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File 129799867083.jpg - (42.93KB , 701x583 , Wolvie Sabey.jpg )
68859 No. 68859
Come on people!!!! There has to be a lot out there!
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>> No. 68860
File 12979987124.jpg - (339.71KB , 800x800 , Aftermath.jpg )
>> No. 68861
File 12979987262.jpg - (63.45KB , 400x539 , Another One.jpg )
>> No. 68862
File 129799874851.jpg - (33.28KB , 401x571 , Closer.jpg )
>> No. 68868
File 129800503686.jpg - (69.33KB , 400x528 , SabretoothWolverine lick.jpg )
thought I'd help out with the only pic I've got for them c:
>> No. 68896
File 129806495512.jpg - (160.00KB , 850x680 , xmen_tasteforblood.jpg )
Funny, I thought I had more of this...
>> No. 68898
I will give my firstborn to whoever gives me good, hot and well written smut of this.
>> No. 68910
As gorgeous as Liev Schreiber is, it saddens me that most of the fanart has him as Sabretooth. I love comicverse long, blond, and fur coated Sabey.
>> No. 68911
As gorgeous as Liev Schreiber is, it saddens me that most of the fanart has him as Sabretooth. I love comicverse long, blond, and fur coated Sabey.
>> No. 68912
whoops, sage for stupid double post
>> No. 68916
File 129808445897.jpg - (191.01KB , 800x472 , xmen_proximity.jpg )
I agree wholeheartedly.
>> No. 68917
File 129808458955.jpg - (128.03KB , 596x551 , 1148571916533.jpg )
>> No. 68918
File 129808464143.jpg - (74.42KB , 440x600 , mori.jpg )
>> No. 68944
File 129815013630.jpg - (1.70MB , 2000x1500 , 0003d536.jpg )
>> No. 68945
File 129815034313.jpg - (59.27KB , 379x541 , 1289787336308.jpg )
>> No. 68947
I would really like to see some bondage action with those two...
>> No. 68949
I could really go for something with these two and Daken somehow thrown in as well.
>> No. 69217
>> No. 69251
>> No. 69252
Two Drabbles wiritten by the awesome Ponderosa

Written for porn_battle, for the prompt: Stryker/Victor, always about Logan.

X-men Origins:Wolverine. Stryker/Victor, Victor/Logan. R. ~250 words. Substitution Sex.

Like any animal, Victor’s needs are simple.

Liberties too Dangerous

Stryker’s hand hovers above the broad stretch of Victor’s naked back. There are scars, faint ones, so old that they must’ve bitten into his flesh when he was still a boy. Long and straight, born from a whip or a belt, Stryker guesses, and slowly he curls his fingers and resists the touch. He resists a lot when it comes to Victor; some liberties are too dangerous to take. What a pleasant surprise that Victor had come begging for this one.

Victor is tight around him, fucking back against his cock when the slam of his hips goes still and he savours the raw strength contained and trembling, bent double for him. Victor’s claws ruin the sheets, dangerous even on his short leash, but so very easy to control.

He wants to ask if this how it always was between the two of them, or if taking it face down makes it that much easier to pretend. Victor’s growl is muffled in the pillow, the muscles in his back and arms shifting, a map of tension that leads, as it always does, to Logan. Like any animal, Victor’s needs are simple.

Stryker curls forward, sinking deep until he’s pressed snug against Victor’s ass. “Good boy,” he says, and bites back the moan at Victor’s sudden and violent thrashing. “You’ll have him again soon enough.”
>> No. 69253
and the second one; Be sure to leave a comment!

Written for porn_battle, for the prompt: Victor/James, new beginnings.

X-men Origins:Wolverine. Victor/Logan. R. ~700 words. Amnesia.

There’s a feeling that he can’t shake, like he’s missing a whole lot more than who he used to be.

Trouble Has a Way

Logan slings his bag over his shoulder. There’s not much packed in it beyond a few changes of clothes and basic toiletries. Even when he finds a decent job willing to pay cash and look the other way when he doesn’t have a scrap of ID, he doesn’t stay in one place for long. There’s a feeling that he can’t shake, like he’s missing a whole lot more than who he used to be. Wherever he lays his head, his bed seems empty and no one he’s found to fill it has made up for that.

He’s given up on looking to fill up all the blank spots yawning in his memory. There’s no sense in it, when the years have turned all the trails cold and everything about what’d happened at Three Mile had coverup stamped all over it. Government is something Logan had known right away he didn’t want to tangle with, and the first time he found knives springing out between his knuckles he knew he’d made the right choice.

“Where you headed?”

Logan looks at the guy who’s been taking up most of the bench at the stop for a good ten minutes. The nape of his neck had been prickling since the guy had shown up and sat down, his big arms stretched wide over the back, casual but somehow threatening. A wickedly curved claw–mutant, just like Logan–picks at the grain of the wood as Logan sizes the guy up proper.

“Who’s asking?”

A smile then, sharp as the claws, and Logan’s treated to an odd twinge low in his guts. The smile disappears and the guy shrugs, casual, dismissive. “Someone who might be headed in the same direction. I could offer you a lift, maybe save you a few bucks. Name’s Victor.”

Logan drops his bag back to the curb in case it turns out he’ll need his hands free. He does his best to stay out of trouble, but trouble has a way of cropping up. “You don’t quite look like the charitable sort, Victor.”

“No, don’t suppose I do,” he says in a deep purr that just burrows right into Logan’s skin, gnaws through his bones to resonate in the marrow. It’s familiar, hauntingly so, and Logan can’t shake off the feeling any more than he can ignore the coppery scent of danger in the air.

In the end, he goes, and if he’d anticipated that in following he’d be treated to the feel of those claws on his skin, he hadn’t expected this. They press light against his sides, tips spreading wide as the heat of Victor’s palms curve around the span of his ribs. Victor’s mouth brushes against the slope of Logan’s neck, and a shivering threat of a bite turns to a wide lick that wets a span up to Logan’s ear.

“Not the charitable sort at all,” Victor murmurs, nipping a path back down as his hands skim down Logan’s front and takes over undoing Logan’s belt. Logan fights the hard kick of lust but doesn’t fight the kick of Victor’s boot on his to force his stance wide. There’s an odd sense of right that he hasn’t felt since the first time he wrapped a hand around a beer, or woke up to smell dawn after having spent a night sleeping on the bare ground. Logan’s not sure what this says about him, that he likes it when Victor’s hand slips down his pants and roughly grabs his cock, but he goes with the punches, and reaches back to fumble at Victor’s fly and return the favour.

His hands curl to fists when Victor hauls back to spit straight on skin. Logan forces his fingers to relax as Victor slicks the wetness all along the crease of his ass. “This mean I don’t need to give you money for gas?” Logan asks, his words slurring a little as a moan tries to push through.

Victor offers a quiet laugh instead of an answer, and lays the hot weight of his dick against Logan’s skin. “This means whatever you want it to,” he says, and pushes.


>> No. 69449
File 129885174960.jpg - (83.29KB , 713x603 , Sabey Logan.jpg )
To keep the thread up. I have a lot more. I'm just waiting for you guys to give me ones I have never seen so I can award you :3
>> No. 69513
i just wrote a poem about them. A poem. About Logan and Victor.
A poem for poetry class about Logan and Victor....

Maybe I post it later this week.
>> No. 69579
File 129910917472.jpg - (13.64KB , 100x100 , 519412.jpg )
does anyone have the picture this icon is from?
>> No. 69581
File 129911443494.png - (1.15MB , 1000x991 , 129549940881.png )
Oh boy! Looks like it's my time to shine.
Here you go anon.
>> No. 70004
File 129970821467.jpg - (35.65KB , 500x353 , Wolvie Sabey Love.jpg )
>> No. 70076
buuuuuuuuuump. COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!
>> No. 70208
File 130022139552.jpg - (1.45MB , 830x6450 , 0003zcbz.jpg )
>> No. 70373
File 130057922297.jpg - (169.10KB , 740x445 , 1300333797053.jpg )
>> No. 70479
File 130074217483.png - (36.80KB , 507x480 , Kiss.png )
You guys are disappointing me D:< Although cheers for the comic. Never seen that one before.
>> No. 70532
File 130081857849.jpg - (819.57KB , 1200x1500 , 0003ste9.jpg )
Rejoyce! The Haust comes to your rescue
>> No. 70533
File 130081873692.jpg - (1.65MB , 900x3076 , 00039c9a.jpg )
>> No. 70534
File 130081891443.jpg - (459.17KB , 1200x1500 , 0002hr8h.jpg )
and I suppose you've all seen this...
>> No. 70672
somehow recrution is not really working for this pairing here... maybe we should relocate to Bara and see if we can get them interested


If someone else posts before Monday I will post the super hot ficiotn that goes with >>70534
>> No. 70675
File 13011057983.jpg - (84.58KB , 488x770 , 562572 - Marvel Wolverine X-Men.jpg )
Yeahhhhhh... Not meant to be bara. Thats why its says Wolvie and Sabey. Just cause they're buff doesn't mean we should change the thread. Not trying to be rude. Its just with how baras been lately its been pretty boring. And I don't have my flash drive right now so no really good ones to treat anyone with :\ But I would love the link to that story :D
>> No. 70678
... ... processing request ... ...

Here it is:

Warning for Watersports

heading over to deviant art and searching for a really good chibi flash
>> No. 70679
... and found it
>> No. 70697
File 130118823293.jpg - (50.24KB , 396x512 , Logan Dom.jpg )
btw, does anyone know who drew 70532 and 70533 It looks like its from the same artist. I must know who it is D:<
>> No. 70704

are all by the same artist that goes under the name of "The Haust", the ze has a livejournal under that name, the art is only posted under http://community.livejournal.com/victorxlogan/

Try the tag 'fanart'.
>> No. 70705
That fanfic the comic is based on was so awesome. Sadly it hasn't been continued for over half a year.
>> No. 70712
File 130124098386.jpg - (51.38KB , 480x480 , s640x480.jpg )
Thank you!!! I have a new favorite artist now <3
>> No. 70713
File 130124520036.jpg - (140.72KB , 450x488 , x_men_sketch03_by_VadeG.jpg )
>> No. 70728
File 130127149360.jpg - (168.07KB , 800x786 , Hehe.jpg )
Fweefweefwee, to keep this up on the first page.
>> No. 70731
Been starring at that Pic for the past two days at Pondi's site. I l♥ve it so much! I think I set it as my wallpaper soon...

(I am the one posting all the Haust pics, btw)
>> No. 70761
File 130135588124.jpg - (102.50KB , 619x793 , Victor Logan Dom.jpg )
Can you post more please? I'm stupid when it comes to lj XD All the groups are different when it comes to navigating :F
>> No. 70765
File 130136103339.jpg - (1.36MB , 700x3500 , 0002dw6a.jpg )
>> No. 70787
Thanks for making me lol; it's good to know what my cat would look like in human form whenever he pulls the "I'm half asleep and purring as you pet me, and now I'm gonna attack your hand" trick with me.
>> No. 70808
File 130143729538.jpg - (898.80KB , 800x3152 , 0000spd1.jpg )
Running out here guys D: Although the last comic was adorable XD More please?
>> No. 70810
File 130144305376.jpg - (221.93KB , 800x800 , 00022qd5.jpg )
every fandom deserves one
>> No. 70881
Come oooooonnnnnn people
>> No. 70978
File 13017880422.jpg - (2.07KB , 126x75 , Hurrhurr.jpg )
Hrnnn. Come on people.
>> No. 70999
File 130180213264.png - (16.88KB , 300x350 , 130135643213.png )
>> No. 71045
File 130187837825.jpg - (66.71KB , 467x704 , C__mere_by_Kamikaze_Kaitou_Taco.jpg )
>> No. 71098
File 130196079612.jpg - (110.42KB , 845x540 , colored_v_Pernillas_Wolverine.jpg )
>> No. 71137
File 130203941095.jpg - (244.28KB , 800x800 , Liev And Hugh.jpg )
>> No. 71297
was wondering if you knew: Hows it gonna BE? by Catch23North. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4379763/1/Hows_it_Gonna_Be
I'm gonna take another look at liverjournal for Pics but I'm not to optimistic about it. Comic Canon
And here's another long one, unfinished but lots of fun and sex:
Movie Canon with Eade and Remy thrown in there.
>> No. 71796
>> No. 72229
File 130371162441.jpg - (48.06KB , 500x383 , 1302715707715.jpg )
found one!.
I don't think I ever get over this type of ukefication though
>> No. 73852
I wrote this a while back in honor of this pic. Enjoy.

Title: Kilt Party
Universe: Haust-verse (That's right Haust, you have your own marvel universe now!)
Based on: Kilt Party by the Haust
Rating: R (for naughty langauge and mention of naked man butts)
Summary: "Victor, take off yer pants!"

“Take off your pants, Victor,” Jimmy slurred.

Victor blinked. “Um, what was that, Jimmy?” Not that Victor was opposed to the idea of getting pantsless with his brother, but Jimmy tended to like keeping these activities private not in the middle of the common room.

“I said, take of yer pantsss,” Jimmy repeated slowly, stumbling into the couch. “Hey, watch where yer goin’, dammit.”

Fred had his head down on the table, Bradley was trying to logic out the television or something, David was clutching the floor while begging it to stop spinning, Wraith was trying to flick quarters into a shot glass, and Wade was… Wade. Jimmy was three quarters of the way through a six pack of whiskey.

“Why should I take off my pants?” Victor queried.

“’Cause we’re gonna go play… golf!” Jimmy announce, brandishing his nearly empty bottle of whiskey.

“Golf?” Victor asked, clearly bemused. “I’m pretty sure you have to wear pants to play golf, Jimmy.”

“No no no,” Jimmy mumbled. “We need to play golf propeller… poplar…. Properly. In kilts!”

Victor glanced at Wade. “In kilts, huh? And whose bright idea was this?”

“Hey, ya big pansy, real men wear kiltsss,” Jimmy prodded. “Come on, Nancy boy! Y’aren’t afraid of a l’il kilt ar’ya?”

Jimmy suddenly whipped off his pants and boxers, picking up one of the kilts that had been lain out on the couch and putting it on. Victor cast a suspicious glance at Wade. That kilt fit a little too perfectly for Victor’s taste… actually, Jimmy looked damn hot in a kilt. Victor found it very hard to look away from his brother suddenly. And when did it get so hot in the common room?

“Uh, Jimmy, one of your socks is pink,” was the only thing Victor could think of to say.

Wade snickered before falling off his chair. “I meant to d’that,” Wade giggled.

“Put on yer kilt, Victor,” Jimmy snapped, tossing a second kilt at Victor. He snapped his fingers, or at least tried to. “Hurry up. Wanna go play golf.” He went to take another swig of whiskey. Upon finding the bottle empty, he tossed it across the room and opened a new bottle.

Grumbling, Victor shucked his pants and put on the kilt. “There, are you happy now?”

“No, you’re wearing a skirt,” Jimmy accused.

“What?” Victor squawked.

“Unner-wear,” Bradley slurred, looking at Victor with one eye open. He kept switching back and forth between open eyes. “Skirts have unner-wear unner ‘em. Kilts only have th’breeze.”

Victor wanted to kill Wade. This was clearly all his idea. Muttering, he removed his boxers. Jimmy gave a drunken nod before spinning around on his heel, nearly falling over and making his way out of the common room. “To golf!”

Fifteen minutes later found Victor, Jimmy and the rest of the team on the golf course. Victor was surprised to find that the base had its own golf course. You think someone would have noticed this before.

But such is life.

Wraith and Bradley were amusing themselves by having golf cart races. Heaven help them if they figured out how to turn the stupid things on. But the racecar noises they were making were highly amusing.

“All right, Jimmy, let’s play golf,” Victor sighed. At some point, Jimmy had snagged another six pack of whiskey.

After nearly tipping over from setting up the tee, Jimmy stood over his golf ball with club in hand. He wriggled his rump a couple of times before swinging. The ball sailed neatly through the air, landing a few yards from the whole.

Well, how hard can this be? Victor mused. If Jimmy can do this shitfaced… Victor calmly approached his tee…and completely missed on the first swing. Fortunately, everyone else was too drunk to have noticed. Victor swung again. This time the ball sailed over to the left, bounced off a tree and ended up in the sand trap. “Oh, what the fuck?” Victor snarled.

Wade laughed at him, while David started yacking in the bushes. Fred just looked mildly amused and hiccupped.

“Stupid fucking golf,” Victor muttered, stalking over to where the little white ball mocked him from the sand trap. Victor took his first swing, sending sand in every direction. But not the golf ball.

Victor tried again. More sand, still no golf ball movement. He could hear Jimmy snickering above him. Gritting his teeth, Victor took a third swing. This time, sand and the golf club went flying. Jimmy was howling with laughter.

“Stupid fucking golf!” Victor roared, snatching his club back up. “I fucking hate this game!” The golf club barely survived the experience, becoming twisted in ways it was never meant to be.

“Man, you suck at this!” Jimmy crowed.

Growling, Victor tackled his brother. The two ferals tussled for a moment, but it wasn’t particularly satisfying for Victor as Jimmy kept giggling through the whole thing. Victor was panting heavily as he pulled back from Jimmy, who was sitting up on his elbows.

Victor noticed that one side of Jimmy’s kilt had crept up dangerously high on his thigh.

Victor started to lean forward to kiss Jimmy and help him forget this whole stupid golf idea. Jimmy’s eyebrows shot up. He pushed Victor out of the way and heaved the contents of his stomach onto the green.

“Hey, there was pizza?” Wade cried out petulantly.
>> No. 73972
I miss this fandom...
>> No. 75229
I forgot I made this... BUMP
>> No. 86572
File 133678331231.jpg - (338.96KB , 911x512 , 836901 - Marvel Sabretooth Wolverine X-Men victor_.jpg )
>> No. 86574
File 133678395966.jpg - (238.97KB , 650x929 , xmen_victorlogan090717.jpg )
>> No. 87998
Graaaah, I don't need yet another slash pairing to love but I can't deny it any longer. Wolvie and Sabey are HOT together! Thanks for all the great fan art and fic links.

Can anybody help out a newbie to the pairing with fic recs? Preferably bottom Wolvie, hehe...
>> No. 88311
what the fuck is wrong with you people
>> No. 88320
I just assumed that it was just one crazy fangirl.
>> No. 92917
>> No. 92918
>> No. 92932
File 138494254631.jpg - (229.50KB , 888x500 , x_men__victor_x_logan_3_by_bugjar-d31b4ii.jpg )
>> No. 92933
File 138494260141.jpg - (48.79KB , 600x473 , 0000f5c0.jpg )
>> No. 92934
File 138494317610.jpg - (715.16KB , 800x1000 , 00011kxs.jpg )
>> No. 92935
File 138494332696.jpg - (106.30KB , 800x511 , VicCreed%20-%20Passion.jpg )
>> No. 92936
File 138494406641.jpg - (721.76KB , 1200x960 , 0000xqfk.jpg )
>> No. 92937
File 138494419796.jpg - (88.06KB , 622x596 , 0001109p.jpg )
>> No. 93091
File 138998531899.jpg - (393.56KB , 755x965 , marvel-lick.jpg )
Don't let this thread die!!
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