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File 139240825988.png - (198.50KB , 740x698 , 551733__safe_twilight+sparkle_rainbow+dash_pinkie+.png )
223439 No. 223439
A.k.a. Pone General.
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>> No. 223440
That brings up a question I've had for a while: most toy selling properties expect their audience to grow up and move on to be replaced by the next batch of kids every four or so years; that's why Transformers moves on to a new cartoon every few years regardless of the success/failure of the current one. Is this different for girls shows or something?
>> No. 223442
Ugh five more years. They're already running on fumes for episode plots (especially with the restrictions that prevent longevity). A lot of eps are beginning to feel similar to previous ones. I think they're making the TMNT 2k3 mistake. After S4 (no more Shredder/Ch'rell) it turned to shit with stupid seasons, more joke characters, spin offs, and bad gimmicks (Flash Forward being atrocious). And rumor has it that Twilight is getting her own kingdom.

Ugh fuck this. Shows that don't want to end decently are shit. I'm also looking at Regular Show, Adventure Time, FOP, and SB.
>> No. 223443
Oh come on, S5 wasn't that bad. It was just a little...odd.
>> No. 223469
Well, I didn't expect that.

A huge part of the fanbase at the beginning was adult, guess they figure it might work like Disney stuff or Hello Kitty or whatever.
>> No. 223476
why are they covered in Cutie Herpes
>> No. 223483
Considering there were 3.5 generations before MLP:FiM, I'd say its the same idea. Make a cartoon commercial, wait a few years, make another one.

Did the executive specify MLP:FiM would last five more years, or that we'd get MLP content for five more years? It might be generation 4.5 they are talking about, considering how vague it is. Maybe Equestria Girls is considered generation 4.5.

Wild speculation: I bet that atrocious Cutie Pox-esque design is a result of opening the box. A new power up to replace the Elements of Harmony to defeat the big bad in the season finale.
>> No. 223490
Typically even once a show jumps the shark (AT, Korra) there's still a large fanbase that talks about it and watches it. But it seems like for MLP, most fans I see are banding together in hatred over this "progression" and interest is dropping like a rock with nobody even wanting to continue to watch. Which makes me think that it really was just an internet meme all along.
>> No. 223494
>most fans I see are banding together in hatred over this "progression" and interest is dropping like a rock with nobody even wanting to continue to watch
This is different from Adventure Time or Korra how? It sounds like every other show that 4chan and affiliated sites talk about once it becomes popular.
>> No. 223496
not really. Korra and AT are hated for more than just the show. Most other shows that don't shove a general in your face are pretty loved and respected.
>> No. 223499
I feel that the cast will change bit the G4 universe will not. every other property has switched it up every generation with a new iteration of the same set of characters for the most part. I think flipping could result in an interesting situation.
>> No. 223503
Well I can tell you this much, /mlp/ as a board gets very little traffic and no one considers pic dumps, Anon in Equestria, etc meaningful topics. Trying to start any decent substantial discussion is usually ignored for the pic dumps and the place is only temporarily lively during new episode premieres.

So yes, I do believe that interest has gone down. MLP FIM as I said can't carry itself for too long because it has limitations like its Y rating. A show that's Y7 like Gravity Falls on the other hand can manage slightly better in terms of appeal/longevity. But I digress, its not just about the rating. Its also the notably incompetent writers who don't help matters mixed with Hasbro's execs altering the direction of G4 in a less appealing direction and a slew of other little things.
>> No. 223504
>Trying to start any decent substantial discussion is usually ignored
Gee what a surprise

>Y rating
Not an expert at ratings but I think last episode got rated Y14 or something like that.
>> No. 223507
Okay I'll say it. At the very beginning it looked like Fluttershy was afraid of being raped by the mane 5 once she gasped and saw them obsessively looking at her after her song.
>> No. 223508
Ha$bro needs new playsets to sell
>> No. 223509
Pretty damn nice episode, had good laughs. Surprised to have actually seen Big Mac singing. Also, CONTINUITY!
Also damn Pinkie, stop trolling.

Ads over streams are getting worse than ever, though.
>> No. 223515
This episode was surprisingly good and its a GOOD example of a GOOD episode because it did not forget continuity. Even little continuity like Cherilee's bonding for Big Mac. Problem is that MLP FIM rarely is a stickler for continuity which was an issue for S1 and S2 if you all remember. Hasbro preferred "one shot" concepts. This is what limits the appeal of the show and cripples longevity.

Also anyone else find Pinkie Pie climbing towards the camera like Spiderman......very creepy looking? And speaking of Pinkie Pie, I'm sorry I can handle autistic attention deficit disorder Pinkie Pie, but ignorant asshole type of Pinkie Pie like in this episode? I wanted someone to punch her in the back of the head. It wasn't just Fluttershy who she antagonized as Big Mac also got put down by her.
>> No. 223516
Most of the good episodes this season worked as on-shots pretty well. And the first two seasons had an overarching story from the start to the end, but fortunately most of the episodes worked just fine out of order.
>> No. 223520

Just sharing what became an infamous sequence of this episode...
>> No. 223522
>> No. 223526
File 139250154849.gif?spoiler - (2.44MB , 380x253 , shake shake 1392480569102.gif?spoiler )
And this is way this is never going away.
For this well be posted in gif threads for years to come.
>> No. 223533
Fluttershy shaking her "tail"youtube thumb

Welp its official. Fluttershy has the best one. I honestly never expected them to make it so blatant and with Fluttershy of all characters.
>> No. 223538
I actually thought the part when she shakes her butt outside of the school was funnier. She just sticks her ass straight up into the air.
>> No. 223543
File 139251874436.gif - (192.16KB , 576x324 , 139249134987.gif )
>> No. 223550
Fluttershy has the best straight pairings.

Big Mac
King Sombra

Really now, I am impressed.
>> No. 223557
>King Sombra
Whatever you're on, I want some.

>implying Rarity doesn't have the best straight ship on the show
>implying she still gives a damn about it
>> No. 223558
Its called corruption and the whole dark overlord wanting a queen of his own who is sweet and appealing, etc. Dates back to stories like Hades kidnapping Persephone from her mother Demeter. So yeah, that's where such a ship comes from.

But essentially it boils down to people having a habit of sticking Fluttershy with the best male characters of the series.

Spike sucks because the staff blatantly despises the little guy. And Who else do the others have? Soarin for RD? She pities him....I guess. And the other alternative is the craptacular Flash guy.
>> No. 223559
File 13925267246.png - (219.12KB , 1280x720 , snapshot_08_57_[2014_02_16_01_56_39].png )
Ah lol you meant strictly fan pairings.

>Spike sucks
>> No. 223560
Actually, should have added...
>Spike sucks

>King Sombra
>among the best anything
>> No. 223561
File 139253058867.gif - (2.77MB , 500x281 , 553339__safe_fluttershy_rarity_animated_spike_big+.gif )
>> No. 223571
File 139253882482.jpg - (182.68KB , 500x938 , 2.jpg )
To bad the pornmakers keep giving that roll to Twilight~

Also more love to Spike!
Its no fun being the buttmonkey.
>> No. 223580
File 139254555256.jpg - (268.00KB , 1200x797 , my-little-pony+more-031.jpg )
And the toyfair bring you horror!
And a pimp ass car for Vinyl Scratch.
>> No. 223589
I prefer this 1000 time over the rainbow ponies and lines like "diamond fairy princesses" like the horse get or used to get. My main issue with EG is that it should be a separate franchise imo. And get budget.
>> No. 223592
File 139257216624.png - (1.42MB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2014-02-16-03h55m50s24.png )
oh dear, how lewd.
>> No. 223594
File 139257290087.png - (210.20KB , 500x550 , tumblr_n13a0g8fjS1tszvabo1_500.png )
>> No. 223598
My Little Pony: Equestria Girl…youtube thumb
I think I agree, but I needed to give a fuck about EG in the first place to have an opinion.
Atlest what I can see on the dolls the buget has gone up.
Maybe the rock angle will morth it into JEM.
And that would be awesome because the Misfits are fuck nuts.
Especially if they too had magic power.
Now that a battle of the band for yah.
So shop-able~
Yah know, I really like that this (as in last weeks) episode show that Fluttershy character development comes in baby steps with her saying no when she needed to.
Also great use of the classic "DBZ badguy get blown to nothing" effect in a non-violence way.
>> No. 223604
Just a question. Remember the old rumor about Disney wanting to buy Hasbro that turned out to be false?

How would you feel if Disney truly legitimately wanted to acquire Hasbro?
>> No. 223606
File 13925974261.png - (451.20KB , 900x900 , discord 0d036d19fe6b2aa2526a6f85474a7758.png )
Well Disney is trying to buy most thing now day it seems.
So yeah probably.
But unlike Marvel or Star Wars, Hasbro is going strong.
For now!
>> No. 223608
Marvel wasn't doing bad when they were bought out. Lucas Studio however did tarnish the iconic popularity of Star Wars however.

If Disney bought Hasbro it would be a good move on their part. Disney bought Lucas Studio and Marvel because they struggle to appeal to male audiences. After all the "Disney is for Girls" is still in effect going strong with successes like Frozen and the focus on Disney Princess brand stuff. If they bought Hasbro, they would have access to Transformers.

And seriously, what sounds cooler? Pixar's Cars or Transformers? It doesn't take a genius to see that Transformers would make a killing with boys and older males.
>> No. 223609
T4 will likely give them a shot in the arm for another few years. on the Transformers side. As for if Disney acquired them, dunno they've been pretty fair to Marvel and Star Wars to an extent.
>> No. 223611
We don't know about Star War's future, but we do know about Disney's upcoming Marvel based movie, Big Hero 6. Its to come out later on this year supposedly. If that's a success, its bound to make Disney content with its decision to purchase Marvel.
>> No. 223613
Not really comfortable with large acquisitions happening quickly, especially when it means another television channel and a not-insignificant level of overlap of general type of content, but I'll be a lot happier if they immediately announce Motorcity merchandise. If they could just get some kind of long-term deal in which Hasbro gets licenses for for toys, and Disney for games, rides, and feature-length movies, that'd sound great to me.
>> No. 223629
No... Because they been screwing up the swedish releases by being both late and overpriced.
If they get released at all... (Fall of Cybertron and Generations are no shows...)
So I have been buying blind bag ponies insteed!
They are cheaper and the clear one are going away as we said so I really need to get on this.
Only two of the ones I really want left too.
>> No. 223630
>that freaking hideous press pic
As if Equestria Girls didn't slap this show's attempt to be more than another dumb girl show in the face, now this. I wonder if Lauren Faust is trying to focus on aloof detachment at this point to avoid going nuts at Hasbro slowly turning the show exactly into what she was trying to work against.
>> No. 223659
File 139265738638.jpg - (190.93KB , 1081x730 , 37338__safe_twilight+sparkle_rainbow+dash_pinkie+p.jpg )
>> No. 223667
I wouldn't put Faust on such a high pedestal, but yeah it does seem like MLP FIM is about to reach its Jump the Shark moment....well it kind of did with the pointless "sell twilicorn" toys stunt move that altered the show but then "not really." But I digress.

I think that after building a nutrient base of consumers with the first three seasons, now Hasbro feels they can just forget about doing things right and just purely cash out and make it as toyetic as possible. Even more so than before. And stupid ass writers like Meghan McCarty don't help matters.
>> No. 223668
How would I feel about Disney buying Hasbro? Can you say Transformers world in Kingdom Hearts? I would kill for that.
>> No. 223671
File 139267120341.jpg - (418.85KB , 700x2700 , 139259413377.jpg )

>forget about doing things right and just purely cash out and make it as toyetic as possible
Boy you're really hating this season huh... yeah the whole Twilicorn and Rainbow Friendship Kingdom doesn't sit well with me, or even a lot about Equestria Girls, but overall the episodes have been better than season 3.
>> No. 223677
The show "jumped the shark" with Cadance, and then again with Twilicorn, and then again with EQG. Fourth time's the charm? Just keep predicting the end of the world, it'll have to be true eventually.
>> No. 223686

I would love it if Sora met Optimus Prime and allied himself with the Autobots to fight the Decepticons. Probably one of the few times a human character would be an asset to the autobots rather than a nuisance.
>> No. 223690
I'm looking forward to more EG. But is this our Twilight turning humanoid again? Or is this the other worlds Twilight that Pinkie Pie mentioned lived in the city?
>> No. 223691
File 139269522188.png - (334.48KB , 600x700 , 1363393241268.png )
I never found the Flutterguy voice funny so I didn't really care for this episode. But it was good to see Rarity give Pinkie a little slap with the rolled up paper.
>> No. 223703
Well, whilst "Transformers in KH III" sounds like a cool idea, you have to remember that a) Disney's executive board is constantly sabotaging themselves, so that might not even happen (Disney bought Pixar almost 8 years ago, but have we have an "Andy's Toybox World"?) and b) most of Hasbro's IPs are IDW's bread and butter, so that would just make a trifecta of comic book companies that Disney would've damaged with their acquisitions.
>> No. 223704
What Disney could do is let them finish their run before making their own changes. IDW is good stuff and it would be stupid to scar and smear them on a whim just because "I own you now" egotistical nonsense.
>> No. 223705
>Transformers world in KH

Oh man I just had this little scene in my head with Starcream underestimating Sora and Sora cutting him into tiny cubicles. Decepticons look down on humans as weaklings, so that would be a hell of scene I would pay to see.
>> No. 223706
Do you not remember when Disney pulled the Boom license and the terrible rush job Boom had to do to finish their Ducktales and Darkwing Duck comics?
>> No. 223707
and more recently the Deadpool and the Marvel Capcom games which was pulled off all Digital sources
>> No. 223708
File 139274999461.jpg - (156.04KB , 564x800 , summit of the four main villains high council 01.jpg )
This thread need more content and less doom & gloom!
>> No. 223709
File 139275008272.jpg - (139.25KB , 563x800 , summit of the four main villains high council 02.jpg )
>> No. 223710
rather OFFICIAL content
>> No. 223711
File 139275042775.jpg - (133.50KB , 565x800 , summit of the four main villains high council 03.jpg )
Yeah, when even the westboos give you shit, you have problems.
Hope he can redem himself be wrecking that sports event.
>> No. 223712
Okay fine.
Fairy ponies?
>> No. 223714
Lovely how the booth girls seem to be having fun and kinda know what they're talking about.
>> No. 223715
"Key Driver Series" well that was obviously going to be a thing. Wonder if that backdrop is the rebuilt Sisters Castle.

Also Breezie, damn I'd forgotten about G3 stuff, for good reason.
>> No. 223717
File 139275936031.png - (359.50KB , 1280x720 , go_go_pony_rangers_by_lordbojangles-d4bhpp1.png )
Key Driver really sounds like a sentai thing doesn't it.
>> No. 223721
One company owning everything is a terrible idea, no matter what fanboy wank-pandering crossovers it would allow.
>> No. 223723
>> No. 223724
Viacom and Warner Bros own EVERYTHING else. Sooner or later everything is owned by the top dogs. And I hate Viacom owning the TMNT. Those pieces of fuck heads opened the gates to it being raped beyond repair.
>> No. 223729
I strangely feel less unease about Viacom and WB owning so much than I do Disney because of how poorly those two particularly WB are run.
>> No. 223730
What are you saying exactly? Be detailed here. That's an intriguing opinion.
>> No. 223731
I think they mean the more ineffectual the upper management, the less influence they actually exert.
>> No. 223735
That popline series where you can make OCs just makes me want Revoltech ponies.
>> No. 223755
But the top brass at WB ordered the nu52 after they saw all the money the Marvel movies were making. And the nu52 isn't good at all.
>> No. 223756
Marvel movies making money? How? DC 's characters are less convoluted and marketable. Just Wolverine's backstory is a mess.
>> No. 223757
D... did you miss Avengers being one of the most, if not the most, profitable movie in cinema history
>> No. 223758
I thought the Heath Ledger Joker Batman film by Nolan was the unquestioned supreme and most profitable super hero movie ever.
>> No. 223759
File 139283901467.gif - (139.87KB , 500x405 , twi flash nipple 843316f3446f011afbdf3d7029695c8b.gif )
Yeah, but then BANE happend.
And now noone take it seriously.
Also there is some talk about how Ironman chanded what people want in a super hero movie.

But enough about that!
I want to talk about why I think Flash Sentry is a good thing.
Akward nerd love is cute even if the guy is a woodplank.
That it.
>> No. 223761
No dice, I want to talk about how these massive conglomerates manage to thrive.
>> No. 223781
>Caring about a one shot character with less than basic characterization and no charm whatsoever.
You know better T4.
>> No. 223787
No he doesn't.

I'm no sure just HOW DC has been managing to screw up something as simple as making a Batman or Superman movie. Or comics. Seems like a typical case of trying to fix shit that wasn't broken.
>> No. 223791
File 13928451023.png - (426.18KB , 940x1760 , be654e7d8d2fc79cbcb5e0f89b4e1956.png )
Hey cute fan art/works is cute fan art/works.
Also shipper and shoujo manga fan.

And the same could be said about the background ponies everyone loves.
>> No. 223818
Wb saw how much money nolanverse made so now the whole dcu is monochromatic dark knight clones
>> No. 223822
The rule of thumb is that Mahvel makes the best live action movies but the cartoons are usually mediocre, DC is the inverse.
>> No. 223826
Which doesn't work for Superman.

The funny thing is, I put more value into a long running cartoon than I do some forgettable cash in movie because a cartoon is much truer to the lengthier comic it is based on due to the multitude of episodes. With episodes you can cover story arcs much more properly.
>> No. 223827
Least they did till Cartoon Network somehow started calling some of the shots. Utterly killed their DCNation block since they weren't getting enough of a cut or it was appealing to the wrong demographic.
>> No. 223828
I heard about that, Young Justice appealing to girls pissed off CN. Young Justice was also not doing very hot in toy sales. And CN needs to pay royalties to DC to air their properties....even though CN and DC are both owned by Warner Bros. Its a nonsensical hostile relationship that they have with one another.

I have to wonder if this recent purging of DC properties (Beware the Batman's cancellation) marks the end of airing DC anything on Cartoon Network.
>> No. 223831
>I have to wonder if this recent purging of DC properties marks the end of airing DC anything on Cartoon Network.

Well, no. We're just going to see fewer Green Lanterns, Young Justices and Beware the Batmans and more humor-driven, younger-skewing Titans Gos.

Maybe Bruce Timm can dust off his old Batmanime pitch.
>> No. 223833
>Young Justice appealing to girls pissed off CN.

That is weird. Girls are the other 50% of the potential viewers, and it wasn't like they were hurting for boy viewers either.
>> No. 223834
Girls buy fewer toys, or at least fewer superhero toys.
>> No. 223838
This. In a weird way, I kind of sympathize with CN there. What's the point in appealing to an empty demographic like girls? Besides girls aren't hurting. They have MLP, they have damn near all of Nickelodeon's programming and ALL of Disney Corporation pandering and bending backwards to all female demographics. So I think they're spoiled and CN/DC is right on the money about appealing to boys with the super heroes.
>> No. 223843
If Disney corporation was bending over backwards to appeal to girls, why wasn't Motorcity allowed to have more than one girl in the main team? Sounds like they bend over backwards for girls that don't care for heroics, those that do are ignored.
>> No. 223846
Pretty much, "if its not blank then girls won't like it."
>> No. 223850
Speaking of MLP, why not just appeal to both? Boys buy toys, men by hats, girls by charms, women by shirts. Make merch for everybody
>> No. 223854
The next reply to this is going to use the term MRA
>> No. 223855
He's telling the truth. Most women are not tomboys.
>> No. 223856
While that's true, everything else said was fervent generalization.
>> No. 223858
No offense, the articles I referred to are true. We're hearing more and more women unhappy with the current set up of work into their careers. Just because I mentioned a fictional example doesn't mean the articles are a farce. They're common and easy to find.
>> No. 223860
Wow this thread sure took a turn for the retrograde and retarded.
>> No. 223862
File 139292561078.png - (1.15MB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2014-02-20-14h41m40s111.png )
Whatever back to pony, noticed this when she was looking at the pictures, she's got three sisters though I thought it was only two before.
>> No. 223865
She only had two on screen in the show previously during the rock farm flashback. One of the chapter books mentioned she actually had three sisters. So it looks like stuff outside of the show is in fact canon.
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