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110240 No. 110240
A question, guys.

Does Korra give this guy (and the other gang leaders) their bending back?

If she does, then they'll go right back to committing crimes and exploiting people. If she doesn't, then she's endorsing the actions of Amon. Given the large amount of equalists left over from the rebellion, I could see them reacting to this decision either way, and it could start the whole revolution up again.

Just wondering your opinions on this moral dilemma that (most likely) will never be covered in the show.
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>> No. 110241
Well, there's another facet to this: if these guys are known felons and wanted criminals, would they be willing to show their faces in public to GET their Bending back? Presumably Lin is going to be on hand, and possibly other coppers(ha! Coppers! Get it? Because they ben--nevermind) aside, which could well mean that the gang leaders stay away even though Korra would be willing to give them their bending back....because they would be immediately arrested afterwards.

Alternately: Amon's policy was to debend ALL benders. Feeling that criminals who abuse their bending can have it taken away is not the same thing as agreeing with Amon, any more than thinking that convicted felons shouldn't be allowed to own guns is the same thing as saying that guns should be outlawed.
>> No. 110242
That would be really stupid, so yes, I think it's the first thing she would do.
>> No. 110245

I think it could still make a good between-season comic.

Possibly with Mako saying not to do it (because future police officer), but in the end Korra does it to a) Not be a hypocrite, and ab) to further show how she's not like Aang.

Honestly, she seems the type to be less fussed about killing but more fussed about things like this- considering she's undergone it herself and knows how useless it makes ex-benders feel.
>> No. 110246
I read a fic once where she would only agree to give their bending back if they basically turned their lives around. Maybe it'd be something like a parole board.
>> No. 110261
File 134999950253.jpg - (153.39KB , 1000x1000 , peaceout.jpg )
Why would somebody like Tahno be allowed to have his bending back?

Seriously, screw that guy.
>> No. 110270
He cheated at a professional sport, he didn't go around stealing from people and (presumably) killing people the way a mob boss like Lightning Bolt Zolt did. Yes, some people got hurt when they would go up against the Wolfbats, and yes, cheating is wrong. But he should be allowed to have his bending restored with the promise that he'll play fair from now on. He's an asshole, not a murderous criminal.
Zolt on the other hand, shouldn't get it back at all.
>> No. 110271
In what world is purposefully harming someone to the point of unconsciousness not a crime?

I'll tell you that if a player in the NFL went around with brass knuckles punching people, they'd be put in jail for a long time.
>> No. 110272

Yeah, because that's using an item to fuck somebody up in a sport that doesn't allow punches. A better analogy would be a boxer or MMA fighter going for kidney shots, groin shots, or biting or something. Getting seriously injured or knocked out during pro-bending is just an inherent risk.
>> No. 110274
He's playing a sport where they allow you to knock your opponent out of the ring that's a good distance above a pool of water, people are going to get hurt in that kind of sport.

Tahno was an ass but we have no proof he abused his bending outside of the ring, so I don't get why people say he shouldn't get his bending back.
>> No. 110278

What Amon did was akin to a Ravens fan running out on the field and kneecapping James Harrison of the Steelers after one of his infamous dirty hits, ending his career.

He and Tahno may play dirty at times but that doesn't merit permanently disabling them for life. Amon is an asshole.
>> No. 110280

By such merits I would argue for giving the criminals back their bending; because the analogy there is you're cutting a hand off for stealing.

They're not bloodbenders or something crazy like that; just prison 'em up like everyone else. I'm sure most would take that offer anyway.
>> No. 110283
But you penalize the players that go through every match with illegal blows. Moreso if they're caught bribing the officials to look the other way. They're not only robbing the spectators of a sport they paid to watch, but they're putting the lives and careers of other honest players at serious risk.

Just because you hurt people in a ring doesn't make it any more right if you're still trying to maliciously injure them.
>> No. 110284
Listen, if you are playing a sport professionally and INTENTIONALLY trying to fuck up players on the other team, there are consequences, including possible assault charges.

>> No. 110285
I don't see how that proves the Wolfbats shouldn't get their bending back.
>> No. 110287
If you think people who gleefully injure others for their own personal gain deserve to have the power to control earth, fire and water then I don't know what to say to you.
>> No. 110288

Well I wouldn't give it to them, but their human rights have been violated by an unlawful taking of their powers. Bending isn't a privilege (though it should be treated like one).

Just ban them from the sport for cheating.
>> No. 110289
Okay see, you're making it sound like the Wolfbats were a bunch of psychopaths.
>> No. 110331
Yes she should give it all back, and at the same time they should all be subjected to a fair trial in the established legal system of the city. That way, justice is served.
>> No. 110341
She could give them back to them with the reminder that what the avatar gives, the avatar can take away...
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