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A man in Michigan has been arrested after getting into a fight with a parrot which he carried around in his rucksack.

The man - who wasn't named, but was reported to be a 49-year-old from Jackson, Michigan - was arrested in nearby Ann Arbor after witnesses reported seeing him wrestling with the bird.
According to the eye-witness reports, he was shaking the pet parrot - which he had been carrying in his backpack - so violently that some if its feathers were being shaken off.
Three different bystanders called the police over the parrot fight. When officers arrived, they said that they found the parrot to be 'squawking loudly', according to police spokeswoman Lieutenant Renee Bush.
But the parrot wasn't taking things lying down - it was fighting back, according to the police, who said that the man's thumb was left 'scratched and bloodied'.
The parrot's owner told police that he was training and disciplining the bird. He was arrested and taken to jail, where he was awaiting charges.

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