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The Conservatives are vowing to continue their fight against the gun registry after enough New Democrat MPs voted with the Liberals and Bloc Québécois to scrap a Conservative private member's bill aimed at killing the 15-year-old federal program.

Wednesday's vote was close, with 153 MPs voting in favour of a motion introduced by the House public safety committee to scrap Tory MP Candice Hoeppner's bill, compared with 151 voting against the motion, which would have kept the bill alive.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he would not let the result deter him.

"After 15 years, opposition to the long-gun registry is stronger in this country than it has ever been. With the vote tonight, its abolition is closer than it has ever been," Harper said.

"The people of the regions of this country are never going to accept being treated like criminals and we will continue our efforts until this registry is finally abolished."

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe had long made it clear that they intended to halt Bill C-391. The Conservatives supported the bill, so the registry's fate lay with the NDP, which allows its MPs to vote as they wish on private member's bills.

Six New Democrats voted with the Conservatives — Nathan Cullen of B.C., Niki Ashton and Jim Maloway of Manitoba, Dennis Bevington from the Northwest Territories and Bruce Hyer and John Rafferty from Northern Ontario.

No Liberals voted with the minority Conservatives.

It was a marked difference from the vote last fall the gun registry, when eight Liberal MPs supported Hoeppner's bill, along with 12 New Democrats.

Supporters of the registry — including police officers, doctors, women's groups and victims-rights groups — had been vocal over the past few weeks in urging MPs to save the registry.

Opponents, including farmers and hunters, also made passionate arguments. They argued, among other things, that the registry is an ineffective money pit.

"Hallelujah, we won," said Elaine Lumley, whose son Aidan was shot to death five years ago after he exited a Montreal bar.

"When [the vote] was all over, I was sitting with another mother who lost her son a week after Aidan died, Susan Jessop, and we hugged each other and we said, 'We did if for our boys.'"

The registry was created in the wake of Canada's worst mass shooting, the 1989 tragedy at the University of Montreal's Ecole polytechnique in which 14 women were shot to death. Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe has been firm in his support of the registry.

Ignatieff said Wednesday he was proud of his MPs for showing unity, while acknowledging the gun registry is an emotional issue.

"I want to bring northern and southern, rural and urban Canada together on this issue. We're willing to improve the long-gun registry to make it acceptable to rural Canadians and it was on that basis that we've maintained unity in the caucus, and I'd like to maintain unity in the country on this issue. And I hope it’s now a settled question."

But Hoeppner vowed to fight on and chastised MPs who originally supported scrapping the registry, then changed their minds.

"I had support from 20 opposition members who said it's a good bill, we believe in scrapping the long-gun registry. They obviously were not being honest with themselves, with me, certainly with their constituents, and today they voted to keep the registry, but we won't give up the fight."

Conservatives have warned opposition MPs that the registry will be a key issue in the next election. They plan to target MPs in rural ridings who changed their votes after initially saying they would support killing the registry.

Layton said voters would not punish his MPs for supporting the registry. He said the electorate has "an appreciation" for his party's approach.

"That is, we want to build bridges and propose solutions, proposals to improve the registry," he said.

The Liberals and NDP have said they ultimately want to propose changes to the registry, such as making a first-time failure to register a firearm a non-criminal ticketing offence and waiving fees for new licences, renewals and upgrades.

Hasn't the registry been nothing other then a giant money pit? Hasn't it cost billions of dollars and still isn't working? Couldn't those billions have dollars been better used to hire more cops and mounties to patrol?

How could anyone still support a program that isn't working after a decade of waste?

It may have cost billions of dollars to set up and accomplish nothing worthwhile, but police say they like it, and the politicians promise it won't cost much to run!

> Couldn't those billions have dollars been better used to hire more cops and mounties to patrol?
Why would we need more police anyways? We should privatize it.

The only areas that are perpetually in need of "more police" are areas filled with non-whites thanks to our mass immigration policies.


Policing isn't even the main driver behind lower crime rates, access to abortion and long jail sentences are.
>They had discovered a link much stronger, more statistically demonstrable, than the link between anticrime policies and crime rates. More shocking still, the link they found was between abortion and crime.

Indeed, crime is almost entirely something you repeat at.

If we simply locked away violent offenders at the first crime, we would have a very peaceful society.

Of course, if we ended welfare and resegregated, it would be peaceful too.


I'm with you on tougher sentences for violent and repeat offenders, but welfare serves a valuable function. Just because our current system is broken and open to egregious abuse, doesn't mean we should throw out the baby with the bath water.

Also lol re-segregation. This isn't the 19th century, and in any event different ethnic groups self-segregate. Why invoke legal measures when the market takes care of this 'problem' by itself?

Segregation won't prevent crimes, miscegenation will. Mixed people are a lot less likely to commit crimes.

Mixed people are less likely to commit crimes than whites? Do you have any statistics for that claim?

Here are some statistics for England and Wales. (page 10)

I guess it is higher than whites proportionally, but for blacks it's a lot higher than mixed.
General population: Mixed 1.3 Black 2.2
Prison reception: Mixed 2.9 Black 10.6


The English are already a dirty mogrel race, sad proof of what thousands of years of foreign invasions will do to a once proud people. Their crime rate is already elevated, their genes already so watered down that more miscegenation couldn't possibly make things any worse.

0/10..I still see White Brits


They might look "white" but do they act white? How many "chavs gone wild" stories are on the front two pages right now?

>act white

yes, many of them still speak with that British air of intellectual phrases, and pomposity. The upper class intelligent Brits are still very much active, however there does seem to be a deliberate mud-pouring into the country that's causing a lot of stupid to happen.

Firearms owners, in Canada, are a small minority. There are 30 guns for every 100 people in Canada, which is even lower when you consider how many firearms owners own multiple guns.

Canada is not the United States we don't need guns to feel safe.

[this is what Liberals actually believe]


I know facts confuse conservatives

Too bad you don't have any facts. More guns in legal hands = less violence. This is a proven fact in the US.

While we self-segregate in society, the jewish/traitor government still permits nigger animals in white society, and poor people are often left out in the cold and cannot afford to move away from negros/arabs.

Non-whites are a CANCER deliberately inflicted on white nations to harm us by the leftist government.

So guess you argument is a pile of bullshit, mongrels are just as bad as plain niggers.

Yes, because canada is not 35% non-white, unlike the USA.
Furthermore, canadian non-whites are very concentrated in cities, at least they used to be. But like usual the traitor government thinks we need "diversity" in towns across canada so now jews start up a slaughterhouse and import mexicans to work there. Or worthless unemployable nigger refugees can pile into your town.

Another joke about this gun registry, is that it's NON-WHITES causing all the gun problems, yet they think they need to regulate legal law abiding whites? That shows that their true goal is not at all about reducing crime, in fact liberals think that if the crime isn't reported in the news, it doesn't happen.
This gun registry is about paving the way towards communist dictatorship.

Your trolling is getting rusty, you really need to work on it.

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