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File: 125183804494.jpg-(124.27KB, 834x817, erikastabbitystab.jpg)
24260 No.24260
I've been wanting to start a thread for my stuff and my fancy schmancy livestream thing. And so here it is.

the channel's at

I'll post updates, new drawings, and schedule events on occasion. I also still am thinking about hosting useful video resources on the stream as well. It's definitely a hobby thing. But one that I've been enjoying quite a bit recently.

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File: 125183841695.jpg-(341.25KB, 799x568, hackandslash.jpg)
I've penciled in a live drawing session for tonight (Tues, Sept 1st) at 8:30 PM Eastern Standard Time. I'm not entirely sure what I'll be drawing, but I'm pretty content with chilling, chatting (text only), and doodling for a small audience.

Fuck yes.

File: 12518589692.jpg-(568.81KB, 1128x670, thehumanbean.jpg)
One from tonight. Totally fun. Maybe more soon.



File: 125186971023.jpg-(1.57MB, 1299x1299, happytrees.jpg)
Aaaand here's the second drawing of the evening. It's kinda huge, but it was already shrunk down quite a bit.

These are fucking orgasmic.

Stop being such a good artist!

You make everyone else look bad!

Teach me your ways, oh wise one. I too wish to make a live stream.

This. I hate you because I love you.
You're awesome.

Damn, your awesome

It was actually incredibly easy to start one. Pretty much go to any page on Livestream and click Broadcast Now. Have a name for your stream in mind, put it in, and create the channel. From then on, it's a couple step by step things and inputting the information and graphics that you want for your stream.

For the easiest broadcasting, I'd recommend taking the minute to download and install the Procaster. You can't configure your channel from it, but you can broadcast directly whats on your desktop from it. If you have a webcam, you can use the browser based studio to select your webcam as a source. Or you can use it for picture in picture like this guy at does for his tutorials.

If you want to get your site into the public search, you go through the process of having it verified. As long as you're not uploading copyrighted tv shows, you should have no problem getting verified. And then complete strangers can find you via searching your tags.

Some important things to note, if you're using the Studio while broadcasting make sure to turn off the sound coming from the Studio monitor. This is a really stupid easy mistake to make, and it creates a loud infinite feedback loop that's terrible on the ears.

The maximum amount of time for any single "recorded" session is 5 hours, but a stream can be live for however long you're broadcasting. They've limited you to 10 gigs of space on the free servers, but it looks like I can squeeze 30 hours of pretty decent quality video in that easily.

Oh, and make sure to make use of the Ticker and the Overlay options available in your Studio. That's pretty much where you can manage most of your stream, including banning visitors and managing your library. From there you can set the stream to autopilot and play anything playlist in your library constantly or create your on-demand list.

No I don't.

Awesome scenery!


thanks set one up. I guess I'll spam it in my own thread.

File: 125226243949.jpg-(345.19KB, 979x468, youaintgotshitson.jpg)
Live drawing at around... 3:00 or 3:30 PM Eastern today, (Sunday, Sept 6th) I realize this is a little early for some of ya'll, but at the moment it looks like the best time on my schedule. Come on by if you feel like it.

Picture not exactly related.

File: 125245457162.jpg-(161.79KB, 706x759, wesley_dodds.jpg)
So after about a decade of picking it up, putting it back down on store shelves when I couldn't afford it, a few sleepless nights here and there when I'd read about Dreams, getting to them out of order, piecing them back in order, and reading about the series, sharing the books I had, talking about how good they were, and even getting a chance to see Gaiman in person... I finally picked up The Wake and finished reading The Sandman.

Anycase. I'm ready for another Livedraw tonight. Lets say 9:30 PM Eastern Standard Time. Maybe I'll finish that drawing I was working on last time. Again, come on by if you feel like it.

File: 125246596542.jpg-(307.17KB, 590x738, sketching02 copy.jpg)
Twas a short livedraw tonight. And hopefully I'll have another short one going tomorrow. I'm getting to like where this drawing is going, and hopefully will get somewhere done with it sooner or later.

Anycase, another Livedraw penciled in for tommorow Wednesday 09 at 9:30 pm Eastern Standard Time. Hopefully, I won't be completely absorbed in The Beatles Rock Band at that time.

File: 125255904427.jpg-(390.64KB, 653x817, sketching03.jpg)
Thanks for coming by again, ya'll. Hope you ain't bored by this one just yet. I'm spotting all kinds of inconsistencies in terms of perspective and scale. Kinda the problem without building a proper foundation when drawing. But I suppose it's either gonna be putting this to rest sometime soon, or getting it fixed up and nicer than it needs to be for just sketching around.

I'll post again when my next draw's gonna be. And it seems from some comments I get, that I should advertise live draws more loudly. Or maybe even do a live draw request session for regular /co/

Neat thread.

Neato, I'll try to remember to be around for your stream tomorrow.

Isn't it? I hope to see you drop by.
Umm, I hope I haven't been giving the impression that I'll do one every night. And there definitely isn't one tomorrow. I'll post again when I know there's going to be a stream. And there'll be a ticker on the stream itself as well, for people who want to check there.

YOU DREW THAT? That was the greatest image in what had to be the most epic thread/rap battle of all time.

File: 125313566748.jpg-(177.89KB, 636x867, charlieecho.jpg)
Yes it was. I actually thought about doing some profile pictures for DJ Phylactery and the others, but I haven't seen too many more of those threads if there were anymore.


LIVE DRAW TONIGHT. Wednesday Sept 16. 9:30 PM Eastern Standard Time. Drawing whatever. Come and help me keep my mind off my impending wisdom teeth extraction tomorrow...

Oh, and by "Yes it was." I meant the thread. I just wanted to draw something worthy of it.

File: 125316623810.jpg-(546.05KB, 787x985, city.jpg)
Another fair and fine enough night with viewers. And more slight progress on this thingamajiggy, stopped after Procaster crashed. Oh well. Now all I need to fear is... well... a whole shit load of things. Dentists... well... Oral Surgeons... nothing inspires more fear universally.

Don't spose you take requests?

File: 125322919562.jpg-(410.47KB, 750x1050, shiningvig.jpg)
Oh shit, look what I forgot I saved.

Did you ever finish this?

I would very much like to and it's still in the back of my mind with almost every time I put pen to paper or stylus to tablet.
Come by the live streaming sometime. I always reserve the right to refuse and not sound like a jackass when I do. Honestly, the less "obligation" it carries, the better I'm likely to do it. Any moment it becomes "important" I feel suddenly ill equipped and unable to comply with anything.

Speaking of feeling sick, but unrelated to the issue at hand, I just threw up my oxycodone, the painkiller I was prescribed. I was warned some people would feel deep nausea from it, seems I'm one of them.


Ah, actually I just forgot to look at the timestamp on your last post :3c

That sucks, old chum. If you need to chill out and not draw, I don't think anybody would blame you.

And I totally posted my would-be-cute story.

(Cold frappucinos are what I used on my mouth.)

stay strong, brother.

I saw. I've read. Expect something in your mail at some point. :)

Ice cream milkshakes also seem to do rather well.

Wait, what would you make a milkshake with if not ice cream...? Has everybody been holding out on me about something delicious I should be eating?!

I guess frozen yogurt, maybe?

frozen bananas are awesome too, but I guess that's more of a smoothie thing.

File: 125376965538.jpg-(565.67KB, 797x687, theoldspots.jpg)
Thanks ya'll. Recovery actually went smoother than I expected it to. Or at least quicker. The first day was hell but after that, well, right now I think they feel at most as bad as the usual days with the wisdom teeth causing complications.

Smoothies and milk shakes were a life saver, by the way.

Drew this today. I wish I streamed/recorded it. I'm actually quite happy with how it turned out.

Marty from Count Your Sheep is Calvin.

Some of your drawings ( such as >>24262) look like illustrations for a story. Are you writing a novel/comic with original characters? If the answer is yes; is it just something you do for fun, or do you hope to eventually publish it?

I ask because the fighter girl in >>24710 strikes just the right balance of badass and sexy. That drawing makes me want to read stories about her.

I'd buy 'em. Like, you know, maybe Red Sonja with more dimension.

I'm getting more of a medieval European Motoko Kusanagi vibe, from her face and the practical clothing.

It's probably just because recently I've been in kind of a high adventure, Princess of Mars mood. Like, you know, "Insert Hero Here Conquers the Ice Mummies!" or something.

File: 125420618518.jpg-(767.06KB, 805x1108, hunter_001.jpg)
You know how I may have mentioned during a livedraw, that it would be nice if I gave better publicity for my livedraws... well... I didn't do that today. Surprisingly, some peeps were still able to stop by and watch! The recording will be up for replay if you wanna kill 5 hours seeing someone else draw. The first hour and the last hour are probably the most interesting, the middle chunk is lots of fussy detail and line work.


Why yes. I have a number of stories I am working on, and the pics you pointed out are part of a story on the list. But I've been coming back to it with great interest recently. I never really focused much on making her sexy. But then... maybe that's why you can't buy this book in stores just yet. (I've had a few meetings, and they've gone well but maybe "sexiness" woulda put it over the top. That and I also sucked ass a couple years ago.)

The other story might be better suited to being classified as High Adventure. This one is, for all its guises as monster hunting, is I hope a rather somber and quiet story without glory or victory.

I've actually posted bits and pieces of these stories quite often around here. Especially from the doodle chat. Maybe I'll repost em from time to time with proper annotations.


I think I'll need some tape to hold my jaw up.

File: 125467840228.png-(882.74KB, 600x776, hunter.png)
scrawled you some fanart

File: 125496343440.jpg-(330.72KB, 870x531, lovecanbloom.jpg)
I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to publicly thank you as well. I LOVE it.

I haven't updated here much lately, nor have I done a big livestream. Been a busy few weeks.

Though, I did spend a lot of Monday night drawing for /tg/. Cool bunch of peeps, they ask for totally different things that are practically an alien language to me.

File: 125520825562.jpg-(241.54KB, 871x656, desgins.jpg)
My 24 hour comic is moving swimmingly, and you can still catch it live when I come back online in a bit. Just gonna post the design work and the thumbnails for the first 12 pages. Then I'll start work on the actual pages.

File: 125520840376.jpg-(895.78KB, 1199x1194, pagelayouts.jpg)
Aaand the layouts.

You can theoretically read this 12 page story right here, but I can't vouch for it's legibility just yet.

File: 125521630887.jpg-(577.84KB, 780x1080, 001.jpg)
This... is going to take a while.

Off to an awesome start though, man. Seriously, not only does it look good, I'm very intrigued as to what it's going to be about from this first page (I didn't look at the layouts because I want to be surprised).

You did Love Can Bloom art, too. I... Wow. Do you have any other art you drew for them? Because I know there had to be some really weird stuff.

File: 125523341322.jpg-(613.23KB, 780x1080, 002.jpg)
Actually, I just did that one. I'd like to do more... but honestly first I'd have to be able to sit through reading the whole thing.

File: 125523349346.jpg-(622.90KB, 780x1080, 003.jpg)
Goin slow as molasses uphill in January.

File: 125524207167.jpg-(536.60KB, 780x1080, 004.jpg)

Next update I fear will have to come after a nap. Or else the quality will suffer even more for the sake of a silly deadline.

File: 12552756375.jpg-(599.77KB, 780x1080, 005.jpg)
Well I had a good sleep, and another page is done. Oh wow I'm quite far from a 24 page goal aren't I? I suppose if I were generous to myself I could have just blown up those thumbnails into full pages and say I'd gotten that much done. But what's the point in that?

And what was the point of this? Well, I had a ton of fun. And I hope any of you all participating did too. There are worse ways to waste a Saturday.

Anycase, I know I'll be wanting to finish this twelve pager. And the second 12 page story with this character that I've hinted at during the stream. It's an odd story, and I like working on it again. And I'll be working on it again very shortly. Watch the stream. There might even be more today at intermittent hours.


I was feeling quite lethargic but this page really perked me up. I'm liking the comic a lot so far.

I like the pacing, it reminds me somewhat of BLAME! you take one part of your creativite of how the layout and paneling is done there? except maybe not the gigantic buildings and background but rather the mood and paneling more.

File: 125541086162.jpg-(749.21KB, 787x1034, psudonym_of_boletaria.jpg)
My soul is lost to the dark. I bare myself with sword and steel unto the abyss. In there lies the goal. Though the ghosts infesting these harrowed halls would aid as much as vex me, naught but arrogance or capriciousness could deter me from success. No kind god wrought these walls, or filled them with such devilry. It were the crafts of madness and malice that only monsters would call it home. I will claim their Demon's Souls, and I shall defeat all evils. And then after all the bloody labors end, my life shall become my own once more. This is my oath, my prayer, my only light in a world of dark.

File: 125542248715.png-(214.28KB, 500x281, jaw-drop.png)

Kickass. There are some things I would change though.

"I bare myself with sword and steel" is repetitive. Isn't the sword made of steel? And being equipped contradicts the bareness. Also, maybe "In there lies" should be "Therein lies." It's more medieval. There are some other things, but it's still badass.

I dunno about the steel. I mean, there are things called armor. :|

Then it should be named, is all. I mean, you know, "With sword and plate," maybe. That brings up a good image for me. But I'm annoyingly specific about that kinda crap.

I'm just one of those people who demands clarity to an unfair degree. I'm terrible at it, but when I edit, I like to think 'Okay, if anything in this sentence made me stumble, made me as a reader have to reconsider things so that they made enough sense to move on, then it needs to change.'

Not that the actual meaning needs to be altered, mind you, but description exists to push ideas across, so it needs to be efficient.

'Kay, rant over.

There's a good chance the sword is made of iron.

File: 125568043187.jpg-(212.14KB, 720x867, 1255664378449.jpg)

File: 125568048070.jpg-(166.64KB, 709x513, 1255664501069.jpg)

Nothing Iron Age about that picture.

No, but he might have switched to iron instead of steel because he's afraid of running into fairies! Everyone knows alloying it takes away iron's anti-fairy properties!


So this is how guys feel in RDJ threads. Can we get to Dash counterpart to balance this out?

Doesn't look like a he to me, old boy.


Dash and Violet's secondary power is turning people gay?

Any sufficiently advanced appreciation of beauty is indistinguishable from attraction.

Does she have short/shoulder length hair?

If so, awesome.

>So this is how guys feel in RDJ threads.
Yes. Now you understand the pain and humiliation mixed with excitement and disturbing eroticism, like a fried twinkie at a carnival.

We do need a sexy Dash to counteract/enhance the sexy Violet.

I cannot believe that I just said that...

Sexy Dash / Sexy Violet OTP? I suppose I'll allow it.

File: 125584629793.jpg-(905.05KB, 875x1149, psudonymofboletaria-02.jpg)
Been a busy week, couldn't do much for the comic and only got around to a couple sketches. For the 24 hour comic thing, I'm going to clean out my livestream's memory a bit by condensing some of the longer and better sessions into speed draws. I really would like to get to a full 24 hours eventually with that comic. Someday.

Anycase, I finally came back to fix this drawing up a bit with some of the help the folks at /ic/ gave. It could probably still stand much more work, but I better call it done soon or I'll never be satisfied.

I'll admit, I felt the repetition and the alliteration was worth the redundancy. (mySelf, Sword, Steel) I played around with other words for armor to no avail. Yet only now I realize, "Shield" would have been just fine. I'll have to remember "Therein" for next time. Thanks!

And I get ya about editing, I've spent days on simple passages only to come back weeks later still parring it down. Even when getting grandiose and big, a simpler concise statement may be more pronounced than any number of fancy adjectives.

Sigh, I kinda would've rather you didn't. Not that I didn't like drawing it, or am not too unhappy with the drawing itself. But if I want it here I'll put it here. The general drawfaggotry request thread should suffice. (and last longer)

I feel like I should know what RDJ stands for, but I don't. Unless that's Robert Downey Jr.
Anycase, I was drawing a Dash. But it was coming out crappy.

I... actually kinda regret the first drawing. Mostly because I know it sucks yet its reposted a billion times over and over again for the sake of a crappy joke. Oh well, I'll have to live with that.

That's a badass helm. How do those eyes in it work? Like, are they glasswork or something so she can see out? Or are they just engravings on the top that look like eyes when the visor is up, so she can put it down on a table and it still looks like it's staring at everyone?

Oh, now I'm imagining a story about a helm posessed by a dead warrior. This picture is so cool.

>Oh, now I'm imagining a story about a helm posessed by a dead warrior. This picture is so cool.
Whereas I have the "Sword and magic helmet!" bit from "What's Opera, Doc?" stuck in my head now and probably for the rest of my life.

Actually... they're just holes. But what you said is cool too.


Yup, Robert Downey Jr. I really dig this chick; if you do any more drawings of warriors or the like, please post 'em here even if they're not polished. I will rove you rong time.

Oh. Because it looked like there were eyes in them.

This, except without the slightly racist innuendo.

>Oh well, I'll have to live with that.

I have to live with creating the fantastic misnamed-reaction-image sensation. I'm sure you can manage living through an image.

>Anycase, I was drawing a Dash. But it was coming out crappy.

I always wonder about older Dash.

I mean, as a speedster, he should be pretty lithe, all tight muscles, like a gymnast or a dancer. Most sprinters aren't really built for continual running, and a speedster's speed is power based, not physical, so muscles wouldn't really be needed as much.

But then you look at his dad and you think, shit, he's got to have at least some meat on his bones.

And now I must go before I start putting far too much thought into this.

That made me think, I can hardly believe anything our friend here draws would be crappy. Maybe not up to par, but that's it.

We've all done things we're not proud of on the internet.

Oh god, did I kill the thread? No! Come back, thread!

A murderer... a mur-diddly-urdler!

File: 125646163539.png-(575.04KB, 850x478, boom3 copy.png)
Well... here. Have an old drawing. (done in doodle chat, colored in PS)

Apologies if I drop in rarely recently. Been rather busy. Doing... stuff.

Recently though, I'm lamenting the loss of my photoshop brushes. I updated to Windows 7 just a few days ago. After crashing twice earlier this week, loosing lots of work, I'm glad for the fresh OS. But somehow, when I was backing up and saving all my photoshop presets and brushes, Photoshop only saved ONE brush and one gradient and seemingly none of my swatches. It's absolutely soul crushing right now, I was just getting to a set of tools that I really liked. It's going to be tricky to see if I can recover them all via desperate means but I'll do what I have to do.

>I'm lamenting the loss of my photoshop brushes

Really? That su-

> I updated to Windows 7

You have no one to blame but yourself.

Wah, that's pretty neat.

And especially this one.

Sorry, had no idea that she was freaking out and whining that she did it. She was simply saying it was a problem, so take your rude hatred somewhere else

File: 125652517398.jpg-(169.23KB, 400x722, psudonymscharacter.jpg)
you know, I'm getting a sneaking suspicion that neither of us will be finished by the 24-hour deadline.

File: 125653720531.jpg-(388.84KB, 778x526, sketch.jpg)
Hey, no worries. I took it as a joke, as it probably was one. And it's all right in the end. As sad as I was to loose my brushes for a while, with a lot of luck I found I had backed up my old downloads folder and in them were a lot of the templates for the brushes. I still am missing a bunch, but it's not going to be so bad. I just spent the afternoon and evening putting it all together. Heck, it's pretty much back to normal now. Except apparently my computer was 64 bit compatible this whole time, so things are running better than ever. (the 4 gigs of ram hiding inside it were going to waste under 32 bit Vista)

Also, I'd go with a Mac the day they announce an affordable tablet PC. Otherwise, Windows 7 is so far better than fine. (With the bizzare exception that random photos and images I pulled out of backup are now mysteriously upside down in the file explorer.)

I'm just calling it the longest day of my life.

File: 125996755578.jpg-(712.16KB, 837x1075, orson.jpg)
Page 4 eh... I should remedy that.

File: 125999752872.jpg-(515.37KB, 663x1625, seems_safe.jpg)
Been having fun now and then with the folks at /tg/ and some gaming streams.

File: 125999762049.jpg-(482.90KB, 1080x632, purge.jpg)
quite a few sketches here and there I haven't been taking the opportunity to drop off actually...

File: 125999778674.jpg-(526.45KB, 902x814, phurbaget copy.jpg)

File: 125999784039.jpg-(222.14KB, 622x578, sammichknight.jpg)
They ask for strange things at /tg/, and sometimes its as if they're talking another language. Full of secrets and odd worlds.

File: 125999794632.jpg-(673.21KB, 1280x768, restinpeace_wallpaper.jpg)
Though odder things have been drawn...

Man, I haven't been to /tg/ in a long time. Went there back when I was into MtG. What exactly is this, anyway? Or rather, who?

Sock boy assassin's creed?

Actually that wasn't drawn for /tg/, that was doodled up for Kotaku when they posted about the new Assassin's Creed costume for LittleBIGPlanet. It was so adorable I had to make something of it... doing murder...

Ooooh... awesome.

File: 126095409016.jpg-(304.05KB, 741x1146, 1260904816850.jpg)
egads, page 2!

File: 126095413012.jpg-(1.20MB, 1038x1398, bloodyrangers.jpg)
just gonna dump a few recent pieces, I'll be out of your way again soon enough.

File: 126095418981.jpg-(823.55KB, 894x1306, dapperdanstheman.jpg)
actually this kinda looks like that OC Coealsquid has... only not as cool...

File: 126095421532.jpg-(537.03KB, 765x909, damnnatives.jpg)

File: 126116526086.jpg-(413.20KB, 599x655, bluekittypeople.jpg)
Sooooo... I really liked a certain movie I watched yesterday...


delicious neytiri

Who didn't
That movie was fucking awesome

Anyway, sexy cat girls.

File: 126136188441.jpg-(1.27MB, 1332x1648, venividivici.jpg)

Holy shit... that's awesome.


I want you to know that I love this.

I'll just be... saving this... for future... perusal.

Is dat sum Doom?

Yes. Someone on /co/ started hypothesizing about Marvel of the First Century. And then someone brought up Doom. And I basically just stole from a statue of Julius Caesar and gave the dude a hood. And this happened in short order.

I do so hope whoever's running this AU decides to put it up on /coc/ eventually.

Whelp, I finally got up my ass and posted a treatment for an Erika comic. Basic premise, supporting characters, setting and themes, it's all in here:

If you're not too busy right now, try giving it a read and tell me what I have to change/improve/build on/scrap entirely. After that, I'll try my hand at writing a few pages of scripts.
Thanks in advance for the opportunity! It was loads of fun coming up with this stuff!

File: 126480825272.jpg-(122.71KB, 760x487, psuhead.jpg)
Anyone grab a look at Kotaku today?

Not my request, don't really care

Seems kinda rude of you to say, guy.

Don't be a Dick, Son.


As I've mentioned before, artists are not obligated to fulfill requests, and pestering them is not welcome.

Wonder where Psudonym went. He hasn't posted anything in aaaages.

I didn't, what happened?

Holy fuck, Psu, that's amazing! High-five!

Whoa, why did he get banned? Maybe a little rude, but it's true. People only come here to make requests and stuff.

No, that's not true at all. And even if it were, he was being incredibly abrasive.

Oi, congrats Psu

Tis true for me.


Calm down, skippy, it's a five day ban, and people come here to draw.

I made my position clear before, the draw monkeys here are drawing your requests for free, and while I'm not asking you to worship the ground they walk, I am asking you to NOT pester/nag/annoy/be a dick to them when they don't do your request as quickly as you'd like. A lot of them have more important things such as, jobs, lives, commissions (people actually PAY some of these people to draw for them), and other such affairs.

I have also previously mentioned that this behavior would be met with a ban to curb this behavior. It'll most likely be a five day ban, depending on how abrasive the person is. /draw/ is above all a place for illustrators, both professional and amateur, to have fun and draw, and are neither required nor obligated to fulfill requests made here, and I want them to feel comfortable posting their work here.

This behavior made Geers leave, and that dissapoints me, considering I assumed we were all at least over the age of 12 here.

>commissions (people actually PAY some of these people to draw for them)

Yeah, people who don't know you can request stuff here and get it for free.


Or want something more than a sketch, etc.

The point is this, your requests aren't going to be these people's highest priority, nor should have to be. So back off.

File: 126485009972.jpg-(288.05KB, 688x666, bloodsuba.jpg)
Oh, I'm still around. Though I make appearances irregularly you can be assured I'm watching. I'm even drawing for /co/ still. That Draw Like Rob Liefeld thread was really really fun and good to see people coming out of the woodwork to just play around a while.
I may drop messages irregularly, but I'm usually sure to check in often. And only a mod would be able to tell which anonymous I am. (not very many, to be honest, but I like the enigma.)
Heh, it's not "that" cool. I just slip in a drawing onto Kotaku's comment stream every now and then, and the writers there seem to like what I do. That would be maybe the second or third time I was on the front page. Well actually... yeah, it is kinda cool.
Actually, we're just here to have fun. If there's a request that sounds fun, people might do it. It's really that simple. Some doodlers get a kick out of drawing anything, so they'll take any and all requests. But that's rare. And even they don't do it out of duty, they do it because it pleases them to do so.
I actually don't mind all that much. And thank you, but you don't need to defend me. I've had my shares of drama (many of which are my own fault) that this is barely a concern to me. My only concern is for other people's sake. When the poster begins to really annoy someone else, then I'm a little saddened.
Do what you need to do, Mr. Tibbs to keep this place fun and thriving. But as for me, I wouldn't mind all that much.
Actually, judging by his talent he's very much in the right business. And he's smart enough not put up with aggravation if he doesn't have to. He's out there doing good things with his pen, I'm sure of it.

File: 126485014443.jpg-(341.79KB, 736x900, bloodwizard.jpg)
Some more odd bits of madness for the road.

File: 126485034294.jpg-(691.04KB, 1000x800, duckwhigs.jpg)
I've been meaning to put these all together in one place, and still make more of em. But whatever. They'll just pop up whenever I feel like it.

Speaking of which, don't worry bout me. I'm sorry if I disappear for long bouts. That's just kinda the way I can be. I rarely forget, the white board over my drawing table doesn't let me. And I know I've a few things here and there I should either wrap up or cut off before I can even think about abandoning you guys.

File: 126485060156.jpg-(164.23KB, 605x581, ostrava_notclever.jpg)
One more thing if you must know, Demon's Souls consumed a lot of my holidays and January. Quite an experience, that game was.

Oh Ostrava, you dummy!

Well that explains why I haven't seen anything from you. I've been avoiding /co/ drawthreads like the plague they are. Is the Misty spammer still active, or are you calling him something else now?

I heard that game was awful.

Personally I agree with what Tibbs did. This place badly needed moderation after that whole spammer fiasco. Hes doing his job.

>I heard that game was awful.


But seriously, The game is amazing and the only reason I can possibly think of someone saying that for is that the difficulty is pretty hard.

Gimme some difficulty context here. Like, on a scale from You Have To Burn The Rope to I Wanna Be The Guy.

Ninja Gaiden hard, or Devil May Cry hard, or what?

Wow, I'm seriously having trouble finding negative reviews.

GameRankings 90.02%
Metacritic 89/100
Edge 9/10
Eurogamer 9/10
Famitsu 29/40
GameSpot 9/10
GamesRadar 9/10
IGN 9.4/10
Dengeki 95/85/85/85
Official PlayStation Magazine 8/10
Game Trailers 8.9/10

File: 126486763657.jpg-(67.33KB, 620x350, HighlyAccurate.jpg)

We're still around, but we're branching out into spamming other stuff. Don't want to get stale,afterall.

Possibly. The "reviewer" I heard that from is a friend of mine.

well I know my request is the only reason I give a shit about pseudonym, but she doesnt draw anything so... that sucks

File: 126514998798.jpg-(255.87KB, 755x587, karusil.jpg)
It would make things a little easier for me if you ever clarified what your request was.

I like doing some requests, mind you. Not a fan of your methods of asking for it but I'm admiring your persistence.


karu-sil-chan :3


Again, you could try being polite about this.

I am starting to get tired of this shit.

File: 126515891287.jpg-(42.93KB, 668x700, baaaaaaw.jpg)
>I am starting to get tired of this shit.

File: 126516263944.jpg-(29.17KB, 267x280, hahanowyouwilldrown7bn.jpg)

File: 126516547051.png-(543.68KB, 640x480, drawfag_disappoint.png)


Just ban him.


Why? Because he disagrees with me? I don't actually want to have to ban anyone, I will if say they harass the artists, or break some rules, then I'll do it.

So until he does something that's actually worth banning for, I won't. Really, I don't think it'll come to that.

File: 12663919603.jpg-(254.31KB, 1052x938, rollersari.jpg)

I saw your kotaku picture! post it!

File: 126697036250.jpg-(226.38KB, 472x912, kotatan.jpg)
Alright! Alright!

I'm surprised and glad you noticed it. Also I'm kinda glad no one else posted it here. It's a little odd when another anonymous is posting my occasional drawings in this thread.


Did I ever mention the time where my friend was so hard up on designing this character that he asked me to try to come up with something and I did, but they never got to me on it and went with Jason Chan instead? Good times, good times.

Well this is certainly news to me. Sorry to hear that, and I guess it's no comfort when I say "that's just the way it goes..." I hope you're not bitter bout it.

File: 126699919595.jpg-(255.82KB, 719x485, Minamoto & Hendrick 01.jpg)
Hey Psu, did you get to read the end of this story?
Also, huge thanks for the pic!

I'm afraid to say I missed it! I had a tab open with it and everything. But now it's gone...

Here you go:
Enjoy! And thanks again for the drawing!

File: 126728063166.jpg-(278.88KB, 679x675, a delightful dinosaur.jpg)
Downloaded, and no. Thank you!

I also must say, /co/'s been pretty fun lately.

Should have been titled "the Birth of Chaptor".

File: 126750680994.jpg-(381.85KB, 701x1004, squealer_marks.jpg)
/tg/ has some crazy specific requests...

File: 126750682950.jpg-(194.46KB, 570x880, herecomesthesun.jpg)
And some fairly odd ones too...

Chaptor was born of a typo.

I know. I was actually in that thread.

I was the one who made the original joke.

Were you? I don't remember seeing your name there but it HAS been a while.

I post anonymously while on /co/. So yeah, I got no proof or anything.

S'okay. I was anon EVERYWHERE back then, I have no proof either.

File: 126958266441.jpg-(971.10KB, 1280x960, whysobaldandonfire.jpg)
I'm in no way claiming I drew this, but I was really quite happy with how coloring it came out.

Saved. I have the pencils to that... somewhere.

I did draw this and I give this color job a Thumbs up!

Thanks for that... also... um... did you notice you forgot to draw in Bug's whiskers?

No! Must have slipped my mind.

heh, no worries. After spotting it and adding it in, it opened up a pretty obvious little gag opportunity I couldn't pass up.


I want you to rest and maybe ride a unicorn to your dreams.

File: 127173351917.jpg-(241.15KB, 797x525, katebeatonissuperbusy.jpg)
A little late with this, but MoCCA was a lot of fun the weekend before last. Good times, good people, and caught up with old friends. And got to meet a bunch of webcomic people to boot!

Kate Beaton is a nice person, but seems to be super busy at conventions. She drew me a Garfield, I was very happy.

File: 12717335922.jpg-(430.67KB, 627x766, aarondiazisprettycooltoo.jpg)
Aaron Diaz is also a pretty cool dude, and happy to hear he was enjoying the east coast. He doodled my character and no afraid of anything.

File: 127173370475.jpg-(256.89KB, 454x785, starrysky03 copy.jpg)
And unrelated to MoCCA, I wanted to see if I could make a fantastical star field. I think it came out okay. It's got a neat little thing where it takes your eyes a moment to adjust to seeing the figure more clearly.

You are pretty lucky.


Nice work!

Man, MOCCA sounds fun, I wish I could've gone.

File: 127381201681.png-(11.13KB, 573x563, makeonedamnit.png)
This led to an amazing thread tonight.

Eh. It could've been better.

File: 127399343164.png-(29.15KB, 614x460, 6hoursinMSpaint.png)

File: 127403701410.jpg-(512.89KB, 650x1200, 1273983326118.jpg)
Hope Psu doesn't mind me posting this here......

S'alright by me. As long as it's not getting posted at any other gaming blog/website/competitor to the Escapist, I think we're sorta in the clear.

Anycase it looks like this'll be destined to remain a "missing strip" forever.


Ah, I was about to ask.

What happened with the Escapist thing? No new strip this week with the other Sunday guys?

My bad. Was late with the comic. Not a great feeling, to be sure.

It happens. All you can do is learn from it and move on, really.

thanks for the Desire and Larfleeze in Vegas strip, pseudonym.

Here's the story I wrote with those pics you posted. I really enjoyed writing it, coming up with the story and the characters, playing around with the narrative, all that. It was excellent practise. Thanks for the chance! Hope you enjoy it!

File: 127598370070.jpg-(183.41KB, 456x709, sword.jpg)
Enjoyed would be an understatement. This may seem silly, but I was near tears.

You know that story that everyone has? The one they've been writing in the back of their minds since they were a child? The one that they forget about from time to time but it comes up every now and then in nostalgic moments. This story is that one for me. I have a hard time forgetting stories or projects, and this one especially so. It has morphed on occasion, and formed a basis for other stories that have come and gone, but the core is still these two.

I've drawn them and various scenes in different costumes and settings more times than I can count. You'll even see a few of them earlier in this thread. Only in recent years has this daydream story been finding more solid footing. Key images, settings, and concepts are coming together and maybe I'm just that much closer to sharing the actual thing.

That you've managed to put to prose some of those exact feelings and scenes without much more than a few doodles was exciting on its own. But then it was also your own, yet some of mine too. I was a fresh reader again to characters I know so well. And when she died in another person's story, well... from one writer to another... I'm having a bit of trouble writing down exactly what that feels like.

tl;dr I'm stealing Rockson.

Well, I... I... Oh my. I didn't expect...

Well, I guess that in some level I knew this was a pet project of yours, the kind of thing you come up with one day and never truly goes away, so I tried to build everything around the pictures. Not just the characters but also the setting, and how they are interconnected. "There's a city, it's a very beautiful city, she probably lives in the city, it's under siege, but back then it wasn't, I know it was back then because she was younger, she was with someone, who was that", and so on. That I managed to write something that ended up feeling so familiar and so fresh at the same time, in my opinion, says more about your art than about my writing.

After coming up with the main themes, the rest was as easy as it was enjoyable. The narrative was particularly fun. I tried to come up with some twists here and there, like how the main character only speaks in flashbacks and at the very end, as if all she had learnt and heard was leading to that point. Dialogue is something I'd like to believe I'm pretty good at (unlike descriptions). Finding a character's voice and sticking to it is both challenging and interesting, and again, if I found the right voice for the cast, it's all thanks to your art.

Sooo... I'm really glad you enjoyed it so much, thanks again for the chance to flex the old writing muscles, and feel free to use any and all elements you like in your story. Because, at the end of the day, that's what it is: Yours.

Though if you ever happen to need an assistant writer for some reason, well...

File: 127676495481.jpg-(686.52KB, 908x1508, some other knight.jpg)
Oh hey. Animoose got me back into Livestreaming. I'll be doing this on occasion, and probably a few times while I'm working on The Escapist Radio Theater.

It practically makes my machine too hot to touch, but I'll get over it. As long as I don't overdo it or try to do long 6 hour marathons for a stream, it should be fine.

Anycase, tonights session is already on a loop at the ol Coney Island Art Institute. So check it out, if you'd please.

Speaking of livestreams. If everything goes right, I'll be doing a quick spur of the moment one shortly. (the time is now 8:45 pm est)

File: 127691485598.jpg-(320.01KB, 815x615, sunnysnake.jpg)

inspired by

File: 127691983536.jpg-(173.18KB, 600x404, 127653801145.jpg)

File: 127692543856.jpg-(124.91KB, 946x532, doctor_lookafaggort.jpg)
Just kidding. We all love you, Anon.
Just don't be so rude next time, please.

Hahah. Oi!

File: 127693852227.jpg-(198.72KB, 762x975, Sunny.jpg)

That reminds me, I forgot you drew the Sunny as Cyborg Ninja image.

I love this picture.


Just saw this posted on Kotaku. Really awesome stuff, man.

File: 127812649729.jpg-(772.30KB, 1074x1401, redheadagain.jpg)

Hey! Looking sweet. Just like you said.

Beter than the crappy scribbles I got :\



Jesus, that's really good! I love the pose, it really fits the character.

File: 128115448070.jpg-(1.87MB, 1202x1327, neo_gaia.jpg)
big file...



Hot damn, this is beautiful! I have a friend who's gonna love this.


I'm still hoping to convince you to draw Cortana as well

Gunwild wrote a thing because he hates the comic Serenity. You like Gunwild and seem to like drawing Gunwild stuff, so a link for you!

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