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115410 No. 115410
Why do fire and water avatars suck at everything?

Why is Earth so based?
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>> No. 115411
Kyoshi sat and ignored a country being torn apart by civil war and only stepped up when the bad guy showed up on her doorstep. She ignored the injustice the peasants of Ba Sing Se faced, even when they rebelled she didn't show up until the Earth King asked for her to come.

See, I can skew things around to make someone look like a horrible person too!
>> No. 115429
File 138218111174.gif - (299.26KB , 543x700 , Firebending_is____by_Booter-Freak.gif )
>implying fire isn't the best
>> No. 115430
Yeah, but you don't need to skew squat if you look at Korra, Wan and Kuruk's actions objectively.
>> No. 115431
Well Aang ran away and lead to 100 years of war and genocide.

Objectively, he would have prematurely stopped a lot of suffering if he didn't chicken out and run away from home. But by the same token if he hadn't he wouldn't meet Katara, Toph etc. and his life and personality would have been completely different as a result.

Aang managed to maintain his innocence and cheerful personality due to skipping a lot of terrible stuff first hand, and having Katara and Sokka's influence around to soften the blow when he, say, found Gyatso's body.

Avatars are people, and people are flawed. Flaws enable people to grow and change as they age, causing a lot of good and bad along the way. Wan made mistakes, but the world would be radically different if he hadn't worked to fix them.

The Avatars need to be human, 'cause if they were perfect then everything they did would be justified by it being the right decision. Aang might have killed Zuko in the Promise because that would have been the "right" decision, but Aang confronting his flaws enabled him to realise that there was more than one way to end conflict.

Look at it this way, would you prefer someone wandering the world as a god-like being who is able to grow and change as a person, or would you prefer them to be 100% certain that what they did was right, regardless of how horrible the actions she might need to take to fix the balance might be?
>> No. 115435

Well, if they were perfect, then sure I'd prefer that.

I mean...they're right. Can't get better than that.
>> No. 115455
Korra still, and is most like still going to, fix things and save the day. Just because she messed up and then makes reparations for her mistakes doesn't mean she sucks at everything, it means she's a human being.

I get joking about this sort of thing but it's getting annoying how the fandom persistently pushes this "best Avatar" thing when we just got a one hour special that brought home the fact Avatars are human beings and susceptible to fucking up. Your precious Kyoshi (God forbid how her fans would react if we got more information on her and we found out she was actually stupid herself or messed up big time on something) wouldn't have even existed if not for Wan fucking up.
>> No. 115456

Also, she founded the Dai Li.
>> No. 115458

>Implying that was a bad thing
>> No. 115508
You're a bad idea thing!
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