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So, how many of you do this for a living?

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Fewer than the amount who do it for a fun hobby.

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Sort of, does graphic design count as "art"?

I believe it is, yes... well... that depends on the graphic design.

As an ARTIST artist?
No, strictly commercial for me. Maybe something for fun in my spare time, but no museums or anything like that.
And doing something you love can't be a waste of your life if you're happy.

Being an artist is one of the best time wasting efforts you can do. There is never an upper limit to what you can do and there is always something new to learn...and everything is different. No way would I stop drawing for anyone or anything.

Plus you get mad $$

Only if people like what you make which is the crucial part of successful commercial ventures. You can train “skill”, you can have talents, but the people with money have to like what you make for it to head your way in more respectable or traditional fashions than say porn or comics. Art is a gamble that some people never win because they want fame instead of enjoyment.

It's true. I took up drawing because I got bored a lot and when I draw, a lot of the time it's to dispel boredom, i.e waste time.

Fuck yeaaaaahh it's awesome.

File: 128188005549.jpg-(105.77KB, 554x439, 1261394860089.jpg)
I'm working as a graphic designer in a typography.
But i guess it's as related to being an artist as programming is related to writing novels. Basically I just sit on my ass from 9 to 5, draw business cards and play video games. Pays the bills so far.

I'm working on it, but no not yet. I do consider it my primary "occupation," it's just not what pays the bills.

If other people enjoy it, it's not a waste of time.

Is art directing commercially still art?
It's a damn cushy job.

There is no such thing as "art". Just an enormous hype created by artists to raise the price tag for their own work.
Sincerely, your friendly neighborhood Captain Obvious.


can't tell if trolling

I just think we should call things by their own names. Discussing if something has lost its "artistic" value just because it was sold for hard cash or not is pointless, since "art" never had any commonly accepted meaning.

It's actually not artists that creates the hype. It's the critics and dealers. That's if we're talking the modern art scene and that bubble burst the same time as the world economy broke down.

Now the real ticker behind this thread is that it would mean that life itself is wasting your life.

If you enjoy doing it and you can support your lifestyle/family/whatever at the same time. How is it wasting your life?

People that argue that you should become a doctor or a scientist or an engineer don't seem to realize that a large % of scientific/engineering concepts come or are directly influenced by art.

Others who argue that you should get a normal 9-5 job to pay the bills because Art is boring or pointless need to realize that sooner or later their jobs are going to be replaced by a machine. Data computation and monotonous motions are easily duplicated by bots. Creating something that is visually stimulating, thought provoking and aesthetically pleasing is not. Everything in your field of vision right now was influenced by an artist at one stage or another.

Except none of this will happen in our lifetime. Why would you spend millions of dollars developing complex life-like robots, when five office lemmings can do the same work for the same price just fine?

>Except none of this will happen in our lifetime

except it already does happen...

File: 128197579360.jpg-(11.88KB, 293x292, 1262959175434.jpg)
Except it doesn't.


except it does. I know you're just replying with comments that make for inadequate dialogue on purpose but if you're going to troll, can you put some more effort into it? At least make it entertaining.

You stated a point of view and haven't supported it with any evidence, what was i supposed to do? What you and the author of this boring futuristic artivle don't seem to understand, G, is that as long as there are people in need of a lame 9-5 job, there will always be enough of those for everyone and it won't be suddenly BOOM!, robots everywhere, pack your bags, Frank. For the same reason there is still no cure for cancer, our cars aren't flying and alternative energy sources are on the same stage of development they were 10 years ago. People need their boring regular jobs and the government doesn't want unemployment rates to go up through the ceiling just because there are slightly quicker ways to do the same job. You don't change something that works, and human labor was serving our society perfectly well.

And for christ's sakes, stop being so sensitive about trolling. I'm not.


This is what i want to do. Seriously, I find doing tedious shit in Photoshop/Illustrator to be one of the most soothing things in the world.

File: 12820389561.png-(18.10KB, 798x447, modern fucking art.png)
Being a modern artist in Portland is FUCKING EASY! I just made an MSpaint rendition of one the dumbest, funniest pieces of art in the museum. It looked exactly like this, poorly done and all.

DVan mate. I'm doing the same shit at the moment (well last year of studies anyway but looking for jobs now.)
+1 bro point

Hell yeah, more bro points!


is that why unemployment rates are still hovering around 10%? the highest average in the last 30 years.

And of course it's not going to be "boom! robots everywhere". It's a gradual replacement and it's happening wether you like it or not. Menial/monotonous jobs may be around for a while but once the technology gets cheaper than the minimum/sub-minimum wage labor do you really think company's will still hire people?

w/e. I don't really care what people choose to do with their lives as far as work. If you're happy then do it.

Pretty sure that's a combination of shitty economy having to make people lay off more workers and illegals jumping the border to do work under the table.
Not to mention there was about 5% average to begin with.

>It's a gradual replacement and it's happening wether you like it or not.
I am aware of that, and i'd be a total retard to deny that. My point is that these changes will most likely take another good 50 years before they even start to be slightly noticable and 50 more to pose a competition on the market.

>genuflect <-----

Jobs aren't going to be replaced solely by machines for one simple reason: Machines can't contribute to the economy, except to create product. Without income being put back into the market, it is no longer self-sustaining. There will ALWAYS be human worker jobs, no matter what: a machine may take over the entirety of building a car, but now you have to have a team to maintain the machines, to take care of any errors.

There will always be jobs. However, it's just like, say, the animation industry: We started out in traditional 2D. When digital became the next big thing, a lot of traditional animators then learned to work on computers entirely. When 3D became the next big thing, artists then learned the tools to create 3D images. People simply have to adapt to whichever technology is in demand, because there's always going to be a job doing SOMETHING, including fixing and improving the machines that replace us.

I am a paid modern artist. I have showings in galleries and am also kind of awesome?

Protip: It can be done, it's just about networking.

I refuse to make art for money.

Yeah I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me either.

Integrity? Satisfying non-art related career? Masochist? disinterest in dealing with the horrible people that often wind up commissioning artists?

You don't need to bow yourself to make money. Put your stuff as you intend to do it, and the money will come to you.

You can make buck drawing porn, or you can Picasso it up and haters gonna hate when you cash rolls in.
PS: Possibly after you die.

File: 128511245041.jpg-(520.17KB, 1680x1050, ugly300.jpg)
I'm not an "artist" in the gallery show sense, but I've been making a pretty good living as a character designer/board artist/layout artist/animator.

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