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Someone asked for these, so I'm reposting then. First one, Sniktorture, by Amazing Writer Man:


Laura awoke on cold, steel floor. Bright lights filled her eyelids. She couldn't focus her nose... or anything, for that matter. She was dizzy, like all her thoughts were being filtered through sieve... nausea rose in her stomach. It hurt to breathe...

"Hurt..." her brain struggled to think.

She was in pain, all over, inside and out... but that didn't make sense. Of course, at the moment, nothing made sense. She didn't feel any obstruction in her body, yet her healing factor wasn't taking care of whatever was plaguing her. What was happening? The last thing she remembered was that she was at home... then a sting in her spine, and then nothingness. Now she lay here, her brain slowed to a crawl, her body refusing to cooperate.

Suddenly, a voice like a thousand thunderbolts boomed in her ears:

"Long time no see, X."

Laura's senses reacted faster than her rational mind. Panic and fear flooded her, but for the life of her she couldn't figure out why. All she knew was that she needed to get out and fast. If only her body would move!

At last, her clouded brain figured it out. Her eyes shot open. "Ki... Kimura," she whispered, tilting her head upwards from her prone position to get a glimpse of the maniacal grin the brown woman standing above her wore.

"Aww, you remember my name after all these years!" said Kimura, feigning affection. She swooped down, catching Laura by the collar of her shirt, and lifted her to Kimura's eye-level. "Sorry to cut the pleasantries short, sweetie, but I have to do this quick to make sure you don't get away. You see," she said, casually grabbing one of Laura's arms, "I shot you up with enough sedative to take down a herd of bull elephants just a short while ago. Your healing factor should take care of it in... oh, another thirty seconds." Still smiling, she snapped Laura's left arm right at the elbow. Laura winced, but wouldn't let herself scream; no way would she give Kimura that satisfaction. "Oh yeah, I also injected you with this special serum that'll paralyze and revitalize your healing factor at my whim when it comes to wounds like these!" she continued, popping Laura's other elbow, making Laura slip up with a tiny, "Gah!"

"You're probably wondering what's going on," said Kimura, flipping Laura upside down and grabbing her by her ankle. "You see, that bitch Emma Frost did quiiite a number on me! Made me go nuts, almost! But I got better. I recovered, and I decided it was time to bring you in for good, X. That's how we ended up here. I did such a good job with it, they decided to let me have some fun!" She delivered a swift blow to Laura's kneecap, shattering it. Laura began to whimper. Kimura inspected Laura's last intact limb, apparently debating briefly in her head whether or not she should leave her prey with one last limb.

"Nah!" she chirped, breaking her other leg. While Laura did not scream in agony as Kimura did this, she did let out a strained cry when Kimura threw her to the ground, limbs crumpled. Kimura faked a pout. "Oh. Are you sad, clone? Don't worry! I brought you a friend!" She opened the sliding door to Laura's jail cell. Through the haze of the pain and lingering drugs in her system, Laura could barely make out the blonde form bound and gagged by the guards in front of her.

"M... Megan?" Laura wheezed.

"Laura!" Megan called as the guards removed her gag. "Oh God, help me, they- they came in the middle of the night and got me and took me here and I'm scared and -mpht!"

Kimura truncated her sentence with her hand to Megan's mouth as the guards left the room. "Oh, sweetie. You shouldn't be scared! You're not going to die... I'm just going to have some fun with you!" Laura's heart pounded with rage. Mustering all her will, she released her foot-claw, swung her limp leg like a vice, and threw a bladed kick directly at Kimura's jugular. Kimura caught it with a finger. She turned to face Laura, her grin wider and more insane than ever. "Silly bitch, your weapons cannot harm me!" she declared, kicking Laura in the ribs and sending her flying into the wall. Redoing Megan's gag, she walked over to the defeated Laura. "Don't you know who I am?" she whispered. "I'm Kimura, bitch."

"Lr'ra!" Megan called through the gag, crying. "Pls, st'p..." she begged.

Kimura chuckled for a second before waling towards a trunk in the corner of the room. Inputing the proper code, she opened the box, retrieving an item that neither Laura nor Megan could see. "Ahh, here it is!" Kimura called joyously. "I had the boys in R&D whip this up for me... I've been planning this ever since that day in San Fransisco, 23, and I just love it when a plan comes together." She laughed again. "'Comes together.' I slay me." Laura didn't understand.

Without hesitation, Kimura skipped over to Megan and tore off her top and pants with one swift pull from each arm. "Mm?!" Megan squeaked, panicking.

It was then that Kimura revealed what she'd retrieved from the trunk: a tremendous strap-on dildo with several little buttons along the waistline. "Can't wait to try this bad boy out," Kimura muttered, slipping off her pants and donning the device.

Laura instantly understood. "Kimura, don't," she demanded.

Kimura smirked. "I'm sorry, clone. What did you say?"

"Leave her alone. Do whatever you want to me, but please do not touch her!" Laura pleaded.

Sighing in pseudo exasperation, Kimura replied, "Oh, X. How many times have we been through this? I am going to do whatever I like to you, no matter what... that's how it is. That's how it always will be. But really, this is your fault. If you and your bitch of a mother had never betrayed the people who cared for you, none of this would be happening." She knelt down to whisper in Megan's ear. "You understand, don't you, Meg? All of this is your cousin's fault." Megan was shivering as the tears dripped down her now naked form. Kimura bent Megan over, removed the gag, positioned herself with the strap-on, and with a sickening sneer, whispered, "Open wide."

Megan braced herself but found it in vain as fourteen inches of thick dildo busted through her hymen and all the way down her tight, virgin pussy. "Nnnoooooo!" Megan howled at the top of her lungs as she felt herself be violated.

"Oh, quit crying, you little cunt," said Kimura. "You're loving it. I know I am. R&D made this special... see, they made it like a real cock; any pleasure it would feel is transferred back to me! Isn't that lovely?" Silence, save for Megan's sobbing as Laura looked on, horrified. "Ah well. I thought it was great," she said, and continued thrusting. Laura closed her eyes, unwilling to bear the sight of her cousin being defiled any longer. "If you look away for even a second, I'll crush her throat right here, right now," said Kimura. Laura's eyes immediately snapped back open as she forced herself, sick though it made her, to focus on her cousin's rape before her.

"Please no..." Megan whimpered weakly as Kimura's thrusts grew in force and speed. "Please... stop... please... why...?" Kimura, on the other hand, had begun moaning and yelping as she pounded away at Megan. Finally, Kimura let out a long shriek of pleasure, bucking her hips with one last thrust into Megan. With a shove, she let Megan topple over, shuddering in mental anguish at the torture she'd just received.

"Mm," said Kimura, wiping the sweat from her brow. "Those research guys sure did well on that pleasure-converter. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, Megan!" She released a shrill laugh before turning to Laura, whose heart began pounding as her tormentor approached. "Oh, X. You think I'd forgotten about you?" Another laugh, filling Laura with rage, almost enough to block out the pain from her shattered limbs and her healing factor attempting to fight whatever was blocking it. "See, I'm not bad person. You think I am, but I'm not. I held back on your cousin because she doesn't have that nice healing factor like you... but whatever I do to you, well... I just push a button, the nanos in your system go away, and you heal! So we can have fun... lots and lots of fun."

She adjusted a dial on the strap-on's belt. Laura's eyes widened as the dildo began to extend... a good four inches, as far as she could tell. Kimura relished the reaction. "Oh, I'm already hard. Haha! Get it? Because... oh, you have no sense of humor, clone. Get up." Laura scowled. "Ah, right. I broke all of your limbs." She feigned a sigh. "I have to do everything, don't I?" Slowly, she walked behind Laura, reached down, and pulled her up by her collar, pressing the strap-on against her back. "Your body's matured since last we met, X," she said, grasping one of her breasts. "You've grown a nice pair of tits..." She ran the dildo between Laura's buttocks. "You've got yourself a fine ass..." The tip of her tongue ran along Laura's cheek. "This is going to be so... nice..."

"Do not panic, Laura..." Laura thought to herself. "If you panic, she knows she's hurt you and then she has won. Do not panic!"

Kimura stripped Laura of her clothes, leaving them in shreds on the floor. "Tsk, look at that," said Kimura, gesturing at the inert Megan, whose eyes were still intently focused on her cousin, frightened though they appeared. "She must've heard me earlier. Such a good girl, unlike you, X. Well, I wouldn't want to disappoint my audience." Laura gulped as the tip of the dildo eased outside her entrance. She felt the mental pain before the physical; this was not like being cut or bruised or even fried alive by a sentinel from the future. She felt shame, weakness, hopelessness... and then, of course, came the physical pain. Eighteen inches of artificial penis tore through her, utterly annihilating her hymen, completely filling her inside.

"Don't say anything... don't say anything..." Laura chanted in her head like a mantra.

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"Oh wow," said Kimura, maneuvering the dildo in and out of Laura's pussy, "With this little doohickey, I can feel everything. I don't know if it's because you've never been fucked before or because of your healing factor, but you're just sooo tight. Must hurt like hell to have this cock inside you." Laura clenched her teeth, mustering all her will not to respond. "But... I don't hear any screaming," said Kimura, acting concerned. "If you don't scream, how am I supposed to have fun? You're so inconsiderate, X. If you won't scream..." she licked her lips, smiling a twisted smile. "Maybe I'll just have to force more screams out of your cousin."

Megan's eyes grew to the size of dinner plates. She began hyperventilating. "Oh God," she began muttering, "Nononono, please, nonono, don't hurt me anymore, please..."

"Well, clone?" asked Kimura with a smirk.

Laura closed her eyes, preparing herself. "Ah..."

"Yes?" Kimura urged.

"Aaaahhhh!" she screamed as Kimura tore her up.

"Thaaaat's it!" Kimura moaned in satisfaction. "Tell me how it feels, 23!"

"It h-huuurts!" she groaned, "Please, please stop, Kimura, pleeease!"

"Oh, X you know I can't do that! It's my job... and my pleasure." Laura began crying. The expression of suffering wasn't an act. Her shattered limbs ached, yet it was nothing compared to what she felt inside her vagina. Megan's eyes seared her, her shame magnified by a thousand. "You know, this thing really is impressive," said Kimura, huffing and puffing as she flipped a switch on the strap-on's belt. "It can synthesize a fluid to make it feel like I'm cumming inside of you. It can even store my genetic material. I could get you pregnant, 23! Hah! But I wouldn't do that, clone... I don't want a bunch of useless weakling brats running around, after all." She paused for a second, pulling back, before she slammed especially hard into Laura, who gave one last scream. Kimura yelled a simple, "Yeeeesss!" before relaxing; the dildo shot its artificial fluid through Laura's body. Laura hated the feeling, finding it another reason to be enraged at the situation.

"Laura..." said Megan, still crying, as Kimura dumped Laura's limp, dripping body on the ground.

"Here, clone. Have your healing factor back," said Kimura, pressing a button as she slipped the strap-on off and reclothed. Laura felt her bones beginning to mend. Kimura opened the cell door, said, "I'll be back, you two. Don't have too much fun without me!" and exited, locking the door behind her.

"Laura!" called Megan again, hurrying towards her fallen cousin. "Are you-"

"I'm..." she took a deep intake of air. "I'm fine." The lie was obvious. Her arms and legs had returned to normal, but she grimaced as her inner walls began mending... and her hymen began healing. When the time came, it would be split open just as painfully as before...

"What are we going to do, Laura?" asked Megan. "There's no way out! How are we going to get out of here?!"

"I will think of something," she said, gathering up the remains of their clothes and forming them into a little pile. Scooping up the pile, she offered it to her cousin. "Here. Sleep for now."

Megan took the pile, understanding that it was to be used as a makeshift pillow. "But what about you?"

"Do not worry about me, Megan. I can heal."

"Your body, sure, but what about your mind? Your heart?"

"Megan," Laura said in a darker tone. "Let me handle this. I will save you. I promise."

Megan fell silent for a moment. "Alright... thank you, Laura." She dropped the pile in a small corner, laid her head on it, and closed her eyes. A second later, the sound of weeping emanated from her. "Oh God, Laura..." she whimpered, "She... she raped me... us," Megan whispered in pure shock. "Oh my God, she..."

"I know," said Laura, stroking her cousin's head. "I'm sorry."

Eventually, Megan cried herself to sleep. Laura resisted rest, opting instead to ponder every factor of their situation. She found there was no way out... they were trapped, and worst of all, Laura knew Kimura was right; it was all her fault. The only reason she could stay alive now was to make sure Megan escaped safely. She made every effort to not give any hint of emotion on her face; they must have been watching her on camera, as they had done for her whole childhood.

Hours passed in a flash for Laura until finally, the door opened again. Kimura stepped through with the strap-on, wearing her typical insane grin. "Get up, slut," she said, delivering a swift kick to Megan's ribs, prompting Megan to scream. Megan's eyes widened as she realized that this hadn't been a dream at all, but a horrible, horrible reality. "Wouldn't want you to miss the show, after all." Laura glared at Kimura, who seemed to take only pleasure from Laura's rage. "Come on, bitch. Time for you to serve your purpose." She hastily donned the strap-on, moved to Laura, and shoved her to the ground. Falling to her knees, she whispered, "Don't resist, whore," and rammed the dildo inside her, ripping apart her hymen once more.

Laura began her screams as Kimura grabbed at her tits, biting down on one nipple and kneading the other. "You know, X, you're like this strap-on," Kimura muttured as she violated Laura. "You're not real. You're artificial; you were made to be used as a tool and now you are. Tools don't have the right to complain, clone."

Kimura's words bit Laura, making her heart race as she became more and more desperate for a way out of this horrible situation. It was hopeless. There was no way out... unless - "That's it!" thought Laura. It was a long shot, but it was her only hope. "Oh... yes!" she whispered, just audibly enough to be heard.

Kimura froze. "What did you say?"

"I said, 'yes.' It feels good, Kimura," Laura purred. "It's so big inside me... oh, do me more, Kimura..."

Kimura scowled. "Feels good? Does this feel good?" She thrust especially hard into Laura's pussy.

"Oh God, yes!" she shrieked. "Oh, Kimura..." she reached her lips up to touch Kimura's.

Their mouths closed on each other and lingered for a few seconds before Kimura snapped back to her senses, reeling back from the kiss. "Wh-what the fuck do you think you're playing at?!"

"I'm just so horny, Kimura... I want to pleasure you... just be your little sex-doll."

Enraged, Kimura gripped Laura's waist and pounded as hard as she could, eventually reaching her orgasm. The effect of her climax was lessened as Laura faked her own, angering Kimura more. Pulling out, Kimura picked Laura up by the throat and threw her against the wall, causing Megan to gasp in horror and shock. "I don't know what you think you're doing, you little whore, but I will make you regret it," Kimura growled, quickly dressing and exiting the room.

Megan crawled swiftly to Laura, gripping her shoulders. "What were you thinking, Laura? Why the hell did you say all that?"

Laura smiled deviously. "You saw, correct? She was taken by surprise. She became angry. She did not touch you after she was through with me. I set her off balance... and eventually, she will make a mistake. That will be our chance to escape."

Megan's eyes widened in understanding. "I get it, but Laura... how far are you willing to go to do this?"

Eyes closed, Laura replied, "No matter what, Megan, I promise you that you will leave here alive and safe."

"But what about you?"

Laura did not respond.

"Are you alright, Kimura?" asked the current head of the facility, Richard Johnson.

Kimura's fingers lingered on her lips for a second. "I'm fine. That little bitch surprised me, is all."

"Will you be able to continue?"

"Don't underestimate me, sir. All this means is that I have to change up my strategy. Do you have the tool I requested?"

"It's being prepped as we speak, Kimura."


A few hours passed. Occasionally, as Megan slept, Laura would look towards the security camera and wave seductively as part of her routine. She knew from her dealings with the facility earlier that there was no audio from the cells, so the facade needed only to manifest visually.

"I'd always wanted to see you again after San Fransisco, Laura," said Megan quietly, resting her head on her pile of clothing. "But I couldn't have imagined it would be like this..." She began crying again.

"What happened to Debbie, Megan?" asked Laura.

"Mom sent me to go get something from the town we were in... I showed up in this hotel, used my real name- I was stupid, I didn't think... they arrived and dragged me here. They drugged me, and I think a few days passed before... well, this happened." She sobbed. "It's my fault... oh God, it's all my fault..."

"No," said Laura, quietly yet firmly. "It's mine. If I had never gone to you, had never inflicted you with my life... you would have been happy. Safe. I'm sorry, Megan."


"Hey girls!" said Kimura, stepping in, her wicked smile renewed. Megan sprang to her feet instinctively. "Hope you're having fun. I brought you a present! C'mere, Megs." Megan froze, shivering as she stood naked. "Fine, I'll come over there, but only because I'm a nice person." At an agonizingly slow speed, Kimura stepped to Megan, retrieving a syringe from her pouch. "Stand still, now," she whispered, and plunged the needle into Megan's flesh. Fearing some sort of horrible virus, Megan began hyperventilating, crying harder than ever. "Oh, calm down," said Kimura. "You're not going to die. I said it was a gift, didn't I?"

Megan stopped crying for a moment as her flesh tingled. Suddenly, she felt lightheaded, and fell to her knees. "Ahh...?" she groaned.

"Kimura... what did you do?" asked Laura, worried.

"Ah, she speaks!" said Kimura jubilantly. "Don't worry, X. Considering how much you... enjoyed our session earlier, I think you'll rather like this."

Her hands to her chest, Megan began moaning loudly. Laura's keen eyesight caught it: Megan's breasts were growing. Naturally, she had a mid-sized B-cup, not too large, but well shaped, but now... now they were swelling, fattening well into the E- and F-cup range, yet retaining their perkiness.

Megan's nipples had hardened, but before she could use her hand to satisfy their ache, Kimura grabber her and pinned her against the wall. "You see, we're expanding from just being weapons' manufacturers. We're performing... other services. How do you like your cousin's new look, X?" she asked, sneering at Laura. Laura watched, stunned, as more transformations occurred: Megan's hips began widening, her ass filling out as well. Lastly, her lips seemed to puff up just a little bit, becoming soft and round. "Well? Say something."

Laura balled her fists, gritted her teeth, and clamped her eyelids shut. She would not break to Kimura's provocation. Megan's earlier question rang in her mind: "Laura... how far are you willing to go to do this?" The answer came back loud and clear: "No matter what, Megan, I promise you that you will leave here alive and safe."

"She looks great, Kimura," said Laura with an excited smile. "She should be plenty of fun now."

Eyes narrowed, lips tight, Kimura uttered, "... Fine. Then you'll be happy to have fun with her first, won't you?"

Laura's faux-smile wilted for a second as she glanced at her incredibly aroused cousin. "L... Laaaauraaaa..." she mewled mindlessly while her hands desperately tried to stimulate her heightened erogenous zones. Megan had been transformed into a mindless nymphomaniac.

"Yep," said Laura, steeling her heart. "Let me at her."

Kimura grinned and reached into another pouch to retrieve what Laura could only identify as a long double-pronged dildo meant for two women to use simultaneously. Megan, with a hungry, free hand, snatched it and shoved it roughly into her pussy. Her eyes lit up with the new sensations; a tremendous smile grew on her face, and she let out a pleasured sigh. "Laaaauraaaa!" she repeated, gazing excitedly into her cousin's eyes. "Ah! Ahh!" she squeaked, gesturing from Laura to the dildo still inside her.

"Aww, look," said Kimura. "She wants to play. Don't you want to play, X?"

"I do," Laura's mouth said blankly. Easy as that, Kimura lifted Laura up, back to Megan, and impaled her on the two-way dildo."Unf!" she groaned, feeling it rupture her virgin barrier once again. Yet despite the pain, the dildo wasn't mechanical, like Kimura's strap-on, and wasn't nearly as long. It wasn't nearly a gift, but being tortured less, Laura learned, often felt like one.

"Chin up, clone," said Kimura, donning the strap-on. "No, seriously, chin up. You think I'm just going to let Megan have all the fun? Nuh-uh. Open wide."

"Ah..." Laura muttered, dropping her jaw. The strap-on pulled it further, almost dislodging it. For a moment, it rested right behind her lips, but a second later, Kimura smashed it forward, throatfucking Laura. The pain in Laura's mouth was immense as she felt her mouth filled by the artificial cock. "Mmmph!" she moaned. With the dick rubbing against her mouth and throat, Laura could only somewhat hear Kimura's derisive laughter. The shaft, she deduced, must have been coated to taste like an actual penis. To her hypersensitive tongue the taste was disgusting. As it pushed and pulled in and out of her mouth, her appreciation for the lesser pain in her cunt grew. The overflow of sensory information put the world into a haze for her, only snapping out of it when Kimura came by proxy and Laura felt the artificial sperm shoot down her throat; distantly, she heard Megan come simultaneously.

"How was it, 23?" Kimura asked, wiping the sweat from her brow. Laura could only look on with her large, green eyes. "Oh, wait. My cock is still in your mouth. Here," she said, whipping the dildo out of Laura's mouth.

Laura cleared her throat and smiled. "Mm-mm. Delicious. My favorite."

Kimura's eyebrow twitched. "That so?"


"... I'll be back, clone," she said curtly, and exited, dildo still attached.

Laura exhaled, leaning against the wall of their cell. Closing her eyes, she took stock of her situation. Here she was, back with the people who had tortured her for the first thirteen years of her life, being viciously raped on a daily basis along with her cousin, who had now been transformed into - or at least she'd heard Cessily say this regarding a television star - a big-boobed bimbo slut who was now masturbating furiously, and she had just swallowed a mouthful of artificial sperm.

Her claws popped out of her hand. She didn't even feel like injuring herself; the hopelessness of the situation was just too exhausting. Instead, she leaned over the ground and carved several letters into the floor. Afterwards, she felt her body go limp, off to sleep until the time came for the next "session."

For the next few weeks, Laura and Megan were treated to more and more brutal violation. Eventually, Kimura started sending in soldiers who had performed well in the field and allowed them to have their way with the girls in lieu of a reward. The two lived off of a diet of cum from the men they pleasured, nothing more. However, as time passed, Laura started noticing Kimura grow more and more irritated at Laura's act of enjoyment, providing her one tiny thread from which to hang her only hopes.

While most soldiers were cruel and had little to no care for the girls, one had actually shown some concern. After he'd finished coming inside Laura's mouth, he gave a quick glance, removed his jacket, and dropped it on Laura as a makeshift blanket. "Here," he said, "My name's Jack. Keep warm," and left.

"Thank you, sir," she purred in her sex-kitten voice. "He was nice. And so big! I love being a sex slave," she mused, "It feels so good, and their cum tastes just so- huh?" She paused, spotting something on the floor. "What's this?"

Her eyes scanned the letters she'd carved into the floor so long ago: "REMEMBER, LAURA."

Suddenly, it clicked. Almost hyperventilating, she took one claw and jammed it into her forearm. Her breath steadied as the blood brought her back. It was getting harder and harder to remember who she really was, her true objective. The line had blurred between the act and the truth. The thought that she'd slipped, even just a little, made her rage burn even brighter, made her determination skyrocket. Of course, all she could do was hope that her chance would arrive soon enough.

Megan, on the other hand, seemed to be having a blast and at times, Laura wasn't sure whether she should be angry, pitying... or jealous. Megan reached another orgasm. Laura sighed. "Soon... soon..."

The next day, as the last of that session's soldiers left, Kimura lingered, strap-on equipped. "Have a good time, clone?" she asked sourly, trying to maintain her composure.

"Uh-huh!" Laura cooed. "It was so good... are you sure you can't give me another?"

Kimura clenched a fist. "Well, as a matter of fact, since I'm so nice, I've decided that that's exactly what I'm going to do." Positioning herself behind Laura, she flipped yet another switch, and a sound reminiscent of Surge's gauntlets reached Laura's ears, giving Laura only a second to react before being impaled... and electrified. She didn't even recognize her voice as it tore out of her throat. Her mind shorted out and when she awoke, Kimura had removed the strap-on, leaving it inside Laura for once. The odor of burnt flesh reached Laura's nostrils as her muscles slowly regained control. Kimura chuckled. "The guards will be back for the next shift in ten minutes, sweetie. Get ready," she added, and departed.

Laura, body aching all over, crawled her way over to Megan, not bothering to remove the dildo. "Megan," she whispered, "In ten minutes, you have to follow me and do exactly as I say. If you do... I promise you'll get the most pleasure you could imagine."

"C... cock?" she uttered.

"Yes," said Laura, her voice tinged with sorrow. "Cock."

"Okay!" Megan answered with a smile.

The next ten minutes passed like an eternity. Laura counted each individual second, focusing on nothing but the door. "Three..." she stood, removing the dildo. "Two..." she took Megan by the hand. "One!" The door opened and before the guards could even get their bearings, Laura leapt in the air and decapitated both with her claws. "Run, Megan!" she shouted and the two darted down the hallway. Laura took down legion after legion of guards as the oblivious Megan followed.

"I knew it," a voice behind them called as Laura stepped over a pile of bodies. She swiveled around to face Kimura, who had armed herself with her usual crossbow. "I knew you'd pull something and I'd get to bring you in yet again. You won't beat me X. It's the same old song and dance. But hey, if you're willing to try, I'm willing to break you over and over."

It was over in a moment, a moment that Laura had practiced in her head a thousand times daily. She shoved Megan behind a few corpses, aimed the strap-on, and launched it at Kimura like a javelin, landing it straight in her tormentor's mouth as she diced Kimura's crossbow with her claws. The force and shock of the blow had been enough to knock Kimura down as Laura, pinning Kimura's arms, growled, "You made this with the intent to rape me. That meant it had to be extremely sturdy, though likely not indestructible. I knew you would outfit it with various features in order to have your way with me. I knew that if I didn't resist, didn't give you the satisfaction of hurting me, you would be bothered, like an addict without drugs. The fact is that what let me escape is that you were extremely predictable... as if you were just a machine." Her hand moved to the switch she'd noticed from before. "Open wide." The strap-on crackled again and with a burst of electricity, Kimura screamed... and fell limp. Laura didn't want to waste time checking if she were dead.

She resumed, grabbing Megan and running through the facility. A sprinkle of relief reached Laura's heart as the bitter cold started to scratch her naked body. Turning a corner, she came upon a group of guards... already defeated, save for one. She recognized his scent: it was the guard who had taken pity on her the day before.

"Here," he said, tossing them spare uniforms and weapons. "I'm sorry about this. Get going." Laura nodded, too panicked to think, and donned the uniform. Megan followed suit as per Laura's earlier command. The three of them continued onward, until finally, they reached the hangar. "There's a spare jet in there. It's ready for take-off. Get out of here, now!"

Laura raced to the plane, opened the hatched, and then paused, despite herself. "Why are you helping us?" she asked, climbing the stairs into the jet.

He smiled. "Because-" A crossbow bolt suddenly penetrated the back of his skull. Kimura, clothing scorched and panting, grinned insanely.

"You see, X? You see what happens to everyone who tries to help you? Your friends, your family... your dear sweet mommy. This is what awaits all of them! You'll never escape, X-23! This is your life forever!"

Laura, heart racing, pulled Megan into the cockpit, strapped her in, and then sat herself in the pilot's chair. The controls were simple enough, likely built so that a soldier of the Facility would not need training to fly, and Laura had had enough experiences with aircraft to figure it out in a matter of seconds. She slammed the engine, doing her best to ignore the extreme pressure received from such a high acceleration. Megan seemed to be holding up okay. There was no doubt in Laura's mind that the Facility would soon chase after them. Her eyes darted to the navigation map - they were close, thank God. "She should be in range, if we do this right," she hypothesized. "Megan, I need you to concentrate," she told her cousin sternly. "On the count of three, I need you to think, as hard as you can, of two words."

"What are they?" Megan asked dazedly.

"'Emma Frost.' Ready? One. Two. Three!"

Meanwhile, in the X-Men's headquarters in San Fransico, four telepaths responded to one distress call. The White Queen, Emma Frost, and the Three-In-One Cuckoos turned their heads to one direction. "Miss Frost," said Mindee Cuckoo. "That sounded like-"

"I know," Emma interrupted telepathically. "Laura. We've found her." A wave of relief washed over her. She began scanning Laura's immediate memories for her location... and discovered everything Laura had suffered through in the last few weeks. "Oh my God," she whispered, horrified. "Pixie!" she called with her mind. "I need you to teleport us now!"

Praying that the call worked, Laura focused back on piloting; rather, she tried to, as suddenly a veritable fleet of other jets appeared on her radar. Rounds and rounds of ammunition tore through the air as Laura ducked and rolled, doing her best to dodge the fire. "I need to save Megan... even if I die, I need to save her!" she urged herself. Just then, the tail of the plane was clipped by a shot from an enemy craft and Laura's heart stopped momentarily. The plane jumped and pitched uncontrollably before turning its nose down and falling. As all went to hell around her, she forced concentration. Sighing with hint of defeat, she pulled some levers in the cockpit and unbuckled herself and Megan. Laura steeled herself and with one leap positioned herself in front of Megan just as the plane hit ground. Laura had angled the plane so that she and her cousin would be hurled through the windshield and Laura had acted as a cushion.

They landed on the asphalt of San Fransisco. Megan's fall had been non-lethal thanks to Laura; in fact, she hadn't suffered much injury at all, perhaps some bruises and lightly twisted bones at worst. Laura, on the other hand, had had her clothing reduced to shreds, her bones snapped, the skin on her back torn off by friction, and several glass shards lodged all throughout her body. "Megan..." she croaked, "Go... run..." No good. She was out. Laura could only watch as the troopers from the other planes landed around her. She closed her eyes to avoid the sight, but still the too-familiar scent of Kimura approached and she soon heard her swaggering footsteps.

"You lose, X," said Kimura.

Time slowed to a crawl. Laura began hyperventilating, tears spilled down her eyes as one thought rose to the surface of her desperate, frantic mind.

"I want to live!"

Kimura put her finger to the trigger of her pistol, aimed directly at Laura's skull.

"- Novarum Chinoth!"

A brilliant flash of light, and suddenly, the full battalion X-Men materialized, every main and minor team poised for combat.

"Petey! Now!" came Wolverine's rumbling voice, after which followed Colossus' grunt and the sound of a hairy, heavy canadian flying through the air. With a snikt, Kimura's gun fell to pieces. Logan aimed a strike at Kimura's neck, but to no avail. "You're a tough one, ain'tcha?" he said, scowling. "I'm pretty indestructible m'self. Care to find out who can take more damage?"

"Sure," said Kimura, grinning. "Right after I kill your little clone, Weapon X."

Bamf. "Not a chance," said Night Crawler, kneeling down before Megan and Laura. "Mein gott..." he uttered in horror, putting his arms around the girls. "Don't worry. You're safe, mein freunde." One teleport later, he had brought them in front of Josh Foley.

"Oh God," said Josh. "Don't worry, Laura, I'm here. You're okay." Hands glowing, he began working his power over her wounded body, assisting her healing factor as she recovered. The warm touch of his familiar abilities and the sight of Megan being healed sent her into deeper comfort than she'd known for longer than she could remember. They were safe. She was alive. She began crying, outright moaning as the tension in her nerves released. "Shh," said Josh, wiping the tears from her cheeks. "It's okay. It's all okay now."

As Logan and Kimura battled, more and more soldiers poured in, all of whom pointed their weapons at various X-Men. "Give it up, Weapon X," said Kimura, catching his claws. "You've lost."

Logan smirked. "Bub, this was over before it began."

Kimura attempted a retort, but found she couldn't. Instead, she found her entire body frozen, save her eyes. All around her, the soldiers fell to the ground, as though their bodies had just shut down. "They're just in comas," came Emma Frost's voice. "I will decide their fates later. But you... oh, you... I have something special planned for you."

Fear flooded Kimura as she recalled their last encounter. "You..." her mind blipped.

"Yes, me," replied Emma. "We've been down this path before, haven't we? I should have killed you back then. But for now... you're going to suffer everything that you have made Laura and Megan suffer manifold." Focusing, Emma bombarded Kimura with the sensation of being violated over and over for weeks on end, being made a slave, a sexual tool, feeling only helplessness and rage. Then, just like that, it ended. "How was that?" asked Emma. "Did you like it? I hope so. After all, you're going to be experiencing it over and over for the rest of your life. Goodbye for real this time, Kimura." Just like that, Kimura dropped to the ground, her face etched into a veritable mask of horror.

"Nice work, Ems," said Logan.

Emma did not reply. Instead, she merely said, "Pixie. Take us back."

Nodding, Pixie chanted, "Sihal Novarum Chinoth." Another great flash of light, and they were gone.

When they arrived in the X-Mansion, Elixir had been prepared to put Laura to sleep... but she'd already passed out. He frowned, picked her up, and took her to her room.


Hours later, night had fallen. Emma sat, staring idly at a picture taken when the New X-Men had formed... Laura had actually looked at peace there. "What's on your mind, Emma?" asked Cyclops. Silence. "Emma?"

"It's all my fault, Scott."

"What is?"

"What happened to Laura... I should have killed Kimura right there, should have made sure that they would never come take her..."

"Emma," said Scott, "You couldn't have seen this coming. No one could have. It isn't your fault. What do I have to say to make you understand that?"

She sighed. "If you find out, tell me."

Laura sat in her dark room, the only light a tiny lamp on her bedside table, hugging her knees with one arm and staring intently at her fist. For the last few hours, she had popped the claws out and in, pondering if she should just tear right through her spinal cord and put an end to all the terrors she'd caused in her life. Snikt. Out. Snakt. In. This thought was battled by the earlier mental declaration she'd made when she'd discovered her desire for life.


"... No."


A knock on the door.

"Hey, Laura," said Logan, stepping in. Her eyes darted to him, then back to the claws. "You, uh... you okay?" No response. "Yeah, dumb question, huh..." He scratched the back of his head. "Listen, I just wanted to check up on you, and-"

"Why?" she piped up suddenly.

The question threw him. "Uh... whaddya mean?"

"Why do you care?"

He raised an eyebrow. "What kinda question is that? Of course I care, Laura, you know-"

"Do I?" she snapped. "Because I don't think you care in the least."

"How can y'say that?" Wolverine asked incredulously.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe it's because you haven't bothered to spend even the smallest amount of time with me outside of our X-Force missions."

"That's not fair," said Wolverine firmly. "Y'know I've been chasing after Daken-"

"I know!" she roared. Her own rage was unfamiliar; it possessed her, enveloped her. "You're busy chasing your real son - your ungrateful son that hates you - and taking care of the people you really care about. I know I'm just some- some fake clone and that you never wanted me in your life. I know that I'm just a burden. I see you with Kitty Pryde and Armor and Jubilee and Rogue and I know that they're worth more to you than I'll ever be. You said it yourself, didn't you? I'm worthless. I'm the one who should die for others."

Logan found himself speechless. Her words rang true, like tremendous chapel bells in his ears.

"Let me ask you something," she bit, as fresh tears sprung from her emerald orbs and down her reddened cheeks. "Where were you when Nimrod fried my flesh and negated my healing factor? Where were you when Emma Frost was trying to kick me out on the streets and Cessily was kidnapped and maimed? Where were you when Belasco killed me? Where were you while my only family member and I were being raped and tortured on a daily basis?!"

"Laura..." Logan could not answer her for the life of him and he felt like utter trash. This was a side of Laura he believed no one had ever seen before.

"I didn't even get an, 'Are you okay, darlin',' from you." She muttered, imitating his voice as best she could while mocking him. "I was a young teenager. I would have appreciated a little concern. Get out," she demanded with a sob. "I never want to see you again!" She attempted to shove him, but with the differences in their weight, she fell back against the bed with a small, "Oof!"

Defeated, Logan rose as she cried into her pillow. He walked towards the door and with his hand an inch from the doorknob, he grumbled, "No." Turning around, face stoic, he sat back down on the bed and place his arms comfortingly over Laura. "I ain't leavin'. You're right. I've been a complete ass. But this I swear to ya, darlin'. I will never let anythin' bad happen to ya ever again. I promise."

She squirmed for a second, paused, and embraced Logan back, burying her head in his side. "It hurt so much, Logan," she wept, warm tears spilling onto his chest. "Oh God, it hurt..."

He began gently rubbing her back. "I know, Laura. I'm so sorry."

A few minutes of weeping, then another knock on the door.

"Laura? You awake?" Josh whispered and he and Cessily walked through the threshold. Logan put his free hand's index finger to his lips, then used it to beckon the two closer. "Uhh," Josh muttered, determined despite the awkwardness. "Just came in to give you an update... I healed Megan's physical wounds and, uh, now Miss Frost is working on her mentally, so..."

"Okay," said Laura from under Logan's comforting grip. "Thank you, Josh."

"I brought you a soda," Cessily inserted softly. "It's orange... your favorite."

Laura poked her head out, exposing her tearstained cheeks, her unkempt hair, her exhausted features. Memories swam in her tired brain of her and Megan's day of freedom in the very city she now stayed in... They'd gone to see a movie; as she recalled, it was a horror film. Everyone in the theater had cringed at the gore scenes, but Laura had merely smiled, amused, and sipped her delicious orange soda, the first sustenance she'd ever had that hadn't been for purely nutritional, dietary purpose. Whenever she could, she took put her mouth to a cup and drink deep that sugary beverage.

She reached a pale hand to grasp the cup from Cessily's hand. "Thank you," she whispered, and tentatively wrapped her lips around the straw. As the fluid rushed onto her tongue, she was greeted by a swirl of not the torture of her existence... but of the happiest times in her life.

Her lips curved upwards, not exactly enough to be classified as a smile, but enough to release some of her funeral scowl. Yet again, she couldn't help but weep in catharsis, so long and so forcefully that she faded into a deep, deep sleep on her bed.

Logan carefully tucked her in with a warm, soft blanket as soft breaths escaped her lips. "Listen up, you two," he said, quietly but with a stern tone. "From now on, we all gotta protect 'er. From now on, you will do everything in your powers to keep 'er safe. From now on, her life comes before yours no matter what. This ain't a request. It's an order. Understand?"

Cessily and Josh glanced at each other, smiling. "We already know, Mister Logan. Laura's our friend," said Cessily.

"Yeah. We'll protect her no matter what," added Josh.

"Good," said Logan, head turned away from them, towards the sleeping Laura. "Then get goin'. You got a lotta work t'do tomorrow." They nodded and exited. "And so do I," Wolverine muttered with a sorrowful grimace as he moved the hair out of her soft, for once peaceful face.

"So do I..."

Second one, Training Session, by CT:


The skinny Bitch had put up quite the quite the fight.
As usual.
But it didn't take long to put her in her place.
As usual.
“Get up 23,” Kimura purred.
The Bitch struggled and she was moving slowly, too slowly. Was it the concussion Kimura had given her during her struggle? Or was it the dislocated arms Kimura had given her? Or maybe, just maybe, it was the special adamantium wires that bound her head to toe. That didn’t matter. No one ever disobeys a direct order.
Kimura backhanded The Bitch as hard as she could. 23 recoiled and spit out a mouthful of blood.
“Silly Bitch, did I tell you to spit it out? Are you disobeying me again?” Kimura said, with the brightest smile.
“You know it gets tiresome having to punish your little ass so much…”
She hit The Bitch with a left hook.
“…and again”
Right hook.
“…and again”
Another left.
The smile was gone, now replaced with a scowl; Kimura decided she would pounce on 23 until her fists started to hurt.

Six hours later X-23 finally awoke.
The first thing she noticed was that her bonds gone, she realized she was back in her room. But something wasn’t right it was too dark…and the scent.
Suddenly a figure exploded from the darkness. She attempted to unleash her claws but found her arms suddenly clamped down by a powerful force.
“Mornin’ sunshine,” said Kimura.
23 felt her powerful hands slowly travel upwards her neck.
The smile was back.

23 tried to scream but Kimura held her hands over her mouth.
“Shhh, no, no, no 23…no need for that, we wouldn’t want the staff to interfere with our alone time.”
Still, 23 continued struggled but found it harder to struggle against the stronger woman. Kimura sprang off the clone allowing her to get off of the bed. X-23 didn’t waste any time jumping forward, claws drawn.
“Aww I love it when you try to fight,” said the assassin.
Kimura met the charging mutant with a powerful kick sending her violently crashing into the adjacent wall.
Not wanting to give 23 a chance to recover she pounced on the girl holding her down gripping the sides of her head.
Kimura brought her lips to the girl’s ear and whispered, “Now, 23 we always know how this ends, for once I was thinking we could settle this a little differently.”
The girl continued to struggle, like she always, but she felt her strength fading.
“Done fighting? Good!” Kimura said, happily.
In one quick motion she pulled 23 off of the wall, reversed her momentum and pushed her onto her bed.
“I’m glad your head’s feeling better”
X-23’s regeneration had kicked in. The wound she had received from the wall had already healed.
“You see, that’s what I like about you, you always seem to find yourself bouncing back” Kimura said with a snicker.
“That’s why I love to have so much fun with you, because the scars always go away.”
Kimura began to sliding off her pants. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. 23’s finely tuned ears picked up a small but distinct sound. It took her a second to recognize it as vibrating.
Kimura was less patient with her shirt, deciding to rip them off, fully revealing her toned muscular body. Most of her body was silhouetted in the darkness of the room and the mysterious vibrating had become far more audible.
X-23 began to whimper; she began to consider screaming again…
Kimura was on her before she could complete her thought.
Kimura ripped off 23’s clothes and violently threw them across the room; tears began to roll down the clone’s face.
“Shhh..don’t cry baby, I’m going to make you feel all better.” Said Kimura said with a white smile.
The white vibrator was fully visible now; it gave an odd contrast to her mocha colored skin.
“Oh, don’t worry, dear. Just think of this as another training session” purred, the assassin.

“You know, they created me just for you, it’s my job to keep you in line” said, Kimura.
She revealed a small bottle of what appeared to be lotion but 23 wasn’t sure where it had materialized from, since Kimura was nude. She hadn’t seen her remove it from her clothes.
She began to apply the contents between her already dripping pussy.
“Oh dear, it seems there isn’t any left for you. Shame.”
With a chuckle Kimura tossed the bottle over her shoulder.
She then sprang into action bending the mutant on the bottom of her cot, ass up.
X-23 tried to look back but found it increasingly harder to concentrate and could only get a good look at the assassin’s mouth.
“Now I don’t think you’re going to fight this time” her smile bright as ever.
“You see this time; while you were out I injected you with a sedative. Now, most people would still be out cold but you, my precious mutie, are made of sterner stuff. So, instead you’re just going to VERY mellow.”
X-23 now knew why she had felt so much weaker during their struggle.
“I…do not understand is this training? What are you-“
Kimura cut her off with a raised hand. 23 grimaced expecting another harsh blow, but was only met with a playful smack on her exposed bottom.
“Poor 23, you don’t get out much do you?”
She laughed as if this was the funniest joke in the world.
“Fine. Enough with the foreplay.” She rested the dry dildo against 23’s exposed anus and bent over so that her lips touched 23’s ears. She could feel her bare breasts resting on her back.
With a jerk Kimura violently mashes 23’s head into her pillow and gently whispers,
“I am going to fuck the shit out of you.”
23 couldn’t see it, but she was sure that Kimura was still smiling.

Kimura had wasted enough time. She began to pump her powerful brown hips, plunging the thick dildo deep into 23’s virgin ass.
X-23 let out a series of small whelps each time the strap-on was pushed into her, with each thrust feeling deeper and deeper. 23 fought hard to hold back her tears, not wanting the sadistic assassin to see her pain.
Suddenly, Kimura let out one hard thrust jamming the dildo as far as it could go.
X-23 couldn’t hold back the tears any longer; she began to sob quietly, doing her best to at the very least keep quiet.
“Oh my, are you upset about something? You should be enjoying this 23, you should really learn to take the stick out of your ass and stop being so serious!”
Kimura roared with laughter, her smile as bright and shining as ever.
Kimura slid the dildo out, slowly taking time to savor the moment then planted it back on the edges of 23’s exposed anus.
“You know a thought occurs to me…”
Kimura grabbed the dazed mutant by the shoulders and flipped her around, laying her on her back. The tears flowed freely now.
“...that regeneration ability of yours comes in handy for a lot of different things, besides hiding the evidence of our other secret training sessions.”
Kimura held the clone by the sholders then hovered over her. She took her pinky and slid it into 23’s untouched pussy.
“Ohhh! It’s so nice and tight!” Kimura squealed.
She removed the finger and began to gently massage the quickly moistening pussy. With her face still full of tears, 23’s cheeks began to flush.
“You know, I’m still shocked that Rice didn’t beat me to this, you think it’s because to him it would be like fucking Wolverine?”
Kimura laughed. “Sorry, didn’t mean to kill the mood.”
She removed her hand, gave it a lick.
“Delicious.” She purred.
X-23’s face was growing redder and hotter by the second, with her beautiful green eyes still full of tears.
Kimura brought her face close to hers and began to lick the remnants of the tears on the side of 23’s face. She savored the taste then brought her tongue to the edge of the young mutant’s ear then began slowly nibbling her little lobe.
She whispered, “Your pussy’s dripping wet. I don’t recall giving you permission to enjoy this.”
Without warning, Kimura once again pinned 23 by her shoulders, her firmly toned body flexed as she held the startled mutant down. She wasted no time thrusting her strap-on into 23’s the eternally, virgin pussy.
23’s cunt was dripping wet, and the dildo went in much more easily than it did with the ass.
“Oh God, it’s so tight!” screamed, Kimura.
She began to massage her large breasts with on hand while fondling 23’s smaller but perky tits with the other. Kimura went down on the smaller mutant, holding her tight while still pumping into her tight pussy.
She jammed her tongue down the young clone’s throat stealing her breath away.
23 felt herself on the verge of climax, she attempted to hide her excitement from the cruel handler she was almost there…
Kimura let out a wide smile.
“Silly 23 are you disobeying me again?” said Kimura.
She withdrew the dildo.

“I never gave you permission to enjoy this, and to think in a few of minutes I would have rewarded you. Oh well, I guess you just won’t learn your lesson until you’re properly punished” said, Kimura.
She began to stroke her dildo which was still covered in X-23’s feminine juices. Still stroking, she gave the mutant a painful slap with her left hand sending her to the floor. Grasping her strap-on she nonchalantly laid down on the bed.
“What you doing down there? I didn’t tell you to lie down.” Kimura smirked as 23 began to stand, she noticed a small stream of pussy juice traveling down the young mutants leg.
“Oh don’t you dare let me see you touching your little cunt, or I might just have to crack your head open. Again. Now, come on over here.”
X-23 stumbled. It was so hard to concentrate…she had never felt like this before her pussy was felt so sensitive and she thought she would explode in any minuite.
Kimura erupted from her relaxed position on the bed and took 23 the throat and forced her on her knees.
“Suck. It.”
23’s green beady eyes began to fill again as she began to lose her breath in the assassin’s vice grip. Kimura paced the strap-on right against the mutant’s flushed cheek.
“Come-on suck it. It’ll just be…just like a lollipop, you have had a lollipop before right?”
X-23 blinked.
“Oh, duh.”
Kimura jammed the dildo deep to the back of the young girl’s throat. X-23 couldn’t stop the gagging or ongoing flow of tears pouring from her eyes as Kimura began to push the strap-on deeper without mercy.
“My cock is covered with your filthy juice. I want you to clean it until it’s completely dry, do you get it now?” said, Kimura.
X-23 nodded slowly.
“I don’t hear you!”
“mphmpmph” responded 23.
“That’s better”
Kimura pulled 23 over to the edge of the bed and kept her on her knees while she sat down, never letting 23 release the dildo.
Kimura couldn’t help but notice the small drips of girl juice that continued to drop from 23’s moist cunt. She violently grasped the mutant’s head, grabbing a handful of hair thrusting 23’s head down on the dildo forcing 23 to blow it faster and faster.
She felt her own pussy start to get wet as she saw the mutant’s eyes roll in the back of her head from the intense movement. Kimura stood up and began thrusting her brown delicious hips. Faster and faster she moved giving 23 a full view of the assassin’s toned muscles at work. Despite the speed of the violent spasms she could see all of Kimura’s body tense and flex with each pump.
She brought the thrusting to a stop and threw 23 to the floor.
X-23 coughed, attempting to regain her breath but Kimura was faster, and before she even take a breath, Kimura stomped on her face. She held her foot over 23’s mouth for a good minute. The mutant tried to speak, but could only come up with muffled mumbling.
“I hoped you learned your lesson 23, that’s what you get for acting without my permission. As your handler it’s my job to keep you in line.” said, Kimura.
She bent down keeping her foot planted over 23’s mouth.
Her tone deepened, “Do you understand mutie?”
23 nodded.
“Good!” cried, Kimura, with her tone back to normal.
She removed her foot from 23’s mouth.
“It seems you’re confused by a lot of this so for once, just this once, I’m going to teach you how to do something first. Pay attention”
23 got on her knees trying to catch her breath
Without warning she felt something jammed into her mouth. It was the strap-on, Kimura had taken it off.
“Here hold this, you seem to like it.” Kimura said flashing her pearly whites.
23 suddenly found herself lifted off the ground. She dared not drop the dildo from her mouth. She then thought Kimura was going to slam her to the floor again, but instead she propped her legs on top of her shoulders leaning her back against the wall. Kimura’s face was now staring right at 23’s still tight pussy. X-23 felt uncomfortable being held in the air with only the wall as her support. Kimura could still easily throw her down. As if sensing her fear Kimura winked. She then gave pussy one slow lick, making sure to savor all of the delicious juices, making 23’s cheeks flush bright red and her eyes widen in ecstasy.
“Excited aren’t you? Well, don’t you dare think about cumming. The only reason I’m doing this is so that after I’m done you’ll now how to properly to do the same to me. Only after I am properly satisfied will I even consider giving you your reward. Understand?”
X-23 nodded.
“I don’t see you sucking your dildo!” roared, Kimura.
Kimura went to work. It was hard for 23 to concentrate and keep the strap-on in her mouth.

Kimura held 23 tightly, halfheartedly massaging the wet pussy with her tongue.
X-23 found it harder and harder to concentrate and almost felt herself fall but Kimura’s powerful shoulders kept her in place against the wall.
Suddenly Kimura stopped and hoisted the mutant over her shoulders. She then threw her into the corner of the rooming and propped her legs wide open.
Kimura buried her face in X-23’s legs teasing the twat with her tongue.
Kimura looked up, licked her lips and winked.
“Want more?”
She planted a slow kiss on the X-23’s tight pussy thrusting her tongue deep inside; it began to throb on the verge of climax.
23 felt her nipples harden, unsure of this what this new feeling was. She could only explain it as an explosion of pleasure. For some reason she felt compelled to keep sucking the dildo still in her mouth, she almost felt as if it…belonged there. Oh yes, she wanted more.
She couldn’t hide the look of ecstasy on her face from Kimura.
“Oh, are you starting to enjoy this?”
She inserted her pinky finger into the waiting pussy and began to wiggle it…slowly.
Laura gasped. Kimura giggled.
She withdrew the pinky and waited a second to savor look of desperation on Laura’s face. Oh, she wanted it. She began to suck on the dildo passionately, waiting for the chance to experience this feeling of pleasure again.
With a smirk, Kimura removed the dildo from the mutant’s mouth.
X-23 looked as if she had been parted with an old friend.
“I think I’ll hold on to this for a while, I could use a warm-up” said, Kimura.
She switched it’s vibrator function back on and put it back put it inside of her pussy, making sure to take her time sliding it in.
She saw the mutant glance up at her with a look of… what? Desperation? Jealousy?
Kimura noticed that the 23 was drooling, obviously missing the company of the dildo.
X-23 couldn’t take it anymore, she slowly began to inch her hand to her hot pussy, hoping to relieve this new feeling coming over her.
Before she could reach between the folds Kimura snapped her finger backwards.
“Stupid girl! Didn’t I warn you earlier?” yelled, Kimura
She then brought her lips into a crooked smile. She took 23’s injured finger and sucked it until she heard a popping sound, causing 23 to twitch. When she pulled the finger out it had already healed.
“If only you had been patient I wouldn’t have to do this.”
This time Kimura slipped two fingers into the “technically” virgin pussy and began to jerk them faster than before. Kimura brought her face close to 23’s until there noses were beside each other. She continued to finger the clone never taking her off of her.
“Do you want more?”
She began to move faster. 23 couldn’t stop herself from drooling.
“Huh? I can’t hear you”
She felt 23’s pussy getting wetter and wetter as she continued to finger it even faster.
“Y-yes. I want more.” stammered the mutant.
She flashed another cruel smile.
“You’re going to have speak up sweetie I still can’t understand you”
Kimura to slowed down. She started to massage the tip of X-23’s cervix with her finger and thumb.
“Oh, so you DO want to cum then?”
23 of course didn’t know what the hell to call it, but she did know that she didn’t want Kimura to stop.
“Y-Yes, Kimura”
“Oh…” Kimura continued working magic with her fingers.
X-23’s face burned red, with her eyes going wide on the verge of this new feeling. She couldn’t felt her legs almost spasm shut, only for them to be held open by Kimura’s powerful grip. Kimura began to rub the pussy fast again while 23’s breaths became shorter.
X-23 felt it coming. She felt on the verge of what she could only describe as exploding with pleasure.
“You feel that? You’re about to cum. You still want to right?” Said Kimura, still going her face just inches away.
23’s pussy was dripping now. The vast amount of pleasure made X-23 made her lose any self control she still had. She started to scream only for Kimura to clamp her hand over her mouth while still fingering with the other.
Kimura then brought her mouth to 23’s and jammed her tongue to the back of the mutant’s mouth.
23 enjoyed it, tasting the flavor of her own pussy.
X-23 felt it, she was almost there…with every thrust she felt herself getting closer until…
Kimura ended the long kiss.
“Alright, that’s enough.” said Kimura.
23’s eyes went wide, “Please…I need more.”
She was tempted to move her hand again only for Kimura to pin it down.
“Oh, I know you do.” she said, as she teasingly licked her fingers.
“I want…need more…please, Kimura” begged the mutant, with her eyes full of desperation.
“Oh I see, first you attack me…”
She stood up and removed the vibrating dildo from her pussy.
“…and then you expect me to pleasure YOU?” Kimura laughed.
X-23 couldn’t help keeping her eyes fixated on the still vibrating dildo, and noticing just how much wiggled around when it was activated. She couldn’t stop herself from drooling more.
Kimura as if reading her mind, deactivated the dildo and tossed on the bed on the other side of the room. She sat down against the wall and spread her legs.
“Well, what are you waiting for?”
Kimura held her twat open with two fingers. X-23 went over to her but hesitated because she found it hard to move, still feeling herself on the verge of climax. The feeling was fading fast.
“Oh dear, that feeling your getting is going to last much longer, and you still need to pleasure me first.”
Kimura smiled. “I guess that means you’re going to have to hurry.”
X-23 buried her face between Kimura’s legs.

As X-23’s flexible little tongue moved inside of her Kimura couldn’t help but smile with pleasure. She felt sad that the poor mutant girl would never really appreciate all that she had done for her. All of the training, all of the work, and the fun they were having now were all really for her.
She was tough because she cared.

Kimura wrapped her legs around X-23’s neck and squeezed has hard as she could.
“Don’t stop” commanded, Kimura.

So, maybe 23 got hurt a few times along the way, but she always bounced back, right? And she was a stronger person for it. It wasn’t the simulations or the experiments either. It was all Kimura’s doing.

X-23 attempted to keep going, but found it harder to breathe with her head still wedged in-between Kimura’s vice grip legs. Tears began to once again stream down her face.
“Keep going mutant” said, Kimura.

Now, the ungrateful bitch had the nerve to cry after everything she had done for her.

“That’s it, use your tongue!” yelled, Kimura.
23 wedged her tongue deeper into her handler’s pussy and she felt Kimura’s grip tighten around her head. She felt herself on the verge of passing out.
Just then Kimura screamed, and 23 found it impossible to fight against the assassin’s powerful legs as they continued to clamp, tighter and tighter.
In a state of pure ecstasy Kimura didn’t notice the faint crack of X-23’s neck.

Only when the orgasm ended did she notice that her play toy had stopped moving.
Kimura turned the mutant over, held her neck and with a loud crack set it back in place.
“Got a little carried away there, you should have said something, silly!” giggled, Kimura.
Kimura noticed that despite the excruciating pain that 23’s pussy was still as wet as before.
“Wow, if I had known you were such a horny slut I would have fucked you harder before” said, Kimura.

Kimura went into a sitting position and sat 23 on top of her lap. She cradled the injured clone’s head on her bare chest. She put her lips against X-23’s ears so that she only had to whisper.
“Fine, I guess I’ll give you your reward, even though you don’t deserve it.”
Kimura began to fondle 23’s left breast with her left hand.
“I mean here I am cumming what? 4 or 5 times and you haven’t even had the decency to cum once!”
She moved her right hand to 23’s pussy and began rubbing it, while still fondling the breast with the other.
“That’s fine though, someday you’ll learn to stop being so selfish.”
Kimura continued to fondle the left breast until she felt the nipple get harder, then she moved to the right breast. She then slipped her one finger into the pussy, then a second, then a third.
X-23 moaned.
Kimura continued, “But you should know X-23 everything has a price, so from now on I’m not going to stop fucking you until you forget the difference between pain and pleasure.”
She inserted her entire hand into 23’s pussy until only her wrist could be seen. Kimura proceeded to fist 23 faster and faster all the while fondling her breasts with her free hand.
“Is that what you want?” said Kimura her hand moving faster and faster keeping her voice down to a whisper.
X-23 leaned her head back feeling herself one the verge of a climax.
So close…
So close...
“Well?” whispered Kimura.
“Yes, Kimura” whimpered the clone.

X-23 climaxed for the first time in her life. She had trouble controlling her body from violently shaking but Kimura held her tightly still fisting as fast as she could.

Another orgasm. And another. X-23 lost track of time, how long did it go on? Minutes? Hours? Days?
Finally, Kimura stopped. She withdrew her fist which was covered with X-23’s pussy juice and held it up the mutant’s face.
X-23 licked the contents anxiously as if it was her first meal in weeks.
“Good girl.” said Kimura.
“Now, a few more training sessions like this and by the time I’m done with you I’ll have you creaming yourself every time I touch you.”
She rubbed her wet finger on 23’s neck.
“It won’t matter if it’s a brush of your hair or a kick to your stomach. Your pussy’s going to be soaking wet. Every. Single. Time.” whispered Kimura.
“Just hearing my name will make you moist and send chills down your spine…”
She drew a line down 23’s back with her finger causing the clone to shiver.
“…kinda like that!” giggled Kimura.

Kimura sprang got up and grabbed her dildo, and left the room fully nude, not bothering to take her tattered clothes with her.
She gave the door guard a playful wink as she exited the room. The guard stood unflinchingly as usual, but Kimura couldn’t help but smile at the noticeable bulge in his pants.

X-23 laid on the floor for a few more hours before heading over to her bed. She attempted to masturbate for the first time by herself but was unable to repeat the amazing climax she had received from Kimura. After her third failed attempt she gathered the remains of Kimura’s ruined clothes and held them closely to her finely tuned nose.
The final time she finally managed to reach an orgasm after concentrating on Kimura’s lingering smell. But it just wasn’t the same.

Thank you.

File: 123889885024.jpg-(215.70KB, 500x684, kimurax23.jpg)
Guess this fits here!

It was my first fic and looking back it I realize I really should have double spaced it.


God/damn/, who drew that?



File: 123895254659.jpg-(24.11KB, 240x324, superuh.jpg)
>"Silly bitch, your weapons cannot harm me!" she declared, kicking Laura in the ribs and sending her flying into the wall. Redoing Megan's gag, she walked over to the defeated Laura. "Don't you know who I am?" she whispered. "I'm Kimura, bitch."


Oh boy. In hindsight... sheesh. Really... could've revised this one a little more, but I wanted to get it done right away.

File: 124087556143.jpg-(437.52KB, 950x750, x23kimuraraep.jpg)

Well, live and learn.

Also, I forgot to post this, by Sir.


At least you formatted yours to be readable.

Ehh... Substance over appearance, y'know?

Yeah, but you can't help but nitpick after the project is done.

File: 12415534996.jpg-(749.33KB, 1280x1962, X-23TargetX2-001.jpg)
Can this be a general X-23 thread?


i say sure go nuts

File: 124157001796.jpg-(139.04KB, 800x817, 38707 - Marvel Miravi X-23 X-Men.jpg)

File: 124157003837.jpg-(153.98KB, 833x1169, 38708 - Marvel New_X-Men Oni X-23 X-Men.jpg)

File: 124157005458.jpg-(196.09KB, 432x833, 38709 - Marvel New_X-Men Tcatt X-23 X-Men.jpg)

File: 124157008611.jpg-(92.55KB, 600x870, 56620 - Marvel X-23 X-Men.jpg)

File: 124157017220.jpg-(71.49KB, 600x806, 60139 - Angel VP X-23 X-Men_Evolution.jpg)

File: 124157021256.jpg-(451.97KB, 800x593, 63677 - Hellion Marvel New_X-Men The_Pitt X-23 X-M.jpg)

File: 124157024666.jpg-(49.78KB, 600x800, 74142 - Marvel NYX New_X-Men X-23 X-Force X-Men.jpg)

File: 124157025826.jpg-(53.82KB, 600x800, 74143 - Marvel NYX New_X-Men X-23 X-Force X-Men.jpg)

File: 12415702814.jpg-(286.72KB, 900x1254, 82031 - Marvel New_X-Men X-23 X-Force X-Men.jpg)

File: 124157029822.jpg-(279.11KB, 1024x768, 89256 - Marvel X-23 X-Men.jpg)

File: 12415706718.jpg-(103.60KB, 701x900, 90678 - Marvel X-23 X-Men.jpg)

File: 124157082892.jpg-(66.77KB, 580x773, 90679 - Jubilee Marvel X-23 X-Men deacon_black.jpg)

File: 124157087072.jpg-(154.56KB, 720x1080, 109303 - Marvel New_X-Men X-23 X-Force X-Men.jpg)

File: 124157090314.jpg-(163.10KB, 810x600, 132515 - Marvel NYX The_Pitt X-23 X-Men.jpg)

File: 124157096051.jpg-(144.74KB, 545x800, 150355 - Hellboy Marvel Rule_63 X-23 X-Men.jpg)

File: 124157100464.jpg-(584.05KB, 1234x914, 160622 - Marvel The_Pitt X-23 X-Men.jpg)

File: 124157102723.jpg-(137.06KB, 612x792, 161159 - Marvel New_X-Men Rhaydar X-23 X-Force X-M.jpg)

File: 124157106866.jpg-(263.98KB, 800x999, 171046 - Fantastic_Four Invisible_Woman Marvel New.jpg)

File: 124157109835.jpg-(247.08KB, 800x1072, 171076 - Fantastic_Four Invisible_Woman Marvel New.jpg)

File: 124157111358.jpg-(95.30KB, 420x540, 175028 - Garrett_Blair Marvel New_X-Men X-23 X-For.jpg)

File: 124157114458.jpg-(109.68KB, 542x700, 182853 - Marvel New_X-Men X-23 X-Force X-Men.jpg)

File: 12415712017.jpg-(152.44KB, 727x1000, 201370 - Mac_artist Marvel NYX X-23 X-Men.jpg)

File: 124157128467.jpg-(195.81KB, 842x1000, 201381 - Mac_artist Marvel NYX X-23 X-Men.jpg)

File: 124157130239.jpg-(130.34KB, 628x800, 211555 - Marvel New_X-Men X-23 X-Force X-Men.jpg)

File: 124157132838.jpg-(77.73KB, 541x750, 211556 - Marvel New_X-Men X-23 X-Force X-Men.jpg)

File: 124157135763.jpg-(215.85KB, 942x1501, 253961 - Marvel New_X-Men X-23 X-Men frelncer.jpg)

File: 12415713955.jpg-(45.40KB, 600x315, 269473 - Marvel X-23 X-Force X-Men.jpg)

File: 124157141695.jpg-(85.08KB, 550x744, 269840 - Marvel X-23 X-Force X-Men.jpg)

File: 124157147892.jpg-(172.31KB, 800x1035, 273393 - Marvel New_X-Men X-23 X-Force X-Men.jpg)

File: 12415715346.jpg-(440.28KB, 914x1234, 273531 - Marvel New_X-Men The_Pitt X-23 X-Force X-.jpg)

File: 124157155045.jpg-(162.68KB, 352x504, 274279 - Marvel She-Hulk X-23 X-Men.jpg)

File: 124157162457.jpg-(369.05KB, 583x750, 280597 - Garrett_Blair Marvel New_X-Men X-23 X-For.jpg)

File: 124157166713.jpg-(138.30KB, 436x600, 290458 - Marvel New_X-Men X-23 X-Force X-Men.jpg)

File: 124157172415.jpg-(715.75KB, 827x1169, 291929 - Angel Beast Colossus Cyclops Iceman Marve.jpg)

File: 124157176817.jpg-(477.97KB, 800x1029, 294137 - Marvel New_X-Men X-23 X-Force X-Men.jpg)

File: 124157179156.jpg-(44.29KB, 480x373, 300514 - Marvel Rob_Durham X-23 X-Men.jpg)

File: 124157188034.jpg-(364.67KB, 727x1000, 302411 - Mac_artist Marvel NYX X-23 X-Men.jpg)

File: 124157190236.jpg-(65.67KB, 800x600, 303785 - Marvel Wolverine X-23 X-Force X-Men anony.jpg)

File: 124157195827.jpg-(186.29KB, 600x906, x23dembiceps.jpg)
what follows is non rule 34 stuff, just assorted images

File: 124157207313.jpg-(132.03KB, 392x1130, x23 is an anime.jpg)

File: 124157211670.jpg-(69.90KB, 723x749, x23.jpg)

File: 124157214478.jpg-(120.40KB, 718x462, X23_by_AmericanNinjaX.jpg)

File: 124157216250.jpg-(120.74KB, 640x828, X23_by_Fieryermine.jpg)

File: 124157219386.jpg-(130.40KB, 600x467, X23_JoePekar.jpg)

File: 124157221649.jpg-(124.09KB, 600x834, X23_Talks_In_Her_Sleep_by_JoeHentai.jpg)

File: 124157231682.jpg-(160.16KB, 422x758, x23abs.jpg)

File: 124157234214.jpg-(736.13KB, 566x800, x23animehurr.jpg)

File: 124157245368.jpg-(99.85KB, 500x737, x23awesomeface.jpg)

File: 124157251350.jpg-(190.44KB, 572x864, x23bw.jpg)

File: 124157256858.jpg-(245.86KB, 513x864, x23color.jpg)

File: 124157260143.jpg-(286.36KB, 568x1795, x23datblank.jpg)

File: 124157264550.jpg-(76.60KB, 800x600, x23dress.jpg)

File: 124157268820.jpg-(47.96KB, 800x600, x23hair.jpg)

File: 124157276081.jpg-(147.90KB, 900x700, x23hitsx23.jpg)

File: 124157278351.jpg-(149.76KB, 800x800, x23katiepower.jpg)

File: 124157282637.png-(168.08KB, 700x700, x23kiden.png)

File: 124157286026.jpg-(65.26KB, 564x773, x23pencil.jpg)

File: 124157289562.jpg-(123.37KB, 604x900, x23sniktspidey.jpg)

File: 124157291675.jpg-(61.47KB, 679x538, x23soup.jpg)

File: 124157297994.gif-(20.70KB, 500x500, x23vsking.gif)

File: 124157300925.jpg-(75.25KB, 703x627, x2301.jpg)

File: 124157307667.jpg-(56.65KB, 800x600, x-23 is hot.jpg)

File: 124157314162.jpg-(134.91KB, 600x858, x-23 is pissed as hell.jpg)

File: 124157318753.jpg-(173.90KB, 750x750, x-23 nipples color.jpg)

File: 12415732433.png-(28.87KB, 642x626, x-23 short hair.png)

File: 124157327891.jpg-(80.05KB, 535x900, x-23 undies.jpg)

File: 12415733299.jpg-(235.01KB, 572x715, X-23_JoePekar.jpg)

File: 124157338118.jpg-(205.08KB, 660x1002, x-23-coverfinal.jpg)

File: 124157342619.jpg-(77.31KB, 491x700, x-23light.jpg)

File: 124157345856.jpg-(307.80KB, 519x800, x-23middleton.jpg)

File: 124157366243.jpg-(150.96KB, 1532x915, 4128519.jpg)
just found this, lol

File: 124157372716.jpg-(152.03KB, 448x695, x-23-pekar.jpg)

File: 124157376745.jpg-(599.10KB, 938x1250, x-23pekarDSC00353.jpg)

File: 124157379855.jpg-(343.79KB, 647x800, x-23scan0065.jpg)

File: 124157385426.jpg-(81.67KB, 582x800, x-23wolvie.jpg)

File: 124157391952.jpg-(1.21MB, 1508x3133, X_23_by_RansomGetty.jpg)

File: 124157396150.jpg-(37.05KB, 300x865, laurabutt.jpg)
aaaaaand that's it from me

Bless you, anon.

Also, those pchat images are the best thing in this thread.

Holy shit, this thread went from win to fuckwin since last time I refreshed it.

File: 124278499118.jpg-(465.36KB, 950x750, x23kimurathong.jpg)
i'll just put this here...

File: 124278507936.jpg-(462.85KB, 950x750, x23kimuranude.jpg)
and this. from the original sketch i didn't know if she was supposed to be nude, and there was a stray line, or wearing a thong or something. and since it only took a few extra minutes and i like a little extra naughty wherevere i can, i did both versions.


must... not... fap...

File: 124369218410.png-(27.45KB, 501x638, X-23 glasses.png)

File: 124369237037.jpg-(70.60KB, 800x800, X-23 glasses 2.jpg)

I dawww'd.


Kind of awesome.

File: 124380011364.jpg-(782.68KB, 750x1000, X-23 Emo glasses.jpg)
Whoops, can't forget this one.

File: 124383556747.jpg-(218.54KB, 600x738, X-23 88 fixed.jpg)
Continuing the fetish thing...

File: 12438356236.jpg-(119.90KB, 359x602, X-23 pudgy.jpg)
And Sniktpudge!

File: 124383568274.jpg-(225.37KB, 403x813, X-23 Pregnant.jpg)
Aaaand Sniktpreg! That's all I got.


I fully support Sniktpudge

File: 124389551555.png-(80.59KB, 577x645, laurence.png)
While we're on the topic of fetishizing, I guess.

Wouldn't he look just like Wolverine, though?


Technically he wouldn't be able to exist at all, but hey.

Laura's such a frail-looking dainty thing, it wouldn't feel right to make her male counterpart anything other than a raging faggot.

sauce please

Drawfag on /co/ by the name of Scarlett.

>Richard Johnson.
>Dick Johnson
Ohhhh you crafty motherfucker, you.

Does anyone have Writer-Man's other stuff?

Damn, this is hot

there should be more art of this pairing, we haven't even seen kimura's tits yet

File: 124789663721.png-(256.79KB, 975x600, forgive me father for I have sinned.png)
It's incest, right?

It's incest.

Oh god, what have I done.

Taken the first step to something wonderful.

Either that or started on the slippery slope where you lose all your integrity.

Good work. *thumbs up*


Can't you make one where they hug instead?


while naked?


No. Purely and innocently.


and then his hand reaches down towards her ass and she feels the bulge in his pants rubbing up against her, she blushes and feels her nipples harden and poke through her shirt, he notices and they both look at each other, understanding, and they kiss their tongues intertwining, mixing their saliva which forms a strand, like a lifeline, between their mouths as their lips part


what the fuck did i just write

i gotta stop drinking...

Well, since Tim has shown up, might as well give the little piece of text Writer-Man conjured up in response to that image.


Snff. "You're slipping, Laura. I can smell it on you. Your mind is desperately resisting my pheromones with all its might, but little by little, you are breaking. Your body is demanding respite from this ache, this... need."


"Come now, don't fight it any longer. Your willpower is impressive, I will say that; no woman has ever stood this long against my power. But in the end, it is futile. Give in. You know that you want to feel my hands explore every inch of your perfectly built body, to feel my mouth suck on your soft flesh. You want what I want: to feel me inside you, so that our flesh can be united as one. Don't make this any harder than it has to be, Laura... I can ease all your suffering." He lowers himself onto her a bit, grinding gently against the cotton strip of her panties.

"Hnn. Don't... stop..."

"'Stop' or 'Don't stop'? Which is it?" She blinks; the answer is beyond her at this point. "You know," he says, leaning in, "I bet if I put my lips to yours and let you taste me, you would slip away in an instant."

He drops down further, pressing his chest onto hers. He can feel her nipples: erect, pressing into his pectorals. "Why... are you... doing this...?" she asks, her voice fizzling out with every word.

He smiles deviously and puts his mouth to her ear. "Because I want you." Softly, he nibbles her lobe. "And I always get what I want."

Welcome to the fold, my friend.

I'd prefer one where Daken is pushing loli-Laura on the swings. Or maybe he's taking her clothes shopping, I dunno. Either way, big-brother-is-nice-to-little-sister stuff.

File: 124846362478.png-(60.44KB, 597x294, daddy i caught it ;_;.png)

fuck that I'm drawing it

in the meanwhile I've got... this?

File: 124846483868.jpg-(116.09KB, 770x1100, alauraisfinetoo.jpg)

My d'aaaw organ is overloading.

File: 124846799879.png-(53.06KB, 592x309, loganlaurahugclose.png)
Okay, have some hugs.

File: 124846802258.png-(76.62KB, 361x345, loganlaurahug.png)

I love it! In the first one, Wolverine's head is so fuzzy that it looks like she's holding a furball.

File: 124849375961.jpg-(223.04KB, 692x677, x23cat4.jpg)


Oh shit... Suddenly I've become a Sniktkitty supporter.

File: 124849654478.jpg-(141.71KB, 1024x692, x23cat3eyes.jpg)

File: 124849784483.jpg-(226.59KB, 786x700, chelx23.jpg)
Delicious Chel & X-23.

File: 124849788981.jpg-(104.59KB, 786x700, chelx23eyes.jpg)

Colored eyed version (someone requested it).

File: 124849793215.jpg-(105.28KB, 692x677, x23kittyeyes.jpg)

Of this one too.

File: 124849798113.jpg-(296.07KB, 1024x692, x23kitty2.jpg)

And for completeness' sake, the uncolored version of this one.

Fucking asshole /co/ janitor keeps deleting those threads for absolutely no reason.

They apparently hired a thirteen year old from /v/ to be a janitor in nighttime /co/ of all places.

"Use da hip!"
"The... hip?"
"Da hip!"

yet another reason we're superior to /co/

Now he deleted a regular X-23 thread with pictures that weren't even sexualized. Fuck that guy.

That'd be me. Green eyes are my weakness... so is long black hair/pale skin, and sexy midriffs... goddammit, why does she fit so perfectly into my fetishes?

I actually had an idea for a story wherein Laura isn't physically a catgirl, but believes herself to be a cat, and shenanigans ensue. Interested?




But why?


I assume that's what we'll find out.




Obviously the only way to remedy this is if you drew more Daken/Laura.

Sorry, guys... not gonna be able to writefag the story for three weeks at least, as I'll be out of the country and computerless for that long. But... keep this thread alive, and maybe you can let me post it as soon as I get back?

Again, I'm sorry.

File: 124914841191.png-(121.06KB, 607x585, walking all over shit like a bitch.png)
Don't worry about it, writer-bro.

I don't understand this, but it still made me lol forever. So have some more Sniktkitty.


No problem at all dude, no need to apologize.


Oh god I think I just died of an adorable overdose.




it's just like my cat only my cat isn't a sexy human girl :(

Ahahaha, my cat does this ALL the time... oh, if only she were a sexy human girl with cat ears and a tail instead...

>human girl

mutant girl you mean

If she were a sexy catgirl? I'd settle for a human.

Yeah, me too.

File: 125123698514.jpg-(244.28KB, 1000x1193, x23meowmix1.jpg)
so i herd you like sniktkitty :3

File: 125132612943.jpg-(99.88KB, 614x811, kimuraontop.jpg)

File: 125137706833.jpg-(283.62KB, 1280x1985, XForce_18_Legion_CPS_033.jpg)
C'mon, /pco/, don't let me down. Write some chainsaw porn.

File: 125190245751.jpg-(227.01KB, 1280x1985, X-23 arm fixed.jpg)
How could you post that page without the preceding one?


If Logan doesn't fuck everyone of the Weapon X staff into oblivion after this then his is assuredly their bitch. And you want Chainsaw Porn then have the writers chopping her up while they beat off declaring how much they love her.

Laura better be in one piece again in short order... or I will be sad.

The worse part is when you imagine her swinging gently from the remaining momentum, back and forth... back and forth...

Hmm. Do want.


You want soup?

What? You got something against zoop?

Also, goth-23 is pretty hot.

File: 125227758386.jpg-(122.07KB, 818x566, kimurapeegm&ms.jpg)

File: 125323600170.jpg-(151.75KB, 600x903, X-23 Dat snikt.jpg)
From the guy that made these, I believe, I bring you... sniktbooty!

File: 125323661299.jpg-(120.11KB, 600x758, Sniktmom_by_SaburoX.jpg)

He made this too.

God bless that man.

Holy shit, so did I. Small world.

File: 125354380920.jpg-(197.34KB, 585x664, sniktkitty.jpg)

I love this one. Someone wanna color the eyes green? I feel like that's a thing with this.

File: 125363541134.jpg-(214.47KB, 585x664, greeneyedsnikitty.jpg)


Aw, c'mon, guys. The latest X-Force issue just came out. I figured you guys would have LOADS of new content!

File: 125453665164.jpg-(446.64KB, 1280x1998, 1254535914709.jpg)
i wanna see kimura masturbating with x-23's arm

File: 125473232217.png-(207.37KB, 712x900, Yay sniktfamily.png)
Overdue hug is overdue. Sorry for interrupting sexy with fluff.

Marvel doesn't like nice things, but I'll still hold out for a Sniktbub Family spin-off...or something.


omg i <3 u


That made me go all wibbly. I wouldn't mind Daken being redeemed if we got some painfully awkward family bonding. And then taking Laura shopping, because he'd probably be embarassed to share genetic material with anyone who wears baggy orange sports t-shirts.

awww, I'm going to daww some more over this. Look at her happy little face, she has a brother/son/nephew-thing!


As the person who requested this -- you're awesome and I love you. 100% pure adorable.

I came rainbows. I imagine the sniktfamily at a picnic with Logan heartily devouring a sandwich with a beer in his hand while Daken gives him a disgusted look, Laura meticulously cutting up a steak and drinking a soda, and finally Daken eating caviar while sipping champagne - pinky out, of course.

File: 125509416156.jpg-(4.93KB, 111x164, Erista.jpg)
Hey look Erista Logan. Appears the Hair thing is genetic in Logan Offspring.


Laura trying to feed the little tyke would be cute

Response to "X-23/Daken, Laura on top"

It feels wrong, but not for the reasons that most would cite. Daken isn't Laura's blood; she isn't anyone's blood at all, pieced together from fragments of Weapon X's DNA. His scent reminds her of Logan, her own just reminds her of the clean metallic smells of antiseptic and scoured metal and fresh blood, and beneath that, the sweet curl of trigger scent always in the back of her throat.

She leans in, catches more of his scent beneath expensive aftershave and blood, and he wraps his hand in her hair and drags her down, whispering threats in her ear. Laura's claws punch into his shoulders, a wound that would cripple a human, and Daken laughs as his hand falls away. Blood wells up around her knuckles, shockingly hot against the cool night air.

She pulls her claws out with a grate and squeal of adamantium on bone, and shifts back. Daken's hands wrap around her hips, the wrist claws resting just inside the curve of bone. Not a lethal wound, maybe, a little too peripheral. A lot of bleeding, risk of septicemia. It doesn't matter anyway, Laura always goes for those claws first. A deep, diagonal cut just inside the elbow, and he can't use them. They'll heal by the end, but he's never tried to kill her afterwards yet.

Laura begins to move again, short, aggressive snaps of her hips, drags her fingers down over his chest to leave trails of blood. Daken watches her lazily, his eyes veiled. His expression is smooth and satisfied and vaguely feline, and Laura knows he feels he's somehow getting one over Logan by this. Her blunt nails dig in as she picks up speed, feeling lust like a low-down ache that she needs to work through and get over. Better Daken than Julian or Joshua or any of the other X-Men that she could break so easily, and after everything the pair of them have done over their lives, this one small sin won't change anything now.

"Come on, clone. You can do better than that."

She hits him, feels the satisfying crack of a fractured jaw, but she moves faster anyway, grinding down hard enough that it should hurt like hell. It's not pleasurable, not exactly, but it's taking the edge off, in simple, visceral sensations that Laura can understand. Blood cooling on her hands, the raw burn of friction, the twinge of bruises that form and fade as fast as they can move. It's not so different from fighting, and when she comes, it takes her by surprise, back arching, thighs clamping shut, raking a line of scratches down Daken's flat stomach.

He came more or less simultaneously- perhaps timing it, sex is an art for Daken. No protection. Laura is sterile, something taken out of her DNA while they added Sarah Kinney's genes back in.

She stands up, feeling the ache along the long muscles of her thighs, the sore spot between her legs that will fade soon, and retrieves her clothes. Her usual uniform, except the top is longer now, a lightweight armoured mesh that covers her stomach. Laura had cited practical reasons for that- abdominal wounds were messy, took too long to heal in the middle of a battle, and no one had questioned it.

She runs a thumb along the white scar just above her navel before covering it up, the first scar she had ever received, and remembers how for days, she felt the tug of the hidden, healing scab whenever she sparred. The glassy texture of the scar tissue interests her, something new over the blank template that the Facility created. Daken has a permanent broken line across the tattoos of his upper arm to match, the first time she managed to use his Muramasa claws against him.

Daken, already dressed, throws Laura one last look before sauntering away. She watches him go and wonders if he intends to tell his father one day. Laura is still weighing up whether to kill Daken or not. He's enough of a threat to Logan that she would, and never mind her orders for once, but Logan loves him, and Laura considers that, whether parents would rather die by their offspring than see them harmed.

Laura doesn't understand loving Daken, but she understands whatever this is, and watches him leave, this time.

File: 125587092936.png-(10.04KB, 429x410, stare.png)


That's actually a little awesome. Can't say I fapped, but surprisingly well-written. Good stuff.

File: 125679426468.jpg-(104.29KB, 864x594, holyshit.jpg)

File: 125725613966.jpg-(303.69KB, 1280x1986, XF_20_Legion_CPS_029.jpg)
GLORIOUS SAD GREEN EYES. I manly tear'd so much in this issue.

"What is it you wish to say to me, Julian?" asked Laura gently, basking in his pleasing aroma.

"Uh..." He averted his eyes, folding his arms. "W-well... listen, this is... this is difficult for me to say, so... let me finish, okay?" She nodded. "Okay... so, uh, we've known each other for a while, and we've... spent a lot of time together... we've been through a lot together... And I realized something: when I'm around you, I feel... a spark. I feel more alive, more relaxed, even when we're in mortal danger. I thought that I was afraid of you, and for good reason; I mean, you could kill me and I wouldn't even know what hit me, right?" He noticed that her expression fell ever so slightly. "Er, sorry. That- I didn't mean- never mind." He took a calming breath. "What I'm trying to say is that I realized that I wasn't afraid of you... I was afraid of hurting you. But now... what I want; what I truly want from the bottom of my heart..." he gazed into her bright green eyes and placed his hands on her shoulders, "I want to be with you. For as long as you'll have me." Laura took a sharp yet slight intake of breath. Her face fell to stare at the floor. "Laura?"

"I'm sorry," she whispered, breaking his grip and speedily walking away from him.

Julian could feel his heart pump shock through his body. "Laura?" he repeated, "Laura, wait! Where are you going?"

"I cannot..." she said with a slight choke in her voice.

Adrenaline racing through his veins, Julian flew full speed after Laura, stopping directly in front of her. "Laura. Talk to me," he said in a stern tone. Agile as ever, she weaved her way past him, but Julian telekinetically stopped her in her tracks.

"Let me go," she demanded quietly, head still down.

"Not until you promise to talk to me," he returned.

"I will not."

"Why?!" he asked desperately.

Suddenly, she raised her head to stare him directly in the eye: tears fell in a rapid torrent down her reddened cheeks. "Because you're going to die," she whimpered.

Julian's mouth fell slightly open. He blinked. "... What?"

She sobbed. "The Facility trained me - tortured me - into becoming a soulless assassin who would carry out any task without remorse. But somehow... some way, I still managed to develop emotion. I still feel every single murder, every single life that I have taken. Most painfully of all... I feel love. I love too much, and too many, and everyone - EVERYone - I love... suffers horrible fates."

Julian felt confused. "What...? I don't... that's not true, Laura."

"It IS!" she shrieked. "My sensei was kind to me, and he was punished with death. My mother..." she sobbed again, "She loved me so much, and I loved her... but I killed her with my own hands, just as she was trying to save me."

"Laura, there's no way that you could have-"

"My cousin, Megan. My aunt, Debbie. Both of them were forced to completely abandon any notion of having a safe, happy life because I arrived at their home. They could be dead - Kimura promised me that they would die." She took a deep, rattling breath. "When I encountered Logan for the first time, SHIELD arrived to reclaim me - he took several high caliber rounds to the chest to protect me. Cessily, the person who has become what people call my best friend, was kidnapped by the Facility and horrifically tortured."

"But that was Stryker who ordered that."

"They were able to discover her through me!" she cried. "And you..." Her voice became hushed. "You, whom I care about absolutely... you are certain to die. And if you, the man that I..." she gulped, "The man that I love so much died... I would not be able to take that pain."

She fell silent, save for the gentle sobs. Julian could barely believe what he was hearing. "Laura," he began after a while in a calm yet firm tone, "I'm not going to die."

"You are!"

"I'm not. I'm one of the most powerful mutants in the world, Laura. I'm very capable of protecting myself. Listen, the bad guys would already figure out that you and I... that we care about each other like this. Either way, they'd come after one of us to hurt the other. But you're really good at fighting them off and I... I'd kill for you, Laura." Her eyes widened. She could never have predicted this response. "Say the word, and I'll do it. Summers was right: we have to protect ourselves by any means possible. Kill or be killed. But no matter what danger arrives, no matter who wants to hurt us... I want to be with you and show you how much I love you. Can you honestly say you disagree?"

She wanted to come up with a rational argument as to why they could not be together. She wanted to compile evidence in her head and show him, step by step, why it was a bad idea. But she knew that the answer she came up with instantly would be the one she used. "No," she said, "I cannot."

He smiled; it was the same smile she always loved, the one that he took when things were okay. "Good," he said simply, and leaned towards her, eyes closed and mouth slightly open. She knew exactly what to do in response and put her lips to his, closing the gap completely.

Laura had imagined what a kiss felt like, before. She had calculated what it would feel like, how it would progress. But in that instant she realized that there was nothing she could have predicted about this kiss. It was as though a wonderful fire erupted all over her flesh, and intoxicating lightning struck her tongue. She forgot everything in that moment, everything except Julian. He was her world, all encompassing.

After what seemed like an eternity, the kiss ended and Laura flew back to reality. With a warm, steady finger, Julian wiped the remnants of tears from her cheeks. "I love you, Laura," he declared. "Please be with me."

"I will," she answered and was surprised to find no doubt in her voice.

"Thank you," he said. Placing his arm around her, he asked, "Hey... you want to get something to eat?"


"Cool." They began walking. To where, they were not sure, but both knew that the destination would be wonderful, no matter the difficulty of the journey. Laura smiled as the feeling of elation overtook her heart, and one thought coursed through her brain:

"All will be well."

>"All will be well."

Laura confirmed for Blue Lantern.

Now I want a pic of Green Lantern Hellion (which fits rather well, given his power set) and Blue Lantern X-23 together, with the two of them fueling each other's ring.

File: 125750093676.jpg-(211.97KB, 576x800, X-23 Pixie.jpg)
Laura needs moar BFF time with her friends.

File: 125751783236.jpg-(78.25KB, 257x340, X-23 Pixie Kitty.jpg)

File: 125751787186.jpg-(173.00KB, 614x626, X-23 Pixie Kitty 2.jpg)

File: 125761636489.jpg-(76.13KB, 400x667, x23pixie.jpg)


File: 125762947111.jpg-(269.21KB, 500x727, Happy_birthday_douchebag_by_mikechoi.jpg)
a happy laura :3


For some reason, I imagine it that Laura is calling Kyle a douchebag for putting her through all that crap. Though I can't exactly picture Laura ever saying douchebag...

Not really porn-y, but you guys seem to like X-23/Spidey, so here's something you guys might like! Although it IS 4AM and this IS pretty much a first draft...

Laura groaned, eyes swollen, nose broken, body bloody and beaten.
"Awww, did I forgot to mention I've been working out?"
Laura coughed up a chunk of something. Lung? Tongue? Heart? Whatever it was, she had inevitably healed.
"Poor girl, cat got your tongue? Or, I guess I do." Kimura smirked, confirming the suspicions. Laura felt her mouth fill with blood.
"Give it a minute."
"Wha di yah..."
"Broken jaw and half a tongue, X. Give it some time. Let it heal."
Kimura pulled her up by her hair, a blow to the gut blinding Laura in pain.
"That bitch, Emma...tore my memories out of my head. Just be glad you can heal. Not that I'd LET you..." another kick. Damned if she wasn't telling the truth, she HAD gotten stronger. Or Laura was just so much weaker from the apparent beating. Her memory begins to return as her brain repaired itself, healing factor going into overdrive.

It did little good. The only memories she had were of seeing her cousin Megan before...Megan! She was alive.
"M-Megan?" her tongue had healed just enough to speak. "Megan, ah you awight?" Not quite finished.
"La...ura..." she wheezed.
"Poor thing. ONE little kick to the ribs and she can barely move." Kimura mocked the normal girl, clutching her chest and whimpering.
"Laura..." the voice was becoming a bit clearer, but still distant, almost slurred.
"Lauwa". Her mind snapped into focus. Her jaw was broken.
"Not just a kick."
"Ooh a smart one." Kimura grabbed X-23 by the cheeks and pulled her face close, bone cracking beneath the weight, "I wanted to TRY something...something fun. Something so few people seem to appreciate."
Kimura pulled X-23 into a kiss. There was no passion, no love in the kiss. No was their restraint. Lips that were likely stronger than most men's biceps ripped at the girls facial structure, before she was thrown aside.
"We'll try again when the jaw healed. Hard to tell if my kiss broke your face or if my hand did it."

Laura crawled to stand up, just now realizing her legs had been broken.
" you want..."
A kick sent her flying into a wall, a huge hole left in the drywall.
"Don't take a defiant tone with me, or so help me I'll make sure your little X-Friends have to remove the memories of how I flayed you with my bare hands if they want to take ANOTHER happy memory away."
Laura groaned, half disgusted by the image, half dizzy from the constant beating.

"I'm stronger than ever, y'know." Kimura flexed proudly, though her power was beyond the muscle (though Laura would have to admit she was definitely larger). "Docs say I'm in the 10 to 15 ton range...I'm inclined to believe them. Your little FRIEND over there could barely take a hug."
Megan was still gasping.
"I swear they make you girls so FLIMSY now a days. One little squeeze and you go limp like ragdolls."

Laura's claws finally cooperated. She lunged at Kimura's face with what little strength could be mustered. Kimura yawned, grasping the girls wrist. Without even twisting it, the sickening crunch made it clear that sheer strength had mangled the appendage.
"Please. These have never hurt me before. I'd give you points for effort, but you'd just lose them for sloppy execution...Speaking of."

Kimura walked over and pulled Megan into a sitting position.
"" Megan could barely groan. She needed medical attention, that much was obvious. Kimura straddled the broken girls lap, a wince and a whimper escaping her lips.
"Ya know, I lied on my dossier...110 pounds." she chuckled "Being a density shifter has it's share of perks. But did you know, with my muscle and my invulnerability..." Megan hacked, blood splattering Kimura's face. With a forceful hand she slapped Megan, harder than she intended (or fully intending), resulting in a shattered nose and a spray of blood.
"WITH my know what my REAL weight would be? Muscular, dense, damn near 6 feet?"
Megan couldn't even make sounds anymore.
"What's that? 210? Spot on sweetheart."
Megan was sobbing. X was trying to scramble to her feet. Her wounds were finally healed up enough. She could make it out, but Megan would most certainly be killed. A shadow flashed by. One of the X-Men? They could only hope.

"Is this one of those kinky domination parties I hear Clint talking about?" That voice. Laura could swear she had heard it before. But where...the familiar colors reminded her instantly. She had heard it on TV. And her wildest fantasies.
"The one and only. Because seriously, if there's more, I'm getting screwed. Or cloned. Which HAS actually happened, believe it or not..." the room fell quiet as he looked at X-23s claws. "Something tells me you do."
"This isn't your fight, Wall-crawler." Kimura growled.
"Au contraire, ma'am." a webline attached itself to her back, yanking the tall, dark woman off poor Megan's battered body and into a coffee table, "Any time I see a trail of blood, it's my fight...and word to the wise, don't beat them half to death BEFORE dragging them up the steps."

Kimura stood up slowly, cracking her neck. "It's gonna take a LOT more than that to hurt me! I'm damn near invulnerable, stronger than you..."
A flurry of punches connected with her jaw before she could even finish her sentence.
"And another thing? Don't tell the superhero you're hard to hurt. Especially not when he's got the proportionate strength of a spider."
Kimura soon found herself sailing through the air once again, shattering the sliding glass window. Another groan as she stood herself up, knees weak.

"And don't underestimate someone because they're WEAKER than you." The leaping kick send her tumbling into a tree, "I'm quicker and harder to hit than you, I can almost guarantee it."
A clumsy blow was dodged, almost completely devoid of the spider-sense assistance. Kimura throw another right, and then a left. Showing off his equilibrium, Spider-man simply leaned back farther and farther to dodge the attacks.
Laura watched in awe. He was saving them. Both of them. But...why was Kimura fighting so lazily?
A kick finally connected, but Spidey had already begun traveling, sucking momentum from the blow.
"I may be mistaken. YOU might be the clone of Logan. Sure do fight like him...Mr. "Samurai."
"SHUT. UP." clouded by losing her grip after being so close, the skilled movements of an assassin were replaced by the bulky and off-center swings of a street fighter. The insult-hurling superhero didn't help matters, nor did his superior agility.

"Jeez, no sense of humor nowadays. Back in my day you guys and gals called me 'Webhead', 'Wallcrawler', 'The Webslinger.' Now it's just 'You!', or my personal favorite, words I can't repeat in the presence of a lady. Aunt May'd have my head."
Kimura clutched her head.
"Oh come on they weren't that bad.
The hole in her memory was painful. It literally caused her agony. Laura rushed outside to watch the battle unfold.
"Don't worry!" he turned his attention to the young girl, "Ambulance should be here any minute!"
He grabbed Kimura's arm, "Hey I think you're built better than me," and with that, he slammed her face-first into the tree. Webbing stuck fast around her body, punch-drunk and too dizzy to break free.

"Sp...Spider-man..." Laura's wounds had healed, sirens and lights making it apparent that the ambulance had arrived.
"She should be okay." he lied. Not about her condition, simply about knowing how she'd turn out.
"Thank you..." Laura threw her arms around him, hugging him close. He felt safe.
"Woah, problem...Miss..."
She tugged up on the mask.
"Woah, boundaries Laura, I j-"
He was cut off by the kiss. Not a deep kiss, and certainly not one like Kimura had given her. A tender kiss.
"So, Mr. Spider-man..." her face was beet red. Laura was a killer, not a flirter, "I...might need a ride to see my friend."
Spider-man arched a brow.
"Uh...s-sure, Laura. Let's go. I think I hear the cops. And I don't need to explain why I'm holding a minor."
Laura chuckled, "'m not a minor, bub..." she grinned, pulling herself close to his chest, the last word slipping out.
"If you're gonna get all cuddly can you not call me 'bub'?"

NOT MY BEST WORK I am sure but what the hell I finally got it out

Are you fucking retarded? This was aweseome!

As the progenitor of the X-23/Spider-Man pairing's popularity (if I may be so bold), I must say that this is quite the lovely take on it. In fact, it's more incentive (that I am resisting) to re-tool the idea and relaunch it as something more... palatable.

tl;dr good story bro

File: 125816156448.png-(162.67KB, 570x690, dakenlauraheybaby.png)

Ohhh Tim... what have you done? Can't you just have the sniktfamily on a picnic or something?


ah she probably just knocked on the wrong door.

Given Laura's complete lack of body language there, I can't imagine her expression being anything but "What are you doing Daken. I am X-23. You are Daken. It doesn't even fit."

File: 125937320918.jpg-(1.12MB, 900x1200, X-23 88.jpg)
Yay! Sniktboobs!

Why are you people flanderizing her? She isn't autistic. :(

Anon's text suggests he means she looks so nonplussed in that picture that her reaction seems to be that. That's not flanderization, it's criticism.

Yeah, you're right, I take back what I said about flanderization and autism.

Poster here. It's not exactly criticism, it's just my own humorous interpretation.

... well, I think it's funny.

"What is this I don't even"

Always feels good to have others appreciate your work. Especially the progenitor of the subject!
(And stop resisting. The world needs more Snikt-thwip)

File: 125985935832.jpg-(350.42KB, 1111x1553, x23cruzpanties.jpg)
found an x-23 pic i wanted to color. here's the plain verson.

File: 125985941613.jpg-(349.77KB, 1111x1553, x23cruzbare.jpg)
more explicit version.

File: 125985948331.jpg-(349.96KB, 1111x1553, x23cruzhairy.jpg)
and for those who like a little bush (or those who'd point out that it would grow back as fast as she shaves).

This picture takes place shortly before her first time with Hellion, I like to imagine.

Well done on the coloring. You got her skintone and the glorious green eyes down pat (though honestly they should be just a tad brighter green).

You know, just because she shaves her hair, doesn't mean it will immediately grow back. By that logic, the lanugo she would have shed in the womb would have just grown back in full.


usually comic book healing sets your body to what is "normal". so if you normally lose your lanugo permanently, it doesn't heal back. but on places you normally have hair it would grow back. this is also how it works with wolverine on his head usually - if he gets hit with a blast that burns his hair off, the hair comes back as quick as everything else... it may just be laziness because an artist doesn't want to remember to draw him part bald the next few weeks, but it still sets a precedent.

Her healing factor only emerged when they irradiated her body. This was well after she was born.

That doesn't mean every hair on her body won't grow back.

Come to think about it, her toes and her wrists shouldn't be able to bend when her claws are out.

Considering hair is dead anyway, I don't think a healing factor ought to grow it back. The follicle could heal, but there's no reason the hair should grow back.

Not that biology really has any place in comic book physics anyway. I guess it's really more a question of whether or not the writer wants it to grow back.

No, I mean, as anon said, healing factors return them to their "standard form." Wolverine goes all hairy bub, Deadpool is still cancer'd up, and Laura is sweet delicious punk/goth chick.

File: 126144180074.jpg-(309.36KB, 594x827, mystiquex23col.jpg)

File: 126911127666.png-(148.78KB, 411x407, SHOCKED.png)
>This thread

This thread should live on.

File: 127283496018.jpg-(115.78KB, 300x430, kimurax23sketch.jpg)
Oh, I found this sketch on /co/ a while ago and didn't post it since the artist said they were gonna finish it, but they never did to my knowledge. :(

File: 127447607891.jpg-(567.13KB, 1200x1600, X_23_by_Dishonest_Nature.jpg)
Laura is aroused. Or cold.

have fun!

File: 127664105037.jpg-(100.08KB, 837x1276, 1276638652.jpg)
Will Conrad is drawing the new X-23 ongoing. These are some of his sketches. I love the outfit she has here. Too-baggy clothes are oddly adorable.

File: 128094534050.jpg-(90.84KB, 463x843, 1280944881404.jpg)

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