOOOOOSE NO BOUNDS.png )
>> No. 85432
>blushy knees and noses
Goddamnit. Where did this shit start anyway? Homestuck?
>> No. 85434
Homestuck doesn't do that. Or didn't, maybe it does now but it didn't back when the fad was rising.
>> No. 85435
Red noses don't bother me and I'll never understand why everyone get's up in arms about this.
>> No. 85436
The guy who did the art for Bitches Love Spider-Man did it a lot. I doubt he was first though.
>> No. 85439
The actual comic doesn't and never did, but there was a phase when it was really popular among fanartists of the trolls to color the parts of the body that are pink due to blood (knees, nose, etc.) with the weird troll blood colors while also exaggerating the blush to emphasize said colors, and I think that's a lot of people's (including other artists) exposure to that convention. Even at the time there were people who disliked it (particularly since hiding one's blood color is a big plot point and it makes no sense if you could just look at the giant garish marks on the face). These days people probably just dislike it due to overexposure...and maybe associations with obnoxious Homestuck fans.
>> No. 85440


Megumu Okada used the nose blush a lot in Saint Seiya Episode G, like 10 years ago. It felt really out of place in what's supposed to be a MANLY shounen, but I got kinda used to it. In knees and the like, I noticed it in a few ecchi and moe series from the last decade. I remember it more clearly it from Kanokon (noses don't appear much in it, though). Of course the whole thing might have been around for a lot longer, these are just some examples.
>> No. 85441
Oh right, I forgot half of tumblr loves and defends this show.

Eh, I always liked that style, I found it cute.
>> No. 85443
The first time I noticed this style was when Mike from Penny Arcade started doing it, citing John K as his inspiration.
>> No. 85444
It's an easy way to hide non existent drawing skills. It's also retarded since it makes no sense. Calling it a style and forcing people to aknowledge it is just stupid.
>> No. 85445
>It's an easy way to hide non existent drawing skills
In what sense?
>> No. 85446
Different person, but I think they're referring to it's adoption by artists who are trying to move beyond the wholesale animu ripoff of their youth but still can't move beyond copying popular styles (usually because they never learned the basic mechanics of shapes/anatomy/etc. and can still only copy other stylized images). It's harmless on it's own though.

You can barely see the blush effect on that one picture anyway.
>> No. 85449
Eh. Copying is how people learn. I'm not too fussed about it. My experience with learning to art has taught me that people who think that just studying the fundamentals is enough to learn how to do appealing stylized art have never actually had to do it. It makes your art stronger by a long shot, but you don't learn appeal until you start copying from a wide range of artists and adopting the parts you like into your own repertoire.
>> No. 85451
>just studying the fundamentals is enough
I didn't say that in >>85446, but I kinda want to move on from the subject mediocre Homestuck fanart.
>> No. 85453
I'm not having some tumblr-esque moral outrage over them. I just think they were dumb and not nearly as funny as the rest of the episode. Or funny at all really.
>> No. 85455
So, is Mako one of the Nudists?
>> No. 85464
File 138332982494.jpg - (299.98KB , 1280x981 , tumblr_mvkcjxTNf31r00k8bo1_1280.jpg )
Oh /a/.
>> No. 85465
This was a pretty great episode. Yet again. 4th still the best, though.
>> No. 85466
File 138334253857.jpg - (487.60KB , 1220x1680 , 1383327417726.jpg )
So I'm guessing they're end up being sisters.
>> No. 85467
Everyone's guessing that.
>> No. 85468
I'm not.
I'm betting on the lesbian route. But that's just me I guess
>> No. 85469
As is everyone else who secretly wanted Kamina and Viral to get it over with and fuck already.
>> No. 85470
That part of the rivalry was one-sided, Viral was the one who was obsessed to that level with Kamina
>> No. 85480
Something I found funny about Viral was how he was always like, "Have you no honor? Fight fair; I wouldn't hit a woman," when he eventually settles his rivalry with Kamina by helping his boss double team ambush Gurren.
>> No. 85483
While in the beastman army Viral followed the chain of command diligently.
>> No. 85491
Except when he refused to battle Simon while Cytomander held Yoko hostage.
>> No. 85492
Well that guy was just a dick, he had no respect for that nancy.

He respected his original commander alot.
>> No. 85496
File 138372246171.jpg - (60.57KB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2013-11-06-01h18m59s226.jpg )
My money is on Tsumugu being related to Ryuuko. At least, there are a number of similarities between the two.
>> No. 85503
So when is Mako going to wear Senketsu.
>> No. 85510
Holy shit this episode, you guys. I thought it was gonna be all silly again. Oh man, you guys.
>> No. 85512
Oh do tell.
>> No. 85514
Yeah, holy shit. Fucking intense.

Uzu Sanageyama (athletic club Elite Four) gets permission from Satsuki to challenge Ryuko directly. He does so using a technique (can't remember the name, tsu-something) where his eyes are super fast and can anticipate movements. Three-star Goku Uniforms can transform as well, and he turns into a mech (of sorts). He almost gets Ryuko, but she cuts a tip off of Senketsu that multiplies and goes to blind him so he can't see, allowing her to destroy the Goku Uniform and take the fibers.

He goes to Itoi (the one who researches/creates Goku Uniforms) before going to see Satsuki to ask for another chance. She gives him one, but only because he's had Itoi sew his eyes shut so he's not relying on his single power. He challenges Ryuko again, and the first thing she does is cut Senketsu again to try to blind him; however, he can now see forever, so it doesn't work. He proceeds to beat the ever-living shit out of her. I mean, this was a hell of a beatdown, possibly the worst I've seen in an anime without involving missing limbs or open wounds. Right before he does the finishing blow, his Goku Uniform apparently overheats and he returns to normal, allowing Ryuko to escape in the confusion.

It's pretty heavy shit compared to the rest of the series thus far. Continuing the TTGL comparison, it reminds me of Ep 8 where they take the Dai-Ganzan and Kamina dies. Nothing as force-turning for Ryuko, but the air of the episode is the same.

>> No. 85515
Wow, what a shit episode.

Except for Satsuki's mom+the music right after, that part was cool.
>> No. 85516
y u hatin tho?
>> No. 85517
Because we're given not one, but TWO totally tension free fights with the same character in one episode. I don't know if they're trying to save time, money, both, or trying to be subversive somehow but it just ends up being super lame and feels like they crammed an entire rival character arc into a single episode.
>> No. 85518
I think the point was to show just how powerful the Elite Four are and what they'd do to win. Ryuko can't shortcut her way to the top, she absolutely has to go through all the 2-stars to get better and absorb more life fibers.
>> No. 85519
File 138394385414.jpg - (33.75KB , 658x569 , that_word.jpg )
>tension free fights
>> No. 85520
You're kidding right?
>> No. 85522
>show how powerful the Elite Four
By having one of them easily clowned and then needing an ridiculous powerup in one episode?
Neither fight was anywhere near as good as the battle with Tsugumu.

I went into this show as hyped as anyone else but so far it's been REALLY hit or miss.
>> No. 85523
I can't stand with you on this Rodyle
>> No. 85525
>By having one of them easily clowned

That is almost the exact opposite of what happens, I'm not sure which opening fight you actually watched.
>> No. 85527
The one which lasts only a couple minutes and is over the moment the protagonist does something to override the villain's gimmick, like what should be a major foe is a monster of the week. But oh, Viral's back, stronger than ever... in the same episode. PACING.

KLK has a hard time deciding whether it wants to be TTGL or P&S, and it suffers for it.
>> No. 85528
>taking Rodyle's opinions seriously
>> No. 85529
Hi Nurse.
>> No. 85531
You made a super bad call on this one buddy.
>> No. 85533
Can we please leave the fucking personal drama out of this thread? I feel Rodyle explained his standpoint well enough, even though I don't generally agree, I can admit to there being some pacing issues in the episode. But in the end I still enjoyed the episode a lot and it all comes down to personal taste and opinions. If you wanna make it about personal beefs take it to fucking /baw/.
>> No. 85536
I think you're kind of missing the point of the episode, or letting your vision get clouded by TTGL comparisons when Kill la Kill is not TTGL.

This episode wasn't about Ryuko. It was about Sanageyama and his relationship with Satsuki. He's had two of his captains crushed already, he's the member with the least seniority, and he is the most concerned with impressing her. He's willing to mutilate and cripple himself to stay by her side and gain her respect. None of that resembles Viral or his character arc at all, other than that Sanageyama started out as a rival to another character... which was 3 years ago, and his rival was Satsuki, the villain, who he is unquestionably loyal to and respectful of.
>> No. 85537
I call him Viral because it's the same voice actor and he's a rival type. Don't read further into it than that because it doesn't go further than that.
> It was about Sanageyama and his relationship with Satsuki.
Which the episode failed to make me give a shit about.
>> No. 85538
Dude You're wrong on so many levels. Just leave.
>> No. 85541
How can he be wrong about not giving a shit? Did he accidentally give a shit and not notice? He doesn't like the show. That's fine. That's allowed. I know this board is a bit of a hugbox, but getting this upset over a dissenting opinion is just ridiculous. I love this show, too. In fact, I like it so much that I can take a step back, look at criticism and think "That's fair and I can see the argument, but it doesn't necessarily apply to my personal experience", because that's what good art in any medium deserves.
>> No. 85542
>I know this board is a bit of a hugbox
He's not even being mean. Though I think this kind of overdefensiveness is a popular show thing rather than just this board.
>> No. 85543
It's the inverse of "Stop liking what I don't like".
>> No. 85544
It's not even that I don't like the show necessarily, it's just so inconsistent. One fight I'll find fantastic, and then the next is garbage (Tsumugu vs Sanegayama), one joke will be amazing and then the next will be eye rollingly awful (Maiko being animated via fucking tessellation vs KYAA RYUKO'S PANTIES). I'm used to Imaishi just blowing me away again and again, and this show has failed to meet those admittedly high expectations.

I HOPE it eventually hits it stride because I want to believe in Imaishi, but right now this seems like his MGS4.
>> No. 85592
File 138444768434.gif - (3.00MB , 499x374 , 1374180692409.gif )
>> No. 85594
Aaaaand after one episode of bad drama, we get not one, but TWO wacky side episodes hoooraaaay. I admit though, a Gamagori and Ryuko version of Goku and Piccolo's Driving Lesson sounds a lot more entertaining than Mako's family learning the importance of ~family~
>> No. 85596
I love the wacky. I'm in it for the wacky. Episode 4 best episode. Incrediby excite for next week.
>> No. 85598
Even though it was a bit cheesy, i really liked episode 7. I found it fun overall.
>> No. 85599
I'm not AGAINST wacky, it's just again, this series is so schizo. I liked 4 but it's placement right after RYUKO VS SATSUKI THE WAR TRULY BEGINS was inexplicable, and the same goes for this after Ryuko just got her ass handed to her by Sanegayama. It's like every time they raise the stakes they have to immediately backpeddle.
>> No. 85600
I agree with you, its highly aggrivating
>> No. 85601
So could 2-star Mako have really taken on Ryuko? We know she wasn't using her full power during the fight, but Ryuko likely wasn't, either.

Yeah, I'll grant you that. I've enjoyed each episode on their own, but taken as an arc it is chaotic.
>> No. 85602
Not sure why we're spoilering but...

I want to think that Ryuuko could have one shot Mako just because of how easy the other 2 stars were, but that crater was pretty impressive. It's pretty hard to judge honestly.
>> No. 85603
File 138448643920.jpg - (121.72KB , 628x540 , 1384463747970.jpg )
Pfft, whatever Rodyle.

I just want to thank Trigger for being so based.
Never stop.
>> No. 85604
I wouldn't say he's wrong but i don't find it all that bothersome.
>> No. 85605

I wouldn't say he's wrong but the series is so fun I don't really care what he says.
>> No. 85609
Man, that Fight Club uniform was tight as hell. Loved the episode.
>> No. 85611
And that's exactly my point.
>> No. 85612
Because the episode just came out and there are some people who've yet to have a chance to watch it.
>> No. 85614
File 138453690836.gif - (2.72MB , 352x198 , MAKO_PANCHU.gif )

Well, I think it's important to not get too wrapped up in "power levels." Just because some 2-stars are easy to take care of doesn't mean they all are. The uniforms have been referred to as an amplifier for abilities, and weak individuals will continue to be "weak" even with a uniform. Heck, just look at the last episode with Sanageyama. "The clothes don't make the man."
>> No. 85619
So Mako confirmed for Final Boss
>> No. 85627
>The core of Kill la Kill is in its second half; during our scenario meetings, we were constantly laughing and had fun while coming up with the first half of the story, but as we approached the end our expressions became more and more serious and our faces paler and paler (laughs). We worked with all our heart on this story so please watch until the end!

>There is the saying “it’s exciting like a rollercoaster” but with Kill la Kill I would actually add a warning to it: it’s a rollercoaster that is so extreme it may be bad for your heart.

>> No. 85630
File 138467621492.gif - (296.91KB , 294x266 , -dramaticmusic-.gif )
>> No. 85632
File 13847211477.jpg - (113.08KB , 551x847 , 1384709556518.jpg )
I am so hype for the next episode. It already has fanart even! Is it Thursday yet?
>> No. 85685
File 138500223178.jpg - (98.04KB , 1280x720 , 1383260914749.jpg )
>The belief of Satsuki and the Kiryuuin family: a perfect world ruled by order and justice. The belief of Nudist Beach, a future for humanity through freedom and the rejection of the Kiryuuin's ideals. When these two philosophies clash in front of Ryuuko, she will come up with her own answer.

>There is one solid fact about Kill la Kill: Mako is cute. Ryuuko is aware of it, Mako has become a part of her life. As long as Mako is around, Ryuuko will be able to move forward...


Mako confirmed for the deadest
>> No. 85686
Yeeaaahhhh... sounds like we're about to Big Bro so hard. In fact, the parallels between TTGL and KLK in this regard would become even stronger should it happen.
>> No. 85687
Really? I read it as "LESBIANS."
>> No. 85688
That just means DOUBLE dead.
>> No. 85690
Lesbianism and death flag-ism.

But hey, maybe their relationship is pure or they're more like sisters than lovers.
>> No. 85691
>> No. 85698
Okay that was actually a good episode.
>> No. 85701
They're going full Pokemon with this.

I like it.
>> No. 85703
File 138508566215.jpg - (132.39KB , 900x537 , 1384020762874.jpg )
We've been pokemon for years now.
>> No. 85705
Very fun episode. Absolutely nothing to do with that last line in >>85685, though. Perhaps it's a buildup to the next episode or two?


Actually, combining Gamagoori's transformation with Ryuko's outfit has the potential to make the next episode quite hilarious.
>> No. 85707
File 138510737422.jpg - (94.67KB , 1280x720 , [Everlasting Love Intensifies].jpg )
This episode and the last one confirms that Ryuuko is a female Shinji that actually grew a spine.

Anyways, the episode was pretty good, although maybe not as a good as episodes before it. Nonetheless, it had some nice character moments. Looks like shit's going down next episode.
>> No. 85715
>elite 4
>Gamagori is Wikstrom
>Inumuta is siebold
>Jakuzure is Malva
>Sanageyama is Drasna (cant match every time lol)
>Satsuki is the thick eye brow champion in white

>> No. 85719
The show may be on shaky ground for me, but the OST sure isn't. PV here:
>> No. 85721
Sounds a lot better than it does in the show, where it just comes off as a clusterfuck of noise. Shame about the mediocre music direction.
>> No. 85722
What precisely is it about the music direction you think is badly done? I have noticed anything wrong with it myself.

Also, I liked this scene a lot: Kill la Kill キルラキル O…youtube thumb
>> No. 85723
File 138537413861.jpg - (91.01KB , 580x348 , 1384701075189.jpg )
>> No. 85728
File 13854565343.jpg - (12.90KB , 187x198 , 1321326593616.jpg )
>all those delicious vocals
>> No. 85734
It was mostly during the earlier episodes but sometimes it felt like the OST volume was so low that it got drowned out by the voices and sound effects so that the song may as well not have been there. Also it sometimes just feels like they threw in a nice sounding song for the sake of having a nice sounding song running in the BG, rather than because it fit the scene.
>> No. 85736
Agreed. The OST sounds nice, but the use of music doesn't match up nearly as well as it did in TTGL.
>> No. 85741
It may just be that we haven't gotten to the scene where the music is supposed to match up the best. I thought that the first track was catchy but ultimately meaningless, but now that I can make out the lyrics it's pretty clearly Senketsu singing to Ryuuko.
>> No. 85742
Not just that but they pick the oddest and most cacophonic parts of the song to throw in, plus some tracks are downright overplayed (sorry, Don't Lose Your Way).
>> No. 85743
File 138567110894.gif - (1.41MB , 713x585 , 1385667981704.gif )
This certainly was an episode of Kill La Kill.
>> No. 85744
Gamagori, you're the best KLK ;_;
>> No. 85745
File 138567226518.jpg - (25.99KB , 848x480 , Gamagoori.jpg )
Well, now I know what I'll be wanking to while waiting for my ep to DL.
>> No. 85747
That was a pretty awesome fight. Is Gamagoori really that huge compared to the rest, or was his size in the flashback something for how he saw himself back then compared to Satsuki?

Next episode will be even more interesting, I think; we've seen nothing of Inamuta's fighting ability, so it's something to look forward to.

This episode will create a lot of porn, like when Nami fought Kalifa in One Piece. Not that it would be much of a stretch in this case...
>> No. 85748
File 138567692968.jpg - (70.41KB , 1280x720 , JUP4Zfe.jpg )
from the preview
>> No. 85749
All the beaten Devas sharing the losers bench with Mako? Can't wait.
>> No. 85750
>Mako decides she doesn't want to be the only one who isn't naked, strips down.
>> No. 85755
File 138571801835.jpg - (249.44KB , 1280x720 , comp.jpg )
Size in KLK is like size in Fist of the North Star, it's all about style and strong image composition.

Her final attack reminded me of one part of GaoGaiGar's Hell and Heaven attack
>> No. 85763
File 138588141373.jpg - (45.28KB , 220x296 , 00118d7a_medium[1].jpg )
A friend pointed this out to me:
>A revolutionary takes over a remote school, makes it into a prison, and attempts to convert its students into terrorists. A young yoyo-wielding "delinquent" student named Saki seeks to stop this with the help of her friends. However they must first lead all the students to safety.
>Made in 1987

>Revolutionary takes over school
>"Delinquent" goes in to fight her
>With a really odd weapon
Even the hair-style is similar. Not saying that KLK copied this, but it's a weird parallel.
>> No. 85764
uh.... boss, check out:

>> No. 85767
Well, derp.
>> No. 85769
Am I the only one who really hates Jakuzure's voice? Then again it's possible she was meant to sound mega-irritating on purpose since her character design is pretty saccharine.
>> No. 85770
I"m the complete opposite: I think it's an incredibly fitting voice for her character (and stature), almost cat-like (minus the whole "nya~nya master" shit). I find it kind of cute, not irritating.
>> No. 85771
I love her voice personally, and the stuck up condescending tone is a big part of what makes it for me. I can't wait for her fight when I'll get to hear more of her and watch her transform and get stripped by Ryuuko
>> No. 85772
I love her voice personally, and the stuck up condescending tone is a big part of what makes it for me. I can't wait for her fight when I'll get to hear more of her and watch her transform and get stripped by Ryuuko
>> No. 85773
It fits her character perfectly. She's really interesting as the only one who seems to act as an equal to Satsuki, instead of an ideal or boss.
>> No. 85774

I'm not a fan myself. It's that voice trope in general, feels extremely forced to me. Like an hold smoking middled aged lady trying to sound like a kid. It also has few range imo, she can't vary too much and certainly not yell with it in a convincing way.
>> No. 85775
> trying to sound like a kid.
But she's not. She's likely about the same age as Satsuki (who is 18, IIRC) if not a tad younger; she's just moe~.

Of course, there's always the possibility that she's older than Satsuki, like Gamagoori...
>> No. 85776
File 138601503993.jpg - (17.30KB , 406x376 , Gilbert_Gottfried.jpg )
There simply are people with "annoying" voices, regardless of age. That's just how it is. You can like it or not, but it certainly adds a lot of character.
>> No. 85777
Japanese women, even ones who aren't trying to play teenagers, tend to speak in an unnaturally high register(as in, above what is natural for the person speaking) as their normal speaking voice. It's part of their youth-and-cuteness obsessed culture.
>> No. 85778
The best scene with her is one where she doesn't speak, there you go.
>> No. 85779

It's not just that. People often forget this, but in Japanese the higher the register the more polite you're attempting to sound. Women more than men stick to formal language conventions instead of the casual, and as a result generally up their voices to appear self-effacing and 'soften' their words. Kind of like how some English-speaking women similarly efface themselves in speech, apologizing constantly throughout and/or ending? their sentences? with a high rising terminal? like they're asking a question? etc.

Though some of it is just attempting to sound cutesy.

Language! It's anthropologically fascinating!
>> No. 85780
File 13860784923.jpg - (70.32KB , 650x366 , KILL-la-KILL-03-01.jpg )
So what do you think the final boss and his/her cohorts will be like after Red Herring-Chan & co. get deposed?
>> No. 85781
I thought Nonon was supposed to be, well, I don't know how to describe it too well.

Basically, like a huge bitch trying way too hard to act cutesy? It's not a ~MOE~ thing at all. Like, if it were a normal american high school she'd be the obnoxious cheerleader that carries around a beanie baby in her purse and talks "like GOSH you sillies!!"
>> No. 85783
All signs points to mother dearest and all the shady shit she's working on.
>> No. 85786
Satsuki and Ryuko team up as the Venture Sisters and take on their evil mother who was the one behind their father's death.

The "wedding dress" was intended to be part of the transfer of power from mother to daughter, which is why her mom is unhappy with her putting it on early. Satsuki initially put it on to end Ryuko so that Ryuko wouldn't bring down her plans, but let Ryuko live in Ep 3 because she saw promise in her lost sister and pitted the school against her to toughen her up.

The entire school org restructuring was to see if Ryuko was strong enough to finally team up with Satsuki. Satsuki can't take on their mother alone (cause she also has a Kamui, donchaknow) and had to move the timetable up after being called by her mother. Satsuki had spent these years building up power under the auspices of being her mother's heir when, in fact, she was building up for revenge.

>> No. 85787
File 138612256870.jpg?spoiler - (216.76KB , 1920x1080 , 1040833.jpg?spoiler )
[HD]KILL la KILL OP [Sirius] Band coveryoutube thumb

Also, Nonon voice reminds me to a calm version of certain kind of wacky legendary warrior.
>> No. 85788
First half bad guys were Imperial Japan, next half will be corporate; All students get one star uniforms in order to ensure that they can do whatever jobs the new boss wants them to 24/7 after they enter the work force.

They're stopped from resisting or utilizing their power by having information being directly channeled into their brains via the uniforms, this includes an endless bombardment of enticing, hollow media to distract and placate them.
>> No. 85822
Well, the fight with Inamuta was extremely underwhelming. Even his flashback lacked the grandeur of the others. Why make him an Elite Four if he's just going to be fodder? To have a geek on the team? I hope there's something far more in store for him. Jakuzure is far more interesting, including her "uniform"; and I agree with Mako, that does seem rather unfair, though if the instruments were just a way to "feed" the (seeing as the hull grew around it). And that pajama suit! I like that pajama suit. Great to see Ryuko and Senketsu taking on so many new forms, especially since the series is addressing that it's happening so quickly. Ending was gearing up pretty good, I hope the next episode doesn't open the same way as this.

Mako in the stands was hilarious. I wonder what Gamagoori was trying to say over the noise. (Probably just ribbing on Inamuta more.)
>> No. 85823
So the true villains are either going to be Satsuki's mom or Nude Beach or possibly both at the same time.

Also eyepatch loli works for the mom and possibly killed Ryuko's dad.
>> No. 85824
I still think ryuko's dad isn't dead, he's just senketsu.
As far as the parents being the final boss, dunno, it doesn't sound right to me. Temporary opponents for sure, but since it's trigger they will end it with something bigger. That probably involves a whole episode of naked awakened martial art and fiber tentacle monsters.
>> No. 85825
Really digging Nonon's ability and especially her outfit. I was expecting her to be way less... martial.

Life fiber is the real villain? Sounds about right.
>> No. 85826
File 138634283177.jpg - (85.92KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Kill la Kill - 10 [720p]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
>> No. 85827
How horrifying.
>> No. 85832
File 138638159775.gif - (2.34MB , 530x397 , 1386377290696.gif )
>> No. 85834
Haven't seen the episode yet, but please tell me Ryuuko erases that fucking smug smile out of her face.
>> No. 85835
Sort of. Ryuuko definitely pisses her off.
>> No. 85836
Am I the only one to think nonon may not get out of this alive? Just like Mako is special to Ryuko, she's Satsuki's opposite. If Ryuko doesn't lose her way, maybe Satsuki will.
>> No. 85844
Nonon thinks she's Satsuki's Mako, but we haven't actually gotten much from Satsuki on that front.
>> No. 85845
Yeah I was getting the feeling from the flashback that Nonon is actually kinda jealous and a bit more of a rival to her subconsciously while Satsuki seems more neutral regarding her than any of her other big 4.
>> No. 85846
I'm putting my money on literal fashion gods from heaven/hell.
But maybe I am looking to hard at its farther Gurren.
>> No. 85850
Yeah, Nonon is Satsuki's Starscream, not her Mako. I don't believe we saw Satsuki give her an invitation to be a follower like she did the other three, she just let Nonon tag along. Likely, she got to be as powerful as she is because of her interest in Satsuki, not Satsuki's interest in her.

And there might be some hatesex in there.
>> No. 85851
File 13865160357.jpg - (92.01KB , 1023x682 , 1386490972783.jpg )
>> No. 85853

>> No. 85854
And some guys just have small dicks.
>> No. 85855
This makes me think Houka quit just to avoid having his genitalia judged.
>> No. 85857
File 138657142373.jpg - (32.26KB , 676x591 , BacnHiGCMAAZJDp.jpg )
Good ol' Shirow Miwa.
>> No. 85858
File 138659120644.jpg - (281.42KB , 900x650 , 1386590972820.jpg )
Well, this just gave me cardiac arrest.
>> No. 85862
File 138660524738.png - (101.68KB , 400x370 , tumblr_mx9h2aYbrB1r78cyqo1_400.png )
Meanwhile, at /co/...
>> No. 85863
File 138660528065.jpg - (35.81KB , 500x281 , tumblr_mx1rbcYetp1si1vbdo1_500.jpg )
I am enjoying the Reveangence crossover art and stuff.

[MGR x KLK] Before My 「CYBOR…youtube thumb
>> No. 85864
Firstly, thats AMAZING!
But lets not forget its ability to change shape.
And that Gamagoori really injoyed whiping the fuck out of himself.
So yeah, he is probably rocking the hardest boner they have ever seen right then.
>> No. 85865
File 138662550759.png - (1.79MB , 2879x2662 , 1385915535811.png )
>tumbler tumbnail
You blew it.
>> No. 85874
File 138666301865.gif - (694.32KB , 211x120 , KingKittanGigaDrillBreaker.gif )
>Severe-faced loudmouth
>love of leather and perverted poses
>might get it on with a totally stacked babe

Yeeeeeesssssss, ever closer to the glorious abyss; The moment that will overshadow almost everything before and after.
>> No. 85875
File 138667943727.png - (1.90MB , 1280x2302 , waifu_merge_by_emlan-d6wt55z.png )
In the same vein...
>> No. 85901
I liked the sluttier costume one better. I'm sorry.
>> No. 85902
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