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File 135583396028.png?spoiler - (229.75KB , 902x1300 , 855095d9c1e7f143e4a590a7ed38603a.png?spoiler )
80334 No. 80334
>Chapter 614


We Gantz now.
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>> No. 80335
File 135584577110.png?spoiler - (405.99KB , 1777x1300 , 1355841817663.png?spoiler )
Bah, chap will be up and jitterbugging by the finale.

The Juubi looks like crap though
>> No. 80336
Fucking Obito finally had a good villain line at least, I like how he seems almost desperate to prove Naruto is wrong.

Also I don't give a FUCK about Hedge or whatever.
>> No. 80337
The Hyuuga clan. Continuing a proud history of getting impaled for Naruto's sake.

God, what the hell? Did Kishi finally get one too many complaints that "Durr, you don't kill off enough major characters." and just decided to make this a freaking Gainax Ending by kiling ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE, because, really, fuck the entire concept of shounen??

Then again, I think I might like to see what would happen if it ends up with EVERYONE dead at Naruto's feet, and Madarobituubi still standing. Maybe he might go Super Saiyan or something. Naturally, he'd just use rinne tensei no jutsu to bring everyone back after the conclusion, but still. Seeing him go COMPLETELY off the deep end would be nice.
>> No. 80338
B-b-but I was finally starting to like Neji because of Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth
>> No. 80339
File 135585095152.png?spoiler - (37.46KB , 264x271 , 1355843585640.png?spoiler )
>> No. 80340
Meh, Kishi chose the WORST character to sacrifice. The one whose main theme and concept is all about destiny and those born with privilege.

Naruto is no underdog, he's a spoiled overly privileged ninja Jesus chosen one. Whatever conflict he had with Neji has long since been shat on beyond oblivion.
>> No. 80341
Ah, the hack flashing back to a time when his work was half decent. A classic mistake, that.
>> No. 80342
File 135585202925.jpg - (15.67KB , 603x393 , 129908327108-jc_denton.jpg )
What a shame.
>> No. 80344
I'd like someone to draw him in that style reading the current Shonen Jump and reacting appropriately.
Wh...why does it always have to be me???
>> No. 80347
Uh Moe, didn't someone already make a Naruto general thread before you?
>> No. 80348
File 13558558605.jpg?spoiler - (90.95KB , 1280x800 , nme.jpg?spoiler )
I made that thread. However, something went wrong, and no one can get in. Besides, this is going so much better.
>> No. 80351
File 135585729941.gif - (76.51KB , 500x282 , 1355856232748.gif )
>> No. 80354
Yeah but when I tried it it did not work.
At all.
>> No. 80360
O_O Whoa was that...
...oh yeah it was

So there's been more major deaths? Guess I'll have o catch up.
>> No. 80361
Yeah, given that in this chapter it's also revealed the Obito totally knows the "bring-everyone-back-to-life-after-the-crisis-jutsu" colored me unimpressed at Kishi's sudden and apparent sprouting of the balls.

If this arc ends without Obito falling prey to Naruto's see-things-my-way-and-totes-turn-a-new-leaf-at-the-last-minute-and bring-everyone-that-died-back-to-life-again-no-jutsu, then yes, I'll totally eat my words, but that's totally not going to happen.
>> No. 80363
I wish fucking corpse satan would just kill obito before he had a chance to even try it.
>> No. 80369
Pain 2.0 mah nigga, don't even try to deny that shit, it's comin at ya.
>> No. 80370
File 135592637491.jpg - (150.97KB , 1065x1199 , 1355916430502.jpg )
Poor poor Neji
>> No. 80414
File 135659075010.png?nsfw - (255.07KB , 818x497 , 1356589481682.png?nsfw )
Oh my this is some kinky shit
>> No. 80415
Oh hey, I found the rest of that.
Naruto SD Episode 25 Part 1youtube thumb
>> No. 80416
Oh hey, I found the rest of that.
Naruto SD Episode 25 Part 1youtube thumb
>> No. 80417
File 135666218023.jpg?spoiler - (137.14KB , 856x549 , Hinata goes Super Saiyan.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 80418
File 135666650592.jpg - (20.07KB , 571x311 , Screenshot_1.jpg )
>> No. 80420
Well in the end no one can fault Neji for being the kind of man that goes against his word.
>> No. 80421
Aw man, Naruto SD is so fun.
>> No. 80426
>> No. 80428
File 135686307461.jpg - (152.55KB , 732x566 , hinata-slaps-naruto.jpg )
Naruto was being all emo because Neji died after he said he wasn't going to let anyone die, and was even about to join the side of the angry bitter virgin, but Hinata set him straight.
Unlike the other girls and their constant violence she knows to save the pimphand for when it is truly needed.

Speaking of Obito is it just me or would most of this stuff not be happening if he had just gotten laid once?
>> No. 80430

>> No. 80438
Someone made a webcomic where Yoda gave Luke some money for a hooker because of that exact reason.
>> No. 80454
this chapter really made up for a LOT of bad times at naruto high with the way it used the Hyuuga family of all things.

>> No. 80456
I'm interested to what its going to be like when the anime reaches this point in the manga.

Considering how they improved the scene with Hinata during the Pain incident.
>> No. 80458

It's going to be awesome.
>> No. 80464
File 135695663862.png - (53.96KB , 500x350 , tumblr_mfua9dhByc1r3zavwo1_500.png )
>> No. 80466
Is it still an retardedly awful manga?
>> No. 80467
It fluctuates as always between mediocre and okay in such a way that touches of loving nostalgia and then nose diving into disgust.
>> No. 80476
It's decent.
>> No. 80484
Naruto Generations | The Tale …youtube thumb
>> No. 80485
If you talking about Rock Lee YOUTH ect then trade awful.
Also if Hinata dont get laid after this see turns to the dark side.
Most timed bad girl ever.
>> No. 80486
Trade it for Awsome that is!
>> No. 80493
File 135712598117.jpg - (36.35KB , 412x400 , sasuke_kun sasuke_kun sasuke_kun.jpg )
I dunno, I think Naruto finally realized she exists. It took her a few awesome scenes and confessions but she finally got there.

Or maybe its because she slapped him to knock him out of his self-pitying bullshit. He IS something of a masochist regarding his romantic infatuations, see his feelings for Sakura and Sasuke.

- - -
Oh man but did this chapter drive the shippers wild...

Obviously those that ship Hinata/Naruto are overjoyed to a greater or lesser extent while those who fanatically worship Sakura/Naruto are rushing to find a Handwave to brush it all off somehow. Such as "Hinata is just going to die now and be forgotten" or "Sakura is the main heroine and all this came out of nowhere and means nothing compared to all the moments S & N have had together".

Just throwing in my 2-cents but since the fake confession and the fact when that generic dude hit on her during the war but she turned out to still be in love with Sasuke (while imaging him looking all evil and surrounded by flames) kind of makes it seem she's not meant to end with Naruto?
>> No. 80494

The Sasuke thing is still too much of an obstacle for NaruSaku, and with Naruto's increasingly growing awareness on Hinata, yeah, it's complicated.
>> No. 80495
Hinata didn't slap him. She gently put her hand on his cheek. There was no "motion" going into her hand so it wasn't a slap.

But if Hinata wants to bag Naruto she really needs to treat him like shit. Naruto is like a woman, notice how Sasuke treats him and how obsessed Naruto is with the Sauce. Naruto responds only when you treat him like shit.

Another good example is the Kakashi and Iruka relationships. Iruka treated Naruto like a son of sorts with empathy and kindness. End result? Naruto barely acknowledges his existence. Kakashi on the other hand was a much rougher mentor and as such Kakashi is more precious to Naruto.

So if Hinata wants Naruto she really needs to up her bitch factor and start abusing him for no reason other than he exists and makes a good punching bag as that one thunder chick found out when he was defending the Sauce.
>> No. 80496
File 135714711811.jpg - (58.51KB , 731x577 , Please look at things more carefully.jpg )
>>Hinata didn't slap him.

>>There was no "motion" going into her hand
>> No. 80497
I really wish Naruto himself would die. He's the worst thing in this manga.
>> No. 80498
If the Naruto manga were to suddenly end Naruto's story and become about a random new protagonist in the Shinobi World, it would be better. I want to know more about the politics of the world rather than "I'm a dumbass with no idea of what it means to be a real leader or culture or economic matters! And despite being a moron I am Ninja Jesus and destined to be the very best that ever was POKEMON!!!"
>> No. 80499
That's a problem with all Shounen. They always come down to Idiot Hero is somehow fit to be the greatest no matter what. Even though it doesn't make sense. A moron who is only good at eating and fighting is rightfully not good for anything else.
>> No. 80501
File 135715932948.png - (1.70MB , 1865x480 , a-different-breed.png )

This is not actually true, even just restricting ourselves to action shonen. The Idiot Protagonist is a common trope (often invoked by lesser Dragonball imitators) but it by no means has a monopoly on the genre.
>> No. 80502
All I know is that Idiot Heroes annoy me. Touma from Index is one of the most annoying faggots ever. So Index's former friends who worry over her amnesia try endlessly to keep her memories alive and fail every time. In comes Touma preaching "God damn it you people suck! I'll punch you and solve the problem without even knowing the mechanics of what's wrong with Index herself and it will MAGICALLY nonsensically work for me because I'm the protagonist GOD DAMN IT!!!" and it makes me just feel.....very irritated. To say the least.
>> No. 80503
>A moron who is only good at eating and fighting is rightfully not good for anything else.
Generally speaking they are good at eating and fighting and in believing in people/seeing the good in people's hearts/etc., too, not just eating and fighting. The message that they keep trying to send is that strength comes from friendship / interpersonal bonds, and that the ability to form strong bonds that cause people to follow you or show you loyalty is more important than being smart. Which is true, actually--it's why so many of us nerds fail to be successful despite being smart, while people of average or lesser intelligence who can form networks of people who believe in them / rely on them are able to succeed. That's why Idiot Hero stories almost always cast the Idiot Hero in the role of a Messiah as well.
>> No. 80506

Nah, brah, it was a slap. Though a rather gentle one, considering this is Hinata we're talking about.

Anyway, lots of people are making comparisons of all kinds without taking into accounts circumstances and characters and why one scene can (or not) be more significant than other.
>> No. 80507

Nah, he's alright for the most part. He takes a serious nosedive whenever Sasuke is involved. But EVERYTHING does.
>> No. 80508
Is it a bad thing that I don't like that whole "Your power is to bend people to your will with friendship" cliche? The last time I saw it was in One Piece and I thought it was obnoxious when Mihawk credited Luffy. Um NO!!! During the Marineford War it was White Beard and his unified forces who came together to save Ace, it had NOTHING to do with Luffy. I mean more than half of White Beard's pirates don't even know who Luffy is nor give a rats ass.

But I digress, I just find that cliche really stupid.
>> No. 80511
That is a huge misinterpretation of the situation.
>> No. 80521
File 13572404217.png - (221.84KB , 350x520 , tumblr_mfq4rcXbix1rq111bo1_400.png )
>> No. 80522
File 135724169951.jpg - (27.35KB , 480x336 , Hinata actually looks pretty good in his jacket.jpg )
>> No. 80527
It was more about him being able to get people to specifically back him up on his personal siege, even when they're foes (Crocodile), just met him (Ivankov/Whitebeard Pirates), or have a complete bias against his gender (Hancock).
>> No. 80528
No dice brah. It was just stupid. Crocodile wanted to keep Luffy alive because he KNEW it would piss off his other enemies. After being in prison for god knows how long a little revenge is in order. He doesn't like Luffy as a person.

Ivankov is loyal to Luffy's father. If he wasn't Dragon's son he wouldn't have done jack outside of saving him, but not lend his troops of Okamas at ID.

And Hancock is just a badly written piece of shit.
>> No. 80529
Hancock isn't poorly written, she's a broken princess.

She's clung to the man who crushed the head of her oppressor.
>> No. 80532
Naruto must really suck shit if you all are talking about One Piece. Not a surprise though. Many people just read Naruto for the sake of closure like that garbage anime Inuyasha.

The story and characters just got real bad. Happens to all long running series. Look at Berserk.
>> No. 80533
File 135726943519.jpg - (15.27KB , 430x320 , patrick-bateman.jpg )
>> No. 80534
>He doesn't like Luffy as a person.

I never implied that.
>> No. 80535

>And Hancock is just a badly written piece of shit.

Fuck off.
>> No. 80540
Same to you.
>> No. 80541
And yet they're all still helping him, and even Whitebeard's crew is helping him and protecting him. The kid amasses allies incredibly easily, whether it be by force of personality, circumstance or just allying himself to others' causes. Also, Crocodile wasn't shown to have any hatred for Luffy: he was downright amiable to the kid, while Luffy couldn't stand him.
>> No. 80542
Well yeah being Ace's 'brother' it makes sense they would have stopped him from dying on the battlefield
>> No. 80544
Point is that his biggest strength comes from being able to get people to align themselves to him--even if it's not always because of some special talent of his, and just a matter of circumstance or luck. Naruto and other shounen heroes of the messianic mould do the same thing so as to show how much more powerful a character is when he has a team to back him up.
>> No. 80552
I have a problem when that happens in Naruto, because for me it always feels "forced". Characters flock to him just because he is the main character and Ninja Jesus. In One Piece the main characters stick around Luffy because he has done something to prove they are stronger together (see Robin's rescue mission). Whereas in Naruto only the Konoha ninja have reason to believe in him, cause he "saved" the village, but all those others ninja got shit in trusting him. He isn't a famous ninja, he hasn't made a name for himself in the world, for fuck's sake, he is STILL a genin, you'd think they would give him a field promotion after that whole Pain thing....

Bottom line, when Naruto does the "together we are stronger" shit, it feels very forced and kinda baseless.
>> No. 80566
Naruto is a horrible character, but the writing is trying to make you respect him as Jesus of Konoha.

Sort of like his Dad who is a douchebag that got himself and his wife killed and fucked over is son's life without even taking a minute to think of the alternatives, hell even his wife was coming up with one before he pushed ahead with it.
>> No. 80568
This always annoyed me about Minato. Everyone and their mothers in Konoha treat him as if he was a great Hokage, a total golden boy. But the fucker died young in his career as a leader and he died not because he was outmatched but because he was an irresponsible dead beat loser father idiot.

What really pissed me off is how Kushina herself "bought" his bullshit argument and reasoning for willingly killing himself to leave his son's life to pure luck. I'm no fan of Kushina, but her agreeing with such bullshit just made her look like such a damn fool.

Then we have the Retarded Third who knew Naruto was the 4th's son, but purposely and for no reason kept this all a secret beginning Naruto's life in misery among the town folk. I just can't bring myself to like these characters when the writing is such shit. This is where the blame on Kishimoto rightfully deserves to pile up.
>> No. 80569
I'm having trouble understanding how more people didn't realize Naruto was the 4th's son, they look so similar and Kushina was obviously pregnant wasn't she?
And who raised Naruto as a baby? I've heard people say the 3rd did but the series never makes it seem that way, wouldn't he have a more fatherly relation with Naruto if he had personally raised him from a newborn baby?
>> No. 80570
Yeah the series makes it seem like Naruto "raised himself" which is bullshit because even Gaara who had a terrible and worse time as a Jinchuuriki ended up raised by someone with food and shelter, etc.

Naruto was in that one flat apartment from early on in the series.
>> No. 80574
Hey remmber that splach page from what, last year or whatever showing all of the Tailed Beasts with hosts.
And dudes where all like "yo this looks cool, to bad most off them are already dead or sealed and will never do anything".
Well Cyberconnect2 was all like O RLY and made this:
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN™: Ultimate Ninja® STORM 3youtube thumb
Fuck yeah, Bug Girl!
>> No. 80588
Wait, Naruto wasn't basically raised by Iruka?
>> No. 80589
No? Iruka was just his teacher at the acadamy, then had that big emotional moment with him during the whole scroll-stealing incident.
>> No. 80592
I think his thing with Iruka was that he was the only person Naruto knew who only came down on him when he was being an irritating little hooligan rather than treating him like a monster all the time.

On the subject of Naruto raising himself, isn't that kind of a thing in Japan? If you watch enough anime, it seems like 80% of all male highschool students live by themselves all the time.
>> No. 80594
...they hardly raise themselves as newlyborn babies...
>> No. 80605
File 135756031620.png - (234.74KB , 546x383 , bloodywhat.png )
>A post on the Naruto subreddit on Reddit has "hubris" in the title.
>Half the comments are people asking what "hubris" means.
>> No. 80622
NARUTO ICHIRAKU RAMEN - Feast …youtube thumb

Bit of a /diy/ crossover, but enjoy. When Naruto focuses on food, it does the food porn thing very well.
>> No. 80655
File 13577069766.jpg?spoiler - (190.35KB , 1280x720 , naruhina_wedding_by_prince_of_pop-d5qu9rb.jpg?spoiler )
episode 40 of Rock Lee
>> No. 80656

That is freakin adorable to be sure.
>> No. 80662
Da'ww how cute.
I'm gonna go and watch that on Crunchyroll.
>> No. 80670
File 135778989336.gif - (162.36KB , 500x250 , tumblr_mgbw3zfYYP1qk00cwo1_500.gif )
>> No. 80671
File 135779361472.gif - (1.65MB , 350x350 , howprecious.gif )
>> No. 80674
File 135780000456.jpg?spoiler - (22.07KB , 320x240 , epfourtynine100.jpg?spoiler )
You know with all this focus on Naruto and Hinata holding hands as they attack the giant final boss monster (along with sharing his aura), haha, makes me wonder if it'll factor in on how they beat it...
>> No. 80675
If they do a Sekiha Love Love Tenkyoken, I will take back everything bad I ever said about Naruto.
>> No. 80678
I'm going to second this.
>> No. 80679
... What's the deal?

Rock Lee's springtime of youth is a damn comedy, I ain't gonna get my hopes up about adorable... everything I want in an anime..
... Where the hell was I going with this?
>> No. 80685
Rasengan No Love.

If something like this happens I will love the entire series forever.
>> No. 80694
You fucking better.
Can't wait.
>> No. 80716
Just had to re-watch that scene again, still gave me the "oh fuck year" feeling I got when I first saw it, corniness and everything.

I remember when I used to own the entire series... sigh...
>> No. 80719
File 135796566123.jpg - (80.31KB , 848x562 , w7yhbp.jpg )
G Gundam had the best romance in Gundam and arguably the most fufilling ending of a Gundam series to boot.

(I'd post a youtube link to 'that scene' but I'd feel sort of bad about spoiling it for anyone that hasn't went through the series to get to it themselves.) If this was a G Gundam thread I'd have so many images to post in regards to all facets of the series
>> No. 80720
File 135796885014.jpg - (121.19KB , 600x812 , moving_on_by_kapaychan-d5pjmge.jpg )
y'know this IS Naruto still, you should prepare yourself incase of massive disappointment.
>> No. 80722
I don't like any of the Gundams except G Gundam. Gundam 00 had some good things going for it, but it fell flat in the end. G Gundam is the best feel-good anime out there, except maybe Gurren Lagaan.
>> No. 80725
I enjoyed the series but the 'deep' sad ending to TTGL felt really tacked-on

Not to mention the movies were kind of lame, they were basically "The anime series but BIGGER!", all flash and no substance obviously but to be honest a fair mount of the flash wasn't even that awesome.
The whole 'tentacle rape' scene with Nia and the Anti-Spiral was kind of fucked-up and needless as well in the movie, I guess they know what the Otaku like though.
>> No. 80732
As someone explained to me, TTGL is an homage to every form of giant robots ever made. It takes the concept of 'super robot' backwards in time, from the modern age through the post-Evangelion ghetto, through the era of real robots and space opera, through pretty much every sub-genre and series that's ever been made, all the way back to the heyday of the superhero robots. And then, in typical Gainax fashion, it takes that concept FURTHER and does Super Robots in its most classical form in the most over-the-top super-exaggerated way it possibly can. Because the genre really isn't dead yet, and you don't have to have depressing shit in your anime to make good TV. Because things can turn out AWESOME and the good guys can still win.

And then right at the end, the show admits that, yeah, when all's said and done you have to come back to reality. As much as it can suck sometimes, not everything can be like it was. The spirit of those early days may live on, but the world today is a different place no matter how much we'd rather it weren't.

It's a love letter to the past and all the history of the genre, but ultimately, they HAD to end it with a "thank you and goodbye".
>> No. 80734
Sounds pretentious.
>> No. 80735
>The anime series but BIGGER
Is that not like, all anime series movies, ever?
Like the Pokémon movies, the kamen rider movies or to stay on topic the Naruto movies?
Lets just take to ninja-alaska with a goofy film crew and fight some techno-ninjas over a run-a-way princess.
Also snow-whale.
Because why the fuck not.
>> No. 80736
No you don't understand.

The gurren lagann movie was basically an abridged version of the animated series but the mechs themselves were literally bigger.

Alot of the fights were pretty lame though. Like at the climax of the first film all the Beast Generals baseships combine together and almost as soon as they are through with their combining sequence its destroyed by a somewhat half-hearted combination attack from the heroes.

Everything was larger but much more hollow.
>> No. 80739
File 135800731790.jpg - (116.26KB , 850x637 , BPNJl.jpg )
Can we go back to talking about G Gundam if we're going to have an /m/ flavoured discussion?

How about to keep it Naruto-related we talk about something like how much ass would the Undefeated of the East kick if he took a jaunt into the world of the Shinobi. Answer: All of it, he would kick all the ass.
>> No. 80741

Gurren-hen was lame as hell, but Lagann-hen was pretty damn good.

I'm not sure whether I liked the climactic scene of the original or of the movie better. I guess if I had to make a judgment, the movie was much slicker while the show was more meaningful.

Anyway I don't think the bittersweet ending was tacked-on, but that's a very old argument and not one I'm interested in revisiting.
>> No. 80750
He would kick all the ass. Then teach Might Guy and Rock Lee how to kung fu fight on horseback like proper martial artists.
>> No. 80753

I would love to see a Master Asia/Domon Kasshu vs. Might Guy/Rock Lee fight. Hell, Guy and Lee are almost practically G Gundam characters with their own skin-tight outfits.
>> No. 80755

Let's not forget about Jiraiya who was Naruto's GODFATHER, the person entrusted to raise him should they both DIE. He shows up when Naruto is 12/13 years old and kind of blows him off, what a douche.


Yeah that's never explained in the story, which is strange considering the sound ninja with the cannon arms got an origin flashback, but the protagonist of the story did not.


Kishimoto and his inability to develop the setting and characters (Example, why didn't Anko, Orochimaru's student bitchslap Sasuke after he got the curse mark.) are the root cause, swap out Naruto with any other character and you will still have the same problems.

Also did anyone ever explain to Naruto that Kakashi sealed Sasuke's curse mark sealed and it really was his choice to go over to the Dark Side?

>Kishimoto can't write for shit.
>> No. 80756
>Guy and Lee get Gundams
>The fins are made to recreate their eyebrows on the Gundam
>> No. 80757
>Mobile Trace System allows the eyebrow fins to follow the movement of their real eyebrows.
>> No. 80758
>Part of their pilot suits involve those pole things on their eyebrows as well as their shoulders
>> No. 80777
File 135815594019.jpg - (43.02KB , 1366x768 , sakura-still-loves-sasuke.jpg )
Apparently they toned it down in the anime slightly but he still looks pretty dark.

Guy and Lee becoming students of THE SCHOOL OF THE UNDEFEATED OF THE EAST would be pretty awesome. I think the Naruto has some skyscrapers doesn't it...?

Seeing Master Asia pimp slap Sasuke like he did Kira Yamato though would be something I would give all my money for.
>> No. 80782
By the way if you're using "Nic" as a name you might want to put it in the name field rather than the subject field.
>> No. 80785
File 135818832144.jpg - (141.65KB , 512x512 , Narutos big strong _ _ _ _.jpg )
>> No. 80792
File 135820616226.jpg - (50.53KB , 400x399 , 1356481407671.jpg )
Am I the only one who would rather the series had focused on Shikamaru's or Lee's squad? It's the same with the Gotei 13 in Bleach. They are just more interesting than the main cast.

Good point
>> No. 80793

First paragraph: Awesome.

Second paragraph: Fucking bullshit.
>> No. 80794
>dat feel when trope regurgitation series g gundam is a better anime than ninja garbage i've been following for more than 9 years
goddammit mindwipe, why you make me realize things
>> No. 80803
G Gundam may be classic superhero super robot cliche incarnate, but it was directed by Imagawa who is an actually competent creator. He knows how to use tropes and cliches well.
>> No. 80804
it was a magnificent show. one that i'm only slightly embarrassed about loving as much as i do.

maybe i should make a domon kasshu costume for comic-con.
>> No. 80815
The reason is because it was so unashamed in its regurgitation. It embraced every single cliche and trope it utilized and made them FUN.
>> No. 80825
One of my "thinspirations" is the idea of losing a lot of weight, getting a bit of muscle mass, then cosplaying Domon. Assuming a three-day con, day one will be "Civilian" Domon with cape. In the cape I'll have a variety of small pockets sewn, and in each will be a torn picture. So I can go around to various people and go "Excuse me, but have you seen this..." [pull picture out, quickly read back of picture]
"...based gaben?"

I've also considered how I could do gloves so that they do the King of Hearts emblem, likely with back-lit LEDs and colored plastic.

Day two & three will be the Trace System suit, all skin tight, with a potato in my underoos.

If doing this leads me to find my Raine, I will die an extremely happy man.
>> No. 80836
File 135833512446.jpg - (674.97KB , 1600x1201 , 1358333218390 (1).jpg )
>>what is this I dont even
>> No. 80838
File 13583369204.jpg - (128.39KB , 800x1180 , naruto-3846577.jpg )
And Naruto is crap again

That is all, feel free to go back to your gundam discussion.
>> No. 80845
Dear god Naruto himself is SOOOO unlikably untouchable and Mary Suish and obnoxious. Essentially he's saying "I know who to give people Kyuubi AIDS with my chakra, we'll keep them alive FOREVER!!! MUA MUA HA HA HA HA!" Someone seriously needs to grab Naruto and write five chapters of him just absolutely being tortured to death. Naruto at this point seems self-aware that he's the protagonist of the Shounen manga meaning he realizes that with him around there are no consequences and that makes him very annoying.
>> No. 80847
File 135835038598.jpg - (367.37KB , 1404x949 , naruto-slut-no-jutsu.jpg )
Naruto's giving it to everyone... that slut~
>> No. 80849
This is how those rape doujin begin.
>> No. 80851
And now it free so we can watch it!
>Ultra-Serious Game of Life
Yeah my reation was the same as Tsunade-sama.
>> No. 80853
He's got a point.
>> No. 80854

I thought that was a good chapter.

Shippers everywhere are going to lose their shit though (I'm a hardcore naruhina fan myself, but I got to see KyuubiHinata deflect the fucking Juubi, so I don't mind).
>> No. 80857
This chapter got a good solid 'meh' from me.
>> No. 80858
I have to admit, Shikamaru's dad telling him to hide the porn got a laugh out of me.
>> No. 80860
Better than One Piece's chapter. Jesus this chapter just sucked. Let's focus on a lame SH owning lame pussy weak villains and then show Nami and Usopp bragging about being able to beat.....scared, battered, weakened, and already half villains as if its a colossal accomplishment.

It made me want to punch them both in the nose.
>> No. 80861
I saw that the first page had Sasuke on it and closed the chapter immediately. Was this a good decision [y/n]



I'm sorry, but we have a board for OP. This is the Naruto/Gundam thread, no stretchy pirates allowed.
>> No. 80864

Sasuke is there for a whopping one page before it goes back to Naruto. You decide if one page of Sasuke is worth the rest of the chapter.
>> No. 80866
>You decide if one page of Sasuke is worth the rest of the chapter.
...ehhhhhhhhhhhh that's a really hard decision to make.
>> No. 80875
Eh, you think so?
I mean NaruHina shippers will be disappointed because this chapter is lamer than the previous one, and no doubt the NaruSaku shippers who were looking for a reason to dismiss the last chapter will take this as a chance to declare it was "nothing special" because now he's spreading his demonic seed within everyone with the power of FRIENDSHIP HIGH-5's! But I dunno if its all that important.
>> No. 80887
File 135842782615.jpg - (102.95KB , 447x500 , NEJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!.jpg )
I suppose I see part of that, NejiTen shippers are bitching because Tenten isn't declaring love out of absolutely nowhere for Neji's cooling corpse.
Really there was nothing romantic there ever so they have nothing to get so upset about.

And everyone knows LeeNeji was OTPcannonz5eva anyway
>> No. 80888
File 135842852660.jpg - (49.79KB , 483x329 , untitled.jpg )

Why was Chouji the only one to get fat from Kyuubi chakra

How many calories does demonic energy contain

Suspension of disbelief- DESTROYED
>> No. 80891

>But I dunno if its all that important.

Naruto sharing the Kurama's chakra is, imo.

That he did so first with Hinata first, when it was not part of the plan even more so.

That Hinata deflected the Juubi with that chakra is all I'm really caring about right now. Wonder what Ino-Shika-Cho, Naruto and Hinata will be doing next chapter.

As for retarded arguments, I've already seen them all, fron all of sides of the shipping war (fucking TenTen is being bashed for godsake).


You can't be serious...
>> No. 80892
File 135843180085.png - (6.23KB , 109x90 , tumblr_inline_mgqojv8eZK1qmg7hr.png )
I am as serious as this nameless almost-faceless kyuubi powered redshirt is important
>> No. 80893
File 135843217589.png - (91.53KB , 500x322 , Canon.png )
God those shippers.
Just because Kiba caught Ino suddenly we have a whole bunch of Kiba / Ino shippers springing into being. (Have these two...ever spoken to each other before now?)
>> No. 80898
So I skipped over all the chapters about Sasuke... How is Orochimaru back?

Also why is Sasuke bothering to keep him around?
>> No. 80899
I don't believe so even in the fucking filler episodes.
>> No. 80908

Does shipping need to be based on evidence? In my experience, most shipping seems to be built on a "Wouldn't these two have an interesting dynamic together, given their personalities."
>> No. 80909
This >>80893 seems to be based off of "He caught her when she fainted during the war, that means they are married"

Simply and momentary physical contact doesn't really mean anything when the character have had no interaction until that point and aren't like to have more afterwards.
>> No. 80910
I haven't read the manga since the kages lost their battle, what happened to them?
>> No. 80911
>How is Orochimaru back?
Crawled out of Anko's curse seal.

>why is Sasuke bothering to keep him around?
Because he's leading Sasuke to some some sort of important person, the identity of which has not yet been revealed to the reader, whom allegedly "knows everything".

Haven't been back to them yet.
>> No. 80913
To their credit, "Kino" or "Kibino" have nice rings to them.
>> No. 80914
I want to pick up Nuruto again after not reading it for almost 3 or 4 years now but I honestly forgot what chapter I left off. Doesn't help that I've been exposed to spoilers due to people raging at /v/ and /a/ all the time at Narutards or the abysmal quality of Shipuuden.
>> No. 80928
File 135852009138.jpg - (29.99KB , 288x550 , Bando.jpg )
Quick question but who the hell is Bando?
>> No. 80934
Just a normal episode of Rock Lee and his ninja friends.
Let that sink in.
>> No. 80942
Original generation character for the English video games.
naruto clash of ninja revoluti…youtube thumb
>> No. 80977
It would be funny if every ninja in Konoha retained a semi-kyuubi mode from this incident, with them and stuff like the guys who got Kyuubi powers from eating its guts it would make the form even more played out than transforming into a Super Saiyan.
>> No. 80981
That was totally a falcon punch.
>> No. 80984

I don't think Naruto could get anymore Jesus like unless he became able to bring back the dead

But hey Lee kicking Madera in half, fuck yeah! even if it isn't all that important seeing as he's an immortal infinite-chakra zombie

GO AWAY SASUKE AND SNAKE-PEDO! Don't you dare do anything to extend this goddamn series beyond the final battle.!
>> No. 80986
Kishi said that the final battle is Naruto Vs Sasuke so deal with it.

That said if come next chapter they magically state that Naruto won the war and even revived Neji (the only casualty) I would just say "Good, now lets move on to something interesting."

For better or worse Sasuke moves the plot forward and I am SICK of this shitty war with a boatload of characters whom I don't care about and incompetent villains.
>> No. 80987
Except Sasuke doesn't bring an end to the war, we get the full extent of the shitty war either way then we get ANOTHER shitty conflict even if its on a smaller scale with Oro and the Sauce.

Its arguable who is the more terrible character, Sasuke or Obito, but neither of them are good.
>> No. 80988
I don't like either, but I acknowledge that Sasuke is the one who will be necessary to end the story of the whole manga. Obito is just a lame blue balled loser who is stalling everything.
>> No. 80996
File 135897461369.png - (0.99MB , 900x721 , naruto_painting__hinata_by_iareawesomeness-d315p98.png )
Haha Hinata really is the Heroine now.

She's even 'healing' Naruto's injuries in the middle of battle so he can lay the smackdown, Sakura ain't got nothing left mang.

It looked more like being engulfed by a swarm of ants.
>> No. 80997
>(the only casualty)
Wait what about the nukes? And the porn?
Did I miss something?
Also this fucken episode!
Ino turn into Gai's wig.
>> No. 81017
File 135903864445.jpg - (14.38KB , 250x282 , Eight_Gates_1.jpg )
Lee using Kyuubi chakra in the 'last battle' makes me wonder... is anyone actually going to go all out with the eight gates? Cause y'know normally when they foreshadow these kinds of forbidden abilities that give you incredible power but kill you its because someone's going to go all the way in a dramatic moment.
>> No. 81019
Considering the theme of the manga, it seems more likely that Guy would open the eight gates, come close to winning but die, and Lee would open only five or six gates and finish the battle.

(Unless Guy's dead, I'm pretty behind.)
>> No. 81020
I like to think that the person in that picture is standing with his front slightly tilted to the viewer, putting the "Death Gate" at the tip of his massive erection.
>> No. 81023
The allied Ninja Nations should be completely decimated, back when all those immortal zombies with infinite chakra were running around. What exactly was stopping them from using their biggest AoE jutsus and massive explosion self-destruct attacks over and over and over again with the only breaks being the time it took for them to reform?
>> No. 81044

Hinata has been amazing since her confession.
>> No. 81045
File 135917650531.jpg - (94.95KB , 720x960 , tumblr_mh0pzdryqf1rwjmmzo1_1280.jpg )
I had to save this, for tactical reasons
>> No. 81066
File 135929956397.jpg - (694.93KB , 882x1300 , SD toad master.jpg )
Aw sweet Master R... Jiraya!
>> No. 81097
File 135939095671.jpg - (76.69KB , 640x360 , Hinata Road to Ninja DLC.jpg )
Ah, costumes DLC is the best DLC.
You dont really need it but you still want it.
Also Fuck Yes Road To Ninja Hinata and Sasuke, hope we get that down the line.

And thinking back to the "just" Naruto anime, you know what I really loved about that series?
The fucking music, that shit was great.
Naruto Soundtrack - The Raisin…youtube thumb
Its like old school japan mix with all comers. Awesome.
>> No. 81129
I was excited about the Road to Ninja movie because the concept sounded fun if somewhat fanfictionay, but does it turn out to be a large portion of the movie revolves around Sakura's relationship with her parents?

I feel bad for the character in the main series she's been treated pretty horribly and not had good development, true, but I don't want to see a movie about something like THAT...
>> No. 81167
Hm, apparently Orochimaru's soul arms were still important.
Who knew.
>> No. 81171
No reason to get excited. We all know that the villains in this show are stupid. So what if the Hokages are back. Remember the villains are STUPID because Kishi's writing is s***. So we know this will amount to nothing in the end. So what if hypothetically speaking these Hokages destroy Konoha. They'll just fart out a new jutsu that will repair it after the Pain nuke.
>> No. 81173
The Two Hokage's and the Third were relatively weaksauce in thier showing of power the first time they were summoned/fought each other, but of course that was before power-creep had set in
>> No. 81178
Though if they can retrieve all that, what would happen if you united Kurama with his other half.
>> No. 81191

Really, power creep is the big thing. Hashirama should be even stronger than Uchiha Madara. Hiruzen is supposed to be the master of more jutsu than Kakashi. Minato made everyone look like losers and he died before his prime. Yet all three were defeated quite simply and never showed their "true strength"; at least that is what we are supposed to believe.

>what would happen if you united Kurama with his other half

Naruto gets a new powerup. Obviously. Don't you read this manga...?

(Really, the Yin chakra of the Kyuubi is supposedly the "evil" half, and the "good" half was what was sealed into Naruto. That should have made Kurama a nice guy since the beginning of the series, but instead of that he was evil to Naruto from the get-go. Now, BEFORE he was split in two, he should have been evil as fuck, but instead he was the Sage's kawaii chibi fox kit.

So basically backwards of what would make any freaking sense. So when that chakra half arrives, instead of Kurama changing personality, it'll just be a handwaved you-can't-understand-the-true-nature-of-chakra bull that will make Naruto strong enough to stand up to whatever villain is controlling Madara and Obitobi.

Because if you think this is the last arc of the manga, you've gone crazier than Orochimaru at a Boy Scout convention.)
>> No. 81245
File 135972275736.png - (129.98KB , 373x384 , tumblr_inline_mh2bshTCjH1rs4g13.png )
Goddamit stop extending this series with your bullshit Orochimaru

>> No. 81269
File 135983630410.png?spoiler - (359.32KB , 1767x1300 , 018.png?spoiler )
Aw man this is gonna be one hell of a showdown!
>> No. 81270
Ehhhh wait wasn't The Third unable to be summoned? Since he was sealed trying to take Orochimaru's soul?
>> No. 81271

He was released from the belly of the death god along with Ochi's arms.
>> No. 81272
All of the previous Hokages were sealed, in addition to Orochimaru's arms, which probably looked kinda weird just sorta lying around while the hokages were locked in eternal combat, but
yeah they cut open the death god's stomach and erryone's free now.
>> No. 81340
File 136005666196.png - (152.28KB , 500x512 , 1360055499544.png )
>> No. 81341
Sharingan is confirmed for being a brain cancer on the series, as in literally.

power of love. good song, not always a good thing. In the case pf the Uchiha leads to the power of emo douchebag.
>> No. 81345
It's fucking isnane how much this manga involves LONG, DRAWN-OUT TALKS.

Even more insane, for being such an important part of its narrative, they rarely happen in a natural way.

Fucking weird.
>> No. 81347
Even though the new revelations are pretty much is an asspull of giant proportions, it does sorta make sense.

The Uchiha and Sanju clans were enemies and at war with one another. In a war between clans, people you know, people who you hold an attachment to are going to die. You are going to likely loose your friends, family and comrades. So essentially, the more Uchiha clan members loose, the more powerful they become--turning a personal loss for you into a gain for the clan as a whole.

It makes sense when viewed like that, but it's still an asspull.
>> No. 81348
It fucking awesome that what it is.
Aw man First is so funny, epsecialy when talking about his granddaughter.
>> No. 81349
File 13601036983.jpg - (331.75KB , 850x1310 , 1360058209573.jpg )
T4, the infodump we just got was not fucking awesome.
>> No. 81352
File 136011360768.png - (891.50KB , 850x1310 , HUUUUURRRRRR_DUUUUUURRRRR.png )
I can't be the only one who saw this.
>> No. 81355
So the Uchiha's real power is Linkin Park no-jutsu.
>> No. 81356
It was all stuid bullshit.
Thats why Rock Lee &co is the best!
>> No. 81358
File 136015086681.jpg - (172.41KB , 400x1551 , rebirth uno.jpg )
>> No. 81359
File 136015097170.jpg - (225.24KB , 400x1800 , rebirth duo.jpg )
>> No. 81360
File 136015102510.jpg - (145.45KB , 400x1800 , rebirth tre.jpg )
>> No. 81361
File 136015113267.jpg - (66.58KB , 400x600 , rebirth quattro.jpg )
>> No. 81362
File 136015134569.jpg - (191.58KB , 400x1800 , rebirth cinque.jpg )
>> No. 81363
File 136015147489.jpg - (242.68KB , 400x2030 , rebirth sei.jpg )
>> No. 81364
File 13601515642.jpg - (122.44KB , 400x1264 , rebirth sette.jpg )
>> No. 81365
File 136015161081.jpg - (234.78KB , 400x1800 , rebirth otto.jpg )
>> No. 81366
File 136015172767.jpg - (159.26KB , 400x1504 , rebirth nove.jpg )
>> No. 81367
>No hinata scene

That was a waste of shitty photoshop.
>> No. 81368
Jesus shipperfag, is being canon not enough for you? Don't get greedy
>> No. 81379
File 136016573458.png - (53.16KB , 500x592 , tumblr_inline_mh2fb7vvws1qhn6d7.png )
>> No. 81388

Fucking awesome.
>> No. 81392
Yes, Naruto is at its best when its funny.
>> No. 81416
Disagree since most shounen writers think humor means "Hey let's have the dumbass make a fool of himself." I for one am tired after 600 chapters of Luffy being too stupid to be funny.
>> No. 81417
This is a naruto thread buddy, if you want to go trolling OP there's a whole board on this site for you to do it in
>> No. 81418
Putting it simply I find Naruto to be no different from Luffy. A dumbass. Whenever Naruto acts pretentious or overly stupid my only wish is that Obito/Madara/Sasuke*insert villain* stuns him and then cuts off his balls and then says what Wolverine said to a guy who regenerates as his power AFTER cutting off his balls:

"Try and grow those back."

I do not like Faguto. Naruto's humor involving the main character is just facepalming and stupid. The only thing more painful than generic Shounen humor of the sort is the moronic writers who think Richard from Amazing World of Gumball is a funny character.
>> No. 81419

AH! So you ARE 12...
>> No. 81420
Oh god you're the same guy from the Ranma thread...
>> No. 81421
I remember you from the Gumball thread.

As pleasant as ever, I see.
>> No. 81423
Sure is self-loathing dumbass in here!
>> No. 81430
You know, you follow a lot of stuff you "hate" and "want the main character to suffer" etc, both here and on +/co/. Hating the shounen tropes while reading every shounen manga that does them by the book sounds pretty masochistic, can't help but figure you're tsundere as fuck.
>> No. 81468
>> No. 81474
i hope you don't personally know this guy just because i have to say this:

i found this review more painful than the dub of the anime. he might as well have been reviewing his own show. i didn't finish it. too painful.
>> No. 81479
Man I mostly finished the thing, but had to quit in the final third. I couldn't take a lot of this moron's bullshit. The only thing I'll agree with is that the pacing and filler crippled Naruto's popularity. And that's a problem that's not exclusive to Naruto alone. And its not really an issue if you're a manga reader and avoid watching anime.

That aside, I don't know how I saw from that vid, but all I know is that I didn't really finish it and do NOT ever want to see such a dumbass again.
>> No. 81500
looks like we have another case of tell-don't-show and retconning

if it moves the plot along any faster, i'm more than happy to put up with it. i actually like what they're doing. 1st hokage is absolutely adorable.
>> No. 81502
Yeah, he is the best.
>> No. 81512
I wanted the 2nd Hokage to be a bit more powerful than he's turned out to be. But hey, can't have everything.
>> No. 81513
he's just there to make it clear how awesome harashima is.
>> No. 81517
Why is the power of 'wood' made out to be so godlike? It seems kind of arbitrary that the first Leaf Hokage is so invincible that even the most broken Sharingan user cannot beat him. (Was sort of weak when he easily crushed all 5 modern hokage's, its almost beating a dead horse by now but it was certainly another showing of the modern generation being inferior to those that came before. Also that superior genetics is the most important thing)

Yeah screw Sasuke I'm with the Second. We don't need yet another Naruto defending him from punishment.

Also its lame we've seen all those Sharingan can get out of Edo Tensei's control when the original creator can't. Knowledge and skill trumped by pure bloodline ha><>< once again.
>> No. 81520
>Knowledge and skill trumped by pure bloodline ha><>< once again.

Yeah, but it does call back to the original theme of this manga. That hard work and determination can... oh, wait... no... sorry.
>> No. 81522
To be fair, it seems when they're "fully" revived, and not just in this sort of wet-behind-the-ears fresh-outta-the-grave revived, they have infinite chakra, which means Madara coulda just spammed his most broken chakra-consuming attacks.
I mean, the story has definitely swayed from its original message of "fight tooth and nail without giving up and maybe you too will someday be a not-loser," but let's get real, when you revive a powerful shinobi, give them as much chakra as they could ever hope to use, and make them immortal, it would be very surprising to see them lose.
I'm sure Guy coulda done the same thing, just pop all 8 gates and go fuckin' crazy.
>> No. 81524
He got a pretty damn good showing- I mean, we got 3 straight pages of damn near everyone in the room shitting themselves in fear.
It's supposed to be a unique element, created by fusing two others. If I had to guess, I'd say it's some kind of exponentially greater yield on the chakra invested- a dragon head made of water costs additional chakra to move around, one made from wood can "grow" outwards largely under its own power and hits way harder to boot.

I always figured the First Hokage was broken in large part because he was the Henrietta Lacks of the naruto world- someone whose body's cells break some fundamental rules.
>> No. 81527

Yeah and then he's gotten totally bitch-stared at by his brother and totally out-done by Oro, which just makes him all style and no substance.
>> No. 81528
>Hashirama is hax

The way I understood it is that the Senju have some kind of natural counter to the Uchiha, and thus their broken Sharingan. Because they are two halves of the original whole, or whatever. We saw that the Kyuubi could be controlled by the Sharingan, and wood-element could subdue the Kyuubi; by the Transitive Property of Shounen Bullshit, this means the wood-element can subdue the Sharingan.

Because, really, NOBODY should ever be able to beat a Mangekyo Sharingan user besides another one. Tsukiyomi is a one-shot, instantaneous, unblockable KO. The only reason Sasuke was able to break out of it with a normal Sharingan is because he's Sasuke and thus not subject to the normal rules. Anyone else, especially with no Sharingan whatsoever, should be killed instantly. And that doesn't even figure in the absolute-defense/offense of Susanoo.

So logically, the only reason Madara didn't instantly kill Hashirama with Tsukiyomi is because he couldn't. The only reason he had to fight hand-to-hand with that giant fan while using the Kyuubi, and not spam Susanoo is because he couldn't. For some reason the hax Mangekyo powers were nullified by Hashirama somehow. Since this is Naruto, I'm guessing using the powers of Magical Genetics.

The fight got retconned and now Madara is using Susanoo.

Well, fuck you then. The first point still stands... So, did everyone just forget about Tsukiyomi... or what?? Because I am QUITE SURE that Itachi stated that one had to be able to use both it and Ameterasu in order to use Susanoo.
>> No. 81560
File 136116226638.png - (31.12KB , 500x500 , A_Tenacious_D_Naruto_oekaki__by_stinko.png )
>> No. 81573
So we missed a few weeks.

Anything interesting happen?
>> No. 81577

Not really. We're three chapters into a flashback, and the first two-three pages of the most recent one rendered pretty much the entirety of the first two utterly redundant.

Also, it's boring.
>> No. 81588
File 13634690554.png - (782.66KB , 1783x1300 , ultimate shit slapper.png )
And now we can flashback to the flashback with in the flashback.
Also is it just me or is this review biggest issue with NS:UNS3 not a fault off the game it self?
>> No. 81600
Nope. Just typical idealistic and generic bromance of the lame kind and of course Childhood Promises and Pledges.

It's good that the manga actually explains how rotten and stagnant the ninja society was before the Leaf was founded. Just child soldiers and complete tribalism. Difficult to feel anything when the two centerpieces are so dull though.
>> No. 81608

The child soldiers thing really weirds me the fuck out. Sure, military use of children is a thing, but I have never heard of any real-world society where children this young are pressed into service this regularly. Where single-digit aged children do fight, it's an aberration, not the norm. But in the world of Naruto it's universal and barely even gets commented on. It's just weird, even disregarding the fact that children that small don't have the stature or body mass to stand up in combat.
>> No. 81611

Yet ANOTHER pair of boys who act as a proxy for Naruto and Sasuke probably would have had delicious shota/yaoi sex if war didn't intervene and force them to fight one another. History repeats, yes we know already.


Ah yes, but this is Naruto, where the further back you go in time, the younger and younger people became ridiculously talented. Kakashi was a jonin at like 10 years old, Itachi was in the anbu at like 7, Madara and Hashirama were probably Kage-level before they learned to walk, and the Sage of Six Paths was clearly born already able to use the Rinnegan perfectly.

Really, jutsu are just magic spells that require some training. It's like being able to play a piece on the piano. Work the right combination of hand-movements and you get a song or a jutsu. Simple.

The reason is because, in modern Naruto, the kids aren't trained seriously in the art of shinobi until they are around 10. Probably back in the day, they started training them when they were four or five years old. This is the same reason why six-year-olds in Korea can play masterful piano concertos while the same kids in America would struggle to play chopsticks.

The kids have much less chakra, of course, due to having smaller bodies, but the jutsu would be equally effective. They probably would just run out of chakra faster. It would be like Sasuke and Kakashi both doing Chidori in the Chuunin Exams arc. Kakashi can do it four times in a day, Sasuke only twice.
>> No. 81612

Kakashi became a chuunin at like five years old. Have you ever seen a five year old? Only a lunatic would put them onto the battlefield.
>> No. 81618
>Yet ANOTHER pair of boys who act as a proxy for Naruto and Sasuke probably would have had delicious shota/yaoi sex if war didn't intervene and force them to fight one another.
You say that like its a bad thing.
Kishimoto has always been good with writing "bromans" if nothing else.
>> No. 81630
There's that good old Uchiha reasonableness.
>> No. 81716
Well they are brain damaged.
Also http://www.crunchyroll.com/naruto-spin-off-rock-lee-his-ninja-pals/episode-50-babysitting-guy-sensei-lady-tsunades-marriage-interview-610763
>I am like Guy-sensai now!
Ow my sides...
>> No. 81718
>Madara, of the Full Retard clan!

I swear to fucking god.
>> No. 81720
To be fair to Madara. While yes, he is being a pants on head moron about the whole thing. Tobirama being a bigoted asspony sure as shit didn't do much to help the situation either.
>> No. 81721

Tobirama is the only person here whose side I am on. Under less fucktarded circumstances he would be a bigoted asshole, but in the world of Naruto birth is destiny, especially if you're an Uchiha or Senju. And the destiny of an Uchiha is to become a crazy violent asshole with superpowers.

I don't like reaching that conclusion, I absolutely hate it, actually, but the narrative is forcing it onto me. And given that, I frankly can't see where Tobirama is wrong.
>> No. 81723
Except he's completly right
>> No. 81726
In this chapter of Naruto; we learn that democracy sucks and the 2nd Hokage ruined everything for everyone.
>> No. 81740
I can't believe I'm saying this but... can we just get back to Naruto and/or even Sasuke? I'm so fucking bored right now and there's absolutely no reason that everything that's happened thus far in this flashback couldn't have been adequately summed up in a single chapter. Nothing is happening!
>> No. 81741

Hell, thus far there really isn't any need for this flashback at all. The end of this chapter pretty much killed any hope of anything new and interesting happening in it.
>> No. 81748
How deeply into flashbackception is the story right now?
>> No. 81751
I want to see the series end and be revealed as one gigantic flashback by Old Hokage Naruto.
>> No. 81799
File 136483468168.jpg?spoiler - (206.97KB , 330x500 , deleteme.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 81800
Naruto is one of those things where if you could edit it you wonder if you could salvage it.
>> No. 81801
File 136483772436.jpg - (76.41KB , 500x416 , tumblr_md3d9jO2s31qgu0oi.jpg )
>> No. 81809

Oh, yeah.
>> No. 81814
Since the hand-intercourse it seems there's been alot more of the crazy shippers bitching about Naruto & Hinata.

It must suck if it goes against your ship but its not like that scene exactly came out of nowhere.
Sakura was the only other horse in that race and since that whole horribly fake-confession then revealing to herself that she's still in love with crazy evil Sasuke when the generic ninja hit on her she's sorta dropped out.

Naruto getting gay-married to/murder-suiciding with Sasuke is still totally plausible tho
>> No. 81835
File 136500531398.png - (282.42KB , 639x440 , 339oha0.png )
Would anyone on +fourchan defend the 'Love/Romance' between Sakura and Sasuke?

I put forth that its a really stupid crush on her part with no serious love between them(she was one of many who had a crush on Sasuke like almost all the other girls except she was the one of the crowd lucky enough to get on his team) and is nonsensical after he went evil and then insane, and constantly leads her to do really stupid things.

But a couple of people are telling me the love between them is really deep and they have a proper romance because Kishi said they do.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
>> No. 81836
You're not going to find any defenders of it here. Or anywhere outside of DeviantArt, likely, it's terrible.
>> No. 81837

Nobody sane would defend it at this point. It's not just incredibly stupid, it's also really gross - in Kishi's world, girls never get over their first crush and it will be their most important trait for their whole lives!
>> No. 81838
File 136500989174.jpg - (9.35KB , 236x189 , 131321465939.jpg )
>> No. 81841
File 136501602624.png - (313.49KB , 907x1300 , c1cd811932d08e0955908770813b879c.png )
I don't know what the point of this flashback was? I don't understand what I, as the reader, or Sasuke as a character was supposed to learn here? Mainly because we didn't learn anything.

Madara and the first grew up friends, wanted to stop the war and form a village, became enemies, became friends again, formed said village, became enemies again because Madara is a crazy person, then the first kills Madara. The End.

Why wasted two months on a flashback that didn't tell us anything we didn't already know. In fact, just looking back at it, everything we needed to know was actually discussed in the final fight between Madara and the First. You could have cut out the entire flashback in a flashback and just kept that fight, completely unedited from how it's already told, and we would have gotten the same exact amount of information through just discussion that happens between these two in that fight.

>"Vader was seduced by the dark side of the force"

Thanks, we're done. That's really all the information we need for that plot point. Going back and making a whole story covering something that was just as easily covered in a single sentence would be stupid and overindulgent. Good thing nobody... oh, wait, no.

Seriously though, this single page I've posted, covers absolutely everything we need to know from this flachback... in one fucking page. That's it. Done. Thanks.
>> No. 81850
I just want it to be over, to see it finally end.
>> No. 81870

There was no point. It was just a colossal waste of everybody involved's time.
>> No. 81872
File 136504653769.jpg - (109.42KB , 640x480 , HNI_0093_MPO.jpg )
No but I do think that her and Rock Lee deserve one an other.
Because Lee deserve a happy ending and Sakura is a bitch that deserve the jumbo prize.
And that from I dude that like her.

Also this game was cool.
>> No. 81902
>Would anyone on +fourchan defend the 'Love/Romance' between Sakura and Sasuke?

One cannot defend something that does not exist. Regardless of how Sakura feels, Sasuke is not capable of love or any sort of affection at this point in his life. In fact, if he were in any way sexual (which I doubt) it would probably manifest in him going back to his secret base after killing someone and masturbating furiously to the memory of their spilling blood.

>I don't know what the point of this flashback was?

Kishi is addicted to drawing shota bromance and compelled to continue the trend. That is all.
>> No. 81906
File 136514946518.jpg - (38.51KB , 479x274 , tumblr_mk6a4afBZx1r0b8g8o1_500.jpg )
If Lee were to get into a romantic relationship with any girl in an epilogue style I think Tenten would be a better choice honestly.
>> No. 81911
File 136517039352.png - (707.27KB , 650x847 , sakura_and_ino_by_kinicko-d47fndi.png )

It's true, those two compliment each other comedically. You'd be a fool to pass it up! A FOOL I SAY!

If Sakura has to end up with anyone, I'd say let her be in lesbians with Ino.
>> No. 81912
Now that Tenten has an actual personality courtesy Springtime of Youth, I agree with you.
>> No. 81920
>let her be in lesbians with Ino.
Way ahead of you, boss.
>> No. 81921
File 136520997024.jpg - (15.33KB , 180x200 , 1288570557272.jpg )
I, for one, welcome our new femslash overlords.
>> No. 81924
I see your point but disagree.
Well they are both hooked on the Uchiha pheromone~
*trib trib* Oh Sasuke~(x2) *trib trib*
Or more bluntly: Okay Ino its your turn with the strap-on and the wig.
Its funny cause they would totally do that.
Speaking off!
Shit just got real!
>> No. 81933
Leeten does seem more likely now.

I mean, it's not like Nejiten is on the table anymore.
>> No. 81934
>Implying Obito isn't going to bring everybody back to life
>> No. 81935
>Or more bluntly: Okay Ino its your turn with the strap-on and the wig.
Because it's not like they can use jutsu to turn themselves into Sasuke one at a time. Or, you know, at the same time and peg each other, because maybe they'd like that.
>> No. 81937
Does being able to perfectly transform into the appearance of others lead to more situations of intercourse by stolen identity and less cases of adultery due to open-minded ninja couples keeping the loving fresh by transforming into different people/genders.

These important questions I fear will never be answered.
>> No. 81938
Aw shit, I forgot about that.
My bad!
>> No. 81944
Man I would have liked a ninja series more about... actul ninja'ing, as in say clever use of subtle techniques and tools instead of throwing the biggest and flashiest nukes at each other.

Basically if Shikamaru was the main character and it proceeded from there.
>> No. 81979
File 136543291059.png - (245.95KB , 500x500 , tumblr_md4jnh5lLE1rfhtsfo1_500.png )

I miss the squirrel, it vanished the very moment before Lee and his finishing moves started getting completely jobbed
>> No. 82009
Wow, kishimoti way to out kubo kubo. What a fucking copout.
>> No. 82010
>implying kubo doens't also write Naruto and One piece
>> No. 82011
File 136560073662.jpg - (138.61KB , 800x1140 , naruto-4045513.jpg )
Did...Sasuke just decide not to be a shitbag?
>> No. 82015
The little wanker has been flip-flopping ever since he left Konoha.
>> No. 82016
File 136560311529.jpg - (192.60KB , 800x1175 , 013 damn pheromons.jpg )
Damn Sasuke and his subconsus sex power.
That or she is really that big of a tsundere.
>> No. 82017
Karin is fucking pathetic, even more than Sakura

Is the fact they are both obsessed with Sasuke the connection as to why?
>> No. 82018
Why yes, yes it is. I think you're starting to get the gist of it.
>> No. 82020
at leat she's hot, unlike hinata
>> No. 82021
There a reason you had to bring up Hinata in relation to... Karen?
>> No. 82022
>Listen, I'd kinda like to get back to the "Madara has risen from the grave and is about to wipe out civilization as we know it" thing.
Mangastream's translators, still the best.
>> No. 82023
I'm actually a litle mad that he did to be honest. I mean, I saw it coming but at this point it feels like every single antagonist is forgiven and perfectly understandable and was just doing what they thought was best all along. They were just misunderstood, really!

I guess that's what happens when your series is filled with that many angsty bishonen bad boys, but come on, really?
>> No. 82026
I have to admit:

I do absolutely love that Orochimaru is just chilling out with everyone now, like it ain't no big thing.
>> No. 82028
I can honestly say I didn't see that coming. I assumed that Sauke's decision here would be as rock fuck stupid as all his others. I'm glad to actually have something surprise me in this manga for once.

This however...
ended up ruining what could have been a pretty good chapter. Fuck me, this bitch is dumber than Sakura, and that takes some serious effort. I might be reading too much into this, but does Kishi really have that low an opinion of women the he thinks a girly crush even overrides attempted murder? Fuck you!
>> No. 82029
But at the same time Sasuke finally getting a clue makes all his previous retarded mucking-about sort of pointless and stupid...er.
>> No. 82030
File 136562425429.gif - (371.50KB , 500x292 , sasukes has sexual power that he has no controll o.gif )
I hope he pull a rock lee and his ninja pal face turn.
By taking a explotion to the face, twice.
Its not her fault. That Sasuke has weird sexual pow*punt* NO I WILL NOT LET IT GO!*bing*

Also http://kissmanga.com/Manga/Rock-Lee-s-Springtime-of-Youth/21-Bizarre-Beast-Tag?id=160702
Fuck more folder for season 2!
Because that will happen, right dudes.
Right...? Dudes...?
>> No. 82031
File 136562457044.png?spoiler - (212.49KB , 877x1300 , 006 that a shitty sitavation.png?spoiler )
>> No. 82032
File 136562476874.png - (198.28KB , 885x1300 , 011 I am really sorry.png )
Why am I getting a strange feeling that he is genuinely sorry here?
>> No. 82033
File 136562507084.png?spoiler - (361.88KB , 1786x1300 , 025 the best team up.png?spoiler )
Follow by shipping jokes.
>> No. 82035
Sasuke becomes a good guy again? Somehow, I have my doubts.

Probably, he's faking it (along with Orochimaru) so they can maneuver into a more advantageous position. Basically, use the power of the Hokage to defeat Madara, and then take over the world for themselves. This just becomes a case of "villain joins forces with the hero to defeat a greater villain" thing. I know Karin (with her almighty Uzumaki blood) factors into this. She isn't being kept around for her healing powers, I'll bet.

Either that, or Sasuke actually does get redeemed, by death. Somehow, I just can't (or maybe I refuse to...) believe that this entire clusterfuck is going to end up with a pure-happy-ending asspull — like the whole Nagato-resurrects-all-the-dead-people thing at the end of the Pain arc — where Sasuke gets better, goes back to Konoha, and Team 7 is reunited once again, and everyone is happy and flowers and rainbows and springtime of youth yadda yadda yadda. I think it's more likely that he's going to get his dumb ass killed, which would trigger Naruto to turn Super Kyuubi 4 and suddenly become strong enough to win.

But, probably, the former. As in, villain joins forces with other villain to defeat hero. Because otherwise, look at the alternative as to how the fight would go. In the red corner, we have Obito and Madara and a giant statue-o'-doom. In the blue corner we have THE ENTIRE FUCKING NINJA WORLD, including five current Kage, the second-strongest jinchuuriki, and the main character. We are now adding to that side one of the three sannin, four former hokage, and the second-main-character who is already canonically either the second or third most powerful Uchiha.

I don't care HOW STRONG Madara is or how much "better" he has been made by being resurrected; probably, he cannot defeat even Hashirama on his own. So are we supposed to believe that everyone else is going to have a tough time beating just Obito??? No, no way. This "war" has now become way too unbalanced in the favor of the heroes; the villains are going to get fucking STEAMROLLED as it stands.

Therefore, the only thing that can happen is that Team Sasuke will remain a wild-card.
>> No. 82053
File 136568183981.png - (446.16KB , 1280x1024 , b3756a7ab86cceffa19016a25368a1a4.png )
>> No. 82055
File 136569029042.png - (179.62KB , 897x1300 , 012 hyuga love curse.png )
Fuck yeah it did.
Also I am getting the feeling that the byakugan come with its on "love" curse.
*You now get a vision of Hinata's and Neji's dads falling over when their "sweethearts" show up"
Personly I'm hoping for an anti-climax.
Something like:
Naruto: HEY SASUKE! With you not wanting to blow up the Leaf anymore does that mean you will come home again?
Sasuke: No.
*And then Sasuke just walk away into the sunset, never to be seen again*
Naruto: Aww... Well atlest I became Hokage.
>> No. 82056

Neji and Hinata of the Spaghetti clan.
>> No. 82103
File 136586373014.jpg - (69.74KB , 500x375 , tumblr_ma9qydXT0n1ro0tiuo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 82273

>what Neji sees when looking at Hinata

I can understand his reaction
>> No. 82322
File 136667869152.jpg - (131.43KB , 800x703 , 1366678603574.jpg )
>> No. 82357
File 136682889875.gif - (0.98MB , 495x227 , rock sasu fight tumblr_mk9y21c7in1s0l4jxo1_500.gif )
>> No. 82363
File 136684346124.jpg - (233.54KB , 500x743 , Kishimoto_Mario.jpg )
This week's chapter of Naruto announced that Kishimoto is going to begin publication of a manga called "Mario" starting this June, a mafia-themed manga that he has been wanting to do (and hinting at) for probably a decade.

Does this mean Naruto is about to end? Do mangaka ever split time between two series at the same time, or do they always tend to drop one to start a new project? I'm not sure what the precedent for this is so I cannot say.

Either way, this is big news.
>> No. 82364
Woah. I remember reading about his intention to make it back in like, Naruto volume 2.

Hopefully Kishimoto will remember how to draw for this project.
>> No. 82370
>Does this mean Naruto is about to end?

Well...no shit? Doesn't this arc have 'final arc' written all over it?
>> No. 82371
Why would you ever read another Kishimoto project?
>> No. 82374
a. This was already in the works at the beginning of Naruto, when I kinda liked it
b. I assume Naruto has already made Kishimoto a shitload of money, which may free him up from padding out this story unduly with bullshit if he so chooses (and I consider this actually a possibility, as he already had the story in mind years ago)
c. From the two pictures I've seen, it is apparently set in the present and does not appear to be overtly supernatural, so perhaps he will sidestep his unfortunate dedication to the born-with-it ubermensch vs. born-without-it-and-thus-never-able-to-surpass-their-betters normals philosophy.

What can I say, I'm made of optimism.
That said, the moment I see the faintest hint of someone being inherently superior because they were pushed out of the right vagina, I am so outie.
>> No. 82376
>Doesn't this arc have 'final arc' written all over it?

There's a big difference, a BIG DIFFERENCE, between "this is the last arc", and "this series will end in 10 more chapters", which is about how long it is until June. Given how snail-paced Naruto has tended to be lately, I can't imagine that is enough time to end this battle and have anything resembling a satisfying resolution.
>> No. 82380
Jump Square is monthly, and he probably has enough time and assistants to get both of them done at the same time. I'll read it because I liked Naruto a long time ago and when he's not being lazy as fuck his art is decent.
>> No. 82412
>> No. 82419
File 136700557019.jpg - (189.40KB , 862x1391 , Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto).jpg )
could actually be pretty good, heard he'd been wanting to do this for a long time and bizarrely enough his Giorno fanart for the Jojo tribute was actually one of the better pieces
>> No. 82654
File 136795811972.jpg - (166.54KB , 1280x800 , make up tobi tumblr_mjrgskjsEU1rjmmmio1_1280.jpg )
The Road to Ninja DLC came out over here!
>> No. 82664
File 136801361125.jpg - (115.03KB , 800x478 , 1368013742995.jpg )
>> No. 82668

>> No. 82669
Just read the chapter, it would've been better if it was like >>82664
>> No. 82671
>That's, like, his stomach plug on the ground back there. You don't see that every day.
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