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File 131255261093.png - (299.91KB , 1062x821 , inking.png )
40435 No. 40435
the year is 2045, after a series of bloody conflicts with countless dead a unified world-government declares that cultural identity is the ultimate reason for bloodshed and forbids everything related to that (art, religion, entertainment).

in this dystopian future a gang of mixed-aged nerds emerges attempting to stir up a revolution by spreading (pop)-cultural memes among society.

could this work?

(pic unrelated)
>> No. 40439
As a one-shot, graphic novel type dealy? Sure.

As an ongoing? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaybe...
>> No. 40442
Sounds Transmetropolitan-y.
>> No. 40493
Sounds Equilibrium-y.
>> No. 40497
Make them explicitly Anons.
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