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Answers include the supply drops, the Hurley Bird, why women can't get pregnant on the island, the freaky light and noise room in the Hyrda Station, and what happened to Walt.

This isn't really big news; they've been saying that this would be included in the season boxed set since the night of the finale.

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  This thread is for dancing.

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  And I'll finish this time on a light note; a nice car advert.

Speaking of tap dancing, I'm a little ashamed to walk on two legs now.

  The amount of butthurt surrounding the results of this competition was amazing; people thought they just won because they were white.

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  Well, they certainly owe a royalty check to Daft Punk and Justice, but hell if this video isn't tops. Even if you don't like a lady undulating, it's visually impressive.

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So you're legally blind or...

It was pretty boring. The dancing lady bit was okay but the whole thing seemed too much like a soulless copy of D.A.N.C.E. Especially towards the end it first looked like a MGMT video and then it was just trying too hard.
Or maybe I'm just biased because the music is so BORING.

So you said earlier.

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Recommend me epic movies (epic referring to the epic aka monumental genre which are 3+ hours in length) I've gone through some, Ten Commandments is by far the best, followed by Ben Hur and LotR. Cleopatra and Spartacus were meh.

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Watched it. Was meh. It took him 2 hours to conquer Akhabar, and another 2 to go insane. Great panoramics and acting though.

You mean Aqaba? Of course it took him a while to conquer Aqaba!

Does it have gay rape?

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  He is and always will be missed. Saving him is priority number 1 once time travel thing is figured out.

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Could we extend Hendrix's life until he finishes his supposed Jazz project? And Freddie Mercury's until he did his collab with Michael?

File: 128107035682.jpg-(347.20KB, 636x1306, Statler and Waldorf vs Twilight.jpg)
If this is our new Muppet thread then, feel like posting this

Found out they made a action figure of his muppet self and it costs a freaking ton now.

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  So uh, techno thread?
Electronica, trance, dance, house, eurodance, whatever other names it has/people confuse them with.

I don't know, I just like this guy's music.

  Electronic. It just samples mexican music.

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  Hey /mtv/!
I wanted to tell you about Detektivbyrån, but I couldn't find a thread were it fit, so I made a new one. This could be a general "Listen to this awesome music"-thread, if you like.

  You guys. Hey.

What is this Tim Burton clownshoes nonsense?

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Please watch Louie. FX Tuesdays at 11pm. Please. Don't let it be canceled.

only if you agree to watch Memphis Beat

thats not how ratings work

It got picked up for a second season already.

Still, I recommend it.

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Does it annoy you when singers mumble a lyric or it's inaudible because it's obscured by the melody? What did he just say, "Fight to the death" or "Fly to the left"? Worst yet is when the preceding and following lyrics provide no context for whatever the hell he was singing. I find it a little bit irking.


There's a baboon on the rice.

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Okay, /mu/, I'm making a mix for a friend's birthday party. The theme is 1999, so I need awesome/memorable music from that year. Any genre is welcome, from pop to techno to film music. Any really great/memorable/reminiscent-of-the-time-period songs from the 90's in general would be appreciated as well, though.

pic related, lololololol.

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  werent we talking about these the other day? fuck this was a good record

  and now you hate 1999


Suicide, no better way.

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  Bring your Gagas, your Mileys, your BritBrits and your Floptina Haguileras, your Girls Aloud and other British pop, your BigBangs and your 2NE1s and other catchy/horrible KPop.

Alejandro premiered today, in case you didn't see. It's a pretty good video, like a weird steampunk Marlene Dietrich movie. Too bad it's basically an Ace of Base song.

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lol oh mannn LFO

here is some elementary school nostalgia

  Anyone remember this?


my little sister loved that show when she was five

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  I remixed a remix, and it was back to normal.

Remix/Mashup thread.

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Maybe if you have some better Common.

  Again? Okay.

You'll take your stupid internet memes and shit and enjoy it.

  I recognize this remix but have no idea where I've heard it from before.

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I set up a 24/7 Delgo stream last year, but then Livestream changed and you couldn't just upload videos. So I finally got around to stream and record it.

The all Delgo channel...streaming Delgo....forever

So you're the only one keeping it alive.

Somehow, that seems fitting.

Why would you bother to remind people that this colossal jack o lantern o dicks even exists, let alone stream it?

File: 128104659416.jpg-(111.13KB, 900x675, 1.jpg)
Because I can

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Fuckin' white kids and Eminem.

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