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377476 No. 377476
I'm curious as to how many anons regularly post here versus namefags/tripfags. Please post once ITT if you've been here more than a month and don't have a name, nor plan to get one anytime soon.
>> No. 377478
>> No. 377479
>> No. 377481

>more than a month
Do we get enough new traffic here each month for this to be significant?
>> No. 377495
>> No. 377497
Bloober luber super goober.
>> No. 377650
Are we talking namefagging here, or namefagging on 4chan?
>> No. 377651
Are we talking namefagging here, or namefagging on 4chan?
>> No. 377652
Namefagging here on plus4chan
>> No. 377655
If there's only five of us, I suddenly don't feel as anonymous.
>> No. 377659
I'm here too.
>> No. 377663
Yeah, I've been here a while. I've played with the thought of getting a name, but have absolutely no idea when I would be comfortable with it.
>> No. 377667
yeah I've been posting here for a while without a name
>> No. 377675
Been here for a while. I namefagged for about a week a couple years ago and got bored with it very fast.
>> No. 377690
sorry Gus
>> No. 377693
Hi, I'm that anon who's secretly a namefag but won't use his name whenever he posts something that might be controversial to reflect badly upon himself within the community.
>> No. 377746
Was anon for a pretty long time, then namefag'd for a pretty long time. I'm going back to being anon for good.
>> No. 377747
i quit having a name. does that count? looks like it does. o gud
>> No. 377755

So I was not the only one who did this.
>> No. 377756
Dang, Bard, you scary.

Yeah I guess this counts.

I think there's like, 13 of us or so now? There are probably more, but I think a lot of people stopped coming here after the site went down.
>> No. 377758
Shut up, Ferrous.
>> No. 377767
can't a guy shit post with misspellings without being called Ferrous?
>> No. 377798
>> No. 377826
Anon because of crippling anxiety issues.
>> No. 377855
>> No. 377869
I'll occasionally namefag when I'm trying to communicate with particular people who know me elsewhere also. But I usually stay anonymous.
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