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>> No. 70957
Sequel to >>70867

Rest will be up tomorrow.

The significance of the upcoming date didn't hit Ted until, as he was leaving a meeting with Bruce, the other man slid a gilt-edged birthday invitation across his desk and said with a knowing little smile, "I assume you'll be bringing Michael again this year?"

Ted accepted the card with a grin saying, "I'll see if I can't get him dressed up for it. Maybe something in chiffon."

Much later, when Ted was at his own desk, twirling the invite between his fingers idly, he realized what Bruce's birthday actually meant. His brain began working over time and he reached for his PDA, bringing up a schedule that held more than just his own. It was wirelessly connected to Michael's, updating automatically with each new entry. It had surprised Ted at how much Michael did- asides from the escort service he took part-time courses at Gotham U (business and history which Ted would've found odd if he hadn't had a more eclectic course load), played on a local football team and still did modeling on the side. Their shared schedule was probably more Michael's than Ted's.

A quick look at the day's schedule had Ted shooting off a text to Michael. He didn't expect a call back almost immediately.

"I thought you had a photo shoot," he said in greeting.

On the other end Michael laughed, "/You got me on a break. They're adjusting the set now./"

"So what do they have you modeling today?"

"/Sports gear./"

A warm tingle went through Ted's body. "Oh please tell me they have you all oiled up."

Michael laughed again, making the warm tingles spread. "Winter sports, I'm afraid. It's difficult being sexy when you look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man."

"Ha! Last time you had a winter themed shoot, they had you bare chested with your jacket wide open and pants falling off your hips!" The make-up department had done a wonderful job putting a warm flush on Michael's face and the way he looked at the camera had never made Ted want to go up to the mountains just to ravish Michael in the snow so much in his life.

"/Difficult, I said. Not impossible./" There were faint voices on the line and Michael called out to them with an agreement. "/I've got to go in about five minutes- what's this about Bruce's birthday?/"

"It's next month, I've got the invite in my hand as we speak. He asked if you were coming this year."

"/Unless you have another date lined up, I don't see why not./"

"I also realized it'll be our one year anniversary."

There was a teasing note in Michael's voice, "/You mean you forgot our one year?/"

"No, no- I mean I can't believe it's only <i>been</i> one year." Ted leaned back in his chair, looking at the pictures that sat on his one photo-less desk. Some had Ted in them but they all had Michael. "I feel like I've known you forever."

"/Well, that just means this'll be an extra special anniversary. Actually, would our anniversary be <i>on</i> Bruce's birthday or the day after? Because technically we didn't actually get together until after midnight./"

"I distinctly remember a pre-midnight blowjob."

"/That doesn't count- you thought I was being paid to do that./"

Ted laughed at that. "Alright, I'll concede that point. But if we decide to have it on Bruce's birthday, we can pretend he's throwing the party for us and we don't have to worry about set up or guest lists or clean up or, better yet, paying for it!"

Michael's laugh is loud and warm and makes Ted's chest swell to hear it. "/We can pretend that anyway. Besides, I'd much rather spend our anniversary night with just you than with you and everyone Bruce invited./"

"Alright, day after it is, then. Do you have anywhere you want to go for it?"

"/You took me to Paris for our six month and Monte Carlo for my birthday and New Years. You've taken me places I never dreamed I'd go to and done things I never imagined anyone would do for me. Even if it's just spending the whole day at your place, I wouldn't care so long as I get you./"

"I'm putty in your hands, you know that? You say things like that and it makes me want to pamper you even more."

"/I won't say no to being pampered,/" Michael said slyly, "/but I'm sure I'll love whatever you have planned. I need to get going, are we having dinner tonight?/"

Ted sighed. "Not tonight, there's a project in R&D that's struggling so I need to see if I can't figure out what's wrong with it."

"/I can bring you dinner, you know./"

"You don't have to- I'll just grab something from the vending machine."

"/Maybe I should rephrase this- would you rather have a Hot Pocket all by yourself or would you rather watch me lick hummus off vegetable sticks until you decide to ditch work and fuck me?/"

A hard shiver went down Ted's back. "Oh, tough decision."

"/I'll see you tonight, Ted. Love you./"

"Love you, too."


Michael did bring dinner to Ted and Ted did watch Michael lick hummus off vegetable sticks but, unfortunately, he was too busy dismantling and examining the prototype to do anything more. Michael sat with him the entire time, letting Ted use him as a sound board and, in the early, early hours of the morning- after Ted had revised the plans entirely -Michael took Ted back to his office and unfolded the couch bed. He tucked in the sheets, laid an undressed Ted on them and sucked him long and slow so that after Ted came, he fell asleep. Michael snuggled up next to him and when they woke in the morning they discussed ideas for their anniversary before Michael went to class and Ted back to work.

It really was hard for Ted to remember they'd been together for just under a year- he'd never connected with anyone the way he did with Michael. Even all of Ted's friends liked Michael. Dick liked him because they could flirt harmlessly with each other. Barbara liked him the moment she found out he was making Ted eat healthier. Karen, Dinah and Diana found him amusing, the Dibnys had a new person to banter with and, after Michael suggest Barda join his football team (where she apparently made a natural tightend), the Frees often invited the two to dinner. Even <i>Vic</i>, who was usually hard to read, openly liked him.

Even more surprising, Ted seemed to get along with Michael's friends just as well- Guy, Dimitri and Gavril, all linemen on Michael's team; Bea, a friend Michael made while modeling and her best friend Tora (who was somehow also Guy's girlfriend); Kyle, an artist Michael occasionally modeled for; Trixie, Michael's agent and one of his closest friends; the Reyes family in the next apartment who seemed to have adopted Michael somehow and, most importantly, Michael's twin sister, Michelle.

Ted had never had such a successful, unstressful relationship in his life- he didn't know such a relationship was actually possible outside of fiction, but it was happening. There was Michael who was intelligent, loyal, fun, caring and one of the most handsome people Ted had ever laid eyes on and somehow he was Ted's <i>boyfriend</i> and they'd been going out for almost a <i>year</i>. He indulged in Ted's quirks- he didn't complain when Ted would wake up in the middle of the night and jot down ideas on the notepad he kept by the bedside; he didn't do more than shake his head and laugh whenever Ted start spouting out ideas for a prank. Hell, ever since Ted (unintentionally) told him how much the idea of Michael in erotic underwear turned him on, Michael would wear them randomly and whenever Ted found out he'd just kinda stare stupidly until Michael sat on his lap and offered him a chance to touch.

In short, Michael was the greatest thing that ever happened to him and Ted needed to do something on their anniversary that could communicate that. The solution didn't hit him until, a week before the impending day, the two were curled around each other on Ted's couch, laughing at 10,000 BC. With Michael, being the anthropology major and all-round history buff, tearing into the historical inaccuracies, Ted doing the same to the technical flubs and both to the movie in general. They were discussing the physiological problems of wooly mammoths being used as labor animals in Egypt when Ted suddenly turned to Michael and asked: "Do you want to go to Chicago for our anniversary?"

Michael looked down at him blankly for a moment. "Sure. What did you have in mind?"

"It's a surprise. I'll fly us out after Bruce's party."

Arms tightened briefly around Ted's middle. "You won't be too tired?"

"We'll leave earlier than last year. And I won't drink." Ted hummed thoughtfully, reclining across Michael's lap as he did so. Michael let out a huff of laughter, carding his fingers through Ted's auburn curls. "The Wayne airfield would be closer than my company's, I could probably ask Bruce if I could store my jet there for the night. "

"You think he'll say yes?"

"Good thinking- I'll get Dick to ask him for me."

Michael laughed, leaning down to press a kiss to Ted's forehead. "My genius at work yet again." Then Ted leaned up for a proper kiss and the movie was promptly forgotten.


They climbed out of the taxi and looked up the flights of stairs at the Neoclassical building that sat at the top. Michael sent Ted an amused look from over the top of his sunglasses. "The Field Museum?" He asked with a wide grin. "You brought me to Chicago just for a museum?"

Ted took Michael's hand to hook it in the crook of his arm. "Ah, not just for any mere tour of a museum. Come, my dear," he said with great flourish, "and I will show you the great secrets that lurk within these walls."

Michael shouldered his bag and walked close, smiling in anticipation. "I'm all a-tingle."

Inside the building Ted made his way to the information desk and said, "My name is Ted Kord, I have an appointment with Professor Garrett." The woman behind the desk dutifully passed on the word and scant seconds later a side door opened, letting out an older man with strawberry blonde hair and glasses who was smiling broadly.

"Ted! It's great to see you again!"

"Hey, Dan! I really appreciate this."

"It's no problem at all," the two men embraced for a brief hug. Dan turned to Michael with a knowing look. "So this must be him."

"Yup. Dan, meet Michael Carter, my boyfriend. Michael, this is Dan Garrett. He was my archeology professor way back when." The two were in the middle of shaking hands when Ted added, "He's agreed to show us the pieces they're studying in the back."

Michael whipped his head around to stare at Ted in shock. Then back at Dan with a disbelieving, "<i>Really</i>?" When Dan nodded (with barely contained laughter), Michael broke out into the widest, giddiest smile Ted had ever seen on him. "Wow, I mean- thank you!"

"Like I said, it's no problem. Ted tells me you're an anthropology major at Gotham U?"

"Oh yes- I'm only a part-time student, though, so I probably won't be graduating for another three years." Michael held Ted's hand a little too tightly, but judging from how little-boy-excited he was, Ted felt he was excused.

It seemed to take all of Michael's control to not bounce from one item to the next and he tried so very hard not to inundate Dan with questions. After some time, Michael calmed and his questions became more pointed and specific and while Ted knew that the man was intelligent, hearing him rattle off complex theories and quoting texts and other things Ted absolutely didn't understand about was <i>such</i> a turn on. Ted couldn't help stealing little caresses every now and then, just so the other man was aware of what it was doing to him.

Dan answered what he could and, when he couldn't, introduced them to other researchers that did. He focused mainly on Egyptian artifacts- as it was his specialty -and was ready to bounce ideas off Michael, their energies feeding off each other. They seemed happy to spend hours talking to each other until late in the afternoon when Michael's phone suddenly went off.

An alarm, as it turned out to be. He gave a quiet curse and gave Dan an apologetic look. "I'm sorry, this has been an incredible experience, but I'm afraid we need to go."

Ted blinked. "We do?"

"You're not the only one with an anniversary surprise," Michael said importantly, slipping off his bag just enough to open it and pull out Ted's Patrick Sharp jersey. He raised an eyebrow in expectation.

"You got us tickets to the Blackhawks game," Ted said, somewhere between accusing and reverent.

"And it's starting in an hour and a half."

"Good thing the United Center isn't far from here," Dan told them, "I'll call a taxi for you."

They both gave the older man grateful smiles. "Thanks, Dan. This was really amazing."

"I'm glad you've enjoyed it," he told them, escorting them back to the entrance. He gave Michael a card with his phone number and email and told them both to keep in touch. He was waving as they went out the door and to the taxi waiting out front.

>> No. 70961

Nnnn I am grinning like an idiot right now. They are the most adorable thing ever. This story makes my heart happy. <3
>> No. 70972

They're just the sappiest things ever in this 'verse. I'm going to assume that this is a good thing XD


Michael was half carrying, half dragging a warbling Ted into the suite- not because Ted was particularly drunk, but because he was just so unspeakably <i>happy</i>. Hanging out with Dan, watching the Blackhawks beat the Penguins in a shoot out, dinner at The Berghoff and through it all, Michael was with him, enjoying every minute as much as Ted was.

As Michael lowered his deliriously happy boyfriend to the couch, Ted stole a kiss from him and said, "I love you, in case you forgot."

He got a laugh in return, "I had the feeling."

Ted stretched out in contentment, something suspiciously like a purr rumbling in his chest. "This has been, hands down, the greatest anything I've ever had." Music started up and it wasn't until the soft baritone began singing that Ted could place it. "Nat King Cole?" He asked with a grin.

"We're in Chicago," Michael explained, drawing Ted up to dance, "it's fitting."

"With your taste in music, I'm not surprised."

They swayed more than danced, holding each other close and lost in each other's gazes. "This has been a perfect day, Ted," Michael said softly. "You've never been anything less than amazing to me."

Ted tilted his head up, placing a soft kiss to Michael's lips. "I only give you what you deserve to the best of my abilities."

They traded lazy little kisses that gradually grew longer and more intense. Somewhere between "You're My Everything" and "Because You're Mine" they stopped swaying and let their hands roamed intently. Ted shuddered as Michael's hands found their way under his jersey and against his skin.

"We should take this to the bedroom," he mumbled against Michael's lips.

"Yeah," the other man agreed and it took a couple false starts, but they managed to get to the bedroom door which Michael broke away long enough to open.

Ted froze at the threshold, jaw dropping. "What in the... When did you set all this up?"

Michael grinned impishly. "That day I said I had to write a midterm paper? Might've been a lie. I brought in all the supplies and asked the staff to set up the room while we were gone."

A disbelieving smile lit up Ted's face. "You flew all the way to Chicago just to do <i>this</i>?"

"It's our anniversary," Michael said, hugging Ted from behind, "it's supposed to be ridiculously grandiose." The room was filled with electric candles and flowers and rose petals littered the bed. It was so deliberately cheesy and over the top, but the sentiment behind it was genuine- just like Michael. And Ted loved him for it.

He turned in Michael's arms, kissing him until they were both breathless. "I love you," Ted told him, lost in the blue of Michael's eyes. "Every time I think I love you as much as I possibly could, you do something that makes me love you more."

"Funny," Michael walked Ted backward, a private little smile on his lips, "I think the same thing about you every day." Ted's knees hit the bed and petals fluttered as he sat on the mattress. Michael stepped back and pulled his shirt over his head in a long, languid stretch as Ted watched appreciatively. Hands at the waist of his pants, Michael turned so when he bent over, Ted got the best view as the slacks slid down long, tanned legs inch by inch.

When Michael stood turned again, Ted's mouth went dry and his cock achingly hard. "Oh God," he muttered, eyes glued to canted hips, the way shadows danced on warm muscles just within reach. "Oh God."

"Like it?" Michael asked, as if the answer wasn't obvious in the way Ted was entranced by him, in the way Ted's pants were straining hard. "Got them just for today." Michael's hands traced over the waistband of the low cut lace thong, tied together in front by a ribbon that couldn't hide the hardness beneath it. Ted stared as if he thought it would all go away if he didn't.

Blindly he groped for Michael's hips and, once he had them, tugged the man forward until he could bury his face against his crotch, numbly saying, 'ohgodohgod' over and over.

"Ted," Michael whispered, "I need you inside me. I need you so bad it hurts. Fuck me, Ted. Make me scream."

Ted moved in an uncoordinated flurry, pulling off his clothes while trying to pepper kisses over Michael's abdomen. It really didn't work out too well, but eventually he kicked the last article of clothing off and pulled Michael to the bed where he lay beautifully golden on blue silk sheets (definitely not the hotel's and Ted really wanted to wrap Michael in them until it smelled like the man). He kissed Michael deeply, letting his tongue explore as his hands moved over the lace thong. He was pretty certain he could feel Michael's heartbeat as he pressed his palm into the seam where leg met pelvis. Michael made small, needy little noises, trying to thrust into Ted's hands. Ted just leaned back and marveled at the beauty that, for whatever reason, was in love with him and couldn't even begin to describe just how damn lucky he was.

His hands danced over Michael's pelvis, slowly tugging the ribbon undone then pulling it, lace by lace, free of the thong. Michael's cock rose from the lace, dark and thick in the candlelight and Ted groaned at the sight. "You're so beautiful, Michael."

Michael just flushed and smiled, raising his hips up in a silent hint. Ted drew the thong off, pressing intermittent kisses to Michael's leg as he did. He dragged his tongue up Michael's length, from balls to head and when Ted closed his lips around the tip, Michael fairly sobbed and said, "No- stop."

When Ted looked up at him, Michael was shuddering hard and biting on his lower lip. "I'm going to come if you do that," he admitted a little shyly. "Please, Ted," he raised his hips again, "I want you in me."

"Anything," Ted promised, kissing Michael's knee again, "God- anything you want." He grabbed the condom and lube from the nightstand (out in the open and within easy reach- Ted wondered if Michael specified that or if whoever fixed up the room knew what was going to happen) and coated a finger in the cool gel. He pressed against Michael's opening, letting the lube smear a bit before pushing in. And in. And relishing the feeling of Michael's body clench around him.

He stroked with one finger until Michael was trembling all over, until precome began dripping down his length and it took so much damn willpower for Ted not to lick it up, not to just take Michael in his mouth and suck until the taste of him flooded Ted's mouth. Instead he twisted a second finger in and when Michael had to clamp down tight around the base of his own cock, Ted slipped in a third and finally pressed at <i>that</i> spot which made Michael yelp and shudder.

The man was normally so quiet during sex- his vocabulary shutting down everything that wasn't a gasp or whisper and Ted loved milking every sounds he could out of Michael. But sometimes when Michael was desperate- needed it so bad it <i>hurt</i> - he'd beg and cry and he'd come with a sob and Ted took such perverse pleasure out of it when he could. Michael's hips were rocking onto Ted's fingers, chanting out 'yesyesyes' with each thrust. Ted would've been happy to fuck Michael like that until he came but his own painful erection was demanding satisfaction.

His hands shook at he rolled the condom over his dick, palm slicking himself up in just a few strokes and when his tip rested against Michael's entrance, Michael didn't even give him a moment to pause, just hooked his legs around Ted's back and <i>pulled</i>-

Ted let out a string of incoherent curses, forehead braced on Michael's chest and he tried so <i>hard</i> not to come right then. They both kept still, trembling as they tried to get under control. But then Michael's hands swept over Ted's back and shifted his hips and whispered Ted's name and Ted lost it. He thrust in hard and quick and Michael made a choked sound and every time Ted did it again, that choked sound became gasps, then soft cries and then Michael all but shouting, "Yes Ted more please harder Ted yes". Ted's hands were pressing fingerprints into Michael's hips, utterly lost in his voice, his scent and taste. In the way he clenched tight around Ted's cock, heels digging into his back, hands fluttering around Ted as if they were trying to memorize the way they moved together. Ted drank in the sight of Michael arching hard, the line of his neck as Michael tossed his head back, of teeth biting back whimpers into his lips and eyes rimmed with a blue that practically glowed in the dark, unable to pull away from Ted's and saying all the things Ted felt in his own heart.

One last thrust, one last clench and Ted was coming so hard his vision exploded into white heat and he didn't feel his arms give out or was aware of Michael's chest beneath his cheek until he came shivering back down. When he did he realized Michael was working frantically at his own cock and Ted, in a daze, thumbed at Michael's slit, pressed a soft kiss to his ear and whispered, "I love you", and felt wet heat splash against his hand.

It could've been anywhere between seconds and hours before either managed to get their brains and bodies in working order again. They made an attempt to clean up but it was half hearted and ultimately abandoned in favor of just curling around each other. Ted settled his head on Michael's chest, sighing happily. "I've never had a one year anniversary even half as great as this."

A finger trailed lightly over Ted's shoulder. "I never actually had a one year anniversary," Michael admitted.

"Really?" Ted tilted his face toward him. "Why not?"

He got a shrug in reply. "None of my relationships lasted that long. Relationships were never really that important to me, anyway."

"You're a maneater, aren't you," Ted accused lightly. "One day, after I will my fortune to you, I'm going to wake up dead, aren't I?"

"Waking up dead would be quite an accomplishment."

"One someone else can earn."

"Good. I refuse to be known as a necrophiliac."

"You'd still love me even if I was dead? Awww," Ted gave a big sappy grin, "you're so disturbingly sweet."

Michael laughed, causing Ted's head to bounce on his chest. "Just don't turn into a zombie. I can't vouch for the power of love if you try eating my brain."

Ted put a big, sloppy kiss to Michael's chest and said, "You have the most charming pillow talk, you know that?"

Michael let out an indignant scoff before grabbing a pillow and smacking Ted in the face with it. Ted retaliated with his own pillow and they rolled and wrestled, dissolving into a pile of laughter and limbs. They calmed, gradually, and just looked at each other with soft, soppy smiles.

"Love you."

"Love you, too."
>> No. 71034
Of course sappy, adorable boostle is a good thing! Also, this story and its predecessor are AMAZING. But oh gosh, that conversation at the end. I see what you did there.
Also, during their phone conversation at the beginning I kept wondering if anyone heard what they were saying XD
>> No. 71035

....can I admit that I actually did not make that connection with that last conversation? For some reason, when they started talking afterward I had So I Married an Axe Murderer and Death Becomes Her on the brain so the conversation kinda spawned from there. But yeah, wow- I'm not entirely certain what my subconscious must be telling me...
>> No. 71037
File 130186865388.jpg - (331.90KB , 400x587 , ted kord picture touching resized.jpg )
...that boostle love transcends death and the space-time continuum, and that there will be postings of <s>Blackest Night stuff and angst</s> I mean adorable fluffiness?
Angst/I-feel-vaguely-bad-about-this pic up front.
>> No. 71085

My first thought: Aw, poor Booster.

My second thought: Booster teaching Jaime the fine Blue Beetle tradition of picture stroking.

Booster: Ted did it to Dan's picture all the time!
Jaime: I'm... okay with not following this tradition.

>> No. 71095
Well, he does have the Ted bulletin board with the WWTKD? in his room...

Also, how do you hide the text like that?

And the line from A Night With Prince Charming from Michael about Ted's "size" caused much flailing. Good flailing!
>> No. 71099
brb LOL'ing forever
>> No. 71100
Hey, has anyone heard from gambitgirl in a while?
>> No. 71103

you put square brackets around spoiler and /spoiler.

And I have no clue where gambitgirl went off to :(
>> No. 71169
File 130207148938.jpg - (173.90KB , 500x333 , eric-martsolf-as-booster-1.jpg )
Another picture of Booster from Smallville
>> No. 71173
are you chasing her smart Booster story too?
>> No. 71176

"Ted, now is NOT the time to ask me what I'm wearing."
>> No. 71179
Yes and I'm worried that she hasn't been on the board recently.
But I might just be a worrywort.
>> No. 71180

I'll send her a note on dA.
>> No. 71199
Hehe. Please let them interact in the episode. If they don't I might cry.
>> No. 71222
I'm sure she's fine, just busy
>> No. 71225
"But if you just mean 'Did I steal your lab safety glasses' then... yes. Yes I did."
>> No. 71279
Guys, how about some Booster/Jaime action?
>> No. 71282
hey everyone, got your note on DA idiosyn and a poke from another coq friend on FB. i PROMISE i will have another chapter up tomorrow. i have the day off and have been adequately inspired to keep writing.

i blame FB, i've been having waaaaay too much fun on there lately and have utterly neglected my Boostle.
>> No. 71629
Was there a specific panel, book, or fanfic that made you start shipping Boostle? If so which one was it? Or did you join the shipdom through osmosis?
>> No. 71631
tbh I'm still in the "squeeee bromance!" stage. They're totally in love, blah blah blah, but I just can't like them having sex. /co/ introduced them to me as bros and I suppose their place is cemented in my mind.
>> No. 71633

For the longest time I honestly thought they were canon gay for each other, just being around comic fandom. Despite my education otherwise, not shipping them would be like not shipping Apollo/Midnighter. Just can't wrap the brain around it.
>> No. 71641
My introduction to Boostle went as follows:

-First I read all of Blue Beetle... vol 6? The one with Jaime. All of it. Found out about Ted and Booster here, but not really shipping anything at this point.

-Then I started reading Booster Gold v2 because the rest of Jaime's story was in the back of those comics and plus I was curious about Booster anyway. That's where I actually started shipping Boostle. ;_;

-After I got caught up on BG, I went back to read all of the old JLI/JLA stories. Much more pleasant to read about these fun times! (I also started to like Max Lord here. JLI Max is still canon!Max to me. The current one is some imposter.)

-Anyway, the obvious next choice was to read the Superbuddies comics! And then that one issue of Martian Manhunter where they steal J'onn's cookies.

So, now I'm just reading Booster Gold and Generation Lost.

Did I miss anything awesome? I'm thinking of going back to read Booster Gold v1 and maybe the old Blue Beetle comics.
>> No. 71650
I kept hearing about how awesome the pairing was from various other slash-shipping sites and TV Tropes, so finally I relented and grabbed some fanfic and some JLI.

And yes, that is totally not Max. Or he's been severly brainwashed. Or something. We need to get the original writers back on the new JLI series to sort this all out. (I'm assuming new JLI series, there better be one.)
>> No. 71652
File 130271948931.jpg - (1.02MB , 720x1114 , BG006-015.jpg )
I was hanging out on TVTropes when I eventually came across a scan of this page and turned into a quibbering mass of 'need moar!' So I read through BG v2 to the rescue arc and- on recommendation -Superbuddies stuff, got hooked on them and the rest of the cast and on a massive hunt for JLI/JLE, Infinite Crisis, Jaime's run and as such my interest in comics re-sparked after, like, eight years.

Personally I don't care if they're together romantically in either comics or fanon (though it does make me happy) or not as I think the distinguishing part of their relationship in any case is the fact that they're best friends always- even if they're lovers or even when they're fighting. So long as that stays the same, I'm happy with them together.
>> No. 71653
So...no Booster/Jaime? I know I read a story with the two of them in it once, but I can't seem to find it again
>> No. 71656
I was in the Justice League fanfiction.net section and kept seeing Booster Gold and Blue Beetle when I went in the character list, so I looked them up while looking up a bunch of superheroes to become more familiar with DC. I read a story called "And if You Only Knew" by spoodle monkey on FF.net and thought Ted was cute even though I didn't really know him. I think I then went on TVTropes to look at them and saw "bromance/heterosexual life partners" and a link to the boostle LJ comm. And the list of slashy moments =D And plus4chan of course.

There've been a few of these and a few with threesomes. Describe the story?
>> No. 71662
My first exposure was actually Countdown to Infinite Crisis. The panel where Beetle's at his lowest, abandoned and getting gnawed on by Mad Men, and then in a flash of light there's Booster!
>> No. 71664

It's all Guy's fault. My BF is a huge Green Lantern fan, and I wanted to know what was up with that. He's a Hal fan, but instantly fell in love with Guy (and Kyle, but mostly Guy). In my search for more Guy, I found the old JLI trades, with Booster and Beetle... and Superbuddies... and in looking for Guy/Kyle fic to read, I stumbled across Boostle fic... and then I was hooked. <3 I love you guys.
>> No. 71682
Jaime pretended to be Ted for Booster. But I'd appreciate links to anything Booster/Jaime related :D
>> No. 71686
I think it was heykidzcomix's pixel JLI comics.
>> No. 71724
When I got into comics I read the entire archives of the old Scans Daily (this was back when that was something you could do in a few days, not months) and found a bunch of scans of them being totally married in JLI. Went out and read Formerly Known as the Justice League and both of their 80s series, and just as I was really getting into the pairing...Countdown to Infinite Crisis happened. This is why I can't have nice things.
>> No. 71751
I'm the same, I'm perfectly happy with bromance or romance
>> No. 71753
So, I was reading book 1 of the Dresden Files (witch takes place in Chicago). The main character's car is named the Blue Beetle. I looked it up on TV Tropes, and yes, it is an actual shout-out to the character. I needed to go somewhere to express my excitement over this, so I came here.





...okay done
>> No. 71764
In Guardian of the Dead by Karen Healey, one of the main characters has a blue VW Bug named Theodore. It made me smile every time it showed up. (And yes, it was a deliberate shout out.)
>> No. 71775

Promo for the Booster episode of Smallville
>> No. 71827
Sorry late here. Actually I can't remember the fic, but I was reading a Clark/Bruce fic that had background Boostle in it. After that I had to find more.
>> No. 71847
Have some content full of bros and stupidity. Superbuddies era.

He found Ted at the edge of the crowd, looking longingly into the heart of it. Booster stood next to him and, with the help of his future induced height, peered over row upon row of heads to see Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers facing down Mace Windu, a handful of Jedi and kids in robes. Unable to find a correlation between the actors and Ted's mood, Booster asked, "What's up?"

"Feeling my age," came the bland reply, "nothing new."

"What- you wanna join them?"

"Pfft- who wouldn't? But having middle aged fanboys waving plastic lightsabers around tends to be sad and sort of creepy."

Booster wanted to ask what was sad and creepy about it when the actors probably weren't much younger than the two of them but decided Ted was deep enough in a self-depreciating mood he'd split hairs finer than Booster had patience for. So instead he ask, "Middle aged? You plan to die in your sixties? Wow, Ted- aim high."

As expected Ted snorted, momentarily distracted from his pity-party. "I'll be close to seventy which means my mental facilities will probably start fading and that I <i>definitely</i> don't want to outlive."

Booster sighed, "You and your primitively short lifespans."

"Like you'd want to outlive your hair."

A hand went protectively to said thick, golden mop. "My hair is lasting forever!"

"Even after death?"

"<i>Especially</i> after death!"

"You'll be the first skull with a full head of hair, huh?"

"I have very deep roots," Booster said with a sniff. Ted chuckled and shook his head, still watching the mock battle before them. It had taken some work but Ted was beginning to respond to Booster like he had so many years ago- joking back, laughing, even indulging in a prank or two. But now... now was the ultimate test. Now Booster was going to see if Ted was done pretending to be mature (read: miserable) or not. Booster quietly slipped away and into a nearby gift store, buying two lightsabers, a mask and the robe-iest looking shirt he could find. He crept up to Ted's side as the show ended and the crowd began to leave. He prodded Ted with a deactivated lightsaber saying, "The Force is strong in you, Middle-Aged One."

Ted turned, saw Booster wearing (attempting to wear) a child-sized Darth Maul mask and laughed, "Oh God, Booster!"

"You will join the Dark Side," Darth Booster continued, voice muffled by the mask, "or die!"

Ted just laughed and Booster continued to poke him, sidestepping every time Ted did and peppered his pokes with ultimatums. It was clear he wasn't going to stop unless Ted made him. Ted gave him a sharp look and suddenly his hand shot out, deftly disarming Booster, activating the lightsaber with a decisive, "ha ha!"

The mask couldn't contain Booster's big, big grin. He tossed the shirt at Ted with a condemning, "Death, is it? You chose poorly."

"Only if you manage to kill me," Ted taunted, pulling the shirt like a hood over his head. They attacked each other with gusto, all clattering toys and not even attempting to actually hit each other. People gave them a wide berth, some shooting them dark looks, others more curious ones. Then Booster made a deliberate swiped that forced Ted to roll instinctively. The auburn haired man gave a wry grin, "Getting serious now, are we?"

Booster twirled his lightsaber, "Let's see what you got, oh Buggy One." The attack renewed, mostly teasing jabs that lead to slashes Ted easily twisted away from. As the attacks became more elaborate, Ted started throwing easy flips and tumbles in, their antics starting to draw a crowd. Booster pressed in, forcing more acrobatics out of Ted. Ted who was a little flushed in the face, but grinning as he bounced off walls, trashcans and ledges. Who was looking more than ever before like the Ted Booster had gotten tangled in deep with the moment they met and that made Booster's own smile grow.

A swipe at the knees caused Ted to flip onto the back of a bench, balance rocking and making him pinwheel his arms to get solid again. "Whoa!"

"Your grasp of the Force is weakening, I see," Booster quipped.

"Ah stick it in your pipe and blow it, Sith Lord," came the response along with the clacking of lightsabers connecting again. Ted's confidence in his balance grew with each parry and each slide of his foot against the wooden beam. Booster lunged with a particularly exaggerated thrust and Ted flipped over him, twisting in midair and landing light to impressed applause.

"Not too shabby," Booster said in his most imposing Vader impression. "You would do well with the Dark Side. Join us. We have Chocos."

"Chocos are for the weak!" Ted replied, striking Booster's lightsaber again.

"We also have Philly cheesesteaks."

"Your evil temptations will never sway me!"

"And free beer!"

Ted paused, "What, really?"

"Yeah, we should probably change that policy. Might be why the Stormtroopers can't hit a thing." Their weapons locked in an x and Booster leaned in, eyes narrow behind the mask. "I'll ask for the last time- Dark Side or death, Middle-Aged One? What do you say?"

"I say you shouldn't do that," Ted said almost conversationally, "you could go blind." He grabbed Booster's mask and yanked it sideways.

Booster stumbled back, his guard obliterated, "I've gone blind!"

Ted lunged forward and with a very plastic <i>thwack!</i> his lightsaber skidded out of his hand. Despite the incredulous grin tugging at his lips, Ted glared at Booster who stood- mask back in place -behind the safety of his forcefield. "You cheating bastard."

Booster held his own lightsaber in a very 'ah-ha!' fashion. "Dark Side, baby. Anything goes!"

"Too bad you can't attack me with it up."

Booster hesitated both at the accuracy of the statement and the fact that Ted- flexing his hands with an eager grin -was considerably more dangerous now. "Well... that's true."

"So you coming at me or what? Your Mistress of Dark Fire is getting annoyed."

Eyes flickered over to where, sure enough, Bea was tapping her foot next to a clapping Mary. "Dark Fire? What does that even mean? And why is she <i>my</i> Mistress?"

"Because I called it first."

Booster shrugged and saluted with his weapon. "Very well. If you won't join the Dark Side, then <i>die</i>!"

The forcefield dropped and as Booster thrust out, Ted clamped Booster's hand to the hilt, rolled into his arm and eviscerated (creatively speaking) Booster with his own lightsaber.

"Oh!" Booster gasped, sliding down Ted's back and grasping his stomach, "Hoisted by my own petard!"

With a final gurgle, Booster sprawl to the ground and the crowd erupted in cheers. Ted bowed expansively, soaking up the attention. He nudged Booster with a toe and reached down to help the other man up, the two bowed again to the renewed clapping. Beatriz approached, hands stern on her hips, but not even the Mistress of Dark Fire was immune to their twin smiles of boyish joy. She laughed and shook her heads, "Come, paragons of maturity. We still have the rest of the park to see."

They saluted dutifully, "Yes, Mistress!" They grinned as Mary gushed over their performance and went to join Ralph and Sue who stood on the edge of the dispersing crowd.

Booster, with his arm draped comfortably over Ted's shoulder's, leaned down to say, "Guess people like sad and sort of creepy."

Ted just grinned back up at him. "Thanks, buddy."
>> No. 71848


"Awww <3"



...Something like that.
>> No. 71849
File 130308433984.png - (526.46KB , 561x926 , maxwell_lord_by_sshiftie-d3cb00g.png )

On the one hand, this is pretty awesome.

On the other hand, I am now picturing Kilgore(sic) singing "Do you really want to hurt meeeee..." (Yes. Yes we do.)

(And Ted doesn't stabby people. Unless it's BL Ted.)
>> No. 71860


And Ted did stab people. He came after Max with a knife in JLI while he was under post-hypnotic suggestion implanted by Queen Bee. He also tried to attack Amanda Waller while under this hypnosis.
>> No. 71862
Goddammit, Boostle! I was all set to read an angsty bondage fic from an entirely unrelated fandom when this idea hit me so hard I can't read one sentence without snickering to myself. Goddamn you so haaaaard.

PS: Enjoy.

Indiscernible voices were getting more discernible the further down the hall Booster went and eventually formed coherent sentences the closer to the source he got.

"...is really very simple."

"Yeah, easy for you to say Mister I-Can-Sleepwalk-Through-Deathtraps."

"You just need to focus."

"I am focusing! On the fact I can no longer feel my fingers! And I swear- this is getting tighter!"

"Of course it is. It's designed to the more you struggle. The trick is to get out of it before it gets too tight."

"Oh, thank you for that! I don't know why I never asked you for help with this before!"

"I am deliberately ignoring your sarcasm to say I don't know why either, but you're welcome to share in my expertise."

Booster carefully poked his head around the corner, afraid of what Ted and Scott could possibly be getting up to in the hangar. His jaw practically fell to the floor as whatever he was afraid of wasn't a thing like what he was seeing.

Scott sat crosslegged on a consol, cowl draped over a knee and amusement clear in his eyes. Ted, meanwhile, had his wrists bound together over his head, dangling far enough off the floor that he was stretched up on his toes, ankles similarly anchored to the ground. His cowl was also off, face flushed as he struggled. The line of his torso was a strong, graceful arch, legs stretched long and taunt and everywhere his costume molded deliciously to each curve of muscle and the soft sounds he made shot straight through Booster. It was like someone had reached into one of Booster's filthier fantasies and brought it out into the light.

From halfway across the hangar, Ted's eyes locked onto his and Booster let out a soft, inadvertent whimper.

"And now I have an audience," Ted said dryly, arms straining, "wonderful."

Scott waved Booster over before replying, "It really isn't hard, Ted. It's pretty basic."

"Says you. I should've specified something more than 'easy' from a master escape artist."

"You got out of those handcuffs easily. I don't know why this is such a problem for you."

Oh god, Ted in handcuffs. Ted has handcuffs. Booster's brain happily stored that piece of information away for proper enjoyment later and belatedly thanked future textiles for the fact his suit was good about hiding erections.

"Maybe it's a psychological thing? I dunno," Ted grunted, body twisting in ways that had Booster biting whimpers into his lip. "You can get outta this in what? Two seconds?"

"Five, actually," Scott replied with no small amount of sheepishness. "Barda tries to make simple escapes like this a little more, er, challenging."

"Yeah? How's that?"

"Um... mainly by groping me."

Ted paused in his escape attempt to let out an expansive laugh. Scott chuckled in response, cheeks red. Booster had to bite back another whimper.

"Booster- you want to give it a try?"

It took a long moment for Booster to realize Scott wasn't asking if he wanted to grope a tied up Ted but rather if he wanted to try getting out of a bind himself.

"Ted asked if I could teach him some escape tricks," Scott explained, holding up another length of rope. "Something all superheroes should know a bit of, if you ask me."

Booster's eyes kept darting to Ted, memorizing the stretch and twist of his body, the heave of his chest, the way he bit his lip and tossed his head. He was starting to get painfully cramped in his costume. "Um, no thanks. I'm good. I'll, uh, see you guys later."

He practically flew back to his room, locked the door and shoved a hand down his pants as thoughts of Ted, tied up, flushed and begging for Booster, filled his brain. Booster groaned and buried his face into his pillow. Joining the Justice League was simultaneously the best and worst thing he'd ever done.
>> No. 71873
File 13031282952.jpg - (24.54KB , 200x200 , ted riding a zombie dinosaur icon.jpg )
Ask and it shall be delivered.
Yeah I have no idea what this is either.
>> No. 71885

Oh yeah, I guess that's where they got it from.


Boostle rejects your angst and substutites sexy hilarity!

And someone needs to draw this.



Context: "Harry animates Sue the T-Rex, the one from the actual museum in Chicago, to serve as his steed as he rides into battle against an army of necromancers and zombies. Did I mention it was controlled by not only his magic, but his sidekick's one-man polka suit?"

Random also funny thing: The entropy curse. In the middle of a melee, Harry channels the curse— a very nasty spell that alters probability to cause fatal accidents— away from its intended target and toward a vampire that's currently attacking his side. A moment later, the vamp is crushed. By a twenty-pound frozen turkey falling from the sky. The drumstick tips wrapped in red tinfoil. And then the timer dings.
Everyone stopped to blink at that for a second. I mean, come on. Impaled by a guided frozen turkey missile. Even by the standards of the quasi-immortal creatures of the night, that ain't something you see twice.
"For my next trick," I panted into the startled silence, "anvils."

>> No. 71887
Also I need to mention this fic linked in the Bat/Supes thread, because it involves the JLI and hilarity ensuing - http://jij.livejournal.com/112876.html

I quote: "Red-haired human male is not a virgin."

"Damn straight," Gardner blustered, puffing out his chest.

"White-haired human female is not a virgin."

"Also damn straight," Green Lantern said, as Ice looked appalled.

"Green-haired human female is not a virgin."

Guy Gardner intercepted a glare from Fire and wisely kept his mouth shut this time.

"Blond human male is not a virgin." Various occupants of the ship rolled their eyes as the force field crept further up.

"Brown-haired human male is not a virgin."

"Huh?" Gardner looked astonished. "I definitely woulda thought it was you, man." Ted Kord blushed deep red and didn't look at Booster Gold.
>> No. 71895
The JLI makes everything better! Even the deflowering of, uh, non-members. ESPECIALLY so. Guy's reaction to the look at the end after plugging the thing (snrk) is like a cherry AND that chocolate shell stuff on top.
>> No. 71903
File 13031886062.jpg - (174.21KB , 800x827 , bondagebeetle.jpg )
Soooo....I was supposed to be drawing Wonder Woman...but my brain decided that Beetle bondage was better. I'm pretty sure the bondage-y things are not what you meant but ah well, the general idea is there.
>> No. 71904

BWAHAHAHAHA I LOVE IT! I especially love that knowing look Scott is shooting Booster XDDD

"Man, you got it bad it would almost be pathetic if it wasn't hilarious."
>> No. 71916

Your brain has good priorities.
>> No. 71922
Been working on this off and on for a while. Just finished it, so sorry for errors like grammar or autocorrects that I missed recorrecting. I got eager to share.
This one of those slightly angsty Yay-Ted's-back! stories. Enjoy.


Ted rubs his eyes and lets his head flop back against the chair back. Anymore continuum theorem or chronial physics and he’s probably going to belt someone. Possibly Rip. But if it’s important for the mission, for assisting Rip, and for Booster’s survival in the timestream, Ted... /guesses/ it’s a worthy cause to turn his brain to mush. Though, the scariest thing has to be the little girl they have running around that can point out Rip’s mistakes, let alone travel on her own in the timesphere. That Rani was a cute kid, but her knowledge was terrifying.

Ted was about to begin another round of journals on the studies of tachyon particals when the time platform lights up with Booster and Skeets’ arrival. Shoving the periodicals aside, Ted stands and waits for Booster to notice him as he and Skeets discuss relaying information to Rip’s database.

“He doesn’t need to know about the icecream truck, Skeets,” Booster says rather sheepishly to the hovering droid. “I’m sure we can leave that part out.”

“I’ll see what I can do, sir,” Skeets hums as he floats his way toward the computer banks. “But you know Dr. Hunter. He has a way of finding these things out.”

Booster gave a forlorn sigh as he moves toward the steps of the platform, but stops in his tracks at the sight of Ted.

“You’re still here,” Booster says softly, a hint of wonder in his voice making it sound almost like a question.

“Still got a lot to catch up on,” Ted smiles easily.

Booster smiles, somewhat wistfully, in return. The lines around his eyes, which were never there before that Ted could remember, make Booster look as tired as Ted feels.

“God, it’s late,” Ted says, scrubbing roughly at his face and hair. “I really... I should get going.”

Reaching out, Booster hesitates at putting his hand on Ted’s shoulder, but instead drops his hand back to his side. “You think you can make it all the way back to Chicago?”

“That’s what auto-pilot is for,” Ted shrugs. “I’ll get a couple of winks before time to land the Bug, so a couple hours flying is no big deal.”

Booster is staring at Ted, and his eyes only cut away for a moment in thought before he speaks. “Stay,” is all he says. It’s a simple word simply said, but somehow Booster manages to sound like he was asking, begging, and possibly even commanding all at once.

It tugs at his chest to see Booster like this, hesitant and pensive. But Ted can understand why, seeing as how he left Booster behind to run off alone to his death. Twice. But this isn’t goodbye so much as it’s goodnight.

“Boost,” Ted sighs, shakes his head. “I’m not sleeping on that cot in the storage room again. It was one thing that you were injured and, yeah, I was worried, but--”

But Booster is smiling, that same bittersweet smile, and he’s slowly reaching for Ted’s hand. His fingers wrap slowly around Ted’s wrist and pulls ever so slightly. ”Just stay.”

And that guilty feeling is threatening to pull Ted apart. That feeling of there being nothing in the world that he could do to make up for leaving Booster behind. So when Booster gently tugs again, Ted is following him through the lab and past Rip’s precariously piled gadgets of time travel. They move into the hall, where offices have been renovated into makeshift living quarters, with Booster’s room at the end, drawings of ponies, rainbows, and daring Boosters fighting monsters carefully tacked to his door by Rani.

Ted has been in Booster’s room before. He’s poured over the the newspaper clippings on the walls of things Booster changed or could have changed. The furnishings are spartan; a dresser and bed with one bedside table. The few framed pictures of the Justice League International sit proudly on that table among more art by little Rani, but there are no ads or photo spreads or merchandise. Nothing that says money or fame. The room holds nothing to remind Booster of who he used to be. It makes Ted think about when he believed he was so mature, and he shakes his head over how immature he really was then compared to Booster now.

Booster lets go of Ted’s wrist when they enter the room, and loss of contact lets the guilt seep back in. Ted walked away from Booster to save the world, twice. And he would do it again if he had to. But in his absence, Booster left him behind. The walls around him tell him of the growing up that these six long years forced on Booster and, well, Booster didn't need Ted anymore.

“You don’t need me,” he says as much, watching the way the bed moves as Booster sits on it to take off his boots.

“Hmm, maybe,” Booster shrugs, the gold and blue of his back moving fluidly. “I don’t need you. But maybe... I want you here?”

Ted feels himself make a frustrated sound in his throat. “Are you telling me or asking me?”

Booster stands up and peels his top off in one smooth motion before looking at Ted. “I want you here.”

Putting his back to Booster, Ted sits on the bed and looks down at his hands. He circles his wrist with one had, touching where Booster had pulled at him earlier. “I’m not... necessary here.”

“Except you take Rip’s attention to get him off my back,” Booster huffs. If he looks, he can see Booster is ticking off each reason on his fingers. “You’re an extra voice to take my side when my sister is being annoying. You can teach Rani all the things I can’t. If Rip is busy, I’ve got you I can work with when I’m in a pinch... So, yeah, I’d like to have you around for those reasons, since you being my /best friend/ and I’ve /missed you/ for /forever/ doesn’t seem to be enough for you.”

"I treated you like crap," Ted whispered. "And then we didn't talk for a long while."

The bed shifts under Ted as Booster sits down on the other side. "Water under the bridge," Booster says gently.

"How..." Ted turns sharply to frown at Booster's back. "How can you just... say /that/? I was a total ass to you!"

Booster's bowing his head, so whatever emotions are flitting across that perfect face are lost to Ted. "You weren't so bad when you... left. And I saw you again, but that was on of those time travler things." Booster chuckles, but it sounds broken. "I almost destroyed the timeline, I missed you so much..."

It's a punch to the gut, Ted's breath forced out of him in the form of his friend's name. "Booster... I..."

"From the moment I lost you, all I wanted was to have you back," Booster turned to look at him, a weariness to his eyes. "I don't need you, Ted. Not like I thought I did. But you're my best friend and without you, I kinda have this you-sized hole in my heart... and not much fits that can fill it."

Ted's not sure what to say to that. He thinks he should say /I love you./ Or maybe /I love you, too./ But he doesn't know if either of those are the right words. So he settles instead for a very earnest, "Thanks, buddy," and hopes Booster understands.

Booster just smiles, that bittersweet smile again, and nods. "Bedtime. And we'll grab Rip later to work on making room for you here."

Ted sighs and flops back against a pillow, kicking off his sneakers. "I'm not staying in the storage room."

Booster huffs a laugh as he gets up to shuck off his shiny costume bottoms, with Ted focusing on pulling off his socks to avert his eyes. "I'll move into the storage room, then."

"No, no," Ted says. "The big damn hero needs a decent place to get his rest."

"Then we'll get bunk beds," Booster shrugs, climbing under the covers in a pair of sweatpants.

"Nah, this bed is fine," Ted smiles. "It'll be like old times, pal!"

Booster's getting comfortable and looks over at Ted. "Yeah, but we aren't drunk and this isn't the Embassy."

"But you're my best friend," Ted huffs as he shimmies out of his pants and crawls under the blankets, comfortable in his teeshirt and boxers. "And that hasn't changed."

Booster's amazingly blue eyes are a little misty as he says, "Thanks, buddy." If a tear rolls from them, Ted isn't sure that he wouldn't reach out to wipe it away--which makes Ted pretty relieved when Booster calls out to shut off the lights.

They settle in easily and sleep comes fast for Ted. The last thing on his mind before he drifts off is how he's glad to be wanted here, and by person that means the most to him.
>> No. 71970
Oh man I want a continuation of this fic I loved it so hard!
>> No. 71971
Aww <3 I legitimately teared up a little.
>> No. 72068
here's the link to a preview of the Smallville episode 'Booster'
Smallville - Booster Episode Previewyoutube thumb

It airs tomorrow night on the CW
>> No. 72097
I'll see what I can do. I think I may have come up with an idea or two. :D

*hugs* Aww. I hope those are happy tears. :3

I've never watched an episode of Smallville in my life, and I CANNOT WAIT to see this one. Gawd, it looks awesome.
And I heard they tailored the Booster suit to him so well, to fit him so snugly, he actually had problems getting into it. <3
>> No. 72111

...My god, it actually looks like a legit DC verse here.

After all the crap I've heard about it, I'm relieved. YayBooster!
>> No. 72112
I think it's this http://plus4chan.org/b/coq/res/61871.html#64934

Personally, I'm almost incapable of shipping Booster with anyone but Ted, but here's some more fic involving Booster and Jaime:
http://boostlethon.livejournal.com/19872.html (Technically a Threesome)
>> No. 72123
File 130352233070.jpg - (20.10KB , 467x258 , live action booster unf unf.jpg )
You guys. YOU GUYS. How glorious was Booster on Smallville? And Jaime? AND TED?!

I love that Johns totally left a little wiggle room for Jaime and Friends: The Series. Because I would watch that show FOREVER.

He also left a convenient zipper in the back of Booster's suit for easy access. Ted approves. He also approves of the codpiece.
>> No. 72125
File 130352450949.jpg - (178.82KB , 500x333 , ever so shiny.jpg )

>no Ted/Booster interaction (beyond business deal phone call): I has a sad
>Smallville verse is now basically "Jaime Has Two Daddies": me gusta

Booster, you are so sparkly, ever so sparkly. and delicious. I think he was poured into that suit, unf.
>> No. 72133
.....I am writing Smallville Boostle fic already. omgaaaaaaaaawd, guys WRRRRRRRRY?
>> No. 72145
I'd read it so hard.
>> No. 72146
Ted was so much of an ass, Smallville makes me slash Clark/Booster. I feel dirty inside.
>> No. 72148

My theory on Ted's ass-ness is that he's been up for like three days straight working, he's stressed because his moronic staff lost his deadly scarab weapon, his diet isn't going well, his luggage got lost on the flight to Metropolis so he doesn't have his powder blue leather jacket so he can go superhero around and find the Scarab himself, and Booster won't put out because he's too busy swanning around being a glorious douchebag.

But yeah, Clark totally had a mancrush on Booster, and I don't blame him one bit.
>> No. 72152
My brain is insisting on writing the pilot to the spinoff where they all move to El Paso (because Jaime is on a really weird field trip and his parents want him home, especially after he was all over the news getting almost run over by vans and stuff!) and have adventures. So at least fic is reasonable. :P
>> No. 72153

Amazingly (or unsurprisingly) that's pretty much exactly what I'm doing...
>> No. 72157
Not sure if this was discussed, but if anyone saw the last episode of Batman: brave and the bold. Beetle and Booster bunk together in the watchtower. And although Beetle is Jaime, I assume it's Ted's old bunk. I'd like to assume it is anyway.
>> No. 72158

People keep saying this, but I don't think he really even got enough screen time to come off that way. He was understandably pretty stressed out and then some random bumbling reporter shows up and starts asking questions about a weapon. I don't really think brushing Clark off makes him an asshole especially since he wasn't supposed to be there in the first place. He was pleasant enough for the 2 seconds he interacted with Jaime.
>> No. 72160

Sorry to ask but...got somebody a direct download of the episode?
Pretty plz? *___*
*puppy eyes*
>> No. 72165


Unless you're asking for the B:BatB episode, that I don't know.
>> No. 72170
Good god. I only had, like, eight paragraphs left in that porn thing, but this Smallville idea usurped that so hard that it's been less than 24 hours and after 16 pages I'M STILL WORKING ON IT. Christ on a cracker, brain. I don't even know what to do with you.

Unbeta'd and wow- talk about completely different character relations in this 'verse.


It was a simple action. Just one measly drive and he was supposed to have a rouge piece of alien technology. One drive interrupted by a superhero accident, one day of fruitless searching and one freaked out kid in alien armor later Ted not only finally has that tech, he also suddenly has that freaked out kid. And the accident causing superhero. And the freaked out kid's family. All being moved to Chicago on Kord Industries' dime.

This is going to be hell on the financial reports.

And now the kid ("Jaime," he mutters lowly to himself, "he's got a name, Kord- use it.") wants to keep weapon bug alien thing and be a hero with it. They don't even know what the thing is capable of or if he can possibly keep it under control all the time!

Well, Ted has resigned himself to moving the Reyes family to Chicago from the beginning because who knew how long it would have taken to safely remove the scarab in the first place? But he's 96% certain this whole thing is just going to get a whole lot more complicated.

He also hopes Booster will go away the first chance he gets.


Jaime's parents are chilly but polite in varying states of both. Alberto is the less chilly one though it's clear he's still about eighty five shades of pissed. Bianca doesn't even attempt to hide the fact she blames Ted and Ted's company (and Booster, though that's tempered by the fact he did save Jaime's life at the same time) for the parasitic tech that's in her son. They had moved from El Paso, Texas to Metropolis barely a year ago and now they're being forced to move again. On top of that they have to deal with Jaime's superhero aspirations and his sudden case of hero worship for Booster.

At least Jaime's little sister was taking it in stride, saying about the whole thing: "Maybe now Jaime won't be such a dork." Kids certainly are resilient.

Ted gives them the royal treatment- or at least as much as he's able to. Accounting is going to send him a dead rat for Christmas, but he thinks getting in the parents' good graces is slightly more important. He gets them the nicest apartment in the building made especially for Kord Industries resident scientists and families, had Jaime and Milagro enrolled in the best schools in the district, opens a college fund for both and even gets Jaime a debit card and puts him on the payroll.

He had offered to give Alberto and Bianca a place in the staff as auto tech and EMT, but they politely turn him down. They still blame him for what happened, but at least they acknowledge his sincerity if fixing it.


The tests don't start for a month and a half after the Reyes family moves in, giving them all a chance to adjust to their new home, new city, new schools and the week before the first test, Ted gives them a tour of the lab. He explains each piece of equipment they'll be using, their purpose and how they'll be used. He answers all the questions they have. He hands Jaime, Bianca and Alberto access badges, telling them they're allowed to come in any time the lab is open. He even gives them a copy of the report on the scarab and tells them, "I don't like the idea of Jaime keeping the scarab, I really don't. I can't force it out of him and I'll do all I can to help you control it, but I don't think it's safe."

He makes eye contact to Alberto and Bianca and he can see they understand what he's saying. They'll do all they can to talk him out of it.

Jaime asks suddenly, "Can Booster come, too?"

Ted gives him an odd look. "Why would Booster be here?"

Jaime's shoulders slump and he looks at Ted's shoes as he mumbles, "Well, he helped me control the scarab before. I just think maybe it would help if he was here in case something happens."


Ted takes solace in the fact that Booster is as surprised as he is when he gets an access badge.


Apparently Booster has become Jaime's bodyguard or something. Every time a car arrives to pick Jaime up, Booster is always with him, talking to him about something or other. Most of the time it seems to be advice: "They always go for the weak. If you think you're worthless, they'll know it and jump all over you. Stand straight, shoulders back, head high- act invincible and pretty much no one will challenge you. They won't pick on someone they think might fight back because if you shut them down, they'll lose face and anyone that picks on someone else has an ego that's too fragile to survive a breaking. If you have enough confidence, you can make people believe anything- even yourself."

Jaime looks up at Booster with desperation and asks, "You really think that'll work?"

"Works for me. And you're the one that stopped the scarab, not me. Keep remembering that and you're already well ahead of where you were before."

Ted can't help wondering if the scarab might actually help in the long run. He kills that thought the moment it comes.


Ted gets invited to the Reyes house after the first week of tests. It's awkward and the conversation is rather stilted and he doesn't really know why he's there with people that hardly like him. But he tries and they try and after he leaves, Ted can't help hoping they never invite him back.


He's trying his best to convince Jaime that keeping the scarab is a bad idea. He's almost tempted to skew the data they gather to reinforce his position but Ted's got too much scientist and too little businessman in him to do so. Of course, every day Jaime comes in he's more certain than before he wants to keep it and it's all Booster's fault.

Every time Jaime comes in for testing, Ted tells him, "It's too dangerous, you shouldn't do this, there's too many unknowns."

Every time Jaime leaves, Booster tells him, "You're doing great, you've got it under control, nothing can stop you."

He doesn't know how it happened, but Ted somehow feels like the bad guy in the situation.


Ted scrubs at his face. "Barbara, I don't know what I'm doing."

Over the headset, Barbara makes an almost sympathetic sound. "/You usually don't. What's wrong?/"

"Tell me this is right," he's rubbing his temples, so many things warring for his attention and Jaime is constantly at the top of it. "Tell me this has to be done and this is the only way to do it."

"/Ted- you know how dangerous this thing is./"

"I know."

"/So why are you suddenly having second thoughts?/"

"Because... I don't know. Because I feel like I'm being dismissive about Jaime and I always hated when my dad did that to me."

"/Why do you think you're way is better in the long run than Jaime's?/"

"Because there's too many unknowns, too many potential problems and I don't think Jaime understand exactly what's at risk here."


"But... every time I tell him no, it's like he's shutting me out. And every time Booster tells him yes, he opens up."

"/So you think you should be humoring a teenage boy with an alien superweapon attached to his spine?/"

"No- it's... it's like..." It's like Ted's childhood all over again with Ted's father trying to stop Ted from working in the lab, from going to college early, from taking over the business. And then having Uncle Jarvis saying you can do it Ted, don't let anything stop you, you could be amazing.

Then Uncle Jarvis trying to steal all his work out from under him and his father's disapproving look as he said I warned you, I told you, why do you never listen to me?

"/Ted/," Barbara's voice breaks in gently, "/in a situation like this, the only way you can tell what was the right decision to make is to make one, then look back on what's come from it. So, whatever you do, make sure you do it without regrets./"


Someone calls Ted over, citing problems with their instruments. Ted takes one look at the readings and has three guesses as to what could be causing them. They all start with 'Booster' and end with 'that goddamn idiot!'. He goes over to where Jaime is and, sure enough, Booster is leaning against the boy and he has a phone up to his ear.

"What," Ted demands loudly, "are you doing?"

Jaime shrinks back a bit but Booster just holds up 'hang on a sec' finger. Ted snatches away the phone, tears the battery out and tosses it all over his shoulder. Booster's indignant, "Hey!" is met by a snarled, "What the hell were you doing?"

"Making a phone call, obviously." Booster looks over Ted and scowls. "You owe me a new one, by the way."

"And you were using Jaime to do it?"

"We figured out how to use the scarab to get a signal boost. That's the only way to get reception in here."

"Did you not, for one fraction of a second, think there might be a reason why you can't get reception down here? Like maybe the possibility that there is a lot of extremely sensitive instruments that gets messed up by radio waves? You know- the same reason why Skeets isn't allowed in here?" Ted snaps. "Jaime is not your personal antenna!"

Jaime is still shrinking back from Ted and lets out a stammered, "I'm sorry, Mr. Kord. I didn't mean-"

"It's not your fault, Jaime. Future boy here should know better!"

"Right- because it's wrong to ask Jaime to do something as harmless as help make a phone call, but it's okay for you to poke at him like he's your personal guinea pig. I get how it is."

"The hell you do- you know what? Get out. Out! If you can't take this seriously, you don't belong here!"

"What? You can't kick me out!"

"No? Let me just double check that with my boss- wait! That's me, so I guess I can!"

Booster juts out his jaw challengingly, "There is no way you can keep me out of here!"

"Oh, really?" Ted whips out his handheld, fingers dancing over the screen. There's a beep from Booster's access badge. Ted smiles- another job well done. "Well whaddya know? I guess the only thing left to ask is are you going to leave on your own or should I call security?"

It is such a wonderful feeling to have Booster gaping at him like a particularly angry fish. He manages to rally a bit, though, and asks arrogantly, "And you think your pitiful technology can really stop me?"

"Please- you can't even work a toaster oven." Warm in his moment of schadenfreude, Ted turns to his teenage charge and says, "Jaime, let's get back to- where'd Jaime go?"

Jaime isn't hard to miss in his baggy shirt and jeans among the cluster of white coated scientists, far away from the two arguing men. Ted suddenly feels a little guilty for scaring the kid off.

Booster is glaring, hands akimbo, "You know I'm responsible for that kid's safety, right?"

"In the lab, I am the safety authority, not you. You want to wait outside for him, that's fine with me." Ted grins nastily and points toward the elevator. "We'll call when we're done. Goodbye, Mr. Gold."


One of the guards is waving for Ted's attention. When Ted goes over to him he says, "Booster Gold is waiting outside the building, sir."

"For how long?"

"Since he went outside."

"What- an hour ago?"

"Yessir. Hasn't left."

Ted shakes his head. "He'll get bored eventually, don't worry."


It's getting to be early evening as Ted walks Jaime to the door. They've gathered enough data for the team to pour over for the better part of the week so Jaime can just focus on school and normal teenaged socializing. As they approach, the guard on duty says, "Sir, Booster Gold is waiting outside."

"Huh," Ted replies, "good timing."

"Actually, sir, he hasn't left."

Both Ted and Jaime's eyes pop wide. "What? Why is he still- I told him we'd call when we were done!"

Jaime gives him an odd look. "You tossed his phone, remember?"

Ted thinks back to the battery and phone scattered on the lab floor.

Oh yeah.

>> No. 72173

Ted stretches and pops the vertebrae in his back. It's almost midnight- long past the time he should've closed up shop- the last of the research team that's still there. He grabs his things and takes the elevator to the ground floor. He waves a sluggish 'night' at the guards when one of them says, "Booster Gold is outside."

That makes Ted rock in mid-stride. "Booster? What in the world is he doing out there?"

"Er, judging from the cameras, he's sleeping."





"For how long?"

That gets him confused looks. "I went down to tell you when he returned after escorting Jaime Reyes home over four hours ago."

Ted's jaw drops. "He's been out there four hours?"



"No clue, sir."

Ted's head is whirling about as he says a little numbly, "Okay. Uh, goodnight, gentlemen. I'll see you tomorrow." He stumbles out and there, sure enough, is Booster with his back propped up by the door and chin cradled to his chest. Ted has no idea what to say so he kicks lightly at Booster's leg and says, "Hey. Hey, wake up."

Booster blinks. Then he scrubs at his face and groans. "Oh. That does not feel good."

"I don't doubt it. What are you doing here?"

Booster peers out from between two fingers, as if remember where he is and who's talking to him. "Jaime's mother called and found out you were still working, even though it was past seven. So she sent me down with leftovers." He holds up a thing of tupperware. Ted takes it and peeks inside.

"What are these? Calzones?"

"Empanadas. Hope you like chicken and cheese. And, you know, other stuff."

The empanadas smells really good, even if they were cold through. "Why were you waiting here for so long?"

"Because Mrs. Reyes would know if I didn't give it you and I really don't want to make her mad."

"Couldn't you just leave it with security?"

"You disabled my access badge."

Ted hides a wince. "Oh." He watches Booster yawn again and finds himself offering, "You can hitch a ride back to the compound with me." At the surprised, questioning look, Ted gives a self-conscious shrug. "It's late and it'll probably be chilly flying back."

Still obviously waiting for the other shoe to drop, Booster cautiously says, "Okay."

They climb into the car and Ted just sits in the driver's seat for a moment. Then, because he's kind of a sap and knows it, he pulls out Booster's phone and hands it back with a low, "Here."

Booster takes it, blinks at it and turns it over in his hands. He's silent for a long moment. Then, "You re-fabricated the casing."

"It got kinda damaged when I threw it."

"So you re-fabricated the entire casing?"

Ted turns over the engine to mask his discomfort. "I felt kinda responsible-"

"You threw it. 'Kinda' is an understatement."

Ted glares, "You know, you're good at making me not want to apologize to you."

"Sorry." There's a slightly pause and Booster looks up and Ted can't help thinking he's like a puppy trying to make up for piddling on the carpet. "Look, I know I can be a bit much sometimes. I'm not actually trying to get you to hate me."

Ted's automatic snark mechanism almost goes off, but he bites it back.

"So- you know. Sorry about earlier. And all the other times I got you yelling. You really need to loosen up a bit, though."

Ted let's out a bark of laughter- someone's actually telling him to lighten up! Wait until Babs hears about this! "Honestly? I'm hardly ever this short tempered. I'm just... I'm really worried about Jaime and this scarab."

"Why? He's got it under control."

"We don't know if he actually does. It's a piece of something that came from outer space, Booster. We don't know what it's capable of, who made it, if it's safe or if it's slowly poisoning him-" Ted abruptly cuts off, the muscles in his jaw twitching. "The only reason we know it's a weapon is because it attached to on of our researchers and killed people before we could stop it." Hands tighten knuckle-white on the steering wheel and gear shift. "And removing it killed the guy it was attached to."

Booster must've read it in his face because he asks quietly, "Who was it?"

Ted's throat tightens and his eyes prickle and he doesn't want to think about it- forced himself to not think about it since the day it happened and he's trying to block out the memory of the funeral and the black suit that's in a crumpled heap in the darkest corner of Ted's closet. "Dan. He was my mentor and one of my best friends." His voice trembles, just like his jaw. "I can't let the same thing happen to Jaime."

A hand cover's Ted's and Booster says quietly, "I won't let him get hurt, Ted. I promise."

And, for the first time, Ted believes him.


A week goes by and Ted and Booster don't argue once. Well they have stupid, simple little arguments that don't mean anything, but they haven't yelled at each other which is something. It's not just something on it's own since Jaime's disposition gets better the longer the two go without a fight and with it, Jaime's control over the scarab grows. Obviously it responds to Jaime's mental state and apparently Ted and Booster's relationship plays an important part to that.

Ted isn't certain how he feels about this revelation.


A month after the first dinner invite, Ted gets another one. It's a little less awkward than before but it's nice to hear Jaime being, more talkative. He talks about his classes and it sounds like he's made a friend at his school. Paco, his name is, who also works at the same garage Alberto does under a work permit. Ted has the crazy urge to do a background check on the guy, but pushes the thought away. Instead he listens to Booster encouraging him, taking as much an interest in his life as Jaime's parents do.

Ted can't help but feel like a complete stranger at the table.


Ted goes to pick them up and finds that neither Jaime nor Booster are waiting for him out front. As he goes to park and knock on the Reyes's door, he finds the two on a bench, hunched over a book. Ted gets out and he can hear Booster explaining- rather accurately, Ted's surprised to find -wave-particle duality. Jaime scribbles something down in his notebook and hands it over to Booster. "Like that?"

"That's it exactly!" Booster rubs Jaime's head with a bright, fond smile. "See? I told you this stuff was easy!"

Ted knows instinctively that it's easy for Jaime because Booster is there watching out for him. Ted feels his resolve slipping.


They're trying to get a power reading on the scarab when it causes the meter to explode. That causes the armor to reactivate and the scarab is going haywire again. Ted is barking out orders to his researchers to use the same electrical charge they had to stop it the last time. Booster yells back that Jaime can handle it, just give him time.

They don't have time- people's lives are on the line!

If Jaime is keeping it, he has to learn to regain control!

They can't chance it! It's too dangerous!

Have so damned faith in the kid! Stop beating him down and support him for once!

The scarab probably would've killed them but Booster shoves Ted out of the line of fire and flies at Jaime, encasing the two of them in his forcefield.

Ted can barely hear them over people shouting at each other and the electrical fires that have sprung up. "You can do this, Jaime," Booster is tell him, not in the least bit afraid of the vice-like hands clamped down on his arms. "You did it before, I know you can do it again. Just calm down and think, Jaime. You know what you want, you know what you need to do. If the scarab won't listen, then make it listen."

And then, to Ted's shock, the armor starts peeling back and reveals Jaime flushed and panting. He practically collapses against Booster's chest and Booster just holds him close. "Good job, Jaime. I knew you could do it."

Ted turns away and, after all the fires are put out and everything has been shut down, he sends everybody home. Then, in the half ruins of the lab, he starts redesigning the place with equipment and tests to help Jaime control the scarab.


Dinners at the Reyes house is apparently going to be a monthly thing. Afterward Milagro drags Jaime and Booster in the living room to play with her and Ted offers to help with the dishes. When he and the parents are alone in the kitchen Ted says, "I think Jaime should keep the scarab."

Bianca hesitates for one brief moment as she puts the dishes in the washing machine. "Is that so?"

"I know what I said before and I know you know what happened to... to Dan. But Jaime is different. I really think he can overcome this."

There's a silence that stretches uncomfortably, broken only by dishes being rinsed and put away and leftovers going into the fridge. Eventually Alberto says, "To be honest, we've been thinking something similar ourselves. Jaime has been getting more confident since he came here. He's been happier, more energetic and certain. I don't know how much of that is Booster's doing or Jaime asserting himself over the scarab and, right now, I think they're pretty much tied together in Jaime's mind. Take the scarab away, you take away the reason why Booster is around and you take away Jaime's source of confidence."

"I don't want that thing inside my son," Bianca says, "but if he thinks he can control it, then I believe him."

Ted smiles at them, feeling as reassuring as he wants them to believe he is. "He's a brave, strong kid. Jaime can do this. I know he can."


While the lab is being rebuilt, Ted has Jaime and Booster with him in a testing chamber. "We're going to try something a little different," he tells the teen. "We're going to try to have you activate that suit of yours. Not the entire thing, just something small like your hands, okay?"

Jaime is hesitant, curving over himself like a wilting flower. "I-I don't know. I might loose control again."

"That was only because it took you by surprise. If you activate it yourself, you should be able to control it."

"But... what if I hurt you?"

Booster is nearby, ready to toss up his forcefield but looking convincingly relaxed. Ted just smiles and says, "I trust you."

Jaime searches his face for a moment. He takes a deep breath, uncurls a bit and says, "Okay."


Jaime has to stay late at school to work on a social studies project with his partner. Ted, knowing Bianca is on the evening shift and Alberto should be home watching Milagro, offers to pick Jaime up for them. Booster insists on going with him.

They don't talk much and the silence constantly toes the line of comfort. Ted checks the mirrors to change lanes and notices Booster watching him.


"Nothing," the blonde man says. "Just thinking about how you've changed is all."

Has he changed? Ted can't feel a difference. Maybe he'll ask Barbara sometime. "Is it a good change?"

There's a shrug. "I guess."

"Since your first meeting, Mr. Kord has become 83% more receptive, 46% more talkative and his rate of smiling has gone up 215%." It takes Ted a moment to place that voice, eyes darting to the earpiece Booster has. "Likewise, Booster's receptiveness has gone up 68%, openness 59% and, in fact, in the past few weeks even the mere mention of Mr. Kord causes a heart rate increase of-"

"That's enough, Skeets," Booster interrupts a little sharply. "We get the idea."

"Why are you wearing Skeets, anyway?" Ted asks. He's glad Booster's taken to wearing civilian clothing out in public, now. He doesn't have time for superheroics and Ted had warned him that if he tried to advertise himself in Chicago, he'd be paying for his own way.

"Skeets may be just an articulate robot to you, but he's a friend to me," Booster says. "He helps pass the time when everyone else is busy."

Ted can't help stealing a glance at Booster, wondering how he could've missed the suddenly obvious loneliness in the man. Not knowing what to say, Ted keeps quiet as they pull into the school parking lot. His eyebrows jump and he says to Booster, "Do you see that?"

Sitting on the curb is Jaime. Next to him is a pretty Asian girl, smiling and leaning in close. Booster gives a low whistle. "I feel bad for coming here, now."

"No kidding." Ted wonders if it's possible for them to sneak away and spy from a corner or something but Jaime catches sight of them and stands. He says goodbye to the girl and jogs toward the car.

"Hey, guys," he says, obviously surprised to find someone that's not his parents there.

They return the greeting and before Jaime can get in Ted asks, "Does your friend need a lift?"

"Traci? She said she lives just a few blocks away. She was just keeping me company."

Ted and Booster exchange glances. "Well, we can still drop her off a few blocks away. Go ask."

Giving them an odd look, Jaime turns to do as Ted says. They watch the teens talk, Traci biting her lip in thought before smiling and nodding. Booster reaches over pat Ted's shoulder. "Nice thinking."

Ted grins back. "I am a genius, you know."


It's surprising how quickly Jaime was learning to use the armor. Within a few weeks he was able to enclose any part of his body at a moment's notice with little effort. He found he had wings and Ted added flight principles and dynamics to the training program. They focus more on the little abilities such as the scarab's ability to sense electric currents, pulses and various wavelengths, the ability to record data, mimic electric signatures and hack various kinds of electronic security. It's all just a mere fraction of the scarab's possibilities but it's exciting. And at the same time frightening as Jaime prepares to go full armor for the first time.

Booster is talking lowly to Jaime when Ted approaches, apparently giving him a last minute pep talk. When Booster steps back, Ted goes up to put a hand on Jaime's shoulder, "How're you feeling?"

"Nervous," the teen admits, "a little scared."

"That's normal," Ted tells him, "and it's okay to be a little afraid of the unknown. You just have to have faith that whatever happens, you can handle it."

"You really think I can do this without losing control?"

Ted smiles a bit, "What do you think?"

There's a pause. Then a determined, "I know I can."

"Thatta boy."

>> No. 72186

The instruments are fried again, but Ted doesn't care. The armor is standing there. Just standing there, gleaming under the lights. When it moves, it's just turning its head, looking around. Ted's heart is pounding in his ears, sliding a foot cautiously forward. Out of the corner of his eye he can see Booster right next to his shoulder, staying close.

"Jaime?" Ted calls out softly, as if afraid he might startle the thing into action. "You okay?"

There's a metallic echo to Jaime's voice as he calls out, "Ted? I... I got it. It didn't even fight me."

"Yeah? Congratulations, kiddo." Ted holds out his hand and, very slowly, as if they hadn't done this dozens of times with just Jaime's arm armored up, Jaime takes it gently. The metal is ribbed and cool and microscopic teeth tickle Ted's skin; weak barely sensible jolts of electricity passes between them. "How are you feeling?"

"Okay. Kinda weird."

"How so?"

"I can see things, but not like regular seeing. Like... I dunno- different wavelengths, I guess. It's like I can feel all the technology in the room. And there's some kind of language, I guess, in front of me. Like some kind of interface."

"Like the scarab is trying to communicate with you?"

"Not really. I mean- I can feel the scarab. It's not doing anything, but it's kinda like an extra thought in the back of my brain. Like if it wants to talk to me, I know I'll know what it wants to say. That sounds odd, doesn't it?"

"A little," Ted admits. He pulls out of Jaime's grip and says, "Go ahead and power down for right now. Measuring the scarab's capabilities is going to be a little more difficult than I thought."


Ted pulls up to the curb and there's the entire Reyes family- plus Booster -out front having a sort picnic grill. He watches them all talking, laughing, playing and Ted feels loneliness tugging painfully at his heart. He realizes suddenly that he wants to be a part of that. He wants to have a family that actually is a family and not the mock thing he had been born to. He wants it so bad and feels so incredibly selfish for it.

There's a sudden tap on the driver's window and it makes Ted jump. He stares up at Bianca who has a plate of chicken and grilled onions that she holds out temptingly at him. "I got a promotion at the hospital. Why don't you come celebrate with us?"

Ted doesn't have the willpower to even think of turning that down.


"So this is what I look like in the armor, huh?"


Jaime and Booster are standing in front of a mirror with Jaime turning this way and that. "Wow. It's really kinda creepy looking."

"Well, you're certainly not going to win any cute and cuddly awards."

"I wonder if I can change it somehow."

"Why not? Give it a shot."

They spend the better part of two hours experimenting and discussing Jaime's new look, joking and laughing all the while. Ted sits at the table nearby and watches them. The research he'd been going through lays in front of him, forgotten.


When Ted gets invited over for another dinner, he's found three extra guests are there. They're introduced as Jaime's friends and classmates: Paco, Brenda and, Ted's pleased to find out, Traci. As he's being introduced, Brenda makes a strangled sound and reaches out to whap Jaime's shoulder. "You never told us you knew Ted Kord!"

"Ow! I didn't know it was important!"

"Oh yeah- only the owner of the biggest tech corporation in the entire city, if not state!"

"Oooooh. That's why I thought you looked familiar!"

Brenda gives Traci a betrayed look. "I can't believe a native Chicagoan didn't recognize him!"

She shrugs. "Gadgets aren't really my thing."

Dinner is a lively affair and the teens drag Ted and Booster (who Jaime's friends have been calling 'Mike' all evening) into the living room to watch a movie. It's halfway through some roadtrip comedy that Ted, warm and comfortably full, starts dozing off. He realizes blearily that he's leaning a little against Booster's side and that there's an arm over his shoulders but as his eyelids grow heavy and his face tucks against something warm that blocks the light, Ted can't bring himself to move.


There's a whistle over the line and Ted's a little happy to hear Barbara is as stumped as he is. "/I've never seen anything remotely like this. You're sure this is a language?/"

"Yup. Jaime says it is."

"/It's not following any kind of recognizable pattern I can think of./"

"Yeah, I even ran it through a pattern recognition machine and it couldn't find anything I could use as a base, either."

"/But this is a language and Jaime understands it?/"

"He says that he knows what it means when he sees it, but he doesn't know how to translate. Kinda like people that can understand a spoken language, but not when it's written down. In a very loose kind of way."

There's a considering hum and Ted knows Barbara is going to take this challenge up. "/Alright, I'll see what I can do. Not promises, though./"

"Babs, you're the smartest person I know. If you can't figure it out, no one can."

"/And if I do figure it out, you owe me the most expensive dinner in Gotham./"



It's when they're trying to do a weapons test that problems happen. The scarab is fighting to gain control and Jaime is trying wrestle it down, screaming, "No! Stop!" as its cannon arm flails around. Ted is herding everyone out of the observation room adjacent to the testing zone as Booster tries to calm Jaime and the scarab down. As the last researcher disappears down the hall, Ted turns to look back into the room and Booster is standing there, hands out placatingly while the scarab has some kind of energy charging at the end of its arm.

Ted rushes to the door, not know what he can do in this situation but just know he needs to be there-

The lights flicker momentarily, causing the lock on the door to pop. Through the crack he can hear Jaime, without the distortion of the armor, wailing "TED!"

Ted shoves the unpowered door open. Jaime is unarmored, on his knees, shivering and crying. Booster is on the ground. He's not moving.


Ted paces the hall while Jaime sits with his family. Bianca has Jaime tucked under her chin, Alberto with his arms around them both while Jaime clutches at Milagro, sleeping in his lap, like a teddy bear. Bianca and Alberto whisper little encouragements at him. Ted would be doing the same, but he knows he doesn't need to. He had tried when they first arrived at the hospital and Booster was carted away. Ted had wanted to tell Jaime that it wasn't his fault, but Jaime just looked up and there was steel in his eyes.

"I won't let the scarab hurt anyone again."


Booster is fine- a burn on his chest but when he wakes up he's well enough that the doctors don't even need to keep him for observation. His suit is a different story, though- it's burned and torn and the microcircuitry (which Ted was surprised to find) has melted through. Booster doesn't blame Jaime in the slightest, the first thing he did upon waking up was asking, "Is Jaime okay?"

Despite his surprisingly advanced knowledge of science, Booster has no idea how the suit works or how Ted can fix it. Skeets volunteers to help, but Ted finds having a voice talking in his ear is more distracting than not.

Finally Ted asks Skeets, "Do you want to get a little more hands on?"

"I don't understand, Mr. Kord."

"I've got more than a couple UAV plans going to waste. I could probably fit you inside one of them- give you mobility, arms of some kind. You know- make you more than Booster's conscience."

"I am not Booster's conscience, sir."

Ted shakes his head. "Dated reference, never mind. So do you want an independent body or not?"

There's a long pause and then, "I will be happy to assist you in this project, Mr. Kord."


Ted goes over to Booster's apartment, across the hall from the Reyes, to tell him about his and Skeets's plan. The door to the Reyes home is open and Ted peers in cautiously. Jaime is sitting on the couch with Booster and his parents. Across from them is a familiar dark haired woman and a man in a red jacket. Ted clears his throat and, after getting their attention, asks, "Am I interrupting."

"Ted," Alberto stands and waves him in, "please, come in."

"Not trying to intrude or anything," he says a little self-consciously, "I just needed to talk to Booster."

The woman stands up, holding out her hand. "Mr. Kord, it's good to see you again."

Ted smiles guiltily, "You're a reporter from Metropolis- I remember you, I really do, but I'm drawing a blank on the name."

She smiles back, not at all insulted, "Lois Lane."

"Right, right."

"Booster called me and said Jaime was going through a bit of a tough time with the scarab and asked if could help out a bit." She stepped aside and waved a hand at her companion. "This is Superman- I don't know if you've heard of him."

"A little," Ted reaches out to shake his hand. "Thanks for stopping by."

"Thank you for all you're doing for Jaime," Superman replies. "I've had plenty of experience with powers going out of control despite good intentions."

Looking over at Jaime, Ted asks with an easy grin, "So you learning a lot from him?"

"Yeah," the boy says, eyes dancing and awed. "I'm feeling a lot better about things, actually."

The makes Ted beam at the guests. "In that case, you've got my vote for coming by whenever you want."


Lois and Superman were still talking to Jaime and his family when they leave. Booster invites Ted into his apartment- much more spartan than Ted was expecting. "Want a drink or anything? Beer? Orange juice?"

"Water's fine. I'll be driving in a bit."

A beer gets pressed in his hand anyway. "Stay for a bit," Booster says, flopping down on the sofa. "We can order out for a pizza or something."

He shouldn't, but Booster's sprawled out looking so very welcoming and warm and Ted can't help saying, "Alright."

Booster's smile is dazzling. "Great! So what did you want to talk to me about?"

Oh, right- Ted digs into his pocket and takes out Skeets and his pocket computer. "I was thinking it would be easier to repair your suit if I had Skeets actually assisting me instead of yakking my ear off so we've been tossing around ideas about making him a body." He pulls up the plans for what the two of them have settled on and shows it to Booster. "What do you think?"

Booster's shoulder brushes against Ted's and he really doesn't need to lean in that close but he is and Ted doesn't pull away. "This is amazing! I would love to have Skeets with his own body! That earpiece gets uncomfortable after awhile."

"And," Skeets says with his own amount of relief, "I won't have to complain about you not washing your ear again."


Ted wakes up on the sofa and finds leftover pizza gone cold and bottled beer gone warm on the coffee table next to him. He can't feel anything but the phantom tingle of sleep in his legs and when he looks down he can see Booster is laying on them with his head pillowed low on Ted's stomach, feet dangling off the edge. A hand rests on his waist, Booster's thumb having slipped under Ted's shirt and rests comfortably warm on bare skin.

With a little smile, Ted closes his eyes and goes back to sleep.


They're outside the lab now, having decided to move on to flying until Jaime feels comfortable about trying weapons again. Booster is talking to Jaime about flight mechanics and even if he doesn't have his suit, he still has flight ring, ready to take the boy through some easy flight patterns and to catch him if he needs to.

While they're doing that, Ted gets a call from Kimiyo who updates him on what's going on with the rest of the company. He lets out a grateful huff and says, "You are amazing, Kimiyo. Are you sure you don't want to take over all the business stuff so I can just do research?"

"/I don't think so/," she says over the line. "/As it is, I'm expecting one helluva paid vacation once you take all this responsibility back./"

"I honestly don't know when that'll be."

"/As soon as you can, Ted. I'm going crazy having to deal with these board members constantly breathing down my neck./"

Ted just laughs. "Welcome to my world."


Ted has been staring at this data for five minutes and he still can't seem to make sense of it. Or, for that matter, even remember what the data was even for. After two more minutes he realizes it's Booster's ass beyond the monitor he's been staring at.

Another three minutes and he realizes he's still staring.

Frustrated and flustered Ted stands up with a frown, deciding to move his work to a laptop and another room. His eyes travel up the length of Booster's back and finds that the other man is watching him over his shoulder and grinning knowingly.


Barbara gets a translation, just as Ted knew she would. Unfortunately it comes with some very, very bad news.

"/I not only managed to translate their language into a workable alphabet for us/," she says, "/I also found out something disturbing./"

Ted is getting the last few motor connections for Skeets's new body fitted as he says, "So disturb me."

"/I've matched this language to one NASA picked up not too long ago from their deep space monitoring./"

That makes Ted pause. "Uh oh?"

"/Uh oh. The transmission is a little weak, but it sounds like these guys are invaders. It came from a less than a hundred lightyears away and there's a possibility that they may be heading our way. Especially if they managed to catch our own broadcasts./"

A soldering iron gets put down and Ted's heart is pounding in his ears. "Uh oh."


The next dinner with the family is the day after. Ted tells them about the transmission. Everyone is quiet.

>> No. 72187

They're pushing Jaime a little more than Ted feels comfortable with, but Jaime insists he can take it. He's become a pretty decent flier in a short amount of time and he can use various tools that the scarab has without problems. He's still wary about doing weapons again, though, so Ted tries a new tact.

Jaime is sitting on his bed, leaning against the wall with a pillow comfortably supporting him. Ted is nearby as is Booster, both trying to get the teen relaxed.

"Alright," Ted says lowly, "make a connection with the scarab."


"You got it?"


"Ask if the scarab will answer some questions for us."

There's a pause and Jaime's brow furrows, "It's only saying it's an infiltration unit."

"From who?"

"It won't say."

"Can you make it?"

Jaime's brow furrows more. "I'm... I'm trying."

"Try digging through it's memory."

Little flinches twitches at Jaime's face. "I can't... Every time I try, it's blocking me."

Booster puts a hand over Jaime's. "Don't force it. Let it go for right now."

Jaime sighs and slouches. "I'm sorry, Ted. I really tried."

"I know," and Ted rubs Jaime's head before Booster has the chance to. "I had a feeling it wouldn't be easy."

"Well maybe we're just going about it the wrong way."

They look at Booster. "What do you mean?"

"I mean you're treating the scarab like you're treating any kind of tool. We've seen it recognize and act, so I think it's safe to assume it has at least a limited artificial intelligence."

"You mean," Ted says slowly, sounding out the idea, "treat it less like a weapon and more like... Skeets?"

"Something like that, yeah."

Jaime chews at his lip and thinks it over. "I could give it a try. I've had sort-of conversations with it before, but it was mostly like using an interactive user's manual."

"So start treating it more like a friend," Booster says, "it may be more accommodating that way."

"You realize it can hear everything we're saying, right?" Ted asks.

He gets a shrug in reply, "If it doesn't want to cooperate, there's not much we can do in whether it knows or not."

"I'll start talking to it," Jaime says. "I hope whatever these invaders are, they'll wait until we have a better idea about what's going on."


Skeets is finally fitted into his new body. He takes a day to get familiar with it and all the things he can suddenly do now. When Booster sees him flipping around their heads, he laughs and crushes Ted into a tight hug and Ted can't help the brief thought of 'he's going to kiss me' from going through his head.

He's disappointed when Booster doesn't.


The tests have halted since Jaime began attempts to commune with the scarab. It takes some time but they start getting some inconsequential information. The scarab is known as Khaji Da- apparently equivalent to a rank and serial number -and was programmed by a race called the Reach. It interacts regularly with Jaime, but gives precious little information. Ted sighs and marks this as a dead end.


Ted and Skeets finally finish Booster's suit, giving it a few upgrades as they go and Booster is even more ecstatic than before and decides to take Ted out to dinner as thanks and Ted agrees because he can't think of a reason not to. Then Booster puts on the suit and flies around, getting used to it again. Ted can't believe he's forgotten how good Booster looks in the thing and spends the entire afternoon just watching him.


It's a fancy enough place that they have to dress up and Ted has a hard time trying not to stare at Booster. Ted orders something creamy and starchy that he can never let Barbara know he even looked at and when Ted gives the waiter his menu, he finds Booster watching him.

He shifts a little nervously. "What?"

Booster just smiles. "Nothing."

The waiter comes and pours them wine. Ted gives it a taste, letting it distract him from Booster for a pitiful half minute. When he looks up, Booster is still watching him and Ted feels his stomach knot.

"Would you stop?"

"Stop what?"

"Looking at me like that."

"I can't help appreciating such an attractive man."

Realization crashes down on Ted and he can feel a flush threatening as he asks, "Uh, is... is this a date?"

Booster just smiles that small, sly smile and his eyes are such an intense blue it makes Ted's skin prickle. "Do you want it to be?"

"I... I don't know. I mean- I'm not- I don't-" Ted takes a gulp of his wine to steel his nerves and says lowly, "I'm not gay."

Booster's smile grows and Ted can feel his face turning red, feels like he's being laid bare before Booster's knowing gaze, "I'm not, either."


Booster's mouth is hot on Ted's skin, burning slow, torturously wet kisses down his chest, his stomach, his hips and it leaves Ted breathless, urging him on with little whimpers and lip-bitten pleas. Suddenly there's Booster's tongue and Ted gasps and bucks and sobs, finger's leaving red streaks over Booster's shoulders and back and it's not enough- not nearly enough but it's everything-

Ted drifts asleep soon after, exhausted and pleasantly aching and he can almost remember Booster's arms gently wrapping around him and the tender kiss against his temple.


He's a little embarrassed by it all and Ted doesn't know if everyone around them acts like nothing's changed because they don't think it really matters or because he's the boss. It's not so much the fact that it's another man that causes Ted's embarrassment as it is the fact it's Booster. Booster who pretends to sweep through life effortlessly; who takes his role as Jaime's mentor and protector far more seriously than Ted ever expected; who takes the time to make sure Ted is eating right and sleeping regularly and supports and encourages him whenever frustration makes Ted snappish.

Booster with his flashing smiles and knowing eyes, who makes Ted hyperaware whenever he's just in the same room and makes Ted shiver with every brush of his shoulder or fingertips. Who's unafraid to trace his lips over Ted's stubbled jaw just to see if he can get away with it. Who constantly fills every part of Ted's mind that isn't focused on Jaime or the scarab.

Ted wants so badly to loose himself in Booster that sometimes it's difficult to breathe and that scares the shit out of him.


It's after school on Friday when they come in, Booster looking surprisingly closed off and Jaime like he doesn't really want to be there. Ted peels away from the researchers and approaches them. "What is it?"

Booster gives Jaime a little nudge and asks, "You want me to tell him?"

Jaime shakes his head. "No. It's my thing, I should do it."

"Alright," he rubs Jaime's head affectionately. Before he leaves, Booster gives Ted a sharp look that says even with whatever the men have between each other, he'll always side by Jaime first. That actually makes Ted feel better about the whole thing.

"Alright, kiddo," Ted says, leading the two of them off to the side where they won't be overheard, "what's up?"

Jaime screws his eyes tight and lets out in a rush, "I know these tests are important and I know you're doing all this to help me and I really, really appreciate it, but... I want to be able to hang out with my friends. Do normal kid stuff like see a movie or go to a mall or whatever. I know I said I want to be a hero with the scarab, but I also want to have a life, you know?"

Ted just looks at Jaime for a long moment, taking the boy in: the straight line of his shoulders, the tilt of his chin, the certainty lining his mouth and eyes and for a brief second Ted remembers how Jaime looked when he first came into the lab, trying to hide behind Booster, inside of himself and Ted can't believe they were once the same boy just months ago.

He smiles and claps a hand on Jaime's shoulder. "If you want to stay out until all hours of the night, you should be asking your parents, not me. I can't keep you here if you don't want to and I'm not going to force you." Jaime's eyes are large and his smile brilliant and Ted can't help but feel proud of him. "So what were your friends planning on doing this weekend?"

"Brenda and Traci wanted to go bike riding in Palos-Sag Valley and since Paco's got the license and truck, they roped him into driving."

"Sounds fun. You need anything?"

"Well, I don't actually have a bike or anything, but Traci said she knew a place where I could rent one."

Oh, Ted has heard all about Traci- if not from Jaime, then from Booster. "Tell you what- why don't you head to the mall and have her help you buy one on your check card? And maybe get yourselves dinner? I'll reimburse the cost of the bike and let your parents know."

"What- really?"

"Yeah, really." He pushes Jaime toward the door. "You go have fun, kiddo!"

"Thanks, Ted!" Jaime gives him a tight hug before running off to tell Booster and then, with a last wide-grinned wave to them both and the room in general, Jaime disappears out the door.

Ted claps his hands and calls out, "Alright everyone- early weekend! Go home!"

As confused (but grateful) scientists shamble about, gathering their things, Booster swaggers up from behind and rests his chin against Ted's shoulder. "That was awfully sweet of you."

Ted gives a lopsided shrug, not resisting as Booster's hands circle his hips. "Jaime's a great kid, he deserves a chance to have fun, have a girlfriend, be an actual teenager..." His voice trails off as Booster starts placing wandering kisses against his neck.

"Well, now that we have the weekend free, what should we do about it?"

Ted licks his lips, "You're not going to go with them?"

Palms press against Ted's stomach, following the length down and down and Ted can't keep his hips from flexing back against Booster's. "He doesn't need a chaperone and I'm not going to crash his date. Besides, if I leave you alone you'll probably find more work to do."

Ted laughs, a breathless little thing as Booster sucks hard at his neck. "Just... lemme call Jaime's parents first. Then we'll do whatever."


He turns in Booster's arms and kisses him. Booster's taste melts on his tongue and it takes a herculean effort for Ted to pull away. "Start thinking up options, future boy. I have a call to make."

>> No. 72188

It's close to summer break and the Reyes family plans to go to Mexico City to visit relatives and Jaime has developed a comfortable enough relationship with Khaji Da that Booster decides he doesn't need to go with them. Jaime's been depending less and less on Booster recently- on anyone, really. Ted doesn't really remember seeing him grow up, but when he looks back at it, the growth is absolutely there.

One day Jaime isn't going to need them at all and Ted can't help but feel, well, depressed by that thought. Hardly a year he's known that kid and he feels as much a part of Ted's life as his left arm. He wonders if Booster feels the same, if he thinks about it at all.

Of course, asking that is the last thing on Ted's mind as Booster leaves the bathroom naked save the towel on his waist, skin still damp and warm. All Ted has is Booster's thigh-length bathrobe and that still feels like too much.

Booster comes to stand over Ted, laid out on the blonde's couch, squirming a bit at the undeniable heat and want in Booster's eyes. "Well, isn't this a pretty sight?"

"It'd probably be better," Ted delicately pinches the corner of the towel between his thumb and forefinger, "with you in me."

Booster's grin widens and he obediently straddles Ted's waist. "The best kind of genius..."

Everything about Booster is amazing- his smile, his eyes, his body. The way he smells, the way he just melts against Ted and purrs as hands move up his thighs, under the towel to squeeze Booster's ass and make him gasp into Ted's mouth-

The door of Booster's apartment is tossed open and Jaime says, "Guys, you wouldn't believe- whoa!"

Ted panics, shoving Booster off of him and onto the floor. He lands with a heavy thud that makes Ted and Jaime wince.

"Ow," Booster mutters, "you owe me so much sex for that."

Ted isn't paying that much attention, though. He's looking sheepishly at Jaime, face blazing red and robe now tucked securely around him. "Um..."

"Okay- one," says Jaime, more than a little shellshocked, "you guys should've told me you were sleeping together. Two, please lock your door from now on?"

"Jaime," Ted is practically pleading, "it's not what it looks like."

"Sooooo... I didn't just interrupt you guys about to have sex?"

There's a pause and Booster is giving Ted a look that says 'you better think about what you're about to say'. Ted runs a hands through his hair and says, "Okay, maybe it is what it looks like."

"Look, Jaime," Booster finally stands, readjusting the towel back around his waist, "do you think we could go get dressed and then we'll talk about this?"

"Yeah, that's probably a good idea."


They take Jaime to a burger joint because that's always the best place to come out of the closet to someone that's practically family. Booster is the only one that doesn't seem uncomfortable at the table.

"Alright, I think maybe I should tell you guys what I burst in on you to say, first," Jaime tells them. Clearing his throat he says, "Khaji Da isn't willing to talk to us more about the Reach, but it's agreed to let me use its nonlethal weapons without taking control of me."

Ted's eyes brighten. "That's great! We can finally categorize some of its offensive capabilities!"

"So now that I've told you my news," the boy says, dumping so much ketchup on his burger it's practically swimming in it, "I think you need to tell me yours."

"Okay," Booster says easily, "we're sleeping together."

Ted chokes on his drink. "Booster!"

"What? It's true!"

"Don't say it like that!"

"How would you say it?"

Ted's mind is blank and all that comes out of his mouth is a lost croak. "....I don't know!"

"Then problem solved," Booster turns back to Jaime. "We're sleeping together."

There's a half mouthful of burger that Jaime's attempting to speak around as he asks, "Are you dating?"

That makes the two men look at each other. "Yes?"


Ted ruffles his own hair, slouching back in the booth. "We've been spending so much time together before and after we got together, I don't know if it really counts as dating or not."

"At least you're spending quality time together," Jaime says decisively. He keeps eating, mumbling around his food and Ted has to resist the urge to dab the kid's mouth like his mother used to do. "So does this make you two my dads now? Well, since I already have a perfectly good dad, I guess it would be more like my two gay uncles?"

Ted sputters a reflexive, "I'm not gay!"

"My two bi uncles, then." Jaime cranes his head a bit to look at Booster, "Are you bi? Because saying 'my one gay and one bi uncle' is a bit of a mouthful."

Booster just shrugs, "If that's what you call it, whatever. I'm not so sure I'm happy with the 'uncle' thing, though."

"That's what you're focusing on?" Ted asks incredulously.

"Is the sexuality part not accurate?"

"Well... no."

"Then obviously it's this 'uncle' label that's problematic."

"What's problematic about it?" Jaime asks before popping a couple fries in his mouth.

"I've never had an uncle," Booster admits with a thoughtful frown, "are they considered cool relatives?"

"Only if they're cool people."

Satisfied with that answer, Booster grins. "Alright, bi uncles it is then!"

Ted muffles an 'argh!' into his hands. It eventually turns into a chuckle and then a laugh.

"You're acting weird again," Booster nudges Ted's foot, "stop it."

The older man finally sits back, dropping his hand almost casually over Booster's while his foot strokes not-at-all-casually over Booster's calf. The hand below his twitches and he can see interest sharpen Booster's eyes. "Alright, since you two are so determined," he grabs his cup and raises it. "To family."

Two other cups clink against his. "To family!"

"And, by order of my newfound uncle-ness: Jaime, stop talking with your mouth full."



(and that is the end. oh god my brain, she is leaking...)
>> No. 72189

you are a GODDESS.

I will have coherent feedback later, but right now, I'm just swimming in delicious bromance. GNEE.
>> No. 72190
>>72170 >>72173 >>72186 >>72187 >>72188

*starry eyes* I love you
>> No. 72193
>> No. 72195
>> No. 72198
>a rouge piece of alien technology

Khaji Da, you brazen hussy!

Seriously though, this is great.
>> No. 72202
Been re-reading JLI and Superbuddies, and now I need some weird gay robot with regular bastard (not evil) Max Lord. IS there any out there?
>> No. 72207

Khaji Da has always been a little different from all the other scarabs...
>> No. 72209
...will steampunk do? http://doctorv.livejournal.com/179861.html
>> No. 72239
I just saw the Booster episode of Smallville. What did everyone think of it?

I thought Booster was AMAZING, but Ted wasn't really in it enough and Jaime... wow, he failed so much. Jaime is not a loser. ;_; WTF?

Oh well, the awesomeness of Booster almost makes up for that.
>> No. 72241
I think it was a great touch that Jaime was shown with the same insecurity that Clark had as a teenager.

I was totally in awe of the fact that they also put in Skeets! :)
>> No. 72244
File 130375718312.jpg - (652.31KB , 996x1230 , EasterBoostle.jpg )
Happy Easter!
>> No. 72264
File 130379038343.png - (610.21KB , 1200x1650 , lol oh wows.png )
someone on /co/ drew this for me...

it is so sad yet cute :3
>> No. 72361

idiosyn...i love you. you have filled my head with yumminess and SQUEE
>> No. 72367
*pokes Gambitgirl* How's brainy Booster going?
>> No. 72391
No one seems to have mentioned this yet so CONFIRMED JLI ONGOING SERIES YEEEEEESSSSSSSS!
>> No. 72408

>> No. 72409

End of Generation Lost, leads to Batman telling Booster the JLI should reform.
>> No. 72444
... So, Rip's name is Richard? Anyone else see that in the letters section in the back of issue #43?
>> No. 72445
Fffwhat. For some reason I always thought his name was Edward, possibly because of fanon/fanfic(s) somewhere. And also the stuff from BoP I think about Ted's name being Edward instead of Theodore.
>> No. 72446

What? I was right? Huh. Maybe there's a scan during his first intro where he says it and I just remembered subconsciously...
>> No. 72451
Well then I'll imagine his full name is really Richard Theodore Carter
>> No. 72457
File 130413038033.jpg - (57.16KB , 552x741 , sakayume - Blue Beefcake.jpg )
Guys, does anyone know of that pic of Booster's reaction to this pic Bea sent him and the fic that goes with it? I seem to have lost them.
>> No. 72472

I think that was his name in his original appearances, but it may not necessarily be his name at present. After all, revealing his true identity will likely result in Per Degaton punting Baby Rip like a football.

For all we know, Booster could have given him a dumb celebrity baby name, like Astronaut OxyClean Carter.
>> No. 72516
That's why Rip is such a jerk to him now. "Do you know how much I got teased as a kid???"
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