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File 13978195431.jpg - (93.58KB , 550x680 , werehog.jpg )
226253 No. 226253
Last Thread: >>225338

Are you looking forward to the Werehog?
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>> No. 226264
That...That OP made me do a double take. Maybe I just need my mind out of the gutter...
>> No. 226265
You're telling me you looked at this cute, innocent little picture and saw little werehog taking a ride on Sonic's hot throbbing cock ?
>> No. 226266
Holy shit anon, no one implied any such thing.
They probably thought that Classic Sonic was simply covered in sewage.
Please, stop ruining this board with your lewd behavior.
>> No. 226268

>> No. 226270
File 139785857620.jpg - (100.76KB , 600x600 , 222.jpg )
>being lewd about Classic Sonic

Despicable, all of you
>> No. 226272
A few years ago, Ian said they were going to go into space for the Mega Man 3 arc.

Does that seem likely now?
>> No. 226273
It wasn't told yet where the MM3 robot masters took the energy elements to. So it is still possible.
>> No. 226275
Why wouldn't it be?
>> No. 226276
In the original game story, the energy elements are mined from nearby planets. In this version, the energy elements don't have a specific source, but they've been stolen by Wily's bots. They then flew off to God knows where.
>> No. 226277
They flew to SPAAAAAACE because Space is awesome.
I will honestly be mad if we are 2SERIOUS4SPACE and just go around the planet to track them down because going to space "just wouldn't make sense" or something. That is dumb and inexcusable. I buy Mega Man for stupid wish fulfillment not for its deep roots in reality.

It is space time.
Right here. Right now. This Fall.
Robots in Space Doing Space Things.
>> No. 226278

Mega Man will go to space eventually if only for Rockman World 2 and 5 if nothing else.
>> No. 226285
But we have to do it here in Mega Man 3 where it makes absolutely no sense but it happened.
>> No. 226288
Yes, exactly.
Or are you trying to say the fact that it's absolutely absurd means we shouldn't do it? Guys, we can't go to space, that makes no sense and is very silly. Mega Man comics are for logical, sensible folk only.
>> No. 226294
I thought it was because Gamma's power core needed special crystals only available from off-world mining facilities.
>> No. 226295
Yeah, and the comic hasn't mentioned where the energy elements come from, so we don't know if they're going with that or not.
>> No. 226299
Listen asshole, Ian Flynn wants to do Megaman X eventually. And if you want to cross Megaman Classic with Megaman X and pretend they exist in the same universe, X being a much darker series, you have to do things that actually make sense within the lore and can be explained. People like the Megaman comic because of what it adds, not because of how accurate it is to the games. They like Sonic for the same reason: it's darker, the world has depth, and the characters are actually fleshed out.
>> No. 226300
As much as I don't think Mega Man will be going to eight different asteroid planets (just for feasibility of writing all that and keeping it interesting,) he's probably going to space and Mega Man has no obligation to not do its crazy bits just because of X. They're doing time travel, and that's WAY more of a tangle than space travel. I think the book can handle Mega Man going to an asteroid or two.
>> No. 226302
>And if you want to cross Megaman Classic with Megaman X and pretend they exist in the same universe, X being a much darker series, you have to do things that actually make sense within the lore and can be explained.

No they fucking don't.
They've already done time travel and are set up to do it in the future. Hell, they're doing it in like two issues. X has a plot centered around a moon elevator that is LITERALLY connected to the moon. Logic need not apply here. Continuity is fine and dandy, and clever workarounds are good and fine, but there's no reason to say "NUOH BUT MEUAGA MAHN CAN'T GO TO SPACE" when he's going to space soon anyway to fight Quint.

You have to remember that Classic already set up for Mega Man to visit every planet in the solar system and the X series has crazy stupid bullshit like computer viruses physically spreading across the world and "DNA SOULS". Grounding Classic closer to reality doesn't make things make sense, it makes it harder to connect things.
>> No. 226303

I think it's less people saying Mega Man can't go to space and more that since we're going to have Quint and the Stardroids later there would be no harm in putting it off until later. Mega Man 3 is bulky enough as is.
>> No. 226304
The poster I'm replying to is implying that Classic has to be "darker" and more serious for X to work and that people like it because it's darker.
My counterpoint is that what he's saying is a complete load of bullshit.
>> No. 226305
Nobody is saying Mega Man can't go to space. It's that saying he can just because Classic is lolsorandom saturday morning cartoon crap is a lame excuse.
>> No. 226306
I don't get the idea that the story presented in the Mega Man 3 manual is "lolsorandumsaturdaycartoon", and
sounds more like
>Muh darkness
>Muh depth
>Muh mature children's comic book
than a well thought out argument for why Mega Man wouldn't go to space in a Mega Man 3 arc.

You want an actually competent argument? Look over here.
THIS is a good reason for them not to go to space for the MM3 arc. "It needs to be more serious than the games because how else will giant panda robots threatening the world in the future make sense?" is not.
>> No. 226307
>giant panda robots threatening the world in the future
>X has a plot centered around a moon elevator that is LITERALLY connected to the moon

To be fair. That plot is considered noncanon by a wide variety of sources.
>> No. 226308
X8 is considered non-canon? Since when?
Doesn't change that Ian would be, eventually, adapting it.
Or the fact that dumb things like DNA Souls existed before then.
>> No. 226309
Shouldn't the solits for July be out by now?
>> No. 226310

Archie's solicits keep getting pushed back further.
>> No. 226314
Well, the Zero series was written assuming X6 was the last game in the X series. And if any game Axl's in was canon, I think Model A in ZX Advent would actually be Axl instead of something else entirely. Most sources I've read, as far as chronology is concerned, don't even mention X7-CM's events.

But like you said, yes of course Ian would adapt it because there's no reason for him not to.
>> No. 226319

To be fair, either this is a misuse of the term "literally," or the person saying the elevator is connected to the moon has never actually played the game and "literally" has no idea of what they're talking about.

As for the whole space thing, there's a world of difference (no pun intended) between sending some robots up to some asteroids or other planets for mining or whatever, and actually colonizing the moon or other planets for humans to inhabit, which seemed to be the point of such things as Eurasia and the Jakob Project.
>> No. 226320

Not really; it was written with Zero's ending in mind, which took place at some point in the future, allowing the X team to keep doing their thing while the guys at Inti Creates did theirs with Mega Man Zero.
>> No. 226322

Actually it was written assuming X5 was. Zero's ending in X6 was Capcom trying to salvage it so it'd make sense, but then they went and made X7 anyways.
>> No. 226323
>there's a world of difference (no pun intended) between sending some robots up to some asteroids or other planets for mining or whatever, and actually colonizing the moon or other planets for humans to inhabit

You're right.
Colonizing the moon for humans because dem durn mavericks r hurtin da urf is FAR sillier than sending drones to space to collect resources. And don't even get me started on Jakob. That retarded thing has vertical double helix highways. I need to point that out again. Vertical double helix highways from the top to the bottom of a space elevator.

All of this is ignoring that venturing out to collect stuff from nearby planetoids is actually more feasible than building a space elevator, especially one that works as a damn tower.
>> No. 226327
Jakob actually connects to the moon, right?

that's beyond stupid
>> No. 226328
See, I don't buy the crap about Zero's ending taking place in the future just to allow more X games. In both of X's endings, Zero mentions there's "something he needs to do" obviously referring to his own ending's events. And it doesn't make sense to me that he would wait so long to do this considering pretty much everything that's happened is indirectly his fault.
>> No. 226329
No, Jakob just extends to right next to the moon. Sometimes it lines up perfectly and you can hop over.

Regardless, Jakob doesn't work the way a space elevator is supposed to work at all and is a confusing mishmash of different concepts. You have the double helix highways on either side, an actual elevator in the center, and you can stand on the roof of the elevator for sickass boss battles for some reason because it looks cool.

Between the weird space elevator that doesn't make sense, the numerous references to Christian theology/mythology that don't really work with the narrative at all (Jakob's Ladder, the game's subtitle being "Paradise Lost", etc), and the whole NGR subplot, X8 is a silly clusterfuck of nonsense and probably the dumbest X game in terms of story.

At least it plays pretty well.
>> No. 226330
File 139800771715.jpg - (41.95KB , 640x256 , X5_scene17.jpg )
From a combat stand point Zero was clearly the better robot, and I hope this stays true in the comics, X5's intro makes it clear the X2 fight with Zero was non-canon, and no matter who wins the fight in X5 the other uses soul body to take the other down them, but no matter what Zero has the strength to stand up and protect X from Sigma.

"You're very cunning. You have that in common with X. You also lost to me, so you share that too."


>To be fair. That plot is considered noncanon by a wide variety of sources.

And by that you mean fans that don't like the games that came after X5, because it's NEVER been said that it's non-canon.

>Actually it was written assuming X5 was

The Zero series was rewrote to let the later X games fit in.

The bad ending was clearly going to be canon, X was going to forget Zero, lose his way in his ideas of what was right and wrong, and that's why we have Copy X now to do this without using X himself.

Which in turns means they were going to fail to stop Eurasia from crashing into the planet, killing millions of people, ...which it still did, but retconned to only the debris thanks to X6, ...still means people died, and humans had to start living underground from this point due to the pollution.

I'm kind of hoping for a "what if" story with Awakened Zero some point after the X5 plot is done.
>> No. 226331
File 139800815562.png - (302.41KB , 570x304 , SMASH2.png )
oh boy, megaman canon arguments

in other, less convoluted discusion topics: anybody hoping Ian could eventually get away with having Megaman's Smash Brothers Final Smash appear in the comics, given the proper set-up?
>> No. 226332
To boost the argument that X8 is canon, Jakob is implied to be the Neo Arcadia Tower, because NAT is said to be a former space elevator that was destroyed in X and Zero's time.
>> No. 226333

>At least it plays pretty well.

>> No. 226334

You'd get 3/5's of it at best unless Viz Media curls over and dies.
>> No. 226337
Or if some rich fan was kindly enough to buy the rights off ViZ for an arm and a leg and sell them back to Capcom/Archie for a single dollar.
>> No. 226338
I was worried that Dawn of X might not sell enough, but seeing just how invested people get at the mere MENTION of plot points from X and Zero compared to Classic gives me hope.
>> No. 226339
Or if ViZ wants to jump on the megaman train and work some money out the rights they are holding onto
>> No. 226340
Unless it's a dollar Archie would never buy in.
ViZ'd try to wring a good deal of cash out of it, and probably wouldn't give up the rights fully anyway.
>> No. 226341

Yeah I can't wait till it sells enough to warrant more X and not a second book and they cancel the classic comic instead.

So exciting.
>> No. 226342
>Implying they would even bother to get rid of Classic unless the comic was actually sinking.
They have to pay Capcom to use Classic, you know, and they're trying to build a catalog of stories. They're not going to just throw him overboard because X is popular. They're in a situation where everyone except a few executives is convinced X book = good thing. It's either a book or bust. Or if they fall just short a few more backups and eventually another event to try and push the second book one more time.
>> No. 226344

The X series has had a history of overshadowing the Classic series and pushing it into a corner, you'll have to forgive me if I'm not all sunshine and happiness.
>> No. 226345
File 139801230283.jpg - (384.92KB , 910x1400 , Snively Wily Egg.jpg )
So people are thinking that Snively Prime could still be around, because he was on the Wily Egg last, and the Wily Egg survived the reboot. Think Ian will ever comment on this?
>> No. 226346
>I'm kind of hoping for a "what if" story with Awakened Zero some point after the X5 plot is done.

I'm hoping they play around with Vile, Zero's line in X8 implies that Vile has been around for a while making trouble, so they could make him do things behind the scenes between X4-X7, hell you don't see him die in hard mode of X8, so he could still be a thing after that.
>> No. 226347
>Archie is convinced Mega Man Original is more lucrative and marketable than X.
>Clearly, if they are not convinced an X book is doable, they will just replace the series that sells with the franchise that doesn't sell enough.
This makes sense and isn't unreasonable at all.

It's just people desperately clinging to hope against change. Multiple characters were displaced to new locations when the wave hit. The logic that "well but he was inside the Wily Egg" doesn't mean shit. It was a cameo, and nothing more. The Wily Egg ended up in Blaze's dimension because it had nowhere to go, if you want to be really anal and ask how it's still around.
>> No. 226349

You do realize by suggesting that Ian can no longer do it right?
>> No. 226350
aaaand, Ian can never do that now.
>> No. 226353
Yeeeeah, Ian can't do that now. Pretty vague things like "hey Ian, it'd be cool if ____ and ____ met" or "Sonic in a giant robot"? Okay.

Saying you'd like to see something that's a natural progression of an ongoing storyline (like Bunnie and Ant getting married was)? Okayish.

Your point by point elaborate plan for an idea that was absolutely not obvious? Don't post that shit somewhere you know he posts. Because then he can't use it.
>> No. 226356

Actually, there seem to be several different orbital elevators by that point-- Command Mission had yet another, and I think there were two or three in the Zero series alone.

Side note: Orbital elevators are a real thing: http://www.1up.com/features/real-science-mega-man

At least, it's real scientific theory, and a hundred years from now, when X begins to take place, it might even be possible.

Additionally, I don't think it's so close as to be able to "jump" to the moon, at least not literally. The whole idea is to be able to move spacecraft beyond the Earth's atmosphere so you're not having to waste fuel and boosters on simply getting into space.

Nor is it exclusive to Mega Man, with Gundam and Halo sporting their own utilization of the concept.

But really, though, just look at how technology has advanced in the last 100 years-- heck, half of that, even-- and try to tell me that in another 100 we won't have some truly amazing things going on, especially when there are guys like Dr. Light leading the way (in story, obviously).
>> No. 226357
The problem with Jakob is that it doesn't work like a theoretical space elevator should in a number of ways, and is treated as a LITERAL elevator. X and friends just ride up it like a standard elevator and the "top" is a weird scenic roof. That, and it's generally strange and makes no sense.
>> No. 226359

In fairness, if we're going to start talking about what is strange in Mega Man... well, it's a good thing it's a holiday weekend, isn't it?
>> No. 226360
Well yeah, that's pretty much the reason it was brought up in the first place: Mega Man's a pretty ridiculous series regardless of the branch.
>> No. 226361
It's okay if he just writes that in a letter and mails it to himself.
>> No. 226362

He has to delete his post before Ian could see it though.

If he hasn't already.
>> No. 226366

What post?

I didn't see anything.

Did you see anything?
>> No. 226370
Could Gamma have stopped 9/11?
>> No. 226372

Just when I thought this threads conversation couldn't get any more dumb.
>> No. 226374
File 139804124413.gif - (39.19KB , 408x402 , tumblr_mj4qqrKjZl1s7wklbo2_500.gif )

>Not having faith in Gamma
>> No. 226375
sorry, that plotline had to be dropped because Eggman Nega was behind it alll along
>> No. 226376
File 139804291132.jpg - (1.54MB , 1986x3056 , Mega Man 036-017.jpg )

Wrong Gamma.
>> No. 226380
Man this CA_Abdulio guy has to be one of the most hilariously idiotic namefags /co/ Sonic threads have had in a good while. Reminds me of good old times with Bobo.
>> No. 226385
Gamma Liberty Prime fanart when.
>> No. 226387
>That plot is considered noncanon by a wide variety of sources.
yeah, stupid fans who are like "Inafune didn't want to make X6, so that's why its not CANOOOOON!
>> No. 226388
can you imagine the press fallout of this? "Dr. Light, creator of the Robot masters who attacked our cities, creates a giant robot that could kill us all!"
>> No. 226390
Don't worry guys, it's a agent of peace, it totally won't hurt anyone despite being taller than most buildings

Next on the agenda list: Put Wily in charge of Border duty and watch him fill the American-Mexico border with Skull Castles. All of the Skull Castles.
>> No. 226398
>"I'm sorry, but Mega Man stopped him. Please don't prosecute."
I really hope that this kind of stuff plays into Mega Man 5, with people suspecting that Dr. Light has gone into hiding or something since his first robot master "kidnapped" him when he was getting grilled and the police trail Mega Man while he tries to hunt down Proto Man/Dark Man.
>> No. 226399
Well, it could be interesting - but Dr.Cossack seems to act like it's actually a shock that "Protoman" turned loose a army and kidnapped Dr.Light like that when he becomes the mission control for Megaman, so it's likly Dr.Light isn't blamed for Protoman's actions (remember - Protoman was always kind of a wildcard before Megaman 4)

It'd be fun if Dr.Light instantly knows its not Protoman during the kidnapping due to the whistle theme sounding wrong for Darkman - He knows Blue's theme tune too well to be fooled by a imitation. Speaking of Darkman - Wasn't Dr.Wily building him this chapter? I'm pretty sure the body structure is similar, and Darkman DOES nearly one-shot Megaman in the castle (at least untill Protoman comes in and wrecks it)
>> No. 226400
This issue they were building Doc Robot.
>> No. 226401
Yeah, but Cossack is Light's buddy and got to be the bad guy in 4. He's also been characterized in Archie as being a huge skeptic on everything ever. Other people might not be so convinced that there's been yet ANOTHER convenient accident where robots are staging a takeover that's so closely related to Dr. Light.
>> No. 226402
Man, I love the extra stuff from Complete Works. I hope Proto Man, Kalinka, and Cossack as Rock's navigator(s) figures into the comics.
Is there a transcript of the dialogue from the Navi Modes? I know it's mostly hints, but there's a fair few bits of actual dialogue buried in there from what I remember of Anniversary Collection.
>> No. 226405
>unleashed arc is now

actually that reminds me: do you think the comic will lead up to the Sonic Unleashed Intro (where the Egg fleet is in space and Super Sonic wrecks it)?

I just want to see Eggman imitate the Dr.Wily beg in the comic, just for the extra ironic humour it would present
>> No. 226412

I can't recall if it was ever said outright, but in any case, you're incorrect about the X/Zero ending: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuKjWCszvj0


> Don't worry guys, it's a agent of peace, it totally won't hurt anyone despite being taller than most buildings

Hey, the Power Rangers manage.
>> No. 226429
why didn't you spoil that top part?
Why did you spoil that? If its from complete works, Ian can use it. So tell him that Kalinka and Roll become navigators.
It already did, but the adaptation involved Dr. Wily and Mega Man.
>> No. 226430
For the first one, they probably didn't spoil it because Mega Man 5's kidnapping plot isn't a spoiler.
For the second, the identity of 3, 4, and 5's Navis is both trivial enough, not as well known, and backstory-tied enough that I considered it spoilers for comic readers. And why would I need to tell Ian about it? The guy has already reached for WAY more obscure stuff and basically acknowledged 1 and 2's Navi modes in their respective arcs.
>> No. 226435
>all the Megaman X discussion in the last thread

Is it a bad time to say I hope Ian does a better job at ironing out all the plotholes and dropped plot threads than capcom did?

for example, I hope the upgrades Zero can get in Eurasia/X5 are provided by a Dr.Wily capsule instead of a Dr.Light one. I mean, It was always strange that Dr.Light could give Zero upgrades when he died never knowing of Zero's exsistence... unless Ian wants to use Quint to solve that problem, since we never DO know what timeline he came from, only that he prefered the X timeline happening over his, which says everything all on its own.
>> No. 226436

Wasn't it implied in the games that the Light Capsules were run by a Self-aware AI based off Doctor Light's thought patterns, hence why all those new armors were a thing? You know, similar to how fucking Doctor Wily is still manipulating things through the Maverick virus.

I feel like that would explain how and why the Light Capsules could upgrade Zero.
>> No. 226437
Then X 7 and 8 imply it's not self-aware again, like 1 and 2 do.
It's complicated.
>> No. 226439
It was never explained what the Dr. Light capsules really are. Sometimes they seem to be simple recordings (In X7, one of them says "I hope nothing happens to where you'll have to use this"), others they have full-on conversations with X/Zero.

So there are 3 possibilities. Either Dr. Light is still alive and is communicating through the capsules (through advancements in medicine or something) his mind is uploaded to a network linked by the capsules and still lives in a sense, or it's a computer simulation of himself and his personality, only having certain memories based on Light's data. So kind of like Jor-El in Man Of Steel.
>> No. 226441
So how much of Mega Man's book is X going to eat if he doesn't get his own comic?
I know Archie isn't going to just throw away the license, so be real with me, how much less Classic can I expect per month while X's stories go down?
>> No. 226442
They'd probably wait until next year to do it again, but if not it'd probably be the same length the X backups are now.
>> No. 226444
If even half of the people who've been talking about the X series that haven't been buying the books buy the crossover, X'll have five books by the end of the year.
>> No. 226446
>People putting their money where their mouths were

There's no hope.
>> No. 226447
If less than a tenth of them do we could probably get a book.
I think that's within the realm of realism.
>> No. 226449

All of it.
>> No. 226451
Actually If we're talking about transitions in plot that we can look forward to Ian making:

I'd love to see the change between Megaman 8 Wily and Megaman 9 Wily.

I mean, he goes from having a poped collar on a science lab coat and being hoped up on Evil Energy to basically a robot rights activist that manages to make the entirety of humanity look bad, and basically wins in Megaman 9's story because he got EXACTLY what he wanted - which was to stop the wastefull retirment of robot masters and to introduce re-purposing them as a alternative (which is what Wily has been doing since Megaman 1).

Of cource he flips-flops back into Megaman 10's "i'm keeping a cure to this robot virus untill someone admtis I'm a genius", but I'd genuinly like to see what makes Wily go from Dr.WAHWEE mode to "No, thats it, I'm just going to sit down with Lights Robot masters and tell them about this bullshit law and offer them the means to fight back the only way I can", and then Dr.Wily's reaction to when he's simply not arrested at the end of Megaman 9, because everyone just caught a glimpse of what Dr.Light sees in him.
>> No. 226453
As right as the robots were in 9, and it's arguable that Wily really cares about that sort of thing, he was not on a righteous crusade. He used their plight to take advantage of them, frame Light for world domination, and trick the world into funding himself a second army.
>> No. 226458

If I remember right, the difference is in Light making/integrating entirely new systems and functions into X, whereas with Zero, he's pretty much just sort of tweaking/optimizing what was already there.

If nothing else, one might take from it that Light's been working on X's stuff for quite some time-- he knows X in and out, so he could prepare things ahead of time without X being there. Zero just sort of shows up and says "bah," and Light says "well, if you change your mind...", giving him a spur-of-the-moment boost.

THAT said, keep in mind that this is right before X and Zero fight-- why would Light go all-out in making sure that Zero could pummel his boy, whether he could or not? He saves the good stuff for X.

Long story short: Nothing really needs to be changed there.
>> No. 226461
File 139825738264.png - (34.35KB , 320x240 , mmx5nomav-36.png )
Dr. Light: Zero... I wasn't able to create any armor for you... But I seem to be able to enhance your abilities...

Zero: No. I don't need any enhancements...

Dr. Light: I see... Whether you enter this capsule or not, The decision is up to you. But if you enter, the Z saver will be enhanced, and your defense power will be increased... I believe in you. You will use these powers in the right way to fight evil. Decide...and choose your fate.

Zero: ............

>It was never explained what the Dr. Light capsules really are.
To go with that here's a picture of the Light AI out of it's capsule!

Also it has at leave two conversations with Zero at one point or another.
>> No. 226462
As pointed out earlier, they've flip-flopped on this.
X5 and 6 imply it's a living thing, 7 and 8 imply it's a recording.

It's like the Sigma - The First Reploid thing.
>> No. 226463
File 139826041327.jpg?spoiler - (30.81KB , 330x400 , well that's a thing.jpg?spoiler )
So that crazy guy on Ian's forum found this. Neat.
>> No. 226464
A PIKA? No shit. Nice choice.
>> No. 226465
>So that crazy guy on Ian's forum
That's the description of like 90% of the members on Bumbleking

[spoiler]Relic the Pika?... This could be an elaborate ruse, but if it is it's a clever one.
>> No. 226466
File 139826204927.png - (202.54KB , 411x295 , starmanisaprettyboy.png )
>watching Megaman complete works to hype for future arcs
>Megaman 5
>Starman actually poses and sparkles before you fight him
>and in his introduction
>and during the battle when he fires his sheild

Ian, you better make all of the jokes about this

I really want to see Starman continously doing different "look at me I'm so cool, see I even sparkle and emit stars while doing it" poses at every oppertunity.

Also, since Megaman copies his powers, I fully expect them to be fabulous together at least once - it'd be one heck of a lightshow, with stars and sparkles flying everywhere.

also don't forget: Starman is Wily's first space-worthy robot, and as such is probably the one who discovers the Stardroids, so make sure to have fun with that encounter
>> No. 226467
I have never heard of this animal before. Apparently it's like a rabbit without any of the iconic rabbit features. I was honestly thinking like Pokemon....
>> No. 226468
There's a few people who are legit crazy instead of obsessive crazy.
I'm talking about the guy who thinks he's clever and tries to speak in riddles because he loves Gravity Falls or whatever.

Also the issue is already out digitally and that's definitely Yardley's art, so I doubt it's fake.

Star Man and Freeze Man are both established to have an obsession with cool poses. I doubt they'll ignore that.
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