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File 134110272115.jpg - (212.24KB , 612x379 , carnival_slamtasm.jpg )
76395 No. 76395
Post your anime related mash-ups here.
I'll start us off with a few that I've been enjoying lately.
Carnival Slamtasm - Quad City …youtube thumb
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>> No. 76396
Zzz Like It's Hot (Nichijou x Snoop Dogg)youtube thumb
>> No. 76397
Get Back Bakemonoyoutube thumb
>> No. 76398
Black and Yellow Sketch | Hida…youtube thumb
>> No. 76399
Renai Circulation (You Get Wha…youtube thumb
>> No. 76400
Rolling in the Nexus | Adele x ClariSyoutube thumb
And done.
Oh, and just a quick heads up, there are a huge number of Space Jam mash-ups, so only post one if you think its really worthwhile.
>> No. 76401
Well, I just discovered this work of art.

BARKLEYNO - Quad City DJs vs Paradise Lunchyoutube thumb
>> No. 76402
Durarara off Your Shoulder, Ki…youtube thumb
WORKING!! vs. BEASTIE BOYS - S…youtube thumb
Nisemonogatari OP3 Platinum Discoyoutube thumb
>> No. 76405
Clannad - Dango Daikazoku (Dan…youtube thumb
>> No. 76407
This may come in handy.
Slam Up Jam Strong - Quad City…youtube thumb
>> No. 76413
Like I Love Iu Toori | The Tat…youtube thumb
This is so much better than I expected.
>> No. 76417
Slamming Finger - Quad City DJs vs G Gundamyoutube thumb
>> No. 76449
Theme for Slamty and Kneeslamsyoutube thumb
>> No. 76843
Slam of the Northstar - Quad C…youtube thumb
>> No. 76870
2-03 - Lose Yourself (Cowboy Bebop Remix)youtube thumb
>> No. 76992
2-02 - Cleanin' Out My Closet (Bleach Remix)youtube thumb
>> No. 77031
File 134325133966.jpg - (91.30KB , 1280x720 , Raining.jpg )
Theme of the Gyoutube thumb
>> No. 77042
Is it weird that I want to have sex with someones voice?
P&SwG: Cherry Boy Rap Riotyoutube thumb
>> No. 77461
Whistle Low [Lil Jon x Ringo Hiyori].wmvyoutube thumb
>> No. 83263
Groovin' Magic Made Me Do It (…youtube thumb
>> No. 83331
File 137082820331.jpg - (62.05KB , 500x500 , tumblr_mj3u41j78N1r6sguvo1_1362347569_cover1.jpg )
Ok, this isn't anime related, but I have to let someone know.

>> No. 83332

Full version.

>> No. 83398
Bark-ley-Oh! (Quad City DJs vs Wayne Sharpe)youtube thumb

King of Slams.
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