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Awesome game I used to play for THREE YEARS

Video Games don't count, bro.

Starting the thread off right with the goldmine:

Don't you mean GNU/Open-sores?



Best free color and image editing program you can get. Thousands of plugins that you can get make it even better.

uTorrent is a must


Sequoiaview - Visual representation of your hard disk usage for windows


everyone should learn python

and my personal favorite bare bones c/c++ compiler.

Pardon my plebeian understanding, but I don't understand the merits of one programming language Vs. another. In my head it all sounds like people arguing about.. like.. sports. Or religion. Subjective and not clearly, verifiably true.

What are the merits of Python Vs. other languages?
In before 'google it.'

I like to split them into generations.

in the beginning you had binary. back in the 30's that is nothing but ones and zeros. it was horrible.

around the 50's you get "assembly". now assembly is very basic. every command is one operation for the processor. you need to address every part of the PC you us, like a screen or hard drive. a simple for loop is around 20 lines of code. again it suited the machinery they had in the day and that was OK.

now from the 70's to the 80's you have the COMPLETE BULLSHIT generation. lots of languages by lots of people like pascal and kobold. out of all of these the one that stands out the most is C (since it came after A and B)

c is still widely used today it's the stepping stone EVERY programmed has to learn. in c you have to declare all variables in the beginning of each function. all dynamic memory has to be allocated explicitly and every function has to have a different name. this is the language the original Mario Sonic and Megaman were probably written in (if not in the other COMPLETE BULLSHIT languages).

around the 80's or 90's you get the emergence of c++. in c++ we have classes (much better then the structs we had to use in C) they have their own functions and you can name functions the same name and the language will (in most cases) know which one you're referring to in accordance to the what you send it. something different in c++ compared to all previous language is that you could make things PRIVATE. that means that you could set up some variables that you don't want the programmer (with whom you share code) to mess with (this robbed some people the wrong way) but none the less we loved c++.

up to this point you should know that c and c++ hardly cross compatible. that means that the code could be compiled perfectly on one OS but fail horribly on another. and even between compilers.

so in the 90's and 00's beginning with Java we get the new generation of languages. these are called scripting languages. because in most cases they are never compiled into a program instead they tell another program (an interpreter) what to do. this is the generation Python and C# are from.

each generation of language is usually slower then the previous. but more ergonomic and programmer friendly in return.

so in Green Lantern talk if someone tells you that he likes C then he is like Alan Scott. he works hard and is not afraid to get dirty but enjoys more power then most other programmers also is FUCKING MANLY.

c++ is like Hal is a little more popular nowadays and slightly less manly ,but still packs a punch and is not afraid to get dirty.

anything Later is like Kyle more fun and friendly yet not as power efficient as the older guys.

any argument between languages of the same generation is about personal preference.

So the more ergonomic and user friendly, the less powerful and more slow?

Then using the Green Lantern anology, what would Assembly and Basic be? Ion and Paralax?

On second thought, probably a response to my queer-eh/further conversation belongs in the coding/programming language thread. Sorry folks.

continuing in code thread

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Gary's a skrull

No.913 - My pick for general image viewer - And my pick for media player


Seconding Irfanview. I've been using that shit since like 1998, and it has yet to give me a single ragefit (unless you count the times I was using the TWAIN interface, but that was more directed at my fickle bitch of a printer than Irfanview) or fail to be able to do what I want it to. It is a small, fast, and effective program. Can't do much besides view, print, crop, rotate, and resize images, but...shit, what else do you expect? It's an image VIEWING program, not an editor.


And by printer, there, I mean scanner. Durp.

uTorrent isn't open source anymore... Deluge is a better alternative, Halite when it actually gets updated.

I don't know if this is the right thread to post in, but what's a good program for ripping DVDs?

(If this is the wrong place to ask I'll delete my post and start a thread in the appropriate manner).

Thank you kind anon, I promise not to ask again just really need this program.




Who writes an operating system capable of multi-threading multi-processor support out of ASSEMBLY?

File: 127865489564.png-(106.08KB, 1045x852, NOTEPAD++ Screenshot 5.png)
AMP Font Viewer, for when you're looking for the right style.

CCleaner, for cleaning junk you don;t think to like caches and temporary files, cleaning the registry, and allowing/denying programs to load on system startup. There's a program uninstaller too but I don't think it's got anything over the default one.

JDiskReport, to map out file sizes and system storage usage. Handy in case you need to clear some space on your hard drive.

Notepad++ : like notepad, but doesn't suck. Changeable colour palette (I like having white on a black background much better with text editing), opens a wide variety of files including .nfo and anything else I've thrown at it. It also has a sidebar showing line numbers. Especially handy for coders I hear, but that stuff's over my head so I couldn't say.

MyDefrag, my favorite disk defragmenter and optimizer.

Aquasnap, lets you "snap" windows into any halves or quarters of the screen.

CCCP, the Combined Community Codec Pack. I've never had trouble playing a video since I started using this. Also comes (optionally) with Windows Media Player Classic.

CutePDF Writer, allows you to export any file you can print into a .pdf file.

ImgBurn, a light and handy CD/DVD/Blu-Ray burner.

PC Wizard, powerful informational tool that can analyze and benchmark your system and hardware.

Blender, 3D modeling and animation program. haven't used it for years since I stopped taking a (completely bullshit) class where we used it but I continue to see good shorts created with this.

I'm not sure if this counts but I think Ninite is also worth mentioning. It will let you choose from a list of freeware and shareware which you want and will create an installer that will run without any prompting or commands from you- perfect for setting up new computers... Provided it already has an internet connection. Offline Ninite installers is restricted to suscribers but it's a good service nonetheless and a decent way to find out what the most popular free programs are.

I was using IrfanView for a while, but switched over to FastStone Image Viewer. I forget the reason but I think it's cause IrfanView has issues displaying animated gif's.

The Gimp is good if you're wanting a free alternative to Photoshop. Granted it isn't as powerful but for basic editing it works.

foobar2000 is a good media player that when combined with a plugin doesn't have a shit interface and use up tons of memory like Winamp seems to do now. Only flaw with it is the music database info is horrible.

Foxit I also recommend for reading PDF files.

MP3Tag I recommend if you're looking to edit a lot of music information.

Bulk Rename Utility is good if you're looking to rename a ton of files at once. It also has a lot of options for renaming any kind of file at all which is handy for pictures and videos.

JDownloader is great if you download a ton of rapidshare/megaupload/etc files at once. It'll just collect the links you copy and put them in a download list to do them all for you.

LockHunter should be an essential program. If you ever have that issue where you're unable to delete a file because it's in use, you can use LockHunter to look up what program is using the file. Then you can stop making it use it and delete/move/rename/whatever.

heh, i have most of that stuff already

File: 127878523544.jpg-(36.91KB, 498x491, israel-125year-old-man-laughing.jpg)
>implying you had that excellent ImgBurn before

I have a different burner

I did...

File: 128268401391.png-(108.04KB, 647x470, Capture.png)
What the hell is this weak shit? And here I was thinking /tek/ had recommended a dvd ripper.

Nevermind, imburn works now that I have anydvd

Is there such a thing as a free animated .gif editor?

Some things are just not of this world, and that's one of them.



If you have the patience for image editors, there's GIMP

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