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File 134678828591.jpg?spoiler - (133.55KB , 808x547 , ig_winners.jpg?spoiler )
162584 No. 162584
Unless you've been under a rock, iG beat Na'Vi in the finals of the International. And I have to say, as a proficient League player and a low-level DotA player, watching the International I now feel that DotA 2 is more entertaining to watch and harder to master.

Also, Meepo:
When is this nig comin' out?
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>> No. 162625
Why not bump your earlier thread, Bliz?

Also, that picture is hilarious, they look like a Chinese babushka
>> No. 162651
File 134687377894.jpg - (34.30KB , 355x397 , tumblr_m9lac87Iox1rq0q0m.jpg )
I want League and DotA players under the same thread.


I have my reasons...
>> No. 162688
I miss Lina's concept hair-on-fire look. Even if in retrospect it made her look like an older, thinner Flame Princess.
>> No. 162692
File 134690771811.gif - (1.31MB , 296x160 , canyoubelievethis.gif )
>Two MOBA threads on the third page.
>Makes another one.
>My face when.
>> No. 162738
One of the many reasons why I love Purge:
Dota 2 Razor Lycan Damage stealyoutube thumb
>> No. 162826
4 in the morning, I wanna get one more win as Rubick...
>like that's gonna happen at my mmr
Might as well try...
>> No. 162831
File 134710826170.png - (262.98KB , 696x482 , Untitled.png )
>game starts
>4 russians

>Enemy Team:
*sigh* fuck

>game starts
>the russains are obviously friends and go off in their own lanes
>i'm mid
>against Spectre? Not Zeus?
I can do this

>DK gets an early kill
>oh shit here comes the snowball effect
>DK is now in my lane
>until the tower goes down...
fuck, maybe not

>mid game:
>Winning...? sorta
>up on kills and winning team fights but losing the pushing war
>I'm carrying?

>late game:
>look at everyone's build on my team....
*sigh* I'm not winning this
>currently tied

>end game:
>working on a mek since no on my team has regen...
>never completed it
>Clickz did okay... I guess. He should have played like the carry we needed though, not like an assassin.
>And Tide-
>And Naga did okay also, solid build but no supporting items like wand or bottle or w/e (making my need for a mek)

Overall I think as a support the only think i could have done better was buy wards, but I didn't because they basically would have been for myself early game, laning mid when you can't communicate with your team. And into late game it felt like the enemy team was never in the jungle (I *may* be wrong) and we were moving purely off... "body language?" I guess if you could call it that, and pings.
>> No. 163056
LoL has a "random" option now.
I love it in DoTA but does it fit LoL where roles seem to be more solid and stable?
>> No. 163066
>does it fit LoL where roles seem to be more solid and stable
You haven't played much Dota have you...

Add me on steam bro, when ever you want to play some doto!
>> No. 163107
File 134749886882.png - (7.12KB , 614x620 , 1347497010722.png )
I guess Meepo and Medusa were in the last patch today in the test client [spoiler]but not as playable characters.[/spoilers]

Almost there Valve...
>> No. 163125
Yeah, sure.
>> No. 163282
>Changing Morgana's awesome splash art
>Keeping her outdated model.
>> No. 163291
File 134773126375.gif - (572.17KB , 500x273 , tumblr_m7cfq2PNPq1ra34c3o1_500.gif )
Wait, are you FineLeatherJackets on YouTube too?
>> No. 163292
Nope, another Monkey Island fan I guess.
>> No. 163343
File 134784509524.jpg - (821.55KB , 1200x1220 , e_morgana_by_jouste.jpg )
We're playing 4v5 since Pant never connects.
Nevertheless we keep up the fight, getting the upper hand in most team fights and keeping a steady 10 points ahead.

40 in, a fight breaks at their 3rd bot tower. They win it but I manage to escape when suddenly

>Attempting to reconnect...

The fuck? I've never seen this before.
I try to restart the client and it says the server is unavailable.

It was going so well too! I took Morg to mid, my friend supported as Janna, we had a pro Cait with him and a pro, friendly(!!) GP at top.

And the fucking LoL server status page claims its up and running.
>> No. 163352
So it looks like both of my roommates are interested in getting into one of these things. What do?
(any and all information welcome)
>> No. 163356

League of Legends is free, super easy to get into, and full of the whiniest, most mean-spirited bitches you'll ever find in an online game community.

Or DotA 2 if you want to pay for a game only to quit it 5 minutes in because you can't figure out what the fuck you're supposed to do.
>> No. 163360
DotA 2 is free, but you can buy a beta invite that includes bundle bonuses. It's 30$ and you get additional one you can send to friend I think. Pretty expensive but it might be worth it so check it out.

Anyways, all of you fill up the DotA 2 beta survey and wait for a key (that may take a long while to arrive).
Meanwhile, download LoL and get the hang of the game, that will also take a while.

One thing to remember is while the games may seem like carbon copy of each other and while they share many similar traits, their feel and style are completely different. Personally I find DotA 2 more dynamic and hard but I enjoy both games a lot.

LoL community is terrible the asshole to awesome ratio is 100:1
DotA 2, as far as I can tell, is better. I've seen a lot less assholes but than again I played a whole lot more LoL.
>> No. 163530
Meepo is out... FINALLY!
>> No. 163614
File 134821585923.jpg - (178.43KB , 1024x768 , 2012-09-21_00001.jpg )
>> No. 163946
What's a good key binding layout for DotA2?
I bind my items to 1-6 because that's what LoL did and it worked for me.
Now micromanaging units became a pain, and I kinda like playing Beastmaster.
>> No. 163962
Well... I have Items on 1-6, like you. My skills are QWERT and my ulti on Y. Attack Move is X and select hero/center hero is Space Bar. I have voice chat on V, level up stats on C, and select all other units on Z. Finally I have Courier on O and shop on P.
>> No. 163966
>Load up DOTA2
>Read a bit on the Heroes
>Tutorial is unclickable
>Join a game
>Random "Shadow Demon" or some generic shit
>Team is angry I'm not a pro at a game that's not out yet
>"Shadow Noob!"
>"Yes, I am. I'll take advice."
>"y rn't u buy items u fukn idot"
>"I thought I was, it says crtl click?"

What a great community!
>> No. 163968
Welcome to the MOBA community... Yeah and don't recommend randoming, just find a few heros you like and play them til your comfortable with the game. And this is not League, so boots, 3 health pots doesn't work.
>> No. 163973
Randoming is just how I'm going to find the heroes I like to play. I can't know till I try 'em right?
And I have no idea what you're talking about with boots and pots. Only MOBA I play is SMNC.
>> No. 163976
Do you have giant hands?

Average Match are twice as long as SMNC long match, some people get irritated. Yeah, just mute the assholes, I had better experience with the community than in LoL or SMNC, personally.
>> No. 163981
Well there's also the fact that I'm good at SMNC going into the equation. But I do want to branch into other ones.
Is it possible to set up a Player Match or is it all Ranked or whatever? I think a game with the guys from +4 would be fun and a lot less intense in pressure and attitude.
>> No. 163985
I think you can create a team or a party.
>> No. 164011
File 134895253137.jpg - (29.94KB , 313x313 , 1348431914786.jpg )
LoL Dev 1: "Let's combine the mobility and damage-heavy kiting abilities of Lux with the absurdly tight area control of Orianna!"
LoL Dev 2: "No, that'd be stupid. Unless we give her stupidly heavy burst damage like LeBlanc."
LoL Exec: "There's no way I'm letting you do any of that unless this new champion has a multiplying ultimate with barely any cooldown."

>mfw Syndra
>> No. 164012
Dota2 has so many leavers , I only got to play 1 game out of 6 yesterday without someone leaving early.
>> No. 164025
I think it's because Valve's fans mostly play FPS'es, where ragequitting is normal. They're not all used to MOBA's (or a lot of the genres that have TF2 tie-ins- I know a lot of people who forked down cash on the Total War total pack, back when it was $80+, and never played any of the games), unfortunately.

I'm still waiting for the tutorial mode when the game goes out of beta so I don't act like an asshat.
>> No. 164049
You can't expect people to have the "honor" of playing a losing game.
In a way, I can see defending them. It is just a game, and if you're not having fun why continue playing a game? But there's also the obvious points as to why you should continue playing. The chance to come back, the experience of learning from your mistakes and trying to improve, the netiquette, and so on.
>> No. 164056
I mean they leave at the first minute. Each time they don't even reach level 2.
>> No. 164097
File 134913471729.jpg - (1.13MB , 3264x1840 , 2012-10-01_16-30-15_807.jpg )
Maybe a little...
>> No. 164098
I am speechless.
>> No. 164099
I know your pain.
>> No. 164110
sir i hate to inform you but the tests have come back and it appears you have Yaoi Hands. In fact, one of the worst cases I've ever seen. I'm so sorry.
>> No. 164112
I'm not impressed. I've got the small and quick hands of a lover and they cover my keyboard. Put something that doesn't come in all kinds of sizes next to your mitts for objective scaling.
>> No. 164127
File 134918309095.png - (66.90KB , 150x342 , 150px-Sniper_taunt_laugh[1].png )
>Lane with Sniper
>"Thanks for standing still, wanker.

I also learned yesterday that going random gives you more money at the start of the game. Enough to buy a courier and more. So that's what I've been doing and so far so I've been on winning teams each time and discovering new characters.
>> No. 164210
I admit part of the appeal of DoTA for me is all of the TF2/Half-Life references. S'pecially when Lich says "POOTIS".

I wonder if that was Valve's idea, or Gary Schwartz just ad-libbed it. He's actually a pretty funny guy on his own, judging from the "Meet The Sandvich" outtakes.
>> No. 164482
I've finally stopped randoming and started a few select carries, Omni and Rubick.
>> No. 164889
Yeah me too, with Axe and Keeper of the Light.

I've also noticed that after playing a good number of games, when you get to a higher less low skill level, people don't seem to drop out of the games as often.
>> No. 164971
File 135098931656.jpg - (972.76KB , 1424x1024 , 1350976361954[1].jpg )
Just posting this here so I can find it again.
>> No. 165371
File 135175433223.png - (1.98MB , 1920x1080 , dota 2012-11-01 02-52-42-45.png )
Finally, a match where I wasn't a useless shit!
>> No. 165381
Wow, with Weaver. He usually seems like the most useless character in the match when I play.
>> No. 165476
Are we all enjoying Diretide?
Dota 2 - Diretideyoutube thumb
>> No. 165511
File 135207620855.jpg - (328.80KB , 633x800 , derpsz.jpg )
Only MOBA I play, SMNC.
>> No. 165556
File 135215248011.jpg - (92.46KB , 800x800 , 30356309.jpg )
>Lock in my waifu, Megabeth
>One man down from the get go
>Good Combat Girl topping the Icemen's board and keeping me back with Kitten barrage every time I try to Right
>Entire team on Left fighting the rest of the Icemen
>Nearly an hour long game of slowly forcing our way up and getting pushed back and defending and moving forward and wrestling for the Annihilator
>Finally manage to get some bots down the lane and stun the Turrets with Derby Disku to sustain my precious keys to victory
>They get in, tap the Moneyball, it goes down
>I start whamming on HELP voice commands as I freak out on their ball, taking it down to 75%
>OUR Moneyball goes down, no one in sight around here, the entire team must be in our face and my entire team must be over there holding them off
>Some bots hop on the ball, they made it all the way here alone!
>Check my spots for Icemen, they gotta be coming for me, Oh God they'll spawn right behind me and take me out with numbers
>spam Disku and rockets like there's no tomorrow
>Victory for the Hotshots!

And that's the day I was really lucky on SMNC.
>> No. 165558
I'm curious about MNC, but someone told me it was just like some "murder football" thing, and I don't like sports games. Is that true?
>> No. 165567
It's premise is entirely identical to these other games. Choose a character, guide the mobs, kill enemy mobs, upgrade character, kill other players, destroy the opposition's [valuable static object].

The biggest (and it's quite big) difference is that MNC is FPS. The premise is that of a game show meets sport, but gameplay-wise, you're getting the same thing as the rest.
>> No. 165568
Can you Nightstalker?
>> No. 165569
>> No. 165572
Ahhh. I was thinking Blitzball from Final Fantasy X, and my immediate reaction was "NO. NEVER AGAIN."

But if it's a MOBA with a TF2/Madworld-esque story and shootan, I can dig it.
>> No. 165574
Actually it's 3rd person shooter, not first.
just sayin'
>> No. 165586
This man is correct, and I am on two hours of sleep.
>> No. 165867
I know this is random, but would any of you gents or lasses happen to have a spare invite? A friend of mine is interested in DOTA2, yet neither of us have the money to buy an invite. Thanks in advance.
>> No. 165869
Elise is the most stupidly fun OP champ since Diana.
>> No. 165876
I can throw one your way.

Also note, most users got a few invites to pass around and many people are just giving them away, so buying one now is redundant.
>> No. 165885
I've got like 6 and I don't even play that fucking game. I can't get rid of them and get at least one every day.
>> No. 165889
She seemed to have got one an hour after I asked. Thanks for the offer, though.
>> No. 165890
I'd try to lure you out to DotA 2 but Its hard to sink time into more than one Tower Pusher and SMNC really deserves a solid player base.

How crowded are the servers nowadays?
>> No. 165907
It probably wouldn't work anyways.

How full is SMNC? Imagine the bottom of the chip bags after a 6 hour LAN party. Should be an accurate visual for how desolate the game is. It hit STEAM with some TF2 hats and everyone went wild for 'em. Then soon enough they all went back and left the few people playing before and the even fewer stragglers who liked it and abstained from the exodus back into the Holy Lands of Team Fortress.

Queues can take anywhere from a few minutes to over 20 and, from personal experience, it seems there's always at least one person who drops while connecting, plus the ones who may drop from getting beat.

I don't know what it is about the game, but it's like some kind of destined force of player hemorrhage and destitution.

But man, when you're playing. There's nothing like it. The announcers, the atmosphere of the hinted at fiction of the world, SMASH TV style gladitorial arenas wherein athletes, robots, animals, and clones compete for cash and marketing endorsement deals. It's goofy normalized blood-sport of an unseen future Earth and it's fun as hell.
>> No. 166179
Playing Awesomenauts now.
Every Mercenary that I'm not playing is Overpowered.

Voltar is level 40 when the others are 20something

Coco's electric ball takes a 3rd of my health off in one hit, easily spammed and huge aoe

Gnaw's poison is a "one step in it lose 25% health"
His mini turrets take 30 seconds of continuous shooting to take down

Clunk has limitless HP

Blinding effects aren't available on any weapons any of my Mercs have, but EVERYONE else has them all the time

Froggy's Wave Splash has fullscreen range, cooldown by the time you're out of the stun it puts you in, but why would he use that when he can tornado for a constant tick. It's guaranteed that running into Froggy is half your health gone and that's IF you can get away after the stunlock
>> No. 166187
File 135321745131.png - (329.05KB , 500x461 , tumblr_mdaih32gqL1qijz9o.png )
>Brood War/SC2 micro experts will inevitably pick up DOTA2.

>mfw they discover Meepo.
>> No. 167864
File 135630248175.jpg - (6.27MB , 3000x2784 , Felgrom.jpg )
Guardiens of Middle earth makes me hope that more moba games show up on console so we clicking haters can injoy this tybe of games.
And that we get ones that don't you know... All that jazz.
That and it has some major connection problems.
But Felgrom here is the fucking bomb!
Staight out of Warcraft 2 this guy.
And the bestest attack names.
>> No. 178418
File 137515100570.jpg - (457.71KB , 1875x1347 , fpAg9d7.jpg )
This game gained about 4 million players since it was last updated.
>> No. 178420
File 137516156738.jpg - (78.00KB , 417x465 , all of my hate.jpg )
>Play anti-mage, get an amazing start, on a five-kill streak before getting Battle Fury
>Entire rest of the team shits the bed phenomenally in every single teamfight thereafter
>> No. 178421
File 137516734993.png - (213.51KB , 999x601 , feedorama.png )
I'm the Seer.
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