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One Piece

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File: 12843180383.png-(405.42KB, 641x411, Ice Witch.png)
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I don't remember her....AT ALL.

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This is during the whitebeard/marine battle? They added filler captains?

Seems kind of needless seeing how many fancy people were already there.

She was there, brb looking for page

Hmm, she's alot better looking there, is it just an unfortunate screenshot?

It's a really poor screen cap I made.

Well yes the quality of your screencap is poor but so too is the way she's drawn in comparison to the manga.

I remember her because she was the only lady pirate in the entire fucking war until Catarina came along.

Seriously, what a sausage fest.

>what a sausage fest.

One Piece in a nutshell
Only two female Strawhats
One Shichibukai
One Supernova
No noteworthy Marines
Maybe one Yonkou

The only time we've gotten significant chickage were on Amazon Lilly and in Baroque Works

Normally I don't mind because, you know, boy's comic, but girls do read it and come on there were 16 frickin' division commanders, making one a lady wouldn't be too difficult.

Well, at least one was a crossdresser.

>Well, at least one was a crossdresser.

Are you taking about flintlock geisha?

She WASN'T a real woman? GODDAMMIT

Nope. She's all man, baby.

You haven't noticed all the people who refer to him as Trap-chan?

>there were 16 frickin' division commanders, making one a lady wouldn't be too difficult.
Personally, I've sort of felt that making a female character just for the sake of there being a female character in some group is even more annoying. Although using a female version of a previously conceived character for the same reason is fine with me (it worked for Avatar).

At least One Piece has a better track record of making good use of its admittedly few female characters than most other shonen series.

There was a girl. Remember the one in the Elizabethan-esque costume with the tongue sticking out? That was a chick.

I'm more of the opinion that something is better than nothing.

I'm not wishing for tokenism, god no. To me tokenism is sticking in one minority/woman and then going "welp, that person now counts for EVERYTHING about that minority, now we never have to think about inclusiveness again!" and One Piece just doesn't do that. If One Piece just didn't have any female pirates, I wouldn't mind at all. But if you're going to have a hugeass war of the world in a universe where women pirates are rarer but present, I'd like at least a couple of background and minor characters to have XX chromosomes, not just one.

I mean, there's not a lot of ladies in most of the shows I watch, so seeing them, even in the background, is nice. Like, say if you wore a certain style of mustache, you'd probably feel pretty happy to see a couple characters you like with the same type of mustache you have. It's like that, but more along the lines of "Aha! She has ovaries! I have ovaries! Solidarity!"

Normally Oda's pretty good at showing a world where women exist but are in the minority when it comes to pirating (Bonney's a good example of that), but the war was, as I said before, a total sausage fest. Definitely not a deal breaker, but kind of a bummer.

And like >>11875, I adore those we do have.

Blah blah I don't know how to articulate my feelings without massive TL;DR

Debatable, unconfirmed. I'm of the opinion that poofy-sleeved person was a man because Oda draws the hands of males and females differently (That's how I first realized Flintlock Geisha was a trap) but we don't actually know their gender.

File: 128434518450.png-(409.85KB, 1280x720, [yibis]_One_Piece_462_v2_[720p][58E61060].mkv_snap.png)

Hina, Tashigi, Tsuru, Hancock, Unnamed female giant, and Whitey Bay. That's six women in the Marineford war, not counting the newkama or Catalina Devon.

Could there be more? Sure. But there was definitely a couple.

That's great, but the topic was female pirates.

Dude, it's not like I'm saying "OMG ONE PIECE SUCKS", it's just something I thought was less than ideal.

Yeah, and my point was that if what you wanted was a couple minor and or background characters out of the Marineford war to be women, that's exactly what you got. 2 (3 if you count Devon) were pirates, and 4 were Marines, most of them pretty high ranking Marines at that.

Could there have been more? Sure. But it wasn't like we just got the one new character there for tokenism's sake.

>I'm not wishing for tokenism, god no. To me tokenism is sticking in one minority/woman and then going "welp, that person now counts for EVERYTHING about that minority, now we never have to think about inclusiveness again!"

Which is exactly what I meant by a female character being made just so some group would have one.

No, I didn't notice that...I don't browse this board often, and don't generally make use of One Piece forums, so...Yeah, I'm out of the loop

File: 128440120866.png-(250.68KB, 398x359, Details.png)

There's THREE female strawhats. That's thirty percent. Then we've got three inhuman monsters which make up another thirty percent. The normal human males are still the majority, but only slightly.

Wait. Three? Is Chopper secretly a girl? Or did they finally make Rule 63 Sanji canon?

File: 128440759087.png-(8.70KB, 679x427, 1284240779161.png)
>implying Vivi is a Strawhat

Honorary member, it counts.

I get the feeling this is going to change when "Big Mum" finally shows her face...

Brook, Chopper, and Franky not being completely/currently human does not mean they're not male or that there could be a female non-human member.

That pic is horrifying.

If you're counting Vivi, you should also be counting Hatchan, Keimei, Shakky, Rayleigh, Bon Clay... well a lot of people really.

I'm the guy who remembered this woman was in the manga

I forgot about Vivi entirely.

No, because Vivi WAS a Strawhat Pirate. They had the big farewell thing? Remember?

No, Vivi is clearly not on the same level as Hatchan or Rayleigh. MAYBE Bon Clay.

That doesn't make her a Strawhat.

They wanted her to be, but she turned them down to stay with her kingdom. They just still consider her a friend.

What. Vivi is not a strawhat pirate. However, she is the person closest to them and their "nakama". This is the meaning of the X scene, the reason she gets a page in every "Strawhats+animals" cover series, and the reason she would have been able to decipher 3D2Y if she had been with them on Sabaody.

Rayleigh, Hatchan, and Bon Clay, etc. are not nakama. They have never been referred to as nakama. In fact, Luffy and Bon Clay, even when he and Luffy were dying and begging for Ivankov to save the other, only ever referred to each other as "friends."

This isn't a small detail, either. It's literally one of the greatest emotional climaxes in the entire series, up there with I WANNA LIVE.

File: 128445807970.jpg-(48.77KB, 468x440, Moose please.jpg)

If that pig zombie had joined their crew I would count her with the inhuman monsters as well. You can divide the crew in half if you want, but only 7 of the 10 can have babies with each other.


Actually, I take that back. Luffy might not. After all, he is a RUBBERman.

>implying Franky can't knock any woman the fuck up

File: 12844835997.png-(945.83KB, 1280x720, [yibis]_One_Piece_453_[720p][67020453].mkv_snapsho.png)

The second pirate captain we see interact with Luffy is a woman. There is that. Then again, there aren't many female pirates at all, it seems; nearly all female pirates (crewmates or captains) have something important about them, whether it's a rank or a name. There are no background female pirates, it seems.

>There are no background female pirates, it seems.
Well, this I think is just because most female pirates in large crews (which is most of them) would either be captains or part of an all-female crew. Realistically, a pirate crew with co-ed peers just wouldn't work.

One of Whitebeard's other allied captains is a female.

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