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One Piece

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I leave this topic as a pressure break, a place where we can list suppositions for the time skip and find ways of dealing with the wait.

Me? I'm thinking about freezing myself.

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Think I'll cut all ties with society. Venture off to the mountains or something.

I'm gonna take this time to catch up on Star Trek TNG and Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc.

Oh, and maybe read Bleach or something. I haven't touched it in a while, but I've heard that Kanonji's back, so I guess I'll check it out.

Speaking of freezing yourself, I should catch up on Futurama.

Luckily September will be the first month of my Sophomore year so I'll be kept occupied. Between classes, D&D, work, researching graduate options, looking into internships, social shenanigans, and watching One Piece on DVD, I should be plenty occupied.

Man, I've always wanted to try and get into D&D. Shit looks interesting.
Also... I know I'm usually the one to say you should watch the DVDs, but Animefreak's got all the dubbed episodes up I think.

Later this year they're coming out with the new D&D Essentials box set, which is designed as a starting point for new players. I'd suggest checking it out.

Specifically, I'm watching the DVDs with my friend as a means of introducing her to the series. I figure I can let her continue on her own after we've finished Arlong Park. She's doing the same with me and Babylon 5. Progress has been slow, though, since she has a habit of loading herself up with work. We left off in the middle of Sanji's intro arc.

I hope Chopper gets taller.

Heh, that's what I'm doing with Dad and Doctor Who. He keeps falling asleep though....

How can you fall asleep? It's the fucking Weeping Angels!


I hope Usopp stays tall and goes Adonis on us. He's the fucking Italian-African, he's got to get hotter as he ages. Also, being tall adds to the idea that he wants to be a warrior recognized by the Elbaf giants.

Think about how Yasopp looks.

File: 128279887185.png-(106.88KB, 197x539, Super Saiyan Goku smirk.png)
Catch up on Dragon Ball Kai.

Yeah, me too. For some reason I think his current design but taller (and as a result kind of skinnier) sounds pretty good.

Although given this is what he looks like at 15 and he looked identical in his flashback I doubt his individual forms will ever change size very much.

The closer he gets to looking like Jump Point all the time, the happier Bones will be. It's my favorite in terms of aesthetics.

Finish my backlog of RPGs and Bayonetta. Watch more Dr. Who. Watch more True Blood. Finish DRRR!! Play more video games in general. ._.

What I most look forward to finding out is what Robin learns from Dragon, sadly I know this is the LAST thing we're going to hear as this gives Oda time to make her mysterious again.

I've been thinking about checking out this "Terry Pratchett" fellow everyone seems to like so much.

I gotta contracts from nerds who want REEL STAAL WEAPOONS SEO DEY CAN BAY HURDCORE at least until their Mommies tell them otherwise, so I'll probably do those up and fart around on the internet.

...Oh, and I'll be going away to School soon, so Oda kinda saved me here.

File: 128282798195.png-(24.98KB, 384x329, The_More_You_Know.png)
>>11270 make display weaponry? I did not know that.

I'll have some exams during the time OP returns.

Shit sucks.

It's usually best to assume that if something is badass, Sneaky Tiki has done it.

I should catch up on Doctor Who, too. I sort of left off after Matt Smith took the reins, not for lack of interest, just lack of time.

And I'm marathoning the beginning of OP with a friend, trying to get him into it (It's been working so far).

OH. Right. School. I should probably do that, too.

Blackbeard gains status as the fourth Yonkou

Crocodile kicks ass and takes names, possibly even reaching status of the blacksheep fifth Yonkou

Buggy as Shichibukai.

Whitebeard pirates left divided after the death of their Dad and Brother. Whitebeard's empire crumbles and his more powerful commanders form splinter factions.

Shanks still baddest ass of them all

Writing fanfiction, getting ready for school, picking-and-choosing what I want to take to school and what will get left behind at home...

Fanfiction mostly. It certainly doesn't help that my prior output, the Axis and Allies LP on Something Awful, has ground to a standstill as the dude running it has vanished.

I hate speculation because a lot of ideas are just plain cooler than what will actually wind up happening. This post is a great example.

The only one of those that is unlikely to happen is Croc as a Yonkou

Pay me enough and I'll make something that's not just for display.

I start 3rd year of college on monday, it's going to be a long 4 weeks. Perhaps I'll catch up on a bunch of other manga I've been slacking on and animu I've been meaning to watch.


It's unlikely, but I still think it's possible.

While being officially recognized as a Yonkou by the world government is far fetched, I think it's not too big a leap to think Croc and Mr. 1 could amass enough power in the next two years to put themselves on the same level as the other Yonkou.

>I think it's not too big a leap
I think it is.


Luffy started with nothing and became a Supernova in barely a year.

That's sort of an exaggeration. He was arguably the strongest person in the East Blue from the start (obviously not counting Mihawk, Garp, or anyone else that was just there temporarily and went back to the Grand Line), as he beat Arlong (who had the highest bounty in the East Blue) on his first try before getting noticeably stronger.

Definitely true, but remember not to cross measurements. I'm sure a Yonkou only has to be one of the most dangerous pirates ever that the marines cannot handle without a giant force. Luffy was strong from the start, but racked up his reputation/danger-to-marines level in less than a year. All it takes is a bit of motivation. I'm sure the former head of Baroque Works can handle that much if he's up to it.

Which reminds me, does Croco actually have a crew? Like, he had a criminal organization, but they weren't his pirate crew, right?

File: 128288746893.png-(170.12KB, 450x600, Crocodile full body shot.png)

He has himself and Mr. 1.

And that's all he needs.

Shishibukai seem to have troubles keeping up with their actual crews. Which isn't to say that they have some formal resignation, of course that isn't true. But of the 8/9 Shishibukai we've seen so far, at least 4 or 5 have no crew to really call their own (or in Doflamingo's case, we just never see them interact with their armies.)

Yeah, the problem is you're expecting him to become essentially equal with Shanks or Whitebeard. Hell look at everything BB had to do to become that powerful. (he's the mostly likely to become a Yonkou) I don't understand why you people are underestimating the status of Yonkou so easily, furthermore Luffy and crew are obviously a special case, but even now they have to train for 2 years just to become ready for the NW.

... Here's the thing.

When the Strawhats get back together the world will be different, everyone will change and grow around them and they'll have to re-establish themselves on the world stage as the HOLY SHIT HEADS UP crew to watch for.

So I ask you, who would be the poor slob standing in their way when they get the band back together and start heading into the New World? Who's the perfect target for the crew to show off all their new tricks?

You can answer this question yourselves, me? Well I THOUGHT it was gonna be Brownbeard but that fell through in a New York Minute.

What I DO know is this, it's gonna involve Fishman Island, it's gonna involve someone big, loud, and tough trying to take over it or who already has and there's a small pocket of Fishmen resisting them. They're either going to find it under siege or already conquered (It'll be like a reverse of Arlong with Kokoyashi village, but The Strawhats still save the day)

It'll certainly be interesting to see Nami's reaction to being around so many fishmen again, meeting Hatchi again was one thing.

-Will the Skypeians become a part of The World Government establishing firmer ties and opening up the use of Dials by the navy so they can forge a stronger presence in the New World?

- Will the pirate community elevate another pirate to the position of Emperor in place of Whitebeard or is that a non issue?

- How much more scientific advancement will Vegapunk lay on the Navy in 2 more years with the release of his Cyborg army

- Will any other villains come back into prominence like Crocodile and such?

- Will Boa somehow manage to make Luffy her groom without him realizing what exactly transpired?

- How many more scars will Zoro have when he's done training with Hawkeye's? and will the swords he now has survive it?

- Brook and Robin don't seem to have established a clear means of getting stronger so how do you think their talent and skill pools will expand to make up for this?

- Will there be more Navy dropouts like X Drake and Jaguar D. Saul, now that there's been war and a question of motivations?

- How much more complex do you think Snail Phone technology will get?

>>Will Boa somehow manage to make Luffy her groom without him realizing what exactly transpired?

I bloody well hope not, Luffy isn't as socially ignorant as certain classic shounen heroes.

She can't exactly offer him some delicious marriage and hope he thinks she's talking about food.

I'm really interested in the Skypieans because it seems obvious that they're going to come back into the story, and yet I don't see any easy way to do that at this point. It'll be up to Oda to surprise us.


This reminds me: The exact usage of the term "disbanded" are somewhat vague in the original language. It's very possible that it means that they'll use a new name once they convene. If that does happen (unlikely, I can't not see them as "Strawhats"), I wonder what they'll change the gang's name to?


Well, the main villains I think Oda's established so far to face the Strawhats are Akainu, Robo-Kuma, Doflamingo and Kaidou so it could be any one of them...Or a new face

>>- Will the pirate community elevate another pirate to the position of Emperor in place of Whitebeard or is that a non issue?

Yes and no, I think Blackbeard is definitely going to fill the power vaccuum left by Whitebeard's detah, but I doubt any pirate could achieve the influence and reknown Whitebeard had in a mere two years.

>>- Will any other villains come back into prominence like Crocodile and such?

Moria seems set to make some sort of comeback, too many unanswered questions left by his mysterious dissapearence (Unrelated: Anyone else weirded out that Moria is the eldest Shichibukai? Didn't think the guy was that old relative to the others)

>>- Brook and Robin don't seem to have established a clear means of getting stronger so how do you think their talent and skill pools will expand to make up for this?

Brook's skill lies as a musician and being forced to perform for crowds of longarms for the next two years is definitely going to give him some good practice.

Robin's strength lies in knowledge and being around the revolutionaries gives her access to a lot of information the World Government may have surpressed

Strawhats 2: The Strawhattening.

An interesting theory I heard on... I think it was Arlong Park is that we WON'T go to Fishman Island at all.

Rather, Luffy, after getting the band back together, will lead them on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge through Mariejois.

I don't think I agree with this, but it's definitely an interesting possibility.

He promised Jinbei, and he wants to see mermaids. Fishman Island is gonna happen.

Fishman Island HAS to happen. Don't forget about how the log post has to reset it itself and can only point to one island at a time.

You know there are a number of ways that could be circumvented
I don't think they won't be going to fishman island though


It's like Sky Island: Regardless of how infeasible, crazy or nonsensical it is to go there, if Luffy wants to go there they are going there!

Oda said himself wayyyy back in like volume 13/14 we'd be visiting Fishman Island. He's had this and Elbaf planned and foreshadowed, so it's not like we're not going there.

I think my only fear for the timeskip is that Oda OVERESTIMATES the degree of power-up needed and the Straw Hats end up Admiral/Shichibukai level.

Because, IMO, even in the New World characters like the Admirals are still far above average.

The Strawhats won't be Shichibukai-level until Zoro can fight evenly with Mihawk.

And, for what it's worth, the Shichibukai themselves aren't Admiral-level. Just stalling Akainu long enough for Luffy to be ferried to safety nearly got Jimbei killed.

I know, but I wouldn't want them to be near either just yet.

I think both are high above the New World average.


What are you taking about? They've already beat up TWO Shichibukai. I don't think "Shichibukai" tier is nearly as impressive as everyone seems to be making out.

Now Yonkou tier, THAT looks impressive

The victories were extremely situational. And they've also been utterly trounced by two.

There is NO way that Luffy is as strong as a Warlord if there were no variables like collapsing masts present.

And yet they've also been beaten by individual Shichibukai three times now (if not more, can't remember).

I think the problem with the Warlords is that their power and skill levels are so varied, unlike the three godmodding Admirals whose skills seem to be almost identical to each others. They're more realistic, and flawed, such as Blackbeard, Crocodile and Moria. And yet you also get special members like Kuma and Mihawk who seem to be unbeatable beasts. We've also not seen much of Doflamingo as of yet, but I'm betting he's going to become a monster down the road.

Fellas Fellas, you just want them to be tough enough to trounce Kumadroids without having to exaust themselves.

And let's not forget Hancock, who can take down Pacifistas, something the entire crew had trouble with.

But all this shows is that, as we all know, One Piece strength is really hard to gauge.

Yes, the entire crew (NOT each individual member) being able to defeat a Pacifista relatively harmlessly is about the level I'd like.

Other Supernovas were soloing Kumabots


So this really is the longest hiatus in the series history?

Feels kinda good being caught up and waiting the wait.

Imagine the people catching up to One Piece a year from now, they won't have a shred of memory of this hiatus or waiting for the timeskip and reunion real time.

I doubt they'll really care


Yeah, but one of those Shichibukai was pretty much the weakest of the bunch and they really only beat Crocodile because Luffy was lucky and was able to figure out how to figure out Croc's weakness.

People really don't give Crocodile enough credit and assume that just because he was fought relatively early in the series he was considerably weaker than some of the Hats' later opponents. There were at least three separate occasions during the Alabasta arc where Crocodile could have killed Luffy without batting an eye, his downfall was ultimately his pride; he only half-killed Luffy and assumed it was good enough.

Croc was a hell of a lot stronger than a number of opponents the Strawhats have fought since

I think you give croc TOO much credit. He relies solely on his devil fruit so its his own fault he lost. He doesnt use haki or high level martial arts so its likely he'd get trounced by the new world's top players. That said, it makes sense that croc was a warlord, he's perfect for trouncing paradise pirates. I think they chose sichibukai based on their reputations, not strengths. They're supposed to be detterents.

If Croc was as strong as your making him out to be, he would not have gone down as easily as he did once Luffy found out his weakness.

They say Moria was the weakest Shichibukai, but consider the fact that he took multiple punches from Nightmare Luffy and managed to stand up and keep fighting just moments later, and was only beaten because a fucking castle fell on him.

Crocodile, by comparison, once Luffy could touch him, got totally schooled. IMO, Crocodile's ONLY strength is in his devil fruit power, and without that, he's an utter chump.

I'm not saying he was ALWAYS like that, and maybe prison has toughened him up some, but at the time of Alabasta, Croc was chump change.

Also, it should be noted that Moria was the weakest Shichibukai at the time that Blackbeard had already claimed Crocodile's spot. So Crocodile could very well be the weakest of all the curren tand former Shichibukai (of course, if Buggy really lays claim to one of the vacant spots, Croc's rank will move up slightly)

> I think they chose sichibukai based on their reputations, not strengths.
Buggy. (If the assumption is correct)

After the Time skip, it is possible Buggy could be powerful and deserving of the rank.

I thought it was clear that the World Government only chose Shichibukai based on their infamy.. Sengoku explained this a long time ago.

Also, expect a big one page shot of Buggy, clad in a big cape and fancy hat with the title of Shichibukai after the timeskip.

...probably not.

Infamous pirates are generally strong.

On the flipside, though, level of infamy is not necessarily proportional to level of strength. For instance, Moria has four times Boa's bounty, but seems rather weaker than her.

Gecko Moria is tons stronger than Boa Hancock, and that's now that he's grown lazy and soft. It's true that strength is not what makes a bounty or infamy, but that's a poor example.

Shishibukai isn't a tier. Some of them are on the Admirals' level, some aren't. This is a group with Crocodile, Hancock, Mihawk and BUGGY.

I think you're underestimating exactly how lucky Luffy was. Croc was a jackass and far too over-confident, if he had been fighting smart Luffy wouldn't have gotten anywhere near close to beating him. Much like Eneru, Luffy got incredibly lucky and managed to beat someone far above his own power level.
As for his devil-fruit being the only thing he's got going for him, welcome to a great many of the big fruit users, especially Logia users. They ridiculously overpowered with "just" their fruit powers.

PS- Buggy won't be Shichibukai, they won't allow someone closely connected to Gol D. Roger to gain that much power.

Actually, Eneru also had the whole mantra thing going on. His Logia fruit seemed to be a lot better than ol' Croc's too, even if he wasn't as big a planner with it. All the Admirals have haki as well... even Smoker has a seastone weapon. The only Logia besides Crocodile to rely entirely upon their fruit has been Ace. Meanwhile, after beating the everloving shit out of Crocodile, Luffy found himself incredibly lacking in strength when he found himself up against Enies Lobby (and then AGAIN in Marineford.) I'm not saying he's the weakest, but he's only about average for a Shishibukai: they're ALL obscenely powerful. He's strong, but the bar goes much higher.

Also, Buggy being a crewmate of Gol D. Roger actually would help the World Government immensely in terms of public image. To have Buggy working for the Marines would be a big demoralizer, and they DO think he's a fearsome opponent.

File: 128324538417.jpg-(20.15KB, 607x430, Moria drops Acid.jpg)
Alright children, gather 'round. This is the official Shichibukai levels as seen so far. Top to bottom, weakest to strongest. (You have three weeks to read this at your leisure, so no hurry)

Gecko Moria -- Mister Moria, much as I like him, has become a very lazy, pudgy onion man. His powers are okay, but don't really seem to be on par with some of the other big players. He's probably a zero in hand-to-hand fighting, and because he relies so much on his mediocre, circumstantial powers, he's become weak. However, I do believe Moria, much like Blackbeard at the beginning, will be back.. and with a vengeance.

Boa Hancock -- Though her Paramecia seems to be great as far as long range attacks are concerned, her fruit powers are what I like to call "fodder fruit". Meaning that, much like Robin or Hina, they seem to be good only on large groups of weaker people. Of course Boa is very good when it comes to hand-to-hand fighting, and her Haki influences this, but it just isn't much to place her at any high level of danger. Seriously, do you think she could beat someone like Kuma or the Admirals with just her legs?

Crocodile -- When he's not dicking around with idiotic things like "poison hooks", Crocodile, much like Moria, relies entirely on his devil fruit. This is bad, since Croco's power is also very circumstantial. And no, I won't take into account all those times "he coulda killed Luffy", because he didn't, and that just adds more to his overall weakness in character. There was also no good reason for him to lose in his final fight with Luffy.

Jinbei -- His three days fight with Ace can attest to Jinbei's endurance and skill in fighting. That he went toe-to-toe with a strong Logia user (presumably at around Luffy's skill level while in.. say, the Skypea arc) and managed to end it in a draw also speaks volumes about him -- earning him at least one spot over Crocodile. He's also got that insane fishman strength, martial arts, and control of water that puts him in a big advantage. His fall to Akainu can safely be given to his weakened state at the time (not that I expect ol' Jinbei to stand much of a chance against any of the Admirals anyway).

Bartholomew Kuma -- His endurance and physical strength are unquestionable, but Kuma has also been the subject of very convenient circumstances. Both fights he won over the Straw Hats were heavily towards his favor, and should hardly count to his reputation. Unlike Moria and Crocodile, though, Kuma knows how to use his physical strength well with his devil fruit. His power may look overwhelming when's charging at you with those paws, but I'm certain there are others faster out there who could bring down Kuma very easily.

Juracule Mihawk -- Easily the strongest Shichibukai when it comes to close range. Those freaky Goku-like sword beams that stretch out for miles are also very nice.. BUT (yes, there is a but), his greatest weakness comes from the fact he doesn't have any powers. Since we've never seen him beaten, it's hard to really speculate about this, but not hard to imagine him falling to people like Enel, Kizaru, Aokiji or Akainu, who's powers alone can overwhelm anyone without any.

Donquixote Doflamingo -- With the impressive little bits we've seen of Dofo, it becomes quite apparent he has skills bordering on the godmodding. He controls people forcing them to do anything he desires, and one has to wonder, with powers like these, why has he not taken over the world already? Well, I'm almost certain his stuff easily breaks apart on those with strong wills, and his cocky and prideful attitude may be a weak point. Still, there's a darker reason Doflamingo's bounty is so high.. and it's not because he dresses up like Elton John.

Blackbeard -- Based on current events, Blackbeard has easily become the most powerful pirate on the seas. His original fruit lets him not only cancel out other fruit users, but absorb their powers as well. Now having the strongest Paramecia in the world, he has surrounded himself with extremely powerful "friends", like any good pirate should. Teach's strength also comes from his scheming and forethought, point in case being his latest bump into Akainu. Though I have no doubt he could have actually beaten the Admiral right there and then, he chose to run away, knowing he hasn't entirely mastered his new powers and wants to get stronger still. And yet, like all predictable bastards, his ultimate weakness is in his ego.

Warning: All "facts" stated in this post are merely opinions which I have pulled from my ass. The Keeeshishishi Corp. is in no way accountable for any butthurt the reader may suffer.

Moria is definetly stronger than Crocodile and possibly Hancock.
He managed to tank a direct hit in the face from Nightmare Luffy and still get up with the only thing defeating him being the giant Thriller Bark's mast, while Croc lost to a gearless Luffy

Agreed, and if it weren't for the salt water weakness I'd say he's been more impressive than Jinbei as well.


Nice list but as
said I'd put Moria between Croc and Jinbei.

Not sure about who is stronger between Mihawk and Doflamingo, especially considering how we've yet to see either on the losing end of a fight. For now I'd agree with you simply because Doflamingo's ego and madness, not to mention his enormous bounty, seem to suggest that there's more than meets the eye.


Seems about right to me, though I think Mihawk and Donflamingo's positions are variable until we see more of DonFlamingo in combat (Also, his powers seem to be less mind control and more puppeteering, I'm thinking he probably has some sort of string or wire based fruit suggested by the way he was able to remove Oars Jr's legs (Razor floss))

People are really giving Moria a bit too much credit, I could buy him possibly being stronger than Hancock, but the guy has really let himself go and is too lazy to really invest himself in battle (At least at the moment, post time skip he'll have probably taken some badass lessons and shed some of that weight he put on). He might be able to tank a hit or two but that's useless if he can't give as well as he receives.

Crocodile's pretty much exactly where I'd expect him to be. He's stronger than some of the other Shichibukai, but far from the strongest.

Moria IS lazy and fat, but at the same time his Devil Fruit was ridiculously useful and versatile, and even with his fat laziness he was able to take on both Nightmare Luffy and a Gear 2 Luffy solo, something that even some other high-end villains aren't capable of. While it's true that he's fallen since Kaidou took his crew, that's mostly just the same statement that Crocodile got with Whitebeard: it's not to emphasize that Croc or Moria are weak, but that Whitebeard and Kaidoi are just THAT STRONG.

Me, I'm just hoping that timeskip Robin will take out the Strong World reading glasses for good.

That would be a great thing indeed, though I would also be happy to see her wear her cowboy hat again.

Imagine a world where she wears both.

The Marines just give up. "How can we fight that?"


This right here.

Ditching the cowboy hat was an unforgivable crime

I only like the hat when she's exploring the wilderness or ancient ruins ala Indiana Jones. (Fedora I know but still)

I don't mind. It seems a relic from the past where she was always running and betraying crews. When she couldn't be herself.



Oh god, now I know what Heroin addicts feel like.

Wait a fucking second




Fi-... fuh... duh...



We can make it, guys! Just two more weeks! ;A;

My will is strong!

It's just a month it's really not that long

you guys... i... im dying...


I'd rather go to prison and get raped by a 300lb black guy with a foot-long cock, than to have to wait an entire month for the next issue of One Piece.

File: 128449247574.jpg-(32.01KB, 704x396, deathnote24large08kw6.jpg)

Usopp needs to find the Death Note.

File: 128490187752.jpg-(196.81KB, 800x601, in_two_years_____by_danielwillardson-d2yz6bn.jpg)



The hiatus is officially over this week!
Sure there's still the normal break between jump issues, but somehow this makes me feel better.


Herpa derp I somehow managed to only post half of what I wanted to. In preparation for the next week, I was going to reread the entire previous saga (starting at Ace vs. Blackbeard).

Best way to do so? I was going to go with Mangashare.

My predictions:

Nami will have slightly longer hair. New weather powers.
Robin might have shorter hair. Has new info about important stuff.
Franky will have some sort of upgrade.
Sanji will have no major changes.
Brooke will have no major changes.
Zoro... maybe have a new scar?
Usopp will be a bit more buff.
Chopper - same as always.
Luffy will be taller. Possibly slightly longer hair like Ace's (though I wouldn't count on it).

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