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File 13154271471.jpg - (72.22KB , 800x576 , b1679eafb742e12237851117fc300515.jpg )
65792 No. 65792
Anyone else watching Pretty Cure this season?
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>> No. 65798
File 131543733113.jpg - (233.51KB , 1440x810 , BELL WIELDING.jpg )
Yes. Yes I am.

And I'm lovin' it~
>> No. 65822
File 131546254855.jpg - (115.51KB , 481x550 , be00a047b69b094a0009e8c63d921442.jpg )
It's amusing that the past few episodes, the mascots have been more main characters than the main characters.

I do really wish they'd go back to more of those really incredibly gay combos with Kanade and Hibiki though. Kinda sick of the three rings of doom. I miss my giant quad laser.
>> No. 65835
No, since I'm in the One Piece Army and want to destroy it.
>> No. 65837
>One Piece Army

>> No. 65839
I've not heard of anything that says you can't like both one piece and pretty cure, be less random.
>> No. 65840
It's a joke. Oda once said that he considers Pretty Cure his biggest rival because his daughters like it more than One Piece.
>> No. 65841
I think they might be making a joke based on an SBS answer Oda once gave where he said that his daughter liked Pretty Cure more than One Piece.
>> No. 65846
File 13155020774.jpg - (117.82KB , 1280x720 , 1254619597291.jpg )
Well you've gotta admit, the girls in Precure are a bit more in reach than the girls in OP. 'Cept maybe them healthy Fresh girls. They're getting there.

But seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if Oda made some kind of panache on Precure because of his daughter.
It would be fun and hilarious and I'd have two great tastes that taste great together.
>> No. 65849
>But seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if Oda made some kind of panache on Precure because of his daughter.
Man, if Oda's follow-up to One Piece were a ridiculous magical girl manga...
...that's what heaven would be like.
>> No. 65859
File 131552346952.jpg - (48.84KB , 500x382 , all my moneys.jpg )
>Ridiculous magical girl manga
>> No. 65863
I would kill for an Oda written Precure.
>> No. 65875
I still want Odamon.
>> No. 65887
File 131556030224.jpg - (91.34KB , 1280x720 , [Doremi-CureCom]_Suite_PreCure!_29_[1280x720]_[041.jpg )
I liked Seiren before she became dere as fuck. Now, not so much.

I was a little disappointed with the Moai enemies last episode. Their designs were pretty bland and copypaste, though I shat bricks once I realised Mephisto was corrupted by those ear pieces after he tried to retrieve the Crescendo Tone
>> No. 65888
We all knew it wouldn't be as simple as the whole "Major Land vs Minor Land" good/evil conflict, didn't we?
>> No. 65897
File 131558369486.gif - (443.67KB , 400x225 , 1314535457326.gif )
Aw I don't know. Seems to me that she's one of the few bad-to-good characters that keeps her personality. Only it's less EBIL~> FOR EBIL'S~> SAKE and more I DON'T UNDERSTAND HUMAN STUFF but imma try anyways

Pretty much this. I also like the slower story pace this time around.
>> No. 65963
So does one need to watch earlier seasons of this show or is it possible to simply jump in with any incarnation?
>> No. 65964
File 131579543766.jpg - (526.18KB , 1280x1024 , 1312884945380.jpg )
You can jump in at any season. They are typically self contained.
>> No. 65970
The very first one was best, though, really.

Max Heart kinda sucked by comparison, but the music was fucking awesome.
>> No. 65985
File 131583937271.jpg - (85.76KB , 1280x720 , [Doremi-CureCom]_Suite_PreCure!_08_[1280x720]_[F70.jpg )
So, who the fuck is Cure Muse?
>> No. 65988
My favorite, or at least the one I like the story the most, is Splash Star. Sure the fights aren't as DBZ as the original flavor but (besides the costume design) I love it.

Nobody knows...
It's Ako, the littlest tsundere.
Or this one background character that shows up every now and again.
[spoiler] Problem, Waon fans~?[/spoilers]
>> No. 65996
If you've been paying attention, it's pretty much all but confirmed to be Ako.

-Similar eyes and hair as Cure Muse, as well as stotic personality
-Her grandfather seems to know all about the PreCure and Minor Land/Major Land/The Fairy Tones. He more or less probably recruited her or something.
-The poster for the Suite PreCure movie kind of spoils it.

Though I must say, after seeing Siren turn human and how she acts, I'd KILL for Hummy to do the same and be the last Precure. Just imagine human teen girl Hummy
>> No. 66001
The lesbianism would go through the roof.

>people think Ako is Muse
>not expecting these fucking writers to troll everyone YET AGAIN
>> No. 66006
File 131587550532.jpg - (209.51KB , 1280x720 , [Doremi-CureCom]_Suite_PreCure!_30_[1280x720]_[E65.jpg )
But in all the promotional material for the material, Cure Muse (masked) is always in the background of the movie poster, while Cure Muse (Ako) is in the foreground.

And then there's Hummy playing with Dodori in these commercial cuts.
>> No. 66007
File 131587738911.gif - (16.02KB , 193x217 , Harvey Birdman_bear clap.gif )
The only "mystery" that still remains is whether the black-suit Muse is a all grown up Ako or someone else just filling the role until Ako takes it. Like >>66006 said, there has been ads for the movie that have both the black-suit Muse and Ako in a yellow-Muse outfit. I'm going with Ako, but there's a current theory.

>"Just imagine human teen girl Hummy"
>go to pixiv and look up Hummy tag
>mfw some human-Hummys are Sailor Moon look-a-likes
>> No. 66010
File 131587986073.jpg - (29.56KB , 640x480 , Hana_Makihatayama.jpg )
My theory is Cure Muse is just Ako's loner form until she officially joins the group as Cure Symphony. Ala Sailor V before she joined as Sailor Venus in Sailor Moon.

Also I see human Hummy being like older Hana from Ojamajo Doremi.
>> No. 66051

-Mephisto probably not really evil, just corrupted by Big Bad in the Forest and being controlled

Going off this, maybe Muse will be controlled by the villain and then 'purified' by the Healing Chest and she gains the yellow Precure outfit. After all, she's a loner and preaches about not being one of them, so she won't be able to resist like Beat, Harmony, and Melody did.
>> No. 66071
>mfw some human-Hummys are Sailor Moon look-a-likes
Same voice actress.
>> No. 66074
Somehow I'm not surprised. It seems like any time someone in Japan wants to do a parody or shout-out to Sailor Moon, Kotono Mitsuishi bursts out of a nearby closet shouting "I'M IN!"
>> No. 66076
File 131600464475.jpg - (7.28KB , 184x184 , 1311628566662[1].jpg )
>Kotono Mitsuishi bursts out of a closet
>> No. 66094
File 131603092969.jpg - (1.15MB , 1240x1130 , humanhummy.jpg )
>> No. 67745
I don't know how Cure Muse's disguise works.
>> No. 68189
This is one of those things we'll never have.
>> No. 72872
Began to watch Smile Precure (first 2 episodes), and I like it.
Although, that CG ending creeps me out.
>> No. 72875
I like how the new villain is a combo of Twenty from Milky Holmes and Head from Star Driver.
>> No. 73485
File 133369580873.png - (590.94KB , 1280x720 , joker.png )
You mean Joker?
>> No. 73486
File 133369710188.png - (634.59KB , 1280x720 , oh dear.png )
Yeah, pretty much.
>> No. 73670
>> No. 73675
It sure would be nice if Toei would get off their ass and make a push for the property outside of Asia and Spain.

Granted, YTV and PopGirl got an English dub of the first series a couple years ago, but it only aired once and to my knowledge neither country got any toys at all.
>> No. 73700
File 133417703665.jpg - (492.15KB , 800x1600 , XfkMc.jpg )
Found an alternated (and more updated) version of >>65964 which could come in handy.
Also, last holy week watched the DX and DX3 movies on youtube, and now I'm totally hooked! Though missed the last 20 min. of DX, since for some reason I couldn't find them.

And also:
>Smile Precure 09

Japan, I know think that's how April's Fools works.

Never knew there's was an english dub of the first series. And specially that Precure was big on Spain.
>> No. 73719
The first series actually has two English dubs. The first was made for Southeast Asia by Odex back in 2005.

The second was made in 2009 by Blue Water and aired on YTV in Canada and PopGirl in the UK. Toei made a direct deal with the networks, which is probably why it was never released on any sort of home video.

The dub is okay. A lot better than Sailor Moon's dub. Although they insisted on changed the characters names. Most of the links went away when MU got nuked, so all I could find was the first three episodes:



>> No. 73731
File 133421694738.png - (683.39KB , 1056x754 , 2b8f9294c622adaffcc1c17b1ebbdd17.png )
>Smile Precure 10

I always wanted to try one of those.

Not a bad adaptation.
The voices are ok and there aren't really much changes aside names.
Talk about a missed opportunity for Toei.
>> No. 73860
File 133454708113.png - (199.74KB , 600x480 , 1332545231313.png )
I've been downloading a lot of Precure series, and so far I got the first one + Max Heart, StarSplash, Suite and Fresh until ep. 33. I'll gonna wait for the third batch until Curecom finishes it.
>> No. 73866
File 133454969923.jpg - (139.67KB , 568x822 , c5ac2bc4e19a8e510676e3c68f307add.jpg )
So far, I've been enjoying the first Pretty Cure series, I like the dynamics between Nagisa and Honoka. And how their friendship keeps building little by little.
>> No. 73868

Okonomiyaki is fucking delicious, for the record.
>> No. 73869
File 133455149618.jpg - (125.86KB , 819x512 , b3334c61fe6faa33efee5f48f5529483.jpg )
I've been told that SplashStar has partially a rehash of the first series, but still, I want to give it a chance.
>> No. 73870
File 133455185240.jpg - (262.18KB , 707x1000 , e09478117c38d6394b33e9e1d843ad1d.jpg )
Fresh Precure has a been a nice surprise for me, the main characters aren't as annoying as I was expecting them to be (specially Love/Cure Peach) and even Tart is the less annoying mascot I've seen so far. Can't say the same of Chiffon though.
Also, Kaoru is such a bro!

I've been wanting to try okonomiyaki since Ranma 1/2 (1998), but I haven't had such luck.
>> No. 73871

I had some when I went to Japan for a week a couple years ago, it was fucking good.
>> No. 74329
File 133573250816.gif - (2.57MB , 240x192 , Spiral_Heart_Splash_Star[1].gif )
>splash star is a remake of futari wa
well... mebbe in the first couple of episodes, but besides that it's actually much better. Especially when you get to Kaoru and Michiru.
>> No. 74338
File 133576089893.jpg - (356.03KB , 600x839 , komachixkaren.jpg )
I've seen a good chunk of Yes! and a little of Heartcatch.

I was expecting something super-generic, but I ended up surprised by and loving it. Also, lesbians.
>> No. 74340
File 133576686368.jpg - (0.98MB , 1269x1200 , 22231429.jpg )
Yeah, I've noticed that.
And I like how both are like Nagisa and Honoka, yet at the same time, they are their own characters. And and that's awesome!
>> No. 74342
File 133576918141.jpg - (199.09KB , 815x870 , 4dad02643231a75fca70a0f97a6d4a1c.jpg )
You haven't seen Suite Precure, right?
With just the first two episodes, and it's already screaming LESBIANS all around.
Just fuck already!
I'm really enjoying Suite so far. These two sure have chemistry, and Hummy is so silly and fun (and somehow competent).

I also need to catch Yes5, but I'll wait for a torrent batch for the entire series.
>> No. 74343
File 133576956666.gif - (369.59KB , 512x288 , KarenMilk.gif )
Also, in case the torrents are giving you problems:

1. Go onto Rizon IRC server
2. Go into #precure or #news
3. /msg [Precure]AllStars xdcc list
4. Find movie or whatever other episode(s) you want
5. /msg [Precure]AllStars xdcc get <pack #>
6. ?????
7. Profit

Courtesy of /u/, which doesn't surprise me.
>> No. 74347
Suite kinda disappointed me, ultimately. There's nice chemistry, but it seems to disappear later on.

And then there's a HUGE dramatic buildup between Hummy and Seiren I am not even joking and that also goes nowhere. Seiren ends up...barely even being a character afterwards, and Hummy all but disappears off the storyboards for the rest of the season.
>> No. 74493
>Seiren ends up...barely even being a character afterwards
>Hummy all but disappears off the storyboards for the rest of the season.

Nigga u just went full retard.
>> No. 74691
File 133671497989.jpg - (422.63KB , 2100x1574 , b50f61a6.jpg )
There will be a Smile 3DS game coming soon, mostly based on fairy tales.
>> No. 74692
File 133671505582.jpg - (364.95KB , 2100x1574 , 5d7b4060.jpg )
Ahahaha, this looks adorable.
>> No. 74693
File 133671539210.jpg - (115.95KB , 720x1018 , 4f3a5e279d50c.jpg )

Wow, I'm a bit surprised.
I though Karen and/or Yayoi were more popular.
>> No. 74743
File 133685262699.jpg - (562.83KB , 700x1000 , Cure_Pine-berry.jpg )
Just as Keikaku...
TL Note: Keikaku means plan
>> No. 74768
Oh man, I haven't! Once I finish the other two, I'm getting on it.

I have watched some of the opening/closing themes, though. I haven't seen one I didn't like so far. I love all the Ganbatte remixes.

Snow White, Peter Pan, The Crane Brothers, Cinderella, Tortoise and The Hare, and Aladdin...I think.
>> No. 74907
File 133745516634.png - (404.87KB , 1071x466 , Oh Buki you loveable rogue.png )
>> No. 74920
What does Seiren really DO after her big change of heart that the main twosome couldn't have done without her? I don't remember anything. She just becomes a generic third face and they never really discuss her whole relationship with Hummy or any part of her motivation or backstory after that. After building it all up that much, I was just a tiny bit let down by that.
>> No. 74942
File 133758267337.png - (211.44KB , 640x360 , Miyuki reads Natts House vol_ 7.png )
Finished the first half of Fresh Precure, and despite the slow pacing of the plot and getting the first new attack item merchandise item a bit too soon, it has been a good ride so far.
I also love the occasional references to the other series, specially Yes 5.
>> No. 74943
File 13375829144.png - (256.35KB , 463x492 , card.png )
And, HOLY SHIT JUST GOT REAL when this fucker comes into play. Poor Eas. :c
>> No. 74944
File 133758355626.png - (893.70KB , 960x540 , ITS COMMING ITS COMMING ITS COMMING.png )
I also I found hilarious how they kept teasing Passion for at least 4 episodes before the reveal. Although I already knew who it was since due the All Star DX movies.
Now it's time for Setsuna's redemption, I guess.
>> No. 75054
File 133800406320.jpg - (128.57KB , 960x720 , invisible-yuri-goggles.jpg )
Smile Precure 16: The one where Reika makes sparkly yuri eyes at the rest of the team.
>> No. 75098
File 133814364390.png - (533.22KB , 1280x720 , SP16[1].png )
Ahahahah, yeah pretty much.
>> No. 75134
File 133826805694.png - (225.56KB , 851x482 , Setsuna_Love_04.png )
And it's funny... I've watched that arc several times and it never gets old. MASS BEFRIENDING, LOVE-STYLE!
>> No. 75172
File 133840139596.png - (146.92KB , 500x282 , But+Gentaro+Buttom+is+the+guy+who+wants+to+be+_e18.png )
We'll gonna need a Love version of this then.
>> No. 75519
File 133903399414.jpg - (38.00KB , 580x386 , 4b7257f4e669d1786415e79f1e9aa50e1337689719_full.jpg )

You know, considering how japanese society tends to be and how there are wackier and/or creepier things out there, this is actually cool.
>> No. 75520
File 133903429661.jpg - (43.99KB , 560x315 , lovecheer.jpg )
Also, Fresh PreCure is finally completely subbed.
I'll wait for the eventual batch.

And coincidentally, just a few days ago that Fresh is going to be broadcasted by Rai 2, on Italy.
>> No. 75555
I've hear some pretty good things about Pretty Cure's more rescent iterations. That it's basically Kamen Rider but with magical girls. Where would you recommend I start? The season/series that has the show embrace its identity, the one that best displays the franchise hitting its stride?
>> No. 75563
File 133917935984.gif - (498.68KB , 500x258 , tumblr_lqyuvo5Gnb1qjxztco1_500.gif )
For what it's worth, most newbies joined in around Heartcatch Pretty Cure (the next to last series), which is both fully subbed and stylish as hell.
>> No. 75566
Thanks, man. Know any good places I can download it?
>> No. 75568
File 133921863817.jpg - (380.46KB , 901x1024 , 18968257.jpg )
Well, while I'm also beginning with Pretty Cure in General, I recommend you to check the All Star movies, specially the first and the third. The one hour movies generally gives you a quick glimpse of how Pretty Cure rolls.
Haven't seen too much of Heartcatch, but I've been told is a good option as well.

Here's a Heartcatch torrent:

If you want DDLs check >>74343
>> No. 75601
Thanks, chum.
>> No. 75646
File 133937830979.jpg - (492.17KB , 800x1600 , What_Precure_Series_to_Watch.jpg )
Updates since that picture:
Yes Precure 5: 44/49 subbed
Yes Precure 5 GoGo!: 19/48 Subbed
Fresh Pretty Cure: complete
>> No. 75678
File 133947584411.gif - (305.72KB , 480x270 , tumblr_m55z58NvxO1r3wogt.gif )
You're welcome.
>> No. 75680

what in the fuck

8 50 episode seasons and 3 movies


in the fuck

I've never even heard of this.
>> No. 75787
File 133982833566.jpg - (1.48MB , 1022x1465 , 27925336.jpg )
>The last two Smile episodes
>> No. 75789
Not too surprising. Magical girl shows kind of exist in their own sphere.
>> No. 75794
Yeah so many! especially the sports fest episode. I mean when that happens in kid's shows I'm as thankful just as much i am saddened.
>> No. 75804
File 133990229677.jpg - (202.27KB , 640x453 , Mirai1.jpg )
Curious about Pretty Cure?
Wanna know how all of them began?
Well have I got a livestream for you! For the rest of the night(6/16/12 EST), there's going to be a showing of each seasons 1st episode here at this channel:


Splash Star is on right now! (sorry I got here too late for the 1st season showing)
>> No. 75806
I haven't had time to watch the movies, but I'm curious - how do they reconcile the different styles of art? A Heartcatch cure next to a Suite cure would look pretty weird.
>> No. 75808
They kind of split the difference between the styles, coming up with a new look for everyone that makes it all uniform without any one looking too off model.
>> No. 75832
File 133994913246.jpg - (217.83KB , 1000x750 , 25081888.jpg )
Yeah, they manage to even make that detail unnoticeable.

Four movies with this year's New Stage.
For some reason Pretty Cure didn't was a hit on this side of the globe until people started watching Heartcatch (and the first series was dubbed before HC).
And what >>75789 mentioned.
>> No. 76263
File 134083022686.jpg - (116.34KB , 700x700 , Cure_Black_White_01.jpg )
It's surprising nobody posted this yet.

Curecom released a 9GB torrent full of music.
>> No. 76419
File 134118152928.png - (352.39KB , 501x474 , oh kiriya =c.png )
Reached the first half of Futari wa and I liked how things changed from zakena of the week to Poisony's plan of the week with a zakena.
Also, being Kiriya is suffering. :c
>> No. 76420
File 134118166965.png - (699.91KB , 628x475 , goddammit.png )
6/6 Prism Stones acquired.
So yeah, what are you gonna do now that you ran out of minions/general Dark Ki-?
>> No. 76421
File 134118177893.png - (480.27KB , 634x474 , welp.png )
Now I wonder how things are gonna roll after episode 26.
>> No. 76517
Holy christ, Yayoi, what's wrong with your face?
>> No. 76519
>> No. 76580
File 134172372932.png - (1.00MB , 1280x720 , tumblr_m6sz1kCnLJ1qgg7hbo4_1280.png )
Also, I decided Reika is my favorite Smile lady.
>> No. 76606
File 134181295147.jpg - (337.65KB , 1280x1200 , smileprecure247.jpg )
It seems that Smile reached that moment on every PreCure series when shit gets real. And how!
Oh boy.

While I liked all the girls, I'm a bit more inclined towards Yayoi. Though, Akane is also fucking awesome.

Also, trailer for the movie:
映画 スマイルプリキ…youtube thumb
>> No. 76730
File 134212975292.gif - (1.00MB , 500x281 , tumblr_m71o5sJlXX1r00g3do1_r1_500.gif )
All Stars New Stage is in RAW now!
DDL: http://precure.livejournal.com/2059851.html
HD torrent: http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=download&tid=331016
SD torrent: http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=331037
>> No. 76799
File 134239159591.jpg - (2.17MB , 2345x877 , 28482908_big_p13.jpg )
>Smile 23
Princes Of The Universe- Queenyoutube thumb
Hoooly shit, that was fucking awesome!

Can't wait for the subs!
>> No. 76839
File 134258685928.jpg - (67.13KB , 500x354 , 26603405_p4.jpg )
And now we have subs for New Stage.

And new trailer for the Smile movie.
映画 スマイルプリキ…youtube thumb
>> No. 77023
File 134324122663.jpg - (1.67MB , 800x2268 , u's list.jpg )
/u/'s attempt to make an updated version of >>75646
It's still on pre-alpha though.
>> No. 77160
Smile Pretty Cure 3DS Original OPyoutube thumb
>> No. 77161
File 134386824553.gif - (821.05KB , 499x281 , 1343002559993.gif )
/durp/ or no /durp/ this image is still pretty gay.
>> No. 77228
File 134422066710.jpg - (49.27KB , 570x300 , smile24release.jpg )
I find amusing how Magenta isn't enjoying Smile very much, yet he enjoys so much subbing it.
Aesir is probably the best group subbing Smile in my opinion.

>> No. 77232
File 134427355266.jpg - (81.37KB , 708x720 , salemthecat.jpg )

Eh, despite all evidence to the contrary, Precure's a merchandise-based show primarily targeted at little girls. They're not all gonna be masterpieces.
>> No. 77241
File 134431428884.jpg - (623.46KB , 2070x900 , 17683196.jpg )
I just began PreCure on april, but I never was expecting some kind of masterpiece, but neither Kamen Rider like superheroics action plus character development and magical girls. And I love it that way.
>> No. 77261
File 134439324420.jpg - (408.25KB , 800x694 , 29186911.jpg )
Oh yeah, apparently today is Saki's birthday.
She would be hitting 20 years apparently.
>> No. 77479
【スマイルプリキュア…youtube thumb
>> No. 77563
File 134592864617.jpg - (323.34KB , 600x850 , c915b85a7889f1d8fe622373b2945bc61345890330_full.jpg )
A bit old news, but I'm still impressed.

Also, a movie poster.
It will be released on oct. 27th.

This makes me want to check Ika Musume.
>> No. 77568
>most #tagged word "precure"
Oh that's pretty co
>yuruyuri is second
Oh Japan.
>> No. 77574
What's with Yuru Yuri?
>> No. 77597
It's slice of life.

Based on a strip from Yurihime magazine.

You know. The one full of lesbians.
>> No. 77598

I think I'm gonna check this out, since I'm always on the search for good lesbians manga, and I don't mind the slice of life stuff.
>> No. 77636
Don't worry, YuruYuri is just subtext.

It's got to be mainstream-friendly after all.
>> No. 77637
What's really even the point in that case?
>> No. 77638
It's fanservice for those silly otaku types.

Stop expecting actual homosexuality in Japanese media. It doesn't exist.
>> No. 77639
Code Geass was gay enough to make up for everything else ever.
>> No. 77644
>Chitose has made out with almost every girl in the show
>Chinatsu has stated that she wants to kiss Yui
>Chinatsu molested Akari

Yup that sure isn't explicit homosexuality at all.
>> No. 77647
>schoolgirls goofing around
Hey, Marimite's yuri too, right? Right?
>> No. 77656
Yes, actually.
>> No. 77657
Marimite is just perpetuating the Class S bullshit.
>> No. 77672
>Class S bullshit.
Wait, what?
>> No. 77673
Class S is a thing in Japan where young girls are still too shy around boys to date, so form relationships with other girls their age that are otherwise nigh-identical to romantic. These don't necessarily involve kissing or sex or anything, but do sometime involve love letters and stuff like that. It is apparently a real phenomenon, but not as widespread as it's treated by anime. A girl who still crushes on other girls or actually falls in love with them into their high school years is seen as sort of childish because they're expected to have gotten their "practice" out of the way by now.

It's one of the marks of how Japan's views on homosexuality are different from, but not necessarily more progressive than, those we have in the west. In Japan, homosexuality is something one might engage in at some point in their life, and no big deal if so--but actually being homosexual is a huge scandal over there because it makes you Different, and being Different in Japan is a huge no-no.
>> No. 77698
File 134630813493.jpg - (806.88KB , 1548x2207 , 22840090_big_p0.jpg )
I've heard about that before (funny enough in the Motorcity thread on plus/co/), and yeah, that's sadly pretty much bullshit.
We can at least hope that this kind of shit will change in the future, even if it's gonna take a while.
Also, I've been told Marimite is as boring as the Black Rock Shooter OVA.
>> No. 77699
File 134630919063.jpg - (103.79KB , 800x1202 , hanjuku_joshi_vol2-003.jpg )

Yep. One of the (many) reasons Hanjuku Joushi is my favorite yuri manga is that it's all about Class S. Not that the girls actually belong to Class S, but how they're perceived as being so and how that's totally bullshit.
>> No. 77702
File 134631069298.jpg - (569.50KB , 1000x1130 , 24097396_p1.jpg )
>Hanjuku Joushi
>> No. 77709
I liked the OVA.
>> No. 77788
File 134662876913.gif - (25.44KB , 160x128 , 40happy1.gif )
Farewell Fourze.

To be fair, I haven't seen both, so I'm going to give the benefit of doubt to both shows. And I think I have that OVA somewhere in my hard disk.
>> No. 77950
File 134726108176.png - (1.16MB , 1366x768 , Kaoru-chan Super International Man of Mystery.png )
>Fresh Pretty Cure 29
Also, I bet he'll be bros with the people of that donut post on Kamen Rider Wizard.
>> No. 78116
Precure: Happy 420 Episodesyoutube thumb
>> No. 78180
File 134792075069.png - (185.98KB , 489x431 , Picture 7.png )

google no
>> No. 78181
File 134792084922.jpg - (12.45KB , 194x259 , images.jpg )
google no
>> No. 78195
Wait a min... it can't be...
Wester!!!!! :c
>> No. 78317
File 134849777765.png - (511.97KB , 800x450 , vlcsnap-2012-09-24-12h28m52s241[1].png )
Suck it Phoenix Five!
>> No. 78368
【3DCG】ふたりはプリ…youtube thumb
>> No. 78705
File 134988423210.png - (216.69KB , 500x375 , xs36Z[1].png )
Happy Birthday Black!
>> No. 78711
File 134988901762.png - (581.11KB , 849x477 , 49[1].png )
Yes 5 is finally subbed!
>> No. 78716
File 134990405195.jpg - (92.04KB , 600x404 , October 10 Happy Birthday!.jpg )
Oh yeah, it's Nagisa's birthday today.
She also shares "birthday" with Kamen Rider 1 and Mazinger Z.

Time to catch it up.
>> No. 78877
Rumor says this is he favorite anime of Oda's kids. Is it true?
>> No. 78883
File 135054425447.jpg - (372.25KB , 700x520 , 29678911_p4.jpg )
Well, it is.
Check >>65835, >>65840, >>65841 and >>65846
>> No. 78947
Rumors on the 10th anniversary series.
There will probably be twin sisters as cures
>> No. 79097
File 135145675966.jpg - (22.12KB , 403x281 , 79218_original.jpg )
Apparently, the trademark "Doki Doki Precure" was registered recently according to 2ch, and means that will be probably the series for the next year.
And as usual the reactions on both LJ and tumblr are hilarious. Can't tell about /a/ though, their threads most of the time are awful.
>> No. 79117
What's with LJ and tumblr?
>> No. 79132
File 135160932477.jpg - (76.58KB , 500x276 , tumblr_mcpc6eVV561qbj9ngo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 79410
Heh, that's pretty cool!

In a nutshell:
>Half of LJ is in love with HC and/or despise Smile/Suite/[insert any randome Precure series], and have odd/a bit weird expectations of how a Precure series should be.
>Tumblr love every single series, disregarding it's flaws, but hates the negative opinions, and half of tumblr generalizes on that believing that all of LJ think like that. It was fun for a while, but now it's getting annoying.

I'm more on the way of let LJ be, but that part of tumblr sometimes can't stop.
>> No. 79829
File 135394447383.jpg - (70.13KB , 600x450 , 04cb0ad2d20edca545c4bfe3f6b28dce1353614801_full.jpg )

>> No. 79840
File 135397844239.jpg - (127.64KB , 431x302 , tumblr_me3l5drLAO1qa92wlo1_500.jpg )
And we have a logo now.
>> No. 79842
File 135397887350.jpg - (121.25KB , 500x251 , tumblr_me3l5drLAO1qa92wlo2_500.jpg )
Now I'm curious about it.

Heheheh, that's quite something!
And kudos for the guy on the Tetsujin 28 costume.
>> No. 80156
File 135512428811.jpg - (123.75KB , 410x576 , 1123_900.jpg )
And we now have an official poster and, release date (feb. 5th) and a synopsis!

>Aida Mana is a girl who is always eager to do things for the sake of others.

>One day, when she was visiting the Clover Tower during her school’s orientation program, an enemy who called themselves “Selfish” appeared suddenly, and tried to manipulate her inner heart! To fight this enemy, she borrowed power from a magical fairy Charuru to transform into Pretty Cure!

>To protect the peace of the world, other legendary Pretty Cure soon joined her in battle! A mysterious baby also appears, making each day a “Heartthrob” experience! The 4 Cures, always holding “love” in their hearts, are battling for the world’s fate!
>> No. 80157
File 135512474447.jpg - (193.26KB , 675x1200 , dc24989a92.jpg )
Also, All Stars New Stage 2 was announced for march 16th, with the girls in a profile Abbey Road pose look, except for Cure Marine, who is just being Cure Marine.
>> No. 80167
That is hilariously in character, geez.
>> No. 80235
File 135537970239.jpg - (67.48KB , 960x544 , q6RLT.jpg )
And we have now their non-cure/normal looks.

From left to right: Rikka Hishikawa, Makoto Kenzaki, Mana Aida and Alice Yotsuba.

I know, right?
>> No. 80237
File 135538098212.jpg - (665.15KB , 1036x750 , top_main.jpg )
And hopefully, this next All Stars New Stage movie will be better than the last one.
>> No. 80419
File 135667383166.jpg - (194.89KB , 738x1038 , tumblr_mfov99an9V1r2qdjeo1_1280.jpg )
I love how this poster looks pretty much like SHITS GONNA GET REAL.
So fucking real, Marine isn't even being silly this time!
>> No. 80593
ドキドキ!プリキュア予告30秒veryoutube thumb
Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 2 - Trailer 2youtube thumb

Coming soon!
>> No. 80606
File 135756667236.jpg - (147.20KB , 595x842 , 45999_510045889005642_396944558_n.jpg )
That DokiDoki! trailier is interesting, but I'll wait to see more.

It seems it’s gonna be like an amalgam between the 2nd and 3rd DX movies, nice!
Yet no sight of Ayumi around.
Being Echo could/may be sufferin' I guess.
>> No. 80608
>It seems...
The New Stage 2 movie, that is.
>> No. 80843
File 135834623839.jpg - (307.16KB , 600x992 , d3b02a830808d29adf2c223bf9f095591358035594_full.jpg )
Voice cast revealed!

Pretty Cures
Cure Heart - Hitomi Nabatame
Cure Diamond - Minako Kotobuki
Cure Rosetta - Mai Fuchigami
Cure Sword - Kanako Miyamoto
Trump Kingdom (mascots)
Sharuru -Kumiko Nishihara
Rakeru - Yuka Terasaki
Ransu - Ayaka Ohashi
Davi - Yumi Uchiyama
>> No. 80844
File 135834637293.jpg - (55.95KB , 600x305 , 43dfa535fbbcb6339bf0970d72d233df1358035618_full.jpg )
>> No. 80862
As a non-Curefag, how many Pretty Cure series have there been so far? And how often do they make a new one? Seems like they start all over again as soon as the previous one wraps up. If that's the case how do they keep from recycling the premise until the franchise is a dead horse?
>> No. 80871
Cure Sword's design and fairy are most superior, but they've all got super-nice looks so far, I'm pumped.
Precure's only real premise from series to series is normal girls find cute pets, become magical girls through use of merchandisable items, then defeat evil with true friendship and sparkly attacks. It's going to be a long time'til that horse is dead.
>> No. 80873
Also, check the card suit theme in the fairies' ears. Bet ya we'll be seeing more of that.
>> No. 80880
Sailor Moon happened when Naoko Takeuchi mixed Sentai in with Magical Girls, and Pretty Cure is that concept writ large. It is even more Sentai-ish (especially now that the later seasons have more Cures) than ever, and unlike Sailor Moon even incorporates the idea from Kamen Rider and Gekiranger that you can have a franchise that's linked conceptually without actually being related by plot.

So think of Pretty Cure like Kamen Rider only cuter. You don't have to watch every series within the franchise, and in fact unless you absolutely love it, it's probably silly to try to hit every single one. Just go after the ones that seem cool or cute or that get the best love from fans and you'll be fine.
>> No. 80881
I'd say that aside from all that, the Precure franchise's main innovation is that before Pretty Cure, magical girls didn't tend to dropkick their enemies through buildings nearly as often.
>> No. 80948
Apparently, Smile final boss became a black hole on it's final form.
Heh, you know how this is gonna end.
Pretty Cure All-stars Dx3 Movie Final Attacksyoutube thumb
>> No. 80950
Pretty Cure has turned the magical girl genre into tokusetsu.
>> No. 80955
That would be accurate, if PreCure was a live-action show.
>> No. 80960
I'd watch a sentai series with a live-action character (especially a female Kamen Rider). Do any exist besides the live-action Sailor Moon?
>> No. 81053
File 135923300066.jpg - (472.02KB , 1280x800 , 29432135_p2.jpg )
So, Smile's last ride is gonna be today, huh?
Despite it's flaws, it was still fun and I'm gonna miss this show.
Godspeed, BAD ASS MOFOS.

You mean, you want a PreCure toku series?
That would be cool, though considering how Toei promotes it, I'm not sure if that would be possible.
And yeah, Sailor Moon is the only magical girl toku out there.
>> No. 81054
Just anything toku-related with a female protagonist would do. I was thinking Kamen Rider just as it is now, just with a female Rider and nothing else changed, but live-action Pretty Cure would work too.

I might have to watch that if it's the only female toku out there. I actually avoided the whole Sailor Moon franchise as a kid and I wish I hadn't.
>> No. 81058
Now's the time to get into it if you're ever going to. They're starting a new series in 2013. They haven't specified whether it's a reboot or a sequel, but given that the majority of people who watched it as kids are going to be grown ups who are going to want to introduce their kids to it, I suspect either way it won't throw a bunch of franchise mythology at you without explaining it and making it a good place for new fans to start.
>> No. 81083
File 135934934455.jpg - (1.23MB , 2047x1447 , 28958723.jpg )

Well, it would be nice to still be watching this show in the same tradition as the Super Sentai and Kamen Rider. After all, they are pretty much superheroines just like the aforementioned, right?
Than again, this is Toei we're talking about...

Yeah, the new anime will be great for both new and old generations and will also probably give a boost for both franchises.
And I think PreCure maybe gonna need one, I've been told that merchandise speaking, it didn't sold as well as Toei expected.
>> No. 81109
File 135940694898.jpg - (863.05KB , 1545x1000 , 1359354024152.jpg )

I'm gonna miss the Smile five myself, too, but I'm a little weird with catharsis. Having dropped it soon after they decided to bring back the countdown.

I tend to believe there is no such thing as a bad character, just bad writing. This became the case with Smile. I hope Doki can pick up the slack, if only by a little.
>> No. 81116
File 135944367835.png - (2.62MB , 1980x1020 , 33128433.png )
Same here, Smile's writing was very lackluster and painful.
Specially when they missed a lot of opportunities and a good part of the filler was mediocre, poor Nao and Reika didn't had enough character development until the last part before the final arc and the final arc itself.
Yet still, the characterization was good.

Hopefully, DokiDoki will get into that issue.
>> No. 81144
Part of me wonders if now is the perfect time to port PreCure. I think fans would have the same reaction that they did to MLP-- males and females of all ages could get into it. Especially if it also piggybacked on the return of Sailor Moon.
>> No. 81149
How does Smile compare to Yes!, if you've seen both?
>> No. 81150
How does Smile compare to Yes!, if you've seen both?
>> No. 81151
How does Smile compare to Yes!, if you've seen both?
>> No. 81152
How does Smile compare to Yes!, if you've seen both?
>> No. 81153
How does Smile compare to Yes!, if you've seen both?
>> No. 81155
How does Smile compare to Yes!, if you've seen both?
>> No. 81156
How does Smile compare to Yes!, if you've seen both?
>> No. 81157
I've never seen Smile, but I have watched parts of Yes! and honestly I was not in the least impressed.
>> No. 81214
File 135965553667.jpg - (169.38KB , 585x823 , cocoxnozomi.jpg )
Different anon, but I've only seen Yes! and part of Heartcatch. Yes! was how I got into the franchise originally, and it's my favorite so far.
>> No. 81325
File 136003505997.jpg - (148.92KB , 1280x720 , SILLY CRAB.jpg )
Man, this show.

Also, Commie is gonna do Doki Doki, and I think this mite be cool.
Specially since Doremi's speedsubs aren't bad but those are just too dry and stiff.
Plus, Ryota Yamaguchi is on the main writing and since he worked with Escaflowne and Sailor Moon Super S and Stars, I think we're on good hands.

Both have strong similarities things, but Yes is better plotwise.
Smile's strength is on it's characterization.
>> No. 81557
File 136114887331.png - (590.83KB , 640x720 , diaheartthumbs.png )
This new Pretty Cure's getting Pretty Gay Pretty Fast.
>> No. 81562
A new trailer for All Stars NS2!
プリキュアオールスタ…youtube thumb
>> No. 81570
File 136125431831.jpg - (381.73KB , 850x956 , What you have seen___.jpg )

You can't have Precure without it.

And hopefully, this will quite an improvement from the first New Stage movie. Promised so much, delivered so little.
>> No. 81752
File 136457276544.png - (2.51MB , 940x2076 , Smile just make up your mind.png )
>yfw the Smile movie has a better resolution than the series itself
>> No. 82133
File 136595570269.jpg - (371.68KB , 800x1829 , pc2.jpg )
/a/ updated their Precure list.
>> No. 82410
File 136698399732.jpg?spoiler - (81.85KB , 480x640 , 0pten3a.jpg?spoiler )
Obtaining the Love Heart Arrow and continuing their fight against the Jikochu, the 4 Precure have used their combined attack "Love Force Arrow" to defeat Jikochu after Jikochu. But adding to the count of the three generals, a powerful new enemy appears to the Precure! Knowing of their hard battles, the new Precure "Cure Ace" gallantly arrives!! With her equip, the "Love Kiss Rouge", she splendidly purifies enemies! The now 5-member Precure team will unite their power to continue their fight against the Jikochu!

We JAKQ now.
>> No. 82570
Thinkin bout maybe livebloggin this.
>> No. 82572
File 136756462065.jpg - (310.93KB , 800x985 , 34942554_p4.jpg )
Oh, goddammit Toei.

Huh, that's quite different.
I hope it's not Regina. It would be the most surprising option.

I like your idea.
>> No. 82573
File 136756473975.jpg - (958.92KB , 963x1358 , 35252448.jpg )
Also, dem incoming love triangle.
>> No. 82613
tag: pretty cure more like pretty gay

in the middle of episode 2 right now
>> No. 82646
So, a penny for your thoughts over this first episodes.
I've seen you're enjoying the ride at the moment.
>> No. 82680
I guess not too much to think really

I mean I've seen Nanoha so I'm not a stranger to magical girls that can own everyone.
>> No. 82681
File 136807988616.gif - (2.86MB , 450x395 , 768030163.gif )
>> No. 82818
Heart should have fit better for that, still pretty awesome though.
>> No. 82862
File 136897695031.jpg - (302.83KB , 847x1912 , 1368961942170.jpg )
[harem intensifies]
>> No. 82864
File 136898813912.gif - (741.27KB , 480x270 , fmb-61825.gif )
And this time it wasn't about Rikka's jelly times, but instead Makoto getting pissed off at Regina, and a bit mad at Mana.
>> No. 82865
File 136898823911.gif - (345.56KB , 480x270 , fmb-61838.gif )
Also, super dancin' fun times.
>> No. 82866
File 136898922389.gif - (519.65KB , 480x270 , fmb-61839.gif )
>> No. 82867
File 136899018573.jpg - (116.93KB , 600x450 , 82956c94176fc7c296f4da38e83dc7d81368238660_full.jpg )
Oh yeah, this is pretty cool as well.
>> No. 82870
It says something for the character design that I can recognize which bag is which cure right off the bat.
>> No. 83193
I really like how they keep playing with/off of the stock transformation footage.
>> No. 83199
Yeah, they love to do that, specially in the first series.

It's also worth mention that both Futari wa/Max Heart and Splash Star has pretty nice animation and there's barely any QUALITY, aside some animation smears, but I'm not sure if that counts.
All the QUALITY FEST begins with Yes 5, and continues until our present days.
>> No. 83536
File 137202321939.gif?spoiler - (1.12MB , 480x270 , 1371949304504.gif?spoiler )
See you later, fuckers!
>> No. 83548
I like him a lot more now that he isn't just trying to be a creepy Urahara knock-off.
>> No. 83555
And he's even more useful than Urahara.
>> No. 83570
File 137214425669.png - (145.70KB , 500x413 , a yuri harem show for 4 year olds.png )
It was bound to happen.
>> No. 83572
File 137214460696.jpg - (82.79KB , 1280x720 , Preview for next ep.jpg )
And this next episode ups the ante!
Oh yeah, Cure Ace/notRegina debuts as well.
>> No. 83586
File 137226149822.jpg?spoiler - (91.54KB , 600x450 , 631_600.jpg?spoiler )
And now that you mention it...
>> No. 83695
Episode 22


Ralph's heart ripping in two.flvyoutube thumb
>> No. 83834
File 137334117029.png - (746.11KB , 1092x484 , yuriharemshowfor4yearolds.png )

Also, a nice fella from tumblr has been playing with the PretPhone, a fancy toy with which little girls can talk with any of the current 32 Cures.

>> No. 83860
File 137342596434.gif - (164.87KB , 480x270 , 1372075103621.gif )

Her charisma is maximum.
>> No. 83870
File 137344044273.jpg - (138.80KB , 700x600 , 32634302.jpg )
And it also surpasses the limits of time, space and other series.
>> No. 83901
I like how this mansai comedians always either do Precure jokes, or end appearing on any Cure series themselves.
賢者 変身後の決めゼリフ答えよyoutube thumb
>> No. 84080
【キュアロゼッタ キ…youtube thumb
>> No. 84187
File 137498861629.jpg - (41.56KB , 800x531 , 13749757101.jpg )
>> No. 84188
File 137498866892.jpg - (110.87KB , 441x603 , 2549_original.jpg )
>> No. 84588
File 137742378651.jpg?spoiler - (232.00KB , 1440x810 , 1377389363449.jpg?spoiler )
On the next Doki episode...
>> No. 84589
File 137742425673.jpg?spoiler - (128.30KB , 1440x810 , Mana VS Melan.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 84649

>PreCure Rights, now under Saban Brands
Jesus Christ...
>> No. 84650
Hey, at least it's not 4Kids.

Thank goodness THAT never saw the light of day.
>> No. 84651
Yeah, I know.
And while thankfully 4kids isn't into anime anymore, I'm a bit nervous about Saban, since they've been doing certain dubious decisions. Also, Gangnam Grils and Glitter Force are names Saban registered recently, and I'm afraid about that.
>> No. 84653
>Gangnam Girls

...the fuck?
>> No. 84681
File 137816068579.jpg - (62.03KB , 670x375 , 1378125209584.jpg )
We Touhou now.
>> No. 84686

Gangam Girls is stupid as fuck and that would've ended DISASTROUSLY had that actually gone with that.

Glitter Force? Ehhh... it's dumb that they can't just name it Pretty Cure (but then you could argue that doesn't sound super-heroic enough to a western audience?) but that name isn't so bad.
>> No. 84687
File 137818329225.png - (444.72KB , 800x800 , 38236959.png )
>Cure Empress
Ad I like teh fact taht apparently Marie Ange is probably a descendant of one of the three legendary cures.

Also, we tablet now.

Something Saban registered early this year, and it's described as "a music and fashion-driven animated series about five teenage girls chosen to protect Earth and a fanstastical land", which lead many people to think it was going to be a localization of Smile Precure.

Well, Pretty Cure already uses a lot of english terms for their attacks, to go and localize it a la PR would be kind of a waste of time and resources for them. Unless they're thinking on doing it a la beyblade.
>> No. 84730
File 137863240475.gif - (2.97MB , 480x270 , manaslap.gif )
>> No. 84749
Yeesh, at my current rate of watching its gonna take me THREE YEARS to get through every episode of Precure. And I'm still not even through the first series.
>> No. 84800
File 137909670128.jpg - (19.54KB , 559x568 , 4am.jpg )
I think the fact that I'm starting to look forward to more Doki more than Shingeki no Kyojin every week says a lot of sad, sad things for me as a person.

Granted, I've been pretty much spoiled on all things Titan from fandom osmosis.
>> No. 84846
File 137940076681.jpg - (749.82KB , 697x900 , Managamy part 2.jpg )
Last episode wasn't as big as expected, but it was fun overall, and Aguri finally joins the harem.
>> No. 85283

DokiDoki is ending in december of this year?
Ok, didn't saw that coming.
And still no news on the next year series.
>> No. 85298
Wait, scratch that.
Copypasted from PCLJ:

>Apparently, Yamaguchi Ryota himself denied this on his Twitter:


>From Google Translate: "I do not propose from where such rumors whether widespread, but pounding! Precure (I've already written to the last time!) Is all 49 story. 37th story broadcast minutes the other day. And 11/3, pause is entered once in the beginning of the year or the end of the year, but the broadcast is scheduled for January full."

So I guess that what is gonna end in december is the show's production, and it will end on february, as usual. Talk about missinformation.
>> No. 85751
File 138570812519.png - (156.74KB , 600x152 , 22224_600.png )
We HappinessCharge now!
>> No. 85752
File 138570857185.jpg - (106.44KB , 600x352 , happinesscharge1.jpg )
Also, thank you amazon.
>> No. 85762
File 138585345958.jpg - (930.76KB , 1316x3369 , hira022617.jpg )
I do not like this.
>> No. 85861
File 138660328380.jpg - (36.42KB , 220x367 , tumblr_mxixs2mryU1qbo867o1_250.jpg )
Here, have more leaks.
>> No. 86143
File 138826205272.jpg - (777.07KB , 1028x2016 , 1386433692879.jpg )
>> No. 86144
File 13882622123.jpg - (177.83KB , 1029x389 , 1386437818273.jpg )
>> No. 86519
File 139009276911.gif?spoiler - (2.17MB , 640x360 , 1390089450815.gif?spoiler )
He's doing what Joker should have done from the beginning.
>> No. 86520
File 139009594056.jpg - (54.73KB , 288x238 , 1376845858513.jpg )
I'm gonna miss those gays.
>> No. 86521
映画プリキュアオール…youtube thumb
More news on the next New Stage movie.

Don't forget about the harem.
>> No. 86533
Oh wow, a PreCure thread on SA.
I though the SA admins hated/didn't liked the show.
Specially since the few people that mentioned it before that thread just talked about HeartCatch.
>> No. 86545
File 139024359579.png - (43.34KB , 185x415 , 1382995791262.png )

Reading through the thread I can understand some of the members' criticisms of Doki. I while I personally liked it better than Smile, I can understand the problems some of these folks had with its Mana-centrism and Cure Ace.

It also reminded me about the new subs for HeartCatch, which I'm interested in, but a lot of Commie's sponsored torrents seem to be caught by my ISP.
>> No. 86552
Yeah, I can understand it as well, it's funny that what lacked Smile, is what Doki had and viceversa, since Smile has great episodes for characters and Doki is too Mana-centric, or how Smile plot is lacking and Doki is an entire whole arc (even the most fillertastic looking episode had at the end a link to the main plot).
And also, at least SA seems to discuss it in a rational way, compared to most of tumblr, that seems to be at war with Doki, in the usual tumblr way.
>> No. 86553
File 139028539538.png - (76.57KB , 651x252 , tumblr_mzoll8rhGt1qc2u5zo1_1280.png )
>> No. 86855
Forget KLK, THIS is the truly saviour of anime!
ハピネスチャージプリキュアopyoutube thumb
ハピネスチャージプリキュアedyoutube thumb
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