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Wakfu anyone?

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....Why is this censored? /pco/ allows NSFW stuff.

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woops wrong pic

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Also have unfinished sketch



There should be fanfiction of this but with so few of the episodes subtitled, I don't really know much about the character's personalities.

Yugo: The Eliotrope (...No fucking clue. Not an in-game breed.). Fast, a good jumper, but doesn't seem able to take much of a beating. Uses portals fairly creatively, and doesn't need to place the portals on any surface. Extremely friendly, as emotional as you'd expect a young boy to be, and a fantastic cook.

Sadlygrove: The Iop (Berserker). The guardian of a Shushu, a demon confined to an object (in his case, his sword). He's very good with his sword, but it often makes fun of him, especially when he uses terrible pickup lines to try and get women to notice him. Gets frustrated easily, and on at least one occasion of extreme duress he has given himself over to the influence of the demon he's supposed to be guarding (pretty much makes him Hulk Out).

Ruel: The Enutrof (Thief/Treasure Hunter). Completely obsessed with money, to the point where he will threaten small animals for a single coin. For a few more, he'd probably be willing to do anything except betray his closest friends. Isn't very familiar with Amalia or Evangelyne yet.

Amalia: The Sadida (Plant mage, also uses puppets). Very open with her opinion, slightly too willing to tell people who she is. Doesn't wanted to be treated like a princess, and would rather just have everyone treat her like a good friend. Apparently has an empathic bond with plants.

Evangelyne: The Cra (Archer). Excellent with her bow. She has some insecurity about dressing nicely because she's a warrior, so is uncomfortable in non-battle clothes and considers herself unattractive in them. The Guardian of Princess Amalia.

Az: The Tofu. Cute, squawky, and indignant when put in minor peril, ignored, or blown off as inconsequential.

That's all I can think of; if you need anything else, see if you can talk OP into continuing.

>Eliotrope (...No fucking clue. Not an in-game breed.).
Like most name in the wakfu universe, it's a pun based on mirroring: Eliatrop <-> Portaile, pronounced like "portail", french word for portal. Thus the Eliatropes are the portal-using people. I suspect they'll become a playable class in-game once the serie's progressed far enough.

Drawings here are fukken win

Well, yeah, but I didn't want to just say '(Portal-User)', because that sounded stupid in my head.

Portal mage? Or maybe "standard kid identification character" (or "delicious shota", depending on where your loyalties lie)

Im surprised that im still waiting on a cake joke

Nobody's done anything with cake yet in Wakfu.

Evangelyne: 17
Sadlygrove: 16
Amalia: 14
Yugo: 10
Ruel: Unknown. And really, do we WANT to know?


I don't see why you're so surprised; any older, and Evangelyne wouldn't have suspected her of being petty enough to make up a prophetic dream in order to miss her brother's anniversary.

If she's only fourteen then she still has room to growww... <3

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The question isn't 'what happens next', but 'where can we take this, preferably in a sexy way'?

Is this the end of Wakfu PROMOTIONS?

yeah im picky, but sadlygrove isnt a berserker, He's a "go-getting warrior"

berserkers use tattoos to fight.

and scroll down

Yeah, Sacrier.
'It hurts sooo goooooood!!!'

Grovy strikes me as a variant on the dumb loyal good paladin, possibly because of his crusader-like outfit.

I dare say there's more on the way, give it a few days...

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And you'd be right

Finished coloured pic


Pretty fucking awesome

Agreed, except for awkwardly placed vagina and funky-shaped thumb.

File: 122994019716.png-(333.22KB, 900x756, 1227947528803.png)


Ruel has the same surname as me.

That is all.

btw is wakfu open beta or anything yet i swear ive been w8in for it 4 like 2 years

Looks like /co/ has a request for anybody available.

I take it you are all familiar with Kabrock and his lovely (if a bit loud) wife? Well, they'd like a picture of them fucking, with her doing her trademark scream of 'KABROOOOOOK!' as she climaxes. It's been brought up multiple times, yet nobody has done it yet, so I figured I'd just leave it here because /pco/ seems a bit better at actually getting things done than /co/.

Wakfu is in fact in open beta.
First off, make sure you have an account with Ankama, which you can get by registering at
This account will be your login for all things Ankama-related, so please don't lose it.
Next, go here:
And if you are using Windows, click the large teal button that says 'Telecharger Wakfu'. If you are using Mac OS, click the first 'cliquez ici' link under the button, then click the button; for Linux, click the second 'cliquez ici' link, and then the button. This will download the installer, and installation itself needs no walkthrough. Once the game is installed, open it up and log in. It may already be set to use the partial English translation available; if not, quit the game and go to C:\Program Files\Wakfu
and open up userPreferences in notepad or some other word processor. Change the line that reads 'language=fr' to 'language=en'; if there is no such line, just add a new line reading 'language=en'.

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...Tight Thighs? I like it! Makes me think of a tight butt.

File: 123046937092.jpg-(160.98KB, 1000x639, 1230463455958.jpg)

File: 123387420769.jpg-(304.76KB, 800x1132, 2862446.jpg)



Wow, good porn?

It's more likely than you'd think.


Hey now, OP was pretty good too. Just not on this level.


Yes. Yes.

You know what this needs? More porn.


This thread was on the last page. reviving with link to more porn.

File: 123970404931.png-(274.41KB, 850x889, 090108103653428452972007.png)

>Sadlygrove: The Iop (Berserker)
Really? I got a more paladin vibe from Iops

...where's the hips?

They are there but the thighs are too thin.

For a friend:
Boring. This whole mission was one big, boring disappointment to Amalia. Ever since Ruel had signed her and the others on as caravan bodyguards, she had spent the past two days and nights inside a covered wagon, counting the hours as they went by while she waited for the signal that they were being ambushed by the Srams. Amalia had given up any thought of being in a battle and resigned herself to making clothes and accessories for her doll using some spare material in the wagon. After she finished what must have been the tenth outfit for her childhood companion, she finally stopped and took notice of Yugo and Az’s antics. “Well, at least it’s not a complete loss…” Amalia thought to herself.

The princess had taken a shine to the young boy after their first meeting in the Forbidden Forest, and after their most recent adventure in which Yugo had saved Amalia’s life finding the Ceverom Sap, she began to have strong feelings of affection for him; a fact that had not escaped her friend Evangelyne’s notice. Evangelyne had strongly opposed Amalia’s feelings, saying that they were unworthy of a princess of Sadida. But Evangelyne wasn’t here now, and now Amalia had a chance to get closer to her newest companion. The journey through the forest was going to be a long one: getting to the checkpoint alone would take about a week with the caravan’s pace. Amalia had plenty of time, but she decided that it would be better to start her advances sooner rather than later…

“Yugo, will you come over here for a minute?” Amalia called. Yugo stopped his game of hide-and-seek with Az and gave a friendly smirk in reply, “Sure thing Amalia, watcha need?” Amalia devised a plan quickly, “I…I was wondering if you’d help me with something…” Yugo and Az tipped their heads simultaneously in curiosity, “Help with what?” Amalia picked up her doll and showed it to Yugo as an example, “I was going to make Evangelyne a dress, as a surprise for when we meet her again at the checkpoint. I noticed she liked the one back at the Tower of the Four Princesses, so I’ve been practicing my sewing. However…” Amalia took the clothes off of her doll, which in a show of humor pretended to cover itself in embarrassment, and showed them to Yugo, “My doll is too small to use as model, so I was wondering if you’d let me use you to make a full-sized one.” Yugo was surprised and slightly taken back by Amalia’s request, the thought of being dressed in girl’s clothes didn’t sound very fun to the juvenile’s mind. “Err, I’d like to help Amalia, but I don’t think-“ Amalia panicked and tried to reassure the boy, “Please Yugo? I don’t have anyone else that I can ask, and I can always count on you! I promise nobody will know about it, it’ll be just between you and me!” Yugo rubbed the top of his head in uncertainty, “Gee Amalia, I don’t know…”

Amalia placed both of her hands on Yugo’s shoulders and gave him the same pitiful look that got her extra desserts back at the palace, “Pretty please? I know Evangelyne would be happy, and you’d make me happy too if you help me. Just this once?” Giving in to the princess’s pleading, Yugo sighed and smiled warmly at her, “Fine, I’ll help; but not ONE word about this to the others! Deal?” Amalia’s face lit up with excitement, as she squealed with glee and replied, “Deal!” She tackled Yugo and gave him the biggest hug he ever received, which eventually led to the two of them tickling each other into tears of laughter. Yugo wiped his eyes, his ribs still aching from the fun, “Okay then Amalia, I’ll help. But what should we do about Az?” Amalia came up with a quick response, “Az can play with my doll if he wants, or he could go keep Ruel company. SOMEBODY should be keeping an eye on that old goat while he’s in that money coach by himself.”

Yugo laughed in agreement, “Yeah, I’ll bet he’s lonely up there with nothing but Kamas to talk to. Az, go over and cheer him up will ya?” Az chirped in his usual friendly way and fluttered outside to join Ruel in the wagon ahead of them. “Perfect” Amalia thought to herself, “Now we’re completely alone.” Yugo returned his gaze from where Az had gone back to Amalia, “Okay princess, so what do you need me to do?” The child of Sadida hid her mischievous grin from the boy’s face, “I’m going to look for some measuring tape and some material that I can use. You cover all the openings so nobody can see what we’re doing and strip down.” The last two words struck Yugo like a thunderbolt. He asked Amalia nervously while she had already preoccupied herself with digging through the various piles of cloth and tools, “S-strip down?” Amalia continued to hide her face from him and pretended like nothing was wrong with her request, as she replied matter-of-factly, “Yes Yugo, you need to strip down to your undergarments so I can take precise measurements. Otherwise the dress won’t fit.” Yugo gulped nervously, wondering what it was he had gotten himself into. “Al-alright then…” he answered nervously, as he closed the flaps in the back of the wagon and proceeded to take off his shirt, looking around nervously to make sure no one else was watching…

Meanwhile, Az had made it over to the money wagon and found Ruel asleep inside, taking a nap amongst a large pile of glittering gold coins. Az rolled his eyes and swooped over to the Enutrof’s ear, squawking in protest as he tried to get the old man to wake up and stop his snoring. Ruel yawned and groaned in protest, annoyed that someone had awoken him while he enjoyed his new bed. “Oh, hello there Az. What’re you doing in here, did Yugo send you?” Az chirped a series of undecipherable squeaks in response. “Oh, so he sent you here to keep me company did he? Well thank you for the offer, but I have all the company I need right here” stated the miser, as he patted the pile of gold beneath him. Az squawked in protest, determined to keep his eye on Ruel and find some way to keep him busy while Yugo and Amalia were doing their secret task. Ruel scratched his bald head in defeat, “Hmm… Well, there’s not much to do in here. Oh, I know! Say Az, how’d you like to help me count all these Kamas? You’re a smart little Tofu, so I’ll bet you know how to count, don’t you?” Az cheeped happily in response, eager to play Ruel’s counting game.

“Okay then, I’ll start on this side of the wagon and you start over there. We’ll put all the Kamas we’ve counted in a pile in the middle, and then add both our sums when we’re finished. Sound like fun?” Ruel extended a finger to the little avian, to which Az took it one of its feet and the two shook in agreement. Ruel grinned in amusement and announced, “Okay then, let’s get started! One kama, two kamas, three kamas, four kamas…”
As the caravan moved slowly through the forest and the four companions engaged in their own activities to pass the time, many eyes were watching them from both sides of the woods. They had been tracking the caravan’s progress and were waiting for the right moment to strike…


good work so far. Just wish Helpful himself would post them here as he makes them.

File: 124015964331.jpg-(390.75KB, 1280x960, 1240142421772.jpg)
Moral of this picture: Never go third base with Sacriers.

Better yet, never let Chink draw Wakfu characters ever again.

I thought Chink got conscripted.

Who is Chink? Other than the person who made that picture?

He got better.


Why do so many people not seem to understand how to use the enter key?


Good development so far, though i'm not sure about Amalia taking the offensive and trying to trick Yugo into a situration.

I got Part 3,4, and 5. Delivering 3 right now:

“You there, watch your position!” Sylus hissed. One of his men, a fellow Sram, had accidentally exposed a part of his foot into the sunlight that filled the open section of canopy overlooking the road. The Sram quickly retrieved his limb back into the shadows and out of sight, avoiding his Strike Leader’s glare. Sylus tried to calm himself; he and his Strike Party had been tracking their current quarry for months, ever since it showed up at the village in the center of the forest. He was becoming impatient: an emotion that no Strike Leader should have, as it often resulted in hasty decisions and loss of morale, opportunity, and men.

Sylus double-checked the team on the other side of the canopy, making sure they were all staying out of sight and ready to pounce when he gave the command. The caravan had been moving at a slow and steady pace for two days now, and their guards were quite diligent in keeping watch. They hadn’t spotted Sylus’ Srams, however: the clever tactician had adapted the use of green and brown camouflage paint in order to blend his men into the shadows and branches of the surrounding tree-line; their normal colors of black, blue and white more suited for the rooftops and ruins of large cities.

According to his spies, Sylus learned that the caravan had employed a group of adventurers as bodyguards: consisting of an old Enutrof, a young Iop, a deadly Cra, a small boy and a Sadida princess. The Iop and the Cra were sent ahead to the checkpoint that lay several miles away, between the village and the edge of the forest. The Iop and Cra would be the most troublesome to deal with, so he sent his trusted ally Cathra; a Sacrier who had helped him and his clan escape the city and find a new life in the forest. Cathra was as dependable as she was beautiful. Time and again she had saved Sylus or one of his men from one of the forest’s many monstrosities, and she always smiled whenever they thanked her and tried to repay her. As was customary in a Sram clan; anyone who did their fair share of work by protecting the clan or acquiring treasure for them was treated as family and promised a fair share in any spoils the clan won.

Cathra, however, seemed content with their thanks and a warm meal by the fireplace, especially when she could sit next to Sylus. The Strike Leader himself couldn’t understand WHY the Sacrier enjoyed his company; perhaps she simply sought a friendship with the Sram. Regardless, Sylus had no time for companionship; his duty as the Strike Leader and the Clan Leader’s son meant that he had too many responsibilities to his clan to waste time on relationships. For now, he had to focus all his attention on protecting his clan after they migrated from the city to their new woodland home, and increasing the clan treasury so that they could purchase weapons and magicks to help hide their base.

The caravan was a prize too large to pass up. Robbing these merchants alone would provide enough loot for his clan to survive the entire winter, allowing him to rob other targets solely for funding future plans. At the rate it was going, he would have another 4 days until the checkpoint was reached, giving him plenty of time to find the perfect opportunity to strike. If he was successful, then he would have no need to send Cathra into battle and endanger her life in order to secure the checkpoint as an opportunity to ambush them. The Enutrof was the only one he needed to worry about, as their race was renowned for being as crafty and devious as the Srams. Sylus was confident that he could find a way through any plan or obstacle that the old treasure-hunter might throw at him; all he needed to do now was be patient and wait for the perfect opportunity to attack…


Sadlygrove galloped through the forest, a goofy smile spread across his face as he enthusiastically followed Evangelyne while she scouted ahead. Rubilax had long since tried taking a nap, annoyed at being drowned in quicksand earlier and trying to ignore the bouncing against the Iop’s side. Evangelyne was hard at work, using all her senses to check the area ahead of them. The nimble Cra leapt from branch to branch, stone to stone; like a lioness stalking its prey. She left no sound or corner unchecked, and her tenacity only enamored her Iop admirer even more. Suddenly Evangelyne heard the sound of a large group of creatures moving through the grass up ahead. She crouched down and cautiously continued ahead to investigate, Sadlygrove mimicking her every move as he followed. Evangelyne hid behind a tree and scanned around the corner, spotting a swarm of Scaraleafs grazing in the distance.

Sadlygrove’s surprise outburst behind her almost scared the Cra to death, “Hey Evangelyne, what did you find? Is it a monst-” Evangelyne quickly muffled the Iop by placing a gloved hand over his mouth, nervously checking the Scaraleafs to see if they had noticed their presence. A few of the creatures had paused during their lunch to check the source of the sound, but dismissed it several moments later and returned to grazing. Evangelyne sighed in relief and whispered to Sadlygrove, “They’re not monsters; they’re Scaraleafs. They’re harmless as long as you don’t scare them.” Sadlygrove nodded to show he understood, and Evangelyne removed her hand from his lips. “So, what do we do now?” Evangelyne took a more comfortable position as she slowly sat down against the tree, “Now, we wait until they finish eating and continue after they move on.” Sadlygrove, disappointed that he wouldn’t get to fight, gave up and pouted as he sat down in the grass beside Evangelyne.

A long silent moment went by as the two warriors waited, the only audible sounds being the Scaraleafs’ grazing and Rubilax’s soft mumbling as he slept. Sadlygrove became nervous and tried to start a conversation, “So uh, Evangelyne. Why did you call me Grovy back there?” The question took Evangelyne by surprise; at the time she hadn’t really thought of the reason why she referred to the Iop by his nickname. “Well…I suppose because we’ve spent so much time together, and Yugo calls you Grovy all the time, it just felt natural. Do you not like the name?” Sadlygrove answered in a friendly tone, “Not at all. I mean, at first I didn’t like it, but I suppose I can grow to get used to it. I don’t mind being given a nickname by people I consider my friends.” Evangelyne’s face flushed a little at what Sadlygrove had implied about friendship, “Well, that’s good. It really fits you…” Sadlygrove blushed in response and rubbed the back of his head, “Would…would it be okay if I called you Eva?” Evangelyne didn’t know how to respond; she DID consider Sadlygrove to be a good friend, but she didn’t know if she was ready to move on to the point that they could refer to each other by nicknames. Still, she didn’t want to hurt the Iop’s feelings, and considered that it was only fair, “S-sure Grovy, if you really want to…” Sadlygrove’s face lit up like a child at Christmas, “Haha, thanks Eva!”

Evangelyne couldn’t help but smile at her companion’s childishness, “You silly Iop…” She checked around to see what the Scaraleafs were up to, and was pleased to find that they had finally finished eating and were now scuttling off into the bushes. A low rumble overhead then caught the Cra’s attention; she looked up and noticed that the sky was beginning to grey. “We better get going and find some shelter for the night. It looks like it’s going to start raining soon.” Sadlygrove sprang back to his feet and helped Evangelyne up, ready to follow her lead once again, “Lead the way, Eva!” Evangelyne smiled again at Grovy’s enthusiasm as she took point again and started looking for a place that they could hid from the coming storm…


Yugo couldn’t believe the situation he had gotten himself into. He wanted to help Amalia and make her happy, but he didn’t know doing so would be so…embarrassing. The princess had convinced the young boy into helping her make a dress for Evangelyne, and was now busy at work measuring, trimming, and sewing each piece into place while Yugo stood nervously on top of a stool: stripped down to his underwear. A storm had started to accumulate outside, as Yugo heard small drips of rain occasionally tap against the outside of the supply wagon. “Hey Amalia, do you think you could-YOW!” Amalia took her hand back and apologized to Yugo for pricking him, “Sorry Yugo, but you’ve gotta stay still while I do this. I’m still learning. What were you going to say?”

Yugo ignored the dull pain in his hip, “I was wondering if you could loosen the dress a little? It’s really tight and is digging into my skin…” Amalia put down her instruments and felt underneath the fabric, looking for the loop of cloth that was being used to keep the dress up. Unfortunately her hand was a little too close and it found its way inside Yugo’s undergarment, her fingers touching the soft flesh of his cheeks instead of the makeshift belt. Both of their faces turned scarlet red as Amalia quickly jerked her hand back out in panic, “Oh! Sorry Yugo, I didn’t mean to…” Yugo stuttered nervously as he stretched the band in front of him and looked for the knot himself, “It-it’s okay, it was an accident. I’ll loosen it up myself…” Amalia tried her best to not let curiosity get the best of her, avoiding her gaze from Yugo as he went fishing for the string; leaving his front partially exposed.

Yugo found the string, adjusted it, and finally returned to his original position once he was satisfied and comfortable. “Okay Amalia, that should be good enough. Now I won’t have to worry about marks on my waist.” Amalia took up her instruments again and looked up into Yugo’s eyes, “Okay, now this is very important: for the next few minutes you’ll have to stay PERFECTLY still. I’m about done with the dress, but this last part requires absolute concentration and cooperation. Are you ready?” Yugo replied nervously, “Yeah, I guess so…” Amalia smiled at Yugo and restarted where she left off, carefully sewing together the final pieces of the dress. Piece by piece, the dress slowly began to take shape and form: a vibrant display of pure white and various colors reminiscent of a beautiful arrangement of lilies and other flowers.

Amalia worked her way around Yugo’s waist until the job was complete, her masterpiece finally completed as she rested her legs and kneeled on the wooden floor. “Well, what do you think Yugo? Doesn’t it look pretty?” Yugo looked down at himself, unable to comprehend how he could call something he was wearing ‘pretty’ without embarrassing himself, “I guess it looks okay, but there’s something not quite right. It feels like something is out of place in the back part.” Amalia’s hand shot forward faster than Yugo could react, and he found himself in the same compromising position as before: with Amalia’s hand groping his small sensitive cheeks. He protested, “Aah! Hey!” Amalia tried to suppress the grin that she had been holding back as she replied “What? It was an accident, I swear!” Yugo glared at Amalia disbelievingly, “Was not, you did it on purpose!”

Amalia decided to tell the truth finally and conceded to the boy’s accusation, “Okay, you caught me. But can you really blame me? You have a cute butt for a 12 year old.” Yugo’s face glowed red with embarrassment as he shot back, “Yeah, well so do you! I mean…” Amalia stared at Yugo in disbelief, completely surprised at what the young magician had just said. Had Yugo been secretly checking her out as well? He WAS almost a teenager, but to already be thinking about girls that way…it made Amalia blush. The princess inspected her backside out of curiosity, “Do…do you really mean that, Yugo?” Yugo was cornered; he didn’t know why he blurted it out, but it was out now, he had to try and cover it up before Amalia pressed any more questions on him. “No! I mean…not really. Um…aaagh! That’s it, I’m not helping you anymore!” Yugo quickly slipped off the now-finished dress and began to put his trousers back on, hiding his embarrassment from Amalia’s eyes. Before he could fasten the pants, one of Amalia’s hands had taken his in a warm, loving grasp. “Do…do you think I’m pretty, Yugo?” Yugo’s heart felt like it had been stabbed. He looked behind him to see the young girl sheepishly staring back, her eyes full of desperation and hope. He wanted to say no, but Yugo knew it would only be a lie, and he couldn’t lie to that face.

The boy retrieved the dress from the floor and presented it to Amalia. The young girl still held his hand as she stood up from the floor, a puzzled and curious look on her face. Yugo began to tie the dress around Amalia’s waist; it lay haphazardly upon her hips. “Um, Yugo?...” Yugo saw his chance for revenge and probed his hands behind the dress and up Amalia’s backside. He played it smart though and tied the loops together first, before gripping both of Amalia’s cheeks completely to her surprise. Amalia let out a soft “Aah!” when he squeezed them, and Yugo quickly took both hands behind his back; a mischievous grin spreading across his face as he gave her a look that said, “Gotcha. Now we’re even!” Amalia’s cheeks were rose red as she looked down at the dress. She twirled around once for Yugo, showing all her angles to him as the dress flowed gently with her movements, “So…do I?” Yugo’s grin changed into a warm smile as he simply gazed up at Amalia and replied softly, “Yeah Amalia, you look really pretty…” Warmth flowed over Amalia’s entire body at the boy’s words, she felt happier than she had ever been in her entire life. Not even her own older brother had once called her “pretty”, and now here was this young boy saying exactly that, like it was completely and naturally true.

She bent down and embraced Yugo, the young boy that she had now considered even closer to her than her own family. Tears of happiness formed in the corners of her long, dark lashes as she gasped her affections toward him. “Thank you Yugo. Thank you so much for that, and for helping me with all this. I…I really appreciate it…” Yugo squeezed Amalia in return inside their warm embrace, “No problem, princess…” Amalia and Yugo remained joined together in their embrace, as the rain outside spattered against the wagon’s canopy and seemed to applaud the union…

This is fresh; straight from last night.


MOAR, Yugo and Amalia are hot together.

File: 124056418354.jpg-(81.43KB, 815x807, wakfugroup.jpg)

Tofus are such delightful little animals, aren't they?

File: 124067201342.jpg-(25.79KB, 400x296, C033S090_034.jpg)


Requesting moar, please.

Helpful only posts on /co/; I'm never sure when he'll post part 6. Also, 3, 4, and 5 were very fresh at the time Helpful posted it (5 was just done being proofread). A week or two, maybe?

File: 124072920352.jpg-(104.54KB, 640x1134, Nox.jpg)
Sorry about that. I've got college finals to deal with, but after this Monday, I'll be completely free and able to finish the story. I MIGHT finish it before the end of the month, but don't count on it; I'm horrible when it comes to deadlines. Just know that I will have it typed out and completed soon. I've got the entire story in my head already, I just need to put it down in words.

The only problem I have is missing out on a part. But take your time, really.

File: 124078331147.jpg-(447.11KB, 1302x800, Eenca-Erpel-Ydalipe-Lela.jpg)
Hi Everyone,

Wakfu continuing on TV with a picture-Person, who reminds us that not only the main characters that are worth a look! This time, it's four for the price of one with this image of Miss Moche (rather pretty for ugly) they are getting a makeover after the tragic curse of god Osamodas! (Episode 4)

It is also the opportunity to open a specific category Wakfu TV, we have already seen a lot of drawing on the topic and several others are underway, it was really a choice.

With that, good end of weekend on the gallery!
More TV Wakfu?! FUCK YEAH.

Loos like Ankama is trying to shut this blog down. Fuuuuuuuuuu

File: 12414297388.png-(448.14KB, 640x480, Kanaria HOLY SHIT.png)
I just stumbled across this.


Wish i saved those two pics of his creepy reverse-gender avatar.

File: 124161725538.png-(548.63KB, 1280x1024, 081008065310428452588473.png)
Even though there's some shitty art on the blog, there are some that is drop-dead amazing. And fapable.

I'll be adding a few more chapters to the story this week, due to the fact that I'm out of school now and it seems that Ankama is showing another re-run next weekend. If anybody's still interested in the story, be sure to keep your eyes peeled on /co/ this week.

AUGH. I might miss it. Damn, somebody better save the parts and post it here.

Alright everyone, since people seem to have different schedules for being on /co/ and are worried about missing out on my new chapters for the story, I've decided to just bite the bullet and post the rest of the chapters here on /pco/ from now on as well as 4chan. Keep in mind, all of these are still rough drafts, and I will probably make minor changes to the entire thing once it's all done. Anyway, beginning PART 6...

It was warm, yet wet. The summer rain fell upon the forest like a gentle shower; creating a symphony of sounds as the water reached the leaves of the trees. The sound was a soothing melody to Cathra’s ears, and made her yawn drowsily as she stretched her tanned body across the tree branch. Her skin tingled and glowed with joy at the bath it was receiving, happy to finally have the last two days’ worth of sweat and dirt washed away. The voluptuous Sacrier glanced over at the giant leaf on which she had chosen to keep her things; making sure that her weapons, armor and clothes would be safe and dry after the raining had stopped and her bath was finished. After she was satisfied that they were completely covered from the elements, Cathra resumed her daydreaming as she lie naked in the rain; dreaming of her beloved Sylus.

It was almost three days earlier that Sylus had been informed of a massive trade caravan making its way through the forest. The gold and supplies was a most tempting prize for the Sram, despite the news of a team of bodyguards that had been hired to protect it. Cathra had no ill feelings towards the merchants, but she was more than happy to have the chance to make Sylus happy. She was overjoyed when the young prince had asked for her help in the scheme and was eager to take on any challenge he gave her in order to prove her love for him. Sylus had decided to split the Strike Team into two groups: the one which he led would watch and follow the caravan until they saw an opportunity to ambush and rob it, while Cathra’s group was charged with following the caravan’s scouting party and preparing a trap for the merchants at the nearby checkpoint - should Sylus’ team fail. Sylus was a clever tactician and was well-known in his clan for his brilliant mind; one of his many traits that Cathra was attracted to.

The girl sighed dreamily at the thought of herself and the prince being together. She had tried several times in the past to make her feelings for him apparent, but the bone-headed Sram was always too preoccupied with his planning and his responsibilities to his clan. That, and Sylus had always viewed Cathra as a trusted friend and ally; more of an asset than a romantic partner. It was true that Cathra was a skilled and reliable warrior, but she was also a young woman. She ached for Sylus to acknowledge her feelings for him, and the very thought of that moment made her blush and quiver with excitement.

File: 124226463868.jpg-(365.57KB, 1079x966, Sacrier_for_the_game___Wakfu___by_gueuzav.jpg)
But for now, Cathra would do as Sylus asked of her. She would follow the Iop and Cra to the checkpoint and watch their movements until she saw the opportunity to neutralize them. For now it seemed that they had started looking for a place to take shelter from the rain, so Cathra and her team decided to rest in a nearby tree and continue their hunt in the morning once the rain stopped. The Sacrier’s nose detected the smell of meat down below; it seemed her Sram team had managed to hunt down some dinner for the night and were slowly roasting it over a fire beneath the safety of the canopy. Cathra’s mouth watered at the thought of a nice juicy cut of roasted flesh, but it would be some time before it was ready. She decided to take a short nap as she lay bare on the tree branch, her dreams returning to those of herself and Sylus. She imagined the warm rain that flowed over her body as the prince’s hands, caressing and stroking every inch of her with affection and desire. “Oh…Sylus…” she whispered softly, as her imagination began to have its way with her…

Sadlygrove gasped and panted as he tried to keep up with Evangelyne. The rain had picked up considerably in the past few minutes, and although the nimble Cra was able to manage not getting herself too wet, Sadlygrove was completely drenched. “Do ho ho ho! You stupid Iop, you don’t even have the sense to stay out of the rain!” The young warrior was getting tired of Rubilax’s taunting. He knew the demon was only trying to anger him and get another chance to possess him, but the knowledge of that didn’t stop him from getting angry. “Be quiet, you oversized butter-knife! Or I swear the next time I’ll-“ Sadlygrove’s threat was cut off as he spotted Evangelyne in the distance, motioning for him to hurry. “Come quickly, I found a cave we can use!” The Iop sprinted over to his beloved and observed the cave of which she spoke. It was a rather small cavern, but with plenty of room for several people or creatures to sleep in. What was more, the inside was still dry; protected from the elements and bedded with a soft layer of moss and leaves.

“Thanks Eva, you’re a life-saver!” the warrior said gratefully. He shook himself like a dog to get rid of as much rain as he could, the sight of which caused Evangelyne to smirk in amusement. “You silly Iop…” she whispered, as she began to search for firewood so that they could dry themselves off and keep warm for the night. Sadlygrove slipped his tunic off over his back and tried his best to wrench the water from it. “What a pitiful sight, a wannabe knight saved by a girl…” Rubilax had chimed in again, but Sadlygrove was too tired from the rain and the day’s journey to bicker with him anymore. Evangelyne returned from her search empty-handed, although the sight of a shirtless Sadlygrove changed her expression from disappointment to one of slight embarrassment. Although she knew the Iop was strong and healthy, she had no idea what he looked like beneath his loose-fitting tunic. The image of a bare-chested Sadlygrove almost made her blush; his muscular arms and slim torso gleaming with beads of sweat and rainwater.

File: 124226476126.jpg-(13.46KB, 637x474, 1239613541968.jpg)
“Something wrong?” Sadlygrove asked. Evangelyne shook herself out of her ogling and replied casually, “Well…I couldn’t find anything we could use for a fire. The rain has made everything outside unusable, and there’s nothing in here that we could use…” Sadlygrove looked down at the cloth in his arms disappointedly – he would have to sleep tonight without the warmth of a dry tunic. Suddenly, the Iop got an idea as he eyed Rubilax mischievously, “Oh well, I suppose I’ll have to dry my clothes another way…” The demon’s eye squinted at Sadlygrove with suspicion as he growled at the warrior threateningly, “I don’t like the look in your eye, farm boy!” “Hmph!” Sadlygrove scoffed at his sword in reply as he jabbed it into the side of the cave wall. “OW! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RMFFH-!”

Rubilax’s protest was muffled as Sadlygrove draped his wet tunic over him, turning the smart-mouthed blade into a makeshift coat hanger. “Heh, that’ll teach you…” Sadlygrove said with a grin on his face. He was finally able to enjoy some peace and quiet and made his way to the back of the cave, trying to make himself comfortable as his wet body shivered from the cold. Evangelyne couldn’t help but pity the poor Iop, the sight of him shaking made her worry that he would catch a cold. She decided to be nice to him and keep him warm as she sat lied down beside him. Sadlygrove was caught by surprise when he realized that his beloved had worked her way next to him and was laying her head against his shoulder,
“W-what are you doing there, Eva?!” The Iop’s flustered reaction and beet-red face made the young Cra giggle to herself in amusement, “I’m sharing my body heat to keep you warm, silly. Can’t have you catching a cold and getting sick, otherwise you won’t be able to keep up tomorrow.” As she said this, Evangelyne took the leather band from her hair and let the golden strands fall down around her back and shoulders; the sight of which was overwhelming to Sadlygrove. “Th-thanks, Eva…” he said softly, as he gazed dreamily down at the girl lying beside him. “No problem, just try to get some sleep Grovy…” the Cra replied, keeping her eyes closed in order to hide her affection.

>>37710Sadlygrove’s heart skipped a beat when she said his nickname; the sound of it rolling off her tongue made his stomach explode into a flurry of butterflies. He looked down at Evangelyne with loving eyes, her smooth golden hair smelled of flowers and wheat; a warm and comforting scent that reminded him of his home on the farm. The Iop whispered into her ears as he drifted off into sleep, the warm feelings slowly making his eyelids heavy, “I like your hair Eva. It smells really nice. It reminds me of home…” Evangelyne’s eyes opened wide at Sadlygrove’s comment and her face turned scarlet. She had never really bothered worrying about taking care of her body and making it attractive to anyone, that kind of thinking was more Amelia’s state of mind. Evangelyne was a warrior, a tomboy by nature, but she was still a girl and this was the first time a boy had complimented her on her body. She wanted to say something nice back to Sadlygrove, but he had already drifted to sleep; his low snore filling the cave with a soothing lullaby. “You silly Iop…” she whispered, as she lay her head back against him; snuggling closer to his body and joining him in dreamland…

That's all for now, but you can expect at least another chapter to be added every night from now on until I finish. Hope you guys are enjoying it so far, because after this things start to get interesting...

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What had started as a mild summer shower was now growing into an ominous thunderstorm, as the clouds above the caravan began to darken overhead. The low rumble of thunder could be heard; like the deep and menacing growl of a fierce beast. A bolt of lightning flashed and ignited the night sky with fire and light, bringing another thunderclap with it. The storm was getting closer to them, Amalia realized; as she huddled beneath her blankets trying to hide from the storm. Although she was safely tucked away inside the supply wagon and protected from the rain, the explosions of thunder grew louder with each “BANG!” Ever since she was a small child, Amalia had been terrified of thunderstorms. She had witnessed countless storms in her home at the Palace of Sadida, and was reminded of the lightning’s terrible power every time she saw the destruction it caused. Boulders were known to explode, giant trees were torn in half like paper, and many an errant spark had been responsible for countless acres of fields and forests burning down to ash. When she was young, Amalia could rely on her father or Evangelyne to protect her and make her feel safe. However, Amalia was far from her father and her home now, and her trusted protector was many miles away somewhere in the forest. The princess was alone now; cold and frightened as she curled up in fear in the face of her childhood phobia.

Too afraid to fall asleep, Amalia wrapped the blanket around her body and stood. She slowly made her way to the back of the wagon and peeked outside, hoping to face the storm and conquer her fear. The sight of the raging tempest outside made quick work of her courage; the howling wind and rain made the forest outside look like a dark and menacing place – a stark contrast to the warm and sunny paradise it had been during the day. A sudden flash of lightning tore through the night sky and caused the princess to utter a soft squeak in surprise. The illumination created a series of dark and menacing shadows to appear outside as the now-flailing tree branches were silhouetted against the sky; and before Amalia retreated back inside the wagon from the roaring thunder, she could have sworn she saw several pairs of eyes watching her from the tree line. The young Sadida quivered in fear and embraced herself to try to calm her nerves. At this rate, she would never be able to get any sleep tonight. It was on dark and stormy nights like this that Amalia had always found safety sleeping next to her father or Evangelyne; but now that she was alone she had begun to panic. Amalia’s hopes faded away and she began to break down into tears, her soft sobbing awakening the doll lying on the ground. Upset over finding its mistress in such distress, the small plaything tried to comfort Amalia but to no avail. Suddenly, the doll heard the soft voice of a young boy somewhere in the wagon. It searched the various containers until it found Yugo lying in a pile of blankets nearby: mumbling in his sleep. Remembering how friendly the princess and the young boy were to each other, the doll rushed back to its mistress and excitedly began to lead her to him.

When Amalia spotted Yugo asleep in the make-shift nest, her expression changed from fear and sadness to one of fascination and curiosity. The princess slowly edged toward the boy, trying to get a closer look at him and make out what he was saying in his sleep. Yugo remained completely unaware of his admirer as he continued to roll around in his slumber; mumbling randomly as he dreamed. The sight of the boy lying sprawled and stretched out among the blankets caused Amalia to smile warmly as she suppressed a giggle. “I wonder what he’s dreaming about…” she said to herself, as she leaned in closer to his face. The next series of mutterings that came from the young magician’s mouth caught Amalia by surprise, “mmnnnh…nnnyah…Aamlia…” It was her: Yugo was dreaming about Amalia! The princess’s heart fluttered as she held her breath and continued to listen to him, “Dnnnnn…don’t…be scared…Amalia…” Amalia whispered softly into Yugo’s ear; hoping to pry more out of the slumbering lad whatever and find out whatever it was he was dreaming, “Don’t worry about what, Yugo?” The princess jumped back in fright as Yugo rolled toward her one final time onto his stomach, mumbling his reply, “Aaahnn…I’ll…protect you…Aammlia…” Amalia couldn’t resist her feelings any longer after hearing those words. She leaned forward as quietly as possible so as not to awaken her beloved, closing her eyes as she kissed him softly on the forehead.

Yugo slowly drifted from his dreams and back to reality; feeling a soft, warm sensation on his forehead as his vision cleared. When his eyes finally adjusted, he focused his attention to the young girl that was kneeling beside him. “Amalia…what are you doing up so late?” Amalia’s face reddened slightly as she turned her gaze away from Yugo, twiddling her fingers nervously. “I…I couldn’t sleep. The storm…and the thunder…I was scared. Could I…could I please sleep with you, Yugo?” Yugo rubbed his half-open eyes in confusion, not knowing how exactly to respond to the situation. On the one hand, Amalia was a girl, and Yugo was taught that boys and girls should sleep separately. On the other hand, Amalia was frightened and couldn’t sleep because of the storm; an old fear that Yugo remembered from his younger days with his father. Yugo smirked in defeat at Amalia’s request, signaling to her that he was okay with it – he could never say no to that face of hers. “Thanks Yugo,” Amalia whispered “we can share my blanket too.” Yugo rolled over to face away from the princess in an attempt to stay as polite as possible, considering the situation. He could feel Amalia snuggling closer behind him, and made sure to stay awake until he could hear her fall asleep. After a short moment of waiting, Yugo could finally hear the soft breathing of Amalia behind him; she was finally at ease and could sleep peacefully tonight. Just as Yugo was about to go back to his dreams, he could feel Amalia’s limbs finding their way around him. Suspicious that the girl was attempting some mischief, Yugo was surprised to find that Amalia was deep in her slumber. The way her arms were wrapped around his chest and one of her legs intertwined with his own, Yugo surmised that the princess had become accustomed to hugging things while she slept – her doll obviously being her usual bedmate. The young boy sighed in defeat and decided to let her do as she pleased. He fell asleep a few moments later; joining the princess in her dreams as the two laid in the nest of blankets embracing each other…

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There's a naked Sacrier and Yoko and Amalia did a little groping. I'm sure the next chapter will get things started.

It's a story. Stories take time to built up and gain momentum, so the conclusion actually means something.

Then it's not really PRRRROMOTIONS at all, is it? It's just a fanfic.

We got a warning from /coc/ and +/co/, so it was decided that it was posted here.


shaping up nicely

Sylus and his Strike Team had to endure the storm that had arrived over the forest. They had spent too much time hunting this quarry, and too many of his plans relied on its capture; he had to bear through it. The entire fate of the clan rested on his shoulders, and he WOULD NOT let them down. His fellow Srams followed along the trail at a steady pace, though the heavy rain and the fierce wind made it difficult to keep their footing at times. Sylus’ team, however, was exactly that: a team. When one member was struck down, others would come to extract him and cover their retreat; when one was challenged or threatened by an enemy, his comrades would be nearby to protect him and help eliminate the foe. It was no different among this harsh and unforgiving path they were taking; whenever a team member slipped, lost his footing or began to fall: another member was there on the spot to recover him and keep the team going. Each Sram was a dear friend or family member, and they were all going to succeed…or fail, together.

Even still, Sylus had to end this hunt soon; the Strike Team could only keep up for so long, and his own weariness was starting to affect his judgment. Soon their breathing would become ragged and hunger would set in, which would compromise their stealth once the storm let up and the forest was quiet again. With an empty stomach and a weary mind, impatience was also a growing threat amongst the team. It wouldn’t be long before a team member acted rashly and against orders in order to end the chase once and for all – and Sylus could not afford to let such recklessness happen under his leadership. He prayed his scouts would report back soon and with good news, hopefully some sort of obstacle or trap could be placed on the road ahead to halt the caravan’s progress and make them vulnerable to attack.

But just as the prince was trying to build up his hopes, he saw her: the young Sadida princess had poked her head out of the back of the main wagon. Sylus cleared his throat to prepare an order for his team to stop and disguise themselves amongst the shadows, but it was too late. Before he could give the command, a flash of lightning lit up the sky and girl looked straight at Sylus. As the girl retreated back into the wagon, the Sram could feel his heart leap up into his throat. “Shit, she’s definitely seen us! That girl is going to give us all away now!” Sylus thought to himself in a panic. A thousand different thoughts began rushing through his head all at once: Would he be able to attack the caravan and succeed now? What would happen if his team failed, and the Srams had to pull back? Would Cathra have the checkpoint secured if they needed to resort to the fallback plan? What would happen if all his plans fail and the clan didn’t have enough supplies to last until the next caravan came through?

Sylus remembered his training and took a deep breath to calm down. Now wasn’t the time to panic or to go off on a tangent and come up with a dozen half-baked plans – now more than ever he had to focus and be the leader his team needed. The scouting report would have to wait for later, because now Sylus had to figure out a way to find out if the Sadida princess really spotted him and his team – and silence her if she tried to warn the others. The Strike Leader made a series of hand gestures to his teammates; they responded with forceful nods and a quick display of agility and precision – moving into striking positions. Sylus took one of his throwing daggers and aimed across the canopy. He picked a target on a distant tree branch and launched the blade, which stuck firmly into the wood with a soft “thock!” The team on the other side of the trail would understand that as the signal to begin preparations for an attack. Sylus knew that the others would sync their movements into exact alignment with the Srams on his side, completely surrounding the caravan as they each picked a guard to take out. Sylus could feel the tension in the air: his team would FINALLY be able to make their move, and if they were successful…they could finally go home with a homecoming feast to celebrate their hunt.

“It’ll all be over soon…” Sylus thought to himself, as he eyed the caravan one final time. This was the moment he had been waiting for; the day he proved himself as a great Sram leader worthy of his noble rank. After this the clan would be able to finally live in safety from their enemies and his father would know peace – the kind of peace he had fought for all his life to provide his son. “I won’t fail you, Father…” he whispered to himself, as he cupped his hands over his mouth. A short series of chirps came from the Sram’s lips and echoed across the canopy.
The attack had begun…



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Well, the girls have noticed that Yugo knows how to use two holes at once.

I'm sorry.

Sorry about that, I'm still around, I've just been distracted lately. Who knew that being on summer vacation would mean LESS free time? @_@

Anyway, just to make sure you guys are clear, I'm not really writing this as something to fap to, it's more of a romantic story with adventure mixed into it. Also, I split the entire story into 3 parts (the first part which you just read), so as to let people know about how far along they are in the story. I'll get to work on part 2 as soon as possible, so expect to see it here soon.


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The three Srams keeping watch over the cave in which Evangelyne and Sadlygrove were in laid about in an overhanging tree. They had set themselves at ease ever since the two had decided to sleep through the storm, and were now taking shifts: one keeping his watchful eyes on the cave entrance while the others rested, rotating every few hours. The one on duty was eagerly awaiting his shift to be over, as he kept track of the time by the stars above him through the rainy sky. When his turn was finally over, he awoke the next Sram in line and prepared himself for his long-awaited rest. Just as he was about to shut his eyes however, his ears picked up the faint sound of tramping feet in the distance. His eyes opened wide and he shot a worried glance to his partner, his expression asking him what he could see.
The second Sram held his hand up to the first, motioning him to be patient while he tracked the source of the footsteps. Several yards away he could see movement within the forest: something large was slowly making its way towards the cave, its position given away by the shaking trees that it shoved and broke out of its path. As the creature came closer, the frightened Sram began to get small glimpses of it through the canopy. It had a massive body, walking on its hind legs and using the front ones to support the torso or push obstacles aside…horns, and teeth…hair…angry eyes…and a fearsome growl. The monstrosity finally came to the clearing outside the cave and revealed its true form to his fearful audience.

“It’s a Trool!” the second Sram gasped fearfully to the first, his eyes wide with terror. The first Sram quickly awoke the third and informed him of the danger. The Srams had run into Trools before in these terrible woods and knew the kind of destruction they could cause. Many a time had such a beast caught a group of Srams while they unwittingly went foraging into their territory, and their comrades usually paid a terrible price for their ignorance. The three Srams prayed that the Trool wouldn’t spot them and continued to watch. The Trool, obviously exhausted after a long hunt and relieved to finally be home, took out what appeared to be a large bone of some unknown forest animal and began to gnaw on whatever flesh remained. The three Srams gulped nervously at the sight – whatever poor creature the Trool had caught, it was apparently not enough to satisfy its appetite, as the creature tossed what remained of the femur back into the forest with a frustrated grunt. The impact of the bone shattered the trunk of a nearby tree, which came crashing down onto the forest floor and caused many birds to squawk and flutter away fearfully in the storm. Lightning split the sky and the resounding thunder was matched by a fearsome roar from the Trool, who seemed to think of the sound as the roar of a rival Trool. Satisfied that it had scared the threat off, the Trool made its way to the mouth of the cave.

Once it was out of the storm and back inside its dry home, the Trool shook the water out of its fur. A shower of water sprayed the inside of the cave entrance and caused the shirt to finally slide off of Rubilax. Angry that he had been awoken and soaked so suddenly during his sleep, the demon blade began to glare in several directions for the source of his offence. “You stupid Iop! Don’t you shake water on ME like a stray dog! How DARE you treat…me…” Rubilax’s protest was silenced as he finally saw the Trool, his mischievous mind already celebrating this new chance to escape. “Psst, hey you. HEY!” Rubilax whispered to the beast, being careful not to draw Sadlygrove’s attention in case he was nearby. The Trool looked around in confusion and anger for the source of the intruder’s voice, until its eyes finally fell upon the strange creature stuck to the wall. “Yes stupid, over here! Say, you wanna team up? Just pull me out of this wall!” The Trool picked Rubilax out of the stone and eyed it suspiciously, holding the tiny blade between its fingers as the demon continued to talk. “Set me free, beast, and I’ll make it worth your while. Together we’ll be unstoppable! Chaos, carnage, more power than you can ever DREAM of!” The Trool couldn’t understand a word that Rubilax was saying, and bared its teeth in anger at the blade. Rubilax glared angrily back at the Trool as it proceeded to open its massive jaws over him, “Hey, wait, what are you doi-“ *CLANG!* The Trool howled in pain as Rubilax transformed at the last moment, his great sword form impervious to the Trool’s bite. Rubilax mocked the creature as their glaring eyes met each other. “HA! That’s what you get for trying to use me as a toothpick, you stupid – WHOA!” The Trool had gotten tired of Rubilax’s taunts and threw the sword as hard as it could in a rage toward the back of the cave.

Rubilax sunk himself into the rock wall near Sadlygrove and Evangelyne, both of which were slowly waking up due to the ruckus. Sadlygrove rubbed his eyes as he said drowsily, “H-hey Rubilax. What’re you doing over here?” Rubilax gave Sadlygrove an annoyed look as he replied sarcastically, “I was lonely, so I decided I’d come over here and sleep with you.” A confused expression appeared on the Iop’s face, unsure how to take the demon’s words, “…Really?” Rubilax rolled his eyes, amazed at Sadlygrove’s gullibility as he screamed back, “NO YOU IOP-HEAD, WE HAVE COMPANY!” Evangelyne quickly looked around after Rubilax’s warning and spotted the source of the trouble. “Grovy, look! It’s a Trool!” Sadlygrove looked in the direction that Evangelyne was facing and grinned at the challenge before him. “I’ll take care of him Eva!” Sadlygrove thundered, as he struggled to pry Rubilax from his stony prison. The Trool spotted the other two intruders in his home and gave out a loud, angry roar. Evangelyne quickly grabbed her bow and took aim at the beast, firing off a flurry of arrows. “I could use some help here!” she yelled, as the arrows seemed to have no affect on the giant’s thick hide. Sadlygrove watched in panic as the Trool began to stomp towards Evangelyne. He summoned forth all his strength to free his weapon, as the Trool raised its massive fists to his beloved Cra. Evangelyne closed her eyes in preparation for the blow that was coming to her as the Trool’s arms came crashing down on her. A loud crash sounded, yet Evangelyne felt no impact. She opened her eyes to see that her Iop protector had intervened at the last moment, his teeth clenched as he held back the Trool’s fist with Rubilax. Sadlygrove grunted out to Evangelyne as his muscles groaned beneath the weight, “Eva…move!” Evangelyne snapped back to reality and rolled several feet away, just before the Trool slammed its other fist into Sadlygrove and sent him crashing into the cave wall. Evangelyne watched in horror as the Iop fell unconscious to the cavern floor amongst a pile of rubble. “GROVY!” she screamed, firing more arrows at the Trool’s back in order to draw its attention away at from her fallen comrade.

The Trool growled angrily at being attacked from behind and returned its furious gaze back to Evangelyne, blocking the arrows with its forearms as it stomped closer to her. She was trapped – all she could do was fire her arrows faster and more desperately as the Trool edged toward her, its mouth foaming with rage. Sadlygrove’s head felt like it had been split in two. He crawled out of the rocks he had fallen into and supported his weight with Rubilax, trying to see where the Trool and Evangelyne were through his blurred vision. The image of his beloved cowering before the Trool sent a chill down Sadlygrove’s spine, he wouldn’t be fast enough to protect her this time. “EVA, GET OUT OF THERE!” he screamed, but to no avail: the Trool sent the Cra flying with a single swipe of its arm, knocking her out as she slammed into rock. The Iop’s heart sunk for a moment, but then his blood boiled with rage as he charged after the monster. He struck the Trool with all his might, tears running down his face as he howled with every swing. The Trool in return swept the warrior away like an annoying rodent, and continued to stamp after Evangelyne – determined to finish off his foe.
Sadlygrove wheezed as he tried to get back up, he had to keep fighting – he had to stop this monstrosity and save Evangelyne. “Hey boyo, listen to me. You’re not strong enough! Free me, and you’ll have the power you need to beat this brute!” Sadlygrove hesitated before he responded to Rubilax’s tempting offer, “Never, demon! I’ll not free you again!” The demon scowled at his guardian, growling in a cold voice, “Then she’ll die, boy. Do you want that?” The Iop was frozen at Rubilax’s words. He wanted to deny the demons words as lies, but in his heart he knew it was true: he wasn’t strong enough, and if he couldn’t stop this creature now…the girl he loved would die. “No…” he said to himself, using every fiber of strength he had left to pull himself back up, “No Rubilax…she’s not…going to die! I WON’T LET THAT HAPPEN!” Sadlygrove regained his ground and watched in horror at the sight before him – the Trool had picked up Evangelyne’s lifeless body and was getting ready to crush her with its bare hands.
Fire. A great burning fire erupted inside Sadlygrove. He gripped the handle of his sword as tightly as he could, letting the sensation build up and take him over. Rubilax knew the sensation well, he had dwelled on it. Anger, pure and seething hatred had come over his guardian, triggering the demon’s release as his powers and consciousness intertwined with Sadlygrove’s. Demonic energy flared and whirled all around them, which caused the Trool to pause with concern. The Iop’s vision began to blur as his anger took over, he roared one final threat to the monster before his mind was completely taken over, “TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF OF HEEERRR!!!”


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can we have more please?

File: 124708159482.png-(394.45KB, 1280x905, 296761 - Evangelyne Ning Oban_Star-Racers Skun wak.png)

No panda girl? :(

From the hentai blog, I only found 4 panda girls. Only one of them only being able to just look at.

goddamn it helpful /co/mrade you said there would be story ;_;


Then tell them to draw more.

The blog died.

Had an idea for a fanfic but i'm kind of discouraged by how hard it is to proofread with my dyslexia. :/ I suffer from 'Yoda' symdrome and muddle the order up.

if its not GrovyxEva related then I'm not interested.


Do the best you can. I'm pretty sure some good person will proofread it for you.

All was quiet inside the wagon where Yugo and Amalia slept. Though rain and wind and thunder clashed with each other outside, there was nothing that could interrupt the peaceful scene. Amongst a pile of blankets and pillows, the Sadida princess lay curled next to the young hero like a cat with a ball of string. Yugo had long since resigned himself to rest in Amalia’s embrace, as he dreamed of his home back in the village with his adopted father. Fond memories of his happy childhood played in Yugo’s head, mixed with those that he had experienced with Amalia. Yugo was too young to understand it, but he too had developed strong feelings for the girl as she had with him.

At the foot of the bed lay Amalia’s doll, sitting up with its back against the cushions so as to stay alert in case of any danger to its master. But the makeshift familiar, connected to Amalia’s mind, had fallen asleep too. And in the carriage ahead of them, Az and Ruel had also retired for the evening. The old Enutrof was sprawled out amongst the glittering coins that he and the tiny Tofu had spent the waning hours counting. A blissful smile was smeared across the old man’s face as he dozed in his golden bed, the same as Az – who had made a similar nest in Ruel’s beard. Indeed it seemed that almost everyone in the caravan was trying to sleep through the storm overhead of them, as the oxen trudged and stamped slowly through the mud and dark. Only the wagon drivers and a half-dozen guards remained alert: oblivious to the figures that had surrounded them and were preparing to strike.

Sylus’ Srams took their positions amongst the shadows of the surrounding tree branches, completely invisible as they picked their targets. In an instant the attack had begun, as several dozen darts fell upon the caravan simultaneously. Fast and silent, the few that were still awake had been struck by tranquilizers and collapsed where they sat. Ignorant to their masters’ condition, the oxen kept their slow pace until they too were subdued by the poisoned barbs, bringing the entire caravan to a silent halt. Not a single sound had been made, not a shout or cry for alarm had managed to escape the lips of the prey.

Sylus breathed a sigh of relief, and then made the signal to move in. The Strike Team swooped upon the wagons like carrion birds claiming a corpse, dark and silent as they moved from victim to victim: pilfering whatever they could lay their hands on. The Sram prince took a few of his brethren with him to the main wagon where the girl from before had emerged. He kept a close watch on his comrades to make sure nobody awoke the other caravan members, as he approached the back of the wagon.

Slowly and cautiously Sylus slipped inside the wagon, checking every single nook and cranny for danger before motioning for the others to follow him. The Srams gazed in wonder at the supplies they found around them. Silks and cottons from the finest looms in the world, barrels of expensive spices and herbs, crates upon crates of various tools, tomes, instruments and equipment for every use imaginable. With this single wagon the Srams could have everything they would ever need for their clan’s village to thrive in their new forest home, and sell what they didn’t need for a good price. While a few of the Srams began pocketing what they could find, two of Sylus’ personal guard followed the prince to the back of the wagon.

The sight of the slumbering couple before him took Sylus by surprise. He was sure that the girl had seen him and his men and would have given them all away, but apparently he was mistaken. “She probably just got scared of the storm, and went to him…” Sylus thought to himself, as he eyed the two carefully. “Sir…” whispered one of the bodyguards, “isn’t that girl the young princess of Sadida? The one that supposedly ran away from home?” Sylus took a second look at the slumbering girl, before he finally noticed the doll at his feet. “So it is, look. She has a royal familiar with her…” The gears in Sylus’ head whirred at this turn of events. He had learned from certain sources that the princess of Sadida had run away from home, and that her father offered a reward for anyone that could return her to him. The Sram couldn’t help but grin at his luck, as he hissed his order to his men, “Take her with us.” The girl’s capture would bring the clan a great fortune for her return, and it might even be grounds enough for a negotiation of cooperation with the Sram kingdom. Such an ally would be a great protector for Sylus’ people, who would be able to thrive in the dangerous woods that the Srams had learned to control.

The two Srams crept to Amalia and began to carefully lift her from the bed, one of them carrying the precious cargo in his arms. The young girl stirred in her sleep, reaching up to her captor’s face, “Y-Yugo…” When her fingers felt the unfamiliar touch of the Sram’s mask, Amalia’s eyes opened and gazed upon the strangers around her in fright. She began to shriek, and her mouth was quickly muffled by the other Sram, as their leader said to her in a menacing voice through his mask, “You’ll be coming with us now, Princess. Try not to awake the others…” But as soon as Sylus growled his words, the princess’s doll had already leapt out of its bed and began to assault its mistress’s kidnappers. The first Sram attempted to subdue the now-squirming Amalia, while the second Sram slashed at the doll with a knife to keep it at bay. Amalia’s little defender was finally hurled away and landed with a soft “whumf!” on the bed near Yugo. Shaking off the injury, the doll then decided to awaken the young boy in order to get help in defending his mistress.

Yugo was shaken out of his dreams and awoke to the shrieks of Amalia’s doll. He rubbed his eyes wearily and whispered in his confusion, “Wha…what is it? What’s wrong?” As Yugo’s vision began to clear, he finally spotted the three rogues standing around him – and Amalia being kept against her will in one’s arms. “What are you doing in here?! Let Amalia go!” Yugo barked angrily, as he leapt to his feet with his fists clenched. “Silence him” Sylus growled, as he tried to contain the situation before the rest of the caravan awoke. The second Sram pulled out a short blow-gun and proceeded to aim directly at Yugo. “Yugo, look ou-…” Amalia yelled in fright, but she was quickly silenced as a tranquilizer dart pierced her neck. Yugo’s adrenaline was pumping now at the sight, as he quickly summoned the Wakfu in his palms. It all happened in an instant, as the second Sram fired his darts at Yugo, but Yugo’s spell sent the darts flying back at the assailant.

As the thief fell unconscious on the wooden floor, Sylus reacted in an instant and drew a knife to Amalia’s throat. “Not one more move, boy, or your friend here pays the price!” Sylus growled threateningly. Yugo froze in place as he and the prince exchanged angry glares. With a swift nod towards his other Sram, Sylus took the princess in his arms with the knife still at her throat, while the other Sram began to carry their fallen comrade over his shoulder. The prince made sure that his men were clear before he gave one final warning to the young magician, “If you value this girl’s life, then I suggest you not pursue us…” Yugo’s mind raced as he tried to think of what to do, when suddenly he remembered that Ruel was nearby in the wagon ahead of them. Before Sylus could react, Yugo growled back at him, “Be right back…” as he disappeared through a portal. Sylus’s eyes darted around the wagon in preparation for a sneak attack. Not willing to be taken by surprise, the prince swiftly left the wagon with the princess in his arms…


Yay. Thanks helpful.

you must continue, i need my Eva and Grovy plz

File: 124778192943.jpg-(160.85KB, 800x902, pinup099.jpg)

Something's not right.

In perspective, anatomy, or nipple colour?

her right knee is too high, and her left nipple is to high as well.

The End.



I think it's pretty obvious. No more translated episodes means no more interest, which means no more porn. Hence, 'the end'.

No more episodes at all is worse. Did the Wakfu team run out of money or what?

They start to air new episodes starting in September.
Apparently, the MMORPG is still running, and the Dofus-Hentai blog returned and posts five new pictures.

It ain't dead yet, bros.

It's not dead, they are just taking a summer break.

In France, the weekend is five days long.

So you can expect less than half the normal content.

File: 125277845311.jpg-(857.27KB, 1772x1246, hentai_session_by_gueuzav.jpg)
Not wakfu but something by the same artist. With boobs and skimpy caramic panties.

File: 125410267366.jpg-(55.66KB, 651x700, Wakfu_Thing_by_Johanz.jpg)
Some minor content i found on DA.

Would any artists be willing to do pics if people put forward ideas? maybe even simple sketches of what they got in mind but lack in skill to draw? My attempts in OC haven't been much good.

You have nothing to lose by posting the idea, though maybe it'd be more appropriate for the request thread. Beyond that, continue your training to become a mighty artist!

Does that include pornographic as well, or only fanart?

File: 125417707032.png-(164.35KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-1305129.png)
The main idea i had doesn't have to be very graphic. It's just the gang spending an extra night at the inn after Ep6.

Yugo is being nudged by the sleeping Sadlygrove again, so he goes next door and asks the girls if he can sleep in their room.

After some prep, the candles are put out and Yugo snuggles up in his sleeping bag on the floor, looking forward to some peace and quiet...


Okay, that would need a comic rather then one image. Sorry if that's asking too much.

How about Ruel dressed as a pimp (complete with his cane being covered in gold and a "pimp cane" bling embedded on it), and the two girls on her side dressed as sluts (leather, piercings, fishnets, high heels, colored hair streaks, etc).

How about what he said, minus the piercings?

File: 125468108925.jpg-(112.28KB, 496x709, 20090217070802.jpg)
Found the artist behind >>31160

Apparently he sells pornfolios and Vol 4 has Amalia and Eva on it. Though i can't find out where to get it because i can't read japanese.

File: 125468200260.jpg-(828.69KB, 1432x2011, 1254661033175.jpg)
Dem eyes.

File: 125657855310.jpg-(277.26KB, 1071x1511, RMAT4-wakfu_03.jpg)
Who'd of known. I emailed the guy to ask where i could order and he gives me a link to the imagescans. It was a handmade notebook he made for a convention, so it wasn't for sale anymore.

I'm hoping he won't be pissed if I post it here.

File: 12565785991.jpg-(358.99KB, 1071x1511, RMAT4-wakfu_04.jpg)

File: 125657870249.jpg-(281.58KB, 1071x1511, RMAT4-wakfu_05.jpg)

File: 125657874583.jpg-(240.66KB, 1071x1511, RMAT4-wakfu_06.jpg)

File: 125657905769.jpg-(240.01KB, 1071x1511, RMAT4-wakfu_07.jpg)
spoiler for Yugo's age.

File: 125657914741.jpg-(257.48KB, 1071x1511, RMAT4-wakfu_08.jpg)

File: 125657920542.jpg-(275.13KB, 1071x1511, RMAT4-wakfu_09.jpg)

File: 125657925599.jpg-(262.89KB, 1071x1511, RMAT4-wakfu_10.jpg)

File: 125657927775.jpg-(177.56KB, 1071x1511, RMAT4-wakfu_11.jpg)

File: 125657932142.jpg-(264.73KB, 1071x1511, RMAT4-wakfu_12.jpg)

File: 12565793667.jpg-(151.23KB, 1071x1511, RMAT4-wakfu_13.jpg)

Random straight shota blowjob.
From Japan.


>I emailed the guy to ask where i could order and he gives me a link to the imagescans.

Wow, I love it when things are so unimaginably easy. The world needs more awesome people like that.

Did helpfull stop posting the fic? I want to know what happens next...

Seems he did. Damn shame, too; I was enjoying it.

If anyone knows wheres Helpfull's fic tell us D:

Wait, you TALKED to him? You can type jap? Or does he know English.

Straight shota raep's alright, but I'm disappointed it's not Eva doing the raeping

I typed in very plain english and hope that he or babelfish could translate it.

File: 125804507191.jpg-(167.03KB, 449x786, wakfu_scrap_by_Tamura.jpg)
small bump

File: 125805658429.jpg-(108.28KB, 720x1008, eva-and-amalia.jpg)
wow, I couldn't find this thread last time I looked, I thought it was dead.

That's pretty damn good. Who's this Tamura?

same name on deviantart

File: 125871387876.jpg-(63.59KB, 500x500, 381438 - Evangelyne wakfu.jpg)
Moar liek Wankfu amirite?

Most Wakfu porn is either crap, or horribly off-model.

That one however, is neither.

traced face is on model, big surprise

Not traced, I'm afraid, since it's an oekaki. You can still go see the whole animation, with everything including the face drawn from scratch, at 4chan

And in case anybody doesn't want to search for it:

And thread:

File: 125930860335.jpg-(70.42KB, 500x500, 384833 - Amalia wakfu.jpg)



File: 126001139259.jpg-(243.65KB, 594x640, amalyne04c.jpg)

Very nice, sir. Very nice.

File: 126062622283.jpg-(168.04KB, 499x800, 391144%20-%20Amalia%20Evangeline%20wakfu.jpg)

File: 126062623761.jpg-(148.55KB, 492x800, 391145%20-%20Amalia%20Evangeline%20wakfu.jpg)

File: 126062630610.jpg-(265.67KB, 1036x600, 391146%20-%20Amalia%20Evangeline%20wakfu.jpg)

File: 126062641062.jpg-(254.11KB, 1011x600, 391147%20-%20Amalia%20Evangeline%20wakfu.jpg)

File: 126062686958.jpg-(258.07KB, 984x600, 391148%20-%20Amalia%20Evangeline%20wakfu.jpg)
Anybody knows who made these? The art style is familiar...

They're from Pixiv. It's all in japanese but the artist's name seems to be Roku-kun (老躯くん)

File: 126063773074.jpg-(51.53KB, 890x502, snapshot20091212114532.jpg)
Also after seeing today's episode we need some of the captain

screw that, I want some of Nox

looks like ragathol

not TOTALLY sure though

There's reasonable room for doubt. I can kinda why you'd think that but I'm not sure either, and it's indeed from Pixiv but not his account. May just be a japanese dude with a similar style. Doesn't really matter if it gets us moar wakfu dickings though.

File: 126064452567.jpg-(186.96KB, 465x800, 391149%20-%20Amalia%20Evangeline%20wakfu.jpg)
>looks like ragathol

That's EXACTLY what made me wonder.

oh yeah. especially since i figured out that ragathol HAS a pixiv account and those pics ain't in it


Godamn, Amalia's face is drawn so badly right there.

File: 12608226032.png-(130.47KB, 700x700, thePerilsOfGrovette.png)

File: 126219100057.jpg-(139.06KB, 800x523, mondieu.jpg)
This show deserves more quality 34.


Where do people keep finding Hagfish's stuff that isn't on his HF account?


Rubi doesn't look amused

I think when people commission pics from Hagfish, he doesn't post them on the HF page, so it's up to whoever has the pic.

How does a /pco/ even know what a Ragathol is?

Regardless, his style is different enough from that for it to only be a bit similar, as was already discussed.

File: 126496988712.jpg-(76.21KB, 1024x914, Evangelyn_by_HellaHellaStyle.jpg)
Somebody needs to color this pic of superboobed Evangeline.

File: 126731917856.jpg-(407.69KB, 1500x1872, Wakfu rule 34-a.jpg)

Sue Dumm's style fits well with Wakfu's.

File: 126734256345.png-(32.54KB, 1151x750, 316307 - Amalia Yugo wakfu.png)

File: 126734266211.jpg-(239.90KB, 1280x988, 1261890810.suedunnemm_evangelene_and_the_dragon.jpg)
Fucken weird.

File: 126734280517.jpg-(231.31KB, 990x1280, 1263538636.suedunnemm_amelya.jpg)
Robert crumb's brother kinda weird, really.

File: 126734287638.jpg-(281.74KB, 1280x978, 1266130320.suedunnemm_girl_talk_with_evangelyne.jpg)

File: 126734295535.jpg-(257.90KB, 990x1280, 1262328568.suedunnemm_wakfu_crocodile_sex.jpg)
What's it all about, you scream and-a shout, don't ask me, 'cause I don't know.

File: 126734314462.jpg-(283.44KB, 897x1545, 1263722798359.jpg)

File: 126734346745.jpg-(32.54KB, 640x480, 1265097120699.jpg)

Uhh... fuck yeah geology?

wtf ;_;

...I think I need that imagination bubble in more detail.

someone is way too bored during his geology lessons

Ragathol's got an alternate account where it seems he puts the really explicit stuff:

Ces photos sonts tres bon! Merci copains!

Omelette du fromage!

Anyone's got pics of that ice ship captain girl?

Nobody bothered with L'Capitan Femme.

.... and that's a shame !

File: 126893799151.jpg-(22.50KB, 779x499, ecs.jpg)

Ancient thread

is there any more fan fiction?

File: 127092659235.jpg-(91.73KB, 457x600, 100306065518428455576172.jpg)

None in English, since the dub is only out for those that know about it. I tried looking for french fanfics to feed through a translator but only seen a few about the actual cartoon (all clean as well).

Maybe we could ask the kindly tranlators and french speakers if they know of any fanfiction in their lingo.

File: 127093542262.png-(615.69KB, 1200x950, What_the_Princess_Wants____by_sm_cheesecake.png)
anyone got any more done in the style of the show?

File: 12709354651.png-(1.71MB, 1400x1250, Eva__s_Undies_by_sm_cheesecake.png)


File: 127111588812.png-(0.98MB, 1850x1345, View_of_the_Moon_by_sm_cheesecake.png)

File: 127121659364.jpg-(94.94KB, 800x800, wakfuboufbowl.jpg)
original content here

i do not mean to be... mean, but that looks like a cave painting

Yo, so I don't have to go back and check out all the episodes again, but are there any plant tentacle monsters or tentacle monsters in Wakfu?

Or, for that matter, are there any in Dofus?

Not really, though we do get a couple nice shots involving Eva and prehensile vines controlled by a Rubilax'd Doll.

File: 127139237230.jpg-(121.78KB, 1206x740, ohmy.jpg)
This looks like a good jumping off point...
And awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay I go!

Man after my own heart.

fyi bro, this is for an animation and not some simple pic :)
If Zone and Fluff ain't going to do tentacles, then I sure as hell will

I'll look forward to it, then.

just draw Amalia using vines on Eva. Don't have her raped by a tentacle monster, si vous plait

File: 127148628840.png-(82.88KB, 1500x1400, rubiprev.png)
Bawww... but I just managed to piece together what Rubilax Doll should look like....

Use Rubidoll. Rape is best anyway, though if he could use some slightly less-thorny vines for penetration I'd appreciate it.

Less work, too, I'd expect, though it would probably also be harder to convey motion.

File: 127149047884.png-(164.80KB, 1500x1400, rubiprev2.png)
Yeah, I figured at worst I'm make the thorns more like studs, but I could do it just smooth too.

Here's the colors on the Rubilax Doll. I might adjust the leaf hat and make it a bit bigger, and I'm going to go back to add some depth with gradiants, but you guys notice anything needing adjustments?

Nothing off the top of my head, no.

File: 127154466953.png-(319.65KB, 2200x1100, RubilaxLineupLogoless.png)
Had something else to take care of today, but the base models for Rubilax are finished.

File: 127168147629.jpg-(36.36KB, 896x512, Eva LAWDY.jpg)

Holy shit! Is this for real?!

Yes. This won't be an exceedingly long animation, but it is going to have multiple positions of Eva.

At the very latest, expect this by end of May, but more likely this will be done by the middle of that month if my schedule permits it.

shit just got real !

I don't understand all of the excitement. Exactly what is going on here?

Possibly two porn games about Wakfu. that's what.

File: 127195591033.jpg-(305.18KB, 1440x864, evaWiP.jpg)
Letting you guys take a look at the first Evangeline model, I need to draw a few more mouthes and probably going to have to change her boobs a bit too because they're just too round.

As you can see, the dress will be tearaway, and I have a few other things to add on to the model like graphic symbol for the vagina that spreads. Just making the elements for this first scene is far from done.

Widen the hips a little more.

File: 12719620803.jpg-(98.79KB, 883x851, eyes.jpg)
Same artist as >>60109 ?

Maybe it's just that 'surprised' face but the eyes are too tall and go too far into the forehead area. The also ears need to go a little higher.

While it is porn, making the breasts larger puts her off model. She's big enough in canon, in my opinon.

I hope these crits are some help and look forward to the final piece.

File: 127196358147.jpg-(98.24KB, 602x379, omgeva.jpg)

A boob reduction would do some good, yes. As for the eyes, what you're seeing them is a set made at full stretch. Her expression will squeeze and her eyes will close before they open and stretch out to that set of eyes at the moment that her dress gets shredded. I have another set of eyes to put in for after the surprised ones. I was thinking of one of the more extreme expressions in the show

Awesome so far! Just remember, on-model is the best model. You're doing well at that, but it's something to keep in mind.

flatten a bit her head, it is too high compared to its width. Also, hes bangs should be a bit thinner and her neck is too long/thin.
good work otherwise

File: 127199757499.jpg-(36.94KB, 640x480, Wakfu-07-Vénéneuse.avi_snapshot_18.02_[2010.02.0.jpg)
Since we are throwing out suggestions, how about letting her go?

File: 127199783216.jpg-(70.33KB, 888x502, wakfu-18HardProcessed[f88c7006][DC].mp4_snapshot_1.jpg)
no? ok, then draw the porn faster



Oh, my. Looking forward to this :D

I agree with

Keep up the great work ;)

File: 127201711379.png-(378.37KB, 898x504, ohgodmyhymen.png)
The great thing about this is there are so many different expressions of Eva that could fit. She's a very expressive elf when the situation calls for it.

File: 127202823647.jpg-(297.27KB, 1440x864, evaprevWiP2.jpg)
Made some adjustments based on the different suggestions I've received - thoughts?

Hips wider? Check.
Breasts more accurately sized? Check.

Looking good, though a more human-proportioned waist would be nice. Corners are the enemy there; use the Tango in 22 for reference on her proportions if you feel the need to change anything. Lots of full-body shots, and her dress doesn't leave much to the imagination.

File: 127205842676.jpg-(43.12KB, 522x206, musicofthespheres.jpg)
Her chin is more rounded when viewed from the front.

The artist for Wakfu draws boobs as perfect spheres.

File: 127205917044.jpg-(13.76KB, 176x391, eva.jpg)
Concept artist, yes. Show artist, not quite so much.

Here's what I was talking about in terms of waist, by the way, though it looks like it'll be covered up by that tentacle the entire time anyway so I'll assume constriction.

At risk of sounding demanding, how about something restraining her head or neck? Just something to increase appeal to the bondage crowd, though I know I'll love it either way.

They may be too spherical, but in his defense, every one of those women have some kind of clothing that would push their tits up. Only the sadida one is perfectly round, and she is wearing the most rigid kind of bra. The one on the right looks much more loose and also, less "round".

her ears should be longer, thinner (especially at the base) and angled a bit lower
see pics in this thread for references

File: 127207594114.jpg-(269.74KB, 1440x864, evaprev33andathird.jpg)
Thinned out the ears, gave the mid section some curves near the base, and added a bit of a round chin.

Sure, this isn't the only pose she'll be in. Rubilax will flip her over and the shot will be from 3/4 rear so the viewer gets a view from behind where Rubilax is standing, basically the same shot of him as in >>60508 I can't program anything very complex like an actual counter, but I do want to make the position switchable at a certain point. This will be a bit more like a movie with interactive controls than a game unless I can find a programmer to work with.

I'm a programmer, but I may not be the best choice. I recently started playing Dwarf Fortress, so...

Besides, doesn't Flash have that kind of thing built-in?

Incidentally, this wouldn't happen to be you, would it?

yes its him


Looks good so far.

You ever think of giving her a "fucked silly" face?

Only if he was a terrible person with shit taste.

Indeed. A person being raped is too busy being angry and ashamed (either for letting it happen, or being too weak to resist, etc.) to feel good enough for 'fucked silly'.

Fair enough. I didn't mean to offend

No offense taken, at least on my part. I probably shouldn't have agreed with the 'shit taste' bit; taste is taste, and a lot of people like the 'fucked silly' look.

Something to keep in mind if you don't mind the extra work of putting in a button to switch to that face, but at this point we may just be piling on features because we don't have to do any of the work.

Will there be an option for buttsex? I sure hope so...

/co/'s waifus are srs business
I take it no one has any more corrections for >>60903 and I can get back to work?

File: 127212222756.jpg-(49.95KB, 890x502, snapshot20100424170725.jpg)
The head still bothers me (see pic for reference):
- ears are still not thin enougth, also they should get thinner where they are attached. They shoul be almost horizontal on their top side.
- her bangs are too big and cover too much of her face (we shoul almost see up to her temples)
- the chin and jawline is too angle, shoul be closer to horizontal
- Overall, the head must be a little bigger. Might also be more round (yours is a bit too oval and too high) but that might be an impression due to the bangs hiding the sides on your verion.
- related to the prvious point, her forehead should be rather big. The facial features are almost all in the lower half of the head (height wise) and all of the head (width wise, eyes and freckles should almost reach the sides). Also, her top hairs cover a little more area.

forgot that also : her reverse pony-tail should be a bit thinner

File: 127212608372.jpg-(59.87KB, 524x510, co demands i try to deliver.jpg)

More changes made, and playing around with proportions. Added some curves to the cheeks, but I'm going to leave the jawline as it is because the shape of her face greatly varies at time because Ankama does a LOT of fresh drawings even when they could have just as easily pulled a head from another symbol. The jawline was mainly meant to go with her surprise expression. Feel free to suggest all the expressions you guys want, by the way, because it's just too easy to put a face on a pre-existing head since they aren't connected together.

Yes, there will be, but not in this pose. When Rubi flips her over like I described in >>60903 he will DP her, and I might make use of the suggestion her head be restrained in that one by having a vine reaching under her chin and pulling her head back.

To me it looks like her forehead is too big, makes her face look too elongated. I can't quite put it in words, she just looks too weird. Still, that pic is much better than the first one you posted.

For even more brutal criticism, you could try /ic/, though they'd probably derate the Wakfu style itself for not being 100% realistic.

Seriously though, I hope we're not pissing off with all these constant corrections. Better to hear them now then being told, after you've work hard on animating all those parts.

File: 12721307056.jpg-(87.21KB, 750x600, An_bundy.jpg)
>head is too big
>head is too small
>forehead is too small
>forehead is too big
>my face

I'm sorry about this whole thing. Just do what you think is best.


actually i think its the eyes that are a little too close together making the head look narrower

also needs that currently popular "eyes rolled upwards and tongue hanging out" hentai face

File: 127214728457.jpg-(36.00KB, 524x510, 127212608372.jpg)
For her hair in the back, I thought of something mor on these proportions (157 hours in paintshop ^^)

Otherwise, nice improvement on the ears and head proportion. Eyes and freckles are now more accurate (though I think the pupils are still from a previous iteration, but easy to adjust)

Also, I still think the bangs need to be thinner (to reveal a bit more her cheeks), and maybe a little shorter (down to her chin)

The important thing is, it's off model.
Off model = death.

eyebrows should be a smidge smaller

File: 12721500788.jpg-(35.96KB, 912x453, adjustments.jpg)
Another bunch of adjustments (hopefully with a more explicit pic ^^ )

- Most of her head is included in a circle. On your drawing, the top of he head is a bit too high. As a result, I have also lowered the limit between her hair and her forehead.

- Her bangs are thinner and shorter (they don't reach the shoulders). Also, the one on the right follows a more curvy line at its tip.

- On th back of her neck, her hair are curved inwards, not outwards.

- Her ears have good proportions, but are implanted at a lower level, between eyes ans cheekbones.

"Nevertheless, keep the good work, you're alomst there for proportions ;)


Okay, have it your way. I quit.

Is it going to be done by May? I don't really wanna wait

You could also try overlaying your art with screenshots from the show, to make the differences more obvious.

This makes me wonder if there are any animation guides in the wakfu artbook...

File: 127215474530.jpg-(537.11KB, 1120x1850, inanutshell.jpg)
>this thread
Never change, /co/

File: 127215515380.jpg-(167.48KB, 912x684, wakfubook.jpg)
I can confirm there are no animation guides. Why would there be to begin with?

Dude, don't let the trolls get you.
Take note of the constructive critique and ignore the "huur durr 'dis sux" trolls

Needs moar "I barely tolerate Zone"

File: 127215768731.jpg-(60.21KB, 722x541, Kingpin.jpg)
Wow, butthurt much? You actually went out of your way to make a comic about it?

...Well this has gotten completely out of hand. How's this for a new rule: FOUR REVISIONS MAX.

That way you don't get bogged down with obscene numbers of redo-post-betoldtoredoagain, and if people know they have a limit they're more likely to put EVERYTHING that they think needs changed, and inspect each revision more closely to make sure they catch everything.

Pretty sure that wasn't him. The lines would be smoother, for one. And I doubt he would've put in people calling him an asshole, because nobody did (unless they deleted it before I got here).

Aaaaand apparently it's too late. Fuck. Wish I'd been here about eight hours ago...

>"I barely tolerate Zone"

As the anon who first said that, might I say I'm surprised that made a lasting impression on you. You need to get out more.

Also, when I said that, I meant that "I barely tolerate Zone['s]" trolling. I can "barely" put up with his numerous dickish actions, only because he creates some decent smut.

Nah, it's prolly him. He probably didnt much much effort into it.

File: 12721620128.jpg-(144.03KB, 502x494, Greedy-Larfleeze-Free-porn-not-good-enough.jpg)
This is my general feeling after all this.


this is why we cant have nice things

needs more arrogance, condescension and masturbatory self-obsession

It's really not like I truly hate the guy. I just refuse to bow down in blind worship and totally ignore his dickery, just because he draws hot porn. It's like how I'm thankful for light bulbs, but I don't ignore that Thomas Edison was kind of a douche. I think that's a fair outlook.

this plz


The progress shots were actually getting worse, not better


I'm actually happy with this and think all the posts afterward are simply trolling.

Doubtful. A couple, maybe, but this one for instance:
just seems to be trying to give him a better guideline than a vague description. It's about as helpful as I've ever seen criticism get.

>any post i dont like is a troll

Well most of them did go from constructive to 'pushing my luck' and then to outright trying to put the guy off making anything at all, ever.

This shit is fucking hilarious.

I did not derail this. Honest. I don't troll. This was me

But the fact that moralfaggotry lost and greed... erm... won is just something i did not see coming.

If you're still there, please, draw away. I'm sure there are plenty of people even in the translation thread that would love to see this but don't know about it yet. I am sure that the derail was either a troll or they did not mean it.

As for the criticism, if and IF you still want any of mine...
I can not pretend i know how to draw for even a second, but eva does look different to me as well. I won't nitpick, but it's something of an uncanny valley. It is her, yet it isn't

Fix the shading, and the mouth looks off. Her bangs should also be thinner

Needs less "I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I"

You do realize he's talking about Zone, right?

Don't spend any more time to bring it closer to model, instead work on the anim/game itself. Otherwise you're never gonna see the end of it

that's not even the guy who was doing it, he said he was quitting in >>60953

want! are there any scans?

wow, we went from having a wakfu flash underway to nothing in the space of a week
way to go, guys

In one night, even. I went to bed at >>60932 and woke up to all this. What the hell?

Sure, you can tell anon from anon

are you that fucking stupid that you can't tell who's who based on the images and content they post?

the "I quit" message has no content, dumbass. Thus it's unindentifiable

so I guess he's still working on it and we've all been trolled hard by >>60953 ?

I wish he'd hurry up and post new content then

File: 127222284194.jpg-(54.63KB, 599x275, oshit.jpg)
confirmed >>60953 is not a troll

File: 127222325141.png-(4.17KB, 100x100, hemad.png)

God forbid we have some standards or something, right?

File: 127222368084.png-(161.37KB, 1202x1855, reqfags.png)
I'd be mad too if I was doing something nice for people and got told off. he never even asked for criticisms or corrections but he responded to them anyway. this is what happens when we think artists owe us something. if we kept our mouthes shut we would have had something to fap to by now i don't care if it's a little off model

He actually did, but I think the constant corrections (which really should've stopped earlier, but as more people got interested we got 'too many cooks in the kitchen', so to speak) weren't the main issue. I think the main issue was most likely how, even after all the corrections, somebody comes in and offhandedly says that in spite of everything, the fact that it's off-model makes it shit. I can understand being pretty heavily dispirited by that; doing all that work, and then somebody comes in and says it wasn't worth it to begin with?

There's standards, and then there's endlessly moaning about things that don't really matter and extending the workload of somebody who's doing something that already takes a lot of work, and doing it for free.

Anyway, I'll see if I can get in contact with him and try to figure out where we went wrong (though I have a sneaking suspicion I already know). I won't ask him to continue, of course, but every artist needs to know they have at least some fans among the critics.

Personally, I think it was perfect second correction in.

File: 127222598768.jpg-(26.62KB, 400x301, Alpha5MightyMorphin1.jpg)
>Needs less "I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I"

Also, I hate everyone who chased away the nice artist who was willing to draw people some free porn. Shame on you.

Well guys, it was fun.
Thanks for fucking it up. Now we have to wait for ZONE, which his flash comes out after DNF, which will come after BM:S.

Okay. You guys are officially a collection of assholes.


I hope the artist may take pity on us regular mortals and continue his work. I'm sure a lot of people would see this project come to fruition, and it would truly be a shame to see it ruined by a few ingrates...

File: 12722352375.jpg-(48.13KB, 640x480, wakfu-13-hardsub_[DEF9D127].avi_snapshot_14.33_[20.jpg)
come back
on behalf of everyone who fucked up, intentionally or not, i'm sorry


Don't blame me. I just wanted the Flash to look good, that's all. No one wants a crappy lookin Flash like those poor Zone-rip off sites.

Aww, I hope he wasn't that upset by it and decides to come back


Shut the fuck up and go die in a hole. You ruined this for the rest of us you dick.

can we just sage this thread and start over?


Sounds like a plan..

dammit..I was REALLY looking forward to that flash.


yeah, me too.

Needs moar useless nosepickers bitching about those who produce.

I'm bitching about those who BITCH. I was lurking this thread the whole time, hoping for some decent wakfu porn. apologies that I don't personally produce anything, but at least I don't chase off those that do.


hear hear

Nice job sucking, /co/

File: 127230370695.png-(649.77KB, 1090x516, 1272299534923.png)
Hey guys,
stop bitching about your lack of Eva porn,

Have some delicious Kriss la Krass instead.

File: 127230517032.jpg-(139.68KB, 680x800, kralawoh.jpg)
>Have some delicious Kriss la Krass instead.

But I was promised some delicious tentacles too

...and this is why you should never post WIPs, folks.

I don't think I've ever posted a piece on the internet that I wasn't finished with -- completed or not.

The people who ruined this should all an hero now!

Thats an order.

Don't be stupid. At worst, we miss out on some porn. At best, he'll think about it for a while, realize that trolls will be trolls, and come back to finish.

*sight* I hot a porny fanfic going for you guys. I assume that something is better than nothing, right? Don't expect anything stellar though... Gonna start upload

File: 127252263528.png-(123.71KB, 392x600, Wakfu_Sram__B_by_LittlePhoenix92.png)
The midday sun peered through the clouds, sending occasional rays past the canopy of trees. The forest below was dark and uninviting, from every angle you could feel a myriad of eyes watching your every move. Chaos ruled the land, and nature fought against unseen attackers. Some animals were utterly extinct, others grew in hordes, and everything ran mad with hunger that could not be sated. The land itself demanded pain for what was done to it, and everything on two legs walking in was either too foolish or too greedy for its own good. Zell knew the difference. The young Sram's Shadow stalked this land for years, before he even became a man he knew where to hide and when to shank someone, appearing and disappearing in a flash of leaves. His camo cloak and skin-tight green unitard (painted with bones, along with a bone mask) made him appear as a ghost, leaving the hapless fools easy picking as their fear made them ever weaker. Visits to town (in alternate clothes of course) brought fond memories, as hushed voices spoke of a green reaper. Perfect. Would-be heroes weren't rare, but neither were they useful. All one had to do was follow the battlecries, then the screams for help and eventually the smell of blood. Once, Sram even followed the trail into the lair of a black weaver, finding great treasure in the cocoons, but no… Way too dangerous, not for all the gold in Astrub would he face that again. Besides, merchants were easier to find. And they gave so much, so willingly, just to be released from the terrible fate the green reaper had in store for them. Today was a day of rest though, as Zell couldn't bother tracking any hapless losers. He was too bisy rigging a firebomb, when the loudest howl he ever heard broke his concentration. Something was actually dumb enough to awaken an ancient abrachnid. The giant tree of howling souls could not be mistaken for anything else. This had to be quite a show. After a brief hesistation to review safety, Sram's curiosity took the better of him, and he dashed across the branches, true to his namesake. He had to see what was stupid enough to invite such a gory death.

File: 12725228278.png-(151.24KB, 400x319, 12655176573.png)
Zell need not travel for long, because close by, a clearing emerged. Trees were smashed and toppled and a battle was going on between a four-story tree monster and… something. Hard to see. The abraknyd swung wildly with it's many branches at a billowing white target, that occasionally flashed orange. Then long, ginger hair came into view. Only a Iop, thought Sram, it made perfect sense now. But he did not have time to reflect for long, an angry woman's scream and a sound akin to shattering glass took his attention. The enchantment of her sword evidently failed and pieces of it, still aglow, rained across the field. The fight was almost over. A few more swings and claw-like branches met flesh. The tree seized the girl and all she could do was punch it in despair.
Thoughts came with the roar of a crowd in Zell's mind. Leave her! Let the dumb broad die! Run, before you are seen. Grab what's left of the magic sword! Stay, it might get good! Get closer! Get away! But one voice stood out. One unmistakeable, proud, simple, arrogant yet calm and cheerful voice filled his ears
>Some day you will have the chance to be a hero, little boy
Shut up! I hate you!
>I am a Shadow of Sram, you moron. We don't seek to die for meaningless ideals unlike some people!
>But you feel valor all the same. You have courage too. You just hide it. I am sure you'll make the right choice and you will be rewarded… little bonehead.
The tree, oblivious to the argument Zell had was not wasting time. The Iop was slammed into the nearby pine, and then into the ground. And again. Brief silence fell the air, followed by a dirty cackle, like stones rolling together. Then what am I supposed to do, thought Sram? Too far, too risky to throw a bomb. Too big to taunt. Too far of reach to meele. It's back is turned but the ground is a deathtrap. It's like fate demands a suicide mission, he sighed. Fate?
>I beg you, let me go. Have this potion of fate. Forbidden throughout the land! Anything you do will succeed with it, but briefly. Just please, not the knife!
Pleaded the fat Ecaflip merchant. Zell felt his bag for the vial of green goo. There were other things he planned for the potion, but in many years, he did not have a chance. "Probably poison, or cat shampoo" mused Sram. The tree wasted no time, and vines covered in thorns were emerging from under the ground. He couldn't watch, so downing the disgusting goo he drew two daggers and let himself fall. His lips spelt a breathless curse to Goultard, for filling his head with such idiocy.

File: 127252292939.jpg-(130.01KB, 500x746, 126551785172.jpg)
wow, text looks bigger in microsoft word, and muuch bigger on paper

A thirty foot fall followed by a perfect landing. Not one sound, not a twig out of place. Regret set in, but was chased out by adrenaline. Less talk, more action. Zell made a beeline through the bladethorn, every step like lightning, silent as a breeze. Tunnel vision was getting worse, but he trusted his feet. Faster! Up that tree, across the roots, jump unto its branch, leaping forward, both daggers flashed. Whether he knew it or not, a mass of Wakfu filled his lungs, his eyes, his heart, his muscles, his hands, and the blades in them. Zell could not forget the magic, he practiced it for many years. He screamed PIERCER and let the wicked force loose right into the trunk with a two-hand thrust. Thunder clapped, and all went dark.
Regaining sight and hearing, he found himself on the other side of the monster. Sram turned to admire his handiwork. A massive X-shaped hole stood where it's heart ought to be, and blood, filth and sap poured through. The gaping mouth fell silent in shock. The thorny vines were losing their wooden rigidity and wilted before his eyes. What of the girl? Would he have to climb to get her out of the tree? Zell looked up, searching the frozen claws for a shape. He saw the white-and-red-cross apron-thing up above, but something was wrong. The cloth was empty. Was she eaten? Maybe in pieces? His gaze drifted down and found her lying in mud, wearing only knee-high boots. The long legs met her full hips, round buttocks and disproportionately keen waist. Her back was covered in her hair, splattered with mud and an occasional streak of blood, with
Wait blood? The young Sram jolted awake in an instant. They were still in danger. The abrachnid's death would draw scavengers, in masses. Now, clear of mind, he heard faint shuffling in the underbrush at a distance. There was no time to waste. A thrown dagger caught the cape-apron. Zell grabbed what he could find: the broken swordhilt, a backpack, clothes and the surprisingly heavy girl. Front carry was out of the question. A cape secured her to his back and he jogged forward as fast as he could, trying, desperately fighting the feeling of her nipples pressing into his back, through the skin-tight bodysuit. "The potion must be better than I thought", mused Sram. Not one monster was met along the way, and even the forest seemed clearer. But the jog was not an easy one. He came to the hideout, a clearing by a spring, surrounded by the thickest bladethorn growth around. Getting in alone was simplistic, but climbing a tree with a passenger proved problematic. The soft breasts rubbing on his back did not help, and he almost lost his footing. He made it, and, cradling the girl, took one more careful leap into safety. The landing was not the softest, but they weren't injured. Zell thanked Sram for keeping him safe, eased the Iop unto a pile of leaves. After a breather, he went looking for his medkit.

File: 127252305011.jpg-(484.04KB, 922x1200, 1264889818408.jpg)
The springwater, and the apron-cape proved useful in getting the dirt off the girl. But Zell found it increasingly difficult to keep attention to medicinal purposes. The injuries were minor. Her breathing was regular, face calm. Some bruises, scratches, a deep gash on the thigh. A few bandages and a roll of gauze fixed the problem right up. The leg was the most difficult of all. He had to hold it up while wrapping, and his attention wandered. Such smooth skin. Such tone and warm muscles. Occasionally, he would let his hand "slip" and brushed across her pubes. She was so different from the Sram girls. After finishing with the thigh, he set it down, inadvertently spreading her legs. The picture consumed his attention. No, she was no Sram. They are more fit but featureless, limber, pale, and without a single hair below their eyelashes but flatter than a mirror. This girl did not compare in any category. Her scarcity of clothing left her tan, her muscles pronounced, but not overbearing. She definitely fought her share, shins and knuckles felt bruised and hardened. Her… her pussy was covered in soft, ginger hair. He had to touch it again. Zell cautiously palmed her crotch, keeping a careful eye on her face, watching for any change in expression. Evidently not. His fingers traveled down, exploring the narrow slit and down towards her perfectly shaped anus. His fingers traveled again, and again. Warmth came, then a feeling of moisture. A gentle middle finger slipped through, feeling the warm invite of her pussy, but the girl winced, making him freeze in place. Too direct. Not now. His hands traveled up, past her wide but firm hips and unto her stomach. Even there he felt muscle just under the soft skin, ready to bring great pain to anything breakable. Above that… his concentration evaporated He gazed upon the largest breasts he has ever seen on any girl that age. How could she fight with those? Is that why they are so strong? He had to have a feel. A cautious finger touched, then a hand wrapped around. How incredibly soft! His fingers sank in. Like kneading fresh dough. The other hand followed. Zell could not take his hands off. He pushed them together, pulled them apart. He squeezed them to her chest and gently pulled by the nipples. He traced the nipples with his thumbs, felt the weight in both his hands. Once more! Just a little harder! His fingers could not get enough. No, the hands were not enough. Gripping a puffy breast in one hand he reached and unhooked his mask. Just a quick taste! It slid up like a visor and smells overwhelmed him. The unmistakable fragrance of her hair, a sweet smell of her sweat, metallic smell of blood and the forest foliage in the background.
Blood? Zell lept to his feet and bit his wrist with all his might. Reality came tumbling down. The girl was hurt. What happened to heroism? Surely he didn't play champion of justice just to rape her in place of the monster? Guilt and pain overcame him. "Ok, leave her to rest. Wake up tomorrow, have thank-you sex just like a real hero would. Cover her with a cape so she does not catch a… The monologue came to a crashing halt as he turned and walked into the hardest punch he ever felt in his life, head-on. Everything went dark as Zell felt himself drift, whether to a dream or through the air.

File: 127252337525.jpg-(646.72KB, 1280x1707, 126551814329.jpg)
And a pleasant dream it was, thought the young Sram. The beautiful girl straddled him. Her warm pussy was rubbing right on his chest, every hair obvious through the skin-tight catsuit. The curvy hips clenched his thin torso, and the narrow waist lead his eyes all the way to the gorgeous tits, swaying overhead. A drop of sweat rolled down one nipple and landed on his chest. And above, the hands gripped one of his daggers, shaking with rage. Definitely not a dream. The girl was breathing hard, with each breath her tits jumped and jiggled back and forth, side to side. But now was not the time. Her deep brown eyes were narrowed, and long ears pointed down in rage. This was no lovemaking straddle, she pinned his arms. Everything was intentional. "Time to save my hide", he thought.
-How dare you? came a stern but feminine voice
-Please, I can explain. I did not mean to… I couldn't help my...
-HOW DARE YOU? a yell this time
-Just don't kill me! Please, I couldn't help myself, seeing tho…
It took everything Zell had to convince himself that the girl was serious.
-That monster had you out cold and was gonna plant a sapling in your bush!
-I don't believe you. I wouldn't lose that easily.
-Your sword is in pieces and your clothes are in tatters. Explain THAT.
-You did that. Srams do that.
-After what? Knocking you out? I assure you I don't have the strength. Nor can I cloud a mind that is empty.
-Well somehow, you did, that's the only explanation.
-Only? -yelled the infuriated sram- If my whole race are such bastards, then explain why did I give you first aid -he tapped her bandaged thigh- instead of tying you up. Explain, yogurt brain!
-Explain, why would I carry you unconscious from battle and to a hiding place amidst the woods?
-That's a good question.
More silence.Colour filled Zell's cheeks. Their breathing slowed.
-I'm not a bad guy. Let me go. Get off, it's hard to breathe.
-Can't handle a girl on top, huh?
-I said get off! -he yelled. By the force of his fingers his whole body slid under her. No time to admire the view. A dull thump of the dagger meeting wood told him all he needed to know. Sram kicked his torso up and locked legs around her head. A quick tumble and roll ended with her face-down one arm at an uncomfortable angle. Strength was meaningless, she was pinned. He spoke sternly, but his voice shook. Rage dissolved into embarassment, as he felt like he was confessing.
-Stop mocking me. I saved you, because I did not want you to die. No pride or condescending involved, just compassion. Ok, maybe a little lust, I could not help myself. I'm sorry. It's just I have never seen a girl, with a body like yours. Or your skill in battle. You're incredible. -Zell let her arm go, and gently ran his fingers down her ribcage, along the edge of a soft, exposed breast. Then got up, retrieved the dagger. Turning, he met her gaze, as she was slowly sitting up, one arm in a futile attempt to hide her breasts, the other for support.
-I'm sorry for groping you. I'll leave if you…
-Did you mean that? You really think I look good and… and am incredible in battle? -She was blushing, and the dark brown eyes opened wide. Zell took a few steps to the side, picked up his camo cloak and lowered it on her shoulders. Coming around he knelt and unhooked the mask again. Apart from the purple bruise on the forehead where she hit, his pale face was aglow.
-Absolutely. -He smiled. He went looking for the backpack, to get a flint for a fire, and some food… for two.
>I hate you so much Goultard. This hero stuff better be rewarding.

Aaand i guess this will be chapter one. If not all of you retch, i will get working on more. I have some thoughts lined up.

Who the fuck is Zell? Some OC? LOL

How many srams have you seen in the show?

Well, seeing has Wakfu has a grand total of ... what was it? Ah yes, ZERO npcs with personality, it kind of has to be somebody he made up.

I don't know what a Sram is.

Fapfiction should be about people we know.

File: 127253454775.jpg-(16.72KB, 256x352, laughingelfman.jpg)
>I don't know what a Sram is.

They are the least featured race in the animation.

Was expecting it to be about the cartoon cast but I enjoyed it. More!

>Fapfiction should be...
in b4 "off-model fapfiction=..."

thanks, will do

hur dur

sorry I dont know something about a show that isnt even on the show.

D&D rogue with a skeleton motif. There. That's all you need to know. But on the subject, they are a sneaky lot who like to do it from behind. Seems good enough author insertion fantasy persona.

Not to mention the first fapfic featured srams as well.

File: 12725575776.jpg-(102.75KB, 467x1024, kca1ldtl.jpg)
They're the ninjas of the dofus/wakfu universe. They don't have that many in the show, due to some tv law in Mexico, about human skulls on kid shows.

Thi s is a Wakfu thread, not some Dofus thread. Stick to people in the show.

>>hey don't have that many in the show, due to some tv law in Mexico, about human skulls on kid shows.

But kids in Mexico have sugar skull-shaped "calaverita" sweets for Dia de los Muertos :/
But isn't Wakfu French? I mean, it's a different continent.

File: 127256001830.jpg-(75.90KB, 640x480, wakfu-12-hardsub_[B1FC29D4].avi_snapshot_16.49_[20.jpg)
The reason there are no sram's shadow is the same reason there are no feca's shield: THEY DID NOT BOTHER TO ADD ANY as main characters.
There are Srams in wakfu too. There were srams in the last fapfic. Please stop derailing.

File: 127256084631.jpg-(44.78KB, 885x451, Sram.jpg)
be it the Dofus or the Wakfu version, they are both fapficworthy

Some background character we don't know? Visuals one thing, but writing is more personal. If it's not anyone we know through the show as a main character, it's pointless.

>If it's not anyone we know through the show as a main character, it's pointless


I would agree but this story is interesting. Maybe Ginger can post it to adultfanfiction.

File: 127256371137.jpg-(871.64KB, 1328x900, 126551817662.jpg)
Ok, i will write a couple of chapters here, then work on something closer to the show than the game. If i start on a new one now, my head will scramble. I should have ch.2 by the late evening. Off to work now.


Sram is backwards for Mars, as in candy bar. They are wearing Halloween costumes.

Something came up. A small delay on ch2. I get the message, non-canon characters are not as appriciated as main characters. I've just been a little hesitant about messing with the main story. So, a few questions:
1) upload ch2 here or to... and link here?
2) what's a better plot hook? All new story like in>>36145
or an episode overwrite?

write what you feel like writing.
ignore the haters and the trolls

1. Sure thing. Would keep us informed and keeps the thread clean for those who want show-only stuff.
2. In-between scenes seem the easiest to believe. Before/after episodes or between scenes within an episode.

File: 127269956567.jpg-(206.40KB, 474x700, 091204110302400435.jpg)
Bah, finished. I'll never mock writefags again. Let me put the finishing touches and upload. In the mean time, have some Iops

File: 127269963928.jpg-(248.14KB, 750x1000, 100227044006428455528859.jpg)
not that i've ever mocked writefags. I've just grew more respectful of their work.

Haven't even thought of a title yet. Bloody embarassing.

File: 12726996942.gif-(2.11MB, 640x482, 090830112522428454353530.gif)

File: 127270159297.jpg-(197.50KB, 654x800, 090721012032428454106605.jpg)

File: 127270160927.jpg-(77.85KB, 666x738, 081008065309428452588468.jpg)

File: 12727016291.jpg-(68.37KB, 691x532, 081008065309428452588462.jpg)

File: 127270182871.jpg-(88.57KB, 800x515, Be_Mine_by_legendra.jpg)

File: 127270211894.jpg-(90.77KB, 600x835, Cho_by_legendra.jpg)

File: 127270651412.jpg-(222.46KB, 737x658, Iop_3_by_mzelBulle.jpg)
I split them. Here's Chapter 2-a

By all the gods of asgard, that tagging is the worst i have ever used in my life. This is the fourth time i'm writing the story and it's not getting any fun-ner.

Enough bitching. I give you Eliandra. Gonna finish uploading

Criticism welcome. Hope you like it guys. If you do, I will start on something canon.

Very good read. The characters built up nicely and i hope to see them again sometime.

Have you had any ideas for what the cartoon cast will do? The 'second night at the Vampiro Inn' setup can go many ways, like >>47173 or the start of >>59233 . They also spent a lot of time on a boat, big enough for select characters can get some privicy.

File: 127277575099.jpg-(310.87KB, 625x875, Lewona_Olala_by_roxnin.jpg)
Thanks. I would definitely like to keep "path to heroism" going, i need time to gather ideas. Giving out an ETA is asking for trouble.
I had a few for a canon path though... if you have any, throw em here. Despite the ball-busting frustration that took me several hours to upload an already finished 8-ish pages yesterday, i had alot of fun writing. I know i need practice, so may as well...

File: 127281564134.jpg-(18.18KB, 324x339, Capture.jpg)
This is only an idea but I always figured that, with Yugo being raised without a mother, traveling with two girls would eventually lead to some strange discoveries for the young boy.

The girls trust him enough to share beds and snuggle together and none of them seemed bothered about changing into towels, in the Miss Ugly episode. (even if there were changing cubicles, Yugo and Amalia would have to share one to keep their cover.) He probably sees things Grovy could only dream about.

Yugos a little kid. Hes still at the EWWW GIRLS ARE GROSS stage.

They probably have fun flashing him to gross him out.

however, remember in the "miss ugly" episode, when eva reveals her "ugly" outfit .... he seems rather enthusiast to her appearance

You don't stay at Ew Girls Are Gross forever, especially not when you've apparently become good friends/travelling companions with such exceptional(not just physically so, either) young women.

His praise sounded more 'wow you look pretty' then 'wow you look sexy'. He honestly sees Evangelyne and Amalia as 'guys', if that makes any sence. He hasn't discovered the attraction to girls, so he speaks to them as plainly and openly as any male.

Though i'm sure that upon seeing a naked girl for the first time, he'd either get a fright or shamelessly ask 'what's that?'

10 year olds are less innocent than you guys seem to be under the impression they are. And this is a 10 year old who speaks FRENCH.

Yeah, in the modern day, where sex is everywhere, kids are in a race to grow up and they need only google a dirty word.

Wakfu's world seems much cleaner. While there's the use of sex appeal, it only attracts those old enough. Kids remain kids until hormones kick in and someone tells them the facts of life (unless their name is Grovy.)

File: 127285290332.jpg-(130.92KB, 1349x763, 126506777510.jpg)

File: 127286085968.png-(10.88KB, 96x96, trex.thumbnail.png)
I must steal this for something.

File: 127286269048.jpg-(211.88KB, 900x1097, Playiop_Magazine_by_odanchin.jpg)
22 hits 1 5* vote and no flaming? I assume the story is ok then? allrighty

I'll be honest, him and Amalia make for a difficult pair, partly because they aren't the canon couple and or fanservice. They are somewhat asexualised in the show. I have an idea though... Won't tell, no no no

You have got to be shitting me. First time you hear that line? Watch predator... now.

File: 127286293749.png-(415.98KB, 700x600, 298003 - Amalia Sadida wakfu.png)
I meant the canon spotlight couple. The important pairing. All the romance in the show is around EvaDally. Which is kind of a shame. Eureka seven (gasp animoo) had a beautiful childhood romance

Eva/Sadly *is* a childhood romance. They're 17 and 16 respectively. But anything overtly involving the obviously young Yugo wouldn't make it past execs and producers.

Yugo/Amalia are about the same ages as Aang/Katara, I believe.

Both visually and in their behavior they're in the same bracket as Eva/Sadly, so whatever could be written in their profile doesn't matter (especially in the eye of execs), they're teenagers and not prepubescent like Yugo.

Legal age in France is 15, bucko. They're adults. And what's more, their world is relatively low-tech, which means low age of consent, if any at all.

They're not *adults*, you're confusing age of majority (which is 18 in france) with age of consent (which doesn't mean they're adults but legally able to consent to sexual acts). Not that it matters because 15 means Yugo and Amalia are still under the age of consent (they're 12 and 13) and Eva and Sadly aren't and oh hey look who gets the romance.

The in-fiction excuse of a lower age of consent would maybe get you a laugh from execs, right before they fire you.

The guy I was responding to said that Eva and Grovy were having a childhood romance because they're children. I was just pointing out that they aren't, either physically (human beings are sexually viable by 13-14, usually) or legally (France age of consent, etc.).

File: 127287660234.jpg-(51.51KB, 700x526, 1259484754512.jpg)
Well, I guess there's plenty of reasons why Yugo/Amalia aren't officially a pair, it just seems so obvious to me that given total freedom for Ankama they probably would be.

Maybe it's just my fan-goggles. But, y'know, "Boy discovering his powers" metaphor and all, maybe I can be forgiven.

No, once again they're still legally children. Age of consent has no bearing on being a minor or not.


I'm still sure Yugo/Amalia will happen eventually.

so the flash is abandon?


It's hinted at. Yugo BAWW's when Amalia is bitten by a rose. Tears swell up in his eyes as they separate in the snow. I just meant that it's not explicit, and therefore, writing a story that fits into the plot it's something to take into account.

>>61598 here.

I wasn't really thinking about Yugo/Amalia or any serious relationship. Just different instances of Yugo hanging out with the girls as friends and discovering things. >>47173 being an example of how he could come across sex without entering a pairing. Enter in curiousity and a few embarrassing questions for Evangelyne and it would make for some tension.

That's just my weird taste anyway. A pairing would be just as good.

File: 127308317027.jpg-(83.50KB, 800x1000, 1269113028206.jpg)
Ok, new story in the works. This time about delicious Eva. 2-3 days at MOST.

Question: what's prefered? Grovy or Dally?
(art not mine)

Grovy's the most accepted I think.

Grovy for sure

File: 127312071894.jpg-(60.18KB, 676x724, 081008065309428452588469.jpg)
Grovy it is. I like Grovy. Sounds like...

It's just that i detest "Sadlygrove". Sounds disappointing on so many levels.

File: 127335643734.jpg-(91.99KB, 600x784, sacri_nue.jpg)

File: 127339115247.jpg-(44.57KB, 640x480, wakfu-06-vampyro.mkv_snapshot_21.14_[2010.05.08_00.jpg)

Sorry i missed the deadline. And spazzed out about the season finale. No excuses really, just... hope you like the story.

Oh yeah, before someone starts bugging "who's Wagner", it's vampyro's unposessed guardian.

Thumbs up. You got the characters down perfect and the story was something i didn't expect.

File: 127341560272.jpg-(277.50KB, 1100x850, 455005 - Amalia Boolyonzy Evangelyne wakfu.jpg)
thanks, appriciate it

File: 127343805268.jpg-(46.13KB, 421x800, evangeline+1+2.jpg)



Fawking sauce.

>on model studio

I beg to differ.

Normally I'd say it's close enough, but if they tout being on-model the little things really start to matter...

>>62113 >>62114
I was referring to the watermark url -

It's ironic to have wakfu porn coming from a site named like that, in light of recent events.

It's unfortunate they chose such a douchey name, because the art's not actually that bad.

Nothing douche-y about it, 'on-model' is just another learned skill. The only people who would complain are those illustrators that cannot do it. I doubt anyone would resent a carpenter who called their business "Structurally sound carpentry".

I don't think anyone's arguing about the techique. Its just that with them naming themselves 'onmodel', they somewhat claim to be experts at the field.

Wilkommen du advertising.

paheal. Meaning no clue. Sorry

I determined it for myself:
This guy, though he hasn't put up this specific image on HF.

>>62110 >>62113 >>62116 >>62119

Geez, you guys. LifeJet made the blog *because* of the recent "offmodel = death" debacle, not in spite of it.

The purpose of the blog is for the artists to practice making art that is closer to the official design. It's not a claim of expertise at being on model - its an affirmation that we're not good enough at it, and need to practice.

File: 127350698921.jpg-(122.43KB, 448x700, 1264905726475.jpg)
but he's definitely been drawing for longer. I've had this pic of Eva since probably episode ten, sans the watermark.

Uh, yeah. The blog is new but he's been around for a while.

Lol, you guys are terrible. If someone's drawing off-model you rip them to shreds, and when they're drawing on-model you accuse them of tracing.

Going back to this line of discussion? Let's not, and say we didn't.

File: 127369145487.jpg-(19.91KB, 366x363, Amalia-wants-MORE.jpg)
Enough arguments. We were on a roll!

File: 127369602072.jpg-(261.88KB, 837x1280, 1273554523.suedunnemm_evangelyne_with_crocodile_in.jpg)
You asked for it.

Where did you find that? I didn't see in Sue Dunn Emm's site.

File: 127372566757.jpg-(168.85KB, 893x1224, 1246466274797.jpg)
Poor Eva. She just can't catch a break. First tentacle monsters, then vampires and crocodiles... All kinds of freaks keep falling for her. And i should know ^_^

It was probably coloured by someone else. Maybe someone posted it on regular 4chan. Doubt there are any major sources still alive... Great body art but freakiest faces i've ever seen.

On a side note, is it worth a try to start a petition for one of the bigger names in wwoec to do a comic? I think Raylude would do justice to Eva and Amalia. He did one page, but i haven't seen any new art from him in a year. He even made Code Lyoko fappable. So, worth a try?

Got a FA page as well.

Definitely coloured by her, it's very typical of her work, which tends to be fastidiously detailed on certain areas and then completely child-like in others which just adds to the disturbing effect.

This pic screams for colours.

File: 127377883224.png-(20.43KB, 369x617, eva nswf4.png)
sorry fellow anons I can't color for crap :3.. oh well have this for fap material.

Her ears should be lower, and her eyes.

oh totally... you wouldn't want him to go off-model, would you?
great job! most fappable Eva art i've seen in a while


Don't you start!

Besides, I like the face the most.

File: 127378561450.jpg-(600.46KB, 680x870, wakfuclean.jpg)
62357 is my first time drawing anything Wakfu so I consider this to be a practice run. I tried to stay on model best I could but I am hoping I can improve on that in the coming months.


Thanks Ginger.

Now i'm really looking forward to that Zone flash!


omg you're back?? :0

>show specializes in wide hips and thick legs
>artist who draws twiggy, thin, same-bodies

Makes sense to me.

You seem familiar

oh yeah

Nope,. that's not me

Aw geez, not this shit again.

File: 127380694952.png-(27.02KB, 369x617, eva nswf4.png)
same poster at >>62349

I tried coloring it... I still suck coloring lol :3 ....

Nice pic Fluffy, and it's great that you worked specially out of your comfort zone.


she looks like a blood elf from the thumb nail. good job though.

File: 127383019886.jpg-(93.26KB, 533x1000, Wakfu Eva.jpg)

...So this is how to troll /pco/? I hope nobody falls for it.

I am to. Zone's contribution more specifically

sort of yeah. I'll be way more active the after July.


Thanks but I'm still pretty comfortable. I am enjoying trying not to draw the same way I used to but there are still cob webs and habits I need to break.

Welcome back.

>>show specializes in wide hips and thick legs
>>artist who draws twiggy, thin, same-bodies
>Makes sense to me.

Maybe he will *gasp* improve on his art style! Inconceivable!

File: 12739770319.jpg-(118.06KB, 600x436, sadi_nue_monstroplante.jpg)
Is Ginger still writing fanfics, Wakfu or otherwise?

File: 127429099611.jpg-(463.83KB, 900x900, Sacri_by_lilpunky.jpg)
And update is in progress. Man i sure took a while. Hope you guys like it. 3 more chapters already there, one more going up as i speak. Remember, this is the non-canon one.

File: 127429103231.jpg-(58.68KB, 600x729, Nude_sacrior_by_DarkMinou.jpg)

File: 127429113214.jpg-(1.30MB, 1457x2294, 100404111021428455768646.jpg)

File: 12742915712.jpg-(110.85KB, 500x570, sacri2is2.jpg)

File: 127429167426.png-(925.63KB, 780x1280, 090107104152428452968503.png)
fyi the dofus sacrieurs aren't tattooed for some reason. The tattoos were added in Wakfu.

and fyi fyi i don't have a redhead fetish. I just picked what i feel is a sexy char design.

File: 127429171558.jpg-(220.62KB, 900x436, Sacrieur_by_Ibealia.jpg)

File: 127429175535.jpg-(34.45KB, 400x547, SACRIEUSE_de_WAKFU_by_olween.jpg)

File: 127429178312.png-(340.01KB, 706x581, Sang_du_Sacrier__Samiael_by_Jesseth.png)

File: 127429179710.jpg-(146.77KB, 500x707, wakfu-sacrieur-web.jpg)

File: 127429189756.png-(1.80MB, 867x1000, _Dofus__Sumih_baker_by_Naikkoh.png)
do you like blood in your cake anon?

File: 127429192845.jpg-(140.40KB, 863x1000, Sacrieurs__Inheritance_by_Lel0uch.jpg)

In Dofus, they threw their blood around, which is why they get stronger as they get damaged. By the time of Wakfu (1000? 3000? One of those years later.) the god Sacrier decided that while encouraging pain is good, encouraging bleeding to death... not so much, so now they rip their tattoos out of their skin and fight with those.

File: 127429351923.png-(467.94KB, 460x618, couplesacri.png)
i thought it was called "retcon" or "sensorship" not "plot", but nyeh.

Do you like the story?

File: 127429399950.jpg-(577.38KB, 900x1458, sacrieuse___line_d__Oxid_by_indirillan.jpg)
ch8 up


That's really hot for something so tastefully drawn.

something tells me it's not the last time we will se that sacrier girl. (lesbian or threesome maybe ? ^^ )

File: 127436970352.jpg-(56.07KB, 574x1045, SacriHR.jpg)
I'm keeping my options open.

File: 12744133134.jpg-(441.66KB, 800x1200, Sacrieuse_by_Takeru1805.jpg)
>[x]Prevent anonymous reviews
I am such a fucking idiot. How did i miss that?

File: 127516106490.jpg-(405.03KB, 805x1600, fd810c085397c178788c1651c5be9f13.jpg)
low-res and sketch, but it's naked Eva...

Artist name is Wind Lily i think

bumping this as the dofus-hentai site seems to have died.

File: 127702832719.png-(888.10KB, 1966x1552, 100620023341428456260072.png)

That was fast.

File: 127736191725.jpg-(408.09KB, 1600x1200, 1277078521316.jpg)
well it only took forever and a half, but next arc is up
path to heroism (Iop & Sacrieur fanfic, noncanon), chapters 9-12

I really am the slowest writefag

Dofus-hentai is back.
It appears it wasn't a C&D but just the host server who screwed up.

File: 127779756686.jpg-(391.55KB, 576x800, 488995 - Dofus Sadida wakfu.jpg)
here's the "Amalia does horrible things to Evangelyne" Story. I hope I don't disappoint.

File: 127783189118.jpg-(213.89KB, 1476x896, 1277076216589.jpg)


>"Oh Grovy, I love you but I'm not sure if we are meant to be."

>Grovy continues to stand and stair blankly at her as he sparkles in the sunlight.


I would prefer...

File: 127795883516.jpg-(253.24KB, 526x960, Sadida_by_hentaigirls.jpg)
by the way, I could really use ideas for future stories. I just re-watched episode nine, and it turns out that it took them MONTHS to get from black raven to Xav the baker. They were on the road for MONTHS. Fucking hell... No way I am leaving that stone unturned,
and that Cra not un-dressed

There's enough of my suggestions in this thread already but i request >>61598 if you feel like a long story that spans the series.

good heavens that's horribly disproportioned

File: 127802768350.jpg-(115.93KB, 500x500, 16462.jpg)

File: 127835430398.jpg-(486.79KB, 1280x873, 74967.jpg)
inb4 offmodel

Do not want

File: 127869654551.jpg-(308.08KB, 789x598, 100227044005428455528852.jpg)
Out of curiosity, how many people would be willing to pitch in for a Doujin?

inb4 zero

File: 127870142292.jpg-(88.20KB, 918x1050, luckyyugocolour.jpg)
I'm useless at drawing and inking but if you need someone for colours, I'll pitch in there.

Pitch in for the price of a comission, or for writing/drawing?

File: 127873774475.jpg-(132.06KB, 600x970, wakfu_comish_by_Nishi06.jpg)
That was me posting. I got a proposed commission for a doujin at 2$ a page, so that's50+paypal for 25 pages plus 5$ for colouring. Seems reasonable enough. And it was "all of the above". I can afford it solo, but sharing the price would be welcomed. I can write a lemon to serve as a plot, unless something is in desperate demand. I figure we all can agree on amy/eva consensual fun time? Possibly with a little Grovy?

long story short, what would you want to see in a Wakfu doujin?

inb4 the artist is off-model and sucks
but if you srsly know someone who draws in wakfu style and is equally affordable, I am open to ideas as to how I waste my money

...You don't want what I want to see in a Wakfu doujin, let's just get that out there right now.

As for model, isn't it customary for the artist to draw a sample before being commissioned/paid?

Doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. You said my last story was good. Or were you just being nice?

Allright, requested a preview. Let's see how it goes.


who are you getting to draw it?

well, the image has an author in the title

File: 127874539762.jpg-(384.46KB, 1100x1556, 20090125_Evangelyne.jpg)
Her stuff looks good and the price is very good.

Another artist that springs to mind, is that japanese guy who did the Yugo shota comic. He did a good job with Eva and Amalia's likeness (even though it was only covers and that one censored pic) and he draws good poon.

We'd have to kidnap a translater from /a/ or /jp/ first though. Language was a real issue when I emailed him for that wakfu comic.

Your last story was fucking fantastic. What I was referring to was how if I were going to pay for a doujin, I'd want mild-medium rape, which you don't like too much.

But hey, I'd be perfectly happy with Grovy and Eva's Bondage Adventure. The artist seems a bit off to me, though (and not just off from Wakfu)... Thumbs too long, among other things.

How the hell do I find anything here?

a doujin would be soo awesome!

dang it I lost the copypasta of the links to the subtitled episode can someone please link it for me please?


File: 127891742627.jpg-(184.11KB, 900x857, 1278910177784.jpg)

File: 127891748396.jpg-(235.03KB, 900x995, 1278873404354.jpg)

File: 12789337629.png-(56.53KB, 520x520, 1272578725050.png)

I love that picture (i requested it) but can someone please correct the eye colour and add delicious freckles?

File: 127904177383.png-(538.80KB, 1391x1926, capn myssai.png)
oh snap, another artwork by myssai
starring your favorite cap'n
nowhere near naked enough, though...

File: 127920562865.jpg-(279.17KB, 804x603, wakfu_girls_by_Nishi06.jpg)

File: 127926096618.jpg-(815.21KB, 1900x1500, 100716032457428456409689.jpg)
wassat? More sexy captain?

you bet your ass

...I guess the Pirates came back after our group left.

does anyone recognize the logo? Who drew that one?

File: 127940380896.png-(232.44KB, 882x674, Untitled-1.png)

File: 127941343954.png-(212.17KB, 700x390, Amalia Jizzed.png)

File: 127941348034.png-(179.84KB, 700x394, Eva blow.png)

File: 127941388164.png-(214.68KB, 700x390, Amalia Jizzed 2.png)

Very nice. I particularly like how you captured their hips.
Let us know if you ever take suggestions/commissions.

File: 127941819856.jpg-(63.71KB, 1024x576, Heywhatthe.jpg)

I'm gonna second THAT. Did you draw that?

File: 127943341419.jpg-(222.15KB, 990x765, 1279405464347.jpg)
Incognitymous did this one over here

man someones gunna need to explain this Amalia/Yugo thing, I didn't catch a hint of it the entire show.

Not that I'm complaining if it leads to more ss.

File: 127945261081.gif-(563.72KB, 267x149, 127523123926.gif)
You need to work on your shipping skillz.


Its mostly the /ss/ and the one or two moments of really worring about the other.

>does anyone recognize the logo? Who drew that one?
His nickname is "Personne" he posts sometimes on the Dofus Hentai Blog. The other one is Myssai and is the owner of the blog.
Among active artists that draw some wakfu porn, Personne is probably the closest to original models, though an other one named SLS used to post on that blog and many speculated he was secretly from Ankama as his style was almost identical (but it could never be proven/refuted, and he seems to have stopped anyway)

Shame Myssai's fees are through the roof. And I saw sjs... Goddamn, Wakfu porn artists are elusive.

So it's basically similar to AmaliaxEva, just /ss/ instead of /u/.

She's like.. 1 year older than him. That's not /ss/

>Shame Myssai's fees are through the roof.
Ironically, he's both expensive and cheap at the same time. Expensive for what is basically porn fanart, and cheap compared to other artist who take paying requests and accept to draw rule 34.
Anyway, I'm not going into the debate of wether paying for porn fanart is woth it or not, but it's one aviable option to keep in mind when there's so few material for Wakfu.
Also, unlike some other paying artist, Myssai keeps doing some free stuff from time to time, it's just not as polished as what he would do on request, and it's on his own initiatives and ideas.

File: 127957046581.jpg-(48.22KB, 501x236, Untitled.jpg)
hey guys guess what?

File: 127958166040.jpg-(12.54KB, 352x240, RobotHouse!.jpg)



Who says it's not Fluffy's fault?

File: 127958444374.jpg-(172.96KB, 800x725, adeea541a6aa636d48349aeb6fc1fedb.jpg)

File: 12795984283.png-(1.37MB, 1920x1080, 12720726434.png)
Needs more Ecaflip.

first off, there's an amalia story up on AFF that's done by another writefag

second, who made those requests?
just see his profile

File: 127990497422.png-(1.23MB, 748x848, iopette.png)
Dofus-Hentai is updating like crazy these times.

File: 127990512230.png-(266.36KB, 717x615, xelorette.png)

File: 127990553971.jpg-(612.29KB, 957x1000, Skunk.jpg)
This character is a boss in Dofus. He's a parody of Charlie (from Charlie's Angels , check the key to his lair : ). His minions are 4 sadidettes : Diamondine, Emeralda, Ruby and Sapphira .

It's good to be the boss ...


(just in case some newcomers didn't know the site)

File: 127990890952.png-(201.13KB, 891x1108, eva.png)

File: 127993410486.png-(279.47KB, 525x750, Sacrier_wheeeeee_by_Minarae.png)
I don't know whether to feel bad for the adorable Iop (being my usual moralfag self) or laugh at the Iop that lost to a puddle of water.

also sacrieurs


>Dally in tripcode.

wait what?

en francais
Tristepin => Pinpin
in english
Sadlygrove Percidal => Dally

At least that's what it says in the reference books for the show. They might change when the dub comes out.


wtf is this e-sign crap?
I'm not from the USA

that zone flash really is delayed <_<

It's not that it's delayed, it's that collaborations take a long fucking time, and aren't the only thing ZONE wants to work on. Anything that comes sooner is a ZONE-only thing, probably done in between sessions with Fluffy.

At least, that's what I figure. Maybe it's just wishful thinking.

File: 128038709277.jpg-(254.91KB, 990x765, amalia_yugo.jpg)
Yugo's somewhat small stature was bothering me, so here's my edit.

The Wakfu flash was indeed delayed, because of me. I got back in contact with Zone and are now back on track. I am in the stage of finding sound clips to rip from the show.

Kudos to Incog for reading my mind with his great drawing there. I had discussed doing something very similar in the flash only with a Evangelyne under Amalia and Yugo fucking said girl sandwich. Sadly Yugo makes it "child porn" in the country Zone resides so we had to ditch the idea ;_;

needs an anal variant

File: 128042907419.jpg-(16.85KB, 655x321, ravendisturbed.jpg)
I still vote for double masturbation though not as ridiculously detailed as that stupid 'plot' i wrote.

It can be cute and very hot. Some people may complain about the lack of 'real sex' but that mini of Raven fingering also has it's fans.

Just use Sadlygrove instead of Yugo then

I was about to suggest the same thing. Then again: have porn of that, too.

Thinking further, the only one we don't have porn of is Ruel, I think.

> the country Zone resides

Wait... Zone's not American?

Technically it counts that way here in America, too, thanks to some downright retarded laws and court rulings.

That's probably beyond my abilities. You could aways ask Incognitymous to do one though.

Ecstatic to hear you're back Fluffy. There's a lot of Eva screaming in episode 25, as well as a bit in ep13. Hope that helps. If you (or anyone) can tell me how to decompile mp4 and mkv files, I would love to help you scour wakfu for moans and cries.

Will worship the ground you walk on if you make a second one.

And strongly discourage posting WIP due to this fiasco:

File: 128045290577.png-(77.52KB, 697x372, Pron.png)
Some stuff that was made in iScribble. Maybe not the best. but any bit helps me thinks. Iop and Sacrier

And the slowest horse finally finishes the race.

File: 128045407028.png-(57.62KB, 693x371, Pron2.png)

And another

did you draw YOUR Iop doing technovamp's sacrieur?


Boredom. And They're my new OTP.

Hey, I'll ship it. Show her!


Even though I was there when you made this... and I actually requested it... I still can't believe Loe already has Rule 34... Poppy is next, I can feel it.

Dont be so hard on yourself, the story was good and I like the idea. Will probably TRY to incorporate some double masturbation into the flash. A lot will depend on the sound clips I find.

Sadly that would make it no longer appeal to the SS crowd, but its a good idea and will I discuss it with Zone.

Much thanks for the episode recommendations bro.
I will use a special audio recorder to record any audio my computer plays, I forgot the name of the program (computer crash, lost the prog) but there are many that can do it. Google software that can record internet radio and take your pick.
As far as posting a w.i.p. I am sure Zone will post one, but we are used to mass trolling . Both of us where forged in the fires of 4chan trolls so it wont be an issue.

Glad I could be of service. Let me know if you change your mind and want some help extracting moans/cries from the show. I will gladly do it if someone shows me how. Anything to help get a flash out sooner, or, potentially get a second one.

In the meantime I better get back to writing...

Oh. Wow. It's Fluffy.

On the same imageboard as me. I guess I've always admired his work, but I guess this is like the closest I'd want to come to meeting him.

That's... Pretty cool. I admire your work(Like most people here, surely), and I imagine there's a number of posts already like this one in the thread. Keep up the good work, I guess.

File: 128073333491.png-(149.65KB, 700x378, NEEDSMOARELLIE.png)
Fanart of Ginger's Iop character, Ellie. <3 /pco/ relevent because NIPPLES.

Also namefagging because I don't know.

File: 128077113267.png-(97.79KB, 500x237, yugo see1.png)
so much hips...

File: 128077118363.png-(105.01KB, 497x239, yugo see2.png)
i wonder if they'll fit through one of my portals
only one way to find out!

File: 128077957484.jpg-(356.24KB, 3600x3000, eva appriciates dat ass.jpg)
read the title

>My face when my face is the exact same as Amalia's face

File: 128086094813.png-(84.55KB, 698x376, straight_shota_by_T3chn0V4mp.png)
Man, the /ss/ pairings with Yugo are slowly starting to trickle down on DA. For once I'm not annoyed at OC characters butting in.

File: 128086384727.png-(159.96KB, 417x376, LoexPoppy_by_T3chn0V4mp.png)
Chick on the left is from the previous. I like Yugo pairings when the girls are twice his height. He's like a living plush-toy. Sorry if this is getting too non-promotions.

File: 128098465492.jpg-(144.42KB, 600x1014, Lust_by_legendra.jpg)
So... anyone want to pitch in for a doujin drawn by legendra? (s)he's done porn before, and anatomy is great. IMO as on-model as it gets...
inb4 anon has a different idea of on-model and of death

and yes, there is already one commission underway

we hit autosage. Time for new thread

So, Ginger was asking for ideas for the Wakfu doujin he commissioned. (And this thread is auto-saging, but it's still around and that's good enough for me.)

Maybe something based on the lemons we've already written? It might be re-treading old ground, but it'd be nice to see in pictures.

new thread ahoy!


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