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File 136938543975.png - (5.62KB , 200x166 , 128206853814.png )
378372 No. 378372
youre nobody. youre not special. youll probably never amount to anything. your importance is ultimately nil. nobody cares

and thats ok

go and be free
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>> No. 378374
File 136938973423.png - (58.84KB , 230x230 , rf Geronimo thinking.png )
When you told the exact same thing to yourself, what stopped you, exactly?
>> No. 378375
File 136939136761.jpg - (267.62KB , 869x1251 , himg005.jpg )
I think my life is actually pretty sweet and that it's not as hard as you think to make a positive difference in the world.

Not everyone is something like this.
>> No. 378376
You're ultimately right, but I like to laugh.
>> No. 378377
File 136939896290.jpg - (10.12KB , 320x150 , emosoap.jpg )
Don't worry, you'll grow out of these angsty teenage years soon enough.

Honestly, did you think anyone here would care? People will continue liking or hating their own lives no matter what you have to say.
>> No. 378379
you calling fred rogers a liar?
>> No. 378381
File 136940053944.gif - (1.54MB , 200x150 , IWA-MS_2002-02-09_01_CM-Punk-Says-You-Suck-Dick.gif )
>> No. 378384
Is that how you tie knots on ships?
>> No. 378389
File 136941066299.gif - (432.61KB , 240x180 , criticdance.gif )
>> No. 378390
File 136941133290.jpg - (52.33KB , 300x350 , Tyler-Durden.jpg )
>youre nobody. youre not special. youll probably never amount to anything. your importance is ultimately nil. nobody cares
>> No. 378398
I'm not a nobody, anon.

i'm your friend.
>> No. 378400
Humans are ultimately fragile and foolish, their only guaranteed fate is to die and cease to exist, and the entirety of their life's struggles, on even a geologic scale (to say nothing of galactic or universal scale) are meaningless and laughable; and for 99.999% of humans, who will never rule a country or make a huge scientific or artistic advancement, they won't even be able to appreciably affect more than a few dozen people, and the world writ large will go on EXACTLY as if they never existed at all. Their struggles are pointless, their lives meaningless, and their existence is neither preordained nor particularly interesting.
>> No. 378402
File 136942251932.gif - (673.77KB , 356x275 , danceofhispeople.gif )
It must be really nice to be so sure of something on such a scale.
>> No. 378405
>youre nobody. youre not special. youll probably never amount to anything. your importance is ultimately nil. nobody cares
But since that's true of everyone else, too, no one else's opinion matters more than mine. Thus, my opinion is the only one that matters as regards my own personal existence, and my opinion is that I am the absolute best and most important person in the universe.

Therefore I am. QED.
>> No. 378406
I like you.
>> No. 378419
>> No. 378452
I don't want "freedom". I want to be loved.
>> No. 378454
Well, you probably are.
>> No. 378464

if OP's right, then you're inherently free, because you have no responsability over anything but your own puny existence.
>> No. 378494
That's fine, I don't care.
I need more.
>> No. 378500

I read that as "I need moe"

I need to go to bed.
>> No. 378510
File 136949747379.jpg - (7.12KB , 160x160 , 168138_151216091600031_1993194_n.jpg )
I knew you'd come back... they always come back!
>> No. 378526
File 136951098980.gif - (918.88KB , 170x196 , 1360141379442.gif )
>youre not special

>Not being dead
>Year of our lord twenty-thirteen
It's like you guys aren't even trying
>> No. 378597
File 136961258325.png - (330.68KB , 435x435 , 1363328289613.png )
>apologetics for mediocrity
>> No. 378600
File 136961366943.gif - (3.12MB , 350x195 , laughing germans.gif )
>being so pathetic that you need to be "special" in order to justify even existing
>> No. 378601
i consider you a hell of a role model
more people need to be like you
not just because you probably know what to do with your hands
>> No. 378602

and things like "special" and "valued" are subjective things made of meaning created and held by people.

they aren't absolutes. they're dependent on who you have in your life.

if you buy into any of this all or nothing bullshit, you need to get over yourself. christ. the world isn't out here to judge you. it's not even even there to ignore you.

why am i even writing this? who even buys into this shit?
>> No. 378603
>more people need to be like you

1. Have potential
2. Never use it
3. Stop caring and embrace your terminal uselessness
4. Have fun/try and die young
5. ???
6. Profit
>> No. 378604
Importance is relative. I'm already free.
>> No. 378605
everyone is simultaneously underutilized and out of their depths at all times. i don't hold that against anyone. the important thing is you choose to live in a way that suits you and not be a little bitch about it.

so yeah. by my standards, you're good people, even if you're a huge wanker.
>> No. 378606
>even if you're a huge wanker

right, what have i done this time?
>> No. 378607
post on plus4chan, regularly update with silly shit on tumblr, get boozed out with friends regularly, strapped for cash and still go for it... wait that's me.

that wasn't a negative judgment. that was me saying you have fun for the hell of it and that isn't a bad thing. sorry if it came off as me picking on you for something.

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