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  This some next shit?

I never thought Chris Brown could ever make himself look even dumber than he did in that "apology video."

But he did it.

That is decidedly ungangster.

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  From the creators of Epic Movie and Meet the Spartans comes, another shitty spoof movie.

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Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer don't make Spoof films.

They make shit films.

>"The bigger the hit, the harder it sucks."

Well, at least now they're self-aware about it...

The trailer less shit than the previous shit ones. But the movie will probably still be shit. After all what is Lady Gaga doing there except "HURRR ITS FUNNY BECAUSE SHE IS POPULAR."

shit shit shit

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streaming The Big Lebowski in a few minutes


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Happy Friday the 13th, everybody.

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And I did!
Even if I zap over to see the end Lady in the water and Babelon 5.


>Babelon 5
A part of me wants this to be the name of a porno.

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hide File: 127201735733.jpg-(152.84KB, 741x592, DONTCHUCRYNOMOAR.jpg)
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Oh godwhatheshitis going on in this episode

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At first, I was like "LOL"
Then I heard a bit more, and was like "LOL but also sort of want"
Then I heard who's doing the VA work and I realized that Kripke, I wish I could quit you.


File: 128166998217.jpg-(72.33KB, 500x332, 1274049915233.jpg)
Saving this thread from death.

Spoilers are coming in about the new season. Apparently there will be a 1-year time jump. And a lot of other stuff.

Also the Supernatural anime actually looks really fucking awesome

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Unique movie posters thread.

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File: 128161738315.jpg-(194.73KB, 660x880, Convoy.jpg)


Why are all those pelicans trying to eat the trucks?

Looks to me more like a dog. Or Smiley Bone.

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whoa what

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Now the big question: Is it physically possible to make proper 3d effects for this?

The only tricky bit is the Shoggoth. It might be hard to render an infinitely malleable train locomotive sized mass of glowing tarry bubbles with continuously manifesting eyeballs. At least, it might be hard to do it without it looking silly. I have confidence they can handle it, though.

Needs more traditional FX.

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  Sometimes it's okay to cry, sometimes you need it.

That's what this thread is for.

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  Well, this was on Oprah...

  This one always gets me.

>. Roger was uninjured in the cockpit, but they left him to die of asphyxiation. When they finally arrived, the fire trucks were far, far too late. David Purley : Through his tears he said, "I just couldn't turn it over. I could see he was alive and I could hear him shouting, but I couldn't get the car over. I was trying to get people to help me, and if I could have turned the car over he would have been alright, we could have got him out." Later, when the immediate grief had receded, he admitted, "I didn't even think about the heroism or any of that rubbish. I just did what comes naturally to a trained soldier who sees a fellow in trouble." Ian Philips - journalist and friend : "Purley actually had a conversation with him. David was trying to turn him over and told me afterwards how Roger had said to him, For God's sake, David, get me out of here', and he just couldn't get him out.

  Let's seeeee...

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  Have this as a retort.

hide File: 128131309396.jpg-(55.74KB, 592x400, SUN.jpg)
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streaming nightly at midnight eastern time. tonight is PIC RELATED

weak selection of fims, and stop advertising streams

Fearless Hyena is pretty awesome, though.

hide File: 128102008510.jpg-(1.26MB, 610x1734, seriestwo.jpg)
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Here we talk about programs that pretty much did what this picture is talking about, discuss reasons for denigration and potential countermeasures.

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See, for me Scrubs lost it's sparkle waaaaay back in Season 2, episode 1. I was just pissed off that everything got resolved with no real effort, that the writers just went "fuck it, status quo".


"The Simpsons"

The had really gone off the rails after 10th season.

The social satire had been muted, the Flanders got flanderised (, and ideas are repetitive, for example "Bart sees his future".

Red Dwarf. What is there to discuss, the whole 20 years later thing should have never existed. The 6th season was still very damn good, if not the best, though.

hide File: 127878720837.png-(197.96KB, 624x352, vlcsnap-2010-07-10-14h42m17s152.png)
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really grooving to the Golden Age SCIENCE DUDE!!!

And time and space once again gives a fuck you to the key residences

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So tonight's the second crossover with Warehouse 13. I can only hope this leads to the eventual crossover with Stargate, which leads to a crossover movie with Farscape and the last shot of THAT pulls back as we see a familiar set of silhouettes making snarky comments at the very end.

That's too much awesome for the Earth to handle.

Love how '40s Doc needs his smokes badly.

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