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File 13730337224.jpg - (130.78KB , 358x500 , 749be000[1].jpg )
83766 No. 83766
The director of Baccano and Kuragehime (and unfortunately Durarara) is doing some crazy original thing for NoitaminA.

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>> No. 83767
Did anyone else see Seras Victoria in that thumbnail?
>> No. 83770
Could be interesting, and I like Chinatsu Kurahana's art style, but I'm already dreading the deluge of obnoxious fujoshi shippers when this hits.
>> No. 83771
File 137305111518.jpg - (291.22KB , 595x841 , 1372671183172.jpg )
As someone people would call a "moefag", I don't mind the fujoshis. They keep to their threads just like us. If you're seriously so offended by people making threads about liking cute fictional boys/girls, just hide them. Also, they actually made the MgRonalds threads pretty fun, when people argued wether Chiho or Alsiel was Maou's waifu (and neither gave a fuck about Emi).
>> No. 83772
Seconded. They've got better taste than most.
>> No. 83775
File 137305391081.gif - (1.39MB , 480x270 , 1352669300393.gif )
Well, now. I tried to quell the shitstorm before it started. Why you gotta make such an ill-informed blanket statement concerning something entirely subjective?
>> No. 83776
It really depends on the fandom. Some threads they're OK for (especially the more moe-heavy ones), in others they can get pretty dumb like Jojo or even downright vicious with Tiger & Bunny. It's sad in the case of Jojo because we almost never ever had shipwars before the anime started, but now and then I'd see people bashing Reimi because she got in the way of Josuke/Rohan or arguments over whether Jonathan/Pucci/Vanilla was Dio's best partner. I like the occasional man/man action but I thought our threads were supposed to be better than that.
>> No. 83777
While Alciel is clearly best waifu, Emi is better than Chiho.
>> No. 83781
File 137306023063.jpg - (53.12KB , 1280x720 , Shinsekai_Yori_-_16_(720p)_(UTW)_mkv_snapshot_09_2.jpg )
Too much suffering, Shinsekai. T-too much...
>> No. 83782

Welp these last 8 episodes turned out exactly like Sword Art Online, AnoHana, and Magi. Completely dropped anything related to the character development and world lore it spent building and shoehorned some completely asynchronous monster quest.

Thanks again, A-1.
>> No. 83783
>Thanks again, A-1.
Stop watching random shows and watch the recommendations you actually ask for god damn it. You complain constantly of disappointment but never look up what people suggest for you. You want A-1 to deliver? Watch Tsuritama. You want something like Molester Man/Kurosawa? Check out those Korean comics or Welcome to the NHK. God damn it Ninja.
>> No. 83784
Stop wasting your time with him. Just ignore.
>> No. 83785

It's happening.
>> No. 83786
File 137307201056.png - (463.60KB , 632x356 , P40cH6r[1].png )
>> No. 83787

Wasn't a random pick. I think it was one of you who actually suggested it when I said Gargantia was kind of a letdown because of how rushed it was. PS: this was way more of a letdown.

Has anyone else watched Shinsekai Yori, though? Why did this story go from horrifying sci-fi feudal dystopia to ridiculous political allegory for class warfare? How much changed from the novel to the adaptation?

I think this is the most disappointed I've ever been with an anime show. They start off doing The Village if The Village was done right. Everything's very mysterious as the kids discover piece by piece that the world they live in is a total farce. Then it just suddenly becomes a spy thriller set in a monster movie. Magic being grounded in science gets dropped. The interactions between the main characters gets dropped. The questions about how and what the world actually is get dropped. The entire Maria story gets fucking dropped. Even as a political statement, nothing about the society changed. The leadership was almost entirely dismantled, but not a damn thing changed. Then it just ends with "well, I hope things get better!" What.

Any recommendations for something like the first half of this series that doesn't go full retard towards the end?

Tsuritama's up next but fuck it's taking forever to download because Commie.
>> No. 83797
File 137314193481.jpg - (121.03KB , 1280x720 , [UTW-Mazui]_Toaru_Kagaku_no_Railgun_S_-_13v2_[720p.jpg )
So yeah, Railgun S. They're actually sticking to the source material this time. Painfully so. As in utterly soul crushing. Man, I need a bit of a grief time after the last episode. They did one cutesy and vapid SoL filler episode, though. Complete with anime-original character do not steal. And it felt completely out of place within the fucking heavy context. Apparently they also hurt the feelings of anime-only fans, because those expected more of that vapid shit, coming from the first season.
>> No. 83806
>the guy who did the music for Shinsekai Yori also did K-On

>> No. 83807
People've been bugging me to watch "Free!", but something in my head keeps thinking "If they're a bishounen, they're under 18, and you're not watching a fanservicey show with young guys on it who are nearly naked, that makes you a creepy pedophile".

I think this is why I veer towards bara. Nobody's going to mistake an overweight, muscular man with a huge beard for being 12.
>> No. 83810

There's still a lot of disconnect for me so far. All the Sisters know what's waiting for them when they initiate an experiment. They have those collective memories. Wouldn't their behavior be different than what we're seeing? Wouldn't their tactics change, at least? They say that explicitly in this latest episode, but I'm not seeing anything in the show itself. They still just goggle up, run and gun, and die.

The flashback to the first experiment was interesting. I thought we might learn about Accelerator's past and how he's come to be such an insufferable assface. Nope. He was always an assface. And he always enjoyed torturing innocent people to death.
>> No. 83811
They actually do change tactics. It should become more apparent in the next fight. The alley fight was kinda weird to me, too. At that point they shouldn't be mindlessly shooting at him anymore. I blame the script writer of the episode.
Also, Accelerator is torturing them to this extent, because he wants to get an emotional response out of them. He's looking for a reason to stop. Yes, I know that sounds like terrible writing. That's because it is.
>> No. 83818
File 137323951923.jpg - (106.32KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu - 01 [8DD4.jpg )
>oh boy, Gainax has a new show out! I wonder what it's abo--
>> No. 83819
Do I dare to ask?
>> No. 83820

Cute girls doing cute survival games things.
>> No. 83826
ForeverPandering - Hanako.mp3youtube thumb
>> No. 83829
File 137331197919.jpg - (138.46KB , 640x480 , HNI_0067_MPO.jpg )
So there was a fair in town the other day and one of the rides was music themed.
Now I ask you, is this who I think it is?
Because I know only one singer with teal hair and headphones.
>> No. 83830
I think the biggest factor as to whether the fujoshi help or hurt the threads is the style of the series itself. They're usually good when the show isn't the type of stuff that immediately caters to them, like shows with a lot of girls (Geass, Maou, Haruhi) or that don't have a lot of bishounen designs. If you're a fujoshi and watching that kind of stuff you're probably more open-minded and less shallow than the usual to be funny instead of annoying.

Shows like Psycho-Pass, Durarara!, T&B, K, Kuroko, Free!, and possibly Samurai Flamenco tend to have annoying fujoshi because prettyboy designs amass a big Tumblr fanbase early on, and it spills into the threads on /a/, complete with the usual Fan Dumb suspects shitposting all over the place. It's a real lose-lose situation since Tumblr culture promotes so much intolerance that those of us who are OK with the stuff but want to be more like the former kind of fujoshi get accused of being homophobes/trolls/haters/misogynists/butthurt fans of another ship just for telling them to not use emoticons or act like spoiled 12 year olds. And then the actual haters on the other side think we're part of the Tumblr cancer.

I don't really know about Jojo, but the threads I have been in weren't so bad. I always figured it was too bara for fujoshi, but I guess the later parts are right up their alley.
>> No. 83848

Well, didn't saw that coming.

Nah, just a random girl from a rave party or something like that.
Also, her hair isn't long enough.
>> No. 83849
File 137339170457.jpg - (248.18KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Blood Lad - 01v2 [720p]_mkv_snapsho.jpg )
So, Blood Lad looks like it could be pretty good.
>> No. 83850
Still sounds like it'll be better than a Dragon Age anime.
>> No. 83851
File 137339205389.jpg - (1.60MB , 1936x2592 , Psyclops.jpg )
They're aren't known for respecting copyright. Or doing a very good job of infringing them.
>> No. 83889
File 137350817537.png - (1.08MB , 1280x1440 , oh-commie.png )
Never change, commie.
>> No. 83892
I'm trying to work my way through a bunch of popular/must see animes while keeping up with the ones I'm following already so I've been watching anime constantly lately. This is exhausting.
>> No. 83926
>about 65 chapters into Sundome

I think Imma stop right here. Something horrifying and truly tragic is happening to these boys and I don't think I actually want to see it through.
>> No. 83929
Aw yeah, it's TouMAN time in Railgun! Full Biribiri-vision engaged!
>> No. 83935

oh wait it was just life ;_;
>> No. 83941
File 137380000959.jpg - (49.39KB , 649x638 , 1362970165741.jpg )
>after the Sisters arc Railgun S will feature an anime-original storyline
>> No. 83959
File 137388389247.jpg?nsfw - (129.21KB , 1280x720 , 1357057711561.jpg?nsfw )
>DxD thread on /a/
>bunch of gay guys admitting to watching and enjoying it, because they find the fanservice moments "cute" and some of the dudes to be hot
This is breaking my mind.
>> No. 83960
File 137388703714.png - (166.65KB , 323x512 , 008[1].png )
I got spoiled on something that finally got me to pick up the Kuragehime manga.

I forgot how the Prime Minister is the best character.
>> No. 83967
There is a lot of competition for that title. But yes, he's definitely a strong contender.
>> No. 83972
hey whats the general consensus on Ghost in the Shell: Arise? The art style looks kinda bad but im kind of desperate for more
>> No. 83974
(forgot the trip last time)

Yes, my opinion on that changes practically every page. Even the author herself is a contender with those amazing omakes. Current front runner is Hanamori for quite possibly the most efficient display of wing manning ever.

I forget what bothered me so much about the art in this, but whatever it was I'm plainly over it. God this manga is so good.
>> No. 83975
>> No. 83976
Just checked out the manga again, 4 chapters translated now. It's not great!

So-so character drama and "military tactics" consisting of charging forwards in the open while gunning enemies down. Not much else of substance. It looks nice but doesn't have brains.

Anyone got any non-GiTS cyberpunk recommendations? Looks like Appleseed's gotten scanned: http://www.mangahere.com/manga/appleseed/c001/4.html
>> No. 83977
Probably suffers from Josei Mediocre Art Syndrome. I don't know what it is either but a lot of Josei that I otherwise like for the writing have this kind of minimalist art style that makes them unpleasing to look at, even if the plot and characters are good. Love My Life and Nodame Cantabile also have this problem pretty bad. Some other Josei like Paradise Kiss and Chihayafuru I think also have this issue but water it down with enough shoujo style elaboration that it's not as problematic.
>> No. 83983
File 137395603942.jpg - (417.57KB , 1121x833 , Jaco.jpg )
So how about that Jaco?
>> No. 83984
It's alright. It's pretty clear that Toriyama's just doing whatever he feels like, but he's still a skilled writer so it comes off as entertaining. There just isn't much of a direction to it yet.
>> No. 83985
File 137396103178.png - (252.77KB , 997x1397 , img000018.png )
On another note, this manga is really nothing but an excuse for constant cookbook recipes and yet I can't stop reading it. There's just something so... wholesome. It's slice of life diced just right, but without any real drama or story. Like a light snack with a recipe showing off how cooking can improve your life.

>> No. 83986
File 137396180039.gif - (2.60MB , 459x459 , 1355576325464.gif )
>124 Volumes (Ongoing)
>> No. 83989
File 137396963237.jpg - (255.77KB , 559x834 , author comments.jpg )
I wonder what the surprise at the end is going to be!
>> No. 83992
I suppose. I just didn't like the art in the manga vs what I had seen in the anime, but somehow I don't care anymore.

Anyway I'm caught up now. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Kuragehime is unfortunately scanned only in tank form right?
>> No. 83993
File 137400144660.png - (315.88KB , 984x1397 , img000013.png )
I hate it when something happens to interrupt the happiness of it all, even though it's almost always temporary.
>> No. 83994
File 13740407356.jpg - (716.81KB , 2262x1200 , bl02f[1].jpg )
Just finished Black Lagoon: Shaitan Badi.

So for the record, I think the best arcs in the actual series are Twins and Japan while my personal favorite is the Greenback Jane arc.

This book? Blows all of it out of the water. It's also now my 2nd favorite Urobuchi work aside of Fate Zero.
I'd heard it was all about Balalaika's backstory but was surprised that it was set in the regular time period and mostly in Roanapur. That said I still totally loved it: Chang being a total boss, Balalaika being a complete psycho in a way that's only topped by the aforementioned Twins and Japan arcs, those awesomely depressing Stan segments, the utter insanity that is Shadow Falcon... so good.

The only complaints I can think of off the top of my head are that Jake wasn't great (although holy shit, I had no idea that picture of Revy domming a fat guy was from an official product), and the pirate sisters are totally wasted. I suppose in terms of wackiness, the latter is made up for by the absolutely fantastic way Chang deals with Falcon.

I like to think that Black Lagoon shares a universe with Metal Gear, and anyone not TOTALLY FUCKING INSANE enough for Special Forces work just drums out and joins the mob.
>> No. 84005
>I'd heard it was all about Balalaika's backstory but was surprised that it was set in the regular time period and mostly in Roanapur.

I thought that too. How's that a spoiler? Seems like something worth pointing out.
>> No. 84008
It isn't really, I just put it there with the rest of my impressions.

Still, anyone who likes Black Lagoon or Urobuchi should read this book, it fucking rules.
>> No. 84010
Question for fujoshis re: Free!

Has the porn you guys are producing accounted for Rin's terrifying shark teeth? Because I could see that being an issue when it comes to makeouts and blowjobs.
>> No. 84011
No different from porn of Viral from Gurren Lagann, is it?
>> No. 84013
That's a thing?
>> No. 84014
That's so cute, you're so innocent.
>> No. 84040
Yes. It's the subject of many jokes and kinks.
>> No. 84044
File 137431972475.jpg - (62.72KB , 1280x720 , [UTW-Mazui]_Toaru_Kagaku_no_Railgun_S_-_15_[720p][.jpg )
Holy shit, this was fucking spectacular! I can't believe how much effort they've put into this episode. I was completely blown away.
Coming next week: possibly the most satisfying punch in the history of anime.
>> No. 84050
File 137437407966.png - (858.72KB , 1024x571 , hot sluts.png )
I'm not really sure what is going on and I'm pretty sure this is all going to end badly but I'm really enjoying DMMD.

if you don't think Koujaku is best boy i hope you end up with bad-end Clear
>> No. 84051
>finally got around to finishing up watching Roberta's Blood Trail OVA

I try not to bitch overmuch about when anime adaptions deviate from the original manga but fuck the whole Roberta getting an arm blown off horseshit. The manga handled everything beautifully in my opinion, and this felt more like a hamfisted attempt to try and one-up the source material for drama. Not the first time I was disappointed by the OVA though. Balalaika had a scene in the manga version that honestly moved me to tears, and I was really looking forward to fucking bawling when I saw it animated. They really fucked with the scene though, and robbed it of everything that made it pluck the heartstrings in the first place. It's like they managed to miss the whole point of the scene.

I don't recall having any real complaints about the anime adaption of the rest of the series, and I'm wondering how different the crew working on the OVA was that it became such a disappointment to me.
>> No. 84059
To be fair, Blood Trail is based on one of the weakest arcs of the manga. I mean yeah there were some good scenes but it was kind of a bloated arc because Hiroe wanted to involve EVERYONE.
>> No. 84065
File 137445119889.gif - (2.35MB , 311x160 , 1zexchc.gif )

>my actual reaction to amputation doll-play and robo-bestiality dp it was great
>> No. 84114
File 137469171253.png - (182.75KB , 972x1400 , yuuyake-rocket-pencil.png )
I can't decide wether this manga is cute and uplifting or soul-crushingly depressing.
>> No. 84118
so hey are the madoka movies online yet or not? I keep seeing high quality gifs and stuff on tumblr but the google is giving me nothing
>> No. 84119
They're up on Nyaa.
>> No. 84120
thanks anon should have known to check there first
>> No. 84125
File 137475818371.jpg - (90.06KB , 1136x640 , this is getting silly now.jpg )
Free! is getting ridiculous in the best way.
>> No. 84135
File 137485454873.png - (322.76KB , 773x1200 , BioMeat_v03-016.png )
Hey Tiki, you should give Bio-Meat a read. I think it might be right up your alley.
>> No. 84136
File 13748705009.jpg - (217.15KB , 772x1200 , bio-meat-1749484.jpg )
HA HA, Biomeat is a favorite of mine.

Thanks the rec though.
>> No. 84138
File 137487315785.png - (1.13MB , 1280x800 , CG05.png )
No-one ever makes recs for tooth. :(

On the plus side, I finally got DMMd's CG pack. I now have super HD images of this little cutie eating you alive while raping you in sem-human form because you forgot what colour his paws were. Delightful.
>> No. 84139
the fact that i will have to wait until like next year to see the 3rd madoka movie is proof that god is dead
>> No. 84140
File 137488811188.png - (602.59KB , 1100x536 , nah son.png )
>> No. 84141
>Urobutcher secondaries
>> No. 84143
shhhhhhhh i like it
>> No. 84144
I think I gave up round about episode 9. I really wanted to like it...but I just found it really boring.
>> No. 84145
its not everyones thing but i dunno why i enjoyed it so much. i like the characters a whole damn lot i guess even madoka (esp madoka sweet summer child) and i was impressed with how tightly plotted the show was. like theres never an episode that could be removed and thats pretty great. i dont even mind all the crying because i was doing a lot of crying too so its ok.
>> No. 84146
File 137489853071.jpg - (518.14KB , 1120x834 , cross.jpg )
Oh, it did end after all.
>> No. 84148
It's not the greatest thing ever but most of the people saying it's horrible are just your average ITS POPULAR IT SUCKS types. That and SJ retards who think the show is some sort of tract against women or a ryona-fest without even watching it.
>> No. 84151

To be fair, having Anne Frank be a magical girl ended up sounding incredibly disrespectful to a real life historical figure who suffered horribly...plus, Japan was allies with Germany, so possibly extra awkward.
>> No. 84158
tooth what kind of stuff do you like
>> No. 84159
File 137492290956.jpg - (50.42KB , 1280x544 , _hack The Movie - Sekai no Mukou ni_mkv_snapshot_0.jpg )
also this movie is pretty as fuck

are there movies animated similarly but that have stories that aren't shit?
>> No. 84162
File 137494393144.png - (393.06KB , 1008x403 , monoke.png )
Anime: Mononoke, Samurai Champloo, Tiger & Bunny, OHSHC, Hellsing Ultimate, etc
Manga: D:B&C, Loveless, Battle Royal, SnK, Hetalia, etc

Basically I'm you're average fujoshit with entry-level tastes for pretty looking things.
>> No. 84163
Nah, you're a standard fujoshit with a knack for fucked up, disturbing shit, I'd say. Judging by >>84065 at least.
>> No. 84164
I've been told Kuroko no Basuke is prime fujoshi stuff, but it's a modern day sports series and it seems like your tastes tend more towards the fantastical.

Hmmm. Gunka no Baltzar, Ao no Exorcist, and Senki Senki Momotama are all decent fantasy-ish manga series with good art and a mostly male cast. Life is Money isn't particularly fujoshi-inclined as far as I can tell, but it certainly will fill your quota on nice art and fucked up shit.
>> No. 84165
File 137494773172.png - (1.42MB , 1280x800 , CG142.png )
Oh, it's all just a bit of fun. Hey at least I didn't dig the one route where the guy just rapes you all the times basically.

I've been mean to check out KnB, it looks like it could be alright. Those other recommendations look pretty good too, thank you very much anon. I will certainly look them up. I do tend to prefer fantasy/historical-based series but the mostly-male cast isn't necessary and I'm open to trying anything once, really.
>> No. 84166
Gunka no Baltzar is awesome, it's cute Germans doing German things.
>> No. 84167
Okay, I'm guessing most of that entry level stuff you posted is because you don't know much else, though there are a few choices that stand out, so here's a few that you might enjoy from what little I've seen you post before:
Franken Fran
Witch Craft Works
Zetman (has an anime, it's turribel, don't watch)
Shiki (has an anime, it's bretty gud, you can easily watch it instead)
You might also enjoy Uchouten Kazoku, that started airing in the current anime season.

And here's a few general recommendations, that are just great, period:
One Punch Man
Hoshi no Samidare
Battle Angel Alita
Baccano! (anime)
Tatami Galaxy (anime)
Sword of the Stranger (anime movie)
>> No. 84168
>Witch Craft Works
What does this have to do with the others?
>> No. 84169
I picked that one because it's incredibly pretty and because of her posts on /baw/ where she keeps going on about looking for submissive guys.
>> No. 84170
Also you should read Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer, toof. seinen manga doing shonen tropes with a big cast of cool, well developed characters (both guy and girl) and a very manageable 65 chapters iirc. it's good stuff.

in fact everyone should read lucifer and biscuit hammer and pray to your dark gods for an anime
>> No. 84171
File 137495374436.png - (1.44MB , 1280x960 , koustab.png )
Ah, you all know me so well. It looks like once I've finished Durarara, I've have a lot to work through!
>> No. 84172
It's probably too late to hope for an anime, but I would certainly be thrilled to be wrong.
>> No. 84173
Hey there's still hope for Sengoku Youko or Spirit Circle.
>> No. 84174
It's possible, I mean a ton of troll list manga actually did get anime adaptations in recent years (Zetman, Fate/Zero, Jojo, etc.)
>> No. 84175
"troll list?"
>> No. 84176
Fake season previews full of anime people wanted to see but likely wouldn't. Other series that would show up on them but actually got made were Rozen Maiden and I think Shingeki no Kyojin might have been on one or two.
>> No. 84177
Oh. Like the Yotsuba and Phoenix Wright animes that will never happen no matter how much we all want them to.
>> No. 84179
File 137496951112.jpg - (215.68KB , 900x350 , key_art_eureka_seven_astral_ocean.jpg )
My curiosity led me to look up why this caused such a stir. I think I was better off not knowing, because this sounds utterly abysmal.
>> No. 84180
Ok Ultimo got kind of gay and kind of dark on the third volume. Thank god the guy can just Groundhog Day when the shit hits the fan. The whole bestfriend stalking because he wants the dick and won't stop until he gets it is a far more delicate matter.
>> No. 84181
File 137497253551.png - (272.38KB , 809x1230 , Akumetsu v02 c16 - 187.png )
I love this kind of references on mangas.
This is from Akumetsu btw.
>> No. 84182
Zetman's anime doesn't really count since it was garbage but yeah nothing HOPELESS about Biscuit Hammer.
>> No. 84185
...Black Jack has genius opera skills? Either that's a mistranslation or a very silly pun on "Operation."
>> No. 84189
>>artist draws a character with long hair held in a ponytail, tied at the very end
>>note next to the drawing says "dead anime mom hair"

...Why ARE so many anime/anime-styled video game moms dead, and why do they all look the same? They all have brown hair, that hairstyle, the same bangs, watery blue eyes, a perpetual soft smile, and a very simple dress.
>> No. 84191
They're all the same woman. She's been faking her death to protect her new husband and family once her enemies locate her. Each time, she hopes she's finally escaped them forever, but they always manage to catch up to her. Maybe she's foolish, maybe she's just overly optimistic or romantic, but love always makes her give in, even if she swears to never let it happen again. She is the mother of literally dozens, maybe hundreds of anime protagonists, but her own story has never been told. UNTIL NOW.

You've stumbled upon the crux of a St. Elsewhere-esque snowglobe multiverse that consists of all anime in existence.
>> No. 84193
File 137501677268.jpg - (353.62KB , 1456x1134 , qnanatsu_no_taizai_044-045_rhn.jpg )
I love proto-manga chapter, you get to see how much has changed.
>> No. 84194
File 137501683210.jpg - (357.55KB , 1456x1134 , qnanatsu_no_taizai_054-055_rhn.jpg )
And boy did Seven deadly Sins end up better then it originally was.
>> No. 84195
File 137503242355.png - (179.89KB , 750x1190 , 036 ITS THE BOX.png )
Well shit!
Thats the last thing I though I'd see in a manga.
But can you spot what I am talking about?
>> No. 84201
So all's well that end's well for Deadman Wonderland.

Everyone seems to have their happy endings for the most part.
>> No. 84202
File 137507414377.png - (651.05KB , 640x450 , 1375066939367.png )
PS3/PS Vita「Jスターズ …youtube thumb
>> No. 84203
Too bad we'll never see this on this side of the world.
>> No. 84205
If Sasha doesn't eat something soon I think I'm going to drop SnK.
>> No. 84208
File 137510804416.jpg - (347.43KB , 1590x1183 , swag.jpg )
Man, so cool...
>> No. 84209
File 137510815827.jpg - (310.18KB , 1590x1231 , weapon team is dorks.jpg )
Unlike the weapons team. They're totally not cool.
>> No. 84210
Am I the only one who can't stand how the eyes and noses are drawn in this manga? Reminds me of Toriyama's style, but not in a good way.
>> No. 84211
Doesn't bother me.
>> No. 84212
Huh, why does this shit on weapon users who aren't Titz McAutism?

So hey, is the fanservice still at hyper ramped up levels and the fights have no consequences for the heroes?
>> No. 84221
>is the fanservice still at hyper ramped up levels
>and the fights have no consequences for the heroes?
A secondary character got their head literally smashed into their neck. So that's something.
>> No. 84226
>doing anything relevant past the beginning
>> No. 84227
...And now I want this as an anime itself.

Just an anime that makes fun of/plays on faux conspiracy theories of all characters of a certain cliche actually being the same character.
>> No. 84228
There's a slight chance it'll be released digitally...?
>> No. 84229

Well you can't explicitly refer to a character you created as a wild card and not have them do some crazy shit.

But where is the crazy shit this is just shit nothing is happening.
>> No. 84230
A dude who was sort of a one possible outcome for Kenichi's path just got his head punched into his chest cavity and exploded.
>> No. 84231
So how is it that food in Japan is so full of added salt, sugar, fat, and preservatives but they have the highest life expectancy in the world with very low prevalence rates of obesity and cancer?

This is /jam/ right is it cool to talk about this here?
>> No. 84232

They eat less meat.

Seriously, that's at least a big part of it. It's not that eating meat is bad in itself, but the amounts we eat it in in North America is just way more than we need or is good for you.
>> No. 84233
File 137517864090.png - (247.62KB , 800x1043 , Untitled-1.png )
aw what the fuck

the fuck is this

you dumb bitch you can't get sick and need surgery after making me like your stupid chinese comic book

>> No. 84235
High amounts of fish, low amounts of "red" meats, food is more expensive in general so it's harder to indulge, and culturally they seem to have small portion sizes to begin with too.
>> No. 84240
The expensiveness of food isn't that big an issue. The Japanese have way higher than average disposable income relative to their actual earnings because almost no one can afford to buy real estate there, and therefore no one's saving up for a down payment on a house.
>> No. 84244
File 137525269285.jpg - (174.56KB , 1280x1284 , 1375073232092.jpg )
>the ending of Katanagatari

I don't know why I expected anything remotely happy.
>> No. 84245
File 137528031463.jpg - (172.03KB , 468x640 , qt witch.jpg )
What are you talking about? Shichika got the girl in the end.
>> No. 84247
Apparently pixiv doesn't recognize my e-mail address, because it doesn't end in .com or .net, so it won't even send a verification e-mail. Well, that's just fucking annoying.
>> No. 84255
File 137534769465.png - (1.10MB , 1280x720 , 1375330391393.png )
>> No. 84256
That just reminds me how much Katanagatari loved anti-climaxes. It is a pretty solid message of "violence doesn't really accomplish jackshit."
>> No. 84257
Miss Karasuma, your English so…youtube thumb
This anime is my guilty pleasure this season. There's no substance whatsoever, but it's just so goddamn adorable. It's become my own little happy place.
>> No. 84258
File 137537428036.jpg - (64.77KB , 350x350 , a0156991280_2[1].jpg )
Christine Love put out the Hate Plus trailer (which is a Korean themed game by a Canadian lady but /cog/ hates VNs so eh), and the theme song along with it.


I'm kind of having a hard time believing this is a real song.
>> No. 84259
Wait, /cog/ hates visual novels now?
>> No. 84261
Well the old VN thread was me and like, two other people trying to get people to try VNs and failing.

I did get Dagda to play Analogue during the Steam Sale, but only because I bought it for him.
>> No. 84267
File 13754311351.jpg?spoiler - (164.11KB , 1920x1080 , bH8F58X.jpg?spoiler )
Sooo... turns out the main character in c3-bu has a goddamned Reality Marble. That or its spiral energy

Cute Girls Doing Cute Things indeed...
>> No. 84271
File 137546490443.jpg - (164.48KB , 512x368 , 006[1].jpg )
Can't find the Historical Fiction thread, but someone on ADTRW brought this series to my attention.

It is, as they sold it to me, basically Gunka no Baltzar, except instead of centering on Not-Prussia and Not-Bavaria, it's all about the Not-Ottomon Empire.

Haven't read much, but I'm enjoying it so far.
>> No. 84278
File 137553950948.gif - (497.83KB , 490x270 , 1372769392358.gif )
And now to abandon Railgun S. Man, what a bummer. Though I realize they don't have enough episodes left to cover Daihensai, I have no hopes for the filler.
>> No. 84281
On one hand, I'd like to see them break out of the cour system of bundling episodes and get some of that Daihensai arc.
On the other hand, I'm always up for more Uiharu.
>> No. 84289
File 137565715162.png - (324.48KB , 886x1300 , img000008.png )
Black Lagoon what are you doing

I didn't say stop, just... what are you doing

Is this something where post-hiatus Rei Hiroe has just said "fuck it, we're gonna have these characters explicitly confront everything via open discussion"?
>> No. 84290

I really like this new girl but I know that's a mistake because anyone not in the Lagoon company I like dies.
>> No. 84291
>Not liking Chang
>Not liking Balalaika
>Not liking Chen Hua, Rotton, Sawyer, and Shadow Falcon
>> No. 84295
Its the tale of a ninetailed fox hunting to regain its power by turning into a grimdark Scoopy Doo with the worst kind of ending.
And I like seeing a magic monster friend/pet story where the monster doesnt talk shit.
It has a goal and if you get in its way then fuck you.
>> No. 84322
File 137582327442.jpg - (158.10KB , 1024x768 , 1375822545589.jpg )
Fujoshi are becoming a force to be reckoned with. This development seems somewhat sudden. Like, where were they hiding all these years?
>> No. 84324
>Like, where were they hiding all these years?
In their rooms, duh
>> No. 84326
Note to self: Remember this location if you ever decide to go cruisin' for chicks in Japan.
>> No. 84329
Maybe if you've been living under a rock for the last twenty years.
>> No. 84333
pbs idea channel put up an ep this week about whether fans are allowed to interpret stuff in evangelion when the creator explicitly said there's no deeper meaning

I don't think the video is explicitly about evangelion because the same "death of the author" argument has gone on about different media, like how people found out orson scott card was homophobic but interpreted ender's game as pretty gay-inclusive or about accepting others who are different in general (which is how I read it as a kid)

idk I always thought if anything the message of evangelion was telling parents to not be overbearing and controlling and let them follow their own path, tangled had the same message and it made me happy because I think more parents nowadays need to learn that
>> No. 84334
Evangelion is mostly about the Hedgehog's Dilemma, but yeah, parent/child relationships are an important element of it, too.

It's also pretty heavily and pretty blatantly a "Hey, you! Otaku! You suck! Stop being a whiny little pussy like Shinji!"
>> No. 84336
That's the thing, I never saw Shinji as a pussy.

I saw him as an abused possible asexual being forced into an incredibly scary situation against his will.
>> No. 84337
Not "abused" per se. Neglected. And bullied. But he's supposed to be you, the viewer, is the point. It was designed to make the point of "You watch these super robot shows and you pretend that you're Kamina, but you're not. You're Shinji."

Obviously it wouldn't have been Kamina at the time, but you get my point. I say "pussy" only in relation to the usual hero in that sort of show--Shinji is exactly what most of us would be if we were thrust into that situation at his age.
>> No. 84338
Well, neglect can be a kind of abuse, as can bullying. Even if it's just verbal.

I know already that I'm Shinji. I knew before I watched NGE. Heck, one of the reasons I feel people need to knock it off with the "why didn't he bang Asuka/Rei/Kaworu" thing is I don't think people have been in the situation where you're too stressed out to have sex, or that you're ace and just don't have those feelings for anyone. Or none of them were to his liking? IDK. It's weird how many fans rarely even focus on the robots at all. It's all the lack of a love story.
>> No. 84339
Shinji's definitely interested in sex. He and Asuka have a lot of sexual tension between them, and there was his whole reaction to Asuka and Misato playing in the hot springs after the fight with Sandalphon, and jacks off over Asuka's sleeping body in EoE. (Spoilered more for the sake of keeping things classy than because anyone doesn't know about the scene in question).

Now granted, he may be pulling a "don't stick your dick in crazy" thing on Asuka, and honestly it's good reasoning to apply to ALL the girls in Eva, but it's not like he doesn't have interest in them sexually, whether or not he actually thinks acting on that interest would be a good idea or worth the inevitable headaches. But it is implied that part of the problem with him is just being unable to act on his own behalf in general. Even though life continually shits on Shinji, it's a recurring theme that he's his own worst enemy in a lot of ways--it would be weirder if that wasn't true in the romantic/sexual sense as well. It's certainly the case for all the OTHER sexual relationships in the show--the people who ARE getting laid are mostly self-destructing in one way or another.
>> No. 84340
>the creator explicitly said there's no deeper meaning

I get tired of people saying this.

The only part of Eva I've ever seen Anno say has no meaning is the CHRISTIAN imagery.
>> No. 84341
File 137587883450.jpg - (280.70KB , 1213x1920 , tumblr_mqxwnrxeto1qekoajo1_1280_png.jpg )


Do I Have Power (2011)youtube thumb
>> No. 84342
It's never going to stop getting worse. Never.
>> No. 84343
File 137589210248.jpg - (2.68MB , 3369x2000 , 1375859988209.jpg )
One of the great things about having a hentai artist become a Jump mangaka.
>> No. 84344
I like how they all have different physiques.

Some artists have this weird habit of drawing the breast and not her back, which always pissed me off, because no woman's upper torso is all boob, and she needs her back to support that and yadda yadda. But he didn't do that.
>> No. 84345
I don't know most of these characters.
>> No. 84346
Where's Rin's scar? That's kinda her thing.
>> No. 84347
File 137589805181.jpg - (434.69KB , 1370x1024 , 1373090991005.jpg )
>Kagura isn't ripped as fuck
Goddamnit Mikasa spoiled me too much.
>> No. 84348
File 13758990501.png - (1.28MB , 1080x641 , jump-girls.png )

I only recognize about a third of them. The rest are total mysteries to me.
>> No. 84349
Kagura isn't ripped in the actual manga either. She's got alien strength, she don't need no muscles.
>> No. 84351
The one above Nami is Rin from Toriko. The one to the right of Chitoge is Aida Riko from Kuroko's Basketball. The rest, I have no clue. I'm interested in glasses girl on the left, though. It's super rare to have a female character with a chin beauty mark who doesn't have tits the size of her head.

...Why is that, anyway? The anime association of beauty mark on chin = stacked. Residual association with Marilyn Monroe?
>> No. 84352
Going by the volleyball she's holding, I'd guess she's from Haikyuu.
>> No. 84353
File 137592265083.gif - (592.24KB , 500x281 , another slutty blonde shota.gif )
ugh this anime is so fucking cute it's making me mad. also episode 5 is a+ as to be expected.

i bet makoto and rei wouldn't have to drown if nagisa had just agreed to share a tent with rei.
>> No. 84354
File 13759240229.jpg - (11.09KB , 312x296 , 127571217282.jpg )
Fujoshit, ruining anime. That was sarcasm, btw.
>> No. 84355
sorry not sorry

i know
>> No. 84357
File 13759556944.gif - (1.46MB , 400x223 , 1370079208912.gif )
I know probably none of you care. But I do! Yay!
>> No. 84365
Cooking Papa OPyoutube thumb

>> No. 84370
Hell, the manga's still going why NOT keep the rest? Did the recipe bit just not translate to animation too well?
>> No. 84394
File 137616041743.jpg - (374.75KB , 601x775 , 124815372115.jpg )
>Qualia the Purple
>> No. 84398
>Dagda: 2 chapters in. Impressive so far
>Dagda: 6 chapters down. Yeah, I... don't disagree with your assessment.
>Rodyle: you are not at the crazy part
>Rodyle: let me reiterate
>Dagda: k

>Dagda: 10 chapters in
>Rodyle: NOPE

>Dagda: http://gyazo.com/66cf5514033699009f4ffdeca289e1d8
>Dagda: Oh my fucking god

Guys, Qualia the Purple is cyborg yuri bioshock infinite.
>> No. 84412
File 137620948432.jpg - (68.55KB , 398x400 , huey-lewis-and-the-news-the-power-of-love.jpg )
>Eureka Seven's ending

Somewhat confusing, but REALLY satisfying. Also reminiscent of The Fifth Element.
>> No. 84413
Okay you got me to read Qualia the Purple. At chapter 7 now. Which just reminds me what a shitty and needlessly complicated thought experiment Schrödinger's Cat is, when the message it's trying to convey is much more simple and concise than that shitty elaborate set-up for the cat. Though it is funny to see the millions of different interpretations in popular culture of its meaning (which also goes to show how shitty it is, when no one can figure out what it's supposed to convey)
>> No. 84414
That's in part because people keep making the mistake of thinking Schrodinger's Cat was an attempt to explain quantum theory, when in fact it was an attempt to mock quantum theory. And a failed one.
>> No. 84416
The manga gets into that exact topic a few pages later, IIRC.
>> No. 84417
Boy howdy, Deadman Wonderland renders more black than even Doom 3.
>> No. 84419
Why would you even watch that? Are you some kind of masochrist?
>> No. 84420
He got the whip....

...For your sins.
>> No. 84430
So I'm caught up with the scans. I'm... not feeling it's too crazy. I definitely like it though. Cellphonehand is best power.

Sort of reminds me of Steins;Gate in a way that's hard to describe.
>> No. 84431
I'm an atheist.

But the show has interested me enough over the first two episodes that I'll keep watching until it gets too fucking weird. So far there's lots of gratuitous gore; sadly, probably no tits. Also, I find it weird that the Japanese version apparently censors curse words while the American dub openly used them? Or was that some other weird censoring? They even put [BEEP] in the subtitles.
>> No. 84432

Deadman Wonderland starts out kind of interesting and then it gets on the stupid train and never stops and before you know it it's a beautiful love story between a traumatized teenager and a girl with the mental capacity of an eight year old and oh god why
>> No. 84433
Ah. I watched a Mecha series like that; can't remember what it is, but basically there are mech pilots, something about the pilot having to sync with the mech, and one lands in front of Standard Student's school during a battle. The female pilot is knocked out and he manages to take control of it. In doing so, he becomes overwhelmed with power and starts to go on a rampage of sorts for the first few episodes until he kills his best friend.

It was highly interesting up until the fifth-or-so episode when it becomes a standard harem anime with a Mecha backdrop. I was incredibly disappointed, because until then it was taking an incredibly novel approach to the "boy stumbles into mech, wins" cliche, at least as far as I know.

So I'll just keep watching Deadman Wonderland until it flies off the rail. Any idea what episode it completely flips its shit at?

(I'm also reminded of SaiKano; while watching this in anime club in college, the set of episodes we downloaded had a warning at the end of Episode 10 or so that if you wanted a happy ending, stop watching the series at that point. Otherwise, you went on at your own peril...)
>> No. 84435
Found it: Linebarrels of Iron. http://www.hulu.com/linebarrels-of-iron

Episode 4 Synopsis:
>Yajima confronts Kouichi about his violent behavior, leading to a bloody brawl between old friends. Their reconciliation is quickly halted when a mechanized assassin emerges from the darkness.
Episode 5:
>Kouichi awakens to find - much to his horror - that Yajima did not survive their altercation. Devastated, he rejects an offer to join JUDA only to reconsider after talking with Emi.
Annnnnd then we hit Episode 6:
>Kouichi's first day at JUDA headquarters is downright brutal. He's been launched into space, seen Emi naked, and he's about to be sawed in half!

Yeah. I think I watched Episode 7 to see if Ep6 was just a one-off, something to break the tension in the series, but no it flipped on its side and went straight into harem territory. Sad...
>> No. 84439
I remembered recently how the .HACK// games always came with an episode of the anime, and how that always sold really well, and I was thinking that I'd probably buy more DVD's if, I dunno, Best Buy or FYE sold a bundle where you could buy an anime DVD/Blu-Ray for a discount if it was based on a game, and you bought the two together.

(Either that or I'm stuck in 2006 still.)
>> No. 84441
Hahaha wowww. Was it at least a result of switching directors?
>> No. 84443
I think it might have been running out of source material.
>> No. 84444
>episode six caused an all out shipping war in the free! fandom


Well at least everyone can agree on NagiRei.
>> No. 84446
I can't say for sure, but a quick look at wiki says that the first few episodes were panned by critics, in part because the main character was so unlikeable. This might have caused a change in the series's direction starting around Ep5.

Because having a main character who breaks the mold and becomes power crazy after getting his customary Gundam is 2deep4them, I guess. It's what made me super interested in the series, and then BAM, Episode 6 and generic harem antics.
>> No. 84447

This manga is the best manga ever.

Its an American Highschool drama with a ninja transfer student.

Its hilarious
>> No. 84451
Rewrites on an animated show have to be made further in advance than that.
>> No. 84452

Has anyone read Ketchup Ninja before?
>> No. 84453
File 137658024036.jpg - (231.88KB , 720x1024 , 026.jpg )
You guys should all read Flying Witch. It's so goddamn adorable.
>> No. 84454
I was thinking they started the rewrite process after Ep2, did the transition scene at the end of Ep5, and started full-retard mode with Ep6.
>> No. 84457
Ah, I think this is the source of your problem. Those were some dark times to be watching a Gonzo anime.
>> No. 84459
Just watched Steam Boy. I'd heard it wasn't too good but I thought it was pretty rad.

Felt a lot like I was watching a Ghibli movie, actually.

The credits were kinda weird though. It was like they took all the content that would've been used for a sequel and just stuffed it into the credits in the form of slides. What really threw me off about them though was that they spend the entire movie trying to stop scientific advancement from being used for war, but then the credits show that outcome happening anyway. I guess maybe they were trying to make a statement about this being an inevitability, but then what was the point of the whole movie? To delay war for a few years? It made the whole story and goal of the protagonists just seem kind of pointless.
>> No. 84461
File 137674025935.jpg - (194.24KB , 1456x1218 , d002.jpg )
I fucking love this manga.
>> No. 84462
File 137674061831.jpg - (188.12KB , 1456x1287 , d003.jpg )
So much.
>> No. 84466
File 137677050552.jpg - (442.85KB , 1590x1051 , 28.jpg )
Shintaro Kago threw up the call out on all Harem bullshit.

>> No. 84468
File 137678029897.jpg - (197.33KB , 1280x720 , rketchup_ninja_001_003.jpg )
Ketchup ninja is good.
>> No. 84471
I don't get it, if ninja are THAT POWERFUL how the hell did Japan manage to ban them from the country?
>> No. 84473
File 137680466697.jpg - (27.94KB , 848x480 , [HorribleSubs] Oreimo S2 - 14 [480p]_mkv_snapshot_.jpg )


>> No. 84474
If you can't, then just stop.
>> No. 84475
Because regular people are always god tier if they are trying to create or destroy something.
>> No. 84478
File 137687786166.jpg - (154.29KB , 1590x894 , p011.jpg )
If Super Heroes are so powerful, why would they let themselves be banned? [see Watchmen, The Incredibles, etc.]
Because 1. Majority vote and 2. the minority (supers/ninja) wanting to be law-abiding. Also, new chapter.
>> No. 84479

Fuck, there's been a new chapter every day for the past 3 days or something. Are these just being rapidly translated?
>> No. 84501
Uh, Superheroes are NOT powerful in Watchmen, none of them have any powers except Doctor blue-dong. And he's so powerful he's grown distant and apathetic towards humanity entirely
>> No. 84505
It's okay Ninja.

My jimmies have never been this rustled in my life...
>> No. 84509
File 137702672949.jpg - (141.44KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Uchouten Kazoku - 06 [720p]_mkv_sna.jpg )
Anyone else watching Uchouten Kazoku? It's definitely the sleeper of the season for me. It's funny and tragic and cute and weird. Be aware that it's mostly just a whole lot of talking, though. Not really something for people who have to have action and fights in their anime.
>> No. 84512
I might check it out, depending. Is it a whole lot of talking the way Katanagatari was a whole lot of talking? Because I got two episodes into that until the massively disproportionate use of talking versus pretty much anything else happening made me unable to continue.
>> No. 84514





>> No. 84515
File 137706711540.png - (150.39KB , 341x334 , 1375477464892.png )

Shhhh... We know he has HORRIBLE taste in girls.

But honestly, what was anyone expecting in the end with a title like that?
>> No. 84516
>K-On on 1st place.
Ahahaha, fuck your list Biglobe. Seriously.

>Heartcacth Precure on 15th
>Not Splash Star or Fresh
Nothing against HC, but they should know better.
>> No. 84517
K-On deserves to be first. It's not a poll about quality, even though most voters probably mistook the poll for a popularity contest, as well. It's a poll which series will most likely represent this decade. K-On fits that bill to a T. In 10 years people will still remember K-On and what it represents, wether with fondness or aversion. Nobody will give a shit about SnK or SAO in 10 years' time.
>> No. 84519
Aka why manga is more awesome then comics.
When was the last time you heard someone almost die making a comic?
>> No. 84520
File 13771049411.jpg - (22.32KB , 230x329 , 230px-Don_Rosa_MegaCon_2012_Orlando_FL.jpg )
How about going virtually blind from decades of eye strain?
>> No. 84529
>> No. 84531
And thats why he's one of my top 3.
No not really, it's because he is awesome.
>> No. 84532
his condition isn't related to his job, though.
>> No. 84533
Yeah, contrary to popular myth, staring at text all day, whether in the form of computers, television, printed words, or drawing, hasn't shown any strong causal link to permanent eye damage. It definitely causes eye strain in the short term (as in, until you get some sleep), but not to long-term damage. Long-term visual impairment almost always has to come from either an injury, illness, or genetics.
>> No. 84536
Hate Plus is not a very well programmed visual novel. It runs at 500k of memory normally, running at full animations can make half the UI disappear, and personally mine just spiked to 800k of memory randomly while talking withe Mute and Hyunae, and then immediately crashed.
>> No. 84537
How are visual novels programmed anyway? Are there common engines for these things? Or do people start from scratch each time?
>> No. 84538
There is one free-to-use engine that I know of, Renpy, which was used to make Katawa Shoujo.
>> No. 84539
I need a nice, quiet, uneventful anime to fall back on if my anxiety starts to spike. Western cartoons work too, but I can't think of any American cartoon that wasn't action-based in the last 20 years.

Something not boring or devoid of conflict, but where I never need to worry about characters dying or anything.
>> No. 84540
Something uneventful but not without conflict? Maybe there's some obvious examples that I'm missing or something, but at the moment this just seem a bit paradoxical.
>> No. 84541
Silver Spoon?
>> No. 84543
Reading like that, yeah, you're right...I guess I mean something without any massive world-shattering depressive dilemmas. Just interpersonal conflict or something at that level. I dunno.

Friends all are watching Attack On Titan, but I dunno if I can deal with it. Stress has been physically affecting me, and I don't want to aggravate it more. (But then again, I've been watching Dangan Ronpa, and despite being a murder mystery, it doesn't stress me out.)

I'll have to look into that, I've never heard of it.
>> No. 84544
I think they're saying some minor drama is okay but no chosen ones or destruction of Tokyo.

Try Aria the Animation and its various continuations if sedate world-building interests you and you haven't seen it already.
>> No. 84545
Narrative conflict doesn't have to be something epic or traumatic. It could be, random example, a character trying to do a task with some challenges.
>> No. 84547
I haven't. For money reasons, I never had the cash to buy much anime, so I stuck with whatever was on TV. I haven't had the time to watch Toonami/Adult Swim in a few years, or keep up with what was coming out. I prefer to stick with whatever's streaming legally-- at least they get my ad revenue money if they can't get my cash directly.

Right. I had a discussion like that with a friend over my own writing. I was too invested in my characters to kill them, but I didn't want a story completely devoid of problems.
>> No. 84549
Mushishi is the relaxing-est anime there is. Everything about it is soothing. Despite it being chock-full of personal tragedy. The OP should tell you more than enough about just how relaxing the show is.
Mushishi Openingyoutube thumb
Tatami Galaxy is also pretty great. But it can be somewhat tiring to follow the subtitles, since MC talks A LOT and FAST, though you get used to it. But it's a great little comedy with a bit of a sweet love story, a lot of self discovery and a great twist at the end.
The Tatami Galaxy OPyoutube thumb
>> No. 84559
>> No. 84570
I've already seen part of it. I love it. In my head, it's the spear counterpart to Azumanga Daioh.

It's a perfect show to prove dubs can be good, and to show what happens when animators get free reign, and get really creative and/or bored (I've had people ask me if they were on drugs, and I always insist they weren't.)
>> No. 84573
The correct answer is Nichijou. At one point the school principal suplexes a deer.
>> No. 84577
Silver Spoon is definitely worth looking at, then. It's by the same gal who did Fullmetal Alchemist, but it's a modern-day story about a guy who enrolls in a farmer's highschool thinking it'll be an easy-A deal. Turns out farming is serious business.

I would have recommended Mushishi as well, but I hesitated because of the whole "personal tragedy" angle. Alot of the stories are basically "someone's loved one has a serious medical condition and it's getting worse and worse are they gonna be okay", doesn't mean it's depressing in the end but still alot of worrying.

If that sounds fine, though, go for it.
>> No. 84579
>oh hey the first 4 episodes of the dub for Fam of the Silver Wing's dub is up on Hulu
>let's see how it is
>everything is going okay
>British princesses
>suddenly Deo's voice
It seems to get better after the first episode, but that voice was just grating in the first one.

Seconding Mushi-Shi. There is some light conflict, but the entirety of the show is about trying to co-exist with various supernatrual species (the Mushi) and one guy that goes around trying to help people find a balance.
>> No. 84584
File 137739769554.jpg - (190.46KB , 1280x810 , r045.jpg )
Chris is literally Superman sans powers.
>> No. 84585
Wait where did Captain Kamen Rider come from!? This shocked me

Man I bet it and all the superpowers were designed by some japanese dude though, right?
>> No. 84590
File 137742789899.jpg - (199.13KB , 1456x909 , s022.jpg )
I love the joke that the true power of American cultural domination is FAT AMERICAN TITTIES
>> No. 84591
Is Magi getting cancelled or something? It feels like it's been rushing to a conclusion in the past few chapters.
>> No. 84593
Well, if it does there's still the Sinbad prequel to be finished.
>> No. 84596
File 137748497856.png - (352.27KB , 703x618 , noisy girl chap 3.png )
Always has been, always will be.
>> No. 84598
File 137749723288.png - (338.62KB , 704x464 , 1210494316864.png )

Shinji's exactly like a friend of mine. I just watched the series plus EOE, and fuck, it was scary. Anything you could say about Shinji, minus being Japanese, 14, and piloting a biomechanoid abomination, would apply to him, cello playing included. I think it made me enjoy the series more, knowing someone like that.

Despite the major feels and having had it spoilered seven years ago, I enjoyed it thoroughly.
>> No. 84600
File 137752014789.jpg - (150.88KB , 800x1148 , nanatsu-no-taizai-4407891.jpg )
>> No. 84601
File 137753125978.png - (413.93KB , 452x710 , 127483959042.png )
>new Vinland Saga
>> No. 84602
Doesn't that really apply to every chapter of Vinland Saga for like, the last 3 years?
>> No. 84604
File 137755545866.png - (1.29MB , 1937x1400 , img000047.png )
Dunno which of the 178937387638179 adaptions of the story you're following, so I might be late to the party with this, but shit is going down in that one manga version.
>> No. 84607
File 137758766456.png - (155.98KB , 897x1300 , img000019.png )
There's a line and you clearly passsed. I just can't be bothered anymore.
>> No. 84608
Yup, nothing makes me drop something faster than memory loss plots.
>> No. 84614
Can't even do it in an original way. "I am... uh... I dunno and what is this"
>> No. 84616
To me this is the happiest chapter of Vinland Saga... pretty much ever. HE'S LIVING BY HIS FATHER'S WORDS. AND IT IS WORKING.
>> No. 84618
『山田くんと7人の魔…youtube thumb
>> No. 84621
So I know there's several anime characters with red or purple eyes and white hair, but are there any who are legitimately defined as albino within the story? Or is it always just because-anime-colors-are-like-that?
>> No. 84632
There's numerous cases where it's acknowledged as unusual but isn't due to albinism, Mushishi being one. Dunno what category you'd give that.
>> No. 84657
Isn't white hair also often used as an indication in anime that someone has lost their power/energy/life force?
>> No. 84658
So, what are some decent animes from as far back as 2010 to now. Not that I'll watch them immediately, but it would be nice to be up-to-date on my weeaboo when I get the chance to torrent and binge.
>> No. 84664
File 13779764661.jpg?spoiler - (295.88KB , 1590x1151 , 27.jpg?spoiler )
Claymore spoilers
>> No. 84673
Someone I know was going around claiming that they were Japanese, and I know they're not Asian in any respect, so I was annoyed and sort of wrote them off as a weeb, but they recently mentioned that they "barely" watched any anime, and didn't think a lot of it was good, so now I'm confused.
>> No. 84676
Japanophilia predates anime by a long shot. And pretending to be more interesting than you are predates THAT by a long shot.
>> No. 84680
Most of the people I knew who were interested in Japan only liked it because they thought it was anime, J-pop, samurai, and nothing else (at least it's better than those people who wanted to move to Germany because they had a Nazi fetish and/or wanted to drink beer 24/7). I don't know. It's frustrating because I thought she was a good person most of the time, and then making up blatant lies about herself actually drove me away.
>> No. 84685
So Arakawa (FMA, Silver Spoon), has a new series.

It's basically about a Persian prince and his companions dealing with a Western European invasion of Persia and Byzantium. It's also apparently an adaptation of a novel series by the creator of Legend of Galactic Heroes.
>> No. 84693
File 137826428422.jpg - (488.25KB , 1200x1602 , Arslan_full_74360.jpg )
Huh, thought it was adapted already. Apparently it was, in the form of an old OVA which seems pretty interesting. Odd choice for a barafag like her considering the source material's style seems to have a lot of pretty Amano-esque bishounen.
>> No. 84700
Okay this label is a new one. What's the meaning?

Bishonen is just a look; Arakawa's pretty damn good at letting all ages/genders/builds rock. If there's something she wanted to draw, it was probably this era of history- she always does her period research, and she hasn't had a decent chance to draw swordfights for 3 years now.
>> No. 84702
>Men should be buff! Women should be vavoom!
FMA was loaded with hairy sexy beefy dudes with square jaws.
>> No. 84704
And its main character was a shrimpy blonde pretty boy. It's not like beefy men is all she's capable of.
>> No. 84706
I don't know if I'd count Ed as a pretty boy. His eyes are too weird.

And my memory is hazy, but I'm pretty sure he was fairly ripped for a fifteen year old. It's actually pretty tough for kids to get huge, beefy physiques even if they're in peak physical shape.
>> No. 84707
File 137833369648.jpg - (459.17KB , 985x1536 , got any cheese to grate.jpg )
Buddy, have you even READ Full Metal Alchemist? Ed is one RIPPED 15 year old.
>> No. 84708
File 137833422396.jpg - (336.18KB , 556x800 , Mentaiko_full_414112.jpg )
With a thick waist, musculature, and wide face and jaw. The only feminine thing about him is his hair.
>> No. 84714
File 137835210750.png - (273.69KB , 882x1300 , 08.png )
He's ripped for a pretty boy, but he's definitely no bara. The main character in Arslan isn't hugely masculine, but it's nowhere out of the ordinary for Arakawa. She does all types, nobody's left out.
>> No. 84719

Oh hey, another one of those cute-girls-doing-cute-things series.

or is it?
>> No. 84727
>Kill La Kill main casting
This is gonna be good.
>> No. 84729
File 137860278568.jpg?spoiler - (192.69KB , 850x1200 , Suna06_196.jpg?spoiler )
So I've finally gotten around to reading the Desert Punk manga, mostly because I found a couple more volumes were scanlated since I last checked.

I'd heard it was darker than the anime. Didn't seem to be a huge difference, but then I got right past where the anime diverged (sixth volume), and this happened.
>> No. 84735
The best type of tumblr.
>> No. 84738
I finished watching Kino's Journey a while ago. It was quite good, and I heartily recommend.

I thought it was an incredibly soothing, relaxing show, but I've seen someone else who thought it was overwhelmingly brutal and had a very oppressive, tragic mood, and someone else who liked it because they thought it had a very exciting 'spirit of adventure' vibe. And y'know, even though those opinions weren't what I took away from it, I totally see where they're coming from and can't disagree at all. It's one of those things where I feel like the interpretation really does rely more on you than on the piece itself, and I don't know of too many anime that are able to achieve that.

So yeah, pretty good show if you can get over how goofy it is for a talking motorcycle to be one of the main characters.

Oh, and the scanlines are part of the show, so if you download and see those, it's not because of a low quality file or something.
>> No. 84741
File 137875474720.gif - (2.14MB , 400x225 , 1377003164173.gif )
I enjoy Symphogear G. There I said it. The plot is utterly retarded, but the PLOT is great and the action is pretty amazing. They're really using that massive budget, that they manage to milk out of the character singles.
>> No. 84744
File 137878447426.jpg - (337.78KB , 869x1236 , b022.jpg )
>> No. 84747
File 137879454889.jpg - (753.77KB , 1500x750 , 1377838531820.jpg )

Why K-ON worked and the clones that followed.
>> No. 84756
File 137882118844.jpg - (183.78KB , 800x1139 , i-am-a-hero-4423361.jpg )
This guy seems 100% trustworthy.
>> No. 84757
File 137882144134.jpg - (233.46KB , 1200x862 , i-am-a-hero-4423443.jpg )
I have come to realize the world needs more underwear fights.
>> No. 84801

So here's a thing. Biglobe polled male gay otaku on who they thought were the hottest anime characters. It's pretty interesting to see how their tastes differ per series from the typical darlings of the fujoshi.

Also congrats Kagami Taiga on being #1 gay boyfriend.
>> No. 84802
File 137910984997.png - (292.76KB , 874x1300 , 13.png )

Simply beautiful.
>> No. 84803
>Rider only 28
>> No. 84807

>Doesn't read japanese

Yes, a very interesting arrangement moon runes.
>> No. 84811
>weh i am inept how do google translate
>> No. 84814
File 137921501513.jpg - (13.11KB , 480x360 , hiro.jpg )
Google translate has a tendency to fuck up Japanese names, translating the component characters into word salad. Most of them are comprehensible, but I don't think Kuroko no Basketball has a character called "fire God Paramatman".

>5. Germany
>8. Zoro
>9. Ichiro Komaba
>13. Archer
>16. Smoker
>19. Yuji Sakamoto
>22. Scar
>27. Maes Hughes
Pretty in line with what I would guess, though I'm surprised how high Komaba ranked.

>12. Hiroshi Nohara (e.g. the dad from Shin-chan)
That... I was not expecting at all.

>40. Mason (an incredibly minor Fullmetal Alchemist character)
Nor that.
>> No. 84816
File 137924665179.jpg - (183.23KB , 728x1135 , s021.jpg )
>> No. 84835
Yuusen-Shoujo-Plug-in-Girl is so much fun.
>> No. 84857
File 137958639515.jpg - (360.10KB , 860x1236 , img000019.jpg )
License-less Rider is the best hero. You just can't deny it.
>> No. 84858
Oh lord, without the getup he looks like Shirou and Shiki did the fusion dance.
>> No. 84859
File 137959608171.png - (93.82KB , 735x475 , 1379587128519.png )
>> No. 84863

Seriously guys?
>> No. 84875
n-nani kore

>> No. 84877
Stella C3: The Lineyoutube thumb

>> No. 84888
File 137990194744.jpg - (41.17KB , 399x444 , 1372789203008.jpg )

>> No. 84889
I like the infinite canvas thing the reader site has. It probably doesn't work for everything, but since Qualia's paneling succession seems more vertical than usual I think it's pretty good at keeping the flow from page to page.
>> No. 84891
Man, I forgot what an amazing song The Real Folk Blues is. I'm melting away.
>> No. 84902
Most lyrical Cowboy Bebop music is that awesome, just on different emotional levels.
>> No. 84903
Cowboy Bebop - Call me Call meyoutube thumb

did someone say lyrical cowboy bebop music
>> No. 84905
Speaking of Bebop, Space Dandy got a Long PV.
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