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File: 127904381459.png-(15.18KB, 640x682, QIhSS-3b6c8ef745b87e0838cb326bf1f03985.png)
68507 No.68507
Gonna slam dunk the old thread off the first page with this picture I don't think has been posted yet.

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File: 127904385576.png-(51.84KB, 500x1119, TLw30-3b6c8ef745b87e0838cb326bf1f03985.png)
This one too.

Well I haven't seen them, so this counts for me.

Goddamn, those filenames.


This dude has a point. Still, I like the green gA, although wonder about her being green in the first place.



It's not easy being gA.

gA. Gay?

gA is a lesbian, this is canon

Old thread:

This is great. Why is it so great?


Because it features Vriska.

That grin...

I really like the shading. And for some reason, her collarbones.

So cT has total control over aC's robo-arm apparently.

Let the fics commence!

File: 127906662511.png-(68.21KB, 384x492, CleanUpYourMess.png)
This was probably not what the requester was picturing when they asked for a straight, messy/lots-of cum pic.
Oh well.


I had just sent my friend a collection of art from this thread when this gets posted!

Next time I'll be more patient.

Moreover, he has complete control over both of Tavros' legs.


I see nothing to complain about.

okay, I love you forever officially now.

it's like you read my mind *_*

A continuation of the one where she forces Karkat to masturbate?

itd be better if that was gamzee cause that guy would just nom on any old slime haha

File: 12790779933.png-(133.48KB, 768x768, 1279078096913.png)

Regarding the latest update. I expect a lot of robo-aradia x equius art now.


I guess this is Equius x Aradia confirmed?

Holy shit this is wonderful

How about RoboAradia x RoboJade?




Hawt, as they say.

All I can imagine now is this whole Aradia Robot situation as some kind of love triangle where both blue-bloods want her, thus the fussing about who gets to deliver the gift.


This must happen.

File: 127907979117.gif-(14.67KB, 650x450, trollmance.gif)


Fuck that's hot.

argh goddamn it and now youve brought the girlbot fetish into play hussie god damn you god bless you

we were talking about this shit earlier on IRC, but this fandom really does touch on some serious fetish fuel if you're lookin' for it.

there's like, interspecies, robot parts, bloodplay, we had like this big list going but hell if I can remember it all.

Mind control, amputees.

Submission, domination

Andrew is sekritly the biggest fetishist of us all and loves every perverted thing we draw.

"Okay I need some new fap material; what should I do for today's pages?"

File: 127908578940.png-(426.85KB, 617x1099, i am deleting this as soon as i post it.png)
Fresh from /co/.

Oh Karkat, always a fighter

This is exactly what happens. Trufax.

I loled a little.

Oh wow, this is great AND hilarious


thread needs more terezi dominating karkat 8)

Agreed, I think it's a really good dynamic for those two. Weirdly enough, I also see her being sorta nice to John.

Didn't she kill him for lulz.

Yeah, but then she was apologetic and has been on relatively good behavior since.

yeah, I like to think that she got it all out of her system at once.


She just wanted to fuck with the timeline, I think. She knew there wouldn't be permanent damage because she'd seen him in the future. She seemed to feel bad when she found out she'd made an alternate timeline happen where he was killed...

But then it's Terezi, manipulator extraordinaire. Who knows how much of it was sincere. :P

File: 127913838619.jpg-(72.69KB, 504x386, 2wqe2w9.jpg)
clean pic, just rule 63. he's so dang pretty.

I'm pretty sure that this is the first-ever application of Rule 63 to one of the Homestuck trolls. What the fuck took them so long?

Alright girls, we've still got nine trolls left with their genders unbent. Get to work!

File: 127914006889.jpg-(56.44KB, 284x340, cgwithtitswhatthehell.jpg)

File: 127914024360.png-(29.34KB, 377x666, atfem.png)

File: 127914028277.png-(20.54KB, 555x626, tcfem.png)

File: 127914038461.png-(630.33KB, 702x1051, tafem.png)

I think this one's crossdressing and not actually rule 63, but he's very pretty regardless.

also it's amazing how many pictures there are of Gamzee crossdressing and gender bending

I dunno, there's just something about the way he looks or something. The hair? The fact that he wears purple? My dad saw me drawing him once and told me that it was "a very nice picture of a pretty girl."

I don't really understand.

backwards hand.

Your dad, for the record, has rather interesting taste. When you think about it.

The troll I'd most like to see genderbent is probably Terezi. I like blind guys, don't know why.

I wanna see Terezi all femme'd up in a nice dress

I can see the appeal of an "American Psycho"-style high-powered professional psychopath man-Terezi.

...YES. That completes the fantasy.


Damn, yes.

It's hard for me to picture her as a (normal) man, actually. I think if I drew her as one, I wouldn't get rid of her hair (male stereotypical short hair thing) but put it back in a greasy little ponytail. And stick her in some sort of oil-stained work jumper to intensify the SLEAZE. Cause I picture a huge sleazebag when I think of her as a guy. :|c

File: 127915206186.png-(47.48KB, 347x377, tcmiracles.png)

oh don't worry, there's plenty more where that came from

Nooooo, more like pinstripe suit.

You can keep the sleazy ponytail though.

Yes, this is a much better idea. Now I'm getting pimp vibes. Brb drawing this.

This was more my line of thought. I'm glad someone else said it though, because I didn't know how to word that.

Ponytail + suit conjures up the image of Penn Jillette, which is... unhelpful for this conversation.

File: 127916001822.png-(128.67KB, 524x889, Terezi R63.png)

Good Terezi, you look kind of Matt Murdock.

Oh God, I'm imagining male Nepeta as some sort of pubescent Survivorman but with the exact same mannerisms as his female counterpart.

bwahahaha, oh my god
That would be adorable.

File: 127916195451.png-(440.94KB, 617x1377, ACAT part 1.png)
I found this WIP's in last night /co/ thread...

File: 127916269015.png-(622.82KB, 617x1854, ACAT part 2.png)
...and according to the anon(don't remember if he/she was using a name) who was working on this, said it was gonna be a 5 parter.

File: 127916282068.png-(385.97KB, 616x1054, ACAT part 3.png)
And I like where this is going.
Anyone know more about this?

Holy hell do I want to see that finished




No idea but I guess if any of us see it come up again, we could tell them about this thread.

That's adorable. Definitely a lot more what I imagined him as. And yet, still sleazy, like you said. Works for me!

I want to see Terezi torture John by force-feeding him cake, or licking Betty Crocker brand frosting off of him, or some other variety of batterwitch-related torment. (Obviously his limbs would be bound with Fruit By The Foot.)

Alternatively, she DID say she was curious about what human blood tastes like...

This comic's a little hard to read. They should tighten up their sketches before posting (especially considering a severe lack of detail in many panels).


Oh god, I have a huge creepy-ass crush on John and a (possibly creepier-ass?) feeding fetish. I would probably die of dehydration if someone wrote/drew this.

In other words, yes, please.

Do want some Terezi/Vriska after that last log.

But which one is dominating?!?

Both of them trying to overpower each other


They both think that they are.

Well, yes. But I've pretty much always gotten the impression that Terezi's actually better at it. She's pure headgames whereas Vriska was used to cheating a bit with her mind powers.

File: 127917613426.png-(180.21KB, 478x635, tastes like failure.png)
Vriska's too openly aggressive to be a good manipulator. She has to bully people into doing stuff and resorts to mind control when getting pushy doesn't work, while Terezi lies by omission and misleads them with a smile on her face. If we're going to get into relationship dynamics with that, it'd probably end up with Vriska thinking she's the dominant one, while Terezi pulls all the real strings.

oh yeah someone wanted me to draw Karkat/Terezi so I kind of did only not really. Mostly I did it just because I like drawing his various states of anger/disgust.


This is great.
The filename is great.


Liking it just the same. Half the point of shipping Karkat is finding new ways to make him angry and frustrated, after all. He has the greatest faces.

And that is why he's my favorite troll to write. Oh so fun.


This so hard. Can't pair him with anyone who actually wants to be loved back, though. :D

Which is why he's perfect with Terezi and I ship this so fucking hard.

Who says Terezi doesn't want love? I think she'd enjoy some reciprocal affection. Not that she craves it, but it'd be a happy bonus.


Well, then maybe Karkat can quote the famous lines from Jerry Maguire at her, I dunno. Basically I can't see him being all sentimental but that's just my interpretation. :B

No, I agree that they make a cute couple, and that Karkat doesn't seem prone to outpourings of sentiment. I just think if he did try to voice feelings of affection (likely in an angry and disgusted manner), Terezi would not only get a kick out of his discomfort with such an act, but also appreciate that he'd at least make the attempt.

File: 127921268456.png-(208.20KB, 1177x624, gamzee raep screencap.png)
i'll pay somebody fifteen dollars to make this into a comic about anon raeping gamzee.

vriska x Spiderman is my OTP

File: 12792163546.jpg-(52.72KB, 348x348, 1279200454518.jpg)

what the fuck.

File: 127921801682.jpg-(31.25KB, 272x293, 127233509083.jpg)


File: 127922261139.png-(40.65KB, 640x480, Gamzee gets buttfucked by anon gibe moni.png)

>Fourteen Pounds

Where's my fucking money?

Also, I forgot Gamzee's cock.

gog dammit do I really have to go to 7chan to fulfill my twisted desires properly?


>7chan back up

I am please by this revelation. I'll draw it better then. Maybe.

File: 127922401992.jpg-(36.33KB, 262x489, zzzzip.jpg)
you're a good man, then. maybe.

That's what Terezi/Nepeta is for. (:

File: 127922871781.png-(9.55KB, 385x358, equius.png)
You realize that he'd maintain control of the robot body should Aradia inhabit it, much like his control of Vriska's arm. If he's willing to physically discipline someone with their own limb like that I'd worry what he'd do with control of someone's whole body, especially considering how much he seems to want to bend Aradia to his will by "teaching her the ways" of his class, etc.

Worry, you say.

oh anon, you and your robo-enslavement fantasies

i bet youre even thinking of him beating up on her robot body when shes uncooperative, arent you, tsk tsk!

he has plenty of other robots for beating up on, no no, he surely has other things in mind for her discipline~

Like gentle tender love in the missionary position amirite.

I hope I just ruined your Equius fantasies.

in troll society gentle tender anything is probably considered deviant and disgusting

oh equius I've been so bad
talk nice to me baby
tell me everything's going to be ok

As your punishment we shall slow-dance while the band plays quiet and calm music. Then we shall discuss our relationship by candlelight and retire to the conservatory for poetry.

Oh god all this talk of consent, I think I'm gonna hurl

If you can't stand peoples' crazy fetishes you shouldn't be here!

Man, I wonder how well Aradia's robot body feels things, huh? Like maybe he'd give her a MASSAGE or something REALLY SICK!


Someone posted this /vp/, seems to match up with that comic:


As the sounds of melodic poetry lulls us to sleep, we shall share a couch and fall asleep in each other's arms.


and when we awaken we'll lie together and look into each others eyes and then you'll spit in my face and I'll push you down an- uh shit - we'll get a nutritious breakfast, and discuss what we shall do with this glorious new day of our lives, yes.

Perfect song for this conversation. Very loud and very NSFW warning in case any of you are being all workplace sneaky.

File: 127923395735.png-(236.17KB, 718x1024, gamzeesubjugatecolor.png)


You are now aware that EQUIUS can program the robots to FAIL to make him think he's SO GODDAMN STRONG.

File: 127923535729.jpg-(164.18KB, 600x550, ILOVEBEINGSTRONG.jpg)

File: 127923542769.png-(177.70KB, 675x825, tcct.png)
blocked because gay

wow I have good timing

File: 127923585647.jpg-(107.33KB, 600x540, 127710846165.jpg)

Oh fuck me, I laughed way too hard.

I feel kind of lame requesting this: Diamonds Droog and the rest of the Midnight Crew in the rape scene from "A Clockwork Orange".

File: 127924451320.gif-(28.45KB, 650x450, 02243.gif)


actually wait

in the story she's about to lose that seven-in-one eye, so a ghost gangbang would inevitably involve ghost skullfucking

I am suddenly ambivalent about this

Not sure if it's Lord English any more. White Text Guy mentioned that he is trying to "bring about [his] employer's entry into this universe. "


Lord English might be the white text, and he serves a yet-unnamed demon.

Whose emblem is likely the pendent we see in the vault in the last pages of the intermission.

By 7 small ghosts?


I thought that Lord English was the demon but this makes sense too.

Actually, that's supposed to be a nod to the professor.

Actually, that's supposed to be a nod to the professor.

That depends on whether Vriska has a compound eye and only one eyesocket for it.

Yeah, but that's dumb. It could easily be retroactively connected to anything, much like every other major Homestuck plot point.

The necklace on the floor of the vault room is actually the only time we ever see that symbol anywhere, if I recall correctly. So it being terribly important strikes me as odd.

I'd say let's wait till we see caligulasAquarium, since he seems to be the one who wears a bunch of the jewelry.

...wAIT, thiis issssssss 4 p0rn THREAD. 4LL dis%ussion 0f th3 2tory sh0uld pro8a8ly g0 2 th3 4CTU4L MSPA FORUM,

maybe we should stop talking about homestuck and start posting porn about homestuck!






no it's not I'm going to deny it until the end of my days

this update makes me horribly sad for many reasons, some of them are really dumb.

File: 127925974012.png-(56.23KB, 563x539, cutebold homestuck bubble salamander crumplehat.png)
have some ecchi.

And I threw a fit because now Aradia/Equius feels WRONG and I like that because I ship Equius/Gamzee.
And I ship Sollux with everyone so whatever.

This is adorable. ; v;


Vriska was probably just teasing. It could be that they're just friends, or that Aradia has an unrequited crush on Sollux.

She seems the type to come over all protective of the bipolar recluse.

Bipolar recluses get all the girls.

All of them.

Maybe some dudes too if you're myluckyseven.

Someone on the MSPA forum just gave me an idea

Nepeta and Terzei going at it and doing their thing, but Equius busts in right in the middle of it and decides to get STRONG all over the two of them

I ship Equius/Nepeta but I think him bursting into a Nepeta/Terzei thing for no good reason would be hilarious.

Equius is so big pimpin in this series it's almost hilarious


In the end, all the trolls have relationships but they're all one-sided crushes. Worst end yet?

File: 127928328726.png-(57.10KB, 800x600, Strongs on them.png)

something like this?

This one was fun to write.

Oh man, this is so good. SO good.




Getting a server not found error.


well now I really want to read it D:


I gotcher back.



Nice one, Sidetracked!

I agree, this is great. Really vivid.

Becquerel x Doc Scratch gogogo

More like Snowman x Doc Scratch

Ebony and ivory~

Doc Scratch's head is a cue ball.

Not having a mouth would be a serious hurdle to overcome here.

This merely closes a few doors. If we are creative, it might open some new ones as well.

I've got nothing, though.

File: 127934674517.gif-(41.58KB, 700x486, autaux.gif)
I hope you mean like this

"Oh yeah, just like tha-"
"Nepeta, what" -flex- "is this" -flex- "nonsense?!"
"Oh God, Equius, we were..."
"Whatever you" -flex- "were doing" -flex- "it is going to stop right" -flex- "now!"

*clenches fist, snaps bow handle in half*


I love the idea of Equius stopping to flex every few words.

And there needs to be a separate panel of him flexing for each pause.


Are you working on anything kaaatiiieeee~? This thread is dangerously lacking in content.

(ps did you read my fic)

'Twas also very fun to read. Very believable, too. Disturbingly so at times, like when Equius jizzed on the Aradia-bot.

" I will explode in your face."

Is it bad that I thought of this thread the moment I read that?

I don't even know what it would refer to, but "little advantage" gave me similar thoughts.

We are all extremely gutter minded individuals. it is simultaneously a bad and yet oh so good thing.

say isn't andrei coming back soon? :o


should be any day now.

Maybe in the following midweek.
Hang in there buddies!

i think it'd be kinda sweet for nepeta to help tavros out of his robot-legs before smoochtimes, unless you are too enamored of robodixxx/subscribe to the loss of his entire lower torso

>be equius
>use your command of robotic limbs to make tavros and vriska do things to each other
>watch as vriska hisses in fury and tavros apologizes nonstop


I fucking lol'd

Nah, I've been hanging out in /coq/ since there are fewer peeps over there who are into the GAY. And since Andrei's coming back, you guys'll have another drawfag (and his shit's awesome). I'll probably drop some cheesecake here and there on occasion.
I also didn't read it cause VRISKA. Her personality is sorta MEH and I have a hard time focusing on fics involving her. Your stuff is always really good, it's just Vriska, man. Bluh.

i'm actually writing something like this... it's not going very well though. OH WELL

Well, try not to leave us hanging for too long between goodies. Your art's awesome too, y'know. o3o
That is good of you to help out our comrades of a 'fabulous' persuasion, though. :)

I just realized something.

The whole time before the incident, Vriska could see through things. Things such as clothes.

Tavros's clothes.

File: 127940362033.jpg-(35.95KB, 501x562, freud.jpg)

Ah, ze Anon makes a gut point. Mayhaps this is from where her most perplexing hatred of ze kind hearted troll stems from, no?

Haha, and man, my first fic here was for Vriska/Karkat. What are the chances.

And the art she does is very good over there. And generally copious in quantity. But she contributes when she can, mate. So, y'know. patience.


last thing I did was vriska/tavros femdom. haters gon hate :3

(just kidding katie, you're awesome)

>So, y'know. patience.
Yeah, I know...
No pressure intended, I just wished to voice my appreciation. :x



I run the porn dump. I know where it ALL IS.

I figure it's the least I can do. I like helping out the smaller parts of fandoms. :B

You guys are too nice, haha <3

ALL RIGHT, I'm planning on drawing something for this board, so any requests? If not, I'll just dump something here later.

Ps katie plushrump entries are private/only viewable by that community.
If shr00m wants strangers on the internet reading her story I'm sure she could be persuaded to repost it elsewhere.

Assuming you have an LJ account and membership, you'll be able to see it. I was already aware it's private. p:

>ALL RIGHT, I'm planning on drawing something for this board, so any requests?

Some cheesecake of Aradia posing with her whip, wearing an Indiana Jones-style fedora would be sweet.

Draw Nepeta getting spanked by Terezi


I might repost it to homesmut, but actually it turns out the climax (hurr) was awful and I hated it so it's just gonna sit on plushrump until I get a chance to rework the last little bit.

I think I'll do this one.

I liked it! But I guess that's up to you. :B

Please please PLEASE do this: >>69050

That'd probably be a terrible end.

Worst part is that I could see it too.

Aradia -> Sollux
Equius -> Aradia
Nepeta -> Equius


noooo I want to believe Sollux loved her too. Then again Mr. White referred to her as his and Terezi's mutual friend, so...

Hahaha this is great, the blue bloods one-upping each other works out so well.


Haha, that's alright.

I can appreciate the preference of hanging out with the gay weirdos in /coq/. But regular weirdos need love too.

The fact that they think of eachother right before the end is what makes this so damn good IMO

Some guy on the MSPA is pretty good with words

Not porn, but romantic and fairly sad. Nice reads, in any case.

I just finished these both, they're really cute


That first one's just too sad, but I think the second one is lovely in its own way.

I wonder if trolls can actually cry?

Yes, and their tears are delicious.

This post belongs here because licking tears is totally an erotic thing.

Finally back home. A brief note of how I experienced supreme discomfort, followed by incredible glee: while chilling with the friends I was trippin' with this past week, most of whom had read Homestuck but most of whom also had never heard of plus4chan, I stumbled into admitting that I had written something for said plus4chan. One of them paused and went "...which one?"

"....uhhhhhhhhhthis reallyhumiliatingthing that islikeGamzee/everybody and uh uh uh."

Her eyebrows popped up and then, to my horror: "Oh, that one with the LARPing? Yeah, you should finish that. I was just raging at its lack of completion like yesterday."


Also ha ha ha "Please write a fic about Gamzee being drugged up and passed around at a party like a toke!" "OKAY SURE I AM GRAT WRITER I WILL RITE A STOREE ABOUT GAMZEE BEING SWEET TO TAVROS KK HURRDURR *bang mitten hands on keyboard*" Ha ha. Ha. Ha. ...I'm so fucking sorry.

On to porn god help me


The first problem with Terezi is that she doesn't understand what mercy is.

Not that Karkat will ever be so weak as to need her mercy, of course; it's simply a notable fact that Terezi does not understand how mercy works. For example, should you be in the position to follow up an injury to a person's pride with an even more aggressively humiliating factor, such as (just for example) following up someone's ENTIRELY ACCIDENTAL ruination of their computer for the third time this month with a round of uncontrollable laughter and a "GOD YOU SUCK AT COMPUTERS, KARKAT", it is merciful--admirable, even--to refrain from that follow-up. Karkat is nowhere near weak enough to want or need her mercy. He's just saying, it would be cool if she understood it.

The second problem with Terezi is that she turns bugging the hell out of you from a casual occurrence into an almost daily scenario. There is no good reason for this, as Karkat is quite sure his own frustration is both difficult to arouse and completely unamusing, but there is no explaining Terezi.

Her third problem is that she is an asshole.

So it is almost painfully predictable, yet still somehow freshly frustrating, that every sentence she allows past her grinning lips is pushing him one step closer to a complete irritation aneurysm. "And who are your followers, Toiletspawn?"

"MY NAME'S NOT TOILETSPAWN." He is holding now a sickle that is definitely not a plunger, and was certainly not recently grabbed to replace a plunger. "And I've got a whole band of merry monsters just waiting to fuck your shit up!"

"And they are?" warbles Terezi, balancing on his armrest now. She's going to break his damn furniture with her monkey-clambering, he's sure of it, but it feels a little awkward telling the blind girl that she's being too agile.

"Twineyes the Twice-sighted Typhoon, Hornblast the Raging--"

"/Typhoon/," agonizes Sollux, still trying to wriggle his way out of the blanket. "Are you /serious/."

"Raging Rambeast, and--"

"I, uh, I'm really not a 'rambeast', not really, in fact I'm really not a beast at all, but if we were all beasts I'm pretty sure that Aradia would be more ram-like than me, and--"

"Will you stop INTERRUPTING ME. How the fuck are we supposed to have a fucking party if I can't even get through a GODDAMN ROLLCALL."

"I am not being called Twineyes. That's retarded."

"I'm really not sure I'm a beast-type, you know? I mean, I guess I can sort of charge by rolling my wheelchair really fast, but I dunno how fast I can go with that..."

"Karkat!" Terezi's leap off the sofa-arm is flinchworthy in its sheer abandon, but predictably she lands on her feet. "Somehow those don't sound like real classes."

"If you can make up a WHORE class, I'm pretty sure I can make up any damn class I want!"

"I'm pretty sure 'Typhoon' isn't a class!"

"Oh, gee, you're right, of course I wouldn't understand the system I made up in my head just now IT'S A FUCKING CLASS."

"Ohhh, of course." He backsteps to avoid her grinning lean into his space. "And what does a Typhoon do?"

"Sits around on its ass and has violent moodswings!"

"And programs shit," deadpans Sollux. He has gotten an arm free. One of his legs seems to be trapping the other one--behind his back. Somehow.

Terezi's grin cracks wider. "Sounds useful. I could use one of those. Sollux, wanna be on my team?"

"You can't have him! He's on my team."

"He hasn't said so."

"Well I just did."

"But he didn't!"


"You're an asshole, Karkat!"

"I'll tell you what I want," growls Sollux in the background, as he loses his balance and his horns crack against the floor. "To get out of this fucking blanket."

"Sollux, be on my team!" cries Terezi, starting to head over.

Karkat elbows her away. "No, you're my teammate!"

"I'll let you use my whip!"

"I'll let you be second-in-command!"

"I'll let you be team leader!"

"What?" Karkat punches her shoulder. "That's not fair! That's so fucking not fair, it like loops around to fair! Sollux! I'll let you have Gamzee!"

"I don't want Gamzee, I want to get out of this stupid, stupid, stupid blanket!"

"Fuck your thtupid blanket!" snaps Karkat, and whirls to look for Gamzee, nearly falling over in his startlement when he finds the drowsy troll has moved to stand just behind his shoulder. "AUGH. Jegus FUCK. Gamzee, you fucktard, go help Sollux."

He has to actively keep himself from automatically smacking the juggalo in the face when Gamzee's chin drops onto his shoulder, blurry eyes blinking at the wriggling, cursing blanket-mass on the floor. "What, like be helping him outta that blanket and shit?"

"No, like sucking him off," snaps Karkat. "GOD, you're retarded. Of course that's what I meant." His eyes re-focus on Terezi as Gamzee willingly shambles over to help Sollux out of his mess. "You! Stop fucking up my campaigns!"

"I'm ever so sorry, Mr. Vantas. I should have known Typhoons and Rambeasts were obviously well-thought-out classes created by super-smart campaign-masters whose plans were so well-crafted and above my small head that--"

"Okay, no, stop, I'll fucking choke."

"But I was only like halfway through."

"Let's just consider it said." He folds his arms and tries to ignore her blank smile. "Are we going to get this fucking thing happening, or are we going to shit around all night because you can't stop shoving your stupid fingers into everything? Because fuck me, obviously Let's Fuck Around For Eight Hours In Karkat's Bedroom is so much better than any RP we could ever think up, but for some reason I'M JUST NOT FEELING IT TONIGHT."

"Awwww, Karkat, you sound so mature!" He doesn't give a shit if she's blind; he is goddamn CERTAIN that twitch upwards of her lip is in response to the way his fists are squeezing closed. "You're right, we should stop fighting. Lead on, master troll!"

"Okay, good, this is good. I have been returned to my rightful place as leader and natural-born guide. Okay." Some days, you just have to let the sarcasm go and swing with it. Most of those days tend to involve Terezi. He turns to Tavros with what he feels is a sufficiently magnanimous air. "Tavros, we're starting over. We're going to run this as a single-group, okay? Fuck the Cavalreapers, you're part of our group now. What do you want to be?"

"Uhh," says Tavros intelligently.


"Huh," mumbles Tavros.

"That sounds good. You can be a Huh. A Duh would work too." For his brilliant pun Terezi gives him a grin that of course is entirely non-facetious, and he smiles, feeling better already. "No, really. What are you?"

"A, uh, a little embarrassed, to be honest," Tavros replies, as he sinks lower in his chair.

Karkat snaps his fingers. "I'm over here, grubnuts."

Tavros doesn't look his way. Irritation rising again, Karkat turns to find whatever has got his gormless attention. "What the fuck are you looking a--" He stops.

Sollux has managed to work most of his limbs free of the blanket, it seems; or at least that's what seems most likely given the shape of the blanket hiding most of them. It's also hiding most of Gamzee, who has crawled under the blanket and seems to be quite busy. What exactly he is busy with is debatable. You can debate between it being licking Sollux's zipper and going down on him proper. The noises are kind of non-committal on that.

It's probably the latter, Karkat decides, judging by the faint, open-mouthed, slightly saintlike look on Sollux's face. He opens his own mouth, then closes it to swallow and prep his vocal cords.


Sollux's eyes, which were focused vacantly on something above the ceiling and approximately three hundred miles away, slam back to Karkat's face with the kind of righteous fury reserved for gods gathering their wrath. "WHAT," he practically hisses, as Gamzee's slight rocking stops. The blanket shifts as the troll starts to find his predictably slow way out. "What?"

"That's what I fucking said."

"What does it look like, you retarded grubeater?"

Karkat scowls as Gamzee's sopored face finally nudges free of the blanket with some struggle, the way it catches on his horns unable to douse the faint smile on his stupid face. "It looks like you're getting blown by a two-cent whore."

Sollux, as usual, switches gears almost too fast to keep up with, cheeks turning a sallow tone as embarrassment flares up; his tented knees jerk together. "You told him to!"

"Gamzee, what in the MOTHERFUCKING GOOD GRUB'S NAME do you think you're DOING."

"Going down on Sollux?" guesses Gamzee, after a moment of deep thought.

"And why, exactly, did this seem like a good idea?"

"You told me to," says Gamzee, not confused, not accusing, simply stating. He swallows and glances back at Sollux, who is trying to pull the blanket up high enough to hide his face but has only managed to mask part of his mouth, nervous eyes darting around. "Uh, can I get back to you on this, I'm all bein' kind of busy right now helpin' a brother out."

Karkat's mouth opens, but no sound comes out. With a guttural heaving sigh, he makes a motion of his hand, shoulders shrugging helplessly, and then manages to work out: "Sure, fine, go right ahead. Don't mind me! Get back to work, soldier!"

Gamzee's eyes brighten. "Hey, thanks!" He vanishes under the blanket again, and after a moment of shuffling Sollux's flushing face is hit with a wave of humiliated ecstasy.

Karkat's lips pucker, then stretch tight across his teeth in an unexpected surge of--it's not shame, really, just a sort of vague settling discomfort that falls over him as quickly and unexpectedly as sleep after a long day's work. He sucks on a fang, eyes caught on the way Sollux's back arches into the flushed gasp, before he jerks himself away to glare at Terezi. "I hope you're fucking happy. I hope you're happy now. I hope you think you're clever."

"I know I am, in point of fact."

"In point of fact you are a HUGE BITCH, and you make me PUKE every organ I HAVE out in a big toxic slurry of combined organs, and would you PLEASE STOP BITING YOUR LIP LIKE THAT BECAUSE IT IS EXTREMELY DISTURBING TO HAVE AIMED BLINDLY IN MY DIRECTION WHILE SOLLUX IS MAKING THOSE NOISES."

Teeth still dimpling its lower lip, Terezi's mouth curves into a silent smile in response, Karkat's strangled 'hrrrRRRRNGH' of frustration only curling her smile higher. "Ooh, sorry! I'm so sorry I suck at this aiming thing, I'm just a little--you know--BLIND."

"Tavros sure isn't," grouses Karkat, glancing at the chair-bound troll. Tavros' eyes are irrevocably locked on what little of Sollux isn't sheltered behind Karkat's blanket-- "SON of a FUCK! Get the FUCK out of there, you sick fucks, YOU'RE TOUCHING MY FUCKING BLANKET!"

Sollux's eyes snap to his, but before he can snarl out whatever comeback was forming in his mouth, his lips instead purse to cradle the long, shuddering 'oh' that tumbles out. Even without his powers he would be seeing double the way his eyes are rolling back in his head, and Karkat gets the sudden feeling he's not going to be getting that blanket back soon enough. "GAMZEE you fucking SON OF A FUCKCOCK, get the HELL OUT FROM UNDER MY BLANKET before Sollux gets TARDSPERM all the fuck OVER IT."

Sollux's shoulders jerk in a shudder, head dropping down in blushing concentration as the rocking motion under the blanket quickens; he gasps something--Karkat thinks he might possibly hear his name, possibly combined with 'fucktard'--and then yelps, shoulders jerking forward sharply. Karkat's nose wrinkles. "Oh my god, what are you, like two solar sweeps old? Have you ever even TOUCHED your bone bulge before?"

"Vantas," Sollux is hissing/gasping, "I will fucking cement you to a wall and rip off your cancerous growth of a skull and shove it down your /oh my god/."

Terezi's laugh is nothing short of a downright cackle, a sound that underscores the peaking of Sollux's cursing squeals about as beautifully as a chorus of screaming children would bassline a symphony of fifty-thousand people popping their knuckles at once. The effect makes Karkat squirm so hard in discomfort he's not entirely sure he didn't just pull something in his spine, it kinked so sharply.

"Okay," he grinds out, every word cracking from his teeth like gravel. "Thank you, Terezi. You are officially now Alternia's Biggest Bitch. I have your jacket ready for you. It's got a nice matching pair of cement shoes."

"Heh, are they red? I like red."

"I can see that," Karkat growls, watching Gamzee completely ignore that shirts which are being used as full-body coverage are supposed to stay BELOW the waistline as he tumbles his unceremonious way out of the blanket that Sollux is attempting to hide his shivering shoulders and yellow face under.


Writing the heavier porn now, will try to get that up soon but figured I should post this in case I don't get it done tonight since I already owe you guys this like weeks ago. I'M SORRY KATIE.


oh my god this is magical. this is seriously the funniest fucking thing and they're still so in character

seriously a thing of beauty and I will make big sad faces if you don't do more.

please do more :>


Don't ever fucking stop writing this thing

yes yes yes yes oh god dat sollux-coming description and as the trolls in the room are described I've gathered it's just aT, tC, cG, tA, and gC there? Cause a one girl in a multitude of guys situation is way hot.


You guys are being way too kind to my typing flailings and I'm super thankful for every nice word! I'm trying to bang out the rest tonight but the serious screwing might take some time, sorry. I'll get it done quick as is possible!


Nepeta's asleep, so yeah, just Terezi. The way I see it, she's man enough to take on a room full of horny guys and still be the pimpmaster. TEREZI HAS MORE BALLS THAN ANY MAN

>"I hope you're fucking happy. I hope you're happy now. I hope you think you're clever."


Seriously though, great writing. Can't wait to see how the rest plays out (though personally I would prefer it of Nepeta managed to get involved somehow; I just like the girl).


THANK YOU. This is how writing that line went as far as my internal monologue: "What the fuck would he say next? I guess something like this. Yeah that wooooOOOOOOH MY GOOOOOOD"

And then Karkat in a white dress happened in my head the end

I am really, really bad at writing Nepeta, so she probably won't come around this swing, but I will definitely try to include her in future writing for you!

This is SO WONDERFUL. Oh my god, don't stopppp aaa <3
And it's also fucking hot. Jegus.

thanks, this is really good.


Seriously, I haven't laughed this hard in EARNEST at smutty things in quite some time. I don't feel bad almost at all now for having written something else for the HS-threads.

Pleeease keep it up.

(On a more useful sidenote, your depiction of Karkat has got to be one of the best I've ever read in anything. And I generally write Karkat on the fora, so I like to think I've got a good feel for him. But you got across a lot more of the caustic humor than I usually manage. ^^)


My favorite part about this is the way Sollux and Karkat are totally into eachother, with Sollux muttering Karkat's name and humiliated as all hell that he's getting blown with his hatefriendcrush in the same damn room. And Karkat's noticing all these small things about Sollux and keeps fucking looking back.

Also the canon from all the different situations is sliding together into my head and telling me that Gamzee just loves sucking cock. Makes a brother feel good, makin' other brothers feel motherfuckin' niiiice like that.

Yeah I can't see how this isn't going to descend into some sort of orgy.

Crap now I want to write/see someone else write or draw some Karkat/Sollux, with the focus on a decidedly humiliated or embarassed Sollux.

Is it alright if I take up the gauntlet on that suggestion, Zuki? I've been meaning to attempt to fill the Karkat/Sollux requests over in the /coq/ thread for some time, and that just sounds like a good concept to start with.

Yes, this is a perfect way to describe the whole thing.

Do iiiiit. :3c

File: 127944654755.png-(214.00KB, 600x949, Aradia Jones.png)
Filling this request.

^ Still begging someone to do this

It's next on my list. But since it'll be a comic, it'll take a while.



Wonderful! Thank you so much! : )


god that's good

File: 127947305590.png-(21.40KB, 664x624, vriskafetishistic.png)

poor flat vriska :(


She's the cutest mass murderer ever :3

heeheeheeee that kissyface u3u~


File: 127950507595.gif-(81.42KB, 300x1266, equius dat ass.gif)
Someone posted this on the MSPA forum

Fuckin hilarious

Could someone draw some Jaspersprite/Nepeta tentacle rape? That would be great.


I doubt it would be rape!

File: 127951170360.png-(44.81KB, 504x605, whatshittyluckyouhave.png)
Did someone say "flat"~?



now this is excellent

I'd bet that her character sheet includes the word "buxom."

why am I so flat.jpg


brb questioning my sexuality

Is she barfing up blood? D:

Nurrr <3


It's a nosebleed.

Ohhh. I thought she was vomiting. That flew right over my head.

I think it's a nosebleed.

But that's what I thought of too.

File: 127952191549.png-(62.53KB, 313x498, PMARcantreach.png)


Sweeeet! :)
Don't be sad Vriska, you're still a hottie. With really nice abs!

"Boobies... so close... yet... so far!"

The newest update definitely opens up some possibilities for Aradia/Equius stuff.

All I can really picture is Aradia uncomfortably telling Equius to do stuff that he'd be requesting in the first place.

CT: D --> Now command me to hit myself!
AA: 0kay
AA: uh hit y0urself
CT: D --> Yes! Tell me I'm dirt.
AA: y0ure dirt
AA: ribbit
CT: D --> Oh, now order me to smash my groin with a broken bow!
AA: 0_0

She was kind of getting into it for a bit there.

She was enjoying the smashing of walls and such, but everything else she seemed to find confusing/freaky.

I'm hoping to see him making a move on her as soon as she get's her robo body, which my current theory is she's gonna inhabit through possession.

Latest update was awesome

dude definitely has a submission fetish, for everyone


Considering that I've got at least one Karkat/Sollux request up on the kink meme and might have made something on /coq/ do go right ahead!

File: 127960512564.png-(17.67KB, 400x640, pm_pinup_final.png)
Not enough pictures.
Not enough exiles.
Not enough PM.
Let's fix this.

File: 12796117539.gif-(47.04KB, 650x450, most shocking twist yet!.gif)
Hey guys guess what Hussie just did!

Never thought I'd say it but

I need this in my life.

I'm dead on the inside /wrists

Andrew's thoughts on the subject:

>It's more like slipping a girl a date rape drug, her catching you in the act, beating the shit out of you, then seducing you anyway.

>Well, a bit cuter than that let's hope.

>Probably the best evidence that there isn't a "second chip" still in effect after ripping the heart out is the fact that she immediately recognized that she was being influenced and instantly rebelled. It's clearly pretty ineffective technology, and serves as more of a psychological pest than something which can actually hijack her motivations as intended.

Apparently Aradia did it of her own volition.

This is weird. Sollux/Aradia and Equius/Nepeta made so much sense, what the hell is going on here?

I like it though.

I wonder if he speaks from experience.

Sollux/Aradia is just close friendship and Equius/Nepeta is overprotective big brother/naive younger sister I guess, which is pretty much the way I saw things from the start?

Or trolls aren't monogamous because they have no reason to be monogamous, which is more conductive to the purpose of this thread.

She's probably just freaking out from suddenly having emotions back.


Well then! Lets hope this leads to Sollux murdering Equius.

File: 127962612321.png-(152.34KB, 600x500, ohplease.png)

Be a dear and pass me the razor when you're done. X_X
Man, I usually don't have too strong an opinion on fictional relationships, but this... this is fucksturbing.

So am I the only one who really fucking loves this update? This is some seriously adorable necro-robo-amphibi-date rape. And then she beats the shit out of Equius.

He's going to need so many towels, you guys.

File: 12796331809.jpg-(38.93KB, 600x448, dealwit.jpg)

No way man. This was mega-cute. Queasy-ass crackas gon' hate.

C'mon, where's your /pco/ spirit? Obviously RoboAradia and Sollux should team up for some revenge-rape.



"And what do you call this act?"
"The Aristocrat."

File: 127963547263.jpg-(73.15KB, 450x393, 127963260582.jpg)

Just... FOR REFERENCE, guys, at the point of the most recent update Aradia is in full control of herself. Andrew has said this is so. Hopefully you shall all feel slightly better now.

Hey, nothing stops Aradia from liking him and, at the same time, thinking that he deserves to be held down while punitively sodomized by her (ex-)boyfriend.


Oh yeah, the heart was the first thing to go. Then Equius' self assurance and dignity and teeth. :D I don't care, this shit is awesome.

And who's to say Sollux even liked her back? His response seems to be more along the lines of a friend who's angry that he was used to harm another friend, not OMG YOU'RE DEAD IT'S MY FAULT GOD WHY

No. That's actually the worst part.
"You tried to artificially manipulate my emotions for your own creepy satisfaction. Let me justly beat the tar out of you for doing something so creepy. Oh, wait, I love you anyway!"


My interpretation is that she's acting out from the unexpected stress of having emotions again. She made it clear that she doesn't like him or any of the upper echelon at all. She'll forever feel dirty about this, assuming it's not an Equius fantasy sequence, and never want it brought up again.

Of course, assuming this really happened, Nepeta can see everything. So who knows what's going to happen next. :3

I was thinking along those lines. This also seems like a prime setup for a "Psyche!" moment.

I hope it's this. Last night I was like, "Fuck, he's leaving for 7 days and gives us THIS to mull over while he's gone. He's a sadistic fucking bastard DOING THIS SHIT TO USSSS"
God damn you, Andrew.

File: 127964967954.gif-(285.42KB, 650x450, 127964820642.gif)

needs moar terezi/nepeta

File: 127965102916.jpg-(828.19KB, 900x1227, vriskaabeli.jpg)
*just watches*

Thread won.


nice, very artistic


Love it, love it, love it

File: 127965557012.jpg-(117.73KB, 450x632, logan01.jpg)
Everyone seems to be forgetting that EQUIUS made this robot. Ten'll get you twenty there's an enormous horse cock under that skirt.

It might also be worth keeping in mind the origin of his beloved musclebeasts:

Oh, Marras~ <3

Oh Morbi~~

*draws highly artistic MarrasxMorbi rule 34*

File: 127966261434.gif-(22.02KB, 650x450, bestend.gif)

There needs to be more Homestuck dickgirls


It looks

so authentic.

Is Hussie taking a porn break OR WHAT.

Best week-long hiatus reason ever.


He's gonna go through Homesmut, then Plushrump. And by the time he's done he's gonna be like well fuck this


and then mspachan

Poor Nepeta

Regardless of whether you think her and Equius act like lovers, or siblings, it always seemed like they were open with eachother and their interaction was genuine.

Aradia and Equius seem to just be acting on their fetishes with eachother.

Nothing wrong for that, great for porn. Just it seemed like Equius and Nepeta would have been a better fit romantically.

Astounding new discovery this is. But god damn, writing in your name every time. That starts to grate.

>what's going to happen next
she's going to ride Tavros' vibrating robocock like a mechanical bull.

Nepeta watches, Equius likes it
Nepeta gets jealous, Equius likes it
Nepeta beats the shit out of him, Equius loves it

awww yeah


I really love how Tavros' penis brings people together. I mean, you get all these shippers but they always seem okay with Tavros/anyone anyways.

Bro's cock is motherfucking miracle.


Basically Tavros is the fandom four-wheeled device.

Google has failed me; what are the URLs for these?

mspachan is the here
plushrump and homesmut are livejournal communities

No.69516 and (Plushrump is just a kink meme, Homesmut has a kink meme but there's other stuff too). You wanna see everything in there, you have to make an account.

File: 127969192088.png-(438.41KB, 600x1700, STOP THIS NONSENSE.png)
This is a request from a couple of days ago.




Not only is this hilarious on the surface, and amazing in general,


By the way, any other comic ideas of a silly nature will result in something similar. I like drawing stupid crap so fire away if you can think of something.


I fucking lol'd

Katie, you da best, dogg.

ok basically I just snorted my water out my nose. : | Katie LAUGHING THIS HARD AT NIGHT IS NOT GOOD FOR MY HEALTH


Anyway next part of the awful This-Was-Supposed-To-Be-An-Orgy-What-The-Fuck-Happened story goes here. bluh bluh bad dialogue sorry for not hitting the right storypoints etc etc the usual bluh bluh

HURPA DURP DURP pacing what's that THIS IS PORN I HAVE NO TIME FOR BASIC STORYLINE PACING oh but also I'll waste like eighty pages of leadup to completely bland short porn, at least the next update should be mostly sex happening after this

ps. love you all, shittons and metric assloads of love

now here's porn


Gamzee rocks to his feet the way a child would, an unsteady thoughtless clamber upright only to freeze, arms out stick-like, hands flat and fingers spread, toes in and knees locked as he waits for the swaying motion to cease. The vicious dichotomy between innocence and the way the t-shirt rides up his soft thighs makes Karkat's stomach twist in a sensation he doesn't have the patience to identify. Instead, his eyes snap to Tavros. "What are you fucking waiting for, assjack? We've got a schedule to keep!"

"Wh-what," stammers Tavros, nearly every drop of poor lineage he has rushing straight to his cheeks--what amount of it hasn't already rushed elsewhere, judging by the way his hands are wringing in his lap. "What?"

"Take your pants off."


"I said take your pants off! Is it that hard to get through your parietal calcium deposit? Are you going to stare at me for a while and then pull off your earrings instead? Do you fucking remember how pants work?"

"Okay, so, first of all, so we are all understanding the situation as it pertains to my clothes, I don't wear earrings--"

"Bet you do, you fucking queer. Probably borrow them from Equius' closet."

"And I understand very well how pants relate to removal and addition, it's just that I'm not sure that I'm comfortable with this, this...situation--"

"Are you going to bitch all night or are you going to stuff it in your noxious feedhole and take off your gogdamn pants?"

"No!" Tavros folds his arms and raises his head. "My pants are staying on my legs, and I am not removing them for anyone!" Abruptly he jerks his hands up, as if his open palms will somehow magically repel the dazed troll ambling towards his wheelchair. "No, seriously!"

"That's cool," laughs Gamzee, one wrist brushing against his mouth, already-smudged makeup smearing into an even smoother blend of light grey. "Sometimes I don't feel like workin' my way all the way outta the tent too, man."

"No, I mean I'm REALLY not comfortable with this. Like at all. Um, like at ALL at all."

Karkat's voice cracks on his irritation. "Just FUCK him already!"

"Karkat, bromo." Gamzee's emotions rarely rise or fall beyond a matte contentment, but there's a definite reproachfulness in his tone. "Don't you know nothing for all what you're being schoolcrammed? You can't be forcing a brother up and into anything he's not being into! It ain't polite. Gotta respect a bro's privacy, man."

"PRIVACY? You're the one flaunting RED CHEEKS."

Gamzee holds a finger up, as if he is about to dispense a great amount of wisdom. "Privacy is important, yo! Can't be livin' together if we aren't all bein' tight with fences n' neighborly shit. Or whatever. Man, you don't just go and make a brother embarrassed in public!" Tavros nods so hard in agreement it looks as if his skull might detach from his spine. "Tavros, man, are you an ass guy or what?"

Karkat snickers over the sound of Tavros' horrified squawk. "God, Gamzee, you fucking suck at this."

"Not yet I don't." If there was any suggestiveness to that line, it is lost in Gamzee's sleepy, saintly tones.

"I'm, I'm really questioning the usefulness of this, now!"

"Shut up," drawls Karkat. "You could've complained earlier."

"But I don't, I don't even get what this is supposed to ACCOMPLISH!"

"We're leveling Gamzee up to Pimpmaster, obviously. Now TAKE OFF YOUR FUCKING PANTS or I will TAKE THEM OFF FOR YOU."

"Karkat!" Gamzee actually gives a reproachful stare over his shoulder. "You can't be ruinin' the vibe like that, my man. You gotta chill or you gotta leave."

"It's not my fault Tardos can't stop asking the whys and wherefores."

"I just don't GET it--" He squeaks when the juggalo plants his hands on the wheelchair's armrests and leans in.

"And you never will," hums Karkat, folding his arms. In truth, there was never a good reason for this. It just seemed, like most things he's done in retrospect, like a good idea at the time; for example, right now it seems like an absolutely fantastic idea to push this as utterly far as possible to see how much humiliation Tavros can stammer through before he passes out in his chair. At the moment, he's probably got about five minutes before the embarrassment fells him. That or the blood loss, which between his face and his ears has probably removed his ability to actually take part in anything anyway.

"So let's chill all this. C'mon, Tav." Already practically in Tavros' lap, Gamzee halts, apparently comfortable there despite the awkward curve his back is forced into, a posture Karkat only distantly notes as doing wonders for accentuating his ass. Something he thinks is annoyance spurts up in his stomach again; he's distracted from it by Sollux's awkward cough. His eyes dart back to where the troll is still mostly hiding under his blanket.

"Oh my GOD. Sollux, why the fuck are you still here. And why in the name of all that is GROSSLY MISSSHAPEN would you do that to MY BLANKET."

"You're the one that set him on me like a fucking guard dog!" The protest doesn't come across that malevolently when he's too busy re-aligning his glasses with one hand and keeping the blanket tugged up to his tense neck with the other. Karkat throws up his hands.

"Oh, sorry, here I was thinking maybe you could for once in your COMPUTER-WORSHIPPING lonely programmer life get a LITTLE ATTENTION, but of course I'm a giant flaming pile of fucktarded douche so what do I know! Man, I'm so sorry here, clearly I should be letting you get back to the warm cord-wrapped embrace of your computerpiles. Get the fuck out."

"Fuck you, Karkat. Fuck you, and fuck your stupid ideas, and fuck this stupid blanket!"


"And whose fault is that?!"

Karkat is distracted from his next bellowed reply when he notices something a little off; namely, that Gamzee hasn't moved from his awkward slouch down to be on eye-level with Tavros. Rather, he seems to have set his elbows, locking himself in. In the sudden pause his soft words have become audible. "Jesus, what in shitfuck's name would make you think I'd all be up and bein' like that? C'mon, man, we bros, right? You know I'm takin' care of you. We're tight, right?" Tavros, squirming a little, mutters something that gets lost on his clumsy tongue. Gamzee's hands stretch out almost languidly.

Karkat's sneer turns into a dismissive "psshhh" halfway through, and at the sound Tavros' shoulders tense up even higher. Gamzee's voice lowers soothingly, becoming almost one solid flow of sound. "Hsshh, shh. C'mon, man, lemme just sit with you, yeah? You know I just been waitin' to do this." Tavros' hunch loosens a little in confusion, and in that opening Gamzee's fingers slide forward, drawing up and through Tavros' hair in one smooth motion. For one second Tavros seems frozen, body stiff, eyes wide but attentive; then he seems to remember himself and his shoulders dip in, his body trying to shield itself. Gamzee bends closer, nearly touching their foreheads together, and starts a series of soft, exploratory strokes as he murmurs things too low for the others to hear; his fingers draw back and forth in altering patterns, fingertips brushing gently the shell of Tavros' ear, the nape of his neck. Whatever he's saying, Tavros' eyes start to lose their blind panic.

Karkat sneers again when he realizes Tavros has started to lean into Gamzee's touch. It's a badly-timed sound, a quiet noise of derision just as Gamzee's fingers trail down to find Tavros' shirt-collar, and it breaks the spell; under the stroke the other troll makes a discomfited yelp and twitches. Gamzee retreats, his undulating stream of words never stopping; his hands move down to rest, carefully, on Tavros' thigh. The troll's legs tremble a bit at the contact, but he doesn't break it.

"FUCK already," snaps Karkat, and Gamzee tugs himself upright to turn and look back with something painfully, awfully close to irritation in his eyes.

"Sit the motherfuck DOWN, motherfucker," he says, calm, dry. "And shut your fucking piehole, I'm takin' a break."

Karkat's disbelieving open mouth snaps shut, and he can't think of any appropriate way to open it again. After a moment he drops, jerkily, into his deskchair. On the floor Sollux snorts. "Bitch."

"Bathtard," Karkat returns, so thoughtlessly he almost forgets to insert the mocking lisp in the first place. His eyes are locked on the way Gamzee is folding himself down onto his knees, one arm resting across Tavros' lap, chin propped comfortably on his wrist. He's murmuring again, something insipid and meandering and saccharine, and Tavros is looking down at him and just--listening. Karkat can't quite wrap his head around what exactly is happening here, but he knows he's not liking it.

After something particularly inane--Karkat's fairly sure he heard something about jellyfish and jewelry--Gamzee straightens, palm moving to stroke, carefully, against Tavros' thigh. Tavros' uncertain lip-bite is hesitant but non-protesting, and after a minute Gamzee sits up fully to rest both hands on his knees and lean in, murmuring something. To Karkat's shock, they both start to laugh.

"Fuck me if I know," snickers Gamzee, standing up. Tavros, mirth cutting short, is apparently under the impression that clamping his hands onto his armrests and pushing back in his seat will somehow keep him away from the troll sliding into his lap. It fails to do so.

"Gamzee, look, I--I am not exactly sure--"

"Come on," coaxes Gamzee, arms sliding up to circle his shoulders. "Just like I said, yeah? Shit bro, can't be fuckin' bros with someone if you can't help a bro out, just ain't how shit works."

"But I really don't think--"

"Cause I asked, okay?" Gamzee's head tips, forehead brushing gentle against Tavros'. "At least prove me wrong."

"I'm, I'm really not wanting to..." he trails off, words forgetting themselves and finally being swallowed when Gamzee's head tilts to press a light kiss against his lips.

It's a gentle kiss, slow, repeated, small changes added to the angle or the pressure; Tavros' nails first dig into the material of his armrests, then loosen, then tighten their grip again as his courage attempts to rouse itself. It's a long process to lead up to the miniscule pucker of his lips, the squeeze shut of nervous eyes, that come before the slight tip forward of the head as he gives one tiny peck back.

Gamzee's lips part in a hazy breath of a laugh, as if he's just found something he was looking for and didn't expect to find. "Beautiful," he murmurs against Tavros' lips, and then they're gone.


Karkat kicks back in his chair, hands shoving hard over each other, folding his arms so roughly it almost hurts, as he watches Gamzee grab Tavros' nervousness by the collar and pitch it over the castle wall. The troll's hands are exploring every inch of Tavros' upper body, twisting fabric, running fingernails under hems, sliding thumbs up panels of muscle and skin; his mouth is open and welcoming, coaxing out kisses and a hesitant lean forward into the embrace. It's only after Tavros' hands have found their clumsy way up Gamzee's thighs, settling nervously on his hips, that the juggalo breaks the contact to speak again. The question comes out meandering enough to be unthreatening, like most of what Gamzee says. "Tavros, man, you ever crossed swords with a guy before?"

"Probably never gotten his LEGS open to anyone before," grumbles Karkat to the ceiling. His neck is starting to kink from keeping his head tipped back like this, but for some reason watching the show is pissing him right the fuck off. His eyes nevertheless dart back down to them to see their response; Gamzee didn't even hear him, apparently. His hands are busy finding the buttons to Tavros' pants as the troll mumbles a red-faced response; Gamzee's own reply is a breathy laugh.

"Man, do not even be saying something like that. I am motherfucking master of rolling with the punches, you have no motherfuckin' idea!"

His hands slide down Tavros' sides, and Karkat can't look away. It isn't until the door creaks open that he realizes Sollux is making his escape; Karkat throws himself up out of his chair in pursuit.

Sollux gets a few wobbly steps down the hallway before Karkat has him by the back of the shirt. "Where the fuck are you going?"

"To my room."


Sollux's turn is so violent it wrenches his shirt free of Karkat's grasp; around his glasses, there is a dangerous glimmer. "You fucking TOLD me to, you imbecilic, pompous ASSHOLE." His fingers twist into Karkat's shirt-cloth and abruptly the troll finds himself slammed against the wall, short furious rage being hissed in his face. "What the FUCK was that?"

"What was WHAT?"

"You're an asshole! A stupid, sexually-starved, asinine asshole!"

"How the fuck did you even get that many 'th' sounds in there?"

His back makes a threatening crack as he's slammed against the wall again. Sollux's voice is cracking, too, in rage. "You're a sadistic son of a fuck who gets off on giving people shit and you're going to spend the rest of your life figuring out the best ways to make someone else's day suck ass just so you feel a little less of a failure, and--and FUCK YOU, KARKAT VANTAS."

"Just doing my job," he manages after an inhale. Sollux's breath escapes through his clenched teeth. Karkat's eyes slide away. "Just wanted to fuckin' give you a break, jegus," he mutters. "Fuckin' spend your life wrapped up in wires."

Abruptly Sollux's shoulders loosen, and his deathgrip on Karkat's shirt eases up. "Well," he mumbles, equally awkwardly. After a moment: "...thanks?"

Karkat straightens his shirt out as he's released, shrugging. "Whatever. This didn't happen, okay? God."

"Hell no." Sollux's blush is returning. "None of this entire fucking night happened."

"Yeah, sure."


Another awkward moment is spent avoiding eye contact before Sollux abruptly scoots to the side and hurries off down the hall.

Karkat doesn't bother watching him go; he's too busy rushing for his bedroom door. He left, he has just realized, two very awkward but very attracted trolls together in a room with the world's biggest manipulator. This can't end in anything other than another apocalypse.

When he slams the door open, the blind girl is the only one who looks up.

Tavros is busy keeping his eyes half-squinted, too nervous to open them fully, but unable to avoid peeking at the arching slope of the bare back in front of him. Gamzee, planted comfortably in his lap and facing away, hands on Tavros' knees, is far too busy biting on small gasps to notice something as irrelevant as a door slamming open. Karkat takes a few steps in, then stops and simply stares in blind inability to think. It's not that Gamzee's particularly attractive--he's a bit too skinny these days, always has been since the sopor started, and his face is an absolute mess--but somehow Karkat can't stop watching the way Tavros' fingers dimple into the skin of his sides, thumbs tracing tentatively the curve of his lower back; the way Gamzee's head is tipped back, shoulders arched, body balanced so carefully to allow the join at the hips that Tavros can't initiate on his own; the way Gamzee's lips have fallen open, soft breaths and murmurs falling out with each slow, luxurious roll of his hips. Whatever he's saying, it's for Tavros' ears alone. And whatever it is, it's bringing a flush to Tavros' cheeks and pointed ears the way his own open pants haven't. Hesitantly, his nervousness ridiculous considering the act they're currently absorbed in, Tavros leans forward, hands tracing further down with careful touches. Gamzee's eyes open when he feels the touch of light, hesitant kisses against his spine, soft as cotton, and a dreamy laugh tumbles out of him.

Karkat nearly jumps out of his fucking skin when Terezi snickers in his ear. "Karkat, your eyes smell green!"


Sorry for all the characters I could have fit in and didn't; I'm working on finishing another request at the moment, but once I'm done with it I'll do my best to fill in the holes! I know some people looked forward to this possibly going Karkat/Sollux, and while I did try steering it that way when I realized it, I ended up going with my original plan instead because I felt it happened a bit smoother. I am keeping K/S stewing in my headmeats and will try to get some of that out once I'm done with (what should be) the final update to this and the other request I'm working on at the moment!

You never cease to make my nights about a million times better every time you update. NEVER STOP. For the love all that is holy and good in the world. I don't know what it was about Gamzee coaxing Tavros into having sex with him, but words cannot express how perfectly executed this was. Hnnnghhhh <3

Oh my jegus fuck.

This all of a sudden got all kinds of hot as-- just, no. I can't go on using all that regular nonsense I usually say when I read this story and feel way too many things about it.

Right off the bat, envy. You have a magnificent way with words that allows you a lot more control over the actual visualization of the scene in progress than I could hope to have any time soon. My vernacular usually slants toward the stream-of-consciousness style, and so you get a lot more outbursts; more attention to the personal details happening to the character but scarcely ever do I get around to describing the physiology of it all.

You do that nigh-perfectly. Gamzee, who I will again state for the record is basically a really nice Juggalo on drugs, manages to be incredibly attractive in this story just by his own charisma instead of the things he's doing. Though those don't hurt in the least. But, like Katie said, it was the saccharine whispers unheard that won me over. The best thing is how much you left it up to the reader to think, "what could he possibly be saying to Tavros that would work?"

I mean, what could be tame enough for Tavros' ears that he wouldn't curl further into himself and away from Gamzee, but at the same time sensual and seductive enough to entice him out of that same trance? Here's the cool part about the mechanism you used: I have NO IDEA what Gamzee was saying to Tavros. And yet, thanks to the subconscious thought-flow the story creates (not entirely unlike drawing lines in a zen-garden) I don't have to know what he's saying to imagine it. The sentences don't even have to seem sensible if they make SENSE, y'know what I'm sayin'?

In conclusion though, I have to agree with Katie. Please keep writing; as someone who almost exclusively expresses themselves through writing, you have written some pretty inspiring smut fiction. This chapter in specific can teach me and others a thing or two about writing incredibly steamy scenes that have extremely subtle details as to what's actually going on.

(Also, +2 points for using the word "dichotomy" in a smut story without it being any kind of pun. I mean, damn. That's class.)

Oh god you've made me so happy you don't even know.


I... um...

Well, shit. I'm just tuning into this crap. In fact, this is my first time on +4chan in about a year. I heard that someone posted the Tavros/Nepeta comic here.

But what I found was... um... I don't know what to say. It was bad enough that I was starting to feel some sort of attraction to Gamzee's personality after Hussie established his character, but this... I mean, I'm completely straight, and I didn't get hard reading this, but... I felt good. Reading it. Like it was right, I guess.

Uh... very good work, to say the least. My own emotions aside. Excellent writing.

How do you manage to be so eloquent where I fail at words?? But yeah, backing up everything said here.
Seriously, this is some really good writing here. I mean, I haven't read stuff that's stirred the mental canvas quite so effectively in a long time. I have a pretty potent imagination and holy shit dude. This is like candy for my brain. Sooo deliciousss. And I'm drawing fanart for it right now because it DESERVES IT. On so many levels.
There are so many little scenes, like Tav's wide-eyed stare when Gamzee runs his hand through his hair, that I want to draw. Or when he's got his forehead pressed against Tavros', hfff <3
So adorable. I'm gonna fawn over this shit forEVER I swear.


Damn, now I feel inadequate.

Oh well at least I'm not gay. Jokes

File: 127970791971.jpg-(77.04KB, 525x700, 15minutenepeta.jpg)
Nepeta. Fifteen minutes. Two cups of coffee. Walls Covered In Blood looped. No porn. Final destination.

File: 127970842373.png-(37.18KB, 800x655, gendo zahhak.png)

File: 127971010087.jpg-(36.79KB, 388x388, 1165632218092bg4.jpg)

I'm beginning to think there's some internet-wide conspiracy among porn artists where they agree to only draw tease in order to generate commission work

Obligatory reaction image to try and show I'm not serious, coupled with no of course I really do appreciate all the work that artists do no matter what it is. The only time I am disappointed in what an artist does is when they do nothing. My one desire is that I could somehow properly express my gratitude and maybe cultivate friendships with the people for whom I have unending respect and admiration.

Good job, great pic, never stop, have my children, et cetera
et cetera
et cetera

I get off on teasing pictures so hard, omg.
No but seriously. For some reason I find them way more interesting than just straight up, plain-as-day porn. That's also why I draw them a lot, haha.


Oh FUCK YES that's some awesome Gamzee/Tavros. I'm a little jealous at how well you've written basically everyone but it's a chill sort of jealousy where I don't actually give a shit because this fic is so fucking good.

File: 127971632294.png-(269.20KB, 600x759, Tav+Gam LARP fanart2.png)
Spoilered for GAY. Also blah blah the position is weird blah I know blah. Four hours. Done with it.

File: 127971852960.png-(193.33KB, 600x759, Tav+Gam LARP fanart lineart.png)
sorry about the doublepost, but I realized this is so much better without any color at all.

This is just the most wonderful thing. Even if you never got around to the porn parts, I think we'd all be fine reading your purdy word pictures.

Oh my, haha! That's great. :D

Cute, sexy, heartwarming. Thank you, needed that smile. :)

I don't know who you are but I do know you're my new best friend.

Oh wow! I'm seriously enjoying this. : ) What's the other request? Are we gonna get to see that too?

She's so cute!

fuck yes @ both images. just... yes.

I lol'd. This is getting saved.


So what's up, this is the guy who wrote >>68371 and I've wrote another fic. These are pretty fun to do! Anyway this one is still rape but it's somewhat less unpleasant than my other fic, so make of that as you will


Tavros couldn't really remember how he got here. He remembered that he had been spending another night alone at his house, when someone knocked at his door. He went to answer it, and Vriska was there, and then... he couldn't remember what.

What he did know was that his arms were tied to his wheelchair, which was being pushed by Vriska to her house. She was giggling like a madwoman, rolling him along the cliffside.

"We're going to have so much fuuuuuuuun, Tavros!" Vriska said. "It's gonna be just like old times!" She wheeled him into the doorway of her house, entering the foyer. "What a night we've got ahead of us!"

"Uh, Vriska, these straps are kinda chafing me..." Tavros was only confused by his situation. He didn't really like Vriska - didn't like her at all, in fact - but he figured that there had to be some sort of reason that she was doing this. Right?

"Oh, I'm so soooooooorry, Tavros. Let me take care of those." She undid the ropes that held him to his chair. Tavros used his new found freedom to rub his sore wrists.

"Thanks, Vriska, but, so what am I doing he-" Vriska unceremoniously ended his sentence by flipping over his wheelchair, dumping him out on the floor. "Ow, Vriska! Be carefu-"

Once again he failed to complete his sentence, for Vriska had knelt down to grab his face. She turned it so Tavros was looking at her. "You know," she said, "you really are kind of cute." She laughed again, a wicked chuckle. Vriska kicked the wheelchair away. "Oh, we're gonna have soooooooo much fun tonight!"

Vriska grabbed Tavros by his horns, and began to drag him to the steps. "Ow! Don't pull those, Vriska! You're hurting me!" Tavros's pleas were ignored, and he was dragged up what seemed like thousands of steps to the upstairs. Vriska laughed crazily the whole time, enjoying herself immensely. Finally they reached the top of the steps, and entered Vriska's room. The room, as usual, was a mess. Dice and cracked magic eight balls littered the floor. Vriska continued to drag, finally letting him go near her computer desk.

"Wow, you're a lot lighter than I thought you'd be," she said. "Maybe I oughta try the lose-your-legs diet plan! Hahahahahahahaha!"

Tavros was confused beyond all measure. He felt like crying. "Vriska, what are you doing? I, uh, really don't feel comfortable here... can I please go?"

She laughed even harder at that. "Man, you really are naive aren't you? I toooooooold you, we're gonna have fun. Just stay still and it won't be too bad."

Vriska gently placed her hand on Tavros's stomach, and slowly moved it downward. She took the zip of his pants and began to undo it.

"Hey! Wh-what are you doing!? Don't do that!"

"Shush. I said stay still." Vriska pulled down Tavros's pants and removed them, leaving him in his briefs. She brushed her hand across the front of his underwear, and then tugged them down.

"Oh! Aren't you a biiiiiiiig boy!" She laughed even more. Tavros went orange all over. He was always somewhat embarrassed by his size.

Vriska took his cock in hand and stroked it, using only the very tips of her fingers. Tavros felt himself get harder and harder from her delicate strokes. "Oh jeeze, Vriska, don't..."

"Don't what? Don't do THIS?" She wrapped her fist around him and began to beat faster, pumping hard. Tavros groaned and arched his back, clenching his fists.

"Vriska, I don't..."

"You like that, doooooooon't you?" Vriska stopped stroking, and took her hand off. "Well, too bad. I don't want you to finish so soon..." Vriska went over to her desk and rummaged through one of the drawers. "Do you know what these are, Tavros?"

They were clamps. Wooden clothespins, and Vriska squeezed them open and shut in her hand. "Well, Tavros? Doooooooon't you?"

"They're... they're clothespins..."

"Exactly! That's a good boy. And do you know what I'm gonna do with them?"

Tavros didn't answer. Vriska kept smiling, waiting for him to say something. "No? You don't know? Well, I'm going to do this!

Vriska leapt at Tavros, and with lightning speed attached one of the clothespins to his left nipple through his shirt. Tavros gasped deeply and loudly. The pain was intense; a sharp, piercing pain focused entirely on his nipple.

"Doesn't that feel gooooooood?" Vriska whispered. "Doesn't that just get you off soooooooo well?"

"No, Vriska, it hurts, it really hurts! Please, don't!" Tavros went to remove the clothespin, but Vriska grabbed hold of his arm first.

"Naughty boy! I'm being so nice to you, and you refuse my present? I think you need a little discipline, Tavros!" Vriska went back to her computer desk, and pulled another thing out of her drawer - handcuffs. "If you're not going to take what I give you, I'm going to have to force you to take it..."

Vriska flipped Tavros onto his stomach and deftly clamped the cuffs around his wrists. Once flipped back, she noticed that the clothespin had fallen off.

"Oh, no! Looks like these just won't hoooooooold against your shirt, huh? We'll have to take care of that..."

With a single rip, Vriska tore open the front of Tavros's t-shirt. Tavros was practically naked now, both his upper and lower bodies exposed. Vriska took the clothespin back in hand and slowly, so slowly, moved it toward Tavros's nipple.

"Vriska, pl-please don't - I don't want to do this anymore, please let me go..." Vriska ignored him. She traced circles around Tavros's nipple, enjoying his weak pleas before finally clamping it on. The hurting was even worse this time. Without the soft padding of his shirt, there was nothing between him and the pain. Tears welled in the corners of his eyes, and a long, shuddery gasp escaped him.

"Ooooooooh... you like that, don't you? Don't worry, there's more to come..." Already Vriska had another clothespin in her hand. She repeated the cruel process on Tavros's other nipple, ever so slowly teasing him until it clamped on. "Doesn't it just feel so good? Don't you just loooooooove it?"

"Vriska, no! They hurt a lot! Ple-please, take them off!"

"Oh, you're so inconsiderate, Tavros! I give you such a nice gift and you still won't take it? I'm beginning to think you don't want this!" Vriska couldn't help but laugh at her own callous little joke. "But don't worry, Tavros. I've still got a loooooooot more in store!"

Vriska turned her attention back to Tavros's cock. "You've got such a nice dick, Tavros... you must be so proud of it! Let's give it a little attention, huh?" Once again, Vriska had her clothespins at the ready. She stroked his dick gently, just enough to keep him hard, and attached a clothespin to the base of his penis. That was too much for Tavros - the pain was incredible. He cried out, letting his tears flow freely.

Vriska continued to clip the pins to Tavros, until a line of clothespins stretched all the way from the base of his penis to right underneath the head. "Doesn't that just look great?" Vriska said. "Your cock is soooooooo nice! Long, but not too thick - just perfect!"

Tavros was crying now, trying desperately to free his arms from the cuffs. "Vriska... i-it really h-h-hurts... please, let me go..."

Vriska sighed. "I can't believe how inconsiderate you can be, Tavros! You're really just trying to make me feel bad, aren't you? Well, if you want to be naughty, you're going to have to accept puuuuuuuunishment..." Vriska kneeled down over Tavros, and fiddled behind his back while staring directly into his eyes. "And I don't think you're gonna liiiiiiike punishment..." Tavros felt his wrists come free from the cuffs, but his arms felt strangely lifeless. Once they started moving of their own accord, he realized what was going on.

"No, Vriska, no, no, don't! I, I really don't like this! Please, j-just - why!?"

"Why?" Vriska looked genuinely surprised. "Why? Well, he told me to... he doesn't like you playing with Nepeta, I guess... but you wanna know the real reason?" Vriska got in close to Tavros and whispered into his ear.

"Because I love it. I don't give a shit about blood, or whatever Equius gets on his high horse about. I just fucking love doing this."

Tavros felt his arms move across his chest, stopping just before his nipples. "Now, try to enjoy yourself," Vriska said, "at least as much as I am."

Tavros's hands both gripped the clothespins on his nipples and started twisting them. This was the worst pain yet - the merciless twisting of his own nipples, combined with the sharp ache of the clothespins on his dick, caused him to scream helplessly. Vriska began laughing again, her head tossed back in hysterical delight.

"I told you that you wouldn't like it! God, you're such an idiot!" She stood back up, standing triumphant over Tavros's crying, contorting form. "Jegus, this is too good... I almost never get the chance to play with someone like this!"

Tavros jerked about on the floor, trying desperately to regain control of his arms. His own hands tweaked and pulled at the pins, pulling and twisting his nipples, delivering intense pain. He could still control the rest of his body - that is, aside from his lame legs - so he tried waggling his lower body around, in an attempt to shake the clothespins on his dick off. Vriska continued to watch his weird, shaking dance with considerable interest.

"God, I just can't get over how great that dick of yours is," she said. "I've just goooooooot to have a taste..." Vriska kneeled back down, hovering over Tavros's groin now. Using her mouth, she pulled off the clothespins attached to Tavros's dick one by one - a relief, to be sure, despite the shock of pain each one getting tugged off caused. Vriska caressed his dick with her tongue, licking its sore underside from top to bottom.

"It's just soooooooo good," she said. "I oughta just bite it off..." Vriska opened her mouth wide, slowly lowering her head to take Tavros's dick.

"I should just bite it off..." Tavros suddenly noticed that Vriska's fangs looked very pointy...

"And keep it all for myself..." The tip of his dick was in her mouth now, and Tavros felt just how sharp her fangs were, just how sharp and cutting and oh Jegus God no no NO -

But she didn't bite. She licked him, swirling her tongue around his head. Vriska began to bob her head, taking as much of Tavros as she could. Tavros's hands were still working on his nipples; the conflicting pain of his chest and pleasure of his dick made him shout out in a loud moan.

Vriska sucked, savoring the sounds of Tavros's pain. She really was enjoying herself - just listening to Tavros's moans and screams was getting her off better than she had in weeks. She wriggled her tongue, stimulating Tavros to the best of her ability. She could feel just how wet she was getting, just from watching Tavros's pain. Dear God, did she love doing this.

Tavros couldn't imagine, even in his wildest of dreams, that this could ever happen. The pain was terrible, so, so, terrible, and he would have done anything to get her to stop it... but what she was doing down there on him... well, he was conflicted. He wanted to scream for help, for mercy, but also for her to not stop, to go harder. He wanted desperately to be back home at his hive, but at the same time, he wanted to stay and let Vriska do things to him. And now, he felt something else happening...

"Vuh-Vriska," he managed, "I think I'm gonna... g-gonna..."

Vriska moaned, increasing the speed of her head and her tongue. She could tell he was very, very close. All it would take is a little more of this, and then -

"Vriska - I can't - I'm gonna - I -"

Vriska got off of Tavros just in time to let him come. A thick spurt of cum shot out of him, and another, both of them finding their target squarely on Tavros's chest. Finally Tavros's arms returned to his control, allowing him to remove the terrible clamps on his nipples. A weird feeling of shame encompassed him, and yet at the same time he actually felt kind of... good. Fresh tears came to him, and soon he was once again a sobbing wreck.

"Oh, poor baby," Vriska said. "Don't you worry anymore. We've still got the reeeeeeeest of the night ahead of us..."


You've got the whole thing saved on your computer, yes?

Stuff this classy needs to be archived on homesmut LJ when it's done.

Your stuff makes me kind of uncomfortable. But I guess that's a testament to the quality of the writing.


I see you took some of my advice. :) I think it's kind of interesting to see the darker side of trollsmut. Especially since they're pretty dark already.


This is weird to say, 'cause rape isn't my thing, but somehow I appreciate that these get written. As non-con, both this and the other one aren't nearly as graphic or upsetting as they could be. Neither one really puts the squikky DO NOT WANT on as much as they could.

And I have this weird idea in my head that HS Porn should be a big happy free-for-all where everyone can find what they want. Man, Zuki. Such an idealist.

Honestly, this story feels like it's got a ways it could go. The night's not over yet, as Vriska points out.

(Also, re: the fact that everyone writes Tavros as a sub, I'd like to see some turnabout for once. He's /ashamed/ of those fantasies of power, of being in control, of doing terrible things to his friends and making them like it and liking it himself. And so, uhhhh, that's why he's so normally shy and retiring. To make up for it.)


I like the way you think. I might take this idea for a spin if I can find the right way to go about it.

I guess it says a lot about me that even despite the crazy sadomasochistic and bizarre fetishes I have, seeing bad things happen to really nice characters makes my stomach churn with disgust.


I am :3'ing so hard right now you don't even know. You've really got a way with dialogue.


This isn't really my thing but you're looking good so far. As of yet, it hasn't given me the ";A; oh noo!" vibe the Equius/Nepeta one gave me, I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing to you. I think the reason I like this one more is the fact that the victim's getting some (extremely shameful) pleasure too which breeds some internal conflict to mull over as opposed to the straight up violation you had going on with Equius.


I like the cut of your jib.

I can relate.


You should! I can never get enough Karkat, Tavros, or Gamzee :D I'll be sorry when the troll arc ends and everyone writes the kids and exiles again.

This thread is making me want to sit down and hammer out the Vriska/Tavros fic that's been kickin' around my head for a while.

That was pretty good. I liked your Nepeta/Equius thing too.

Also Vriska/Tavros is something that never gets enough love.

File: 127974112115.jpg-(275.95KB, 809x850, letsplayagame.jpg)
Here's an idea I've had for a while

Nepeta and Equius. Nepeta is teasing him with her coat falling off a bit (kind of like it is in this: >>69539) saying something like "Don't you want to play with me?". Equius naturally is turned on and nervous at the same time. He needs a fresh towel.

Kind of like this piece of fanart except she's sexually teasing him instead of straight up asking him.

This might sound strange but can I just say that I always like the way you draw Tavros' hair? Seriously. It always looks so much better that way.

File: 127974185539.jpg-(45.01KB, 640x480, ouranhighschoolhostclub14large.jpg)
Okay, I've always liked this picture for the cute factor, but it reminds me SO HARD of this dude.


I totally love it when people draw Tavros with peach fuzz around the horns. It's adorable. :3

Copied, pasted, and saved. Don't stop.

Please do man

We need more cuddles and happy sex.


Maybe I'd try writing it myself, after I get the two or three stories I promised the kink meme out of the hopper first.

Thanks. c:
It's kind of silly to think he'd be completely bald in that area if it's shaved into a mohawk, so I always put the fuzz there cause I'm a stickler for realism (IRONY???).

I agree. :C

Although being a rough and dominating is lovely, outright pain play is pushing it for me. Nonetheless an admirable effort.

I wouldn't hesitate if I thought I would get their characterization right, or had it thought out beyond the basic plot and some scenes, or had written fiction, well, ever.


We all start somewhere!

I also agree with both of you.

oh man I would totally love to see this

>>69610 >>69612 >>69621
I concur.

These fics are just great. Though I'm a bit biased, I really want to see more of Vriska's mind control shenanigans.

> Equius naturally is turned on and nervous at the same time. He needs a fresh towel.

He might also be nervous about being too STRONG for her. But she's tough too!

Happy sex is best sex. Need more. Already plan to write some gA/aG myself once the God damn woman gets an actual name.


Good man. I eagerly await results.

Less trolls. More chums.


more like the opposite of this thing is the thing that is true!

(how about trolls AND chums? :D)

File: 127977594823.jpg-(649.69KB, 900x1350, careful clorin spats pt 1.jpg)
Nice happy sex and cuddling is indeed great...

File: 12797760137.jpg-(531.43KB, 900x1350, careful clorin spats pt 2.jpg)
...but what if you are too strong to cuddle? D:

Awwww :'(

Also how has nobody done a "Ghost Blowjob" edit with Aradia/Equius and Vriska as the neighbor yet?

I demand more fanart of Nepeta sleeping on top of people, worksafe or not.

Equis can see Aradia but Vriska can't, so she watches him with her telescope or whatever and sees him thrusting at the air and stuff.

I second you.

File: 127978720955.jpg-(83.39KB, 500x551, ghost blowjob.jpg)
I was gonna suggest editing this rather famous comic but your idea is actually way better

File: 127978761696.png-(41.72KB, 363x436, sadequiusarthour.png)
awww...she's so adorable but he's too strong to cuddle

Poor Equius

File: 127978778935.png-(32.77KB, 332x314, robot-ac-ct.png)
Well it's not exactly SLEEPING but I've always been a huge fan of this picture. Something about it is just really amazingly sweet.

File: 127981535022.jpg-(127.71KB, 572x470, mspa_doodles_08.jpg)

Kinda sleeping maybe?


D'awwwww. You gotta love that goofy Tavros smile.

For a second there, I thought you said Davros.

File: 127982309495.jpg-(66.79KB, 400x400, davros1.jpg)

What the fuck do you want?



Davros = Wheelchair
Tavros = Wheelchair


File: 127982374979.png-(178.37KB, 600x800, chubby aC.png)
Hi, I drew this just now to spite a troll. C:
I hope you guys like your Nepeta CHUBBY.


I actually really like chubby chicks dammit Katie stop tapping into my various odd turn-ons :o~

I've been wanting to write something where Vriska is really jealous and possessive. Like, she notices Tavros hanging out Nepeta, and just drags him off and throws him into a closet to 'stake her claim', so to speak.

whoa just saw this

someone get on that shit stat

Okay, I'm putting together a Vriska/Tavros piece that has made me its' bitch for a day or two already. At this point I feel like just going FUCK IT WE'RE DOING THIS LIVE but I'll hold off and edit to catch any more kinks y'all want.

We've got mind control, dominant Tav, and I'll work some jealousy in there for >>69685 and the whole thing is themed by control/denial.

There will be cuddling and light refreshments after the presentation. Anything else?


Can... can I touch you? ;_;

Yay! I like! :D

Dude, if I could high five you through the internet, I would

File: 12798292043.png-(228.16KB, 558x599, OHNEPETAYOUARESOCHUBBYCUTE.png)
On the "spitin' trolls with chubbycute" train myself.
Here's a color version of bikini party Nepeta.


dat paunch :33

Oh my...

I need a fresh towel.

oh god, yes


Oh my god. This is far better than anything I could have hoped for. Hnnn <3



oh god... thats incredibly delicious :0

Anyone else up for a ham sandwich?
Because I know I am. (\;3

Oh my. B3


Welcome back!

Hey! : D Welcome back!

But yes, chubby Nepeta is a LOT more attractive to me personally than skinny Nepeta. Gotta love it.


shit, now i'm trying to think of a possible scenario for flat-chested-with-abs vriska and chubbycute nepeta together...

Is that a pool tube?



You've got a lot of catching up to do, bro.

And chubbycute Nepetas are always delicious -v-

chubbycute Nepeta and flat-but-fit Vriska so need to be canon.

The troll stuff people've made is great but I wish there was more Intermission stuff being drawn/written.

File: 127984589059.jpg-(270.18KB, 680x765, pickle inspector doctor manhattan nervous broad sa.jpg)
it's cumulative. the homestuck kids made us forget about problem sleuth, the midnight crew made us forget about the kids, the exiles made us forget the midnight crew, and the trolls have made us forget everything.

Won't knock your taste or anything. I will say I don't understand why people want to pair Sawbuck or Eggs or Biscuits (or Quarters or--) or the Felt in general, however. MC stuff I can kind of understand though. A sharp dressed man, all that rot.

>Fingerless gloves
oh god I am the slowest person in the world for not realizing she and Equius both wear the same gloves

Hey guys, my computer hasn't been letting me view this site for a couple of days and I only just realized that I can use proxy sites; however, I guess this thread is too large and I can only view the last 50 posts. However, I saw the comic based off of my "angry flexing Equius" post on 4chan and I want to say how happy and thankful I am.

Backspace the +50 from the URL

Doesn't work that way, I'm afraid.

If this as half as cool as you're making it sound, I will owe you....something.

Y'know, the longer I look at chubbycute Nepeta (augh almost typed chubbycute Vriska what-thehell), the more tingly feelings I get in my stomach and lower region.

B-b-buh, oh man.

Alright, all that talk of tease pictures earlier just, oh man. I agree soooo hard. With great passion. Seriously. Tease pics can gnaw at my imagination sometimes, but overall I like those more than outright porn at times because there are usually more artists of high calibur willing to draw it.

Unless the porn is really well drawn.

But I can't get this image out of my head. Just a female troll in general:

(Through the window you can see her.

She's breathing hard, really hard; she's putting a lot of effort into this. Her laptop lies in front of her, and she's sitting on the floor. Her legs are almost straddling the laptop, you realize as you look at how her feet stretch out in front of the computer, only to lead infuriatingly to that place where her thighs meet, just out of sight.

Just like her hands. You can't see them, but from the way her arm is moving... oh. Her eyes are flitting open and closed, and if you could press your ear to the window you're sure you could better hear what lovely noises she was making.

And, in the back of your mind, you wonder what exactly she's looking at on the laptop that's got her so excited. It's got her well and truly, whatever it is.

You damn yourself over and over for getting lost in thought; she's shifted herself into a different position now: standing up on her knees, and yet (god damn it) that sweet sight still blocked by both her laptop and hard-working hands. You realize that at any moment, you're going to be found out.

You watch her hands move, rhythmically and furiously, and you briefly wonder if you care either way.)

Oh god please don't take that as some kind of short fic, it's really really not. I have no idea who's watching or what troll it is (Vriska and Nepeta stand out pretty strongly as the troll being watched, but it could be anyone).

It might make a decent fic however, though I don't know if anybody even likes voyeurism like I do.

tl;dr I would appreciate it muchly if somebody tried their hand at drawing this.

Aw, won't be able to discern your comments from the others anymore. Ah well, I suppose it's for the best.

Hey! people actually remembers me, cool!

Man i dont think i can catch up with this much new content, its incredible what you guys have done this last month :D. (Id like to say im proud of you guys but i dont want to sound like a jerk, but really tho, youre awesome) man i cant wait to get my shitty tablet back from the shop so i can continue doing your requests.


we're glad to have you back :) you basically left a few days after I found +4, so I've been looking forward to seeing more of your stuff.

I prefer the carapaces myself too. But I like Snowman as well as the crew, and there's some good stuff that's come out of MC/Felt pairings.

Don't be silly.
Of course we we remember you, prodigal son.
It's good to see ya around again!

Delicious Healthy Nepeta :3
Both f your are awesome.

To me, the only Felt who can be paired with anybody are Crowbar and Stitch. I don't really count Snowman.

TeEtH AlL ClAcKiN' ToGeThEr 'cAuSe wE'rE FaNg bRoS~

Oh Andrei, how could anyone here forget you, I wanna know.
How could we breathe without you, if you ever go.
How could we ever, EVER SURVIIIIIIVE...

Hey. Hey Andrei. Andrei.
Draw this.
If you want to, of course.


but... that's already been drawn

But we want to see Andrei's take on Nepeta, and the other trolls.

And, if I still have some semblance of a paycheque, I'll even pay ya ten bucks. Or however much you charge for this.

File: 127986990926.png-(18.55KB, 300x175, iscribble crops arachnid courtship.png)
Got this out quick as a sort of prologue to what I'm writing since I couldn't get it to mesh with the beginning I already had as well as I liked. Ah well, this way you guys can tell me YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG in advance so I can keep your comments in mind writing and editing the main bits.


Oh... ha. Expectations. That's... That's wonderful. I just love expectations. I won't let you guys down >:'I

Nepeta's soft lilting giggle fit perfectly with Tavros' tenorous chuckle. It made Vriska want to retch. She cocked her head to the doorway and got a better look at the two. They stood much closer together than she would have liked.

On his new legs, Tavros was taller than most of the twelve so he often slouched. He did moreso now to be at a height with Nepeta, doubtless trying to make her feel more comfortable. Lousy considerate jerk. He never slouched around Vriska. He'd get all tense and wary. Soooooooo dumb. Okay, she threw him off a cliff once, big deal. It didn't mean he had to get all sputtery and formal every time she extended the olive branch of "fucking get over it already." He was whole again now, wasn't he?

Equius had worked on the guy's legs partially at her behest after all. Though she guessed it was moot since nobody knew. The mechanic was sworn to secrecy, for what a blueblood's promise was worth. But she had no reason to believe he was in cahoots with anyone. She had even tried to reaffirm their pact, even if it didn't go so well. "Hey, friend! You're my friend!" only made Equius look down his nose at her with an odd look which made Vriska so flustered she splashed the milk she'd brought in his face so he made her slap herself.

She never did had luck with friendly gestures.


"Fuck you, Karkat," Vriska snapped.

"OH. OH, I'M SORRY LET ME CHECK MY BONE BULGE AGENDA FOR AN OPENING." He flipped through some papers with a flourish for a moment, "HOW DOES GET THE FUCK BACK TO WORK O'CLOCK SOUND TO YOU?"

She scowled and he scowled back so she deepened hers and so on until her face hurt. Lousy companions. She noticed the pair at the doorway looking at her and Karkat with amusement and turned hurriedly back to her monitor.

That jerk Tavros was the worst. Of all the trolls, he had the most reason to hate her yet he was always infuriatingly nice. Once she had suspected him of underhanded tactics but the guy just didn't seem to have malice in him at all. She hated that. Mutual hate would have been so much easier but much as she fumed and fussed and even flew off the handle, he just apologized and smiled abashedly. If he held anything against her at all, he gave no sign. So, when words hadn't worked, Vriska stepped up her game. She would corner him and use everything in her power to make him afraid of her or angry at her, anything to make herself repulsive. But he took the bruises and the headaches and, as ever, grinned at her the next day with a silent promise of acceptance she knew was just a farce. One that stirred hopes and hurts inside her that Vriska thought she had buried deep... but a farce nonetheless.

"... said poetry got to him so..."

"... No way! He really said that?"

Ugh. Tavros was returning to his terminal a screen away from her and Nepeta loped by his side all adorable and amiable and animated. He was sitting and she took the empty seat between him and Vriska so she grit her teeth and they kept talking and Nepeta didn't leave. So she did. Getting up, Vriska stomped out of the room to wander the halls aimlessly. Bluh bluh, I'm Nepeta, I'm so innocent bluh bluh look at me getting along with eeeeeeeeveryone bluh bluh oh but why don't I hang around Tavros all the time, tee hee! What a huge bitch. She already had everyone else in her filthy paws, playing along with her retarded little games, what did she want him for? He was Vriska's.

She stopped.

Did she really just think that? She slapped herself on the forehead. This couldn't go on, he was driving her mad. She needed to do something drastic. Something final. It wouldn't be pleasant but she had no choice, they forced her hand, that damnable oaf most of all. It was his fault the senseless plan in Vriska's head was hatching. Somehow he had wriggled his way in there and sat on her brain like some great retarded cluckbeast. Well, enough was enough. By the end of the night he would either be hers for good or he would never darken her doorstep again.



I am hoping this leads to tsun tsun Vriska

I'm gonna have to second this request. Like Del said, there's something very hot about teaser pictures, and we already know Nepeta LOVES to tease Equius.

This is good so far. Vriska definitely strikes me as a yandere kind of character.

oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy

someone needs to do all the girlytrolls with awesomely different bodytypes. chub AC, flat+abs AG, and putting my vote in for lithe petite GA with big ol childbearing hips.

my kink is unique (or at least nongeneric) wonderful human(/troll) body variation <:3

File: 127987636516.jpg-(87.28KB, 262x796, preview_grimauxiliatrix.jpg)

I like the way ML7 draws them differently.

I do too, even if i dont quite agree/percieve them to be different to the way they draw it.
it is kind of disappointing when people draw... well, anyone, to look exactly the same as anyone else with only their clothes/hair/accessories to differenciate them, so even if its not quite how i imagine them, people look different from other people and are sometimes drawn that way and that is good.

Oh shit, I missed this

Someone get on that


I really like your Karkat. :3 Also your Vriska. And Tavros.

More please?

I'm loving this so far. Please go on.

File: 127989022751.png-(117.15KB, 314x686, gacb.png)

okay i guess by 'putting my vote in for' i just mean 'just doing it myself and then not being able to tell if it even looks good or not'

well whatever. posting!!!


Have you posted here before?

Because if not then you're stuck here now. I won't let you leave.

i have not posted images here before but i can certainly attempt to make a habit of it

Our high expectations are even higher now, so I guess you screwed up!

But really, this is an excellent start to the story and I can't wait to see more.


Do it :D

Soon as I figure out a replacement handle I like enough, you'll see me namefagging again. No worries, Del.
Jealous Vriska, gets-along-with-everyone Nepeta, Karkat trumped up on his own bullshit authority, and it's-always-their-fault-and-nevermind Vriska. Heck, her conversations with GA show that being nice and a friend to her really, really, gets under her skin.

Yep. Sounds like a solid start.

There does seem to be a little bit of potential inconsistency, though. First, Tavros's attitude towards her is described as 'tense and wary,' very formal, when she approaches him.

And then later on, when she tries to make him hate her, he just keeps smiling, apologizing, and turning the other cheek like he's troll jegus.

Now, Vriska's interpretations of Tavros are clearly going to be a bit warped here, but this is either inconsistent, or showing a bit of a development of/change in behavior/attitudes regarding Vriska, over time, in Tavros.

Guh I hope that sentence made sense. I'm not sure its a problem, and it's only something I noticed on the second re-read, but I thought it was worth a comment.

Mucho gracias para the encouragement, guys.


y helo thar~


I'll keep an eye out for that. I really appreciate the concrit because I feel like I'm fumbling on the characterization here. For the record, I imagine Tavros around Vriska being like a peasant suddenly shoved into a lord's hall. You know, polite and smiling but in an "Oh God, please don't flay me alive, why do you even want to talk to me I'm going to screw up ;_;" sort of way. Writing him does sort of bother me though since I'm going to have to make him more uh, "human" if Vriska's going to be able to provoke him into dominant behaviour.

I've been going over the pesterlogs to get a better feel for the trolls but so far, brother does pretty much act like Troll Jegus. If anyone's been able to spot otherwise in canon, I'd really love something to go on. Your guys' interpretation on him would help too. Gotta understand how he rolls.

>>69701 >>69736
Yay, welcome back! :D
By the by, your Homestuck stuff is one of the reasons I got interested in the comic, so thanks for pulling me into the glorious madness. :P

Liking this so far. :)

I like the contrast between her rather slender limbs and 'dem hips'.


I bet Troll Jegus isn't such a shitty rapper-- er, alternian slam poet. :B

File: 127991671336.jpg-(19.22KB, 278x361, big pun.jpg)
Okay, that was just horrible.
Nevertheless, love the story, and can't wait for more of it.

And frankly, there doesn't seem to be a contradiction between tense and overly apologetic in my mind.

Andrei, if you're taking requests when you get your tablet back, please do this: >>69598

File: 127991804414.gif-(9.05KB, 650x450, 02249.gif)
I can't believe I JUST found this place. Dear everyone in this thread, I love you. Signed, me.

Anyway, two things. Well, one request and one question. My ex has been obsessed with Aradia ever since he saw the pictured update. However, he's only obsessed with her because of how she's drawn in this panel. He loves "Her chubby little face", and laments the fact that she's skinny everywhere else in the comic.

So, if anyone with artistic talent could make a picture of a chubbycute Aradia (naked, clothed, whatever) so I could surprise him with it, I'd be your best friend forever. c:

Also, is posting bisexual stuff on this board kosher? I'm planning on writing a Karkat-Crossdressing Sollux-Terezi fic, so it's kinda borderline. Would I need to host it somewhere and give a gay warning, or could I just paste it here?

Man, everybody is requesting that quite a lot! I'm starting to think that some of the requests are the same person twice. Not necessarily this post though; just pointing out how much it's been requested.

I get the impression that it probably needs to be drawn at some point then.

File: 127991903678.png-(326.74KB, 820x739, tavrosss.png)
>>69798 u can stick it here prolly but feel free to warn and check the little spoiler box next to the posting form like this


TAVROS: Get swole.

>chubbycute request

This fic intrigues me. Proceed.


Can't get over how much I love beefy powerlifter Tavros, and in specific, the composition here. There are a lot of little details--the way Tinkerbull is balanced, his fingers curling around the end of the lance, that good-natured, big-hearted smile--that really work it.

Also, the body hair. And the way gundam-style robot legs make it look like badass cyborg cowboy boots.

Also I find the notion of Chubbycute Vriska a hilarious notion and support it. Makes one wonder if there should be lean Nepeta to match.

And I think we're kosher with bisexual stuff, yeah. The fic concept intrigues, at least.


Fuck yeah, post that bitchtits fic. If it's really long you may want to host it elsewhere and link it but in general, there's really no rules other than common decency tin these threads, so do whatever you feel like. This thread blurs the line into /coq/ territory quite a lot so I'm pretty sure no one will mind some bi material.


Yeah, that picture always makes me smile. Gotta love that goofy grin.


I dunno if I said it yet but yes please to bisexuals. At worst you could always post it to homesmut or mspachan or something and link it with a warning.

File: 127994355251.png-(258.54KB, 750x750, tangle buddies.png)
just made this

posted it on /co/

going to sleep

still working on the TavrosxNepeta comic

Agreed, the idea seems to be really popular! I'd like to see that pic a lot. Nepeta sexually teasing Equius would be awesome to see. Maybe he'd finally play with her if she offered some incentive. (or it could just made him awkward and adorable, like >>68219 . That's one of my favorite pictures, period.)


Ahahaha, oh Jade.


awesome, I thought you had abandoned that. Damn it suddenly seems like the activity in this thread picked up.

oh yesss. So cool to see the these kids again.

Went back to read an saw this. Brilliant idea.
I'd much rather write this than draw it. I write a little more artfully than I draw, at the moment.

>>69849 is this the first piece of dave/jade smut? i love it, it is SO CUTE. i love dave's look of concentration and jade is just all "yay tangle buddies! :DDDD".

i would kill to see more of this. they are my favorite pairing, but they get no love.

There was a Dave/Jade in the last thread, at >>67498
I mean, it's not porn, but it's good stuff.

File: 127995057783.png-(183.06KB, 500x604, Shesfinewiththis.png)
Oh look what happened hahahaha



Hey, thanks! I didn't want to "bump" my idea, but I'm glad you like it. And if you want to write fic about it then I say feel free. I would, since that's all I've got for creative output as well, but I'm still hacking away at a Karkat/Sollux thing. So go for it!

Haha, yessss. Aradia is only a skinny ghost/sprite/robot. But a chubby troll. Awesome.

Aw god damn it, you beat me to it. }:C
But I love this, because she is adorable <3

God's bollocks this was my post. Need to remember to replace my name every time I clear the cache. Stupid old laptop.

Del that was a great idea.

I think it would probably work out best with Nepeta as the girl in question and Equius as the one watching. I mean, he DOES love watching...and keeping an eye out for Nepeta, if you know what I mean.

...AUGH why didn't I remember that. Obviously Equius would be the voyeur in question.

As for Nepeta... I'd be fine with that. There's not really as much Nepeta/Equius as there should be.

Morbi why do you keep drawing girls I find so unbelievably sexy and squeezeable.

File: 127997579983.jpg-(17.17KB, 235x288, Image2.jpg)
Found on the official forums of all places

Yeah, when I saw that there I wanted to laugh, but was mostly just facepalming. WHATEVER, naked Terezi.



Thank you thank you it's perfect :3

This is hot and fills me with happy. :)


Well it would probably be either Aradia, Vriska, or Nepeta. Equius is already getting free makeouts from Aradia, he can make Vriska finger herself whenever he wants (as some awesome art and fics have shown us), I think Nepeta would be the most unique and completely reasonable direction to go in.

Well you said either Vriska or Nepeta would probably work best. We've already seen him do it with Vriska in some fantastic works (>>68582 >>68946 >>69448) so why not some Nepeta? There's never enough love for Equius/Nepeta.

If I'm doing Equius, I'd probably put something with Aradia too. For some reason, going out of his way to watch the low class pleasure themselves would be an interesting dynamic.

I still haven't really chosen characters, but I feel like KarkatxTerezi needs some more REPRESENTING.

Ok, the first thing im drawing when i get my tablet back is thirteen's request and the Nepeta/Equius pic.

By the way, does anyone have a link to the first thread?, there was a couple of request ideas i wanted to draw.


Again i aprecciate the warm welcome :D.


First thread: >>55754
Second thread: >>66911


Uh. I'd like to, maybe try a shot at making this fic. It'd probably end up being Equius watching Vriska, seeing as how the two hives are extremely close to each other...

But, uh, if you'd rather Navy had a crack at it, I'll just stay back for the moment.


One idea I'd love to see be made is something with Rose being a prankster to John. Just throwing the idea out honestly (aka, anyone can take it or simply ignore it); seems like it'd almost be better suited to pg-13 than R or XXX stuff though.


The Kink Meme (at homesmut on LJ) and the, uh, Worksafe Request Meme (at captchalogue on LJ), both might also be good places to look to get that kind of request goin'.

'Specially the second one, I think. Or, heck, the official forums. They don't bite too bad.

This implies that the idea belongs to anyone. As far as my word matters, which isn't terribly much, I think that if you both wanted to write a fic in the same vein that nobody would mind.

If anything, more abundance of content will only please the populace further. :D

Personally it'd be cool to see two different pieces on the same theme. Go for it.

File: 128002454787.jpg-(10.33KB, 400x249, 01.jpg)
Dem Eyelashes...

What sort of prank?


haha, damn, that wasnt my intention at all, but i actually love a clockwork orange. too bad AG would be the one all for lashings of the old ultraviolence instead, i dont like her anywhere near as much as GA but it doesnt suit that way.

>Generally, Sagittarius is considered compatible with same element signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius itself. These signs share a fiery demeanor and are believed to relate with each other on that merit.

I now want a sadomasochistic three way between Aradia, Nepeta, and Equius

I think you both should go for it! I'd love to see two different takes on the subject, with two different females in question (Nepeta/Vriska).





Equius walked up from his robotic storage room deep in his hive and grimaced at the oil smeared on his hands. The daily fights with his robots was certainly therapeutic, but always left him sweaty and filth-ridden. Towel. He needed a fresh towel immediately. Where was that darn Aurthour?

One quick look around his room gave that answer. Aurthour was already snug in his corner, sleeping peacefully. The training session had run far longer than Equius had intended. It was times like these that Equius wished he could sleep, but his strength gave him endless energy, thus erasing the need for sleep. The fact that he continually broke his recuperacoons upon attempting to enter them didn’t help things.

Equius shook his head. No time for regrets. He loved being strong. However, such prodigious strength can have consequences. With a sigh, he trudged upstairs to the laundry room. As he opened the door, a rush of cold air exited the room, chilling him slightly. He always made sure to keep the windows open in here; considering the number of towels he went through in a day, the smell could sometimes get...impressive.

The loud rumbling in the room meant that Aurthour had already set up some towels in the drier for Equius’s free use. Even after all these years, Equius could still be astonished at Authour’s superior butlering capabilities. Equius’s eyes spun along with the towels. Brumbrumbrumbrum. Quite mesmerizing. After a few minutes, the device finally dinged and opened up.

Equius began to open the door for his towels, but with the drier off, sounds from outside quickly flooded the room. One of the many benefits to being strong, however, included near superhuman senses. The noises that floated in were normal…rocks falling down the cliffs, the rustle of bugs crawling through the grass. One sound in particular, however, made him stop. It was the sound of heavy breathing, like someone was having a heart attack.

Equius walked over to the open window and scanned the surroundings for the offending noise. It appeared to be eminating from Vriska’s house. Particularly, her room, whose window was aglow with a white light. What was Vriska doing up so late? Certainly nothing meddlesome, as nobody else was typically up at this hour save for himself, and his computer had been silent for most of the day. He took off his shattered shades and squinted as to get a better look into her room.


Oh my.

Equius couldn’t believe his eyes. There was Vriska, splayed out in front of her computer, pleasuring herself to something on the screen! This was outrageous. Blue bloods did not pleasure themselves, and certainly not to anything on a computer. Equius had half a mind to go downstairs and order her to stop immediately…

…But the other half demanded he stay. Vriska was really going at it, and such an act was one he had never seen before. So really, it was more of a learning experience than anything else. Mind now made up, Equius quickly got a chair and did what he did best- Stare.

While the window was unfortuitously placed, Vriska still had the fortune of having the monitor save most of her modesty; Equius was sad to see that he could not see her chest nor her currently overworked bone nook. On either side of the monitor were Vriska’s legs; skinny and mostly muscle. The frequent trips to feed her lusus had served her well. Her legs were hard at work, bouncing up and down vigorously in time with her hands. Or at least, what Equius guessed her hands were doing. The monitor only revealed her arm, pumping up and down furiously. It was fairly easy to extrapolate what the motion entailed.

However, of what was visible, what interested Equius the most was Vriska’s flustered face. A deep blush spread across her cheeks, turning her face almost completely blue. It was a magnificent shade of blue, Equius thought. He had never really considered it before, but as far as the spectrum of blue-blooded trolls went, hers was the superior chroma. Below her flushed cheeks was her mouth, which was clamped down hard on her lower lip, obviously resisting any offending moans from becoming audible. Equius thought he could see a small trail of that glorious hemochroma trailing down from her sharp teeth. Vriska would have almost certainly heard his heart break, had she not been so busy.

Equius shifted his gaze to her eyes, or rather, eye, seeing as how she was wearing those curious one-shaded sunglasses. Her one visible eye flittered open and shut, dilated pupil fixated on the screen. Whatever was on that screen commanded her absolute attention. He quickly looked at her other lens in an attempt to see what was reflected.

While his eyesight was indeed strong, it was not sufficient and Equius could only guess what it was. His mind raced. What could Vriska possibly be so into? Was it a simple porno, like Lususes Gone Wild? One of those ridiculous schlick fics that the more depraved trolls wrote? Or was it something truly odd, like…eugh…intercourse between gutterbloods? Equius wasn’t really sure why he considered that last one. The very thought made his stomach churn. Yes, of course, he knew gutterbloods held relations as such, but it was something he’d rather not think about.

Equius quickly shook the thoughts out of his mind as he realized that Vriska had shifted positions in her chair. She was now sitting on her knees, legs still spread and arms now working at an even quicker pace. Equius could feel his face flush as he realized that her chest was now exposed, each breast quivering in rhythm with her arm’s frantic movements. He could also see that her robotic arm had been busy as well, caressing her breasts slowly. It was a strange sight, because while her organic arm was doing its best to imitate a vibrator, her robotic arm was moving slowly and carefully, each finger taking the time to trail small circles around each erect nipple. Equius idly wondered if she knew about the vibration function he installed in the arm. He supposed he would tell her later.

His eyes flitted back to her face, which had now left all sense of modesty behind in favor of giving into the waves of pleasure coursing through her system. Her mouth, once shut tight, was now gaping wide open, with all manner of orgasmic moans and sighs escaping from it. Her eye was closed as every muscle in her body relaxed and contracted in sync with her hand’s movements. Equius leaned forward intently as Vriska’s back arched. Clearly she was going into the big finish. Her head rocked back and her tongue flopped out of her mouth. Her quiet, lustful moans had evolved into loud, cacophonous screams whose pitch increased with each passing moment. Just as he thought she could go no higher, Equius heard the first understandable words exit her mouth…

“…Oh, Equiuuuuuuuus!!!!!!!!”

He blinked. Equius? Why had she called his name? It didn’t make sense until he saw her eye suddenly shift positions. Now, instead of the screen, she was looking directly at him. He could see her wink- or was she just blinking?- before she stepped out of sight.

Equius got up and looked back at the quiet laundry room behind him.

He definitely needed a towel now.


Yes. Fuck yes! HELL FUCKING YES!

Awwwwwwwwww yeah, this fierceshitty biznasty is deliriously rudebrazen



This is awesome as fuck

>>"bone nook"

oh my god I fucking LOST it at that part.

Everything after that was like watching a funny porno. Just, wow. But in a good way, though! Haha, this is much better than how I would've handled it, I think.


You all are too kind! Again, my apologies for it ending up more funny than sexy, but that was my first crack at a sexfic. I couldn't help but feel like I was forcing the sex parts in. Plus the fact that I am a dude and the fic mostly focused on the lady's orgasm didn't help solidify any feelings of confidence in the fic.


Anyway I'm glad you guys enjoyed. Maybe I'll make another in the future. :o

I have to say I'm kind of disappointed so few posts in here are actually stories.

But that would be in some sort of heaven. THIS is great.

Do it

Doooooo iiiiiiit

Also, yeah, my KarkatxSolluxxTerezi fic is coming along slowly. I haven't written anything sexy in over a year, so trying to manage three characters at once is kinda tough.

I could care less about it being sexy or not.

I just want more to read more to read more to read

File: 128009226844.png-(132.03KB, 394x787, vriskadriver.png)
hErE yOU gO

Oh my God you guys are giving me a girl boner for Vriska how is this even happening. YOU ARE NOT HELPING REZNIK <3

Anyway, I tried to get some work in on that fic yesterday but my head was all, "lolno BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" so I haven't gotten that far, it's not too late to demand any other kinks of it.






Well I can't top this. Might as well write on a similar but different topic. :U

File: 128010062068.png-(130.24KB, 579x563, 1279082275017.png)
vrIskA Is thE bEst

I just can't wait for gA to get formally introduced. She's the cutest troll, I can't wait to start pairing her up :3c

Also Reznik, please do not stop this wonderful thing that you're doing.

File: 128010357543.jpg-(47.62KB, 371x375, visioneightfold.jpg)

Not enough Vrιska ιn the world.

File: 128010390450.png-(22.92KB, 350x500, 1280087639138.png)

>question mark in name
>Iotas in flesh of post


File: 128010414453.png-(49.64KB, 439x411, 1280093282575.png)
Requesting more drawings of Vriska.

File: 128010418584.png-(220.18KB, 727x805, 1279993214658.png)

I had an idea for a fic with gA, the sweet, kind, nurturing girl competing with Vriska, the weird, bossy, bluh-bluh-psycho-bitch competing with each other for Tavros, who is mostly confused and a little scared of them both. But, I'd like to wait and see what happens with them, and, you know, find out gA's name.


Get this (wo?)man some fucking funding

File: 128010741516.png-(79.61KB, 997x999, omg mad.png)

Oh man the fact that she calls his name and winks at him just MAKES this, great work dude.

Now I'm eagerly awaiting the one where he's spying on Nepeta

Gotta love Vriska.

File: 128011266718.jpg-(40.21KB, 640x480, JJJ_Bueno.jpg)

And to finish my bloody Rosalina request, you big meanie. >:I

File: 128013275116.png-(28.34KB, 640x800, uhhh_by_Seroia.png)
Equius riding Aradia. Clearly this is what we're here for.

File: 128013682355.png-(107.04KB, 253x364, yesssssssss.png)


Im on it mr thirteen! wait no im not, my tablets still dead : (

File: 128013962535.jpg-(109.71KB, 445x480, rule_63_kicks_ass_by_KoMPepperochu.jpg)
Just found thιιιιιιιιs

You guys can expect some Rose and Jade stuff later. Random commissioner dropped some money on me, so I'm working on that now.


Not as random as you might think.

I hope I'm not grossing you out or anything but money talks.


agggh I don't mean that in a mean way or anything. Fuck. Open mouth, insert foot.

Got your email.
Love it.
Much thanks, buddy.

File: 128015875410.png-(320.64KB, 944x1101, Rose.png)
>>70123 >>70124
Haha, I figured you were from here. :B And nah, it didn't sound mean. Also, here's the first one. Why is semen so annoying to draw? Whatever.
(At least I don't have to email you, I hate using email.)


daaaamn that was fast. And also great. Thank you for gratifying the extremely irresponsible use of my money. (She's a bit.. bigger than I expected though :o)

I figured you might not be available for commission for much longer being on the back end of summer so I decided to get in on it while I could.

Bigger? You mean chubby? xD
Haha, sorryyy. I like slightly bigger girls.
Plus, I get a little too worked up over PROPER ANATOMY and my stylization falls really flat sometimes. That happened this time. I'd just gotten the lineart done when I noticed so I'm making an effort with this next one to make it a little better. Just finished the sketch, so I'll probably be done in an hour or two.


And kind of older too. But I really don't mind! If I got exactly what I was expecting it wouldn't be a surprise!

Believe me if I had more money you would be up to your ears in commissions and cash dollars. I never was any good with money. Maybe some other time.

File: 128016716326.png-(254.34KB, 923x673, rose and jade.png)
Well I'm glad you like my stuff. :B
Here's the other one. This is... marginally better. There are things I don't like about it, and I'm going to have to keep them in mind for next time, but I hope it's good enough. BLUH.

Very nice. I like the use of colors very much. Do you have a HF or DA page?

Vriska doing things with needles... Mmm....

Ooo, nice!


I have no idea what HF is, but I have a Furaffinity page (porn is allowed there, so that's where I post it) at


HF = Hentai Foundry.

Y'know, on the topic of drawing semen: I think you've gotten better at drawing viscous fluids. I wish I could think of a better way to put it, but still. For all that you don't think you've a talent for drawing that, you're getting better from what I've seen. o:

Ah, bum. Bum is a wonderful thing. And now there are two bums. Side by side. Why do asses have to be shaped just so nicely?

File: 128017913810.png-(23.80KB, 715x566, n3SbRi - snowman's no ho.png)

File: 128017917325.png-(26.48KB, 715x566, HK6CGv - bone bulges.png)

File: 128017921552.png-(28.43KB, 715x566, qBd4NC - fruition.png)

File: 128017924976.png-(21.88KB, 715x566, lrtU2R - extended fruition.png)

File: 128017929530.png-(14.28KB, 715x566, YfljWf - manhood.png)

File: 128017978065.png-(540.79KB, 480x640, snowman angel thing.png)
Never heard of it.

Thanks. :B Apparently I'm still not great at drawing vaginas. The first thing my bf said was "how come jade and rose got such low vaginas. huh. *poke* huhhh"
I coulda sworn it looked okay from the ref image I used. *baw face*

Anyways I found this Tegaki. Snowman as an angel I guess? I dunno. Boobs.

Didn't notice. Arse is more the focus of that picture anyway.

Also, I've seen that picture on DeviantArt as well. Comes from a furry artist; don't know if they've drawn anything else in that vein. Regardless of how little sense the picture makes, it's rather pretty. Guess that was the point.

Ooh, I really like the tail in this one.

Dave being buttfucked by the Lucky Charms guy

>>70139 >>70158
Everything looked spot on to me. ¯\(°_°)/¯

God, why? D:

File: 128019528777.png-(4.94KB, 168x149, Karkat O'Malley.png)

Wait what. Lucky the mascot or Karkat O'Malley?

Time for a completely uncalled-for unnamed Karkat x Sollux x Terezi fanfic!

Well, the first chapter anyway. This doesn't actually have any sex in it, but it sets everything up nicely. I'll get to part 2 tomorrow, and by then, all kinds of kinky shit will be going down.

The air tasted angry.

“One last game, you grubfucker!” Karkat growled through clenched fangs. It really was a miracle he hadn’t flung the controller he clutched so tightly in his hands.

“Right, then once I beat you in that you’ll want another last game, then another, then…” Sollux calmly placed his own controller down on his lap, rubbing at the bases of his horns with a thumb and index finger. “You’re fucking hopeless, you know that? You can’t win, KK.”

“Fuck you I can’t win!” Karkat’s controller clattered to the ground as he stood up from the couch, his fists clenched tightly. Sollux remained unmoved by this display. He wasn’t threatened. This was business as usual with Karkat.

To say that Terezi was watching all of this going on in glee is somewhat inaccurate, but she was smiling widely nonetheless. She was sitting almost daintily on the far end of the couch that Sollux was lounging on and that Karkat was practically abusing. The boys had been at this ever since she found her way to Karkat’s respiteblock. Karkat had been challenging Sollux to game after game, and the nub-horned troll hadn’t won a single one of them. Most other young trolls would have gotten bored with the constant defeat and given up, but not Karkat. Karkat never gave up.

Sollux didn’t seem bored either. He apparently never got tired of putting his friend in his place time and time again. In fact, though he outwardly seemed aloof, Terezi could smell the smugness and satisfaction coming off of Sollux each time he bested Karkat. Seriously. Smugness has a very strong odor.

Rounding out the trio of trolls-who-should-be-bored-but-aren’t, Terezi couldn’t help but laugh like an Earth Hyena every time Karkat got his ass handed to him. Watching Karkat get worse and worse as time went on was like a tragic play unfolding for her. On Alternia, tragedy and comedy are pretty much the same thing.

The laughter also covered up Terezi’s scheming. She was always scheming. Quasi-nefariously scheming. She had picked up on the rising tensions between the boys before she even arrived, and now that they were reaching a fever pitch, she intended to use them to her advantage.

And, have some fun along the way.

“Oh GOGDAMMIT!” Karkat snapped, spiking his controller against the ground with a loud crack. “I WAS GOING TO FUCKING WIN! Fucking BULLSHIT!”

Sollux groaned loudly. “Come on, man, those take forever to make, you can’t just break them like th-“

“Shut your fucking mouth!” Karkat turned to scowl at Sollux, his furrowed eyebrows doing everything they could to express his rage.

“No, you shut your mouth!” Sollux stood up as well, trying to stare down Karkat rather than the other way around.

“YOU CHEATED!” Karkat flailed his arms around him. He would never hit his friend, so he seemed to take it out on the air around him.

“I did NOT, you grubfucking little-“


Both of the trolls looked over to the spot on the couch the noise had originated from. In the heat of their argument, they had both forgotten that Terezi was even there.

The blind girl only grinned toothily up at Karkat’s face. Or, more accurately, slightly to the right of Karkat’s face, but it was her best approximation. “I’m thirsty; can you lead me to the kitchen?” she asked, her tone surprisingly polite. “From the way you designed this place, I just know I’d get lost as soon as I stepped out.” That comment tarnished the politeness somewhat, but it was still far more civil than Terezi’s usual tone.

Both Sollux and Karkat stared dumbly at Terezi, as if her question had shocked both of them to the core. “Uhh… Sure,” Karkat muttered, taking a few moments to re-compose himself before walking over to Terezi. She smiled, reaching her arms up towards Karkat and stretching her legs to the side; the universal sign for “carry me.”

“Aww hell no.” He reached down, grabbing Terezi by the shoulder and pulling her roughly to her feet. “Your legs still work, idiot. Follow me.” Terezi only giggled, grabbed her cane, and started to follow the sound of Karkat’s footsteps.

The kitchen wasn’t very far away. In reality, Terezi wasn’t thirsty at all; she just needed to get out of the room Sollux was in. She still made Karkat fill up a glass of water for her, though. God, she loved bossing people around.

“So, Karkat,” she said lowly while standing a bit too close to Karkat – which Karkat had gotten used to by now – “I couldn’t help but notice you getting your ass handed to you back there.”

Karkat only growled. “Shut the fuck up, like you could do any better.”

“Oh, couldn’t I?” Terezi put her glass of water down on a nearby countertop, crossing her arms over her chest and grinning.

“… No! No you couldn’t!” Karkat took a step back, pressing his palm against his face. “You’re fucking blind.”

Terezi was unfettered. “Listen. I can help you.” She closed the distance between her and Karkat again, leaning forward enough to startle Karkat into leaning his head back. He could feel her leggings rubbing against his bare shins. “I can tell that you want to knock Sollux down a… peg.” The fact that Terezi’s smile noticeably widened when she uttered that last word did not go unnoticed by Karkat, but he didn’t really make the connection until much later. “You’ll just have to play along, okay?”

Karkat pondered for a moment. “Play along? Wait, woah woah, what do you want me to…”

Terezi reached her right hand up, putting her index finger to Karkat’s lips. Or, at least, she TRIED to put it to his lips, but ended up poking his eye.


“Whoops, sorry.” She moved her finger down a little, putting it on his lips correctly this time, giving him a coy smile. “You’ll know it when it happens. Either way, we’ll both end up happy, promise.”

Karkat knew that accepting a promise from Terezi was sort of like signing a contract that you hadn’t read any of the fine print to. He knew it was probably going to come back to haunt him.

But dammit, he wanted to see Sollux lose.

“Fine.” Karkat bit back a sigh, knowing that he just sealed his fate. “This had better be good.”

Terezi only grinned, finding the faint smell of Karkat’s apprehension rather encouraging.

END OF PART ONE god i promise I’ll actually write sex next time


Sorry for the basic writing style, but I haven't written anything but lab reports for the past two years. I'll try to get back into the swing of things (also known as "not sounding like a goddamn robot") as quickly as I can.


>Taking him down a peg.

Ohhhh I think I see where this is going. H3 H3 H3.


I am liking very much where this is going.

Andrei don't forget the Nepeta teasing Equius picture! :)

Easy now. Let the man breathe. He'll get to what he can, when he's able.

File: 128020198855.png-(62.54KB, 450x650, jade_metaphysical_porn.png)
I almost sorta' kinda' drew that idea.

So, do I finish it? I do a lot more cleanup on it for a final version
(I am also not confident in my art at all. Sorry guys I don't take classes or have models.)

I like it! If you decided to finish it, that would be cool. : )


Yeah, it'd be great if you finished it.

File: 128022702052.jpg-(102.64KB, 300x352, Mwah Clorin_Spats.jpg)
This isn't porn but it's absolutely adorable


more please :)


I'd really like to see this finished up.

Yes, I'll get part 2 written tonight. I dunno if there's going to be a part 3 yet. I'll play it by ear :3

Thanks for the encouragement, all.


My favorite detail is that, even as Terezi gestures, looks towards people, etc, she's still sticking her finger and head and what have you in the wrong places, providing minor slapstick.

This matches up well with my minor experience with blind people, and provides a bit of slapstick as well. Keep going, Zip!

Part One of that Vriska/Tavros fic done (ish). Working title Fear of the Dark. Too long for one post so I'm linking it. Also, I'm too sick of it by now to edit but I figure I should get a move on. It uhh, turned out a lot darker than I planned but no story's worth writing that doesn't take a life of it's own, I feel. And, I guess, non-con Anon might be happy. Frankly any romance between these two is going to be fucked up in any case.

Oh my God did I just write a rape scene? Fuuuuck I totally did. There is happysex and cuddles forthcoming, fo' reals. Fo' reals Don't be shy on the comments, even if it's just that you don't like how the dialogue flows or the sex scenes are written (walls of text walls of text walls of text walls of text walls of text). I hope you like it because I feel dirty now, you fuckers ;A;

File: 128025697635.jpg-(169.57KB, 600x750, Terezi+Vriska scourgesisters.jpg)
Here's some REALLY nice art that was on the forum. I kind of like this implied Terezi/Vriska.

File: 128025709316.png-(2.02MB, 480x1859, terezi+vriska The Outsider.png)
Also this comic, done by the same artist. Usually, I intensely dislike Vriska. She is a giant whiny bitch, etc etc. But this. I like this a lot.

Hoooooooly shit this is incredible


This is... actually pretty awesome.

>>70299 >>70300
These two as a team had to have been mayhem incarnate. The thought of them as a more intimate pair is so awesome it blows my head to the back of the auditorium.


SkepticArcher is pretty much the best Terezi and/or Vriska artist. That's really all there is to say on the matter.



This is fucking fantastic and I thank you for writing it

Great stuff so far. I don't mind the "basic" writing style at all, it's perfect for the bantering trollversations.
Also good, very very good. I feel some of the sentences towards the end are a little unwieldy, but they're still really fun to read.


Stop making me like more pairings, I can BARELY keep track of the ones I already like! D:

File: 128026754972.png-(161.62KB, 615x543, 1280010058014.png)
Destroy threads on /co/ erryday. I love you guys.

You better be getting to the cute part soon!

If you wanna feel cleaner, you should write some cute, happy sex asap. But seriously, I liked it, even being as uncomfortable with rape as a I am.

File: 128027020863.gif-(39.49KB, 650x650, 02295.gif)

So help me Hussie, if you really go through with this...

Whoa, you are right on TOP of these updates. Gog damn.

Also note that the sequence is ALMOST EXACTLY LIKE THIS.

I have been mashing F5 all day.

Damn. Good point.





there's already fanart

as soon as two characters interact at all you can consider them shipped

Nyurrr. Apparently, describing Sollux wearing girl's clothing is TOTALLY entertaining to me, so I've pounded out about two pages worth of it rather than kinky trollsex. Sorry, it looks like I'll be posting part 1.5 tonight, and the actual sex will have to wait until tomorrow.

Then I will disembowel myself to regain my lost honor.

I never thought about Karkat/Nepeta before, now I kinda want to see it happen.


sweet post it

File: 128027365218.png-(10.20KB, 219x199, ohyes.png)


I just needed to finish it up, here you go.

There isn't really any gay content here unless you find crossdressing to be inherently gay. That's why I'm not putting up a warning, or linking to it on /coq/ quite yet. In due time, though. IN DUE TIME.


“I shouldn’t have taken that bet,” Sollux muttered while he gazed at himself in the mirror. He had been repeating the phrase over and over again in his head for the past ten minutes, but he thought that saying it out loud might make him feel better.

It didn’t.

He kept mentally kicking himself as he rummaged around for Terezi’s bag of makeup. “I should have just said no, or muted the TV, or something. Dammit.” He had never thought that Terezi could beat him at Gran Trollismo 5 by sound alone. He often underestimated her ultra-sensitive hearing and smell, and this didn’t break any patterns.

He smoothed out his – err, Terezi’s – skirt, and brought the teal lipstick tube up to his lips. She had started to treat him like a slave as soon as “Player 2 Wins” started to flash on the TV screen. It was the terms of their bet, after all. At first, it was simple things, like fetching her items she was too lazy to go up and get herself, or rubbing her feet or shoulders, or things like that. They were simple, if a bit embarrassing, just for the fact that Sollux needed to submit.

Then, Terezi ordered Sollux to do the same things for Karkat.

That was a bit weird.

But, Sollux could live with it. Karkat seemed as put off with the whole thing as he was. But, really, as time went on, Sollux started to ease up to it, especially when he was rubbing his friend’s shoulders. He couldn’t help but think if Karkat was starting to ease up a little towards him, and maybe…

Sollux lightly smacked himself on the head with the comb he was previously running through his short hair. “No. Bad Sollux.” Sollux had come to terms with his bisexuality, but being attracted to Karkat was something he was NEVER going to accept. He made sure of that.

He set down his – err, Terezi’s – comb on the counter, and took a long look at himself in the tall mirror standing on one side of Karkat’s room.

Damn. He looked like a girl.

He had outright refused when Terezi commanded him to wear her clothing. Then Terezi had grinned toothily, smacking one side of her cane against her open palm, wielding it like a lash. Then Sollux had quickly gotten the clothes necessary and locked himself in Karkat’s room.
Despite not wanting to do it in the first place, Sollux had spent a long time making sure that he looked presentable. His short, black hair was parted in the middle, which took a while for his bangs to accept. It looked a tad ridiculous with his sideburns, he thought, but he wasn’t losing the sideburns. Not for any gogdamned reason.

Sollux didn’t understand many of the intricacies of troll makeup, but he gave himself kudos for not smearing Terezi’s lipstick all over his face. He was considering using something to cover up the yellowish blush creeping onto his cheeks, but he didn’t want to take the hours THAT would require.

He was very surprised at how nicely Terezi’s t-shirt fit on him. Sollux had always been on the slender side, but he never imagined himself slipping right into women’s clothing. It wasn’t exactly a frilly dress, sure, but the shirt was obviously made for a more slender, girlish figure. The skirt was a bit much, though. The soft, teal fabric flowed down to Sollux’s shins, and the draft was starting to make him feel uncomfortable. He had never even seen Terezi wear a skirt before. He couldn’t say that he disliked how it looked, though. It reminded him of gA’s.

Sollux couldn’t help but feel WRONG when he put on a pair of Terezi’s black panties, her symbol sewn onto the crotch, natch. Thankfully, Terezi had wide enough hips so that they weren’t oppressively tight, but at the same time, the fabric was rubbing up against Sollux in places he definitely wasn’t used to. Thankfully, Sollux didn’t need to bother with a bra, since Terezi apparently hadn’t even brought any. He didn’t dwell on this fact for too long. Terezi wasn’t the biggest in the chest department, but she was developed enough that…

The crossdressing boy closed his eyes tight. “Okay okay okay stop thinking about that stop thinking about that argh…”

Sollux wasn’t very comfortable with the fact that he was so turned on by this. “Just thinking about the fucking CONCEPT Terezi’s tits was enough to set me off…?” he muttered under his breath, looking down at the tenting fabric and attempting to will it out of existence.

“What was that?” Terezi asked politely from the opposite side of the door.

Anything that wasn’t nailed down in Karkat’s room shook as the telekinetic practically jumped out of his skin, stumbling away from the door. Oh gog, he thought, PLEASE say she didn’t hear that. “U-uhh, nothing! Nothing!” He scrambled away from the door, looking around frantically for something to cover up his crotch with, forgetting that Terezi wouldn’t be able to see his erection anyway, and that he had locked the door in case something exactly like this happened. “… How long have you been there?”

“Just checking up on you,” Terezi responded cheerfully, in an almost sing-song voice. It did little to comfort Sollux. “Need me to braid your hair?”

Sollux could practically HEAR her smiling. “Um, no, no thank you… I’ll be out in a minute!”

“You had better beeee!” Terezi cooed. Sollux waited until he heard her cane tapping back down the hall before he let out a huge sigh of relief.

He glanced at the mirror once more, seeing a feminine guy – or masculine girl, it was hard to tell with a glance – looking back at him.

This was going to suck.


Terezi waited until she had made it down the hallway to begin cackling. She tapped her way into Karkat’s living room, hearing the sounds of one of Karkat’s dumb romantic comedies playing in the background.

Plopping down on the couch next to Karkat, who was completely engrossed in what Troll Will Smith was saying to Troll Kevin Arnold, she couldn’t help herself. She laughed uproariously, so hard she doubled over and clutched her stomach, not stopping until Karkat was attempting to smother her with a pillow just to get her to shut up.

The scent of pheromones was so thick coming from under Karkat’s door, she almost tasted it.

This was going to be great.


blar i suck at writing so much, why do i do this to myself


this is gonna be so awesome

more dammit!

In time, in time. I'm gonna start writing the actual sex part tonight, but I have a job that requires me to be up at 4:00 AM, so odds are I'm gonna have to finish it up tomorrow.

>but he wasn’t losing the sideburns. Not for any gogdamned reason.
FFFFFFFFF, sideburns <3
:D *a million gleeful faces*

File: 128027559271.gif-(12.99KB, 539x579, so_much_mangrit.gif)
sideburns 4 life

I don't care what the update says about Nepeta, I refuse to stop shipping Terzei/Karkat

Somehow I don't think Nepeta would be opposed to that.

Nobody's tellin' you to stop, but I'll tell ya man, you ain't got no right to be upset or surprised when Karkat starts learnin' to like them tail-jobs if ya get what I'm sayin'.

Where is all your shipping walls with every possible combination?

Don't keep one anymore. Me and a friend tried, but it started to look a lot like those bulletin boards that conspiracy theorists have, so we called it quits.

File: 128027900538.png-(858.91KB, 650x450, cglovedbyall.png)

Obvious solution: Karkat x everyone.

This is the ending to my fic

Fucking spoilers dude





File: 128028526536.jpg-(132.24KB, 800x1143, spiderman_black_cat_by_nebezial.jpg)
Hey, anyone could make something like this picture with Vriska as black cat/ spiderman with any other as troll/kid ?

I'm tempted, but I don't think I could it justice.

That could work for Vriska/Spiderman too.

File: 128029456444.png-(569.04KB, 1557x800, spanish armada colored.png)

Yessssssss, I'll take it!

Man, I am in that clusterstuck thing. I'm not even sure why, but I guess if it turns out to be too big a time investment I can have my character killed off.

I decided that my character has clinical lycanthropy and thinks they are a werewolf. In the, I-hunt-and-rip-and-tear at night sense. I could say I'm not sure why I did that, but it'd be a lie.

Also, Askal, that fic?

FFFFFFFFF, I think, is the technical term. 'Hot as fuck' may also be appropriate jargon. This wasn't quite what I expected from a 'rape' scene at all, but that was definitely a kind of dubcon, yeah.

It's just....god dammit. I have this minor but nonetheless present fetish for hands and you have Vriska lovingly licking blood off of Tavros's.

You're doing that 'Person inside the other person's head' thing so they can feel eachother's arousal.

God dammit I have not seen Vriska's mind control used for anything that wasn't sexy yet. The Karkat/Vriska blowjob piece, and now this. On the way to developing a new kink here, gais.

The whole thing is one long, slow, buildup with two absurdly hot-for-eachother people. One part mind control and rape, but the other half is...more like forced seduction.

Forgot to say. Am VERY curious to see how you're going to get happysex and cuddles out of that cliffhanger ending. Damn your cliffhanger. But Vriska doing that? I could see it.

Wait, what? The whole feel the arousal thing? Damn!


Not only did they do what I was going to do with Sollux/Karkat, they did it in a much better way than I was going to. Damn! There goes my big smuttwist. oh well.

Kudos to writing an insanely hot fic by the way, Askal. Jesus.

This last update actually REALLY explains Vriska's behavior

she lashes out and attacks the male trolls in an attempt to get them to hate her so that they'll mate with her.

tl;dr shes really fucking horny

File: 128030687842.jpg-(30.77KB, 250x375, ALL SHALL LOVE ME AND DESPAIR.jpg)
oh god tell me somebody else has imagined the terrible greatness that is the spiderman/vriska otp. MOVE THE FUCK OVER ASTAROTH.

Don't know if I should be posting this but whatever.

oh god yes.

I missed what the idea was, but I'd love to see this finished.

File: 128031846724.png-(94.21KB, 471x500, vriskaspiderman.png)
It has been my favorite Vriska pairing since this picture put the idea in my head.

File: 128031990382.jpg-(87.62KB, 704x885, 1277268615714.jpg)
Just a rambling thought: If flat, breast-envy Vriska is great (which it is), the bust she's jealous of is obvious :3



Oh that was great! Nice work!

This is awesome

Think it's time for a new thread

I would pay real money for some ecchi of those two.

Del, it doesn't matter. Write it anyways. You must.

Somehow I never put two and two together, but thank you for reminding me yet again how lovely (and sexy in a hahah, legit for the forums way) this is.

We appear to be autosaging. *prods whoever makes the threads*


I'd do it myself but I don't have any new porns to submit for the arts.

be sure to link to the new thread in this one when you make it, whoever.

I haven't got any porn, but I put together an Aradia/Sollux comic Skeptic Archer did, and also copied her poem into a text file. I've got that ready, at least.
I could doodle something really fast to start the next thread with if no one else wants to make it.

Go for it

New thread: >>70522

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