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File 137826516852.jpg - (65.73KB , 618x950 , 136433409535.jpg )
215950 No. 215950
Old one was autosaging.

Anyone into the new Valiant comics? XO and Bloodshot are pretty great action books, if not two of the better titles out there. Quantum and Woody is hilarious as always. Archer and Armstrong is the writer of Incredible Herc doing another Incredible Herc (if you've read the Herc run you'll love this). Shadowman is good too (not the best but I'm going to give it a chance). Haven't read Harbinger yet. Overall they're putting out stuff better than some of the shit the big two puts out.

Also Furturama is cancelled but Brickleberry is still going. The fuck?
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>> No. 215979
>Disney's never going to do this with their stage musicals

SHREK : The Musical on DVD &am…youtube thumb
>> No. 216125
So, what did everyone think of the Futurama finale?

Personally I liked it quite a bit, it wasn't perfect but definitely a very solid episode, and a good one to end the series on.
>> No. 216127
The whole season was pretty good. Zoidberg got to be happy, Bender got a partner in crime, Fry finally got to marry Leela and see his family one last time.
>> No. 216175
It felt nice and conclusive. At least as a relational point between Fry and Leela stand. The last few episodes seemed to give happy endings to everyone else so I'm content.

The 7th season was pretty good, but I hated the 6th. For reasons I'm not totally sure.
>> No. 216177
Wow, Thundercat's popularity just fucking died on the vine huh?
>> No. 216179
The reboot wasn't exactly a shining example of adventurous writing.
>> No. 216183
Which is a damn shame after the pilot...and tha one episode that was a Godzilla and Mothra reference because other than that holy shit is it forgettable.
>> No. 216187
The Thundercats pilot absolutely knocked it out of the park. The problem was it then plonked itself down on home base, crossed its arms and didn't budge an inch for the rest of the game. It has to be one of the most inexplicable examples of a promising new series shooting itself in the head I have ever seen. It promised us Escaflowne and gave us...well...Thundercats.
>> No. 216243
Thundercats had some pretty nifty ideas going on, even beyond the great pilot two-parter, but it was like the writers simply didn't have any idea to what to do with the story.
>> No. 216412
I've seen that cover around before; What exactly IS Quantum and Woody?
>> No. 216422
Two childhood friends reunite after over a decade of not seeing each other. They find out their fathers are both dead in the same accident. Thinking it suspicious, they investigate and are caught in an accident that gives them superpowers. They're also bonded, if they don't touch their bracelets every 24 hours, they die. Quantity is a black yuppie (think Carlton from Fresh Prince except he joined the military after high school) and Woody is your average college drop out slacker. They don't get along all the time. One of my favorite moments from the old book is them climbing a building Batman style. Woody gets sick and hurls into an aconditioner. Then Quantum falls and Woody tries to hold on to the rope with his legs, getting rope burns on his thighs, so he can grab his friend. Cue the police showing up and mistaking them for a homosexual couple trying to commit suicide.
>> No. 216432
File 137899890947.jpg - (534.78KB , 1200x933 , 1378175548740.jpg )
I really shouldn't try typing at 4 AM.
>> No. 216578
File 137919550977.jpg - (93.03KB , 474x720 , IMG_34266590963478.jpg )
>> No. 216634
"Curandera" Cartoon Network Mexicovimeo thumb
"Luchador" Cartoon Network Mexicovimeo thumb
"Taxista" Cartoon Network Mexicovimeo thumb
These are really interesting CN Mexico commercials.
>> No. 216679
File 137942452060.jpg - (51.13KB , 541x800 , 1347054458429.jpg )
I'm still jealous CN Mexico did an El Santo miniseries.

I'm also sad we will never see collections of Central and South American comics.

For instance the Argentine Fantomas was a Lupin the 3rd style superthief who lived on Dinosaur Island. He had twelve female bodyguards named after the Zodiac who ran around in bikinis. He got his Kirby style tech from a scientist who looked like Karl Marx. Finally he wore a top hat and tuxedo coat over his spandex costume.
>> No. 216680
File 137942585052.jpg - (21.89KB , 275x400 , fantomas-1.jpg )
This Fantomas originated in Mexico then someone in Argentina used the design my apologies.
>> No. 216711
File 137949116786.gif - (106.91KB , 250x191 , So fucking good.gif )
>tfw Darkhorse somehow coerced DC to let them put the poem pages from McCarthy's guest artist issue of Shade the Changing Man in the Milligan McCarthy collection.
This book is the fucking shit, that year of waiting after those rumors was worth it.
>> No. 216745
STARBARIANS - Episode 2youtube thumb

>> No. 216747
STARBARIANS - Episode 2youtube thumb

>> No. 216832

Anyone else excited? I love IDW. GIJOE, Transformers, Godzilla, Doctor Who, Black Dynamite, TMNT and Samurai Jack. Wonderful.
>> No. 216833
Oh and Ghostbusters. The only series I've disliked from them was Kingdom of Monsters. Definitely not reading the Goon because of that
>> No. 216837
File 137980649123.jpg - (93.27KB , 600x911 , new_ghostbusters_21.jpg )
>> No. 216856

The deviantart profile for the creature designer behind Extreme Ghostbusters, Godzilla the Animated Series, MIB the Animated Series and Starship Troopers Roughnecks.
>> No. 216892
File 137994812467.jpg - (1.48MB , 2500x1933 , RRC1Wraparound.jpg )
Aside the usual Ennis apocalyptic stuff... Huh?
>> No. 216914
Funny that you mention it. Carlo Olivares Paganoni, the guy who directed those commercials, was also the director of that Santo pilot.
He even uploaded it with english subtitles.
Santo Vs. Los Clonesvimeo thumb

I've seen some few Kaliman comics around some book pawn shops, and even some butt-ugly pornish comic booklets.
Oh dear, those where awful.
>> No. 216970
File 138006327880.jpg - (22.54KB , 334x500 , 1374252601772.jpg )
Wow. Did not know that. I found the mini series on YouTube a while ago looking at trailers of Lucha Libre movies.

I understand there's probably a niche market for it but I'd love to have a Santo or Fantomas collection.

Then again I'm sure most people didn't expect to see Stardust the Super Wizard again until someone did the legwork. Kind of want to do that actually.
>> No. 217017

Clip from Steven Universe possibly meant for the upcoming panel. Overall they look pretty good in motion.
>> No. 217088
File 138059646538.jpg - (767.02KB , 800x1125 , sir-billi-post-5.jpg )
Sir Billi has emerged online. Now we play the waiting game for a 24/7 Livestream.
>> No. 217093
I do feel a little bad for those Little Engine That Couldn't Scots that made that. I mean, it's absolutely shite, but still.
>> No. 217107
Ach, the Presbyterian spirit disnae award failure! You could forgive Wee 'Eck and the Scottish Government for wanting nothing to do with the bag 'o shite.

Exactly how far promoting Brave instead boosted tourism is, of course, open to debate.
>> No. 217110
They should have thought twice about Brave really when all the crew did was go over there and pub crawl. Soaking in the culture instead of Absorbing it.
>> No. 217176
I can't find download for the second episode of China, IL and I'm pissed as fuck. Apparently my internet provider doesn't let us watch it on the adult swim website? I JUST WANT TO GET MY BRAD NEELY ON.
>> No. 217206
Treehouse of Horror XXIV Couch…youtube thumb
>> No. 217207
File 138086012397.png - (529.59KB , 630x420 , Sonic-Boom-CG-Animated-Series-Cartoon-Network.png )

>Billed as a “character-driven comedy that leaves a trial of robot wreckage in its smoldering wake” in Sega’s official press release, the show will follow Sonic, his sidekick Tails and allies Knuckles and Amy Rose as they battle the robot-crazed Dr. Eggman, presumably over control of their world’s powerful Chaos Emeralds. Dr. Eggman won’t be the only foe they’ll face, however, with “a rogue’s gallery of enemies — some familiar to Sonic fans and some brand-new” will also stir up trouble for the show’s heroes.

Set to premiere Fall 2014.
>> No. 217209
Besides knuckles, i think it looks alright.
>> No. 217210
File 138086709412.jpg - (10.29KB , 124x237 , Fourteenhead the echidna.jpg )
>> No. 217258
...what if it's the gator?
>> No. 217259


No. See the hands? The little Triangle parts?

It's knuckles
>> No. 217260
Ah yes, his fist-nipples
>> No. 217269
Something like this?
MonsterMilkTV: Sir Billiyoutube thumb
>> No. 217568
My Little Dashie - The Mini Movie (Trailer)youtube thumb
>> No. 217618
File 138172060321.jpg - (76.69KB , 600x795 , http%3A%2F%2Fimagescale_tumblr_com%2Fimage%2F1280%.jpg )
>> No. 217693
Hey, a lot of you guys liked Bee and Puppycat, right? Well then here's a thing that needs your attention: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/frederator/bee-and-puppycat-the-series
>> No. 217743
Lakewood Plaza Turbo (2013)youtube thumb
>> No. 217746
A worm that turns is still a worm:

Beth Goes Into the See Through…youtube thumb
>> No. 217783
File 13821671917.jpg - (188.97KB , 900x1366 , STK628121.jpg )
>> No. 217802
File 138221165565.jpg - (512.40KB , 700x1065 , 3596c946931c040ae1b5b8249f8168a0_large.jpg )
Fund it. Fund it, fund it, fund it, fund it, fund it, fund it, fund it, fund it, fund it.

If you love post-apocalyptic, mutant-laden, black comedy with puppets and splatstick, fund it.
>> No. 217881
File 138246633897.png - (2.82MB , 1920x1080 , Suzuki Jackson.png )
Dead Meat: The Kickstarter Videoyoutube thumb

Posting more hype, because I don't think I've ever wanted to see a Kickstarter succeed as much as I want to see this one do.

I need this. I need a show that's teeming with stuff I love, and which isn't subject to the cruel whims of network overlords. This would be that show if it gets funded.
>> No. 217899
File 13825152785.jpg - (3.25MB , 3042x4524 , rogue-trooper-1-FABRY-BROWN.jpg )

Nice. Maybe get some more of the lesser 2000AD roster.
>> No. 217929
File 138258342331.png?spoiler - (254.84KB , 405x260 , Capture.png?spoiler )
New synopsis for the hoarse show.
>> No. 217997
Hell yes.
>> No. 218003
I can only hope we get ABC Warriors.
>> No. 218047
File 138284812126.png - (158.76KB , 350x381 , ednak.png )
Aw man.
>> No. 218049

Yea right before her birthday.


encase people think its just joking about them talking about killing someone off. Tis such a shame really. Wonder who's next as the rule is now in effect.
>> No. 218087
File 138291889166.jpg - (30.04KB , 536x714 , Dethklok-Opera.jpg )
So the Metalocalypse finale movie is on some time tonight?

I won't be able to watch it on TV, how long before it goes online?
>> No. 218114
are you sure it was going to be a finale...?
>> No. 218115

That was so good.


32:15 for those who missed it.
>> No. 218117
Marcia Wallace and Edna Krabappelyoutube thumb
>> No. 218128
File 138295993261.jpg - (50.53KB , 1280x720 , _Cartoons__Metalocalypse__The-Doomstar-Requiem__Go.jpg )
So…if you like Metalocalypse, you’re gonna want to watch The Doomstar Requiem.

Motherfucking OFDENSEN sings in a goddamn rock opera. Brendon Small’s gonna have a hard time topping this with Season Five.

(Also: Goat cameo!)
>> No. 218145
File 138300487295.png - (14.46KB , 400x384 , TEETHANDHUNGERVt.png )
I'm going to remind everyone that this exists.
I'm also going to tell you guys to fund this has hard as you can.
Natasha was good to us back in the day, near the end of old /co/, and I haven't forgotten that.
So do what you can, or I'll....nibble on you. I'll nibble so hard!
>> No. 218154
My money is going to Dead Meat and the Bubblegum Crisis Bluray KS.
>> No. 218187
File 138307616767.png - (3.12KB , 300x100 , TEETHANDAngerPEEK.png )
>> No. 218189
I'm surprised this hasn't caught on. but I'll pitch in anyway
>> No. 218205
File 138310546191.jpg - (621.71KB , 640x960 , Steven_Universe_pre-release_poster.jpg )
The first episode of Steven Universe is available for free now on iTunes.

Or right here.

Steven Universe 1.01 - Gem Glow (HD)youtube thumb
>> No. 218212
CAPTAIN AMERICA Cartoon Introyoutube thumb

>> No. 218213
Nifty. Ill keep an eye on this series.
>> No. 218221
Man this got a sticky on /co/

Did almost no one on +/co/ watch it?
>> No. 218225
+/co/ is like, 10 people.
>> No. 218244
File 138318045222.jpg - (28.64KB , 500x445 , 1383088410170.jpg )
>> No. 218279
File 138323445970.jpg - (0.95MB , 1265x1920 , http%3A%2F%2Fimagescale_tumblr_com%2Fimage%2F1280%.jpg )
>> No. 218284
Oh good, they finally updated the Disney comics ios app to say it's shutting down on the 1st.
>> No. 218384
>> No. 218473
File 138354530538.jpg - (461.57KB , 1000x3221 , now_you_know__by_nebezial-d6sfysa.jpg )
Somehow, I always knew.
>> No. 218480
File 138357535323.png - (113.11KB , 500x281 , tumblr_mvpvblJkkQ1qh59n0o1_500.png )
>> No. 218491
Well damn. Is that an actual screencap?
>> No. 218496

Yep, from this past Sunday's new episode. They ended the episode with a dedication to Marcia Wallace and Mrs. K getting in one last laugh.
>> No. 218508
File 138370238759.jpg - (39.34KB , 585x363 , Untitled.jpg )

Not good, considering CN is expecting this to be their next Adventure Time (already got a comic series going for it).
>> No. 218510
File 138370369185.jpg - (35.49KB , 580x325 , heh.jpg )
>> No. 218511
Wow. It takes some balls for Nickelodeon to say that.
>> No. 218512
It's not Nickelodeon. It's just a website that tracks ratings and schedules from Nick, Disney, CN, and the Hub.
>> No. 218515
File 138370858535.png - (815.93KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2013-11-05-13h02m22s227.png )

Not that bad since people have seen the first part of that episode for months and maybe missed that it was going to be two episodes. Should this show have a thread for general talk and such since /co/ is being its usual shitpile self about this show?
>> No. 218516
I hate to be negative and "no fun allowed", but I sorta agree with this. I watched both Bee and Puppycat and Steven Universe which are both really popular right now and I just...
I'm really tired of that style of humour/delivery/art style. Steven Universe at least has more interesting side characters (Garnet especially is great), but the bumbling, loud, "awkward" lead just ruins it for me. I honestly hope Bee and Puppycat doesn't move forward though. The entire show feels like it's pandering to the "lol so awkward!!! i can't talk to people!!!" tumblr crowd.
>> No. 218517

They still have a point, though. All that seems to be coming out of CN as of late are "LOLrandom" shows or shows trying to ape the success of Adventure Time. Where are the new Dexter's Labs or Powerpuff Girls or SamuraI Jacks -- shows that had a spark of creativity and originality while still offering strong narratives, experimentation with styles and presentation, and humor that didn't rely on "OH MY GOD SO RANDOM" bullshittery?

Oh, right. CN shuffled those shows off to the Death Slots of either Friday night or Saturday Morning and said "fuck this noise".

God, I hate Stu Snyder so much.
>> No. 218518
Bee and Puppycat is the magical girl parody show the US has needed for at least a thousand years and I won't let you take that from me.
>> No. 218519
>Where are the new Dexter's Labs or Powerpuff Girls or SamuraI Jacks -- shows that had a spark of creativity and originality while still offering strong narratives, experimentation with styles and presentation, and humor that didn't rely on "OH MY GOD SO RANDOM" bullshittery?

In other words "Why don't they make shows just like the ones we saw in the 90's instead of making shows just like the ones they're making now?"
>> No. 218520
You just asked SUPER specifically "Where's Gendy?" And I love Gendy but his shows have a very distinct and similar style so using him for ALL THREE of your examples of diverse creativity? Pretty dough headed.

Also Steven Universe is fucking radical, ya'll can blow me.
>> No. 218521
AMEN, Gave it 200 dollars.
>> No. 218522
By all means you can like it, I'm just really not impressed by what we've seen so far. It feels like it was written by someone trying to channel a manic pixie girl into a cartoon and failing miserably. "I ATE YOUR CANDY" "SCREAMS I HIT YOU IN THE CROTCH I'M SO AWKWARD OH NO" etc etc

Bleh it's a shame because the artist behind it is super sweet and I wish them success, but...
>> No. 218523
Yes, Mr. Sherman, everything stinks.youtube thumb

Yup, pretty accurate to the babies here and on /co/ as this scene always is.
>> No. 218524

Didn't mean to list off his shows specifically; it's just that those three came to mind as some of the best stuff CN produced in its heyday.


I'm not one for "ZOMG NOSTALGIA RIPOFF", trust me on that. I'd just like to see CN expand its horizons a little further than it has in recent years. Stuff like the Thundercats pilot (shame about the rest of that shitstorm), Green Lantern, and Young Justice showed a lot of promise -- but CN stopped promoting it after a couple of weeks and shoved them into timeslots where their ratings deaths were all but assured.

I like Adventure Time, and I even kinda dig Regular Show (when I can catch it). But not every show out there needs to be an Adventure Time wannabe or a 15-minute LOLSORANDOM show -- just the same as shows don't need to be another Dexter's Lab, Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Avatar/Korra, Gravity Falls, or whatever.

I want originality and uniqueness (such as it is these days), but I don't like the trends shaping the animated shows coming out as of late. I'd like to see CN try something a little different AND give that "something different" a better chance than "oh hey the ratings went down a half-point after the first two episodes SATURDAY MORNING WITH NO ADS IT IS".
>> No. 218525
:T You realize that people can have differing opinions right? Are you always so antagonistic?
>> No. 218528
>Bleh it's a shame because the artist behind it is super sweet and I wish them success, but...
If you're familiar with the artist behind it, you should probably also be aware that Bee is more or less just her in cartoon form.
>> No. 218529
Robin-Hood the Space Pirate falls in love with princess, they plan to elope, she betrays him, he turns into a cat to hide from the authorities, doing acts of good while stewing in his bitter anger.

You seen one show with that dude in them, you've seen 'em all.
>> No. 218538
You're not allowed to have those

Honestly I kind of get what people are talking about. I mean its probably because Bee and Steven came from staff from Adventure Time but yeah. They just feel too similar. A little variety wouldn't hurt.
>> No. 218540
I'm not, That's my opinion on others opinions, I think it's being way too critical. And pre-emptive, SUPER pre-emptive.

A whole three!?! When will the deluge of these shows with distinct simplified arts styles end?!? Dear God I if only Gendy was here (The joke is Gendy's shows had similar but distinct forms of art and very similar comedic styles much like these shows and people used to complain about them and now I feel like I'll be having this conversation again in 10 years over entirely different shows)
>> No. 218542
I mean action cartoons or something a little more serious at least. Ben 10 Omniverse is about the only thing not on hiatus like that.

Scooby Doo Mystery Inc was another good example. It got to finish its story thankfully.

At least none of the shows airing are as bad as Johnny Test though.
>> No. 218544

>I mean action cartoons or something a little more serious at least.

THIS. There's a troubling lack of quality action-oriented cartoons these days. Then again, I'm a bit spoiled after '80s Saturday Mornings and '90s Afternoons with Toonami, so…yeah.
>> No. 218545
I'll agree to some action cartoons being nice, I super miss Symbionic Titan but when that was on I had arguments EXACTLY like this about it not being different or new enough and being boring and slowly paced, remember "Yup just as boring as Samurai Jack."?

Which is one of the reasons I LIKE Adventure Time, bee and Puppycat and Steven Universe, they strike a nice balance between comedy and action or at least I hope they do.

I'm just tired of seeing people complain about shows I like when the chances are already so stacked against them EVER getting as far as a second season and then listening to people bellyache they got cancelled especially when like on 4chan /co/ 90% of the people who complained about it at first are the ones complaining it got cancelled.

I mean FUCK, Bee & Puppycat doesn't even fucking really exist yet.
>> No. 218546

I'm not really complaining about specific shows, so much as I'm complaining about specific trends surrounding TV cartoons in general. I've never even see the Bee & Puppycat pilot.

Pretty much the only specific cartoon I'd complain about these days is that shitpit called Johnny Test.
>> No. 218547
That is such an entirely different can of worms it gives me a migraine.

Johnny Test does as well as it does because it's produced for 6 cents and draws Sponge Bob numbers, it's a necessary evil at this point since anything paired front or back pulls better numbers.

And for the life of me I can't figure out why, but it does.

So don't take potshots are cartoons who are trying to give us something decent instead of shitpiles like Johnny Test.
>> No. 218549
It's not that I find Steven or Puppycat bad (although goddamn am I tired of people spamming that kickstarter on /co/) I just find them to be similar to Adventure Time a little too much. That's all.

I'd just like some more action cartoons. Like Earth's Mightiest Heroes or Green Lantern. Or Sym Bionic Titan. Just something different.
>> No. 218553
Help me understand why you think they are similar then, radically different settings, characters and to a lesser extent art styles.

I could maybe get you on comedic, dumb and weird protagonists if Steven wasn't super fucking useful and Bee more socially maladjusted than stupid.

Also, it's super fucking irritating that two of your very good examples were killed because of vastly inferior takes and/or a lack of toys. So we are completely on the same page there.
>> No. 218554
Not that other anon so I can't speak for them, but it's not a matter of the leads being dumb. Both Bee and Steven play into the socially awkward, loud, oblivious lead trope that's popular right now, and all the humour revolves around them being goofy and loud and OH NO WHY CAN'T I DO ANYTHING ):

The soft, bubbly art is also a commonality and I'm super tired of that art style being basically all anyone sees now.

That being said, Steven's supporting cast are really, really great. I'm hoping that they get into their groove a bit more and pull through because I think it has the potential to be great. Right now though? Not impressed.
>> No. 218555

Steven doesn't even remotely play into that, He's saved the Gems in every episode WITHOUT his powers, in most cases due to quick thinking.

Bee's problem was that she wasn't good at anything besides ripping monsters apart with her bare hands and teeth.

So I dunno, I don't really buy them as that and I like all three artstyles though Steven Universe's was WAAAAAAAAY too detailed so they obviously had to dial it back and while that sucks at least we GET the series.
>> No. 218558
I think the issue here is that 2 minutes of surprising competence (if you can even call it that. Bee gnawing on a monster and flailing her sword around doesn't count as being good at ripping them apart) doesn't erase an entire episode of socially awkward, bumbling around.

The art change in Steven Universe doesn't help that people already think they look similar. It was probably ridiculously expensive before though so. shrugs.

Again, I think Steven Universe has a better base than Bee and Puppycat; it definitely has potential. I would be very disappointed if it doesn't pick up in a few eps.
>> No. 218562
I liked Steven Universe a lot I just wish they didn't change the art style because now everyone is crying Adventure Time rip off which is really stupid because I think SU is a lot better animated than any of the recent AT eps. Seriously the lighting and colors on this show look amazing.

Show's not perfect but hey at least it's better than Uncle Grandpa.
>> No. 218563
I liked Steven Universe I just wish they didn't change the style because now everyone is screaming Adventure Time rip off which is stupid because I think Steven Universe is a least better animated than any of the recent AT episodes. Seriously the colors and lighting are beyond amazing.

Show's not perfect but at least it's something I guess I mean it's better than Uncle Grandpa at least.
>> No. 218565
>Ben 10 Omniverse is about the only thing not on hiatus like that.
I thought the new Avatar was on again?
>> No. 218568
Yeah but it's BAD TEEN ROMANCE: The series.
>> No. 218570
I'll forever be bitter about that. It had the potential to be SO DAMN GOOD.
Even something as simple as the last season ending with Korra not regaining her bending and this season being about her journey through/to the spirit world to regain them. Essentially the same plot, but makes her so much more likeable

I won't even talk about what they did to Bolin
>> No. 218591

Except it wasn't written with a second season in mind. Any criticism of the show should take in mind that both season 1 and 2 were written under the assumption there wouldn't be another season. And then another season got a green light after it was too late to make changes. Welp.
>> No. 218704
Friendship is Manlyyoutube thumb
I found this kinda funny, despite being Sameface McSameFace. But I guess that's part of the joke or something.
>> No. 218705
That... doesn't really make it any better in terms of quality?
>> No. 218707
That doesn't mean the end to season one wasn't garbage.

I haven't watched it since that.
>> No. 218708
It does, however, undermine the specific complaint. No, they couldn't have had "last season ending with Korra not regaining her bending and this season being about her journey through/to the spirit world to regain them". Because they didn't know there would be a second season.
>> No. 218709
File 138399980370.jpg - (354.42KB , 1920x1080 , ZoeCry.jpg )
Not sure if this is the right place, but the guy who usually uploads the new episodes of Littlest Pet Shop is having money issues and needs someone to give him a gift card/code. If you like the show and want to see season 2 in HD, and you have the finances, please help a guy out.

>> No. 218727
They knew there was going to be a second season halfway through the first one. There is no reason they could have just not included the last 30 seconds of the season finale.

Regardless, even looking at it on its own merit the entire season fell flat. Poor pacing, too much high-school romance, not enough actual bending fights.
>> No. 218729
What, there were plenty of "actual" bending fights; anyway this is a topic for /a/.
>> No. 218741


>> No. 218807
Adult Swim is getting rid of the 9 PM block completely and showing Cleveland Show first. Fuck. No more KotH in the evening
>> No. 218808

>Adult Swim is getting rid of the 9 PM block completely

Huh. Maybe this'll lead to Toonami getting Saturdays all to itself, given the extra half-hour it's picking up when Space Dandy starts airing.

>showing Cleveland Show first
>No more KotH in the evening

While I'm miffed about Cleveland going first and turning the pre-midnight Adult Swim into a two hour block of Seth MacFarlane bullshittery, I've seen KOTH in full at least five times since Adult Swim picked it up. I don’t see it as a huge loss — and it gives me more of an excuse to skip Adult Swim on weekdays until Bob's Burgers reruns become a regular thing.
>> No. 218810
It sucks. KotH then American Dad was a good block.
>> No. 218817
This bums me out because American Dad is actually decent despite Seth MacFarlane, and the hour of that in the evening was one of the only parts of their weeknight lineup I actively tried to watch. Now I'll probably just try to catch the afternoon showings of American DadTBS usually does and go back to largely ignoring [as] again.
>> No. 218825
Battling Boyyoutube thumb
>> No. 219260
>See all sorts of complaints about Mad on 4chan
>assume it's another shitty CN show
>catch episode involving X-Men when out at lunch
>find it legitimately funny and literally laugh out loud at jokes kids probably couldn't even get

I don't get it. People HATE this show?
>> No. 219264
People hate a lot of things. Sometimes unjustifiably. Some people don't like MAD solely because of the pop culture.
I've thought the same thing with the general opinion about Back at the Barnyard. I definitely didn't think much of it at first and recognized the negativity people had toward it, but when I finally watched an episode, it genuinely made me laugh with its writing. Really, it's a good show.
>> No. 219267

Duckman is available in its entirety on YouTube — legally! — and I wasn’t informed of this?


(Don’t answer that.)
>> No. 219324
Seeing the Ugly Americans animation style in MAD is a little unnerving.
>> No. 219329
File 138483219032.jpg - (186.99KB , 708x708 , my_jimmies_are_unrustled.jpg )
A kind anon did a storytime with the first few issues of Archer & Armstrong, and this is good stuff. Great stuff.

Hell yes!
>> No. 219364
File 138488122912.jpg - (191.33KB , 416x324 , aaomslag_416.jpg )
And Arne Anka turns 30 to day.
Gratz mate!
>> No. 219426
File 138498859666.jpg - (132.98KB , 480x320 , topcat1.jpg )
Hey, that new(ish, I guess, how long ago was that?) Top Cat movie is on Netflix.
It's kind of weird to have the characters animated but all of the scenery in CG.
Also Spook is a surfer dude or something now? I don't remember that.
>> No. 219760
File 138558613696.jpg - (101.11KB , 720x463 , englund-3.jpg )
>> No. 219891
Finally bothered looking at these. And you know what? They're pretty fucking nifty.
>> No. 220601
File 138692133164.gif - (0.99MB , 500x281 , 1381191807634.gif )
How often is a character allowed to screw-up or fail to create conflict/drama in a story before you find it unacceptable, /co/?
>> No. 220602
>Is there a point where a hero can fuck up so much you stop liking them?

I'm a Hank Pym fan.
>> No. 220603
I'd say that depends on the nature of their story. I accept the stumbles of say a Korra or a Spock due to their stories being a journey of self and cockups are part of that journey.
>> No. 220606
If the hero is no longer screwing up and they're not in the final climax of the story, the writer has failed to pace their story correctly. Hell, even if they ARE in the final climax they may have bungled the writing, by making the hero superhuman and therefore boring.
>> No. 220615
You're so full of shit

A hero is allowed to be competent at what they do, if the only way you can continue a story is to make the hero constantly incompetent at every turn and it isn't some sort of comedy you are most likely making some badly written rubbish.
>> No. 220617
The hero is allowed to be competent on occasion, but if the hero is not messing up about as often as they are showing competence, the character falls into Boring Invincible Hero syndrome, and there's no reason to continue reading/watching/whatever. At that point the only way to challenge the hero is to go Shonen Jump style and just keep introducing bad guys who are one level higher than the previous one.

...or to put him into situations that he's NOT competent at, but that's just justifying having the character screw up again. If you have Aquaman fighting in a desert, he's going to screw up a lot until he can figure out a way to use his strengths even in such a foreign environment. That's a much more interesting story than "Aquaman vs. the Kraken" because it's about someone learning and growing as a person.

People identify most with other people who are recognizably human. And the defining trait of the human condition is fallibility. A hero who doesn't fail, fail often, and fail hard is just a power fantasy--not any sort of respectable literary figure.
>> No. 220618
Competence isn't the same thing as never failing at a situation.

Also you are making false assumptions, power levels aren't the only form of challenge in a situation.
>> No. 220655
You're going to have to give examples of something challenging a hero that isn't either them being out of their depth or fucking up due to inexperience or incompetence.

But I think part of the problem is that I am arguing about story theory, and you seem to be arguing about a specific case that you want to be bad writing. Which case is it that you're REALLY wanting to talk about?
>> No. 220659
What are you even talking about? Do you think I'm someone else?

Don't be such a wanker, not everyone that disagrees with you has some sort of agenda.
>> No. 220710
Man, is there any cartoon these days working in the same kind of comic space as Animaniacs did? I miss that show so much.
>> No. 220714
We've got some starting to flirt with that again but none taking it to the extent that Animaniacs did.
>> No. 220844
File 138728839234.jpg - (419.12KB , 574x820 , enhanced-buzz-3666-1387234512-12.jpg )
>Wired and Buzzfeed report that LaBeouf's film, which IndieWire describes as being about "the inward struggles of a veteran film critic," closely resembles the plot and dialogue of Clowes' Justin M. Damiano, which is also about a conflicted film critic.

>For example, star Jim Gaffigan's opening narration replicates the text that begins Clowes' comic: "A critic is a warrior, and each of us on the battlefield have the means to glorify or demolish (whether a film, a career, or an entire philosophy) by influencing perception in ways that if heartfelt and truthful, can have far-reaching repercussions."

>LaBeouf posted the 12-minute film on his website on Monday, but it's since been taken down. (BuzzFeed still had a version up Monday night.) Other versions that were shared elsewhere online are now password-protected.

>"The first I ever heard of the film was this morning when someone sent me a link. I've never spoken to or met Mr. LaBeouf ... I actually can't imagine what was going through his mind," Clowes told BuzzFeed.

>"I almost spit out my coffee when I realized he lifted the script, word for word," Eric Reynolds of Fantagraphics, the publisher of Clowes' comics, told Wired.

>Clowes' name is absent from the credits for HowardCantour.com -- it's simply described as "A Film By Shia LaBeouf," according to Wired.

>> No. 220902
And now he's dicking about ripping off other peoples apologies.
>> No. 220911
Do we still have an Empowered thread?

Cause we got a lot to talk about.
>> No. 220931
I honestly forgot that comic was still going.
>> No. 220988
File 138752827983.gif - (563.05KB , 320x180 , mario selfie.gif )
Luigi's Ballad ANIMATED MUSIC …youtube thumb
>> No. 220990
Not bad, but I gotta go with the classic.
>> No. 221143
So this was real.
>> No. 221144
File 138783108657.jpg - (247.50KB , 920x600 , gog-comic the grossest teen team EVER.jpg )
Man I am finding the weirdest shit tonight.
>> No. 221158
The Powerpuff Girls World Premiereyoutube thumb

>> No. 221272

>Despicable Me 2
>The Croods
>The Smurfs 2
>Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
>Free Birds
Hmm. Some of this submitted films feel very uninspiring.

>The Wind Rises
>Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie – Rebellion
>Rio: 2096 A Story of Love and Fury
>A Letter to Momo
Like that's even gonna happen. Well, except maybe for The Wind Rises, since it's a Ghibli movie.
>> No. 221277
It has been made very clear to me that the film industry does not actually respect animation at all.
>> No. 221280
File 138830792090.png - (76.33KB , 538x433 , bummer.png )
I know I would've been a lot more excited for this, however I learned of the special through this tweet from Craig McCracken. Makes me think he wasn't even aware of it until that reply.
>> No. 221281
The Academy is a joke to begin with. No one takes it seriously anymore.
>> No. 221285
This is the longlist, basically every animated film given a mass release this year with a few oddballs for flavour. That the majority is schlock comes with the territory. I'd say that the shortlist will be whittled down to the "cream", but that'd be an utter lie, it'll be whittled down to a representative sample of the big studios plus one or two standout artsy movies. Frozen and Monsters U are shoo-ins for the final 5, and The Wind Rises stands a fairly good chance of being included too.
>> No. 221286
I could see Frozen getting it over Monsters U, if they are still bitter about the whole Brave thing. Plus that would be earlier release of the Blue Ray. Delicious HD Elsa. And maybe even better ground for my pitch.
>> No. 221299
I honestly would like to see Madoka at least nominated, but that's just me as a fan of the series, no way that's gonna happen. I believe that The Wind Rises and A Letter to Momo are more suitable winners for the statuette.

Just like the rest of the Hollywood industry.
>> No. 221321
How come Reboot managed to feel like a living city yet Beware The Bat and NewTMNT feel dead as shit?
>> No. 221511
To be fair, Reboot could fill the streets with walking cubes and unrealistic looking cars.

But yeah, enough time has passed that empty cities really shouldn't happen any more.
>> No. 221564
Is Regular 4chan like damaged or something?
>> No. 221565
4chan done broke about 1:30 AM
>> No. 221567
Dude, 4chan done broke about October 1, 2003.
>> No. 221568
Actually I think its back to normal.
>> No. 221649
File 138905301816.jpg - (106.77KB , 612x504 , LEGO-The-Simpsons-House-71006-Box-LEGO-2014-Set-e1.jpg )
Man Bart looks so bored.
>> No. 221662
Marge giving bedroom eyes to Ned and Homer giving them to Marge, or are both giving them to Ned?
>> No. 221743
About time!
>> No. 221777
They went all out on this fuck, to bad its going to burn a lego death star sized hole in your wallets.
>> No. 221779
Well okay, more of a star destoyer/millenium falcon sized one.
Also 3,99 blind bags.
May get after the clear plastic ponys are gone.
>> No. 221782
Anyone else watch Bravest Warriors and think the second season isn't as good as the first? Before it was just Nickelodeon risque, but now it seems to have gone full PG13 and lost some of its charm.
>> No. 221783
its only funny when you fondle the line, but now that you've been making out the the thing, its getting to be a bit much.
>> No. 221794
I think the problem is the long wait between episodes and that the first episode of Season 2 was so damn good that it made the others look worse than they actually are in comparison.
>> No. 222052
File 138982794074.jpg - (223.99KB , 348x490 , 700_DF_box_348x490_original.jpg )
Criterion is adding The Fantastic Mr. Fox to its collection, making it the first animated film to be a part of the collection post laserdisc era.

>> No. 222053
so BlueRay when?
>> No. 222064
The Summoningyoutube thumb
Oh U Mr. Plage. ;3
>> No. 222081
Ah yes. The criterion collection.
The most pretentious and self important thing to happen to film sense the Oscars.
>> No. 222093
Exactly. Releasing movies with in-depth extras and thoughtful commentary? What a bunch of assholes.
>> No. 222121
Well Obie tweeted that Shezow season 2 won't be happening.They got the offer for it back in October but something fell through, damn shame really.
>> No. 222133
>The nominated films for this year's Academy Awards:
>The Croods, Despicable Me 2, Ernest & Celestine, Frozen and The Wind Rises
>The Croods, Despicable Me 2

And hopefully, either Ernest & Celestine or The Wind Rises will the that statuette. While I haven't seen Frozen, and I don't believe it's a bad film, I don't want to have an Oscar when it's side by side with Ghibli and French-Belgian animation.
>> No. 222134
Worse have won it.
>> No. 222137
>And hopefully, either Ernest & Celestine or The Wind Rises will the that statuette. While I haven't seen Frozen, and I don't believe it's a bad film, I don't want to have an Oscar when it's side by side with Ghibli and French-Belgian animation.
See, this is why all animated flicks being required to compete only in a single Best Animated Film category is bullshit. Frozen had a lot of really well done stuff in it that deserves recognition, but its visuals (while good) were not especially noteworthy, which is a category that Ghibli works shine in.

I understand that there just generally aren't enough animated films each year to justify a "Best Animation / Art Direction in an Animated Film" category separate from the "Best Animated Film" category, but that's a damned shame.

For an example of what I mean, look at Ponyo. I don't remember what came out that year, but Ponyo probably does not deserve an oscar for Best Animated Film for whichever year it was. But I am pretty god damned certain it deserved one for Best Animation and Art Direction whichever year it came out.
>> No. 222142
Did you just "Eugh" at The Croods?

Because the Croods was fucking wonderful.
>> No. 222160
I felt it was above average, not terrible, but not remarcable either.
I don't think that film is bad, I haven't seen Despicable Me 2 (I think the first one if fine though), but I don't believe those films are deserve the Oscar.
>> No. 222162
Well I disagree with immensely on The Croods but Holy Shit Dispicable Me 2 was flotsam.
>> No. 222168
With that one I feel if the premise had stuck to just Gru and the girls I'd have liked it a lot more.
>> No. 222169
The oscars are becoming a joke anyway.
Most award shows are.
>> No. 222171
Self congratulatory back patting and "statements" moreover than movies that are actually good anymore. Sadly I do see Frozen possibly getting it as a statement to Pixar over Brave, hell cutting them out entirely this year and their lack of any film next year seems to line that up as a high possibility.
>> No. 222295
File 139027264338.jpg - (12.85KB , 184x184 , mite b cool reaction 2.jpg )
3rd Annual /co/ Awards Promo (2013)youtube thumb
Didn't knew /co/ had this kind of awards.
>> No. 222389
File 13904490113.gif - (96.57KB , 424x744 , cliche-evil-super-villains.gif )
These days, there's an alarming trend wherein writers make a supervillain tailor made for a single story arc, make them sooooooo powerful and impressive, and then they're beat and no one ever uses them because they were so grafted to that particular story (ex. most of the new New52 villains).

What's the key to creating bad guys that can actually be recurring foes to the heroes without making those clashes seem forced?

I mean, there are tons of supervillains who are tied to a gimmick, yet they still keep getting used over and over.
>> No. 222394
Have the antagonist closely related to the protagonist somehow?
>> No. 222396
It mostly has to do with how little "the status quo" matters in comics nowadays. When there was a steady status quo, recurring villains made sense because they got beat, went away for a while, then came back and fought a hero that was more or less the same. Nowadays every story has to be an earthshattering event that utterly reshapes the hero, and that means that new villains, written to fit that kind of story, are essentially transformative and situational. If they show up and kill the hero's wife or blow up his city, they can't exactly do that twice, the wife or city are already gone.
>> No. 222398
I'm not sure how anyone thought that was a good idea. It's basic pacing, or a lack thereof in this case.
>> No. 222440
File 13905852012.jpg - (7.57KB , 400x225 , man-of-steel-dc-comics-logo.jpg )
I think it might be brilliant.

Wait until Marvel exhausts all their big properties, finishes its Avengers trilogy, parts ways with RDJ, and cancels Agents of SHIELD.

And while they're resting their laurels and the public is amped up for more superheroes, whammo! A DC film released every year with a shared universe! And to top it all off, they'll be made after taking notes on how Marvel's were such a success. Marvel takes all the risks while DC gets all the benefits.

I think they might have timed this. Why compete when you can dominate?
>> No. 222441
File 139058638915.png - (148.90KB , 564x360 , 1389664451404.png )
>Implying DC is competent enough to even run a circle jerk
>> No. 222444
But... but DC just failed at a bunch of movies

Iron Man is from like, 5 years ago and they failed after that

A lot
>> No. 222578
File 139082196448.png - (52.56KB , 535x334 , Shetastic.png )
Some good stuff coming out of those rooting for Obie.
>> No. 222962

Adult Swim is now going all the way to 8 PM.

Dunno how that will work. Pretty much saying DCNation is RIP.
>> No. 222982
What the hell is the logic here? Their little experiment in running an hour less of Adult Swim every night and an hour more Cartoon Network didn't seem to pan out well, so they're going to try the opposite?

Also DC Nation has been fucking dead for a long time already.
>> No. 222985
Sucks to see advertising is going on Boomerang but maybe it will lead to new bumpers and network ads. They've been using the same stuff for almost a decade.

And why not just spin Adult Swim off into another network at this point? Then they can air five hours of Family Guy reruns instead of one. Whoever the fuck watches those over and over will love that!

DC Nation died once the only new content was whatever shorts they hadn't gotten around to airing.
>> No. 222997
So how about that Lego Movie? Reviews are coming in and against all my expectations, it's supposed to be really good.
>> No. 223003
Why it wouldn't be good?
I don't think lego would make a terrible film.
>> No. 223004
TriFusions: "Aranetta" (Bayone…youtube thumb
Plague of Gripes is the best!
>> No. 223110
Idk. Because it gives off this vibe of just making a movie to cash in on toys?
>> No. 223372
File 139225870698.png - (2.85MB , 1280x1480 , brit-toon rec list.png )
Anybody want to help me with this? My main problem is that it's really big already - 2.84mb
>> No. 223814
can this still bump?

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