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35968 No.35968
Congratulations to H for winning the first /draw/ Drawfag Competition. Some people suggested a second one, so I'll make this thread and see if anyone else is interesting in this kind of thing again.

The Rules are as Followed:

Drawfags will be paired randomly and asked to draw a random request taken from a random /co/ drawthread. They will then have a deadline to draw that request and turn it in. Then everyone will vote on it via a poll site to determine who the winner is.

Those who win move on, while the losers, if they want, will go into a Second Chance bracket if they'd like to keep drawing (a good idea someone suggested in the previous thread)

I'd like to get a set schedule for this. With the first one I've tried to give the request out on Wednesday and make the deadline on Sunday night (giving drawfags the weekend to do it if they are busy during the weekdays), with voting on Monday and Tuesday; effectively giving us one week per round. However many rounds we have depends on how many people sign up and compete.

I think we'll start either Monday or Wednesday depending on how many people we have by those two dates. So if anyone is interested, post in here and sign up with a name/trip.

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I know I'm probably the only /co/mrade drawfag without one, but I don't have a dA account and I'd kinda prefer if I didn't have to create one in order to participate. :\

If you won't take the time and effort to make a fake account, do you think you'll take the time and effort to do one or more drawings?

Don't participate. You're obviously too busy. Easy solution.


Oh, actually, I just meant using it to advertise stuff you guys are doing. Either let me know here or send me a note if you want a blog post doing a call out for posts in specific threads or the what on specific days, and I'll put out the call. Vorked too, if he's on.

I suppose scanned drawings would look too crappy to compete in this, right?


Quality hasn't been the point of all this. Just that fact that you draw something is what counts(I think).

Additional question: are Flash files permitted?

No Endpiece, flash files aren't permitted.



File: 128438707653.jpg-(14.53KB, 457x478, huh3.jpg)
If you mean animated ones, I'm going to say no.. just to be fair. If you mean still images done in Flash, then, I don't see why not.


File: 128458648210.png-(50.22KB, 1050x1050, tournamentbracket2.png)
!jzdrawFagI and Falsetto & Alegretto didn't say if they were actually competing or not.. and we'd still have an extra, so I'm not sure what to do about that.. but either way, here's the matchups for now...

File: 128458760249.jpg-(25.93KB, 250x250, reaction face sad 2.jpg)
>!jzdrawFagI and Falsetto & Alegretto didn't say if they were actually competing or not
>I'm in

File: 128458810084.jpg-(19.50KB, 636x478, face2.jpg)
My bad, didn't see that. Ok, so how do we work with 9 people.. make 3 people compete in a drawing? I guess you could be in Verk and Boo's group and all work at once.

File: 128459466589.png-(28.72KB, 512x169, dk.png)
timmy VS Zesh

File: 128459472826.png-(443.53KB, 936x346, docockreq.png)
meep VS DVan

File: 128459481174.png-(425.35KB, 1430x351, bella legosi.png)
Hella Hella Style VS Batbro

File: 128459487856.png-(1.35MB, 1210x875, sasreq.png)
!jzdrawFagI, Verkleidung, Boo...

File: 128459493444.jpg-(12.03KB, 378x403, huh4.jpg)
Entries due Sunday night.. and sorry if they're not the best requests. Drawthreads haven't been very interesting as of late, unless you want to draw dogs having sex or something.

File: 128468164839.jpg-(333.38KB, 1050x700, clash of the titans.jpg)
I had a lot of free time to kill today.

File: 128477657353.png-(529.94KB, 937x606, sasuke red hood colored 1.png)

File: 128481649635.png-(106.03KB, 750x550, redhood2b.png)

File: 128486464694.jpg-(415.57KB, 1650x1080, FIGHT-TO-THE-..CLEAN.jpg)

File: 12848703398.jpg-(339.28KB, 714x795, DK FF.jpg)
Fried Bananas... "MMMM MMM Good" Bitch!

File: 128487152928.jpg-(576.17KB, 1200x983, Gentlemen.jpg)

File: 128491286283.jpg-(243.29KB, 1280x1362, and_not_a_single_fuck_was_given_that_day.jpg)
It's already Monday morning and I'm already late for work. Yay, time zones!


File: 128492309164.jpg-(476.42KB, 1000x833, fig1.jpg)
Bah, this sucks donkey balls. Thought I'd had the whole weekend to come up with something nice but all sorts of stuff popped up and I've only had a little time before going to bed to make this (excuses, excuses).


Guess we know who the winner is. Good show!

This is turning out some GREAT stuff. I hope some of you submit it to the DA group so more people can see it.

Hey, you're no slouch yourself there, bub.

Wow. My weekend has been busy so I will not be posting. I'm really sorry about that.
On the plus side, my record is now 0-3 which is as we all know in Bizarro World terms is a perfect score! Or unperfect... or whatever.

File: 128496636328.png-(421.69KB, 1800x1000, dockockissupafresh.png)
It's just 21 minutes past midnight over here on the West Coast. I hope that's alright!

I had to unexpectedly visit my grandparents because my grandpa was sick, so I didn't get to work on this as much as I'd have liked. Haha. I adore the retro green/orange outfit Doc Ock had so I chose that instead.

And somehow this neon monstrosity came out. So neon. So fresh.


Oops, forgot to put on my name for that.

And this is kind of random, but does anyone know how to get pressure sensitivity to work on SAI? It used to work fine for awhile on my computer and just completely died - kind of odd considering that it works fine on Photoshop.

File: 128496734220.png-(54.00KB, 1050x1200, tournamentprevote.png)
Sorry to hear about your grandpa, and you're lucky, I was in the process of making the polls when I saw you posted. So like another famous referee once said... I'll allow it!

Here are the polls and bracket so far

meep VS DVan

HellaHellaStyle VS Batbro

Verkleidung VS Boo VS !drawfag

Voting ends Wednesday night!

Aww, thanks! He's on the mend now, so everything should be okay.

Oh, hey. How about advertising the polls via the journal on the /co/mrades deviantart group like Kosh suggested? It'd help spread the word!

File: 128496861480.jpg-(19.16KB, 640x465, trash.jpg)
So while we're on the subject, should we do normal requests or the 'abstract' thing again for the finale. I figured it would be best to ask now before we get there since some people expressed disagreement over it in the first one. I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts.

This thread is making me jizz buckets I swear to god. So much excellent stuff already. I also really like how it's almost an entirely different set of drawfags (Maybe with the exception of some people) so we've got loads of variety going on. Good luck to everyone! You guys are kicking ass pretty hard so far!

Depending on the brush/tool you're using, you should be able to turn the pressure sensitivity on using the "advanced settings" option right on top of the window with the different brush sizes in it. Most of the pens/brushes have an option called "Press:" and two checkboxes next to them for "Dens" and "Size." Just make sure those are clicked and you should be good. If that still doesn't work, try closing the program and trying it again. I think sometimes it just forgets to recognize the pen driver and stuff.

I like the idea of somewhere in between the two. Make sure we're drawing the same thing to an extent, so we're not comparing apples and oranges, but also force us to use our OWN creativity. Use a SPECIFIC concept, but leave certain details vague. Stuff such as:

Draw <SPECIFIC CHARACTER>. What he's doing is up to the artist.

Draw a member of the <LANTERN CORPS>. Who it is and what he's constructing is up to the artist.

Draw <Artists' character of choice> in <SETTING> or doing <ACTION>.

That said, since there's no way in hell I'm beating HellaHellaStyle here, I'd like to preemptively enter into the loser's bracket.

File: 128514337296.png-(53.28KB, 1050x1200, tournament2round2.png)
Congrats to Zesh, DVan, Hella, and Boo for winning their respective rounds and moving on.

I was thinking of making 'themed' brackets for variety's sake, like this one would have been /co/ + /v/, but then I realized I used my third saved /co/ + /v/ request in the last round, so that's a bummer I didn't plan that ahead, but I'll see what I can scrounge up.

File: 128514350188.png-(1.39MB, 1785x720, whitreq.png)
HellaHellaStyle VS Boo

File: 128514358660.png-(495.63KB, 1426x400, jimrequest.png)
Zesh VS DVan

File: 128514367988.png-(523.30KB, 1009x489, bwanbeastreq.png)
That about does it for the /v/ related ones. I was saving this for the finale, but since we're still discussing it I think I'll use this for the loser bracket.

Basically: anyone who lost and wants to draw this can, it'll be a pool drawing, which might better suit the more vague requests.

File: 128514373040.jpg-(17.60KB, 719x479, ref5.jpg)
So, good luck, and entries due by Sunday night

I'm going to echo Tim's statements, this thread is producing lovely results. I wish I could draw and enter! Keep up the good work, guys.

Woo, i made it! I wasn't expecting this, really.
>>36221 So uh… Is there some totally obvious pun I'm not getting again?

Dunno if it's really what you'd call a pun, but "Nightcrawler" is the colloquial name for a species of worm.

File: 128516848727.jpg-(24.79KB, 412x235, gwtb_wtfamireading.jpg)
Oh, ok then. I'm just not very good with colloquial English, sorry.

Hey Mr.Referee, these are a bunch of requests that I liked and saved in the hopes of drawing at a later date. Since I haven't done any of them I thought maybe you could use some help with subjects for people to draw. I"m just trying to be helpful, dear sir, since I feel really bad about not doing something for the first round.

Supergirl, Batgirl, Cyclone, and Stargirl as a Runaways-esque girl punk band.
The Robins as the Rowdyruff Boys, to compliment the Batgirl Powerpuff Girls pic.
Ivy and harley on a double date with Shego and Kim.
Shocking Suzi hitting on some big-name DC heroine? Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Zatanna, anyone more or less.
Doom going "Latverian, motherfucker. Do you speak it?!"
He-Man vs Hercules (Marvel)?
Beavis and Butt-Head uh-huh-huh-huh-ing over Marceline
Powergirl looking down at her boobs and having a look on her face like she finally gets what the big deal is
deadpool vs hit-girl
Little Ol' Supergirl is standing next to Power Girl, Power Girl is telling her that she'll be bigger someday. Cut to a few years later, Supergirl is taller than Power Girl, but not curvier at all. Facial expressions as you see fit, Mister Artist Sir
Babs, Cass and Steph dressed as Misty, May, and Dawn
Puppet Harry Potter at a computer making these stupid scat fetish requests.
Marceline wearing a sailor outift (or something war-time-y) straddling a dud nuke in a WWII-style pin-up about "The Great Mushroom War."

No offense, but most of those are either old stuff that's been done before (I think one of the original points in the first one was new requests that were never drawn) and Power Girl/Marceline fetish spam, which is frequently enough as is (I think it's also supposed to be for stuff people usually don't draw)

You better am english than me.


None taken. I hadn't seen of any of them get drawn so I figured that they haven't been drawn. Ignore what I posted then.

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