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So, I'm thinking I will do little commissions for FREEEEEE (a BEST price, I think).

So, just so there's no confusion:

1) I will draw primarily in TABLET AND COMPUTER, BITCHES, not cleaned up a bit of course. INKS AND COLORS EVERYWHERE. If you want it, I'll do it on a tablet with a BURICHAN BLUE background.

2) I don't do porn, you do NOT WANT ME TO DO THE PORN.

3) Be specific and provide references (If any needed) with your requests.

4) I won't draw porn or weird fetishes (So, sorry to whoever wants to see Kosh breakdancing on Pepper Potts while she is on the moon, I only draw that for myself).

5) I will try to give you a realistic time-frame for when your best art ever will be done. Sometimes I might totally forget. Or not do anything at all.

6) I won't accept porn in lieu of nothingness, there is the internet for that.
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File: 127362240640.jpg-(8.45KB, 185x185, damon_albarn9.jpg)
Draw Damon Albarn...

File: 127362246852.jpg-(12.00KB, 265x360, thom_yorke2.jpg)
...and Thom Yorke...

As (unmasked) Iron Man and War Machine respectively.
With Damon giving Thom a very dissappointed/cross stare.
Pretty please.

hide File: 127352924261.jpg-(284.88KB, 912x1200, ffddpm[1].jpg)
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This... makes me incredibly sad.


If she ain't promoting it here, then I will.

hide File: 12722265369.jpg-(149.25KB, 752x672, Socks 001 7 shade 1.jpg)
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Critique this, please.

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...where can I even start...?


O.K., I'll try this.

hide File: 127293247977.jpg-(25.85KB, 400x300, dummy.jpg)
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ITT: We draw what we think the previous poster looks like based on their name.

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File: 127330719676.jpg-(24.21KB, 485x569, Camp-bell.jpg)

No worries. Cool pic ensued.

Meh. Your twenties are overrated. Teens are where it's at!

>twenties are overrated

hide File: 127284885194.jpg-(82.62KB, 400x500, 1029384768_efd4df6c61.jpg)
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I challenge you to make a short doodle based on something from this list here, /draw/.

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Except in the penis.

> 66. Not allowed to start a character that speaks every language except ones the party speaks.

I'm looking at you, Kosh.

>92. The name of the weapon shop is not "Bloodbath and Beyond"

hide File: 127297429716.png-(14.55KB, 600x600, Zav2.png)
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Did a homestuck hero mode for a friend.

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I like Homestuck.

Can I have some Homestuck fanart?

Of anything, I'm just addicted right now.

I propose Pokemon characters Homestuck-style.

Thanks for the ideas! Perhaps I'll make Jade in Sabrina's outfit. I think that would be fitting. I'll get to this once I have the free time, thanks again!

hide File: 127121267943.png-(121.27KB, 806x893, so like how does this work.png)
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Hi there, I'm JAWS. I come from drawchan. I've been meaning to finally post here, but I've been too intimidated by how amazing everyone else is.

Hope y'all don't mind me coming here ( drawchan is cocks) . So what does one generally do besides be awesome and draw requests in this bad motherfucker?

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I was speaking of twine, but Troll doing something computer-related would be fine too.

The point is merely to use him in a way that makes for an amusing image, to post in future threads when we want to let it be known that we think trolling is going on. Mm, Yes.

File: 127277034217.png-(1.06MB, 720x720, constantine.png)
Been working on it. Sorry, I've been busy with not drawing for a while 8U

anyone want to critique this for me? I've been doing random nonsense while trying to get my shit together.

Awesome Cosntantine is awesome.

hide File: 12626739017.png-(25.93KB, 500x300, gqz0.png)
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Get up and hit clock. There is no such hour as 14.

Oh shit its 14:00! time to masturbate.
Seriously I agree with bones. Hit the damn clock.

See if you still have all your extremities in tact. THEN hit the clock.

hide File: 127063193445.png-(0.99MB, 2000x2000, Beetle rule 63 femjaime.png)
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someone requested a femjaime in cheesecake pose. i got banned from /co/ for apparently posting a banned url in a post that had none. there was a warning, went back to check, and re-submitted only to find out i was banned for a day.

was looking for feedback as to which pose to further refine.

thanks for your input.

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As someone with a major crush on femJaime, I thank you.

>>32099 turned out lovely. If you decide to do the other pose as well, I'd be giddy as a schoolgirl, but you've already made my day. :)

File: 127154964183.jpg-(272.56KB, 1024x1173, cc concept.jpg)
current project for a friend.

will go back to femjaime after this.

Neat! :)

hide File: 127224740081.jpg-(77.82KB, 840x850, Style_Meme_from_PIXIV_by_Rubber_Soul.jpg)
32432 No.32432 quickreply   Reply
get to it.

File: 127224848985.jpg-(381.72KB, 840x850, Yousawthiscomig..jpg)


>another artist's style

That should be the title of every piece you post.

hide File: 127210102175.png-(112.51KB, 2202x334, You\'d think I\'d stop being retarded bu.png)
32375 No.32375 quickreply   Reply
Hey guys, it's that time of the week again. There weren't many submissions to choose from, as well as I couldn't even decide which beauty to choose, so we're gonna do things differently this week.

This week, you draw the request of the last poster. Simple as that. If there's doubles, don't worry about it, the next person just has more options, or can even do both! But alas, we should stick with one request per person if such a thing happens.

I have no idea how next weeks topic will be decided yet. It's coo' though, we have all week anyway.

If there's still confusion, whatever man. Let's get out there and DRAW!

Next contestants theme: Rule /34/ of yourself and your /63/ self. :3c

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File: 127215598966.jpg-(28.10KB, 400x400, 20100425_corgihugs.jpg)
Thank you for taking the first step. In exchange, I offer Corgi Hugs.

Next Contestant: Purple Gorillas.

File: 127216641779.png-(414.48KB, 800x600, GorillaClubOrSomething.png)
Next Contestant: Beach Party In An Uncommon Place For Beach Parties

File: 127221056450.png-(306.42KB, 936x936, beach party.png)

Jumping in on this

Next Contestant: A Battle for the ages

hide File: 127180188244.png-(9.92KB, 1053x552, I liked A Boy and His Dog.png)
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In before people don't get the reference.

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The show actually does take place on a post-apocalyptic world. It's just that nobody knows.

A Boy And His Dog was great.


When history finally dies, the mad imagination will rule.

hide File: 127183772980.jpg-(90.48KB, 1080x498, jettheripper.jpg)
32300 No.32300 quickreply   Reply
What if... Jack the Ripper had access to supersonic flight?

(This random idea brought to you by Seventh Sanctum.)

So, I finally got a tablet and I'm having a little bit of trouble adjusting. I've got tons of experience doodling and drawing on paper and some experience with photoshop, but for some reason I'm having trouble bringing the two together. Maybe because I'm left-handed but have been using my right hand for mouse work? Anyway, how long should it take for me to adapt? Any advice or stories about making the transition?

1: Go to
2: Click Generate until something funny pops up.
3: Draw it, why not?

File: 127186290080.jpg-(128.36KB, 500x500, color tv.jpg)
What if...the advent of color television involved magic artifacts?

hide File: 127146902292.jpg-(971.01KB, 2196x1500, zodiac.jpg)
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I am bad at this, but I'm sure some of you are just itching to criticize some crap art.
If that's the case, this thread is for you.

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Where have you been astro? and what is beefcake month?

Big, drunk, muscle men?

I've been around.
And "Beefcake Age" refers to Dragon Age: Origins. I've been playing it nonstop for a while now.
I was surprised as well.


Never played it, need model shader 3 ;( ancient radeon x800 card.

I does not got multiplayer, so how long can it last? 30 days playing fallout 3 was longest I ever played anyway before finishing it all. any singleplayer anyway.

Could be worse. Could be the sims 3. then you would never stop. Ever.

hide File: 127155023164.png-(54.78KB, 790x880, Duke Nukem was my first man crush.png)
32236 No.32236 quickreply   Reply
Hey guys, I'm lazy.

So, props to all of you who entered. I love all of you man. However, to the fuckbags that just copied mine can collectively SUCK MY ASS.

The winner this week is Herr Hellströem, CORNGRATULATIONS.

This weeks theme is officially Blatant, but sudden NUDITY.

You should know the rules by now, goodness.

Ready, SET, DRAW

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File: 127164966675.png-(240.95KB, 800x600, Coverbutt.png)
Next Week: 5 minutes left to live

Nice throwback.

File: 127166835274.png-(64.36KB, 788x830, hurp.png)
Miss Jackson if you nasty.

Next Week: Draw your original homeless superhero.

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