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File 135765342257.jpg - (78.74KB , 940x690 , cone.jpg )
168318 No. 168318
Post more please.

A Morning in the Mountainsyoutube thumb
TF2: The Lord of the Capsyoutube thumb
Gmod Brawl: Niko vs. Romanyoutube thumb
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>> No. 168321
Who's Cooking Tonight?youtube thumb
>> No. 168369
[SFM] Loss.flvyoutube thumb
>> No. 168415
Been a bit too into these through much of 2012. Two obvious SFM faves:

Odd Engies: The Fall of Mann […youtube thumb
One Step Ahead [Saxxy Awards 2012]youtube thumb
>> No. 168443
Fifty Shades of FFFF-!youtube thumb
Less of a GMod video and more of "GMod screenshots supplimented with Tumblr reaction images with narration" but I was laughing so hard at this the first time I heard it.
>> No. 168489
biggest thing I get from that is sadness..that I missed getting a Da Cheat.
>> No. 168498
Heavy gets a Jobyoutube thumb
Half Retarded 2: Episode 1youtube thumb
Heavy Makes the Team Watch My …youtube thumb
>> No. 168514
BARBECUEyoutube thumb
Team Fortress 2 - Yeah Toast!youtube thumb
What Happens when Ellis gets his Horseyoutube thumb
>> No. 168584
Just got SFM but I'm kind of miffed that it'll only let me do TF2 levels and characters so far. I hope there's a way to stick other maps in there and other characters and objects. TF2's nice but Far Cry 3 is goddamn gorgeous in a way TF2 can never be, And if I had a choice I'd be making movies in those environments.
>> No. 168585
The Gmod Idiot Box: Episode 1youtube thumb
What Sniper really feels durin…youtube thumb
Hide n'youtube thumb
>> No. 168595
File 135811698759.jpg - (1.17MB , 1920x1080 , poster.jpg )
so far every gmod compatible thing i've added has worked

although i would kill to be able to rig some of these ragdolls
>> No. 168597
File 13581227419.jpg - (171.39KB , 1280x720 , YesThispleasesJack.jpg )
Soldier's Manncutsyoutube thumb
>> No. 168622
The text on dat book.
>> No. 168642
What Else is On?youtube thumb
Team Fortress 2: Moments with …youtube thumb
The Adventures of Coach: Episode 6youtube thumb
>> No. 168643
File 135824799530.jpg - (64.52KB , 500x500 , ea__s_law_now_by_thefallout96-d5ebtg0.jpg )
I'm sorry, Electronic Arts. I used to like you, but you had this one coming.

EA in a Nutshell (Similar appl…youtube thumb
>> No. 168651
Pedobear's Messageyoutube thumb
Rochelle Almost Gets Her Revengeyoutube thumb
>> No. 168788
Insanityyoutube thumb
Elliot Goes to School: Mondaysyoutube thumb
The Ten Dating Tipsyoutube thumb
>> No. 168944
How the Medic saved the Heavyyoutube thumb
Rappy's Visityoutube thumb
The Vicious Cycle of de_dust2youtube thumb
Heavy thinks he's a Scribblenautyoutube thumb
>> No. 168958
Shit just got fucking real:
>> No. 168975
The Van Drivers' Lamentyoutube thumb
Heavy's Quest for Tea Timeyoutube thumb
>> No. 169127
Mann vs Martians [SFM]youtube thumb
Doctor BLU Visits Ancient Egyptyoutube thumb
The Idiots of Garry's Modyoutube thumb
The Idiots of Garry's Mod 2youtube thumb
>> No. 169243
Sniper's Hidden Poweryoutube thumb
[GMod] Heavy Birthday - Part 1youtube thumb
[GMod] Heavy Birthday - Part 2youtube thumb
>> No. 169259
The Vicious Cycle of 2fortyoutube thumb
Garry's Mod Dumbs Episode 1youtube thumb
Garry's Mod Dumbs Episode 2youtube thumb
Garry's Mod Dumbs Episode 3youtube thumb
>> No. 169786
Spy says something to Medicyoutube thumb
wankers.wmvyoutube thumb
Space Fortress 5youtube thumb
[TF2] Enjoy the Silence, Wanka!youtube thumb
>> No. 169850
Leisure at Militiayoutube thumb
Spy challenges Heavy for a fightyoutube thumb
Sexy thighsyoutube thumb
>> No. 170013
File 136066194033.jpg - (84.77KB , 700x1000 , WALKERS.jpg )
how about renders?
>> No. 170329
Sniper goes to an Operayoutube thumb
GMOD: Meet The Survivor Coachyoutube thumb
>> No. 170331
Harlem Shake | Video Game Editionyoutube thumb
Admins In A Nutshellyoutube thumb
>> No. 170567
The GMod Idiot Box: Episode 11youtube thumb
Ass's Creed: Enter the Anusyoutube thumb
>> No. 170627
Top 5 Commander Shepard A Douc…youtube thumb
Wario's Day Offyoutube thumb
>> No. 170770
DerpFortyoutube thumb
[Gmod/SFM]Sniper and The Holy Pissyoutube thumb
>> No. 170911
Box Of Coxyoutube thumb
The Half Life Parody 3youtube thumb
>> No. 170971
Portal 2 - What Rick, the Adve…youtube thumb
>> No. 171515
Duke Nukem ForeverQuestyoutube thumb
Pyrodom: The Long Road Adventu…youtube thumb
>> No. 171516
The Gmod Retardation Disease: …youtube thumb
The Big Random Gmod Movie of DOOOOOM 5youtube thumb
Engineer's Sandwichyoutube thumb
>> No. 171593
Elliot Goes Campingyoutube thumb
Left 4 Fartsyoutube thumb
The Gmod Castle Calamityyoutube thumb
>> No. 171799
What it takes to be a *REAL* Mafiosoyoutube thumb
GMOD Zombie Happy Fun Timeyoutube thumb
>> No. 172171
[SFM] - Meet the Dispenseryoutube thumb
Doctor BLU Visits Ancient Egyptyoutube thumb
Pony vs. Machineyoutube thumb
>> No. 172355
The Adventures of Bill & F…youtube thumb
GMOD'N- Episode 1youtube thumb
>> No. 172356
>> No. 172407
Mario The Zombie 4youtube thumb
GMod - The Assumption Songyoutube thumb
>> No. 172597
What Happens When Dr. House gets his Pillsyoutube thumb
>> No. 172914
Sanctuarium Insaniaeyoutube thumb
>> No. 172945
Heavy Bravo - Some Deviceyoutube thumb
[Source Filmmaker] Fluttershy's Lamentyoutube thumb
>> No. 173013
Radioyoutube thumb
>> No. 173367
GentleBot Hell [SFM]youtube thumb
>> No. 173431
So THAT was the best SFM thing I've ever seen.
>> No. 173708
Heavy is Moderately Good Diveryoutube thumb
>> No. 174108
Why Engineers Shouldn't Defend (Gmod)youtube thumb
>> No. 174109
That was awesome. Now we just need more people to learn how to do this and do originals.
>> No. 174110
Well, has anyone here dabbled in it? My computer can't handle it, so I'm out for now.
>> No. 174111

It's been a long time since I've ever seen a Gmod video that good.
>> No. 174127
Agreed. I don't know if it's just really smooth frame-by-frame, but some of that could have been SFM.
>> No. 174129
It's not just the animation, but the humor.

I watched that video 3 times. It's still funny.
>> No. 174133
I still find it hard to believe it was done in Gmod. That's better quality than most of the SFM videos out there. The humor is just icing on the deliciously animated video.

The Spy taking off after the Medic in the same spinning fashion, doing the snort laugh as he does so, gets me every time.
>> No. 174135
I spent 15 minutes playing around, figured out nothing, and haven't gone back. Admittedly, I also haven't watched any of the tutorial stuff that I really should watch.
>> No. 174136
I like how the Nazi army is made entirely of Hitlers.

Dr. Face has been awesome for a long time. I don't always laugh at his work, but I always like the animation.

Also, Rappy the Raptor for Tenth Class.
>> No. 176490
PS4 VS X-Box One in a Nutshellyoutube thumb
>> No. 178129
Full of sandwichesyoutube thumb
Luigipalooza - The Year of Lui…youtube thumb
>> No. 178742
Worst Trade Ever: A Rabbid's Underdog Storyyoutube thumb
TeamFormers [SFM]youtube thumb
>> No. 182571
The GMod Idiot Box: Episode 12youtube thumb
Ghost gets trolled again! (4 y…youtube thumb
Foxeryoutube thumb
>> No. 182582
[SFM] Illegal Drugs (Giant Bomb)youtube thumb
>> No. 182791
>> No. 183645
A Friendly Friendyoutube thumb
Dat intelligenceyoutube thumb
Not A Real Soldieryoutube thumb
>> No. 184092
[♪] Portal - Funeralyoutube thumb
>> No. 184775
>> No. 184952
>> No. 185043
>> No. 185543
>> No. 185565
>>184775 >>184952 >>185043 >>185543
Let's just clean these up

We'll Show You, Old Man! [SFM]youtube thumb
Crikey Hunter meets the 800 Pound Tigeryoutube thumb
derogatory_team_banter_other_t…youtube thumb
Everybody Do The Flop?youtube thumb
The Rights and Wrongs of Good Deedsyoutube thumb
Loadsamoneyyoutube thumb

To have the preview link thing work, make sure "http://" is at the beginning of the URL and it's not "https://".
>> No. 185567
Soldier is trying to capture Franceyoutube thumb
>> No. 185601
Rainbow Dash's Quest for SWAG- Part 1youtube thumb
Rainbow Dash's Quest 4 SWAG - Part 2!youtube thumb
Rainbow Dash's Quest for SWAG- Part 3youtube thumb
Rainbow Dash's Quest For Swag - Part 4youtube thumb
>> No. 185674
Sandwichmiruyoutube thumb
>> No. 185721
Skeleton Dance [SFM]youtube thumb
>> No. 185725
(GMod) FanDOOM! A Legend of Ko…youtube thumb

Also what thats old one called that starts with a sniper shaking his head at a soilder set to silly music and end with a raving rabbit scream.
And the a pony version.
I just cant recall its name and its pissing me off when that happens!
>> No. 185746
Vicious Cycle of 2fort
The Vicious Cycle of 2fortyoutube thumb
>> No. 185756
Thank you.
>> No. 186102
Not many/any dota 2 SFM here.
Lets fix that!
The Vicious Cycle of Pub Gamesyoutube thumb
[SFM] Dota 2: Fissure Manyoutube thumb
[SFM] Battle between the masks (Dota 2)youtube thumb
Axe's Special Delivery [SFM]youtube thumb
>> No. 186106
Meet the Rabid Heavy Taming Engineeryoutube thumb
>> No. 186177
Nuklz Plays Pianoyoutube thumb
What Happened after "Meet the medic"youtube thumb
>> No. 186425
Medieval Fortressyoutube thumb
Oasisyoutube thumb
Nuklz Plays Pianoyoutube thumb
>> No. 186479
Tale of a Carry [SFM]youtube thumb

Flatmates [SFM]youtube thumb

And this is why you should really see Kung Fu Panda!
[SFM] Dota 2 - Kung Fu Brewmasteryoutube thumb
>> No. 186490
[SFM] Dizzy Lizzy (possible spoilers)youtube thumb

If you want to get to the best part and skip the "build-up", go to 6:20. I lose it at the Baptism every time.
>> No. 187271
The GMod Idiot Box: Episode 13youtube thumb
>> No. 187297
2 best friends play: Triple Triad [SFM]youtube thumb
>> No. 187298
Rappy "n" Demo: Revenge of Ninja Spyyoutube thumb
Gravel Pootyoutube thumb
Quest for the Gabenyoutube thumb
>> No. 187310
Heavy's new phoneyoutube thumb
Team Fortress 2 - Heavy's Mission to Marsyoutube thumb
>> No. 187313
Expiration Dateyoutube thumb
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