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Nice tits, Black Star.

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File: 126959422123.jpg-(136.08KB, 750x1135, 37.jpg)
Whee, rule 63 shenanigans! Ooh, and now HOLY FUCK SOUL EATER IS A SHOUNEN SERIES SET IN THE LOVECRAFT MYTHOS. Obvious, in hindsight.

NGL, I would fuck Rule 63 Kilik into the ground.


It stopped updating on Mangahelpers. Shit. I've got some catching up to do. Where do you guys get it?



File: 126962300957.png-(69.82KB, 206x204, 1257363354798.png)
Assuming you don't want to download it use any other site that doesn't horribly rape the images like Onemanga does. Like mangatoshokan.

File: 126962509478.jpg-(73.91KB, 500x250, rock.jpg)
Eiichiro Oda, Rei Hiroe, Atsushi Okubo...everyone seems to be trying their hand at 63 these days.

...I'm ok with this.

Rei Hiroe still draws porn so...yeah....

Seriously, how did you get that impression? Soul Eater's awesome.

Wait, he still does doujins? I thought he spent all his time on Black Lagoon.

File: 126963135153.jpg-(67.03KB, 1280x720, Shock_Death_the_Kid.jpg)

Wait, we're talking about Soul Eater?

Fuck, I love that show!

File: 126963722760.jpg-(111.10KB, 750x1109, 40.jpg)
Lookin pretty creepy there Kidd

>my skin is crawling
inb4 the derp

As would I. Hell, anyone except Patty because 63'd Patty is...terrifying...........

I'd have to have a side by side comparison and explanation demonstrating exactly how they rape their images and/or why it matters, considering I've never had an issue with the site. Unless you mean that they aren't 100% scaled in which case....still doesn't matter imo.

Normal Patty is terrifying. Now she just doesn't have the thin veneer of cuteness.

I COULD be wrong but I hear he still does porn on the side because why the hell not?

I'm all caught up.


It really needs to be said: Maka's rule 63 was awesome.

Male Blair is having a similar effect on me. I need a cold shower and possibly a sedative.

File: 127214964044.jpg-(22.99KB, 262x400, Doctor Hal - Won\'t be intimidated by crimina.jpg)


Shame the ending is so awful, but at least the Animation is AMAZING!


The ending is...yeah, it's pretty bad. But it has redeeming aspects. Like Mifune surviving (I don't have a problem with him dying in the manga, but he was my favorite character, so it's nice to have ONE continuity where he lived). And Death City Robo.

I love Mifune so much. And Sid. The Sid/Mifune fight was my favorite scene thus far.

I feel like I just don't understand how "madness" and "wavelengths" work in this series...

I mean I understand emotional spectrum in DC and the multiverse but this does not make a goddamn bit of sense for me.


The exact mechanisms are a bit obfuscated, but the generalities are explained in canon. Basically:

1. Everyone has a soul. Some people's souls are stronger than others. People with stronger-than-normal souls can do crazy shit with it: that's how Witches' magic, weapons, and the like function.

2. Souls also 'broadcast' into the world around them at a specific wavelength - it really functions more like a frequency, but if we assume that soul waves function sinusoidally, that's pretty much the same thing.

3. Through practice, one can learn to modify their soul's wavelength to match up with another person's. That allows them to 'tune in' or 'sync up' with each other, and essentially function as one unit, since their souls are passing information back and forth. This also lets them get crazier with the abilities, since they now have the power of TWO souls pushing towards the same thing.

Some people find this part easier than others, and one's personality affects the wavelength that they send out. For example, Tsubaki is easy to get along with and a bit of a doormat, so her soul wavelength is such that virtually anybody can easily sync up with her, and use her as a weapon. Insert obvious joke here.

4. Particularly powerful souls can broadcast with such intensity that even if you haven't synced your soul to theirs, it can affect you. For example, Asura's soul is so powerful that simply by existing and not being suppressed, he makes everyone else in the world a little bit crazier. The converse is also true, that it's possible to damp down your soul so you don't broadcast it at all, to avoid detection (this is what the Witches are doing when they use Soul protect).

5. People can learn to preceive other people's Soul Wavelengths. Some people, like Maka and BJ, are particularly good at it.

I'll have to talk about madness later.


So, that's wavelengths more or less covered. What about madness? Well, that's more or less exactly what it says on the tin: it's crazyness. When under its influence, you behave in an erratic manner, suffer hallucinations, and can even totally lose yourself to it.

Everyone has a bit of madness inside of them; it's just part of our personalities. Some people, like Stein, have more of it than others. Other people have very little (like Harvar). Witches in particular, (except for Kim) naturally have more than your average person, thanks to their magic's influence.

The most thematically important cause of madness is fear. Fear of death, particularly, but any kind of fear can suffice. In order to suppress their fear, people seek power. And that quest for power, power for its own sake, will generally lead people into behaviors and practices that in turn cause madness. Meanwhile, they're STILL afraid, because fear is an irrational thing, and all the rational defenses against the cause of that fear in the world can't eliminate it. Just think back to the last time you were freaking out about a test. You were afraid that you were going to fail it. But no matter how much you studied, even when you were, rationally, 100% convinced that you were ready for this test, some small part of you was still freaking out? And may in fact be louder than when you started studying, because now you've spent hours paying attention to it? It's like that.

So, they want power, in order to quiet their fears. How do they get it? Often, it's by consuming human souls. Now, if you eat a human soul, your own soul will become stronger. But that's not a safe thing to do: it corrupts your soul in the process, and brings out your madness (Corrupted souls are safe to eat, but they don't give you nearly as big of a boost as regular souls do).

So, let's look at a case study, to better understand the process. It's an important one, too, as it's one that informs pretty much every aspect of canon in some way: Asura.

Asura was a guy with a fear of the world. Exactly what he was afraid of is a bit unclear, since we've never had a detailed explanation, but knowing him, it seems to be a generalized paranoia at everyone around him.

Eventually, his fear got so bad that he even began to fear his own weapon, and ate it. You know that pointy thing that he occasionally spits up? That was his weapon. And then he used it to go on eating human souls, in order to become more and more powerful, in order to quiet that fear. Which didn't work, he's still afflicted with it to this day. But the more he ate, the more powerful and more insane he grew, until eventually Shinigami put him down.

Now, that's the usual case, but it's the extent of madness. Stein, for example, is very often teetering ont he edge of falling into madness, but it isn't fear that's driving him: it's his curiosity. So, really, 'madness' can be defined here as a state of mind in which morals are abandoned, and the person acts on their impulses, whether that impulse is to dissect people, or eat them to become more powerful.

Madness also has infective properties: it can hop from person to person. Which makes sense, when you consider that it resides in people's souls, and thus can be broadcast via their soul wavelength. If you sync up with someone, your souls become alike, and if their soul is riddled with insanity...well, I think the results are pretty obvious.

The Clowns, I'm not entirely sure what to make of, but from what I can gather, they're physical incarnations of Asura's madness. More specifically, they're physical incarnations of his madness' infective properties. They seem to be born out of places filled with high concentrations of madness and negative emotion, and their mission and power is to spread insanity wherever they go.

(I have a personal theory about what's up with Justin: when afflicted by a Clown, there isn't much one can do on their own to defend themselves, they need someone on the outside to break them out of it, like Soul did with Maka. But Justin works alone. Do the math)

Anyways, I hope that clears stuff up some, if you have any further questions I'd be happy to discuss with you.

Why does Liz look like Fed Durst?

I have a question...
Just who/what is Shinigami/Death? He's not human, but he doesn't appear to be some cosmic horror, and his good intentions don't appear to be fake.

Man who knows.
And the fact that he has a son adds a whole new layer to the "man who knows" thing.

File: 127301787955.jpg-(383.41KB, 1004x1521, 35.jpg)

Well, the specifics aren't know, but the chapter before last does seem to indicate that he IS in fact a cosmic horror of some kind.

Bumped for Gent Bones.

Thanks muchly, Tiki. I couldn't be bothered to go hunting it down myself.

No problem buddy!

File: 12734748289.png-(200.14KB, 914x1300, 19.png)
Oh god, I laughed harder at this chapter than I have at a manga in a loooong time.

AGREED, I laughed so hard when Table of Contents made the Excalibur face.

All jokes aside, I really think this elaborates on Tsubaki a lot.

Do you mean Macha? All we've really seen about Tsubaki is that she's apparently got lots of libido and not much anger.

Yeah, poor Maka. ;_;

File: 127382088399.jpg-(83.44KB, 705x498, 105017.jpg)
new fav reaction

File: 127382517155.png-(177.94KB, 642x544, faces.png)
I laughed so goddamned hard reading this chapter. I loved it. It just goes to show: I may *say* that I want character development or a good plot, etc., but I will gleefully toss it aside for a chapter where everyone yells at the top of their lungs. and funny, stupid things happen!
Well, actually that's not true. This chapter had some plot development, as well as good old fashioned creepiness.

File: 127421740287.png-(355.96KB, 480x640, 4decaea20ee95fb4471729dbe9d53465.png)
Oh look, I made Spider-anon want to watch Soul Eater.

File: 127459086682.png-(69.97KB, 913x1300, 39.png)
hahaha, thats creative.

File: 127465570417.png-(592.76KB, 1836x1300, 20_21.png)
Oh god, good thing i manage to catch up with this manga. Also, best cameo or BEST CAMEO EVER?!

File: 127465618764.png-(522.14KB, 1845x1300, 30_31.png)
wait, i don't think cameo is the best word actually...
Whatever, this really killed me


Oh, so he makes an appearance? That must mean they're in the special eighth layer of hell.

Nope. Just in the wrath one. Oh boy but does it fit.

Speaking of weapons, how will Death The Kid fight anyone off when they come to rescue him? Assuming that there *is* a fight, and he doesn't try to convince the Spartoi that he's perfectly stable and whatnot.

Actually they are in the Pride level now. Excalibur was in two levels of hell (kind of fitting)

Somebody needs to make a children's book with Excalibur in it.

I'm not sure what the moral would be.

The author would quit before the end.

Obviously the moral would be MY LEGEND BEGAN IN THE 12TH CENTURY!

Not every children's book needs a moral. What would be the moral of The Very Hungry Caterpillar? You grow beautiful if you eat constantly?

As a drawfag, I will make this my life accomplishment. I am too busy now, so remind me in a week or so's time.

File: 127690873882.jpg-(352.03KB, 1024x609, 1273425522624.jpg)
A question. When will it come the next chapter? Soul Eater is a monthly's series right?

I just finished the anime (the powerlevel bullshit was worth Super Fighting Robot Death City). Is there any recommended point

Also, two other things I don't understand:
1. What decides whether a student is a weapon or a meister?
2. Likewise, is a person being a witch something they chose to be or what they're born as? I'd probably think it was a possible result of someone's madness (and thus their fear), but there being a small child who is a witch made that pretty unlikely.

I'm pretty sure 'witch' is just a job title. There was never anything to suggest it wasn't something someone had to become.


...uh? Angela, and Kim?

Weapons are based on your bloodine. If you're descended from one of the original weapons, you have a chance of being a weapon.

Anyone can be a meister (weapons have even wielded other weapons before)

Witches are born magical, presumably from other witches.

>Weapons are based on your bloodine. If you're descended from one of the original weapons, you have a chance of being a weapon.
Ah, something like that was only referenced once in the anime as far as I can remember.

>Anyone can be a meister (weapons have even wielded other weapons before)
In retrospect the fact that Liz and Patty have wielded each other should have made this obvious.

>Witches are born magical, presumably from other witches.
So it's being magical that makes their wave-length strong instead of the other way around? Makes sense, I was just going under the assumption that everyone's powers all came from the same thing.


Sort of? The actual mechanics are a bit vague, but all Witches (except Kim and Angela - Kim because her inherent positive healing magic counteracts it, and Angela because she's only five years old and has hardly any magic yet) are a little crazy. They suffer something called the 'Sway of Magic' that makes them act in destructive manners. So it would seem that magic comes before and is the cause of their other witchiness.


what chapter was this?


Chapter 71/72. The numbering on that one was weird, there was two shorter chapters in the previous issue of GanGan (70 and 71), but this one was still numbered 71. I dunno.

Chapter 77 is out at MangaStream.

I also put together a download link for those of us who may not wish to put up with mangastream's shit (disabling right-click, mangastream? Really? Really)

Thanks for the upload!
I'm still not sure why Kid's chapter filled up with water, but I gotta admit it gives page 15 a deadly spooky atmosphere.

Wow, they really did disable right-clicking. It wasn't like that last month.
I know a lot of people wanted to see Kid and Black Star beat on each other, I did too, but I'm thrilled that the old god has broken it up and turned his attentions to a different person. If you're going to tempt someone with visions of power, you're not going to do it to someone like Kid.

Kid, all OCD jokes aside, is relatively stable; he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and there are no desperate desires driving his life around. Black Star, on the other hand, has always been dying to prove himself to everybody, and what the old god's offering fits into his psyche like Tab A going into Slot B. I'd like to see a good, twisted mental fight come out of this, something like when Arachne made Soul see himself as a marionette.

Because without the chapter filling up with water, the Great Old One couldn't have emerged from the depths like that and made this reader realize that it was basically Cthulhu.

I must correct DudeWithMoney.
Not that he missed much,except with the Clown who may very well be the final boss of the series.(Skip links if you don't want to check them)
When the Dutchman was gathering souls to free Ashura,To free him for 'That persons' sake-
The one who invites people into insanity, 'The Clown-
Not an entity, but a psychomagnetheric manifestation of insanity on a global scale-
Everyone has madness and he is born of that madness, he has no body,he is the madness of the world and all people in that world.Witches,Ashura all Kishin and everyone Else's madness is what he is.He is the existence that surpasses Ashura, Insanity Incarnate-
The outbreak has started, This is not a battle to eliminate enemy's.It a war of attrition, the longer the battle rage's, the more terror spreads, the greater his strength is!His birth changed things, his existence is proof of how much madness exists in the world.Their fear will drown them, their anger will burn them and their insanity will corrupt them from the inside out.
That is what the Clown is, he give's a whole new meaning to mind break, here's some fanfic fuel for you-
Clown/Maka-"Don't worry Soul, it's just Masturbation"


Noooot entirely certain what you're correcting me on here.

I might be in the minority, but I like the way Giricco went out. I wouldn't have bought it if Soul and Maka had killed him; they've progressed in skill but not that much. But he's such a waste-case, so undisciplined, that blowing up (literally) at the finish line is exactly the sort of thing he'd do.
I really doubt he's dead, though.

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